Naruto 530-532 Triple Breakdown–Scratch That–Not-Really-About-Naruto Triple Rant-down: demotivational poster and bubblition inclusive

Two weeks of March, besides giving me three summatives to do and a robot that can play soccer to build, has afforded me the opportunity to get back in touch with that thing called popular culture: you know, catch up with the hippin’ and the hoppin’. Now being the kind individual I am, I direct you to the scroll bar located east of your screen. Click it, and drag downward until you see the gold print that reads “Leave a  Reply,” or at least until after the picture #2. Because I’m about to rage up this hoe like she’s spreading the claps.

First of all, who the f*ck is this Greyson Chance all over my TV? And is there any chance he will get run over by a bus? I mean, I respect Justin Beiber for his ability to claw up the success ladder despite having no talent and all, but holy shit, if you’re going to bring your Hot Wheels Firehouse play buddies along for the ride, then we have a serious problem. The world can only handle so much pre-pubescence. Now we have pop singers belting about BDSM. “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but chains and whips excite me?” Okay, I’m all for sadism and masochism, or whatever. I mean, I know I’m a masochist: I still read Bleach. But when the person singing this crap used to be the total hawtness, then we have a serious f*cking problem! And that’s when I RAGE!! Now I know she was getting off of Chris Brown black painting her eye with his fists. Forking sicko.

And one last thing, if you said you want my body now, I wouldn’t hold it against you. I’d call you a f*cking hobag. And then maybe I’d call social services on your ass.

So given all this crap, I look manga as a one source to find some relative sanity: a sanctuary of stability.

And look what I find.

What the fuuuuuuck!!!

Person #1: Hey man, wanna see something nasty?

Person #2: 2G1C?

Person #1: No, worse.

The only thing of yours that surpasses mine is penis size.

Person #2: Is that possible?

Person #1: 3M3S1C1B

Person #2: Huh?

Person #1: 3 men, 3 shares, 1 cola, 1 bra.

Person #2: What the fuuuuuuuck!!!

But fork that. What really makes me rageful is how, up there, I’m ordering from Domino’s when Pizzahut is doing a $10 special. And as topping to that shizza, I accidentally gave the delivery guy a 60 instead of a 40. Way to f*cking go, dyslexic Pickles. FML.

It seems the one thing I can truly rely on these days is my all-time hero, Charlie Sheen, and my new religion, Bi-winning-ology.

If you don’t catch this reference, your existence is null.

Paul: Coming to a rectum near you.

Thank the Lord Toriko or whatever it’s called isn’t the manga I have to do a breakdown for.

However, Naruto, at the moment, isn’t exactly making my job easy. Ever since that whole Ginkaku, Rumkaku fiasco, not much about the manga has been doing it for me. Them fools just tossed a fail wrench at the spinning wheel of epic. Now I’m afraid the rest of this arc may be doomed to lurk in in realms of meh for all of eternity. Or in illiterate speak: hurr durr derp, derp hurr durr durr derp.


I pity the fool that tries to resist me.

In my honest opinion, I have no qualms with Kishi’s direction here. It’s great, actually. What I usually have issues with, sometimes, are his methods.

For example, you really don’t want to throw in the sap at least until the readers have been able to establish a connection with the character. Otherwise it’s all “Aww, your parents were killed by ninja stoners?” “Aww, you were forced to live out on the street with two gingers?” Aww, some more ninja stoners killed your pet puppy?” “Well, remember, kiddo, it’s down the road, not across the street.”

Now, second chapter into the one fight, super-ultra-mega-baddie-Hanzo is all like “I can see the faith in your smexy, baggy eyes. I keel myself now. Cya.”

I can only find consolation in drawing a parallel between this and The Last Samurai. Professor Lipton Eyes is Tom Cruise. Hanzo is the is the samurai captain ninja guy that Tom Cruise stabs in the beginning. What happens next? He bones the wife of the guy he kills.

Absolute win.

If this keeps up, Captain Teabag-my-eyes is about to become my second all-time hero.


Some things are just more important than world peace.

I do, however, admire the underlying story, though all that premature sentimentality only diluted what could have been an enjoyable experience.

The poetry was characteristic Kishi, where he establishes an alignment between the past and present, except with opposite and ironic outcomes. And in this case is where the one warrior taught the other a valuable lesson on faith, and the important ultimatum: to live faithless, or die never renouncing it. Somewhere along the line, he realizes, he has shamed himself by losing his, and decides maybe it’s time for door #2, where lies “honorable suicide.”

But yea, at this point, I’m still munching on my midnight Frosties, wondering if I need more milk. I really just couldn’t muster the ability to give a shit.

The only thing that could save me from indifference at this point is if we finally get back to Kakashi’s going gorilla poop on them swordsen, or if Kishi decides to bring back Boobs Breastentein from the giant water bottle. Or maybe Kishi should give Kakashi chesticles, and we have ourselves a complete win.

My God, did I really just say that?


Need help with that Seppuku now, Mifune?

And finally, it seems we are finally seeing the reasoning (which we all guessed already) behind Kabuto’s spawning those like Dan and Asuma come into play, and it appears to be working quite well.

Like with Hanzo and the Mullet Guy, the only way the three young men of Team Asuma will have a shot at winning is if they can turn this to an advantage.

Have a little faith, boys. No, really, it just might have them killing themselves.

Prospekt, how could I forget?



~ by Captain Pickles on March 23, 2011.

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  1. Great (triple?) breakdown Pickles!!

    I didn’t like Chapter 530 and 531, but 532 was a bit better in my opinion. Seeing Hanzo when he was young and how different he is from now was interesting.
    Anyway, I still think Kabuto’s an idiot for not eliminating everyone except Dan and Asuma’s mind. He payed for that by losing three summons already.

  2. Secund ? O.o Anywho Damn do you not run out of this Awesomeish “way of Writing” >_> pickly poo <_<

  3. good breakdown. Had me laughing from start to finish


  5. Pickles you are one seriously messed up dude. We should hang out sometime.

    I agree with you on the whole Hanzo thing though. This war sucks. No one important is dying, or even being injured. War is ugly, but Kishi’s making it seem like rainbows and unicorns. What’s the point of bringing back all these “legendary” shinobi if they’re only going to get beat in 2 chapters? Its just silly. And we all know Chunin are the cannon fodder of this series, yet none of the highly inexperienced Konoha 11 members have died yet, even though we keep seeing Chunin and maybe Jonin falling like flies.

  6. Seriously, if this is a Ninja War, then Itachi was a monumental pussy for being mentally scarred by one.

  7. @Kisuzachi: I absolutely agree with you. This is what I was trying to say the last time I came in here. Kishi made Hanzo look worse than an arse wipe. And suddenly the man who named the Sannin was defeated by a “quick draw, quick slash style.” Incredible!

    @Awesomeness: I was trying to say last week. I’m writing a book, a fictional/sci-fi Memoir titled ‘Memoirs of John Spencer’, and it’s to be released in three parts: Awakening, The earth is not enough, and Planetary Devastation. It would be an honour to post extracts on this site, if there’s a general agreement. Is it not time that humans had the power to control gods, to defy the laws of thermodynamics and make newton’s laws of motion look like lyrics to a bad song? i’ll say it is. See auspicious battles between men and gods, and adventures that would send tremor upon tremor of excitement over your body.

    Please everyone, support Memoirs of John Spencer when the first part comes out next month. Aarigat Gozaimasu.

  8. *Aarigato

  9. Nice Breakdown

    @ Kisu – I agree… This war will be won on hopes and dream. What annoys me is the lack of casualties, maybe the anime will do a better job showing that.. But honestly, Hanzou LEGENDARY dude gets killed and no one is hurt! I mean the Immortal ex-Leader of Amegakure, the person who named the Sannin when they where all at Jonin level! I mean not one? WTF

    @ Total – I don’t read to often but sounds like a good idea, would even make a cool mangaka 😛 whats most important to me is the anti hero or villain, u have a good one of those and I am happy 😛

    @ Ahsan – Pakistan Whoop whoop Well done for beating Aussifagiaus.!!!

    @ General Debate – I think this weeks Kakashi Rampage wasn’t as good as the First few, in the end Kishi is dragging his Awesomenessly Awesome Rampage out too long, I almost feel like I seen too much but my eyes can’t look away either. Lets hope he finally gets to use “that” jutsu this week coming….

    Love Peace and Chicken Grease ^:_:^

  10. @pein, WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?! I can’t get enough of Kakashi’s rampage. It’s so epic

    @total, good luck on your book dude 😀

  11. @ Kisu – Yeah your right, what was I thinking… 😛 I think this weeks chapter is gonna be all about Kakashi Rampage, next week I get the feeling Kishi will focus somewhere else again…

  12. Captain you are the man that can make a murder seem funny. Great job on the BDown.

    In regards to your Book, Total, send me a copy too because that sound like a awesome movie in my mind.

    As for these last three chapters the fact that the summons are dropping like flies is a little enervating but we have too keep in mind that these “heroes” have already had there share of life and battle and fore some it’s only natural that they won’t take much liking to the new chance in afterlife zombie mode.

    Just look at Zabuza, he was really pissed off and I bet that if he saw Kabuto he would have snapped his neck Edo Tensei or not.

    But for some like Kakuzu, who was a immortal in the true sense this is the best thing that ever happened to him.

    This is, at least from what I think kishi wants to relay to us, is the perfect opportunity for him to emphasize on important characters’s past and there powers and skills, even if it backfired in Hanzou’s situation. But from what I can see the Gin Kin Bros were a nice little treat and I’m hopeing so will Dan, Itachi, kimimaro, Nagato and the former kages and jinchiriki will be. The rush effect is in play and that’s a bad thing but the back stories I use to hate so much are really the part I’m looking forward now.

    And as for Kakashi, i bet a new Sharingan Jutsu has just opened up and he’s really eager to show us that.

  13. @Pein

    Wait till we Destroy India in the semi-final to meet SA in the Final 😛

  14. @kisu and total. It’s not like they’re killing anybody.;)

  15. The Kakashi rampage is so good, that I hear they’re gonna create a new video game of it, called… “Kakashi’s Rampage”.

  16. @arpotu, Ikr! I hear that in his game his awakening is Rampage Mode and no longer the Mangekyou. He’s also gonna get his own movie where he’s in constant Rampage Mode.

  17. @ Kisu – I would watch that movie and play that game, I hear they where thinking of making a live action film of it but unfortunately it was too awesome for any human to take on…

  18. @Pein Nah, I heard that Chuck Norris was gonna star as Kakashi.

  19. @ Kakashi’s Rampage “da movie”

    I think the movie would be great, as long as Kakashi didn’t waste 90-120 minutes of my life spamming chidori and kamui

    None of this will ever be… we won’t even see the end of the manga’s rampage, since Kishi HATES Kakashi
    (look for the Japanese sitcom by the same name, que “the odd couple” music)

  20. Also… before all the Kakashi-cultists try to garrot, or vivisect me… My point is this… Kakashi is AWESOME, he is the fuckin’ copy ninja, he knows over a 1000 jutsu, and of that 1000 we’ve seen what? ten? (I’m too lazy to look it up myself)
    Dammit Kishi, show us a REAL RAMPAGE! Kakashi grabbin a board with a nail in it, and yelling “git you sum muthufucker!” while biting people!
    (Too redneck? meh.. you all get my point)

  21. As a final thought.. maybe he could show us “William Wallace-no-jutsu” And consume his enemies with fireballs from his eyes, and bolts of lightning from his arse!

  22. OK… I find TWO things wrong with Kakashi’s final statement…

    #1. Why did he just narrate his own introduction? No one else wanted to stand on the side and mention all the emotions he was feeling like they usually do?

    #2. So… this is a first time in a while since he got boiled up? When was the last time? It surely wasn’t when he fought Pein, because he just outright got owned!!! I mean if he has over 1000 jutsus why does he only use Raikiri? So the leaf village being destroyed didn’t anger him enough? Seeing the dead brought back to life to be used as puppets is worse than ACTUAL LIVING PEOPLE DYING??? See Kishimoto should’ve thought about that -___-…. he was just caught in “I got to have an epic moment” well it was an epic FAIL even though i want to see Kakashi fight cuz that is still pretty epic… its epic but a fail at the same time if u get what i mean…

  23. @ Kanton – I heard about that but they need someone that is awesome but they said, they need the person to be able to do 1000 Jutsu and well Chuck does one Round House and the movie will be finished, this is the problem we face…

    @ Prawl – I think Kakashi’s awesomeness is shown amply in the “Rampage” so far, he has actually out done any of his previous battles.. not that the bar was set too high… He spends most of his time exhausted, dying, plot saved, useless, in hospital bed… That is it, Kakashi was dead in the Pein arc. Like old Fox said I got annoyed with him now acting serious! When well he should of been from the beginning of every battle, now with his stomach cut to $hit, now he is gonna fight properly… Useless KAKashi is useless!

    @ Grey – I think its more an honor thing in Japanese culture.

  24. T______________T

  25. it’s out

  26. Everybody probably mad that Tenten has the Fan

  27. So Tenten has the fan and it isn’t draining her chakra. Great… -_-

    Ino’s looking more useful and Choji FINALLY grew a pair. Now time for them to pwn Asuma. 😀

    Dan is killing lots of shinobi… And we didn’t see what he could do yet. T_T I wonder what the Ghost Transformation Technique is?

  28. Lame, i hate when we wait TWO weeks for a chapter and it’s garbage, and as for TenTen, I GUESS SHE NEEDED THE SAGE’S Weapons to even make her semi useful, talk about lame

  29. More like Chouji is so useless that Ino had to take over his body.

  30. Spoilers

    F*ck me, did Chouji just turn into a Butterfree?!?…

    … What the hell is Kishi smoking…

  31. Oh no Tenten did something. Great we’re gonna have nightmares. -_-
    @red well this wouldn’t be the first time.


    @ chapter – What Tenten did something but she an idiot too, There this massive battle where these Ninja Tools where used, “wonder who dropped this?” X___X

    Chouji thing not really interested, at all, and then Ino mind switch least she seeming like a good Fighter now…

    Ino/Ten Ten = the most effective fighters in this chapters.. besides Kakashi of course 😛

    Butterfly without pill was cool. I look forward to seeing that and Chouji finally dying…

  33. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TENRAI SENSHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. another “two weeks and this is it?” chapter again… I am NOT SATISFIED

  35. Hey everyone. Just letting you know I am still alive, even though I haven’t been on in a while. It’s just, things have been really hectic lately, so I apologize for my absence. Hopefully things will be back to normal soon. X__X


    Thank you very much. ^ ^


    Well, it isn’t the first time that Chouji has gone through this transformation. So… I don’t know why it’s such a big deal now. O_o


    It wasn’t ‘bad’ but still not ‘good’ either. It just felt like a bridging chapter. Oddly enough, all the chapters we’ve read lately feel like bridging chapters, so it’s like a suspension bridge or something. <_<

    Hopefully, that bridge will end up leading to something epic. For now, however, all I am seeing is a long road with no end in sight just yet. One thing I am happy about is that Ino is finally becoming more useful. I enjoyed her part in this chapter more than anything else really. Chouji's flashbacks didn't hit the emotional cord that you generally feel with the backstories of most other characters. I don't know, I just think his past isn't near as compelling as Naruto's, Neji's, Lee's or Sasuke's, for example.

    Tenten's part in this chapter was both unnecessary and completely pointless. It was a waste of manga panels that could have been used for something else. If they do decide to show her using that fan, it would at least be better if they put more effort into it, rather than simply having her state the glaringly obvious once again, which seems to be her greatest talent so far.

  36. Happy BDay Tenrai, hope u got lots of cool gifts.

    As for the chapter goes, this was the biggest stretch so far Kishi made since the war began. It actually was almost at Bleach speed and that’s saying something.

    But to the regards of the chapter I actually had a feeling this was gonna go down but was hoping the ending would be more action filled then the “stay tunned” ending we got.

    As for Ino, yeah she got the mind body transfer down to a T but com’ on it’s been 3 to 4 years since the chunnin exams and that’s all she can do so far.
    What is inoichi thinking not teaching her the other awesome jutsus that the yamanaka clan has. Jutsus like Mind Body Disturbance Technique, Mind Reading and others.

    And as for Tenten………….. well Tenrai had the most accurate description so far.
    I would actually like Naruto to get a hold of that Palm Leaf Fan so he could use all Nature types and not just the Wind.
    As for the other treasures I actually think they are a little bit too restricted to sealing except the Fan.

    Oh and by the way, I too can’t wait to see Dan’s ghost jutsu, and it’s probably Tsunade who will be there to stop him in that form.

    Hope we get to see a little of Kakahi or Gaara next week because so far this Team 10 vs former konoha shinobi and Kakuzu, is getting a bit boring.

  37. Happy Birthday Tenrai!! 😀

    @Eugen: I also hope Tsunade will fight Dan in this war because it would show us how strong she really is and that she can accept that Dan is dead and that what she’s fighting is a zombie puppet, like Choji finally (I can’t stress that enough) did in this chapter.

    Anyway, Choji’s butterfly form was incredibly powerful in Part I so it should pwn everyone now. Can’t wait for this battle to end and for Kakashi’s rampage to start. ^_^

  38. All I can say is… “Rampage”. Folks, it’s out of control! Who knew that Kakashi could use all of the elements, PLUS Sage, PLUS Susan’o!! Forget Shippuuden, it’s “Kakashi Rampage” all the way!!

  39. Kakashi’s rampage is going great. I can’t help but wonder why the alliance didn’t just send him to fight Madara!

    @Dragon, using Cursed Seal 2, the Sound Four barely managed to beat a team of Tokubetsu Jonins, so the fact that Choji curbstomped their weakest member with the Butterfly jutsu really means nothing here. Then again, Asuma is weak as sh!t.

    @Tenrai, happy birthday. Today’s also my big sister’s birthday.

  40. Happy Birthday to your big sis too Kisu. BTW remember that the two headed sound nin, Udon, or whatever his name is, beat Sasuke.

    And i know you’re gonna say Sasuke was a weak bitch back then but he did use his Sharingan and he was pretty strong none the less.

  41. Thanks everyone. I appreciate it. ^ ^


    I agree with you that Chouji beating the weakest of the sound four doesn’t exactly constitute as a great compliment to his transformation’s power, but regardless of his strength level at the time, we do know that this transformation does increase his strength by 100x it’s original level.

    The fact that Chouji, who was barely at an average genin level of strength, managed to beat an opponent far more powerful than himself just shows how much of a difference it makes. So, it stands to reason that it has a significant amount of potential, not to mention Chouji was actually really cool the last time he used it.

    As for Kakashi, he’s just so cool right now that we can’t even look at him without having our pupils burned into ash, which is why you never see him in any of the manga panels. Kishi is just trying to save us from a pure overdose of awesomeness. ^ ^

  42. @ kisu – unfortunately even though he is super powerful as shown in the rampage, He just can’t beat Madara, all madara will have to say is. “You can’t beat me” and Kakashi will be like “I know, u wouldn’t lie to me”

  43. happy birthday to Tenrai *gives him a present that is not a bomb nor is it ticking, it’s a figment of you’re imagination* Also happy birthday to kisu older sister.
    Kakashi now that was awesome words can’t describe the awesome because it would EXPLODE!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. “Well, it isn’t the first time that Chouji has gone through this transformation. So… I don’t know why it’s such a big deal now. O_o”

    Hmmm, I guess my mind blocked it out due to the horrific impact it made back then…

    *Remembers the rest of that fail arc and goes into shock*

    Why, Kishi, why…


    I liked the chapter, only because of the end. Nostalgia factor combined with Chouji becoming the man I saw years ago during the Sasuke Rescue Arc. I don’t know what happened to him since then but I’m glad to have Chouji back.

    Ino wins.

    Anybody else laugh at how Asuma conveniently destroyed the lightning monster/heart with his wind jutsu? LOL, come on Kishi! I like to believe the lightning monster got caught up in Kakashi’s rampage and was thus destroyed in the ensuing awesomeness.

    Great breakdown Pickles! xD

  46. @supertrek89

    I thought Tenten destroyed it with the fan. I could be wrong though. O_o

    What I have noticed now – through these last few chapters especially – is just how underdeveloped team 8 is as a whole. I mean, with team Gai, we have seen a lot of development with Neji and Lee and we have seen Gai in some very epic battles.

    With team 11, we have seen a lot of development for Shikamaru, a tragic death with Asuma – who has also been exalted in a way as one of the previous guardians of the feudal lord – and now we will see more development for Chouji.

    And, of course, team 7 speaks for itself, mostly because it is the team that is focussed on the most for obvious reasons. But with team 8, we have never seen Kurenai do anything special and she is the only jounin sensei who has never been in any real battle other than her brief appearance against Itachi. Shino is rarely ever given screen time and is the only character out of all the teams who hasn’t had any real backstory shown for him compared to the other rookies and Kiba is practically useless in every single way imaginable. Hinata is the only one who has grown considerably from when she was a genin to how she is now. Still not really a strong shinobi compared to some of the others, but her character has come a long way.

    I would really like to see Kurenai in an epic battle using awesome genjutsu, so she can also be shown as someone who is comparable to the other Jounin senseis like Gai and Kakashi, or even Asuma. It’s sad that she has been ignored so severely.

  47. @ Tenrai – I think Super is in denial, if Ten Ten did something useful it would probably be as bad as dividing by 0 or staring directly at Kakashi’s rampage. I think maybe Kakashi said, “didn’t even break a sweat” and then one drop fell down and went and destroyed the lightning heart monster…

    Team 11? u mean 10 😛

    Team 8 Kurenai is a women, only thing she was good for was being the mother of Asuma’s bastard child 😛

    Shino was cool against Kankuro, but his mystery is what makes him pretty cool in my opinion.

    Kiba battled Naruto and was in the Retrieval arc.

    Hinata was given a back story and was in a part the reason Pein lost…

    The thing is not every ninja can have a sob back story, some just have to be normal guys/girls and team 8 is the appitamy of it, they skilled but not in a genius sort of way, they each have good specific skills and not all round fighters, Hinata/Kiba/Shino all great at tracking…

  48. @Tenrai, that was actually Asuma that killed the lightning beast.See, everyone wants a chance to shine before Kakashi’s rampage completely wins the war.

  49. This war is actually a big piece of crap if you ask me. Shinobi like Asuma, who didn’t have much to show while they were alive, now all of a sudden throw out jutsu, in his case the one that blew up Kakuzu’s lightning heart, and back then couldn’t use this to sake his own life.

    That’s just f$%ked up if u ask me. And from the great shinobi we were expecting greatness we get a few sob stories and boom they make pace with there souls without giving us a fair show. Sasori, Sai’s brother the Kin Jin bros. and Hanzou so far made a real ass of themselves filling more panel time with talk then actual fighting.

    Who the hell could those to lightning nin beat Tobirama is beyond me. Even if Tobirama is only shown very little in the manga and anime he’s my favorite character in Naruto. The guy had skills like Edo Tensei, Flying Thunder God(or some sort of very fast speed jutsu), Expert Water Style and great genjutsu.
    So how come did those hybrids get the best of him and more then that how could he die fighting 20 lightning AMBU, who we all know don’t count for shit. Well enough of Tobirama 4 now.

    I really hope we get to see some real fights soon especially with the former kages and the former jinchuriki.
    As for Kakashi i heard Chuck Norris, Arnold, leonidas and Hercules gangba69ed Xena and the child is gonna play Kakashi in the new Kakashi Shippuuden Rampage, so no worries there.

  50. @Eugen I heard he adopted by Bruce Lee, David Carradine, Mr. T, The main cast of the Expendables, and Norio Wakamoto.

  51. @Tenrai, don’t forget…CHARLIE SHEEN. Kakashi is winning after all.

    @Eugen, Asuma is crap. I could beat him. But the only reason the lightning mask died was because Asuma used a wind jutsu on it. Lightning is weak to wind.

  52. Good point Kisu, I didn’t really took any interest in the attack per say, but that was a very important factor. 😉

    by the way Kakashi Rampage is opening 21 12 2012,it’s gonna be like the end of the world’s coming.

  53. It’s out

  54. My god. I can’t believe this is happening. Iruka’s dreaded Lecture no Jutsu. May God help us all.

    Also, I can’t believe Kakashi gave some of his chakra to Choji and made his butterfly wings huge. Kakashi rampaging is the most epic thing ever!

  55. This chapter was great. Finally concluding the ino-shika-chou battle with some satisfaction. The best was of course the ending. I honestly think Naruto is way beyond Iruka’s lectures now. Of course he’ll consider what he has to say because of their bond but Naruto has an agenda now, namely dealing with sasuke eventually.

    Naruto is going to make a deal with Iruka (and the rest of the alliance) to train for a little to perfect his technique(s) before joining the fray with Killer Bee along side with the most trusted ninja’s to cover them in different squads.

    Reason for this is because Kishi is just gonna flip the tide of this war with an ace (itachi, pein and sasuke) Making it difficult for the alliance to win battles. This will probably be around the time we see madara jumping around instantly killing people. This war has been one sided for awhile so it’s going to turn deadly any chapter now.

  56. Great chapter, finally a swift ending for Asuma’s almost pointless reincarnation. I say almost because he did manage to get Choji to unleash. I wonder what he’ll do next time, the guy feels pretty confident and I for one believe he has the power now to turn the tide against all the summons near him, namely Kakuzu, Dan and all the Zetsus in the area.

    As for Naruto all I can say is, Iruka better have brown pants on cause by the time Naruto’s finished with them the bathroom won’t be close enough.

    The only downside to this chapter was that it seemed a bit rushed even if the panels were actually very well made and no useless images such as Tenten were present.

  57. @Eugen ‘useless images such as Tenten’ LMAO i love it.

  58. @Eugen, no.





    Chouji CANNOT beat Kakuzu on his own. If he does I’m quitting this manga. Plain and simple. It would make ABSOLUTELY no sense for someone like Kakuzu to be defeated just because a rookie Chunin just got motivated. It’s silly! Just silly.

  59. @kisu you’re lying you still read Bleach for crying out loud.

  60. @Kisu

    Naruto managed to beat Kabuto because he got motivated. And that was pre-timeskip. Lol.

    I don’t think Chouji would defeat Kakuzu on his own though. He specifically said he needed Shikamaru’s and Ino’s help so, if anything, it will be another team effort with Ino, Shika, Cho.


    That was actually the best chapter we have had in a while, barring the fact that we still haven’t seen Kakashi’s ranmpage.

    Things are finally starting to get exciting again. I hope Naruto has a battle soon. It would be awesome if he fought all the guards at once.

    But, most importantly, can anyone else sense a Naruto vs Bee battle coming up? If Bee was meant to keep Naruto away from the war and Naruto is trying to escape, then I somehow think that a battle between the two of them is innevitable, isn’t it? O_o

    That would be really awesome. @___@

  61. @Tenrai, so you’re saying 80+ years of experience + being a S-class can be negated simply by believing in yourself? Kabuto beat NAruto in Part 1. If it wasn’t for Tsunade Naruto would’ve died and that was the first time the Kyubi came close to death, Kabuto on the other hand would’ve walked away a-ok.

    @Kanton, you’re right.

  62. i literally could not stop laughing at chouji flying…. i mean really? funniest thing i’ve seen in this manga in since there was a kunai stuck in a sound ninjas butt that saskue defeated ( I don’t even know why i found it so funny

  63. Kakuzu’s Bad to the bone, or sea weed, but the fact of the matter is by this time experience won’t count. Don’t get me wrong I for one would like Kakuzu taking on the whole army and winning, he’s really one of my favorite characters in Narutoverse but the army knows about his powers now. All the tricks and jutsus he used against kakashi, team 10 and Naruto are now on the table.

    Unless he dose something new this is gonna be a short fight, plus he’s fighting Darui with only 4 hearth left.
    Not to be pessimistic but Darui brought down the Kin Jin brothers almost on his own, kakuzu is less of a match then they were.

    I’m just saying, a cumulative strike now against the summons and the zetsus will be enough to finish them off.

    Just as well I hope we do get to see Dan’s special trick, ever since the Tsunade arc I was wondering what he could really do.

  64. Oh by the way, dose anyone know when the 4th shippuuden movie is due?

  65. april 27th
    @Alec Haha I knew it Sasuke actually raped that guy with his kunai and left it as a gift.

  66. @ Kisu – Yeah Kanton is right, if you read Bleach I don’t think you can try come with standards in Naruto 😛 I mean u should know that when someone becomes a Butterfree they become so powerful they can kill everyone, except of course emo dudes, (Aizenism 101)

    Kakashi, is Chouji now!!! Think about it, I mean the copy ninja just learned the mind swop and now he know the Butterfree ninjutsu, at first I didn’t see it but then I thought this isn’t the Naruto war its the Kakashi Rampage…

    Best Part of the Chapter… Naruto finally getting screen time in his own show.. 😉

  67. @Kisu

    Yeah, I guess you are right when you say that it was still technically Kabuto’s win, but even still, an inexperienced 12-year-old genin managing to cripple an experienced Jounin on a similar skill level to Kakashi, is still pretty much the same as Chouji defeating Kakuzu.

    Remember, as Jiraiya said, the true strength of a shinobi comes from his determination to never give up. Denying his words is blasphemy. 😛

    Don’t become a blunt blade now Kisu. Just look what happened to Hanzou. <_<

  68. DO YOU GUYS KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS?!? Aizen ripped off Chouji. It’s a shame when one of Naruto’s weakest gets ripped off by the Big bad of Bleach and said Big Bad failed oh so epically in his imitation.

  69. “Remember, as Jiraiya said, the true strength of a shinobi comes from his determination to never give up”

    Yeah, well I prefer Oro’s saying. Besides, Oro has a better eye for talent and is a better teacher….though while he teaches you you must forfeit your rear’s virginity X_X

    @pein Kakashi copied that!? I was so busy looking at him using the Rasengan I got completely distracted! Man this rampage is the best thing since sliced bread I tells ya!

  70. @ Kisu – I Know Right, I mean I would of missed it too, but yeah I think that was the Rasenshuriken he used, and the Lightning infused Rasengan to finish it off was amazing, I sometimes wonder how he keeps going and still has chakra.

  71. @Pein, like I said, at this rate he’ll end the war on his own. Kakashi is frikkin hax man. It’s like he put in all the cheat codes!

  72. @Kisu

    ROFL!!! A better eye for talent… *Dies laughing.*

  73. @Ten, I’m glad you enjoyed that 😐

  74. Kakashi will channel Gildartz and then you will “KNOW IT” and Then the war is over.

  75. @ Tenrai – I think there’s a pun in there somewhere just can’t see it @_@

    @ Kisu – Kakashi is the ultimate cheat code…

  76. I was playing a computer game and put “Kakashi” in as a cheat code, and my computer exploded. *Eats Kisu for good measure* @__@

    It was only at that very moment that I finally realized who Kakashi really is under the mask.

    . . .

    . .


    CHUCK NORRIS!!!! O_____O

  77. Kakashi is so awesome, he can kill two stones with one bird. @__@


  79. @ Kisu, It doesn’t matter anyway because in the end the juubi’s body is still gonna be gedo mazo. The only thing is his tails were removed when the bijuu were formed so now the tails are gonna grow back in the eventuality that Madara gets his hand on all the tailed beasts. Witch is a bit unlikely.

    Even though the anime picture was a bit F Up.

    @ Tenrai, rofl at the two stones with one bird =))

  80. @ Tenrai – I think you under estimating Kakashi by comparing him to Chuck Norris, Kakashi has a 1000 Jutsu, and actually Saw Chuck Norris do a round house kick and has now copied the Round House Kick… He just doesn’t want to use it in the war yet, because once that is used the war will be over… All Summons will immediatly find peace and disappear, rather then get hit by one of those…

    @ Kisu – well the Juubi is just hear say and the images are supposed to be from the imagination/what Madara describes… so maybe yeah its F’d up 😛

    @ Eugen – not that unlikely, why else have the idea in it, I think it will be introduced sometime in the future… or at least I hope 🙂

  81. New Naruto movie trailer 2. I hear the 6th movie is in production now and is called “Naruto Shippuden Movie 6: The Rampage of the Copy Ninja”.

  82. Dose anyone know what happened to DarkAvatar, i haven’t seen him here in a while.

    And about the new movie, looks like a great idea but why the hell do we see Nagato and the raikage with both his arms in this movie.
    Naruto only met the Raikage very briefly and as for Nagato to what end continue a story about him when we already know almost everything about him except how he obtained the rinnegan and how Madara “gave” the eyes to him.

  83. @Kisu

    About the “better eye for talent” that Orochimaru has that you mentioned earlier, for a more serious, debate worthy reply, I just find it strange that you think Orochimaru had a better eye for talent than Jiraiya or that he is a better teacher.

    Let’s compare their students, shall we?

    Orochimaru’s most noteworthy subjects include Kimimaru, Kabuto and Sasuke. Other than that, there aren’t many others I feel are really worth mentioning unless you think Karin, Suigetsu and Juugo are really great. I doubt those three were taught buy Orochimaru in any case.

    As for Jiraiya, he had Minato (the fourth hokage) Naruto (who is on par with Sasuke at least), Yahiko (founder of Akatsuki), Konan (the most powerful female in Naruto so far) and, your favorite village destroying character, Nagato/Pein (who became, arguably, the strongest shinobi we have seen in the series so far).

    Now you tell me who had a better eye for talent, or was the better teacher, based on that. <_<

  84. @ Tenrai, actually until Jiraiya saw Nagato’s rinnegan he didn’t have any intention to teach them ninjutsu. So the talent actually was presented itself to Jaraiya.

    Anyway Jiraiya had the talent of teaching his students about life as a whole and how a shinobi must treat others in life. As far as ninjutsu goes maybe Minato and the ame orphans were a bit more lucky then Naruto. Because all Naruto learned as far as ninjutsu goes is a better timing with kage bunshin (not even how to learn from them wasn’t shown by jiraiya, instead he learned that from Kakashi) he also learned a bit of genjutsu resistance, the rassengan witch was the only meaningful technique Naruto really learned with all it’s different sizes and a failed atempt at conquering the kyuubi as a jinchiriki. Witch may have been the bigest part of naruto’s training for the 3 years he spent with the J Man.

    What Jiraiya should have taught him was how to combine the rassengan with a natural element that Naruto didn’t have then and how to use sage mode.

    On the other side Orochimaru apart from teaching Sasuke expert jutsu with Two natural elements, he also taught him how to use the full extent of the curse mark and also gave him high resistance to poisons and who knows “what else”.

    If I was a ninja at the age Naruto and Sasuke were when they started there training with Oro and Jiraiya I would have opted for Oro’s training style.

    Naruto even now has trouble with his shape manipulation and can only still use rassengan with a clone. This were the thing Jiraiya should have been teaching Naruto from the start, how to perfect the basics. Them maybe by now Naruto could have used the wind style like a pro and maybe even another nature type witch he could have used on his rassengan.

    Other then the Rassengan and “Guts To Never Give Up” the JMan didn’t really teach squat to Naruto and like it or not it’s the truth.
    Oh my bad he also taught Naruto summoning witch I have to say is pretty awesome. But still not what you would expect from the Great Toad Mountain Sage.

    I also feel Naruto is a bit of a skeptic in some ways, not knowing what powers the toads really posses, Naruto so far only used the toads in battle only two times as far as I know, against Gaara’s Shukaku and against Pain. He should really take them into battle more often.

    Well that’s about what I had to say on the subject, if I got something wrong feel free to let Kanton shoot the bazooka at me.

  85. i would like to join this debate, because myself is a teacher.

    i see different kind of teacher, one only want o teach a genius if u want to say and other see a fit character to be a good has been describe in battle of three sannin.

    i myself sometimes fell awe with my student, even if i rate them not the best but when they motivated they can achieve something “AWESOMENESS”. everyone has their own

    if oro choose uchiha as the reddest apple that would be the best of everything. then j man believe even u r not too talented, best example is rock lee. don’t forget, out there is still grenn apple and other.

    ok. let analysis between two naruto and sasuke
    oro train sasuke what a perfect training is, opposite jiraiya teach what his student need.

    the result when sasuke has been 2 1/2 years with oro and naruto has spent roughly same years when both fight the evidence give more star to oro.

    i think oro can give u proper training and have exponential if u r a genius. and jiraiya can teach u survive even u r not that good.

  86. @Tenrai, Jiraiya spent most of his time teaching students his ideals. Most everything they can do was self-taught. Orochimaru on the other hand actually teaches his students jutsus. Compare Naruto’s three years with Jiraiya to Sasuke’s with Orochimaru. In fact, I dare say Orochimaru is the best teacher so far. Kimimaro was only 15 but he was stronger than most Jonins, and so were the Sound 4. He even took a street kid (Zaku) and made him a worthy ninja. I’m not saying Orochimaru is a nice guy, or a guy I’d leave children with, but you can’t deny that he makes his students unreasonably strong.

  87. I have to agree with Tenrai on this one. Jiraiya taught some of if not the most powerful ninjas. Orochimaru’s finest pale in comparison to Pain and Minato.
    It’s true Jiraiya didn’t teach Naruto a whole lot but his other students prove Jiraiya is quite capable as a teacher and that he does have a good eye for talent.

  88. It’s debatable but we should judge Orochimaru’s and Jiraiya’s last students namely Sasuke and Naruto, and we all saw how bad NAruto got owned by Sasuke when they met after the 2 1/2 years.

    The thing that irritates me the most is the fact that no one in the Hidden Leaf seem to have any clue in teaching a jinchuriki on how to take control over there Bijuu and except the hidden cloud I haven’t seen any hidden village that can teach there jinchurikis to be perfect hosts like Bee.
    The only other known to have the control over the Bijuu was Yagura who could have had the control over the bijuu due to Madara’s possession over him thus keeping the bijju in like like he did to the kyuubi.

    This was the first mistake Jiraiya made in Naruto’s training, trying to develop a method for him to use the fox at his fullest without knowing exactly how. If the JMan would have developed Naruto in the ways I mentioned in my last post. Naruto would have been well prepared to fight Sasuke the first time they met after there training. Sasuke’s lightning style wouldn’t have stood a chance against Naruto’s wind style so the odds would have been more in Naruto’s favor.

  89. @Red, but like I said before, all of Jiraiya’s students teach themselves after he teaches them the basics and gives them his philosophy. Orochimaru on the other hand just kidnaps kids and trains them until they’re ridiculously strong. Jiraiya wasn’t even going to train Nagato and friends until he saw the Rinnegan. 100% of Jiraiya’s students go on to become leaders, but only because they taught themselves after he taught them basics. Look at Naruto and Assgay. After three years with Jiraiya Naruto couldn’t do a thing against Sasuke after his three years with Oro.

  90. Look people, just because Sasuke has mastered the Ancient Arts of both “Plot-Armor” and “Ass-Pull,” it does not mean that Oro is responsible for them. It is merely Sasuke’s birthright. 🙂
    I would also argue that pre time-skip Naruto was a much more unfocused pupil than Sasuke. The J-man had a harder time, along with fewer resources, than Oro. Or did you all forget that Sasuke doped up while being while residing in a well stocked training ground/medical facility/freaky underground lab over the time-skip?

  91. actually it’s called since sasuke is basically asexual and closest thing to a female since Oro. Because of this Kishi him absorb all the potential the females have in this manga,

  92. @Kan10, and that’s precisely why Oro’s a better teacher. He forces you to advance with drugs, modifications and the like.

  93. @Kisu

    Actuallty, most of what Sasuke knows now he also only learned before he met Orochimaru or after he killed him. Even then, your statement about Jiraiya hardly teaching his students is an assumption at best.

    Firstly, there’s Minato. He was Jiraiya’s student and he went on to become the fourth Hokage. You can’t tell me Jiraiya didn’t teach him a lot because you have no evidence to support that claim. Otherwise, I could disprove that Orochimaru taught half of his students as well, because we don’t actually see any evidence that he did.

    Then there is Nagato. I need to remind you that by the time Jiraiya had left him, Nagato had already mastered every single manstream jutsu that existed in the Shinobi world. He may not have been on the level he was when he became Pein, but he was still above most other shinobi.

    Any improvement thereof could be compared to how Sasuke and Kabuto also only improved greatly after Orochimaru was gone. The same goes for Naruto after Jiraiya’s death.

    A master can only teach a student so much, after all. Eventually that student has to find his own way in the world after that, and that is a recurring theme we have seen in this manga. Sorry to say, Kisu, but the scoresheet works against Orochimaru here. Lol.

  94. @Kisu, I would hesitate to accredit a teacher’s skill with his willingness to turn towards a doping protocol. Especially if we’re talking about Oro.
    Sasuke: “I need to be stronger to kill my brother!”
    Oro: “Here, jab this needle into your glutes.”
    Sasuke: “But Oro, it’s not Friday night.”
    Oro: “Just do it.”
    Sasuke: “Okay!”
    Oro: “Actually, wait. I’ll do it for you… repeatedly.”
    Sasuke: “You’re the best teacher ever!”
    Oro: “I know, right?”

    Also, I can’t recall precisely, but didn’t Oro have a staff at his disposal? Or did that leave with the Sound Village? He at least had Kabuto to help him train Sasuke. Why are we not giving him any credit? Let me say it again Kisu: I would argue Sasuke was a more willing and driven student than Naruto, and that Oro was preparing Sasu to be nothing more than a temporary vessel, and therefore did not worry about the long term ramifications of what he did to him (reading that back to myself, that sounds kinda’ wrong. Meh, whatever.) I believe J-Man erred on the side of caution with Naruto; that he was more concerned with macro-level qualities in Naruto, as well as all of his students. I think you are on to something when you point out that most of his students continued on to teach themselves. Do you think Sasu has gone on to teach himself anything? Or is Madara simply leading him around by his nose?

    Another thing: We did not really see most of the real teaching occurring. This argument would probably benefit from some manga page citations.

  95. @Tenten, did Jiraiya teach Minato ANYTHING he was famous for? Nope. Minato’s the one that even taught Jiraiya the Rasengan. Nagato’s advancement can largely be put up to his Rinnegan. As a kid with no experience as a ninja he managed to kill a Iwa Jonin/Chunin and two Konoha Jonin/Chunin.

    I’m not saying Jiraiya sucks here, I’m just saying Orochimaru is a better teacher. I’ll use Naruto and Sasuke here. Three years with Oro = one BAMF Sasuke, 3 years with Jiraiya = a slightly bigger Rasengan and a new outlook on life.

    Oro’s students die quickly because he manipulates them and only cares about himself (Sound 4, Zaku, Kin, Dosu, Kimimaro, and many nameless fodder ninja), Jiraiya teaches his students his ideals then they go out and make themselves strong. That is the difference. Jiraiya’s method would produce better people, Oro’s method produces more powerful ninja. The manga supports this. Just look at Konoha’s Genin compared to Orochimaru’s Genin. Look at 15 year old dying Kimimaro and compare him with 15 year old Naruto, Kimimaro still would’ve pounded his face into the ground.

    @Kan10, no Oro was preparing Sasuke to be a vessel he could stay in indefinitely.

  96. @kisuzachi

    “Did Jiraiya teach Minato ANYTHING he was famous for? Nope. Minato’s the one that even taught Jiraiya the Rasengan”

    And what did Orochimaru teach Sasuke that he was famous for? O_o

    Nothing. Lol.

    “Nagato’s advancement can largely be put up to his Rinnegan. As a kid with no experience as a ninja he managed to kill a Iwa Jonin/Chunin and two Konoha Jonin/Chunin.”

    I thought you might bring up the Rinnegan, but I was already prepared for that. You see, the same thing could be said for Sasuke’s sharingan. The fact that the sharingan actually allows you to simply copy a jutsu by looking at it gives its user a massive advantage in the learning department. On the flipside, there is no evidence to show that the Rinnegan actually makes it any easier for Nagato to learn jutsu. It just makes it possible for him to manipulate every element, thus giving him the potential to learn a greater variety of jutsu, but learning the jutsu themselves is still a process that requires training.

    “I’m not saying Jiraiya sucks here, I’m just saying Orochimaru is a better teacher. I’ll use Naruto and Sasuke here. Three years with Oro = one BAMF Sasuke, 3 years with Jiraiya = a slightly bigger Rasengan and a new outlook on life.”

    Remember, Naruto was never as quick at learning as Sasuke. Comparing two different students does not necessarily reflect everything about their teachers as a whole. If both Jiraiya and Orochimaru taught the same pupil, then you could make the comparison more easily, but if I compare the growth of Nagato in the three years Jiraiya taught him, his growth was just as significant as Sasuke’s, if not more-so. This is especially the case if you consider the fact that Nagato had absolutely no knowledge of being a ninja prior to then, while Sasuke already had years learning theory in the academie and his time as Kakashi’s student. Jiraiya had to catch up years of ground work while Orochimaru started with a student who was already capable of advanced, A-class jutsu.

    “Jiraiya teaches his students his ideals then they go out and make themselves strong. That is the difference.”

    Your words here actually support my debate in a way. Jiraiya gives his students the right lessons to allow them to become stronger in their own way. He teaches them to have that will and that strength of mind. Orochimaru’s teachings don’t carry any further than their immediate results and Sasuke never grew any from his lessons after he left Orochimaru, whether from ideals or any techniques he was taught. That’s because Orochimaru’s teachings only produced immediate, short term results while Jiraiya’s would stay with his students and help them grow stronger even long after his part in their lives was over.

    Which would you say is more valuable?

    “Look at 15 year old dying Kimimaro and compare him with 15 year old Naruto, Kimimaro still would’ve pounded his face into the ground.”

    Kimimaru was a genius in battle before Orochimaru even found him, but if you want to take the debate in that direction, then just compare a 15 year old Kimimaru vs a 15 year old Nagato. ^ ^

  97. Just for interest’s sake, I am not sure if anyone has seen this OVA, but I just stumbled on it.

    It is quite striking actually, and very deep. It’s awesomeness. I wonder, though, if it hints at where the story is going as a whole, because it does show Madara and Kabuto, as well as a battle between Naruto and Sasuke. It’s actually quite sad in a way, when you watch it. Seeing how Naruto and Sasuke grew up as kids and became friends, only to be destined to become enemies…

  98. @Ten, I posted that months ago -__-‘


  99. “You see, the same thing could be said for Sasuke’s sharingan.”

    Lol Kimimaro.

    “And what did Orochimaru teach Sasuke that he was famous for? O_o”

    Sasuke isn’t exactly famous now is he? But before he lost his snake abilities, his ass got saved time and time again thanks to the jutsus Oro taught him.

    “Remember, Naruto was never as quick at learning as Sasuke”

    Bull. Naruto works his ass off. Sasuke learns faster, but that’s balanced by Naruto working harder. Remember Sasuke started stronger than Naruto in Part 1, but by the end of it they were essentially equals.

    “This is especially the case if you consider the fact that Nagato had absolutely no knowledge of being a ninja prior to then”

    Lol but he killed three ninjas without having ninja training.

    “Your words here actually support my debate in a way. Jiraiya gives his students the right lessons to allow them to become stronger in their own way”

    See, we’re conducting two different debates. I’m saying Orochimaru can turn crap into gold and you’re saying Jiraiya’s students go on to be famous. I’m not denying that. I’m saying most of Oro’s students don’t have anything special, they only got where they were because of Oro’s training.

    I also said Oro has a better eye for talent, and I meant it. Most of his students we see are strong (comparatively speaking) but he doesn’t give a crap about them because he realized they didn’t have much potential. The ones he kept around (Sasuke, Kimimaro and Kabuto) are ridiculously strong.

    “Kimimaru was a genius in battle before Orochimaru even found him, but if you want to take the debate in that direction, then just compare a 15 year old Kimimaru vs a 15 year old Nagato. ^ ^”

    Nagato was a god. You can’t compare him to a mortal like Kimimaro BAHAHAHAHAHA! But in all seriousness, Jiraiya had left them on their own long before Nagato was 15, and according to the databook, Nagato’s hobby was LEARNING JUTSUS. 😐

  100. @Kisu

    “Lol Kimimaro.”

    You can’t prove that Orochimaru taught Kimimaru anything. Remember, Kimimaru used his own clan’s fighting style, so he had likely learned that before he encountered Orochimaru. I already explained how he was already a genius in battle before Orochimaru found him.

    “Sasuke isn’t exactly famous now is he? But before he lost his snake abilities, his ass got saved time and time again thanks to the jutsus Oro taught him.”

    No, he’s just a wanted criminal throughout the entire shinobi world and one of only two of the last living Uchiha. Definitely not famous at all. <_<

    As for the snake abilities, I assumed you are referring to the summoning jutsu. In that case, let me remind you that Minato also got the summoning contract for the toads from Jiraiya as well. Any other jutsu of Oro's that Sasuke was able to use, was because he absorbed Orochimaru, not because he was taught them, and he also lost those abilities after Itachi freed him from Orochimaru's hold.

    "Bull. Naruto works his ass off. Sasuke learns faster, but that’s balanced by Naruto working harder. Remember Sasuke started stronger than Naruto in Part 1, but by the end of it they were essentially equals."

    Then explain the rate of Nagato's, Yahiko's and Konan's growth vs Naruto's. They were all taught by Jiraiya, weren't they?

    "See, we’re conducting two different debates. I’m saying Orochimaru can turn crap into gold and you’re saying Jiraiya’s students go on to be famous. I’m not denying that. I’m saying most of Oro’s students don’t have anything special, they only got where they were because of Oro’s training."

    Actually, the only one of Orochimaru's students who didn't have anything special about them, was Kabuto. Sasuke had the Sharingan and Kimimaru was a genius of his clan who also had a powerful Kekkei Genkai. As for Jiraiya, he had Minato, Konan and Yahiko, all of whom never had any unique bloodlines to work with. He was still able to train them up to become very powerful shinobi.

    I also never said Jiraiya's student's only went on to become famous. Where did you get that from? O_o

    "I also said Oro has a better eye for talent, and I meant it. Most of his students we see are strong (comparatively speaking) but he doesn’t give a crap about them because he realized they didn’t have much potential. The ones he kept around (Sasuke, Kimimaro and Kabuto) are ridiculously strong."

    This paragraph contradicts the one you wrote above it. First you commend Orochimaru on being able to turn "crap into gold", then in the next paragraph, you say that he didn't bother with the weaklings and only kept the strongest shinobi around. Perhaps you got confused? O_o

    I still, however, believe that Jiraiya is on par with, if not better than Orochimaru in terms of finding talent. The only difference is that he wasn't as interested in having as many subjects as Orochimaru. He only trained students that he felt were right for him to train and all those he trained have become among the most powerful shinobi to ever live even though most of them started out as sub-par.

    "But in all seriousness, Jiraiya had left them on their own long before Nagato was 15, and according to the databook, Nagato’s hobby was LEARNING JUTSUS."

    And Nagato had apparently learned every mainstream jutsu by the age of 13. Or was it 11? I can't remember. X___x

    I WILL NEVER GIVE YOU PROPS!!!!!! *Secretly eats Kisu*

  101. Young kimimaro was an attack dog. Young Nagato was shy guy with violent emo spasms.

  102. springtime of youth part 3

  103. *dies laughing which in turn I release the dead man switch causing a nuclear explosion.*

  104. it’s out now

  105. @Tenrai, I’m not a nice person so I’d give you indigestion 😉

  106. Once again an appearance from Pain can make me comment here. I liked that Naruto acknowledged his will. Pain’s speech back then was foreshadowing an eventual war, and im glad naruto remembered it. and its nice to see Naruto And of course Iruka is always Naruto’s dad. Hopefully the story should start getting interesting now that Naruto is finally done looking at animal pen-i mean training.

  107. @Takashid, I laughed when Naruto thought this is what Nagato meant by war. Compared to the other ninja wars, what we’re seeing now is just a tournament. What happened to child soldiers dying? What happened to civilians with no connection to the ninja world dying? Besides, the Konoha 11 are just killing monsters, not actual humans. I don’t see them being traumatized like many war veterans.

  108. WOW! What a great chapter… Kakashi’s rampage was EPIC! The far-flung effects of his last attack turned the inhabitants of Sodom and Gamora into pillars of salt (Henceforth to be known as Mr. Salty-No-Jutsu)
    It’s all gonna end when he destroys the earth with a “great flood” jutsu… Wait… Kakashi came back from the dead? has near [god]like power?


  109. @ Kisu – I don’t see the Konoha 11 being traumatized at all – thanks to voilent video games, and Zombie killins…

    Then again, Kishi has shown us the “softer side” of ninjas, prior to Naruto, I thought they were all expertly skilled assasins trained in covert ops, espionage, and blending in…

    Instead we have kids with strange costumes, massive ‘splojun powers, giant talking dogs, monkeys, snakes, slugs, and toads and now they’ve even put aside all their differences and formed their own version of NATO – “We am jusu herl toll keep dur peace, puto don yoll wepunns it olvar noll”

  110. WooHoooooo !!! Awesomest chapter!!!!!!! Damn I nearly soiled myself >_<

  111. That was a great chapter. Finally, things are really starting to pick up again.

    Naruto isn’t out of the woods yet though, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he still has a few battles before he reaches the actual battlefield.

    The Raikage, Tsunade or even Bee might try to intervene to stop him, not to mention whatever other barrier teams are meant to keep him there.


    You just like seeing children die. <_<

  112. @Tenrai, how did you figure that out!? I never told anyone!

    Lol nah. But seriously, stuff like that happens in war and I kinda wanna see that happening since these ninja wars are supposedly so horrific. Like I said, if this is what scarred Itachi for life, then he was a monumental pussy, and I don’t mean he was a cat. 😉

  113. @Kisu

    Actually, you did bring up one point that made me notice something.

    In the last shinobi war, we saw that Kakashi, Obito and Rin were sent on missions, even though they were still around 13 years old. Before that, we also saw Nawiki being killed while on a battlefield and he was about the same age at the time.

    Yet, in this war, we haven’t seen any younger generation genin teams taking part in it at all.

    I wonder if it’s because the shinobi nations no longer practice the use of child soldiers in war. I mean, when you look at the evidence, it seems to point out to a change of sorts in military practices. The Hidden Mist is no longer seen as the Blood Mist, so their practices might have changed with the new Mizukage. I can’t imagine Gaara using that practice either and Tsunade, who lost her brother in war, likely would have been against it as well.

    So, three new kage come and we see a drastic change in how three hidden villages are run. I also think Kishi may not want to go about killing large numbers of children in his manga, because of the taboo associated with it. In most forms of media, the death of children is often depicted in a non-visual manner. It is either mentioned or implied, but rarely shown directly.

    I think that may be why you won’t be seeing child soldiers in this war and, to be honest, I don’t enjoy the idea of seeing children dying in any case, so I can’t blame Kishi. O_o

  114. Did anyone see in Naruto’s sage seeing mode when he saw Kakashi, he had the Executioner’s Blade in hand and was about to chop Gai’s head off.

    Damn Kakashi rampage is off the charts, he’s gonna kill everyone.

  115. @Eugen, Dat damn Kakashi Rampage will be the end of us I tells ya! Kakashi is pumping out such massive amounts of chakra that his battlefield was the first Naruto felt. Well I’m glad Kishi finally made a chapter without Kakashi spamming like 7 new jutsus. Side characters like Naruto need some attention too 😉

    @Tenrai, I say it’s because Kishi doesn’t have the cojones to draw that, or the war isn’t dire enough yet to warrant the Alliance sending in Genins. Judging from what we saw in Part 1, sending in Genin on missions like this would make them more of a hindrance than a benefit.

  116. Well there goes the Nine Tails and Probably the Eight tails, Theres a reason Kishi said that whole spheel about how people from the eddy clan don’t die even if they get the demon removed…foreshadowing much >_>…and killer bee isnt going to let naruto go in alone 😦 i really like bee :*( NARUTO HASNT EVEN BECOME FRIENDS WITH KUBI YET!

  117. You guys know what this means right? Sasugay appearance in 3 weeks! Or Madara will come out first, give some nonsense war-mongering egomanical speech, and THEN Sasugay will appear.

  118. @ Chapter – I think Kakashi has now finally awoken his EMS and Sage mode, but we will have to wait till next week to see since we had to see some side plot about Naruto getting letters, blah blah, over all it was a boring building chapter but maybe in 3 weeks we will get to see a battle with Naruto 😉

  119. I think Naruto is going to easily get past the barrier team but before going out to the battlefield he’ll get stopped by the toads. We need a little bit more development on the several battle fronts before naruto starts taking on the enemies. We can’t just leave him alone while watching other battles because he’s not only the strongest but is the enemy’s target. Plus I dont know about everyone else but i want him to whip out the sage coat. How epic would it be for veteran ninjas to see naruto decked out in a sage coat and flying around the battle field in the Nine tails clock in a yellow flash. They will all be reminded of the last time they saw Minato fighting in the last war.

    Sasuke is due for joining the war also. Although I feel like he’s gonna be set lose towards the end. Besides he had his screen time during the kage summit.

    They need to wrap up or deal with battles that are close to being finished. Obviously Garra vs his father is long over due and i predict that battle starting in two weeks.

    According to the preview for next weeks chapter, Madara will be playing a part. Something about negotiations. Its very likely hes searching for the feudal lords to gain leverage and force the alliance to hand over the bee and naruto. However that would seemingly end the war…..

  120. @eugen it’s more of Gai wouldn’t be Outdone by his rival and started a rampage of his own. FEEL THE POWER OF THE SPRINGTIME OF YOUTH!!!!!

  121. hopefully I won’t be ignored this time *eye twitch and is currently wielding an Laser Scythe*

  122. @Kanton, the only way Guy can match Kakashi is by releasing all 8 gates, and that’ll only last until his chakra runs out. Right now Kakashi has some Biju level chakra.

  123. @kisu Don’t underestimate the power of youth remeber someone did survive the eight gates. If kakashi’s Chuck Norris then Gai is Bruce Lee. The zombies won’t know what hit them.

  124. Since the last records was 50/49 with Gai in the lead

  125. @ Eugen,

    That page shows us the entire Kakashi rampage in 6 quick panels.

    1st panel;
    Kakashi strikes with an all 6 elements infused Executioner’s blade. He probably raged so hard he forcefully mutated his own eyes into the Rinnegan.
    2nd panel;
    Sakura tries to save ninjas that became collateral damage to Kakashi’s attack. Don’t bother Sakura, they’re dead.
    3rd panel;
    So fast he couldn’t be seen, Kakashi rips Kakuzu to shreds. I’m assuming Kakashi taught Minato the Hiraishin.
    4th panel;
    Idiot’s were standing to close to Kakashi. They ignored the “you now have two minutes to reach minimum safe distance” warning.
    5th panel;
    Kakashi, again too fast to be seen, rips Kimimaro’s bones from his body.
    6th panel;
    Well, that’s the end of this little war…

  126. @redbaron now let’s not get carried away here. It because Kakashi was constantly in Minato’s awesomeness aura. Kakashi’s rampage was one of his wishes since he was told of Minato’s rampage in the previous war.

  127. New Naruto volume cover. Volume 55

    Naruto Shippuden Movie: Blood Prison Extended Trailer. I feel like an idiot for being a tad excited about this movie.

  128. Kisu: Naruto… assassinated someone!? as in like a real ninja? yeah right. that looks like a boring movie already, i can already see the “drama” from everyone thinking Naruto is a criminal, etc, etc

  129. @Takashid, the plot is as obvious as a flying pink elephant smoking a cigar. Well, I’m glad they’re trying to make a new plot instead of the usual:

    Naruto gets assigned a mission with a bratty person, who eventually turns out to have a troubled past. Then Naruto forms a bond with that person and they come out of their shell in time to help Naruto beat the Movie’s Big Bad. Wash, rinse repeat.

  130. @ Kisu/Taka – I think it would be cool if like many of the fan fictions, they do an alternative arc of Naruto in the movie..Or maybe Naruto was mean’t to get caught and this is all a plot for him to enter the prison and find someone, become friends and then defeat the big bad wolf 😛

  131. I know I may be a bit late for this but the “Who has the better eyes for talent” Well I think Orochimaru, 1) Because Minito was assigned to Jiraiya in the squad system, 2) Nagato only truly awakened his powers after Jiriaya and was not wanted to be trained by them, and 3rd) the only reason he took on Naruto was because he was a pervert 😛

    Orochimaru was in a part helping Danzou, Kimmimaro, Sasuke, Kabuto etc.

  132. @ Kanton, Kisu and Baron. First of all Kakashi is Kishi in real life not the other way around, he just makes himself seem weak just to rampage on us after. Lol Baron at the panel description, that was so true.
    @ Kanton, Gai has proven he is truly a Awesome shinobi in his fight with Kisame so there’s no doubt in my mind he got a little of kakashi’s rampage absorbed into his own chakra from sitting to close to him :)).
    @ Kisu, kakashi will make a new breed of warriors called Kakashis and they will be sage of six paths strong at the age of 2 years.

  133. @Pein

    “Nagato only truly awakened his powers after Jiriaya.”

    Same could be said for Sasuke and Kabuto. They only truly awakened their power after Oro died.

    “the only reason he took on Naruto was because he was a pervert :P”

    And you’re going to tell me that Orochimaru wanting Sasuke’s body isn’t perverted? O_o

    The only part I agree with you is your first point. But then, we were also discussing who was the better teacher, and that’s where Jiraiya training Minato fell in.

    As for Danzou, I don’t know why he was mentioned. Sasuke, Kabuto and Kimimaru don’t trump Pein, Konan, Yahiko and Naruto. @___@

  134. Kisu: no, no, you say its obvious, but you still haven’t understood this movie’s plot. Obviously Naruto will meet a bratty perosn with a troubled past in the prison. Probably his new roommate. then they shall bond and break out together. Oh, and defeat the big bad 😛 so, you know, same old, same old, except this time Naruto gets to be a prison bitch.

  135. @Takashid, dude don’t blame me for not seeing it. With Kakashi rampaging around the awesomeness has severely damaged my eyesight, and you know the effect Bleach has on brain cells.

  136. whoa… from the comments I don’t know if yall are kidding or not… can SOMEONE post where Kakashi did the rasenshurriken and went on his rampage!???

  137. Wow, the page where Kakashi was farting Juubi ghosts was TOO MUCH!!! Reminded me of DBZ, when Gotenks was coughing up those exploding ghost guys!!

  138. @ greyfox2012,

    You mean you haven’t read the latest chapter?!? What are you doing here then! Go and read it!!

    @ arpotu,

    What did you think of Kakashi’s Final Flash. Even Vegeta would be shitting himself if he saw that shit.

  139. PLEASE did you see Kakashi do an Abyss Break, Kirin, Kishin Hunt AND Mugetsu all at the same time while taming the insanity to his will, along with his EMS, and Hollowfication. It would cause Aizen to shit the Alps, Mt Everest and K2, if he saw it.

  140. @Kanton, I don’t think you’re giving Kakashi enough credit here. I mean, Aizen wouldn’t even THINK of leaving Avici if he knew what Kakashi was doing in Naruto right now.

    There’s one thing I know for sure, for generations to come, all these ninjas will be talking about the Legendary Rampage of the Copy Ninja Kakashi Hatake.

  141. @kisu I don’t think you’re giving Kakashi much credit either. They will Many Shout-outs in other medias concerning this rampage. They will rename Curpstomp battle, Tranquil fury and Unstoppable Rage to Kakashi Wrath, Kakshi’s fury, Kakashi’s rampage.

  142. lmao ok i found out yall are just joking about all that… i forgot the rasenshurriken isn’t a jutsu u can copy.

  143. @greyfox, when it comes to Kakashi’s rampage, no one jokes. This is all factual fact that is so factual it bends the very nature of truths and lies making the ultimate truth be, Kakashi Hatake.

  144. @Greyfox you’re right about the rasenshuriken Kakashi would create the Rasenraikiri a Drill so powerful it could rival the Giga Drill Breaker

  145. Actually Kakashi’s rassengan is called the Fuuton Katon Raiton Doton Suiton Rassen Yin Yang Dont’t F with Me Bomb.

  146. @ tenrai – what I mean is Orochimaru’s “experiments” on Danzou is what made him even more powerful, same with Yamato. The thing is though we know Orochimaru wanted Sasuke’s body… to transfer into… He still wasn’t as pervy as the Jiriaya who wanted Naruto to pretend to be a Naked Girl while training 😛 but I digress… Thing is Yahiko is kinda unknown, Nagato I feel wasn’t trained to his potential it was Pain (the feeling) that made him great, Konan was good. Naruto is also but things like Sage mode etc can be negated since it was not Jiriaya that tought him same as EMS/MS can’t be given to Orochimaru…

    With Orochimaru’s training Sasuke was able to defeat Diedara 😛 well it was Oro’s summon and his abilities where able to keep up slightly with Itachi… problem is Naruto? what exactly did he do with Jiraiya’s training? not much as I recall…

    @ grey – I understand your confusion but Kakashi’s rampage is the most greatest thing to ever hit Naruto, I mean a lot of people miss what he doing because he does it so fast, and the sheer awesomeness is like staring at the sun for too long, you will end up blind, so many people just don’t see it….

    @ Eugen – I think Rassengan is above life and death… I mean like Pein was now Kakashi is, I love that line… “I can giveth life but I choose to take it away”

    @ Kisu – I think Aizen (since he planes everything 110 years in advance) knew that there had to be a Kakashi Rampage coming and decided to rather get locked up then even have part of that awesomeness spill over to Bleach and kill him… Why do you think the plot is moving so fast now, its Bleach trying to get the hell over with before someone writes a cross over fan fiction and kills them all with this rampage @_@

  147. I wonder if Naruto is gonna use the fuuton kunai now that his going to war.

    I know Anime and Movies have no reflection over the manga but seeing as the 4th movie shows Naruto using the kaze kunai maybe it’s a hint played by kishi for the upcoming involvement of Naruto in the war.

    And as far as we know Naruto didn’t only train to achieve the bijuu rassengan, maybe Bee taught him a few other tricks.

    Hopefully Naruto won’t let us down in the new jutsu department.

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