Soul Eater 84 – Mr. Evans… Dr. Eater!!

Awe All tis I Pein here again for another Soul Eater Manga Breakdown. This Chapter is INSANE!!!! I must say it is one of my fav. Chapters in a while and that is saying a lot since Soul Eater usually has a high level of awesomeness.. Since last week we saw Soul finally fall to the Black Blood, his cut sustained by Chrona has reopened and Madness is literally coming out as a blade… I love that the little Red Demon Devil thing is back, and the opening of the chapter was heavily weighted with antici—————pation!!!

*well lets get this chapter breakdown rolling*

I don’t know if its just me, but these chapters are seeming so short, the pacing is just perfect as I could read through it I felt like enough happened to justify a chapter, but it wasn’t rushed either… I think the other two manga’s I read have been lacking in this department (Bleach and Naruto). Stein also shows why he is one of the best Meisters, he is able to handle many different “weapons” with no problem at all. I thought as I first read the chapter that he would also fall quickly to madness but he was able to resist is quite well.

One of my favorite characters had been Justin Law, he is the greatest Death Scythe, his ability to battle without a Meister was one of his outstanding features and when Soul was under the madness I started to get excited! Him being able to fight just like Justin Law, was awesome and not only that to fight on par with Stein! In the past few chapters Soul/Maka hadn’t received much growth with “Sloth” being their last official battle. I think Okubo usually likes the idea of “gothic horrors” with Stein being based on Frankenstein, and I have a feeling that Soul has been mirrored to a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, sort of Mr Evan/Eater.

The Battle reveals Souls ability to transmit his Soul length (in this case madness) onto the enemy, I had always assumed it could only happen while he was linked to Maka but he has now been able to use on his own and to greater effect. Soul himself doesn’t understand the true nature of his ability, he even questions it.

We get to see inside Soul’s Dark Room, and what would appear to be a “big” Demon staring down on him. We already know about Soul’s feelings towards his “Evan” name and his brother too. He was never able to become a musician cause he feared if he tried hard he would still not match his brother who was naturally gifted. That is where the “madness”is being subdued, Soul fears how others will perceive him, how he looks to the world and if he had tried harder he may have still fallen short. I guess this happens when one constantly compares himself to others. I like how the demon keeps pushing him towards madness, and telling him to embrase it. I was hoping for a Kid and Star effect where Soul can still use this madness now. (though whether he can or not is unknown)

I like the growth shown in Soul, even though it been done before, that he is not thowing away his old name because he is scared of the expectation and never living up to it. He acknowledges this but says to the now little demon that he is not just throwing away his name, he is just creating a new name for himself. The madness subsides but I am not sure if this will be the end of it. Now he no longer fears madness 😉

The Chapter then seems to die down, and with Soul back to normal our attentions move towards, Chrona’s actions again. What ever that thing is, it is now the most powerful thing out there. We see how the powers has been able to cover entire cities in madness… I look forward to seeing the up coming battles and who Oku will focus on.



~ by pein0avenue on March 18, 2011.

6 Responses to “Soul Eater 84 – Mr. Evans… Dr. Eater!!”

  1. favorite part of the chapter was kim being all “now i have an excuse to hug the professor XD”

  2. Good chapter, but I also thought it felt kinda short even though a lot of things happened.

    Chrona’s way stronger than way she fought Black Star… What did Medusa do to her? O_O

  3. That Russian dude’s a pedophile…~_~

    Besides that it was a great chapter! Chrona did to the whole city what she did to that Russian meister and weapon. That’s a hell of a lot of improvement in her power over a short time. I can’t wait for the Maka and Soul vs. Chrona battle.

    And I didn’t even know the chapter was out until I came here. xD Great breakdown Pein!

  4. Great breakdown. I kind of hope we see more Maka’s growth as well.

  5. it’s out and it’s wild


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