So Last Week I Was at a Party Being Kisu and Some Weird Guy Comes Up to Me and Says “Looking good dude”. I Got Caught Off-Guard with that and Stood there with a Blank Expression Trying To Think of Something Witty/Insulting to Say but After a While I Just Said “Thanks dude”. Oh Yeah, this is a Bleach Brakdown. Bleach Breakdown 441

I knew manbearpig was real! I’m being totally serial right now.

..instead of those not-hot ones y’know.

Here’s your AMV this week you poop-throwers, or “monkeys” to the uninitiated. Well this isn’t an AMV per se, it’s a collection of my favorite Bleach ending theme 😉

Hello and welcome to Kisu’s “breakdown” of chapter 441.

Sorry Unagiya, in this manga you're just one of many.

We kick off this chapter with Ichigo getting hit in the face by a door (somewhere Orihime and Riruka are crying), but not just any door, this is the door of dooming doomy doom doom…too much Invader Zim -_-‘. Yeah, so Unagiya tells him to get in the shop and explain why he took an extended leave without telling her, but he says no. *Facepalm* Ichigo….when a MILF invites you into her house at night you get in there. They argue a bit, then Unagiya reminds Ichigo of just how easily people can read him and she tells him he doesn’t have to be acting all tough around her because she’s an adult. I find it strange that Kubo would introduce these characters for no other reason than to take up panel space. I say this because there’s a panel with her kid secretly looking at them.

Wait...why doesn't he just go to his nearest supermarket?

Ichigo then goes back into flashback mode and remembers his talk with Ginjou. Apparently Tsukishima was the former leader of Xcution, and the one who came up with the plan for Fullbringers to give their powers to a Sub-Shinigami to become normal, but when they gave the Sub their powers he killed them all. Ginjou shows Ichigo the badge he had when he was first introduced. Ginjou then tells Ichigo that Tsukishima apparently doesn’t want him to join forces with them and that he’s attacked Ichigo’s friends to grab his attention. What I’m wondering is, if he wants Ichigo’s attention why not just go up to him and say “Hi”? Everyone else sure does. Anyway, Ginjou tells him to GTFO and he’ll call him once they’re ready to continue his training

Isshin's a gangbagner? He can definitely hang out with Gaara Sr. now.

So after exiting flashback mode, Ichigo coincidentally ends up in an alley, where he coincidentally sees his missing father then his father starts coincidentally talking to Urahara about some shady stuff. Is this really the angle Kubo’s going? Urahara is unquestionably shady, but he isn’t malicious. Anyway, it seems Isshin’s powers didn’t fully recover and he’s trying to get them back to take on whatever threat (presumably Tsukishima) he and Urahara are discussing. Oops, I seem to have misread that part. That’s what I get for reading while I’m half-asleep 😛

Ichigo heads back to Xcution HQ for the next phase of his training. This time Riruka sends him into a fish tank. Admittedly, I thought he’d be facing some kind of mutant goldfish, but I was surprised he’ll be facing one of the Fullbringers, Jackie. The chapter ends with Ichigo doing a badass pose and getting ready for what promises to be a “slobberknocker”.

Kisu’s Thoughts:

Cool chapter. Now I wonder what Isshin has to do wit Tsukishima. Isshin is obviously not the Shinigami the other Fullbringers gave their powers to since he’s kinda dead and Isshing isn’t a Hybrid.

~ by kisuzachi on March 17, 2011.

12 Responses to “So Last Week I Was at a Party Being Kisu and Some Weird Guy Comes Up to Me and Says “Looking good dude”. I Got Caught Off-Guard with that and Stood there with a Blank Expression Trying To Think of Something Witty/Insulting to Say but After a While I Just Said “Thanks dude”. Oh Yeah, this is a Bleach Brakdown. Bleach Breakdown 441”

  1. I wonder what Jackie’s powers are…

    Well, I shouldn’t care because she’s probably going to lose.
    She’s an experienced fullbringer, but Ichigo’s going to beat her because he’s the main character. -_-

  2. *Attention WRA my hair is gonna comment now*

    Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged, Invader Zim all awesome shows…

    Chapter I am just glad something happened… What I wonder is why Ichigo doesn’t just walk up to Urahara’s shop and say “like a boss” WTF going on. why u upducting my little sister every now and then and why u having meetings with my dad in the dingy allies I walk in on the way home… I mean is my dad a pimp now @___@

    Or something like that…

  3. Great breakdown Kisu. What makes you think Isshin is meeting Urahara to talk about regaining his full powers? I would like to hear…read your thoughts on that.

    And once again. Why doesn’t Ichgio just go to Urahara and Isshin to regain his powers!? Is it a stupid pride thing? Urahara has helped him to regain his powers before so I just don’t understand it. Ichgio trusts and affiliates himself with a shady group he just met over people he’s battled with and put his life on the line for. Anyway, Isshin has obviously used his final Getsugo Tenshou before and now has shinigami powers. Why didn’t it cross Ichigo’s mind to inquire about this? Lol, he’s your father and it’s not like they’re distant. Talk to him! I don’t understand Ichigo’s reasoning. I don’t understand Kubo’s reasoning! Now he’s trying to make Urahara look like a bad guy…again? I could have sworn he’s tried this already.

    I think that kid and his mom will play some important role in the future. They might be the family of the sub-shinigami that was killed. If so then the boy may have latent Shinigami abilities, like Ichigo, and can see ghosts and all that good stuff.

    Alright chapter. Better than the last few.

  4. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!!!

    I am back from the dead! Edo Tensei!

    Hmmmm… I am not sure if this has been mentioned, but the powers that ichigo is gaining right now can be very close to that of hollow powers. They plan to tranfer all thier powers to Ichigo, so that means they can techicly “eat” eachother by taking the items that manifest thier power.

    Peace out! Believe it! -_+

  5. SCORP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @Super, that was actually a mistake of epic proportions. Sorry about that 😦

  6. @Kisu: Ah, lol, ok.

    I have another question. If a Fullbringer transfers his/her power to a substitute Shinigami does that mean the sub gains the Fullbringer’s power or does it just…magically restores the Shinigami’s reiatsu? What do you think?

    It makes little sense to me how a Fullbrginer which has more like Hollow powers can restore someone’s Shinigami powers.

    @Scorp: Yo Scorp! You’re saying that like hollows consuming each other to grow stronger the Fullbringers can grow stronger by taking another Fullbringer’s item?

  7. @Super, it was already said the Sub gets all their powers. According to Ginjou, they can give their powers to a sub because they’re opposites (one’s a human-shini, the others a human-hollow). Don’t ask me how that works. >_>

  8. @kisu and that makes the Kurosaki siblings human-shini-hollow-Zombie-Uzumaki-Masou Shoujo-demon chicken-senju-Dragon slayer-Homunculus-Saiyan-Jinchuuriki-Vampire Ninja-Qwaser-Dream Demon-Uchiha hybrid things. Just for some weird ass reason it seems to ignore the fact that despite this Yuzu still can’t see ghosts.

  9. Hey Kanton. Looking at your post it seems like you’re watching Kore Wa Zombie Desu ka. Isn’t that show awesome!!!!?

    I luv it xD

  10. @pumpkin I love that show!!!


    Incomplete new volume cover.

    Fuck you Ichigo. You’re so hot T_T

    No homo.

  12. it’s out

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