Naruto Shippuden 202 – Sasuke running out of his fav. purple Crayon

Awe All in the Wra-verse! We all been shocked with the news of the Japanese Earthquakes and Tsunami, its quite a sight to see the way even one of the most advanced civilizations with technology can still be hurt by nature. We know many lost their lives and their loved ones, so I hope all people on WRA that enjoy the mangas created there will take some time for the people there, a moment of silence or just a quiet prayer. They need it now and we should unite behind them.

*thank you*


Well to this week’s anime breakdown. With most the authors busy or on temporary hiatus, I thought I would fill in for Tenrai again so at least the anime doesn’t build up too much 😀

It's that time of the month for Sasuke... and yes there will be blood

This episode is one of the first steps to Sasuke’s fall into darkness, his actions here are irreversible and the beginning of his pure descent into a villain and not the anti hero he once was. I enjoyed the episode but in a sense it made the deaths and the people Sasuke killed more real with the sound effects really “piercing”. Each of those samurai (though canon fodder) where alive and Sasuke just took that life with no regard.


I am sure that is not fatal.... I mean Kakashi been cut open a few times and he still fine..

I watched this episode again now while doing the breakdown and though I do see the evil in Sasuke I also feel conflicted as to think what is a true ninja… The thing I like about he anime is how it combines chapters that would usually be almost a month  apart and being able to see it from the beginning to the end, I think you get more of an idea of how Kishi would want us to follow, the story.

We begin the episode (almost) with Raikage breaking Zetsu’s neck, with no regard, he in a sense committed murder. Zetsu appeared before him voluntarily offering to help and gave away Sasuke, and his last words were not in defiance but instead he offered to help them find Sasuke, but instead of hearing this strange naked dude out, Raikage with his bare hands, without warning, kills him. I don’t see the difference here. Yes 1 life loss vs about 20 (maybe) but Sasuke gave ample warning, each samurai had a choice to attack or not, and each where armed and ready. It is just an observation, but I have seen people bash Sasuke cause he kills “good” people, the same way Pain did, but murder is murder. And fair is fair.

Remember the Cloud Village are an enemy of Konoha at this point, and though Sasuke’s presence in Land of Iron is a start of war it is no different than any other Invasion… “Gaara?” and the Sand. Sasuke wants to kill Danzou because he wants Revenge for his brother’s death and the death of his entire family, and Raikage wants to kill Sasuke for revenge of Bee being “killed”, Raikage risked war when he called the meeting of the Kages. Even the first “real” mission, Team 7 technically was meddling in another countries internal affairs. “Land of Waves”

My Chakra is drawn with Purple Crayon...... Fear me...

The Battle is pretty awesome ^_^ I am enjoying it that much and the pace is “electric” <_< come on that’s Punny 😉 I am disappointed in the Raikage’s Lightning armor though, I had seen some fan colorings of these pages in the manga and it showed it as Yellow and I guess I thought it looked a lot cooler with that color pallet also in animation the Raikage seems a lot smaller then he did in the Manga, or is this just my perception?


Lame jokes aside… I enjoyed watching Jugo transform and it’s another act that makes me think. What exactly did Kishi try to do by showing this now, Jugo let himself become a violent killer (though he didn’t kill anyone) but his intent wasn’t turned to that, he did it for his friends. What do you think would have happened if Sasuke, Jugo, Karin, and Suigetsu were captured. Knowing what we know about the Raikage’s mental state at this time, and the way the Ninja Leaders think, each of them would have suffered a similar fate to Zetsu.

Crazy Town, Population Jugo @_@

Be it self defense, protecting your friend or justified revenge, we have seen all these things justified by the Narutoverse at different times in the manga… Naruto stopping Kakuzu, Gaara killing the Dozu guy, Kakashi and the countless ninja he killed during war etc. In the end, I have begun to treat Sasuke as I treated Pain, (though Sasuke is not a “god” character) He is a good Villain and by the same nature we judge who is good and evil, Sasuke is in a gray to me.

Anyways that is my piece… Sorry the Breakdown is a bit short, sure it’s better than nothing right….? *hears crickets* fine…

The Winner of the Caption contest:


2nd – Hey kids, come and play the new game “WHACK-A-MOLE: Zetsu Addition!”. Buy it. (Kisu)

Tenrai: OMG!!! Bulbasaur is evolving into… an omgmyeyesaresaur? X___X

Pokemon FTW 😉

This Week’s Caption.

*Insert Caption*

Looking forward to the next episode, Gaara intervenes 😉


~ by pein0avenue on March 15, 2011.

33 Responses to “Naruto Shippuden 202 – Sasuke running out of his fav. purple Crayon”

  1. @pein, I think you’re forgetting Zetsu is a part of Akatsuki. That alone means he should be killed on sight. Sasuke, Karin, Juugo and Suigetsu are also members of Akatsuki. Remember what Mifune said last chapter? The Samurais are basically a volunteer force, composed of people who want to fight for peace. To make things worse, they’re a neutral nation. Sasuke just brutally killed them. That is the equivalent of killing Red Cross workers. Sasuke is nothing like Pain. Pain didn’t seek out revenge, he sought to change the world for the better, Sasuke just wants to make himself feel better.

    Btw, I thought I was the only one that noticed Raikage looks smaller in the anime. I guess it must be true then.

  2. @ kisu – I agree, (he was an enemy cause he was Akatsuki) with that part but he posed no threat at that time, Sasuke was not there to attack the Samurai he was there to eliminate a despot “sorta” dictator that was behind one of the greatest mass killings, Raikage wanted to kill Sasuke to gain vengence, if he succeeded it wouldn’t be for peace (though he will claim it is) it will be quench that vengence, Pein himself said him destroying Konoha was his revenge for Konoha actions towards the smaller nations and the pain he suffered and if Naruto where to attack him it would be Naruto’s will for revenge… Technically Akatsuki major goal was also peace and was also neutral to the nations, so killing them is the same as killing “Red Cross workers” 😛

    Sasuke wanted to kill Danzou for the same reason Raikage wanted to Kill Sasuke (Revenge). Sasuke reason to kill the Samurai, was the same reason Raikage killed Zetsu (they posed a threat to him and his comrades).

  3. I see… That is noble of you. That is justice indeed. However… My family…My friends… My village… They suffered the same fate as this village by you ninjas of Konoha. How is it fair to allow only you people to preach about peace and justice?”

  4. @Pein, no. Tsunade goaded Pain into destroying Konoha. Numerous times she pushed her luck and pushed t until he thought she needed to learn what true Pain was. Perhaps he enjoyed destroying Konoha, but it was not in his original intentions. He even said if they cooperated with him then he would help them out.

    Also, your analogy makes no sense. Akatsuki attacked the nations, that is aggressive. Zetsu is a member of Akatsuki, criminals the countries literally know nothing about. Killing him is the best action because for all they knew, he could’ve blinked and activated an atom bomb inside his chest or yawned and released a chemical weapon. A few episodes later you’ll see why killing him was the best move, even though the Raikage didn’t succeed at it.

    Raikage was undoubtedly fighting for his brother, but it just so happens the entire world is behind him, thus he is in the right. Sasuke is far from innocent by the Naruniverse’s standards, so Raikage was serving as his executioner.

    And of course the Samurai attacked him. Mifune said they were a PEACE FORCE. If they allowed Sasuke to burst into the Summit then attack whoever he wants there would be total chaos in the world. As far as the Samurais knew, he was there to kill all the Kages. These are men who never stood a chance against Sasuke but still put their lives on the line to ensure peace. They don’t even get paid, they do it because they genuinely want to help the world. How could you condone Sasuke killing them and call it self defense? He’s showed time and time again that he can fight that many ninja and just incapacitate them instead of killing.

    I consider Pain a good guy because he was fighting for something greater than revenge. If he was just a crazy, raging emo like Sasuke I’d never like him. My other top 3 favorite characters; Kisame and Zabuza, kinda show what kind of characters I like. I hate the emo bishounens, and even though Pain may seem like one on the surface, he’s a much deeper character.

    I ended up ranting. My bad.

  5. Caption: There’s a package in the back of Shi’s pants right now. Here’s a hint: it’s fudge, and not the good kind @_@

  6. @ Kisu – I agree, all I was pointing out is sometimes we justify murder and I myself think that evil must be punished and eliminated. What annoys me in the Narutoverse, ninja murder for what they call “the greater good” or “cause its the right thing.” Its crap, killing is killing, if Samurai stood in the Raikage’s way and tried to stop him getting to sasuke, would he have held back? I doubt it.

  7. YOSH!!! Great job Pein! Unfortunately I’m falling behind in my anime but since I’ve read the manga already I got what your breakdown was talking about. 😛

  8. Caption: Deep Purple’s fiery rendition of “I Shi* My Pants!”

  9. @pein, lol well Naruto stood in his way of getting to Sasuke and he just walked past him lol. But seriously, if a family-member or someone that died on 9/11 killed Bin Laden he would be considered a hero. No one would care if he did it for revenge or for justice because the guy he killed is a world criminal. Its a similar situation with Sasuke

  10. Caption: Sasuke’s true form is Barney.

  11. @Kisu you forget that Pain expected her to give away Naruto just because and considering who the true leader of Akatsuki is. What about the people he killed for refusing to sell out Naruto, also the non-combatants that were caught in the crossfire, then attempting to kill chouji after he ran away and stabbing Hinata after incapacitating her. How about What a peaceful solution.

  12. I rather enjoyed this episode, especially since we’re finally back to the canon. I feel rather uninteresting right now, so I’ll end with a caption.

    Caption: “Oh god; the Millennium Earl has trolled his way into Naruto!” (People who read/watch D.Gray-Man will know what who the Millennium Earl is)

  13. @Kanton, I didn’t deny any of that did i?

  14. anon: Naruto can’t handle the Millennium Earls awesomeness 😛

    As to the murder Sasuke debate:
    “if Samurai stood in the Raikage’s way and tried to stop him getting to sasuke, would he have held back? I doubt it.”
    he would have just moved past them and ignored them. killing Zetsu, a dangerous S class criminal who invaded the meeting and was a threat does not mean the raikage is a psycho killer who will attack anyone in his way. Sasuke attacked the meeting with the intent of killing world leaders, and in the homeland of the Samurai. Those Samurai simply defended their home and leader as well as the other world leaders, and Sasuke slaughtered them just because he was in a bad mood. The Raikage on the other hand, while harsh, killed zetsu because he was a legitimate threat. And as for Suigetsu Juugo and karin, they are attacking the meeting alonside Sasuke. they arent exactly helpless, or innocent. So, in my opinion, big difference between the two killings.

  15. first of all… Raikage killing Zetsu was done in restlessness to seek revenge… it was the smart thing to do anyhow because like many said before, they know nothing about this weird ass guy that came out the ground, for all we know he could’ve did something to attack them all so even though not his intent, Raikage did the right thing… As for Sasuke, like Karin stated, THAT WAS NOT SASUKE’S motive… he was still a good guy, but if you recall black zetsu used a jutsu that Madara commanded him to do, and if you notice… the demon possessing SAsuke looks like Zetsu, I can see it now because in the manga i didn’t notice cuz the picture was ugly… but now I know that was the jutsu Madara told Zetsu to use, to make Sasuke’s heart cold and different… this is Madara’s plan to cause this confusion to test Sasuke’s power and watever else he said afterwards… he told Sasuke about the kage summit for a reason anyways am i correct? Like Naruto said, Madara is using Sasuke…

  16. @ grey – I think the dark presence is Sasuno since both the Genjutsu and the Chakra are similar, Black Zetsu could be heightening Sasuke’s Chakra and thus influencing him but there is no evidence supporting either way…

    @ taka – I do not deny that Sasuke should be killed but the Raikage acts rash and does not think of the people around him, his actions show he has little to no regard for the samurai or the land of iron, he destroys the roof of the building just to get to Sasuke quicker.

    What I am saying is, in a war do you just murder your Prisoners of War, or when a country/people surrender to we just kill them all because they could be a threat, If Zetsu wanted to kill the Kage’s he wouldn’t of given away Sasuke, he would of just done it, or remained with Sasuke. the fact remains the Raikage was impatient and instead of listening to Zetsu give away Sasuke’s position he snaps his neck, his thirst for vengeance (be it justified or not) makes him the same as Sasuke…

    The first mission to the land of waves, did Naruto, Kakashi etc not interfere with another lands internal affairs and when attacked they had the right to defend themselves? not?

    The Samurai did not ask Sasuke’s intention (yes this sounds like a dumb idea, they should just attack) but if we look at the Cloud Ninja entering Konoha, if the Konoha ninja just blindly attacked them, would the Raikage be like, yes they deserve to die and should not have defended themselves… Konoha has no idea of Sasuke’s actions at this time.

  17. @pein its the same as when Naruto was in the grasp of the kyuubi’s influence, the Kyuubi caught him in his fist… that is not susano’o but Dark Zetsu’s presence… come on… what other explanation could it have been? It wasn’t susano’o cuz im pretty sure Susano’o cannot possess you… Karin noticed it and so did the other Taka members “He said not to kill anyone yet he goes out and kills them”… I’m pretty darn sure Susano’o OBEYS the user and Saasuke didn’t even use Susano’o till fighting the raikage…

  18. Actually, it is Susano’o. It’s been stated on Narutopedia (the source was Kishimoto, btdubs), and if you actually look at the “Caption contest” picture, you can see that the dark presence is Susano’o. Now, let’s stop bickering like an old married couple and get on with more interesting conversations, please? Thank you(:

  19. @Takashid: I know, but I think it’s a good caption(:

  20. @greyfox, it really is Susanoo dude. It’ll be obvious when he completes it against Danzo.

  21. i dont care where you all got that from… there is a reason Black Zetsu used amysterious jutsu and why Sasuke killed those guards even though he was told not to… he SUDDENLY changed and Karin pointed it out… maybe Kishimoto doesnt want you to know black zetsu’s moves just yet and diverts you? but that is definately his doing because Susano’o isn’t gonna possess you to kill those guards with a dark presence… it is used the same way Itachi demonstrated to guard and fight

  22. @greyfox, Karin said the Susanoo is the same chakra she was feeling from Sasuke. Shi also said ti was the same chakra he felt when he was under the genjutsu. You can choose to ignore it if you want 😉

  23. @ Kisu/Grey – In the end we have no real idea why Sasuke changed his ideals so quickly, it is demonstrated that he could take out the Samurai without killing them. It is a theory that Tobi used Zetsu to influence Sasuke’s actions. Since if Sasuke was light hearted he would have no way of facing the Kage’s. Like Madara said to naruto, he influenced the darkness in Sasuke and it was “by chance” that he chose darkness but he could be lying, like he said the Kyuubi attack was an act of nature, the same lie could apply…

    Grey’s theory could be right, but lets see how it goes.

  24. Here’s some fanservice from this week’s episode. Well its not really fanservice since they were fighting, but leave it to Kisu to pervert it 😀

    @pein, no Sasuke’s just an evil asshole :p

  25. @ Kisu – I thought we discussed this! What would you have done different?

  26. @pein0avenue

    Sasuke has already admitted that his choices are of his own making. He even said directly, that he would not walk the path Itachi did, which is why he originally did not want to use his brother’s eyes (because they did not see the world the same way). He already knows his brother wanted peace and yet still, he yearns for destruction and revenge.

    Remember, this turn to the dark side isn’t something that just happened as suddenly as people make it out to be. It was a progressive change that has been in the works for quite some time now. Look at Sasuke’s battle with Naruto at the Valley of the End. Need I remind you that he plunged a chidori straight through Naruto’s chest, with the full intention of killing him? Now, I am not sure about you, but that seems like a pretty sinister act to me and this was long before he met Tobi/Madara, so you can’t even say he was being controlled then. We saw the evidence of Sasuke’s dark side ages ago. It just got worse as time went on, that’s all, but in truth, it has existed ever since he devoted his life to revenge.

    I think it’s more fair to say that Sasuke has been influenced by others, rather than say he was controlled. The biggest perpetrator was his brother Itachi, who goaded him on and drove his hatred further and deeper. Even still, there’s a big difference between influencing someone and controlling them; whereby the former suggests that Sasuke still has a choice in the end. He chose his path and that’s the bottom line.

  27. @ Tenrai – Sasuke went from someone who would not kill the prisoner of Orochimaru to a cold blooded killer, in what was a maybe a couple of pages, he hunted Bee but had to capture him not kill him. He chose an alternate path yet when Madara confronted him he was on his way to Konoha, now lets be serious you honestly think Sasuke could of even thought he could wipe out the entire village? His motives was unknown… and Madara “ordered” him to change course, maybe Sasuke would of returned and told everyone what Konoha did but that is up for debate and unclear in my opinion…

    I think you are forgetting the influence of the Curse Mark imbedded in Sasuke, Naruto under Kyuubi chakra attacked Sasuke without holding back either… Sasuke began becoming more and more dark when Orochimaru implanted the Curse Seal, the pyscological damage that does is on par with the Kyuubi… Like when Naruto attacked Haku, that killer instinct wasn’t naruto it was the influence of the Kyuubi…

    Sasuke is easily influenced and we have seen that, but turning points have been shown. The introduction of the Curse Seal and his inability to control the Killing Intent, and then just before the Kage Summit where he again changes. If it was his own decent into darkness, why does he change in an instant just after Zetsu releases a jutsu? Why did Karin not notice this fade before?

  28. No one liked Temari’s Fanservice? 😦

  29. Yes for fanservice thx Kisu =D

  30. “Sasuke went from someone who would not kill the prisoner of Orochimaru to a cold blooded killer, in what was a maybe a couple of pages, he hunted Bee but had to capture him not kill him”

    He hunted down Bee with full knowledge of what happens to those who are captured by Akatsuki. I doubt there is any chance that he didn’t know Bee would be killed in the end. Let’s also not dismiss the two times Sasuke tried to kill Naruto, the friend who was only trying to save him.

    “I think you are forgetting the influence of the Curse Mark imbedded in Sasuke, Naruto under Kyuubi chakra attacked Sasuke without holding back either…”

    Actually, I didn’t forget that. But let’s also not forget that Sasuke chose to allow himself to be controlled by the curse mark. Naruto also allowed the Kyuubi to control him at times to gain power, but he eventually realised the folly of doing so. Remember that Sasuke was also able to suppress the cursed mark, which was shown during the Chunin exams, and after that, Kakashi sealed its power. It was later that Sasuke chose to let the sound four unlock it and release its second level of power. The cursed mark didn’t force him to do that, he did it by choice.

    As for Naruto losing control during his battle with Sasuke at the valley of the end, that isn’t actually entirely accurate. Jiraiya specifically stated that Naruto was able to maintain control up to three tails. That means Naruto was still aware of his actions fighting Sasuke even when he had the one tail chakra cloak.

    “Sasuke is easily influenced and we have seen that, but turning points have been shown. The introduction of the Curse Seal and his inability to control the Killing Intent, and then just before the Kage Summit where he again changes. If it was his own decent into darkness, why does he change in an instant just after Zetsu releases a jutsu? Why did Karin not notice this fade before?”

    It was Susanoo that was the cause for Sasuke’s change in chakra. The change was dramatic, because it was the first time Sasuke had access to Susanoo’s power. I can understand your theory that Zetsu may be involved, but I just doubt it. Sasuke seems quite aware of his own actions, but alas, I guess only time will tell.

  31. @ Tenrai – You are right. I was just defending “greyfox’s” theory since there is no evidence for or against, Sasuke loosened the Seal when he went after Gaara and Gaara nearly killed him.

    Well its I still think Naruto changes under the fox chakra, look at Haku? Naruto was ready to kill but once he saw Haku as the boy in the woods he stopped. That was also clear under 1 tails Naruto did not hold back at all, he couldn’t cause these where two ninja equal on level that had opposing goals. Sasuke’s options where return to the village and be prosecuted for leaving, fight back against Naruto or try outrun Naruto into Orochimaru’s lair where Naruto would of followed. That was it, yes Sasuke made a bad decision fleeing the Village. That made him an enemy from that point forward. So either way I cannot justify his actions, all I am saying is there may be more to Madara’s involvement then just a gentle nudge, we know Madara doesn’t like taking chances like that.

  32. “Sasuke’s options where return to the village and be prosecuted for leaving”

    No they weren’t. Tsunade wasn’t man enough to go through with any kind of punishment for Assgay because then Naruto would feel all sad. Boo hoo.

  33. CAPTION: “Hello puny human. I suck cocks.”

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