Bleach 440 – Stuff Happens Y’know?

Racist caricatures FTW?

Sadly, Kisu’s feeling off this week so instead of summarizing the chapter as I usually do, I’ll just jot the main things down in point form.

  • Tsukishima was a member of Xcution. I’m pretty sure someone here guessed and sad that already.
  • Tsukishima’s blade doesn’t “cut”. It seems it attacks the memories through the soul. Since in Bleach the mind and soul are essentially just one entity instead of two, then this seems somewhat plausible. But what’s strange is that it managed to cut through her hair and shoulder. Perhaps his power isn’t as simple as I’m assuming it is.
  • Orihime lied so Ichigo wouldn’t get tangled up in this and try to fight the new guys because she doesn’t know he’s getting some new powers.
  • Did Shishigawara leave with Tsukishima? If so then it appears Tsukishima has forgiven him.
  • Chad isn’t laying in a pool of his own yet.


The “breakdown” (in name only) is kinda lacking so I thought I would comment a bit on Orihime’s character. Well thanks to Takashid, I went back and read some of the old chapters and all I could say was “What happened to you Orihime!? You moved from this and this to screaming “Kurasaki-kun!!!!” and depending on others instead of trying to do things yourself. In recent chapters I  can kinda see Kubo returning her character to her old portrayal. It isn’t like she’s any less of a “Jesus character” if she fights. Fighting just means she wants to protect the ones she’s kind to, nothing’s wrong with that. Lets hope we get back the old Orihime.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need some aspirin.


~ by kisuzachi on March 10, 2011.

11 Responses to “Bleach 440 – Stuff Happens Y’know?”

  1. First!!!

    I just read the chapter and I think that maybe Tsukishima wanted to brainwash Orihime into thinking he’s her friend, but he didn’t have time to do it because he sensed Chad and Ichigo coming there.
    That’s why Orihime was confused and thought he was her friend.

    Or maybe Tsukishima’s a good guy and Orihime felt it through his blade.

    Bleach’s so confusing now. @_@

  2. 2ND!!!

    Tsukishima’s a good guy and Orihime felt it through his blade, I think he is. He is the Good Guy of Bleach and the other Alcoholic Fullbringer is the bad guy… “Kubo wants to plot twist us” The most unassuming Captain was the real bad guy and the one that gave us the creeps was a hero…

  3. 3rd?
    Sigh, Kubo… this chapter made me rage, but not for the usual reasons. Pacing mostly, but also because kubo screwed with us again. When i saw that full page pic of Tsukishima slashing Orihime i was like “hell yeah! shit finally gets real!” and then the title was over some blood splatters, which seemed to indicate that she actually was bleeding. But… nope! its gone, just like that. godammit kubo. that said, i am looking forword to seeing how his sword may have affected Orihime. seems like kubo trying to set up some plot twist, and for once i can’t easily figure out what it might be.

    wild mass guessing time: Tsukishima is the father of Ikumi’s child. i mean look at this brat! There is some resemblance to tsukishima there.
    and why would we be forced to sit through a chapter of introducing Ikumi and her son if they weren’t going to be important to the plot?

    Kisu: i see you read Princess and Dragon. Yeah, that Orihime is the one we are all hoping to see more of. her ability to act competent is decreased to nothing if ichigo is anywhere nearby, but when she is by herself, like during Princess and Dragon, she shows that she can be tough, like when she slapped Ulquiorra even though he could have crushed her easily. And here with Tsuishima she was able to act tough and try, even if she failed. This is why i just can’t support Ichihime, because Orihime turns completely useless around him, and in a fighting series that’s kind of a problem.

  4. 3rd! Since we’re all on Inoue I’ll credit Kubo for getting her back on our collective minds. Now if only he can put her in a positive light.

  5. wow, even less comments in the Bleach section than usual…


  7. … O_O

  8. It looks like someone just smoked something strong… or maybe he got mind raped by Kubo. >_>

  9. It’s the Boobs I tell you. Yup it’s the boobs


    Bleach is out. Ichigo is a dumbass again, believing ginjou so easily and doubting Urahara.

  11. Goodish Chapter but I think Ichigo is struck by the same virus Kakashi is… Of course this guys telling the truth… wouldn’t lie to me.. I mean he is a complete stanger… and the guy who he talking about probably saved my life like 10 times…

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