Naruto Shippuuden 201 Breakdown. Painful Choice

Awe all Pein here filling in for Tenrai… In the words of Mandi “He’s…. preoccupied at the moment.”

*hears cries noise coming from the basement of WRA*

I am sure, he is just playing cluedo with Mandi down there, I saw her go down with a rope, a candle stick, a lead pipe… So must be cluedo… *hears another cry* think Ten must of guessed wrong. Well I won’t interrupt their “game”, *shuts basement door*

Now you see there I had to make a painful decision, try save Tenrai, and fear the wrath of Mandi, or just allow him to enjoy the “game”

So on an unrelated topic lets begin this weeks anime breakdown.

In the end we all have to make tough choices, if you follow the comment section of Naruto anime you will find its a topic of great debate… The choices we make, if its right or wrong. We make these choices everyday, paper or plastic. The right thing vs the convenient thing. Do we give up those we love and care about for the sake of others, do we allow the people we love to get hurt so others may live happily and peacefully? Or do we selfishly hold on to the people we care most about and allow the majority to live happily.

Do we choose to save that which is precious to us?

Or do we work towards a greater good by giving up the people closest to us?

I love Sai’s speech no jutsu, first thing to get into Sakura’s thick skull for ages. The music seems gives us a more emotional feel, when I read this in the manga I thought Sai would seem more heartless when he spoke to Sakura, but the anime drives home the fact that he was genuinely there for the good of the team. He has never been my favorite character but I see now why Kishi created him, he is there to move the story along. To take no bulls$%t from the current cast. He has no concern for the way things should be, he puts out the facts and helps move the story forward. The amount of Flashback was annoying but also it is probably the first time Sakura saw what was painfully obvious yet she blinded herself to.

I should head back to the kitchen…

The 2nd Half of the episode seems to cover a lot of ground, we see how the mist are thieves and achieved what the Raikage couldn’t… I wonder if that stung, seeing the Byakugan in Ao’s possession when he sacrificed his top Ninja and couldn’t get it @___@ but more importantly this is the point of the manga where everyone gets a doujutsu @_O

Like the 1st Hokage been Haxed, So will I @_@

We learn more about Shisui Uchiha’s eye and its special ability, as many may know it is pretty powerful makes you think if he gained MS what would his power be…It would be an interesting back story, just exactly how Itachi and Shisui had been friend before. They had been the pride of the Uchiha and famous for their ability.

I find it pretty ironic how Ao, accuses Danzou for stealing Shisui eye when he has a stolen eye, its like pots kettles. etc etc

hmmm, I wonder if he ever used this against the Muzikage @__@

The episode ends with Naruto fantasizing about Sasuke, and thinking if Sasuke is truly too far gone to save… and then our trusty villain arrives to discuss things with him, kinda like Mandi is discussing the situation to Tenrai ^_^

Thinking deeply about 1 Uchiha and another pops in for a visit...

and the winner of the Caption contest is…. drum roll please


2nd place: “And the man at the back said
Everyone attack and it turned into a ballroom blitz”

(I would of given first if there was an AMV like this would be awesome)

Lights Camera Gang Up On The Token Minority.

Kanton, yay woo hoo, dammit and I actually wanted to win this one… There wasn’t too many entries this week so I thought I would include a similar screen with a slight twist…

*insert caption*

Hope you enjoyed the breakdown.. Peace out ^:_:^

umm I hope Tenrai figures out how to get out of there… oh well.

*walks away whistling with cheesecake*


~ by pein0avenue on March 7, 2011.

21 Responses to “Naruto Shippuuden 201 Breakdown. Painful Choice”

  1. glad the anime finally picks up again but what I’m really looking forward to is some Danzou action

  2. Great breakdown pein.

    I was happy that Sai told Sakura the truth too because no one else wanted to. He’s harsh, but it’s the right thing to do.

    “Naruto fantasizing about Sasuke”

    That sounds so wrong… O_O

  3. @zzattack : xD wow that sounded naughty.

  4. Caption: take care of the environment or else nature will send leekmen strippers.




  8. Anyone wonder what happened to Temari’s fan @_@

  9. Caption:

    OMG!!! Bulbasaur is evolving into… an omgmyeyesaresaur? X___X

  10. @pein, its folded and is in front of her if you look closely.

  11. @ kisu – hahahaha you must be good at wheres waldo @_@ or looking between girls legs 😛 thanks for the help

  12. @Pein, don’t tell anyone, but I think its the latter >_>

  13. @ kisu – your secrets safe with me ^_^

  14. @pein

    pfft , that ain’t no secret 😀

  15. Caption:

    Pop goes the weasel!

  16. CAPTION: Hey kids, come and play the new game “WHACK-A-MOLE: Zetsu Addition!”. Buy it.

  17. Sorry guys, but the Naruto anime breakdown will also be on Hiatus this week. I am a bit busy with work atm, and it’s a bit hard to find a substitute on such short notice, so sorry.

    Hopefully, next week will be fine again.

  18. *Moonwalks in* Ah, it’s good to be back! Anyone miss good ol’ PtC? Anyways, I enjoyed your breakdown, Pein(: If Senshi ever needs a substitute, I’d pick you. Also, I’m sorry to hear that, Senshi, but, what can you do? But, you gotta do what you gotta do. Can’t wait till you’re back to writin’ breakdowns(:

  19. Heh, people still moonwalk? 😛

    Welcome back PTC/WF/YF if memory serves 😀

  20. I’m bringin’ it back(: And yesh, you’re memory serves you correct. 😛

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