Bleach 439 – DAT ART :O

Sup guys and gals? Lol what am I saying, everyone knows there are no girls on the internets.

…what? You know you would.

No generic Rock music this week. No, this week is something special. My favoryte Bleach musiq evar (I like it so much it impairs my ability to spell correctly)!

Hello and welcome to Kisu’s Breakdown of Bleach 439.

DAT ART! *wanders off to look for fan artwork of Riruka*

That cover art is pretty good. I’d say its the best part of the chapter, but then I’d be breaking my New Year’s Resolution. Frick! Nothing really happened this chapter. I’m a bit disappointed, but I did enjoy some of it. Well, if you counted events and sentences as more content than just counting the pages, then I’d say I enjoyed most of the chapter, because even though Orihime and friends took up 9 pages, the first 7 pages had more content.

Pig Yakuza Guy, what's with the fussing? All men wish their girlfriend was like that >_>

The chapter starts where last week’s left off, Ichigo and Pig Yakuza Guy getting freed. Pig Yakuza Guy wants compensation for his “services” (no double entendre intended…okay maybe a little) instead of getting the heck outta there. He apparently thinks Ichigo was abducted as well and is quite friendly with him, despite kinda trying to kill him a few chapters ago. Riruka says she aint paying and throws him a cellphone. He’s her bootycall now. Then she tells Ichigo to GTFO but he wants to stick around and train, not realizing his limits. Ginjou pwns him again and tells him his body wouldn’t be able to handle anymore training and that he should rest.

This is his Fullbring, or Kubo's just not paying much attention.

We head over to Orihime and Shishigawara (this guy’s name just reminds me of  a certain pokemon let’s just hope he doesn’t use Spark) just in time to see… nothing happen. Basically, Tsukishima is telling this useless little pokemon to go home, but he refuses because he want’s to be useful, then Tsukishima proceeds to prepare to kill/punish him for disobeying orders. We also get to see Tsukishima is in fact human and possesses Fullbring, which is called “Book of the End”. So he and Ginjou possess a similar ability (Ginjou’s is cooler), creating a sword from a treasured item, but surely these swords are capable of more.

Anyway, when Tsukishima is about to raise his sword against Shishigawara Orihime intercepts him. Tsukishima thinks its because of Orihime’s love for all creatures, but apparently its because she wants to stop the guy that beat Uryu. I say it again, if this guy could beat Uryu (a man who utterly destroyed a Privaron Espada), then what makes Orihime think she stands a chance? Okay, enough of that, the focus then switches to Chad and Ichigo.

>_>... Called it

Chad and Ichigo are walking home together (totally not a date, just to get you yaoi fans out there to stfu) when Chad tells Ichigo to take half of the pastries Orihime usually leaves for him. When he touches the bag he feels something odd about her Reiatsu. Now I wonder why the bag would have her Reiatsu feeling different when she wasn’t holding it while all this was going on. It would’ve made more sense if Chad felt the residual Reiatsu left from a struggle.

Kisu’s Thoughts:

The pacing was horrible. Nothing happened this chapter that couldn’t have happened in last week’s. Did that stop me from liking it? Nah. I just felt I needed to bitch a little with the lack of Bleach-bashing.

~ by kisuzachi on March 2, 2011.

33 Responses to “Bleach 439 – DAT ART :O”

  1. Would’ve been out sooner, but hey I was napping up until 2 hours ago 😛

  2. First!!!

    Lol. Imagine Orihime’s reiatsu is strange because she’s using her powers and pwning Tsukishima. That would be priceless, right Kisu?

  3. @Dragon, what you call “priceless” I call “reason enough to quit this manga” -__-

  4. nice breakdown kisu, im voting for the next chapter to be a good one!
    so just have to wait another week >.>

  5. @dragon She is a female with the killer intent of a baby puppy.


    I think Orihime was kidnapped!

  7. *hears that Orihime has been kidnapped*

    *grabs ‘Giant Titty-detector’ and attempts to find her*

    Beep beep beep… tilt..

    *realizes this is bleach, and there were just too many huge tits for the detector.. R.I.P. detector*

  8. @ SUPER – Orihime Kidnapped @__@ NO WAY! how did you think of that, couldn’t be, Kubo’s not tha…. ahhh yeah, never mind… maybe she went willingly… you know like all the other “kidnappings” in Bleach.

    @ Dragon – Pshht, then she would be useful… that would be the day…

    @ Prawl – Dammit your right… I tried using my “useless detector” but it had the same effect T_T

  9. @pein and Prawl damn your both right I even tried using the recycled plot detector and that fail. Also Pein she did revive Useless Ichigo after being killed by Ulquiorra.

  10. My background detector is working just fine. Not a single *bleep* so I know it’s working juussst fine.

  11. “*hears that Orihime has been kidnapped*

    *grabs ‘Giant Titty-detector’ and attempts to find her*

    Beep beep beep… tilt..

    *realizes this is bleach, and there were just too many huge tits for the detector.. R.I.P. detector*”

    Hmmm….. Bleach suddenly sounds interesting….

  12. “@Dragon, what you call “priceless” I call “reason enough to quit this manga” -__-”

    Why? she is way overdo for a power up, i think that her fighting back would be the best possible thing that could happen here. Might make me like her more.

  13. @Takashid, its pretty much her defining trait that she doesn’t want to fight. Anyone being injured by Orihime cannot be taken seriously. Fighting just isn’t her thing.

  14. @ Kisu – She will fight win, but then heal the guy back, fight again @__@

  15. If Orihime fought I admit I’d be more interested in the development of her character. Ever since the beginning of Arrancar Arc I’ve wondered what Inoue’s powers could really do. It seems like she can undo or remake reality. Ultimately she would have a God-like power and be increasingly vital to the storyline. A heroine with resolve and strength. Does Rukia count for that? Well, she is kinda weak. Inoue’s power would put her up there with the best.

    Unfortunately Kubo decided to her make her the Princess Peach of the Bleach world. Made her substantialy useless and frail. Completely dependent on Ichigo and basically ruined her character for years (The Arrancar Arc).

    I hope Kubo decides to try and reddem her character this arc. While he’s at it continue to include Chad as he’s doing now. Develop him further and let’s hear more on Ishida and his father. Hell, let’s not forget about Ichigo’s little sister. Make her a Shinigami surpassing her older brother and completely replace Ichigo as the protagonist of the story. I like where this is going.

    Btw, I’m referring to this brunette little sister. Not the youngest one that has incestual feelings for her Ichigo.

  16. “its pretty much her defining trait that she doesn’t want to fight. Anyone being injured by Orihime cannot be taken seriously. Fighting just isn’t her thing.”

    her best moment in this series was when she beat the hollow that nearly killed Tatsuki in the “Princess and Dragon” chapters. the orihime from that arc, as far away as it was, was willing to hurt, and actually acted Badass. Hueco Mundo basically crucified her character, but if you look before that you will see that she can fight. Thus myself and many others are hoping that she starts developing in this arc.

  17. @Takashid, oh excuse me. I don’t remember anything from those days. I only started Bleach when I saw and fell in love with the anime’s Bount Arc (I have weird tastes I know). Everything before Ichigo vs Ikkaku I only know through reading on Bleach wiki 😛

  18. @Takashid I disagree blocking an attack from Ulquiorra in his Segunda Etapa form is BADASS.

  19. Kisu: Oh, i see. You should go back and read the chapters where Chad and Orihime get there powers. To this day, they are still some of my favorite chapters. I started reading the manga in the bookstore till the middle of post Soul Society arc, so imagine my excitement when i found out THERE ARE MORE CHAPTERS AND I CAN READ THEM ALL ONLINE XDDD. any i actually enjoyed the bount arc as well. the ending fight was very epic. the story dragged often, but the characters were interesting.

    Kanton: i only remember her blocking unreleased Ulqui’s sword. She tried to block his SE form before ichigo desu ex machined, but her shield was broken instantly. when did she (successfully) block released Ulqui?

  20. It broke instantly but still stopped the attack.

  21. @kisu I’m shocked you didn’t mock Kubo and his Pokemon reference.

  22. @Kanton, WHAT!? A Pokémon reference!? WHERE!? LET ME AT IT! I’LL TEAR IT APART!!!

  23. maybe i’m being weird but that R looks like the Team rocket R.

  24. How could I’ve missed that?! Maybe I was too distracted by Riruka T_T

    That was such an obvious troll :(. I’ll pay more attention next time

  25. also it’s been confirmed in my mind that she is an Clone of Saya of HOTD only with smaller boobs.
    They both complain about glasses and contacts are tsundere among other things.

  26. BLEACH 441 Spoiler :

    Ichigo: Inoue!!
    Inouse: Ichigo I…
    Ichigo: ?!?!


  27. it’s out

  28. *facepalms and jumps off a bridge*

  29. that tsukuhisomething i hate him number one rules don’t touch the boobs let alone cut them you ass

  30. *watches super jump*

    ah come on it can’t be that bad.



  31. I think that tsukuhisomething fullbringer is a to skip chapters, it not that he actually has speed but he instantly transmits his position.

  32. …well at least she wasn’t kidnapped (in your face kisu! :P)

  33. <_< @ Takashid – her heart was kidnapped @_@

    and its still early in the arc, remember the arrancar arc @_@

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