Quick Naruto 529 “Breakdown.”

The  following is an excerpt from a short conversation I had with a certain young man only minutes ago.

Certain young man: *says something stupid*

Pickles: “I’m not even going to comment on that.”

Certain young man: “But by not commenting, you’ve made a comment.”

Pickles: “Ok, I’m not going to give anything oral.

Certain young man: “…”

Pickles: “…”

And this is what I go through on a daily basis. Yet you wonder why I’m so fucked up.

Actually, you probably don’t.


I can’t get it out of my head.  And it sucks because motivational songs make me sigh. They’re just like motivational tapes. Chances are, if you need a recording to assure you you’re a confident, sexy man, the only person that’s going to attend your best friend, Lily. She’s a cat.

I don’t remember what, but I’m pissed at something. Blame puberty. And usually when I’m like this, I like to have something to take it out on. That way, I have them feel like shit, so I don’t have to.

*skims through chapter*

Target acquired.


Don’t worry, I’m not gonna rip on Kishi. Unfortunately, the one time I actually want him not to, he shells out a chapter that isn’t crap. I was kind of expecting this kind of climax (shut up.) Regardless, it didn’t make for very good discussion fodder, and I’m not just saying that because I have to be quick about this.

The chapter was very straightforward. It was all the teamwork. And if you need a definition, teamwork is defined as a coordinated, synchronized effort by various individual to fuck shit up. And that was it about the chapter.

I wonder what else the breasts can do.

Next up, I’m guessing we will be moving on to Gaara and Yoda. I’m really excited for this one, partly because I always enjoy watching Gaara fight. It’s something about his vacant expressions, I guess. Also, those other Kages look like they could definitely do some teamwork.

What I really want to see, though, are Naruto and Sasuke. I know, I know, but it’s just felt like such an overextended stretch since we saw Sasuke last.

Wow, seriously, what the f*ck is happening to me…

Who you gonna call? Da-ru-i!

At any rate, I thought it was funny how Kishi could get away with plagiarizing the Bible with all those Ginkaku, Kinkazu inside the beast yarns. Then again, I guess he’ll get his on judgment day.

Until then, I guess the future is still hopeful for the next couple weeks. And maybe I’ll complement these chapters with actual breakdowns.

But if Kishi decides to pull rubbish out his ass, I have something to say to him.


The winner is…


Talking testicles are no joke.

Redbaron would have won if his caption read “Someone just got ‘Iron Tailed'” instead. Kuku…

Prospekt, how could I forget?



~ by Captain Pickles on March 1, 2011.

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  1. FIRST!!!!!!

  2. Second. @___@

    Let’s hope we will see Kakashi up next again. I also want to see Gaara’s battle quite badly, but I think Kishi should get the battle that is already underway over with first before starting a new one.

    That and the Kakashi fans are no doubt foaming at the mouths by now. <_<

  3. I still laugh the whole Kakashi thing is just skipped… and they all the people under Kakashi just say “Wow that was amazing, I feel sorry for anyone who missed that” and then Kakashi dies from blood loss… @___@ Kakashit… <_< let the random hating of characters begin 😛

  4. @Pickles, I think you forgot Ino’s involvement who cares if Tsunade talks

  5. Good job Pickles.

    @Pein: LOL, that’s what I’m hoping for now! Kakashi offscreens an entire division of enemies and everyone’s standing around saying, “HOLY S**T KAKASHI THAT WAS THE MOST INSANE THING I’VE EVER WITNESSED IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!”

    And the readers are like “AWWWW WTF!?!” XD

  6. PLEASE KISHI Don’t pull a Kubo on us.

  7. “Redbaron would have won if his caption read “Someone just got ‘Iron Tailed’” instead. Kuku…”

    Sorry, I can only do TV references and Chuck Norris jokes…

    “Let’s hope we will see Kakashi up next again.”

    I doubt it. Chapter 529 closed with shikamaru’s teacher Asuma. Looks like Team Ino-Shika-Chou will be fighting Sarutobi Asuma and friends next.

    “I think you forgot Ino’s involvement who cares if Tsunade talks”

    Yeah, Ino is now officially more useful than Tenten. Kishi has decided. 🙂

    *Starts running away, fast*

  8. @Redbaron

    Actually, I agree. Ino gained some awesome points in the last chapter, and she’s now one step ahead of Tenten in my books.

  9. hahaha, but if it wasn’t for Ten Ten’s narration, and pointing out the OBVIOUS! how would we of known what is going on @__@

    Next Chapter is Shika vs Asuma

    @ Super – You know what will be better… that dude that sends the messages across the battlefield mentions in one panel… “Kakashi’s division has won the skirmish, Kakashi is badly injured and won’t be able to continue fighting” and that is it… that would be the most Evil move Kishi could ever do… and when we see again we find out Sakura had to save Kakashi cause he was too weak to keep fighting and she saves him… I will laugh… I don’t know I dislike Kakashi more and more I see his fanboys/girls praise him…

  10. I’m sure all of you will agree that you cant wait for the following

    1. Naruto finally figuring about the war.
    2. Seeing Sasuke Eternal Mangekyou
    3. Itachi’s involvement
    4. Nagato fighting without his 6 bodies
    5. Madara going on about his plan
    6. Sasuke seeing Itachi and if he will get pissed at Kabuto
    7. Naruto raping everyone with his power
    8. Madara’s face
    9. Sasuke entering the war
    10.Death of an important character

    Things I dont want to see anymore
    1. Anal Ideas (All these made up character and powers coming out of Kishi’s ass)
    2. Bonds about characters that really had no emotional tie to the story
    3. Another person that acquired the nine tails chakra some way
    4. 4 chapter long battles of BULLSHIT >8I
    5. Another connection to the sage of six paths -___-
    6. Heroines fighting (Ino, Tenten, etc.)

  11. Its out! http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/41199623/1

  12. Wow that’s quick! Thanks 土龍 drigruan.

  13. This chapter was dumb. Kakuzu being caught by Kotetsu and Izuna, Asuma being considered dangerous, hyping up Dan and worst of all making Ino seem more useful than last week. Well at least Kakuzu, Mifune, Hanzo and Kimimaro saved the chapter.

  14. kisuzachi@lmao

    Anywho I hope that I get to see more of team 8 since they are less used then condom in jail. Other then that some more Gaara action would be nice. Can’t get enough of that Gaara.

  15. Kakashi’s rampage was awesome.

    Oh, sorry I was dreaming. I enjoyed the chapter more towards the end…like the last page previewing the Mifune vs. Hanzou fight. I’m also excited for the upcoming Ino-Shikamaru-Chouji and Asuma confrontation but that didn’t happen this chapter so…

    Lol, Dan is about to be hyped up like crazy. XD And I bet Ten Ten took that banana fan. What better way to become useful?

  16. http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/41199623/4

    Oh…oh my god. Tenten found the Banana Fan. She was actually useful :O! Noooooo, so many memes going down the drain

  17. @kisu Well Ino attack actually worked for once and it only took 12 years that released 529 chapters, 420 episodes and 7 movies later.

  18. I actually enjoyed that chapter, even though it was a bit dialogue heavy.

    I can understand why Dan is being hyped up though. I mean, the guy was working to become Hokage, so he must have become quite strong while he was alive. As for Asuma, I think everyone is underrating him a bit because he “lost” to Hidan.

    Let’s not forget that Asuma actually decapitated Hidan and had basically won the battle against him. It was only Kakuzu’s interference that turned the tide and allowed Hidan to continue battling again. Asuma may not be Kage level, as it were, but he is still likely a threat to his three former students while also being better than most in jounin in Konoha besides Kakashi, Gai and probably Shikaku.

    One last thing. Tenten picking up the fan won’t make her any more useful. Remember that those treasures have a massive chakra drain on whoever weilds them and only someone with exceptional chakra can weild them for a decent amount of time without dying. I highly doubt Tenten has the chakra necessary.

  19. @Tenrai, and I counter by saying Asuma had three other ninjas helping him. So what if Hidan’s single partner sews his head back on? I consider Asuma weak because he’s been outclassed and pwned in every onscreen battle he’s been in. I’d think that’s grounds enough to call him weak.

  20. @Kisu

    Funny, but I also recall Shikamaru having three ninja supporting him as well, so your counter fails. 😛

    I was ready for that. Muahahahaha!!!!

  21. @Tenrai…Shikamaru? Okay, he’s weak too. Thanks 😀

  22. @ Super – Yeah it was only a dream/nightmare, I think Kakashi is forgotten or Kishi is stumped usually by now in a battle either Kakashi is useless and falls to the ground, the enemy fools him telling him his jutsu is worthless and he gives up, he falls to the ground tired, says a speech then falls to the ground with no Chakra, gets trapped in a bubble, dies from lack of blood and visits his dad in some strange place….

  23. @Kisu

    And Nagato was killed by a book, so that means he’s weak as well. <_<

    *Runs away.*

  24. @Tenrai, your lack of faith is most disturbing. I would use the force to strangle you, but I’m trying to cut back on that >_>

  25. Asuma is really dangerous… YOu have to consider the opponents he fought.. Itachi??? Hidan??? come on -.-… Hidan had a long reach melee weapon while Asuma had chakra blades which are short reach.That was a huge disadvantage. Hidan is immortal, and Itachi is very powerful. Asuma was one of the guardian ninjas or whatever he was in, which is said to be fairly powerful considering how Tsunade reacted hearing Asuma’s colleague “the bald-headed monk” was killed by Akatsuki meant the monk was strong himself and Asuma’s rival? Whatever he was they were very powerful and Asuma had a large bounty on his head, but yeah Asuma is very powerful… I KICK PPL ASS with Asuma on Ultimate Ninja storm 2 (IN CASE ANYONE WANNA PLAY ME MY NAME IS SILVERFIED)… I can beat any character ass with Asuma on the game, even a spammer with Deidara Gaara and Konan… so yeah he is pretty powerful considering the info i told ya

  26. @Kisu

    Strike me down now and I will become more powerful than you can ever imagine. 😛

  27. @Ten, Buuuullcrap. If I strike you down you’ll be as dead as Naruto the Abridged Series.


  28. @Tenrai: Ten Ten picking up that fan would make her more useful. We don’t know how much chakra she has and Kishi obviously gave it to her for a reason. She hasn’t been known for a lack of chakra and she hasn’t been known for an expanse of chakra. We just don’t know, but I doubt she doesn’t have the neccessary chakra to properly use tha Banana Fan. It’s practically perfect for her.

  29. It would be epic if the moment she tried to swing it she keels over from exhaustion.

  30. @Kisu

    Then try it and see. <_<


    Hopefully, she will make use of it and hopefully, she will be proficient with it, because that would actually be cool. I think Tenten needed a unique weapon like that to make her skills that much more epic, kinda like the unique powers of the swords that the Seven Swordsman wield and what could be better than wielding all five elements? O_o

    Now it's a race between Ino and Tenten and who can become the most useful by the end of this war. @__@

  31. WHAT ABOUT TEAM 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. What’s that?

  33. *screams while running away* PEIN WAS WEAK BECAUSE HE NEEDED CORPSES YEA IS SAID IT.
    @black Ice none of the members are EMO enough bonus points since Kurenai, a female is their sensei.

  34. @kantonkage I know but is it to much to asked for? I mean Shino is kinda emo and if Kiba mother got killed then he could be emo and Hinata already have enough reason to be emo. Team Eight can do emo, I know they can! We got to believe in them!

  35. @ Kanton – So Kabuto, Orochimaru, Sasori, all weaklings? Pein was the same as Sasori in a sense, Nagato needed to be able to control 6 bodies with Jutsu etc. He could learn every jutsu and we may see soon what Nagato can do with 1 body!… *Sends Heat Seeking Missiles at Kanton*

    @ Ice – I want a switch from Shikamaru’s team but I think Hinata will be involved somewhere else with the Hyuuga battle, Kiba is boring and Shino is cool but will probably have a small role in one battle. Ino-Shika-Cho is the team most reliant on each other, where team 8, Gai’s Team are all quiet independent fighters. Neji, Lee, (not Tenten @__@ )

  36. I’m flipping through the manga and so far I haven’t seen Rock Lee make an appearance in this war. I’m sure I must have missed something. I hope I missed something someone else can easily point out.

  37. @super he made his appearance kicking Sai’s brother
    @pein Yes, but with Sasori and Oro is the only difference is that they’re on the battlefield and not hiding.
    If you’re so great, then why are you hiding.

  38. @Kanton , does it really matter? Its his jutsu, his chakra, he’s controlling them. They’re just extensions of Nagato. It doesn’t matter if he’s on the battlefield or not. Besides, its not practical for a crippled guy in some giant crab monster thingy to be fighting a bunch of ninjas.

  39. @kanton

    The guy who kicked Shin was Sai. http://www.mangareader.net/93-58746-14/naruto/chapter-517.html

    Sadly, Rock Lee didn’t make an appearance yet. I hope he fights soon and he’ll show us how awesome he is. 😀

  40. @Kisu Since he’s A so-called god why is he hiding in his little tower like the wizard of Oz.

  41. @Kanton, God doesn’t show up, but he’s still God 😉

    Blasphemy ftw

  42. *realizes that was the wrong angle and coughs into fist and clears throat and crack knuckles* Hmm true but I still believe he is an emo who thinks he suffered more than anybody else in the world.

  43. @Kanton, to each his own you lovable homicidal maniac you 🙂

  44. @Kisu

    Gods don’t die. Nagato did. <_<


    Actually, I don't think Nagato necessarily thought his suffering was greater than anyone elses, because there's nothing to suggest that specifically, but he did feel he was the only one with the necesssary power to change things.

    That's where he got his "god" persona from.

    There's quite a contrast between Pein and Sasuke, even though they seem similar at first glance. Pein justified his actions as a means of changing the world anc creating peace through suffering, while Sasuke's are purely self-centric in nature. He only wants to make others suffer for the death of his brother and clan. He doesn't care what the outcome is after that, but I could say it is a purely selfish desire based on nothing more than a need to satiate his thirst for vengeance.

    In my opinion, Pein's justification doesn't excuse all his actions either, but his outlook was very different from Sasuke's.

  45. @ Tenrai – Technically Nagato didn’t just die, he sacrificed himself to so that Konoha may live…

    @ Nagato debate – @_@ is this happening, we having an almost identical debate in the anime @___@

  46. New Naruto Popularity poll. Number 7.

    1 – Uzumaki Naruto – 6880 votes

    2 – Uchiha Sasuke – 5791 votes

    3 – Hatake Kakashi – 4828 votes

    4 – Gaara – 4239 votes

    5 – Uchiha Itachi – 4011 votes

    6 – Deidara – 3623 votes

    7 – Namikaze Minato – 3477 votes

    8 – Sasori – 3152 votes

    9 – Nara Shikamaru – 2533 votes

    10 – Hyuuga Hinata – 2517 votes

    11 – Umino Iruka – 2494 votes

    12 – Haruno Sakura – 2188 votes

    12 – Sai – 2188 votes




    Is there anything Kakashi actually wins at, I think even failblog would reject him for too many entries… (wonders why Kakashi fans aren’t more offended @_@)

  48. Sasuke does it again. It’s an asspull I tell you.

  49. Yes!!!! Naruto won!!!!!

    Muahahahahahaha!!!!!!!! Eat that everyone else!!!!! Gaara also came fourth so I am happy, but he should have been second.

  50. http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/91687110/1 It’s out
    @tenrai you act like we hate the guy unlike that guy who came in second

  51. @Kantonkage

    When I said everyone else, I was referring to the other characters. Lol.

    But yeah, surprising to see Sasuke still ranks so high when most of the people I talk to dislike him. But I guess you can’t judge general perceptions on the minority of people you know.

  52. LMFAO!!! XD

    Kishi cheapened Pein’s victory over Hanzou! I don’t care how anyone else looks at it that’s how I see it! He was far from his prime. A dull blade with no faith. He needed to die and Pein made it happen.

  53. That chapter was somewhat hard to follow, because I think a lot of the meaning of the words in it may have been lost in translation.

    But I understand the gist of the overall theme. It’s basically the same as what Kakashi implied with Zabuza after Haku died. He no longer had anything to fight for and he had lost his resolve. You could say his faith died with Haku and that is why he was no longer on the level required to fight Kakashi. He became blunt, as it were.

    It’s been a recurring theme in this manga that fighting for a cause you believe in gives you the strength needed to overcome any obstacle. For Naruto, when he fought Gaara, that cause was to protect his friends and he poured all his strength and faith into it. Gaara, who had chosen to live a life with an empty meaning, lost because of that lack of faith. WIth Shikamaru vs Hidan, it was a case of fighting for his lost sensei and for the faith of the future generation he was to protect.

    Kimimaru was able to overcome a crippling illness because of his faith in Orochimaru’s cause and fought with exceptional strength even though he wasn’t supposed to be able to move and even Sasuke’s goals for revenge have driven him forward continuously to become more powerful.

    Still, as interesting a chapter as it was, it wasn’t as enjoyable as I had hoped it would be, perhaps partly because of how mashed up the dialogue was. It didn’t seem like the scanslators put as much effort into it as usual. Besides that, Hanzou was also one of those shinobi who I expected a great show from, but I guess that won’t be happening now.

  54. @tenrai and they are…..

  55. @kantonkage

    And they are? O_o

  56. watching?

  57. @ chapter – This war is becoming predictable, the Zetsu are basically cannon fodder and hold no story. The Summons are beaten by resolve, plot, speech, rainbows, fairies, and happy thoughts, next mifune gonna clip his heels together, say there is no place like home and Hanzou will be sealed. *whoop whoop* summons are running out like flies with minimal casualties, and the casualties we know of are unknowns, it would be the same as the Zetsu, we know a lot have fallen but do we really care… not really. Seeing Pein again was awesome but now it seems Hanzou is so weak anyways, the same guy that was legend he named the Sanin but Mifune takes him out in one strike plus his salamander (cause he is cool like that) Chiyo useless old bat gives the antidote, it just too convenient, Durai changes his word just before absorption, Chiyo is there to save the whole ambush squad, The way things are going Naruto won’t be needed in this war, or Bee. We have Raikage, Tsunade chilling back still and the way these Summons are just being owned is annoying in itself… and though its supposed to be all warm and fuzzy… since the start of this war the “The Evil Rebel Forces” (star wars) have not won a single battle field… not 1, Deidara (captured), Sasori (speeched), Zabuza Haku (sealed), Rest of the Swardsmen (Kakashi rampage?), Kekkei Genkai users (probably the same), Ginkaku Kinkaku (both sealed away) taking out only 2 Cloud ninja but they didn’t have flashbacks so they not really gone @_@, Kakazu (stopped by those Chunin people), Hanzou (basically slashed to pieces), all the people he got are now healed miraculously by Chiyo being there @_@…

  58. Erm…did anybody notice how they used Sakura’s name twice in place of Sai’s on the ranking page? xD
    Seems they’re both the exact same level of uselessness, so it doesn’t actually make a difference.

  59. Almost all my love for Naruto was burned out at the end of the pain arc, and the rest of it has faded with this war. Its why i never comment on Naruto stuff anymore, just read the chapters to see how it ends. However in this case, for this chapter i am making an exception because HELL YEAH PAIN!!! Even if it was only a flashback, i always hoped we would see Pain killing Hanzo. i expected him to be more angry, but i forgot that Pain when he’s Yahiko is a pimp who is always stoic. Seeing him again I can almost forgive kishi for the wangst filled backstory… oh wait, no i cant. Still nice to see my favorite character again and seeing the six paths again really made me smile.

    Super: honestly, i dont think there was much to cheapen when it comes to Hanzo. Kishi clearly never cared about him or bothered to come up with some actually powerful moves for him. Apparently all he ever had were sickle skills and a poison frog/lizard. Its impossible for me to believe that he beat the Sannin, even if they were younger.

  60. Here’s a better translation


    *high fives Takashid* Pain is teh shiznit!

    >_> This chapter could’ve used lots more Kimimaro though >_>

    @Tenrai, Sasuke is far more popular in Japan than he is in the West, and the voting takes place in Japan. We Westerners hate characters like him. Inversely, Rock Lee and Raikage dont seem to be that popular in Japan, but in the West they’re loved. We like guys like them but hate people like Sasuke.

  61. My first post from a phone.
    I’m surprised no one mentioned Kakashi’s rampage. It was exceptionally enjoyable this chapter.

  62. @Superdude, like duh its cuz the rampage is so epic we can’t find words that do it justice.

  63. @kisuzachi: Everything was extremely hard to follow so thanks for the extra translation! =)

  64. @ Super – I enjoyed his rampage more in the previous chapter, Kakashi was talking a bit too much in this chapter and when it came down to it he only did 1 or maybe 2 jutsu’s… but we will have to wait for next chapter to see how it goes… 😛

    @ Kisu – Thanks for translation, what annoys me is Mifune’s technique the one to stop ninjutsu, I mean really, its not that special couldn’t Hanzou move and make hand seals cause all this Technique is speed and Lee and Gai etc can all do it anyways.

  65. For those who don’t know, an earthquake just hit off the coast of Japan that measured 8.9, the highest recorded there. The tsunami caused by it has flooded many coastal regions and if you look online, you can see cities completely flooded.

    Hopefully no famous manga authors were harmed. T__T

    There are also Tsunami warnings now for other nearby countries that may be hit.

  66. @Ten, gee I hope everyone’s okay.

    @pein, man Kakashi’s rampage is epic! He used like 3 new jutsus in last week’s chapter alone! I can’t wait to see what he does next 😀

  67. Yeah, its a tragedy what happening, hope people get through okay and our hearts go out to all those hurt or that have lost family… It would be hectic to think if Kishi, Kubo etc where taken up or hurt we may never see the end to their respective manga’s. Anyone got a twitter thingy of them @_@

    @ Kisu – I agree but “that” technique he always talks about, plus all his summoning dogs.

  68. Here is a video of the one Tsunami as it made its way over land.


    It’s actually quite unreal to watch…

  69. I just heard about this 10 minutes ago when I woke up. Japan will be in my prayers and every other country getting Tsunami warnings. I hope the people affected will be as safe as possible.

  70. The mangakas live!


  71. I don’t see Kishi there ?

  72. Be well people of Japan! It’s sad that it takes an event like this for all of us to realize that politics, religion, ethnicity, and the other petty quarrels we are so radical about aren’t really that important. Getting back to basics can help us all put things in perspective. Things like air, water, food, and shelter that we take for granted are suddenly of greater importance than anything else. Be grateful for what you have and think about how quickly it can all be taken away. It is time for all the world to extend a helping hand to the Japanese.

  73. New chapter! Thanks Kishi!


  74. Great chapter.

    Kabuto should have turned his summons into mindless puppets right away. Now it’s too late because Chiyo gave Kankuro the antidote and Hanzou helped Mifune seal him.

    Chouji’s an idiot. Ino is way better than him.
    She’s been more useful than anyone in this war except Kakashi, Mifune, Darui and the people that helped defeat an Edo Tensei summon. She’s been more useful than Naruto for now.

  75. Chapter was better then expected but the part where Hanzou is like “mifune I will trust in you” makes me think all Ame leaders just wanna pass the responsibility to someone else… I mean really…

  76. Wow! What a craptastic chapter! What the F was Shiakku thinking? Why would you send in just three inexperienced Chunin to take on an Edo Summon? He should’ve sent in at least 15 people to completely overwhelm that garbage ninja, Asuma.

  77. That chapter was actually quite good. At least there was more depth to it than the last one. It actually felt like the whole premise behind the last chapter was more thoroughly explained, so I guess that makes it better as a whole.


    I am assuming that you are being sarcastic? If not, here is my retort. <_<

    "Why would you send in just three inexperienced Chunin to take on an Edo Summon?"

    Three inexperienced chunin? Need I remind you that those same three inexperienced chunin have already fought two members of Akatsuki. That alone makes them more experienced in a hardened battle than most of your average shinobi. The fact that Shikamaru defeated one of those Akatsuki, counts for even more. So, how many shinobi can you name that have defeated an S-class ninja from Akatsuki?

    Let's also not forget that Shikamaru in particular, has already had experience fighting an opponent that is, for all intents and purposes, immortal, just like any Edo Tensei summon. So who better than to defeat the un-killable, than someone who has already performed the feat before? O_o

    Let's also not forget that those same three inexperienced shinobi had also just defeated a six-tailed Ginkaku.

    *Eats Kisu alive.* @__@

  78. The chapter was ok…I just don’t like how almost every zombie is going through some pity party which allows them to be defeated. You see, Kishi made Edo Tensei so powerful and used it on such powerful ninja I don’t think he figured out a way for the allies to legitimately defeat them so Kishi fell back on crippling the zombies with emotions. That’s fine for a few and I like the confrontations between former allies but it’s getting stale fast.

    This war so far has been too one sided. The allies came in strong and they’re still destroying Madara’s army with little to no consequence in my eyes. I don’t care for anyone the allies might have lost so far and it never seems like they’re in that much trouble. This entire war. It just seems like the allies always have the advantage.

    The only thing I really loved about this chapter was Kakashi’s rampage. Epic is epic. Oh wait…

  79. Ok based on chapter 531 you would have never guessed Hanzo would ever consider Mifune a “friend”

    Geez….the definition of “friend” is so twisted in this series :O

    Chouji cant hit Asuma….retard. A few chapters ago a whole title was dedicated to him “Chouji’s Determination” and now he just fails :X

    I hate the fact that the “good guy” zombies are helping out the ninja army by killing themselves or giving hints to beat them. Dammit Kabuto hurry up and take control of all their minds so we can see some decent fights already :/

  80. And you wonder why I say team 10 is useless.

  81. I think Edo Tensei follows a similar trend to what Chiyo said about Sasori’s 100 puppets while she and Sakura were battling him. The more puppets they destroyed, the stronger the remaining ones became, because Sasori had less to control and therefor, could focus on the remaining ones more intently.

    Right now, Kabuto is trying to control too many revived summons at once, and because of it, he is losing his grasp on them. It seems he can only focus on a few at a time and when he does that, he has to neglect the rest and allow them to be… themselves I guess, as far as their psychological behavior is concerned. I guess that is one of the drawbacks of Edo Tensei. It had to have some weakness, after all, otherwise it would be ridiculously overpowered (although it still is anyway).

    When it starts to become narrowed down more, I think it will be another matter altogether. One thing I am certain of, however, is that Kabuto is only acting as the buffer for now. The main course is coming soon enough. I mean, think about it, Madara was ready to go into this war long before Kabuto offered his assistance, and I doubt he would have done so if he didn’t think he had a chance of winning. Kabuto was just a bonus, which means that Madara must have had something else up his sleeve beforehand, something that will change the tied of this entire war completely.

    So far, it’s mostly been Kabuto and the white Zetsus doing all the work, but Madara himself has yet to act in this war directly at all, save for him sending Black Zetsu to look for the Feudal Lords. He also has the power of the seven bijuu he had captured under his control still, so we may see him use that in some other way as well.

    And let’s not forget Sasuke. I think the first thing Madara is going to do when Sasuke is healed, is send him out onto the battlefield to allow him to test his new powers with a healthy amount of willing test dummies. I think once Sasuke enters the fray with his EMS, we may see a turning point in this war, followed by a desperate downhill spiral.

  82. @Tenrai, Asuma wasn’t a strong S-rank ninja. They should’ve sent in a lot of ninjas at once to overpower and seal him. There’s no reason to have Shika and friends fight him then eventually bring in someone else to seal him. Strategy-wise, its stupid the way Shikaku is handling things. Don’t even get me started on the whole Hidan thing >_>

    God I’m tired of these Edo summons telling people how to beat them. Kabuto, just suppress all of their emotions already. Simply being in combat with them is enough to give them an advantage against their loved ones, they don’t need to be talking.

    War is ugly. There’s no glory to be sought in it, only death and pain. Kishi is doing an absolute horrible job of conveying that fact.

    @Super, I know right? That rampage is pretty good. My eyes melt just looking at it @_@

  83. @ Super – After seeing Kakashi’s rampage, I think with that skill he will win this war… “screw the rules I have rampage”

    @ kisu – I think Kishi is afraid of the concequences, when L died in Death Note a lot of people left it so he is afraid he kills a large groups fav character… Think about it, if a lot of the characters die it will make death meaningless. I think he wants one big death/sacrifice.. (naruto I think) and if everyone else is dead it would be difficult to continue…. but U know which arc besides Pein was my fav. Sasuke Retrival. I think Kishi needs to go back to those days

  84. @pein, dude I loved every minute of Death Note. I just loved how characters died abruptly, with no sob stories being told or any flashbacks. And I’m not talking about meaningless Cannon Fodder, actual major characters. It made me feel closer to the story and more on edge because it created the illusion that anyone in the series could die at any moment. Right now a war is going on in the Naruinverse, that’s how its supposed to feel, and not like some tournament, because I’m getting a tournament vibe from all this.

  85. @kisuzachi: “It made me feel closer to the story and more on edge because it created the illusion that anyone in the series could die at any moment.”
    You should read The walking dead… i have the feeling you’re gonna love it.

  86. @Kisu you should also watch Mahou shoujo Madoka

  87. @ kisu – I know what you mean but Death Note is and probably will always be my fav. anime and manga series. In the end Death was real! It meant something, there where no Dragonball’s or some jutsu that brings people back to life. I was glad when Gaara was revived but with Pein I was upset since it basically undid all the emotions I felt during that battle. L had a minimal back story too, a lot was left up in the air when he died and was revealed only later. Would of been cool if Nagato was given the same sort of ending where we never truly know his past and we all left to try figure it out.

  88. kanton: seriously that show is fucked up. Kisu, watch it up till episode 3 the first two episodes dont really get the plot going. just spend a 1:30 and you will be hooked.

  89. @kanton

    I started reading that manga a few days ago. The first chapters were ok, but then I read the third… way better. @_@

    Too bad there aren’t any more on Mangareader. Do you know where I can find them?

  90. @Kanton, I’ll check it out. It better be good or I’ll shake my fist angrily in the air for a few seconds then move on with my life.

    @Takashid, I’ll take your challenge. I’m a man that has very refined tastes because I’m Sophisticated As Hell 😉

    Edit: Oh wait, Mahou…magical girl. Sorry, I hate those kinds of series. They’re too cute and bright for me :/

    @dragon: It’s an anime first then manga but here the it is

  92. Kisu: seriously, it LOOKS like a Magical girl series, its actually the most amazing deconstruction of the genre i have ever seen. Trust me, just give it a chance and watch the first three episodes. as i said, the first two are more setup, the real hook into the series is episode 3. trust me kisu having watched it myself, i know this is a show you will love. its so. fucked. up. just take my challenge. if that doesnt sway you, read this: http://karenai.livejournal.com/37163.html
    its what convinced me to give the show a try, and now im really glad i did.

  93. kanton: “Oh wait, Mahou…magical girl. Sorry, I hate those kinds of series. They’re too cute and bright for me :/”
    Is it bad that whenever i see this quote and know that he is talking Mahou shoujo Madoka i just start LMAO? i mean: “They’re too cute and bright for me” Ah ha ha ha ha ha!

    Dragon: watch the anime, so far there are 10 episodes out, with only 2 more left. heres a site i used:

    Kisu: also the shows episodes come out at 1:30 at night on thursdays, which should tell you about the age range for it. its aimed at adults, a seinien series.

  94. @taka YEA I have to agree with ya. Those who say that clearly haven’t watched the show before and it’s so funny. It’s the equivalent of saying that Hallibel death was so AWESOME or Sasuke Asspull are epic!!! or possibly condomAizen and Butterflaizen was the greatest thing every drawn.

    Take the challenge Kisu you won’t be disappointed.

  95. Fine, I’ll get to it. It better be dark and depressing

    @Kanton, Harribel’s death was freakin’ AWESOME! Condomzen and Butterflaizen were the best things ever drawn man! Sasuke’s asspulls suck >_>

  96. @Kisu

    This is when you start figuring out this is a deconstruction of the shoujo genre. http://www.mangareader.net/mahou-shoujo-madoka-magica/3/29

  97. Lol, I’m convinced. I’m watching it right now. It looks girly as hell though.

  98. Dragon: Why. Why would you spoil that moment? seriously dude, that part is so wtf i had to rewatch the episode multiple times to make sure i saw it right. even then i was like O_O for a good 10 minutes.

    Super: Ah ha, Ah ha ha ha ha! just you wait…

  99. Sorry guys…. i’ve been tucked away in my study… trying ta finish up on my book. It’s been a while. How’s everyone faring around here? I kinda thought it would be nice to comment today. It’s been ages since I dropped a comment here.

    Em, the battle between Hanzou and Mifune.

    I was a little disappointed in the way kishi made hanzou look so ordinary. I mean, for someone who named the sannin, his show against mifune was dreadful. And the reason for his name, Salamander, was funny. But well, I respect Kishi’s reasons, since I am writing a book myself, and there’s no telling what people out there will think about the character’s (perhaps my undoing is that I make them all sound like gods, or even stronger with their ability to control mythical gods)

    I look forward to the next chapter. Seeing kakashi show us even ten of the thousand techniques he hoards up his sleeve would be orgasmic. I want to see more of Darui’s black lightning techniques, itachi and Nagato, the bijuus, gaara, the undead hokages and black zetsu. How I love his statement, “I’m the land itself!”

    And yeah, if this site permits me to post extracts from my book, I’ll be glad to. Please support Memoirs of John Spencer; it is the next big thing. Don’t we wish that a time would come when humans could flick their fingers and a city rises from the ashes… or is decimated?

  100. *characters and not character’s

  101. @Takashid

    I just wanted to give them a taste of that manga. No one thinks something like that is going to happen.
    By the way, you can’t see who died because the witch bit off her head. No spoiler whatsoever… >_>

  102. So i was just thinking, and i Dont know if this has occurred to anybody else..BUUUUUTTTT how do they plan on reviving the Jubi if half of the nine tails chakra is missing???? U can’t fully revive it…i also think it’s kinda gay that naruto dosnt get to be a powerful as he is..AND that he has so many risks with his upgrade when sasuke is gonna have none 😦

  103. Sry i ment it’s gay that naruto wont be as powerful as he potentially could be

  104. “AND that he has so many risks with his upgrade when sasuke is gonna have none”

    Havent u gotten used to that by now?

  105. Look at the bright side Sasuke has never won a fight against a named character until the end of part one.

  106. Oh wait that’s not a good thing

  107. And the Jubi/Kubi???

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