Bleach Chapter 438 – Here We Go Again

Okay, I mean it this time. It’s gonna be short. Darn you Kubo

After Ichigo defeats Mr.Pork, Giriko’s Fullbring deactivates as Ichigo has fulfilled its requirements and returns Mr.Pork to his “cute” (and I use that term loosely) form. Then Riruka shows how she deactivates her Fullbring, by sneezing on whatever she gave “permission” to enter her… dollhouse ;). This releases the Yakuza guy’s soul and returns Ichigo to normal, albeit, covered in germs. That seems like a cool way to get sick.

Ichigo then bangs the badge against a wall as it deactivates. He hears the badge talk to him, in Rukia’s voice. There’s a simple explanation. The badge is proof of Ichigo’s status as a Substitute Shinigami, and the person who gave him that power in the first place was Rukia, so not really surprising. That or Rukia is actually a Nazi Ichigo, as usual, is extremely shocked. Seriously, surprise is Ichigo’s trademark expression by now.

Meh, I'd give her a 4. Two extra points for those two eyes on her chest 😉

So we head back to where last week’s chapter ended, Orihime. This time we see things from the weird stalker guy’s perspective. He was sent there to kill her by the same guy that attacked Uryu some chapters ago, Tsukishima. So this guy tries to attack Orihime but is struck by her “beauty”. Okay Kubo we get it, your characters are pretty, could you quit it now? First Ichigo now Orihime, who’s next, Yammy? Anyway, this guy, Shishigawara, can’t bring himself to kill a girl as cute as Orihime. He lets it slip that “he’s the one that attacked Uryu”, then Orihime gets serious. Sorry Orihime, but if this guy was truly Uryu’s attacker, what makes you think you’d stand a chance?

Well, I doubt this guy’s Reiatsu would be enough to overpower Orihime’s rejection ability so maybe that’s why she seemed so confident-like. When she gets serious Shishigawara says as long as she’s like that he can fight her, but then Tsukshima intervenes and says he’s the one that attacked Uryu.

Well here we go again, Orihime is about to get captured and Ichigo’ll have to save her with his Swastika (I love saying that). Or someone else will intervene, like Ryuken, and these guys will retreat. Despite how short it seemed, I liked this chapter, it had funnies and some progression. By the way Shishigawara, its “Pop a cap in yo bitch ass”, not “Drop you”. Silly Shishigawara 😛

~ by kisuzachi on February 23, 2011.

10 Responses to “Bleach Chapter 438 – Here We Go Again”

  1. Breakdown’s out

  2. meh chapter was a bish after 1 page i understood the guy couldnt kill orihime because she is beautifull, Kubo didnt have to drag it out for 7 pages. really nothing happened this chapter.
    tho nice u got the breakdown out so fast again ^^

  3. It’s funny that Ichigo senses Rukia. I wonder if Kubo knew about the “Ichigo & Rukia” topic trending on Twitter yesterday. Some people were wondering if this chapter had anything to do with the trend. I don’t think it did.

    I took a look at the whole trend because seriously, BLEACH fandom is like wow. You can take a look at:

    Just way too many characters now in BLEACH.

  4. meh, this tukishima guy seems interesting, depending on how he’s connected to ginjou things could get good. still the pacing is hideous. all that happened this chapter was ichigo gets out of the box, punk guy falls for orihime (in a manner suspiciously similar to riruka falling for ichigo) and the new bishonen arrives as a clifhanger. oh and ichigo is hearing voices that ginjou may or may not know about. more happened in this chapter then many of the previous ones, but still compared to One Piece, the pacing is terrible. Still seems like the story is finally heating up. lets hope this continues.

  5. This is the progression of the chapter. Last chapter, the guy sneaks up on Orihime and asks her for her name. This chapter ends with the guy failing to do anything and his superior coming in to say, “Ok you can stop failing now”. ~_~

    Alright, there was also Ichigo being done with his training and hearing Rukia through…the Shinigami badge? Is that normal? I mean, was that thing a communicator with Soul Society or something because I forget. Anyway, we get to find out who attacked Ishida but really… At least I got excited when it looked like Inoue was going to fight that guy. Damn the pretty boy for interrupting.

    @Takashid: Compared to any manga Bleach’s pacing is horrid.


    not that this link isnt hilarious, but is there something its parodying? the art looks like its from a comic book.

    P.S why is “The Heart” always included in the list of trolls? as a big fan of Ulquiorra, i liked his sendoff, so i dont get how that became a meme.

  7. @Takashid, The HEART became a meme because fr years people had been saying Kubo doesn’t do backgrounds, has mostly empty panels and is a troll, but no one had any real hard evidence, also no one cared to dig through countless bleach fights to find those panels. Then Kubo gave those people the evidence they’ve not been looking for but wanted anyway. He gave them a blank page with nothing but one line of text, “THE HEART”.


    PS how dare you not be a Grimmjow fan. And don’t say you are because you can’t like Grimmjow AND Ulquiorra. Its like saying you like meat and vegetables, impossible.

  8. Nice Breakdown Kisu

    Bleach is getting better, I basically thought to myself, stop thinking of all the history pretend bleach is a new series starting with this section and all before is unknown prequel, So now I am beginning to like it a little more, I don’t feel the lack of answers to previously burning questions appealing anymore, I just feel numb and enjoy the laugh at how ridicules it is

  9. kisu: okay, i didnt mind “the heart” that much, mostly cause i was busy being sad over Ulquiorra’s death. i didnt start disliking bleach till later in FKT. (my dislike only started after Ulquiorra died and the arrancar became pointless, what a coincidence) As for Grimmjow,yeah i like him. he’s cool and tough, pretty fun to watch rampage. He can’t help it if Ulquiorra is easily twice as strong and three times as cool as he is 😛
    In all seriousness, i like grimmjow quite a lot, but i like Ulquiorra much, much more. considering they are the most popular espada, i know if Grimmjow ever manages to get back into the series, Ulquiorra will too. well, thats if ANY of the arrancar manage to become relevant again 😦

    P.S. its really a mark of how far this series has fallen that many fans (myself included) got really, really excited and happy over this chapter because Orihime DIDNT FAIL. it seems sad when i think about it, we arent even celebrating a crowning moment of awesome or anything like that, we are celebrating her NOT BEING USELESS. Jesus, Kubo.

  10. awesome chapter!
    no not really actually, meh its nothing really special only facts most had allready predicted about the guying using fullbring i just hope that tho whole arc will be with people using fullbring.
    anyways next chapter some kool stuff might happen (lets hope so)

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