Fairy Tail 223 Breakdown.

Long time no see everybody! I know I’ve been gone a really REALLY long time and I would like to apologize for the long absence of this breakdown. I’m not going to throw in any excuses so all I am going to say is I’m sorry, hope you can forgive me aaaannnd continue to enjoy the FT breakdowns.

So let’s get right on into it, shall we?

Dude looks like a lady~!

Remember this guy? Yeah the one who came and arrested Jellal and Hot Eye after the Nirvana incident? Well he’s back and apparently was on that ship that exploded from Azuma’s (one of the seven kin) power. He’s gathering the troops to get ready for an attack on Fairy Island, when lo’ and behold Mest aka Doranbalt appears and we learn that there’s a possibility that Etherion may be fired again. Yes, that magical beam that was shot at Jellal’s tower way back when. Mest tries to defend fairy tail, but with such a strict magic council, his words will probably fall on deaf ears.

I love his little lion ears of hair @___@

Scene then switches to Grey, Lucy, Loki, and Hana who are up against the goat-man, Caprico. From the goat we know Grimoire hearts motives… well partially.

1) Obtain Zeref (who is being cradled by Ultear… weird)

2) Destroy Fairy Tail

All of this is needed to wipe out the human population that cannot use magic. T___T Lame.  I’m sorry, but this plan is just too unbelievable. It’s on the level of unbelievable like traveling to an alternative universe…. oh wait… that did happen didn’t it?  *sigh*

Blonde stereotype broken here! no one BUT the blonde knew the goatman was a spirit XD

Loki steps in and tells the others to leave because OH SURPRISE Caprico is the spirit goat, Capricorn. Obviously everyone saw that coming. His magical power is the Ruler’s magic that can weaken a person’s battle and magic power, so of course as a spirit Loki is the only one fit to fight (YAY) About time we see Loki fight seriously. But he has a good reason to… he knows something Lucy doesn’t know, that Capricorn used to be Lucy’s Mother’s spirit! Dun dun dunnnnn

But before Caprico’s freak out about Lucy’s parentage, his true power is shown and is pretty perplexing. He is able to summon humans… I guess his summons have a spirit world of their own O__o Next thing to bring up is that Caprico has been able to live and survive in the human world for 17 years, whereas Loki was only able to manage 3 years before he nearly faded away. I’m wondering if Caprico’s power has anything to do with him being able to stay in the human world for so long. Also want to know what Lucy’s mom did to piss Caprico off so much @____@

I would put a pole but I can’t think up anything creative at the moment. Any ideas? Cause I have ZERO hahaha, although Lucy’s mom’s death was weird, with her dying the same day the dragons disappeared. I don’t think that has anything to do with Caprico though… possibly, but who knows.

A freak-out of this level better have a damn good story behind it.... just saying 🙂

Well that’s it of my breakdown, I know it was short, but it’s a super busy midterm week for me, but I wanted to get some sort of a breakdown out to let ya’ll know I’m still alive. XD

That’s all I got.


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49 Responses to “Fairy Tail 223 Breakdown.”

  1. First!!!!! Nice Breakdown BB <__>

    Welcome Back

  2. BB welcome back! I’m off to work now but I’ll comment more later when I have the free time! There needs to be more pictures of Lucy half-naked…>_>

  3. welcome back BB
    @super I second that plus more Erza.

  4. Welcome back BB!! How’s college?

    Cool chapter, I hope there’s a big reason why Capricorn hates Lucy’s mom or his reaction will look really stupid…

    @super and kanton

    I want that too, but after the chapter where Lucy was completely naked in a tub with Cana, I had a hemorrage and my doctor told me that I could die next time it happens. 😀

  5. Great breakdown BB and thanks for helping me remember a lot of things I’ve forgtten like when Lucy’s mom died, that we’ve seen Captain Laharl before, and Leo was only able to stay in the human world for 3 years. You’re good at this or just more interested in the series than I am. xD

    I liked the chapter a lot but I’m calling BS on everyone surviving that explosion. Come on Hiro. -_-

    As for why Capricorn hates Lucy’s mom…maybe she broke it off with Capricorn (their human-spirit engagement) and now he’s all hurt. And where does he store all his humans?

  6. XD thanks everyone, its good to be back!

    College is ROUGHHH. lol actually it’s not too bad, I just have an awkward schedule that doesn’t allow me too much free time >.< But other than that I'm enjoying it, and can't wait for spring break to start next week ^_^

    LOL i thought the same thing. That explosion was too big…
    haha I've been playing catch-up with all the manga/animes recently, (computer crashed, didn't have it back for a month) so everything's fresh in my head at the moment @___@ But yeah I like ft too XD

  7. I should really try giving Fairy Tail a read.

    *looks at artwork*

    Meh, I liked it better when it was called One Piece 😉

  8. @Kisu

    Actually, I find Fairy Tail’s artwork is very different from One Piece. I am not sure where all the comparisons come from, but when you read both manga, they are quite different.

  9. ahhhhh i missed all the fairy tail haters out there.


  10. Hey BB!!!

    Welcome back again! It’s good to see you back on WRA. The blog’s awesomeness levels just rose again. ^ ^

  11. @BB and Tenrai, Sorry, I write the bleach Breakdowns so I gotta troll. Its in my contract. -__-

  12. new ft is out! http://mangastream.com/read/fairy_tail/60137963/1
    liked your breakdown btw bb ^^ keep up the good work =P

  13. Finaly. For a while, I thought we weren’t going to have a Fairy Tail for last week.

    Is it just me or is it being pushed back further and further every month?

  14. http://mangastream.com/read/fairy_tail/31607823/1 it’s out and back to a normal schedule.
    they survived
    I realized that it was the translation not the manga-ka.

  15. Great chapter. I really liked it, also because it came out early.

    Mirajane surviving wasn’t that far-fetched because she’s an S-Class Mage and we’ve seen people survive bigger explosions than that one.

    I’m loving Ultear. She’s just so evil and sexy… Plus she pwns everyone she fights. 😀

    Kain’s rapeface is scary… O_O I hope Capricorn summons himself and saves her.

  16. Mashima along with others are working on a charity manga http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2011-03-15/manga-artists-unite-in-dojinshi-book-for-quake-charity

  17. http://mangastream.com/read/fairy_tail/38134258/1 it’s out?

  18. Lol, it was a good chapter. I think Hiro took my wish on and decided to give us more Lucy exposure. Besides that Kain’s power is definitely interesting. I was a bit disappointed when it looked like it was going to be an ordinary voodoo doll but it turns out to be a property changing voodoo doll, which is pretty cool. And the guy is pretty funny plus a formidable opponent.

    Stupid of Lucy to have the doll taken from her though. She should have used it to her advantage when she had the chance.

  19. http://mangastream.com/read/fairy_tail/85398766/1 new chapter’s out


    totally spazzed out when I read this chapter! So much LuNa fluff I could hardly handle it ❤ _> I’m such a sucker for pairings XD

  21. That chapter was really funny. I was almost in tears when Lucy punched Natsu in the face and he’s just like ‘X__X’. That was easily one of the most epic manga chapters I have read in recent memory, and that is saying a lot.

    It’s surprising to see that despite all the bad happening, people still know how to bring a smile to the faces of everyone who sees their work and, maybe, that’s exactly what is needed right now. That definitely earned more awesome points for this arc.

  22. Awesome chapter. It had everything: action, humor, romance (kinda) and teamwork.

    Kain would have pwned Natsu and Lucy in a fair fight, though. He was just unlucky that Lucy’s voodoo doll happened to be close to Natsu.

    Next chapter’s title is strange: “13 women drenched in the rain”. I wonder what it’s going to be about. o_O

  23. Yeah this chapter was great. I especially like the part where Zoro cut Hodi in the wa….oh wait this is Fairy Tale. I really can’t tell since its just One Piece without the epic

    Obvious troll on my part 😛

  24. *Uses reflector and strangles Kisu with his own underwear* BTW it’s Fairy Tail.

  25. New chapter’s out ALREADY?!?


    *shoots kisu and smiles happily* 😀

  26. awesome chapter aswell!
    not all that much happened but the colour pages were kool and quite some info. And the feelings of everyone were worked out very well imo

  27. Meredy you’re SCREWED!!!!

  28. Oh sweet, new One Piece! …wait
    (high fives kisu)

    well that was a fun chapter. looks like Julia is gonna smack a bitch.

  29. New Fairy Tail is out!!!


    Great chapter!

  30. How does Mashima-sensei release so many chapter without breaks?

  31. Fairy Tail 230 is out!!


  32. http://mangastream.com/read/fairy_tail/22478903/1
    It’s out

  33. Fairy Tail x Rave Special is out!!


    It’s awesomeness!! 😀

  34. This place hasn’t had comments in A LOT.

    … Oh well, the new chapter’s out! http://mangastream.com/read/fairy_tail/31348058/1

    Looks like Cana got a powerup from that tattoo… But I hope she doesn’t defeat Bluenote.

  35. @Dragon What about Cana’s true father? Can’t wait for the next chapter.

  36. Dragon: probably because their hasnt been a new breakdown in “a lot”. I doubt Cana will win against Bluenote (whose design is rather unimpressive btw) after he has been hyped up as so strong. I can see her saving Natus and the rest and sacrificing herself to let them escape.

    The new chapter was pretty decent, i liked that Cana realised how shitty she had been acting by ditching her friends in a crisis, and the fact that Gildeart was her dad was very surprising. I have to wonder why Gildeart abandoned Cana’s mom though. I didnt think he was that irresponsible. Although, most likely he never knew about Cana.

  37. I have a feeling Gildartz will end up fighting Bluenote. It only seems appropriate.

    Cana may either fight him first and get overpowered, or she will instead encounter glasses dude (can’t remember his name) and defeat him.

    My real question is, where is Laxus? And how will he play a part in this war?

  38. WOAH! Ten I thought you were dead 🙂 Glad to see ya around 😀

  39. @Kisu

    I’m not dead, I’ve just been really busy. T___T

    But thanks.

  40. Yes, five comments in three days! That’s more than 0 in a week. 😉

    @takashid: Well, I know there hasn’t been a new breakdown in “a lot” but that’s the same with One Piece breakdowns, right? People still comment there anyway, though.

    I’d like a new breakdown too, but BB and Super are busy so they can’t write a new one. I don’t think other authors have the time to, either. 😦

  41. I totally have the time. But I might accidentally write about a One Piece chapter instead of Fairy Tale. Har har har. Nah I’m just kidding…about me having the time, everything else is fact 😉

  42. The New Fairy Tail is Awesome =P
    Go Read it if you have not already!

  43. New Fairy Tail = epic. Nuff said.

  44. This chapter was okay, but i was bothered by the fact that Gildarts is so angry. his awesome rage look seems to imply that he knew all along that Canna was his daughter and was saving her, and that makes him look like a dick for ignoring her for so long and not acting like a father. hopefully though he’s just mad about the guild being attacked.

  45. Fairy tail is Gildarts’s family so he probably always though of Canna as his daughter, if only in a more adopted sense than as a direct blood relationship.

  46. Fairy Tail 234 is out!! http://mangastream.com/read/fairy_tail/22582241/1

    Epic chapter once again. 😉
    Gildarts is going to beat Bluenote and Fried and Bixlow are pwning Rustyrose.
    Too bad Levy and Lisanna didn’t get to fight… I wanted to see their true power. 😦

    Anyway, “Zeref” used to be a Fairy Tail member? What happened to him?

  47. Fairy Tail is epic right now.


    I don’t actually know if that is Zeref. Normally, flashbacks start with an introduction of some sort, but we have no real indication to suggest that that last pannel was the start of a flashback.

    In any case, two things that did stand out was that his Fairy Tail brand was in a similar place to Natsu’s, his eyes look like Natsu’s and his clothing looked like Natsu’s as well, which all suggests that he may be related to Natsu or Igneel in a more direct way or he is also a dragon slayer from another dragon.

  48. http://mangastream.com/read/fairy_tail/47581705/1

    Awesome Fairy Tail chapter, it had action and plot. The only thing I’m disappointed at is Hiro not continuing with that flashback. Next chapter’s title is “Erza vs Azuma” so it won’t have that flashback either. 😦

  49. The New Fairy tail is as awesome as ever =D
    Go read it if you have not already =P

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