Soul Eater Not! 2 – Misery meet extortion meet the Future ;)

Awe All Pein here for another 3 Girls one weapon and dorm room… Its just a merry go round of new Shibushie facts and how things are run through the school. We have a girls dorm room, a fortune telling little kid, a psychotic super, an extortionist hero, and well fish cakes @_@ all this combined makes what I like to call a day time drama tv series, it seem that is the direction Soul Eater Not! 2 has taken, the series from the Tsugumi perspective seems to have taken a lighter, que the the typical crowd laughter at random none essential moments…

I was disappointed from the introduction of this chapter, we are still not shown how the Students qualify to become students at Shinbunsen, which is a big let down in my books as I was hoping to gain a better perspective of the lives of the student but also their qualifications.

The personalities do seem to be developing but in the end there was just a continuation with our main trio, with Miss Princess Anya and forgetful Meme not much change to them, what is interesting in a sense is how Anya reacts to Tsugumi, its a sort of hate love relationship which may be interesting as the two battle more and more.

Welcome to 2 and a Half women....

The facts given in this chapter was not really that important in my opinion, if you compare it to the start of the Original Soul Eater this one is going back wards, what we learn’t, Soul Eater NOT! is not infact in the previous time line lets look at the facts given…

Sid is not a Zombie! Which made most of us believe that this time line was before the events/opening chapters of Soul Eater.

Kim is known to be a witch! Which in the original story line was only discovered long after the opening events, so unless about a couple of month has past since chapter one, we have a conflict of time line which is a problem @_@. I am still trying to figure out Oku’s intentions here and whether this is just a simple slip or not we will have to wait and see.

She has seen it @_@ 2012/The Day After Tommorrow/ U2 live... it spells disaster O_O

The first new character introduced in this chapter was the a kid fortune teller, I was getting annoyed at this point with all the witch this and the witch that. Meh… To be honest I thought it would be Blair… Anyways this kid is pretty funny and I love how she ends up making her own Tarrats to taunt our 3 females…

We are then introduced to the Psychotic superintendent, I laughed quite a bit when I saw some of the reactions but was more annoyed that  Tsugumi keeps going on about the witch and it seems to distract at every new character.

The Sleeping arrangement was also funny it shows the lighter side of Anya and even though she may seem like a B*tch, she actually wants to be included and is afraid of being left out. I must say from this point I enjoyed the manga a lot more. It was less whiney and more funny and development started to form.

It's Hammer time 😉

Meme’s drunken fist was pretty awesome, and I was happy to see her defend Tsugumi especially since earlier in the Chapter we see Tsugumi doubt even why Meme is around. Though she can only fight when sleeping, I am not seeing how this is gonna work out… Especially since she wont finish the job and chooses to cuddle instead.

We then get to see our SE original character pop up… Kim ^_^ the resident witch (which I have mentioned above. Her coming to save the day was not as cool as Black Stars entrance in Chapter 1 but it still had that “Yosh” “Awe” feel to it 😉

Sleeping Drunken Fist....

Kim then shows that she is a real Bitch Witch she charges Tsugumi for saving her life, I laughed at how Kim gives her back the small change and the Mafia comment 😉 She runs that girl like a pimp now….

Anyways not much else to report sorry if the breakdown a bit odd O_O its a monday and I am finished 😛

Have a good Month till the next Soul Eater/ Soul Eater Not!

Pein ^:_:^

~ by pein0avenue on February 21, 2011.

4 Responses to “Soul Eater Not! 2 – Misery meet extortion meet the Future ;)”

  1. First!!!

  2. second

  3. 3rd! I thought this was a very cute and funny chapter. It seems like an outlet for the authors comedic quirks. As the main storyline gets more serious we’re treated to this sorta comedy that balances off the series as a whole. I’m loving it though I agree with you I would like to learn more about the Shibusen students through this series and not just have some hollow comedy.

    Great breakdown and quick too!

  4. new chappie is out

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