One Piece Chapter 615 Breakdown + 613 And 614 Highlights! New Demotivational Poster Included!

-One Piece 613-614 Highlights Below-

YOSH!!! Welcome WRA to the One Piece Chapter 615 Breakdown! The plot is well into motion and you can tell Oda is done his “world-building” in the words of Takashid. Though, I don’t think Oda is completely done his world building because he’s always expanding and we have yet to reach the Sea Forest, but I couldn’t have said it better myself. The beautiful locations have been shown, the old and new characters introduced to their roles in the arc, and the shit has hit the fan. That’s all the ingredients for a brand new adventure! This latest chapter is a big leap in that direction. The Straw Hats are already enemies of The Ryuuguu Kingdom, the princess is out of the tower, and an alliance of baddies has been formed which will hopefully prove to be interesting antagonists for the arc. Only time will tell but the outlook is great!

Here’s this week’s One Piece Funny Short and BOPP!

One Piece Funny Short from Tigerx50 and this week’s Badass One Piece Picture from Ro Firstborn (If he’s not the original author than my apologies to any party offended and all that good stuff).

Touching briefly on the past 2 chapters (213-214) here are their highlights.

Chapter 613; I really loved this chapter, so much happened and to me this is really where the arc started to pick up.

1.)    A new Cover Story after more than 50 chapters and I’m glad to say it’s looking back at past characters and their reactions to the Straw Hat Crew’s fame. Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing what’s going on over at the Baratie (The floating restaurant) and Usopp’s village. Usopp has a hot doctor in training looking out for him and I want to see how she’s…improved…in the past 2 years…>_>

2.)    Van Der Decken is introduced and there’s a mystery surrounding his status as a Fishman who needs a bubble to move around under the sea and his “curse”. Sounds a lot like a DF.

3.)    Speaking of the curse it seems he can target a specific target from anywhere and hit his target. That is why the princess is behind closed doors 24/7 for 10 whole years. But the real question remains. Does she poop?

4.)    The Straw Hats come under attack and they’re kicking ass! Mansopp makes a manly speech and Zoro takes on King Neptune! Hell, Brook was even about to take him on. Hoo-hah!

5.)    Van Der Decken and Hodi Jones form an alliance to take over the Ryuuguu Kingdom and assassinate King Neptune. I’m looking forward to seeing how these 2 go on about doing it with their comparably meager forces.

Chapter 614; A slow chapter compared to the last and it didn’t feel it moved anywhere until the very last 2 pages when the princess escaped after the surprise attack on the tower.

1.)    MAKINO HAS A BABY!? *_* If this is true and she hasn’t turned kidnapper (or holding a random person’s baby) then who’s the father? Shanks…where have you been doing these past 2 years…? >_>

2.)    Lol, the Straw Hats take it a bit too far mayhap and defeat the entire palace security and even King Neptune. xD

3.)    Prince Fukaboshi and his two fellow brothers (remember these 3 are the strongest of the Neptune Army) arrive and Fukaboshi tells them Jimbei’s message. What’s up with this “don’t fight Hodi” jibberish? I guess we’ll find out when Luffy talks to Jimbei. I doubt it’s because of Hodi’s drug induced strength.

4.)    Kung Fu Reindeer!? Pro: Chopper has a new Point/Transformation. Con: I just don’t like how he looks. -_- It’ll take me a few to get used to it.

5.)    A surprise attack on the princesses’ tower and the princess escapes riding inside Megalo! No jokes about gag factor from me on this one. But…all I’m saying is a few ladies can learn a thing or two from Megalo the shark… *whistles and walks away*

One thing that’s really annoying me though are the constant off screen battles. Even if the opponents are all fodder I would like to see at least a little bit more onscreen fighting that doesn’t involve just beat up people laying around. I understand though it’d be better to display the SH’s individual powers on 1 on 1 fights with seriously tough opponents.

-One Piece Chapter 615 Breakdown-

Someone found the funnies.

Awww~ Dadan and her family of mountain bandits care about Luffy and Ace so much they’re making scrap books. Look at how excited they are for every bit of news they get about Luffy! I have a feeling those giant books with ‘Ace’ on the binders are scrap books of newspaper clippings and photos of Ace when he was out pirating and making the news. Maybe some when Ace was staying with them on Mt. Corvo. Now they’re full attention and support is on Luffy and his adventures and as you can tell Luffy is damn well making them proud!

Don't cry Megalo, they're not calling you fat...just...enormous...! >_>

The chapter starts right where it left off from 614. Luffy has convinced Princess Shirahoshi to go out for a “walk” to the Sea Forest just in time for the Minister of Right and Brook to witness Luffy’s escape. When they check to see the princesses’ condition they find her to be gone. Now who’s the last person to be seen in her room and busting out riding her shark going “Wheeeeeeee lololol!!!!”? Luffy. Why do I have a feeling the SH’s will at least take part of the blame for this “kidnapping”?

Lol, I wonder if anyone can spot the reference for the very last line.

Meanwhile the bloody humans are gathering around demanding that they open the connecting corridor that will allow unknown forces to invade the Ryuuguu Palace. They are acting out of fear from the threat of being killed by “them”. Alright, so let’s deduce this. We know Decken threw them and we now know how his powers work. He has two hands (too bad he doesn’t have multiple hands like he has multiple legs) and can only memorize 2 targets at a time. Coolio, and we know he only uses one hand (his left) to memorize any new targets and probably to touch himself at night because otherwise he’d mess up his sync with Princess Shirahoshi.

Now how do the humans feel threatened when they’re…relatively safer behind the bubbles of the Ryuuguu Kingdom? They can just explain that Van Der Decken targeted them at the Princess and they were sent to open the connecting corridor but hey, they’d rather just return home now! Hell, the jail would even be better than being threatened and killed by the New Fishmen Pirates. There’s no other way that they could have gotten here and from the Princesses’ explanation of Decken’s power the palace seems to know what Decken can do. How do the humans feel threatened when only the last person to be thrown should have been memorized by Decken’s targeting system? All the other humans should be safe from any targeting once the next person was picked up and thrown. If the connecting corridor is closed then the New Fishmen Pirates can’t even invade the place so really the humans don’t really “have” to listen to Decken at this point as they think. Unless…the New Fishman Pirates have something else up their fins…


Anyway, we catch up with Sanji and Chopper who just kicked a lot of ass and lo’ and behold they find a bloody Hachi! Lol, why am I not surprised? Every time we see Hachi ever since Arlong Park the man is either bloody or captured. The first time this happened to him we were like, “Yeah, awesome job Zoro!” The second time we were like, “Damn Tenryuubito!” Now the third time we’re just like, “What the hell Hachi? Just stay inside and arm wrestle with yourself.” ~_~


Nah I’m just kidding, Hachi’s a cool guy and well known too as we find out when he reminisces on the past and we get to see exactly what happened. Apparently Hachi ispretty famous for being on Arlong’s crew and being one of Arlong’s officers. He was “looked up to” by Hodi himself actually. Now though they think he’s gone weak and sympathizes with the humans. Hachi makes a great point here though.

1 point for Hachi.

If Fishmen are so superior to humans then why did one (Arlong himself) lose on a 1 on 1 fight to a human? Luffy beating Arlong was what really opened Hachi’s eyes to this. I have a feeling Hachi was already convinced humans were good people because he was fraternizing with Shakky and Rayleigh since he was a kid. When he was with Arlong he might have liked humans like a man likes his dog but looked at them as a inferior species. Not anymore.

Also, you know that cool drunken swordsman that has been superior to Hachi since forever? Hachi was talking about him hundreds and hundreds of chapters back.

This is a really interesting group. A group of Fishmen who looked up to Arlong and learned from his mistakes. A group composed of people who were too young to go out pirating and of people who were offered the chance but refused because of their own personal reasons. I wonder what Arlong would do if he was here. I really want to see what’s up with that guy now. I wonder how he would feel towards fellow Fishmen who attacked one of his fellow officers. I wonder how he would feel towards Hachi who “sympathizes” with humans. On a side note this attack reminds me of the multiple arrows that struck Luffy in the 6th movie.

Oda's just loving this...

Hachi survives of course because if he died now how could he could he be bloodied and beaten in the future? He also, like Jimbei, is trying to warn the SH’s of some impending doom coming from the New Fishmen Pirates. I’m really curious as to why they’re so much of a threat. If Jimbei with the combined forces of the SH’s get together should they not be able to destroy the New Fishmen Pirates? Not to mention the Neptune Army.

TMI Jimbei...

Lastly the chapter ends with Princess Shirahoshi mentioning the reason for her wanting to go to the Sea Forest. It is where her mother, Queen Otohime, is buried. There’s something about an uproar on Fishman Island and an assassination attempt 10 years ago. For 10 years the princess has been behind closed doors because of her Van Der Decken. Do these events coincide? Most likely yes.

That ends this weeks breakdown. Here’s your demotivational poster. These things take time to think of. xD Comment, predict, and enjoy! 😀


1.) Kid Hachi with young Shakky: Chapter 0 page 19;

2.) Hachi the 2nd Strongest Swordsman On Fishman Island; Chapter 84 Page 17;

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  1. “Also, you know that cool drunken swordsman that has been superior to Hachi since forever? Hachi was talking about him hundreds and hundreds of chapters back.”

    I, I… Goddamn. i know we say Oda never forgets, but ODA NEVER FUCKING FORGETS! i mean, i had completely forgotten hachi’s line from way back wthen. this means that Oda already had some of the fishman island arc, or at least hyozou’s character partially planned since back then! just… wow oda. This is why One Piece is my #1 manga, way more them Naruto or Bleach.

    The new anime episode is finally out, and it is EPIC. Everything plays out perfectly, i espescally liked the buildup to Coby’s awesome moment. The animation was off a few times, but overall it was great. glad we actually got to see some of Sengoku and Garp vs Blackbeard Pirates. Next ep is the end of the war, so it will probably be slow.

    Nice breakdown again Super! i lol’d seeing the hachi list. as forthe human pirates, most likely one of the fishman has some ability that has forced the poor thrown guys to carry out Hodi’s plan. like planting bombs in their bodies or something like that.

  2. First !! .. Commenting on OP after a long time. Awesome chapters, and awesome breakdowns dude.

    LMAO at Oda’s list..

    Seriously, I am kinda surprised that Jinbe thinks Luffy will listen to him and not fight.

    I don’t think this arc will offer any villains serious enough to challenge luffy (maybe with some handicap,like fighting fishmen on drugs in water).

    I am in huge favour of the mermaid princess joining the crew, she’d complete the cast of the most eccentric pirate crew in OP world.

  3. I luv your breakdowns Super. You find things that I never even glance at once like the Ace scrapbooks for instance.

    Im really liking how this arc is coming out.

    Oh and I bet Jinbei swore on his life to protect the Queen and failed at that too :/

  4. this week’s Badass One Piece Picture from…uh…Idk.

    Seems to be from an artist named Uirou from Pixiv.

  5. @Takashid: Oh yeah, Oda definitely had at least a few thoughts about Fishmen Island and its characters back then because even before they reached Arlong Park Sanji mentioned Fishmen Island and all the beautiful mermaids. xD

    Unfortunately I haven’t caught up with the anime yet but I’m excited to start after hearing all of these positive reviews. I stopped right after the Whitebeard death episode because I just got lazy and forgot about anime for a few weeks.

    @Toomuch: I’m going to argue against and for Shirahoshi joining the crew. Princess Shirahoshi would be one crazy addition to the crew and I’m not talking about normal Straw Hat Crew crazy. I’m talking about ridiculous crazy. She wouldn’t fit on the boat and that’s where most of the crew life is experienced and shared. Wouldn’t it be awkward to be a part of the crew but live, sleep, and travel under them all the time? Besides, she’s no fighter. Everyone on the crew can fight, even Usopp. Even Princess Vivi could fight and I was glad she didn’t join the crew. Glad in a, ‘Yeah, go rule your kingdom that’s the best decision’ kinda way. I just can’t see the princess joining them. The SH’s are a bunch of rebels, pirates, and outcasts. Shirahoshi is a… princess.

    I can, and most of the time, be wrong about predictions so if you get the chance make me eat my words. 😉 That’s if she does join the crew.

    As for going for your argument this fine fellow seems to be doing fine as a too big member of his crew.

    So it’s not far-fetched of an idea at all and totally workable. We already have a living skeleton, talking reindeer, and a cyborg so a Mermaid Princess would not be more awkward than usual.

    In the end I’m going for not joining though.

    @Pumpkin: Well I’m glad I can point out stuff for anyone who might miss it. I also love it when others point out things for me in the comments section so it’s a 2 way street.

    If Jimbei failed at something else I’m going to start questioning his capabilities…>_>

    @Gunslinger: Sweet, thanks and nice find! ;D

    @Everyone: Thanks for the comments.

  6. Super: The minute i saw Shirahosi i thought “well if luffy recruits her to the crew then we know who San juan wolf will be fighting.” but going by her personality i doubt it. I want her to join, just for the crazy that would happen (Neptunes reaction would be priceless), and because WE NEED ANOTHER GIRL ON THE CREW!!! plus, it seems obvious to me that Oda has planned out her character quite a bit in advance, with her being mentioned back in thriller bark. As for comparing her to vivi, Shirahoshi’s situation is different. Vivi was the only heir to the throne, if she left then there could have been a sucsession crisis. There are three princes, so that wont happen here. and Vivi mostly stayed behind because the country really needed her after the wars that had torn it up. Even if Decken and Hodi do that much damage (which i doubt) the princes are better equipped to stay behind and take care of the country. Plus she is sheltered and interested in the outside world. it only takes a bit more development for the word “dream” to appear from that point and then… So, id say she has a pretty good shot at joining compared to anyone else we have meet in this arc, but she would need to show some fighting skills and toughen up a little (though being with luffy should help with this) before id consider it a sure thing.

  7. Also, maybe shirahosi will find a way to change size, so that she could fit on the ship? if she could go from human size to giant that would make it easier for her to really be part if the crew.

  8. @takashid, Exactly what I thought too, But right now Shirahoshi(cute ,timid ,huge cry baby) vs San Juan wolf(Immense, Crazy, idiotic looking ) is too much of a mismatch. In fact if my sense of size is right, even though shirahoshi is large she will probably be not bigger than San’s legs. Remember San is bigger than oars, who himself was twice as big as giants who would be on the same scale as Shirahoshi.

    In fact I have always thought that the strawhats need a huge crew mate with ‘water’ capabilities. I thought Laboon was the answer as two of the crew members (Robin and one more) were not on grand line and would have to cross that magic mountain thingy, and hence bringing Laboon along. But sadly that turned out to be wrong 😦

    BTW,OP world must be really small if people could travel half the world on a sail boat in significantly less than a year.

  9. It’s out!!!

  10. van der decken is gonna die… although luffys gonna get a hard time since hes in a bubble but van der decken needs a bubble too.
    so everythings finally ready to get the fighting started and to see some quality one vs one fights.

    and we might get some info on the “blank century” i wonder if it will be anything usefull.

  11. VDD is gonna get some ass whooping!!!

  12. “We already have a living skeleton, talking reindeer, and a cyborg”

    All that’s left is a ninja

  13. Next chapter will start with zoro angrily arguing with Nami and Usopp after having thrashed Hodi and his group off screen 😛

  14. also, ODA NEVER FORGETS!!! (from the cover story)

  15. @Takashid, ok WTF is up with ODA

  16. Yeah, I forgot about that little girl existed, lol, so I especially would never remember that Marine. Well, Oda draws all these characters and puts his heart into this manga, so understandably he’d remember them because they’re that important. Even the minor characters you’d never think would make another appearance.

    That Marine is awesome though. He’s the guy that let Luffy and Zoro go, and let Coby join the Marines despite Coby being friends with pirates.

    Hmm…well…at least I think it’s him. Don’t quote me on it!

    @Kisu: Ninjas and pirates just can’t get along.

    @Chapter: This chapter got me very excited for the battles that are about to ensue. I’m already trying to figure out who’s going to be fighting who in my head. It seems so sudden though. 1 minute the New Fishmen Pirates are back at their base throwing arrows at Hodi and the next minute they’re in the palace facing down the SH’s and King Neptune. Btw, the SH’s should let King Neptune go and let him rip!

    I’m definitely disappointed in this Neptune “Army”. What army!? Some royal palace guards and street police all taken out by the SH’s!? Even if the army is so spread out they can’t get to the palace in time or know what’s going on at least show us that. It looks like there’s little to no resistance on part of the Ryuuguu Kingdom.

    Besides that I’m glad to hear that Robin’s about to discover another Poneleglyph and Franky already ran into Tom’s brother. I wonder if he can fight…>_>

    No, this is not a bid for Den to join the crew. xD

  17. im against den joining just cause he would steal franky’s job. they already have a carpenter, we dont need another one when we have a ROBOT!!! XD

    that is indeed the marine who let them go and let coby join even with a questionable past. Oda knows how to leave an impression, i forgot most of that arc but remembered him because of that kindness.

    Also, super, give neptunes army a chance, this is only the first chapter setting up the fights. most of the army’s strength is in the prince’s and they are off trying to fufill zolo’s demands.

  18. also lol i like the way Neptune thinks “thats it! maybe megalo put her in his mouth!” “No way king, nobody would be dumb enough to do that!” ….XDDDDDDDDDDD luffy

  19. That MARINE needs to be jailed and executed for letting pirates as dangerous as those guys go free and adding a guy with a questionable past into the MARINES. That’s right baby, Kisu hates Pirates (except Crocodile) and loves the MARINES. Word.

  20. Kisu: …but you don’t like Coby?

  21. LOL, yeah if Akainu found out how Coby joined the Marines he’d definitely execute him and Commander Ripper (the Marine in the cover story). Especially since Coby got in Akainu’s way during the war and told him, an admiral, to “stop”! Damn Coby, you better hope he doesn’t care.

    @Takashid: The princes are the strongest in the army but it doesn’t say anywhere that they make up most of the army’s strength. They may be strong components of the army but they could make up only 1/4 of the total army’s strength, and still be the strongest individually.

  22. @Takashid, yeah Coby’s a pretty cool guy 🙂

    It doesn’t excuse him though :-/

  23. kisu: im pretty sure that his circumstances excuse him, not like Coby wanted to be a pirate, he was basically a slave. and even if his past came to light now, i think a recomendation from Garp “The Hero of the Marines” would be enough to clear him of suspicion.

  24. @KISU: ” “We already have a living skeleton, talking reindeer, and a cyborg”
    All that’s left is a ninja” ”

    Don´t forget we could probably get a shinigami, everybody is trying be a part of this awesome manga, hahahahaha.

    Casting for new crew member’s are open, so everyone is trying to leave their present manga to be in this one, talking about a change of work….

  25. The breakdown’s going to be out tonight. I got caught up in a some crazy debate in the Naruto thread…>_>

    Lol, what did I say the breakdown would be up last night? I meant to say I’m just doing a double breaky. *whistles*

  26. Maybe no One Piece this week

    mangastream MangaStream
    I’m hearing that One Piece was not printed in this week’s Jump. If that’s true, expect Bleach around when OP usually hits, and OP next week.

    noo it better not be true >.>

  27. Noooooo!! I can’t bear this.. damn you Oda.. At least tell us in advance when you go off on vacations.. I am off to my depression corner..

  28. I’m just worried that something happened to Oda! there wasn’t anything in the last chapter mentioning a break, yet no One Piece came out. I hope Oda didn’t have an accident or something.

  29. @Takashid, maybe Tite slipped him the Kool Aid

  30. i heard OP wasnt released this week because super didnt do his breakdown O.o

  31. Those rumors are founded on heresay. >_>

  32. on the other hand super now has an extra week and one less chapter to worry about, so surely we should see the new breakdown out soon right?

  33. Hahahahahaha, daaamn. U guys are straight up on Super’s case for the breakdown. I know how you all feel, his breakdowns are awesome 😀 No pressure super but hopefully the breakdown comes out soon.
    I’ve missed posting on this site. Really have.
    One Piece never ceases to amaze me and keep me on edge.
    And the anime is not far behind the manga. Can’t wait to see the Fishman Island in the anime 😀

  34. xdtoks: im more looking forword to seeing the Sabo flashback animated. Usually the anime team doesnt pad to much filler into main character flashbacks. This one does have a lot of filler potential though, so who knows.

  35. Nuuuo super your to late with ur breakdown >.>
    The chapter is out!

  36. meh ok chapter hoped for something better after 2 weeks tho >.>

  37. u serious fear!???!? it was so epic… next chapter will b over 9000!

  38. Superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…

  39. all i need now is a lot of robin and franky and i’ll be happy

  40. SUUUUPEEEEERRRRRR!!!!!! ^(>_>)^

    Ok, after 2 weeks it was a bit of a let down for me only because I expected to see some fights. Looks like we’ll get to that soon and Zoro’s up first? o_O The chapter ended rather abruptly and no matter how many times I read it, it just stops sort of too quickly.

    Overall though Oda manages to still put great comedy in each chapter (Princess Shirahosi being puked out of Megalo’s mouth at the most inopportune time and Neptune giving up his soldiers xD). That panel of Zoro facing off Hodi was epic and was probably the best part about that chapter. I wonder where Nami ran off too… A good chapter definitely.

  41. Super: i dont think One Piece has ever NOT had a good chapter! seriously, i cant think of any chapter that made me rage like this weeks Bleach.

  42. Great chapter.. a little too short maybe.. But thats how One piece chapters mostly are. It more than makes up for its slow pace by an actual PLOT and consistently good comedy.

    @taka I am surprised you haven’t given up on bleach.. Ever since I did that I am much happier .. 🙂 .. I just might give up on Naruto too if it goes on like this for another month..

  43. toomuchconfusionism: actually im the reverse of you, i have all but dropped Naruto these days. Pain was my favorite character, and after the terrible ending to the Pain arc, i just lost most of my love for Naruto right there. I still read the chapters, but i dont do anything in the fandom anymore. With Bleach Kubo makes me rage, usually over his terrible pacing, but he hasnt yet betrayed my expectations on such a massive scale as kishi did with the ending to the pain arc. i still have some hope that Bleach can be good again.

  44. for me im starting to give up on naruto cuz i hated the ending of pein arc as well, though I love mizukage, and i liked kisame vs. gai (though i wish kisame won), the war is boring though. As for bleach, i kinda stopped liking it when hitsugaya was still alive after fighting 3rd espada, and then the fact that the vaizards sucked. but most of all, the second tousen turned into a cricket… awful… the only plus since then was when gin showed his real bankai

  45. @Takashid, I hope you’re okay dude. 😦

    I’m indifferent to Naruto right now. Yep, I’m just a zombie reading these chapters. They rarely spark any emotions in me. Bleach on the other hand hahahaha

  46. Well, since Super still hasnt posted his breakdown and made this page obsolete, and we are talking about bleach and Naruto’s downfalls, im gonna rant a bit. I need the chance to let some of this out lol. This will be a long comment that i would not blame anyone for avoiding.

    With Bleach, for me it felt like it started to get stupid right after Ulquiorra died. lol i know im biased, but even though Ichithing was such a terrible dues ex Machina, Ulquiorra’s really touching scene with Orihime made up for it partially. Plus i was able to accept Ichithing easier then some of the other blatent ass pulls we got later on because ichigo was the main character. However literally RIGHT after Ulquiorra dies, we get the Yammy=0 thing, which had potential at first, but then turned out to be completly pointless. Then we get hallibel, the only espada who has almost as little character as Zommari(#7). She has been kicking Hitsugaya around the town this entire fight, even though he is in bankai. bad-ass, sure. but then when she releases… not only do we get the “ice clone” BS, but halibel gets weaker!! i mean look at the fight, after she releases, Hitsugaya is suddenly even with her speed and strength, and Halibel never uses that super fast slash that killed the clone again. Baragan was grossly misused, this was the guy who should hav broken the “no death in Bleach” rule like how Akainu broke it in One Piece. His power was incredible, yet all he did was chase Omeda around. He doesn’t even try to destroy the pillars! Starrk = death by shikai. that’s all im going to say there. anyway, to me all these ass pulls bcame more apparent after Ulquiorra died. maybe its just that i was stilled pissed about ulquiorras death (which i was, and still am) but it feels like kubo got lazy, and just started to force everything in the arc to a close, common sense, characterization and story be dammed! Like i said, i still have hope Bleach can be better again, especially since Kubo refused to confirm that Ulquiorra was dead. lol if anyone read this far, red this fic, its hilarious:

    Anyway, This new arc with the fullbringers isn’t helping me get over HM. Kubo is spamming us with new characters after rushing to end the HM arc, and making it seem like all the characters from there don’t matter. He doesnt tell us what happened to Nel, or why ichigo isnt a douche for abandoning her after she was practically Nakama. and kensei remains in the plot hole he fell into the moment he released his bankai, with us having no clue where he is or what happened to him. Why should i care about any of these new people if i know that they will be treated the same way as the espada and visards were?

    Naruto is something that i feel i would have stopped loving no matter what, because i have grown out of the target age group. Im not a little kid anymore, and kishi has really dumbed down his story lately. He places characters in serious, dark character dilemmas that echo many situations in real life and then has them make the most unrealistic choice to deal with it. And of course he makes them succeed! The pain arc was is the biggest example of this, but not the only one. Pain raised serious questions to Naruto, about the circle of hatred and the nature of the world. He asked Naruto what his answer to that was, and in the end Naruto basically said “well i get what your saying, but i still believe in Ero sennin. Dont worry though Pain, once i become hokage i will ~magically~ create world peace XD. just like that. So, you know, could you turn good now?” like… really? i wont go into how Pains character was basically destroyed at the end of the arc, thats another rant. The other moments that stood out for me like this, and killed what little love i had left was the Sasuke/hokage meeting arc. Naruto is told by many people that Sasuke has become a batshit insane terrorist. Sasuke backs up these claims by slaughtering samurai and trying to kill the world leaders of the biggest countries in the world. Naruto then collapses, having a seizure fit of some sort over this. Our hero lady’s and gentlemen! Then Naruto sees him trying to kill Sakura and kakashi and Sasuke outright tells him that he wants to slaughter all of konoha. Naruto’s response is that he will kill both himself and sasuke ala Romeo and Juliet. he even says they will be together in death or something. what. the. fuck.!? im sitting there going “hmm, i thought i was reading Naruto, when did i switch to a badly written yaoi fanfic?” Sakura, hearing this is for some reason happy, and says that she now has hope that they will all be together again someday………… well clearly Sakura has become seriously mentally ill, but hanging around Naruto she was bound to catch it. And, All this is presnted to the reader as being 100% morally right. it makes no sense, and i dont see how this would make sense even to little kids. its so out there, i dont even know why i should root for Naruto anymore.
    Blah. well, that was cathartic. if anyone actually read all that i commend you.

  47. great rant Takashid!

  48. @Takashid

    I read it all and you should be happy you got that off your chest. 😀

    About the end of the pein arc… I was disappointed by it too. How could Naruto have changed Nagato’s ideals with a five minute speech?!?
    He said “I’ll believe in what Jiraiya believed in”. Beliefs bring you far, but you need to do something too. He didn’t say what he planned to do and, like you said, he wanted to magically create peace.

    Sasuke/Hokage meeting arc
    Even though I think Naruto is becoming emo, I understand why he didn’t kill Sasuke.
    Naruto doesn’t want to kill Sasuke because he can’t accept the fact they’re not friends anymore and thinks Sasuke is his friend. Would you kill a friend?
    Anyway, I think Naruto’s an idiot for not noticing that Sasuke hates him. Do friends try to kill other friends? No, they don’t.
    Sasuke’s still redeemable and Naruto should try to save him, but if he kills (or tries to kill) someone innocent again then he’s crossed the line between “insane, but redeemable” and “insanely evil” and he should be stopped.

  49. Kisu: why thank you 🙂 it was nice to get that rant off my chest.

    Dragon:(is it bad that i immediately think of Dragon from One Piece when i see your user-name? lol)
    Besides the extreme character derailment that happened to Pain, (which as i said is for another rant, and you already pointed it out, changing him with a five minute talk example: that was my main problem with Naruto’s answer. (the answer that convinced Nagato to KILL HIMSELF AND REVIVE THE VILLAGE THAT KILLED HIS PARENTS) Naruto said he wasn’t going to give up. ok. he understood that the world was as bad as Nagato said it was, but was going to believe in Jiriya and keep trying. good. he even said he would not kill Nagato, which truly impressed me. But he never says one word as to what he will do to make peace a reality. Nagato plan, though flawed would have reduced conflicts, while Naruto just has NO plan. in the end, he basically tells Nagato the same thing he told Negi in their first fight; “ill make it happen once i become hokage” Um Naruto? Pain has been a leader of a country for 20 years, and that hasn’t ~magically~ fixed things, for his country or the world. we see in the hokage meeting arc that apparently Naruto’s idea of foreign relations is to bow in the snow and cry if the other country wont listen to him, so maybe that’s his plan? its unique, ill give him that.

    As for Sasuke: i do think that in the end kishi will have Naruto “redeem” Sasuke, i just dont think it will be even slightly believable anymore. Sasuke has already killed Danzo, easily 30-40 samurai, people with family’s though kishi tries not to point that out, and nearly karin, Sakura and Kakashi. He also abandoned Suigetsu and Juugo, after they risked their lives and saved his against killerbee. Really the karin thing showed that he was not pretty foar gone, he was just GONE, pure crazy evil. just:
    Karin is the biggest example because she did so much for him. she helped him, she obeyed all his orders and saved his life several times when he was on the brink of death and loved him. Sasuke being Sasuke, i have no doubt that he was aware of her feelings, at least on some level. Yet he stabs her without hesitation, as he would have done with any of his team. And Naruto’s response to Sasuke showed that he was aware that Sasuke hated him and had gone full evil. His response to this was to say that he would kill Sasuke and die himself, basically spitting on all the promises he has made for when he becomes hokage, to Negi to change his clan, to tsunade to be a great hokage, and most importantly and recently, his promise to Nagato and Jiriya to find World Peace!!! In my opinion Naruto should have taken responsibility for sasuke and resolved to kill him in the memory of the good person Sasuke used to be, and to prevent him from hurting anyone else. Anyway, ive started to rant again, so ill stop here. thanks for reading my super long comment, hope this reply isn’t too long.

  50. @_@ One Piece Brings all Together – Naruto vs Bleach vs One Piece… You should all know that Soul Eater is the best of all 😀 !! ^_^

    Naruto – Pissed off after Pein died and the way the war seems to be won with hours of talk and all my fav bad@$$ character being made to look like fools by the “next gen” crap… Though story is progressing and I still feel some excitement when I read it and look forward to the next chapters, though the war has made it quiet predictable…

    Bleach – Slow story, its one of those things you read the last month of Bleach and you compare it to Naruto you will see the difference, Bleach is taking too long to move and its getting annoying cause I stop seeing the point in reading it, when Kisu does the breakdown covering most of what happens in like 4 paragraphs not even…

    One Piece – Haven’t read at all so cannot say…

    Soul Eater – Gets forgotten since its a monthly manga but it is one of the best ones out I think at the moment, it has its pervy bits for fanservice 😉 and a daker back story… Madness the most general theme…

    Soul Eater Not! – Not up to standards with soul eater but as the original had gotten more and more dark this one has almost tried to even out the spectrum with some what fan service and lots of humor.

    Fairy Tail – Only just started reading but seems like a decent Manga to get into as its not too far along yet…


    I think that is all @_@


  51. “One Piece – Haven’t read at all so cannot say…”

    😛 what is this fuckery. how an you deny yourself such awesomeness? you must remedy this post haste!!

    lol but seriously, its really an amazing series, it does everything right for a shonen series, and only gets consistently better over time, unlike Bleach and Naruto. its a long series, but never has pacing troubles like Bleach. And it can switch from hilariously ridiculous to heartrendingly sad instantly. definatly read up to the arlong arc at least, to see if you like it.

    P.S. Soul eater is one of my all time faves as well. i love how the madness theme plays out and how Okubo can sometimes go really OUT THERE, with weird crazy shit. and all the characters kick ass. i cant think of any of them i dont like.

    Hey Super! we have been reduced to bashing other series down here, you gonna post a new breakdown anytime soon?

  52. Sorry guys, I’m going to put the One Piece Breakdowns on hiatus for now. You all can continue to talk about the recent chapters here and all that good stuff.

  53. I stopped liking Bleach when the protagonist died and became a bazillion times stronger from the annoying cries of boobhime.

    Naruto PART I to me was a masterpiece….but ever since the time skip started its had its share of ups and downs in the story. I hate the fact that people just cant STAY dead. Sure its awesome that Edo Tensei can bring back dead ninja armies but it shouldnt be possible! Kabutomaru should be dead w/o chakra or at least show some sort of weakness from summoning so many ninjas, And dont even get me started on the atrocious ending to the Pain Arc. More than the fact that Nagato killed himself over a stupid speech…..ALL the dead ninja were revived. WTF!!! That stuff is so little kiddish I almost quit Naruto right then and there. And Naruto’s fangirlism over Sasuke is retarded beyond all words especially when its clear that Sasuke has gone insane.


    One Piece and Soul Eater are <33333 😉

    I'd dare say One Piece is the greatest Shonen manga in existence. I dont think Ive ever laughed or cried so hard in a series.


  55. Taka – I would but 615 chapters is a bit steep, I would watch the anime, (like I did with bleach) to catch up but I seem to never have the time for that either. but its on my to read list… the thing I liked about Naruto was that people died… (kinda) and when someone was revived it was by the sacrifice of another, but Pein revived like a whole Village and somehow the bodies where there, I mean a massive explotion, buildings completely destroyed but no ninja bodies whee stronger… I think Kishi gonna pull this crap again with Sasuke. He will revive everyone bla from the war. or something… I wish someone hit him with a “this is not Dragon Ball” speech. He cheapened the death of all those characters basically from chapter one T_T

  56. Super: wow Oda is awesome! He is really a great guy. how much is that in dollers?

  57. Oda is a pretty cool guy. He donates money and doesn’t afraid of anything

    @pumpkin, nah I think that title still belongs to Dragonball 😉

  58. 182,000 dollars about

  59. Pein: Oh god, can you imagine? some horribly chessy thing where sasuke finally dies(right after turing good again of course) and is revived by love or soem will of fire BS? ugh do not want. Yeah, besides Nagato getting derailed, the fact that everyone was revived made everything cheap. like now in the latest arc, if kakashi gets close to death, i wont be worried unless its against tobi or sasuke. even then, i would doubt that it could happen.

    As for One Piece, the translations for the early chapters online are kinda bad, so i would suggest starting with the anime. I prefer the manga cause i think the anime adds too much filler padding to stretch out there episodes. The manga never has such pacing issues. Anyway, i agree that over 600 chapters is intimidating. My recommendation is that you start at the beginning and read/watch up too the arlong arc. the first few arcs are good, but the arlong arc is where shit really starts happening. Usually a good why to know if someone is going to be into One Piece is to have them read up to the Arlong arc. if they still don’t like it then maybe its not for them.

    pumpkin: Did you read my mind? 😛 i swear we have the same thoughts!
    “That stuff is so little kiddish I almost quit Naruto right then and there.”
    Exactly. that + my favorite character getting completly character derailed and killing himself= all my love for Naruto shriveling up in a corner and dying. after bursting into flame. and being nuked.

    “I stopped liking Bleach when the protagonist died and became a bazillion times stronger from the annoying cries of boobhime.”
    again, that + favorite character dying, except this character got a more touching send off and partly fulfilled his character development= Me still having hope Bleach can come back.

    I agree that Part 1 was great. Negi and Chouji’s fights still stand out to me as some of the best in anime. Neji’s was especially touching ad cool. I think the worst thing that has happened in part 2 is that aside from shikamaru none of the old side characters get the attention they used to or get to do anything interesting.

  60. I dunno about soul eater.. but as far as I am concerned 600 chapters of one piece will be too short if anything. I started reading one piece at about chapter 550.. I read the first 100 chapters in two days and the next 450 chapters in 3 days!! .. If anything I kept feeling that “Oh no !!within 200 chapters I will be up to date and will have only one chapter per week.”..

    And I have reread the whole thing at least about 4 times, the best thing about one piece is it never gets boring, even when you reread it..

  61. lol check out this interview with Oda and Akira Toriyama. Its funny Oda seems to know more about DBZ than Toriyama himself 😀

    @Takashid, I’d feel really jerked around if Kishi does that in the end. I’d forever think Bleach was a better series and Kubo was better than Kishi. Oh, and I hated the Arlong Arc, Captain Kuro Arc…hmmm I hated every Arc before they met Smoker, except for the Don Kried Arc. When I first started reading Krieg was my favorite character, then I realized he was one of those throaway villain thingies so I moved on to Smoker and Crocodile 😛

    @toomuchconfusionism, lol that’s my relationship with DBZ and Yuyu Hakusho! They never get old no matter how many times I watch them. Especially DBZ

  62. @ Taka – What I mean is that Nagato could use that Statue thingy and Madara seems to be pushing Sasuke to the same capabilities, what would piss me off even more is him doing an exact mirror of Pein and using it to revive the people that died in the war… I would then give up on Naruto and like Kisu said say Bleach is the greatest of all time 😛

    @ Too much – I feel like that about Death Note.

  63. pein: yeah, if that happens i think at this point i will just be laughing. hard. seriously that would be the ultimite troll.

    Kisu: yes well your biased towards smoker, so you dont count 😛 lol what i ment is the arlong arc is the first one where shit gets really real and luffy and the crew have a more personal reason to fight the villain. To this day, one of my favorite moments in One Piece is the part where luffy lists all the talents he does not have (which just have to be all the talents his crewmates DO have) and arlong says if he is so pathetic why is he capain? “what can you do!?” he asks luffys response with a full smile is “i can beat you.” still gives me chills remembering that part. not just becaus of the lines or drama, but for how perfectly it shows luffys “talent”.
    as for that interview LOL
    “Q: Let us begin, Oda sensei, please explain how you feel about Toriyama sensei?

    Oda: Of course, he’s god! He is in an entirely different dimension. All in all, he’s just too good at drawing!”

    LMAO I Love Oda man. he is so crazy fun, i always enjoy reading SBS in the manga volumes just to read the crazy answers he comes up with or ways he can come up with to dodge a question.

  64. LOL, you know I’ve seen that interview before but I never read the whole thing until now. Those two guys have a great relationship together as fellow artists who respect and appreciate each other’s work. It’s nice to see Oda pay homage and praise to his…basically a hero and role model for his career.

    @Kisu: I’m curious. Have you read or watched the whole of One Piece yet? I know you caught up by using One Piece wikia and started actually reading later in the manga.

    @Pein: Don’t do what Kisu did…>_>

    As Takashid said the anime is much better than the earlier translated chapters of One Piece…becausde they’re poor in quality.

    @Kisu again: Back to the point, did you see/read all of the Don Krieg Arc and Arlong Arc? If so and you still don’t like the arcs that’s fine but if you’ve only expereinced them through wikia then I implore you to give them another try through the manga or anime. Anyway, I’m assuming you didn’t read or watch those earlier episodes because usually people loved that stuff.

    You may be the fine exception.

  65. @Super, I watched those arcs in the anime. My mind nearly sploded when I watched everything from episode 1-that filler right after Skypiea (I also watched the 4kids dub up to Luffy vs Crocodile the third time, lol sweat). I gave up and just read summaries after that. But then I started watching the anime again from 402-until I caught up with where I started reading the manga; Smoker vs Hancock. Maybe I’ll actually read the entire series someday.

    @pein, don’t do what I did >_>

    @Takashid, Luffy’s answer makes perfect sense. Ass Kicking = Atoreteh!


    One Piece is out

    HAHAHAHAHA! I was right! Hodi is crud without his pills!

  67. that was… that was…
    OMFG!!! ODA could you be more awesome!? so much shit happened in this chapter!!! (take notes kubo) luffy owning van der, zolo owning hodi, nami heading to the sea forest. jus Damn! i have to say that luffys awesomeness is almost enough to knock me out. he put the beat down on decken while still tied up (though i bet he could have broke the ropes if he wanted to) Also, Sanji turning to stone LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL -somewhere in the world Boa hancock just felt a disturbence in the force-

    Kisu: i think its less that Hodi is weak, but that zolo (and the rest of the crew) are JUST THAT STRONG!!! hell yeah! most likely next chapter hodi will be down but not dead, and use his pills.

  68. @Takashid, lol but isn’t that what weakness is?

    It was a great chapter though. I wonder when Nami will finally get over herself. Sure Arlong ruined your life, but the rest of his life has been ruined now thanks to you, GET OVER IT. Sheesh >_>

  69. kisu: are you… are you seriously siding with arlong? i mean i know you have a thing for villains, but wtf dude? he enslaved multiple islands for at least a decade, killed anyone who had a weapon (weapon here being a single sword) and was an incredible racist. nami is more then justifed in hating him, and i doubt shes going to “get over” her mothers execution in front of her when she was a child or her 10 or so years of slaving away in service to arlong.

  70. Epic chapter was epic. That color spread!!! I’m still looking at it.

    Sanji’s reaction was hilarious.

    Luffy kicking ass was awesome.

    Nami heading over to get the information from Jimbei got me curious and wanting more to know about Hodi and this whole background dealing with the queen (whatever happened 10 years ago).

    And Zoro cutting down Hodi UNDERWATER so serenely was so gratifying.

    Action, comedy, plot development, amazing drawings. Great chapter. The only thing that it was missing was Robin and Franky…>_> But I’m more curious about what Robin will find with the Poneglyph than Franky getting the boat coated over with a new bubble. He may be talking to Jimbei already though…

  71. Btw Everyone! there were some bad translations in the chapter that have now been fixed. Most importantly, Keimi does not say that there are people stronger then Hodi, she says that Hodi’s mind is more dangerous then his strength. Also, Luffy doesnt say that he hates Fishman island, but just wonders why they all seem to hate him. I just reread the chapter and it makes a lot more sense like that.

  72. @Takashid, no I’m not siding with him. He was lame. I’m saying its been 400+ chapters since then, she should get over it. Especially since justice caught up with Arlong….

    ….nah I’m kidding. I was just trolling 😛

  73. lol kisu i was surprised especially because it seemed like you were favoring a Complete Monster type of Villain when you usually support the Magnificent Bastards.

  74. Guys, I think that Jimbei is warning luffy about hodi because he has some connection with Big Mama.

  75. Hey guys, i just had a thought after seeing the latest One Piece episode. It seems like the marines didnt tell the general public that Blackbeard got away? the camera’s apparently shut down, and all the world was told is that the Marines “won”. That’s what i think anyway, because otherwise why would they be celebrating? Blackbeard is much worse then Whitebeard and he has the same power now! one threat has been replaced with a much worse threat, seems stupid that the public wouldn’t realize this. So i guess the marines just let everyone think BB and his crew were defeated?

  76. So, I just saw the latest episode of the anime, and I was mostly happy with it. It can be kind of anti-climactic to know where the anime’s story is moving before it gets there, but I still like to see what parts of the manga receive more or less emphasis in the anime. It can help me notice things I missed before. Such as: why did Law leave his sword stuck into Luffy’s operating table? Does it have special medicinal properties? Is it just supposed to look cool?
    I also liked the face Luffy made before he ripped out of the sub. He looked like had been watching a little too much Hellsing of somethin’. Really, an eye like a dinner plate. Someone, make a meme out of that. Hop to it.
    Also, I always imagined Luffy speaking a bit faster while he spoke with Jimbei in the forest. Maybe sharply cutting him off a few times. It didn’t play out as tensely as I thought it would have. Also, no Jimbei-tear as Luffy wails? Come on now. I demand a weeping former warlord fishman karate master.

  77. One Piece 619 is out!!

  78. Oda’s such a smart bastard. jinbei’s revelation at the end of this chapter was foreshadowed. Back during the war, after luffy and everyone escape impel down and are sailing towards Marineford:
    i have heard that some people think we will get a flashback next chapter, but i still think its too early. more likely jinbei will explain things and luffy and the crew will head back to FI to save zolo and the others.

  79. I’m happy that this chapter moved at a nice pace. And Sanji’s return to normal was pretty funny. It reminded me of the kind of flowery poetry he would spout out for ladies when he was first introduced.

    @Takashid “Zolo?” That gives me 4kids flashbacks.

  80. Foreshadowed?

    Oda flat out told us Jinbe was the one who sent Arlong eons ago

  81. anyone know if Super said when he was gonna do breakdowns again? im missing the fun breakdowns, and we are really starting to get into this arc.

  82. I’m actually going to work on the breakdown this weekend. ;D

    One Piece and Toriko crossover is out on Mangastream.

    I heard Toriko may be the next…big thing…>_> One Piece and DBZ had a crossover many years ago. Torkio is relatively new with only 100 something chapters. Just saying it might be something good to look in to. <_<

    Oh, and the chapter was sweet as hell! I’m really excited to see what happened 11 years ago and hopefully that’ll delve into the realms of the queen’s past, Hodi’s past, and Decken’s past.

  83. Yeah, I started reading Toriko when OP went on that long break. I think it has some potential. It tends to be fanciful, over the top and lighthearted. It kind of reminds me of OP.

  84. I caouldnt get past the art. some of the faces and characters looked really strange to me and i instantly disliked the little whiny guy that follows the main character around. it didnt really look that great, does it get better?

  85. talking about Toriko just to be clear.

  86. Nah, the chef (Komatsu) is usualy there.
    I’ll admit there were some lulls, but I have enjoyed it more since Zebra has been introduced.
    It is one of the few series that ever made me feel hungy.
    Really, the level of food consumption is borderline hedonistic.

  87. New chapter’s out!!!

  88. I’m starting to like Arlong. I’ll never like him much though because he was weak.

    Karibou-san’s still running around eh?

    Oh and I meant what I said last time. Nami whines too much about her past. I’m glad that she finally got over it. Constantly angsting about what happened to you is essentially making the guys who wronged you in the first place constantly win, like CHARLIE SHEEEEEEN.

  89. LOL BARREL WOMEN! i just about died laughing when i saw that. I like the look oths flashback, guess we will get to see how Tiger died. Sanji was pretty cool this chapter, unexpectedly serious. Still no word on Zoro and the others though…

  90. @Takashid, Sanji acting all serious was weird. Is he blaming Jinbei for what Arlong did? It’s not like Jinbei was helping him do his atrocities or anything, he’s just the guy that let his comrade go to East Blue. They should get over themselves.

  91. Kisu: sure jimbei wasn’t helping arlong, but then again, if he is responsible for letting Arlong go off into the east blue then he is also partly responsible for what Arlong did there. Sanji is getting angry on Nami’s behalf, because of what was done to her life. as for getting over themselves, …not even gonna bother answering that.

  92. @Takashid :3 how dare you resist my troll

  93. lol i have learned your ways kisu. you know what they say, fool me once…

  94. Aside: There is a new intro for the latest anime episode. I kind of like it.

  95. kan: yeah, i really like it. it feels like a nice end to One Piece part 1 and Ace.

  96. The latest One Piece, Chapter 621 is out 😀 😀 😀

    Enjoy 🙂

  97. Attention WRA, Fisher Tiger has the best T-shirt fashion sense in all of One Piece.
    That is all.

  98. That would’ve been better if it was a cow. Everyone knows everything is better with cows.


    I just noticed that there was even a time when Arlong was taken back by brutality to humans. And, in turn, Jinbei is beating the blood right out of an unconscious marine. I bet this gets adressed in 1-2 chapters.

  101. Chapter 622 is out.
    I hope Super is all right. I miss his breakdowns.

  102. Also: Legos are awesome, and Oda agrees.

  103. My eyebrows raised when Fisher Tiger wanted the little kid in his room. lol that kid was fucking creepy though. I’m digging this flashback

  104. Remember Kisu, don’t confuse Orochimaru and Fisher Tiger.
    Fisher Tiger only takes kids to his room so he can brand them, that is all.

  105. kisu: apparently the id in this chapter might be a girl. the kid uses “atashi” to refer to himself, which is usually only used by girls. looks like mangastream decided it was a boy for some reason. im not sure if that makes the thing with tiger less or more creepy.

  106. @Kan10, that sounds even more wrong.

    @Takashid, if it’s a girl then my eyebrows have been raised even further. Especially with how serious he was when he ordered the kid into his room. Probably wanted to “relieve some stress” 😉

  107. Nothing relieves more stress than branding a minor whose gender is in question.

  108. I am alriiight! I’m just glad you all are enjoying One Piece and continue to discuss it here on this old…thing. >_>

    I think Fisher Tiger will die trying to return that kid to her hometown. Remember he dies after some great battle and he could have been saved with a blood transfer from humans but was refused. Kizaru will probably enage the Sun Pirates at the kid’s hometown and Fisher Tiger will be greatly wounded. No one in the town will want to help him but the little girl but she’s too small to give enough blood.

    Then again, why wouldn’t any of the Sun Pirates give their blood? Hell, how did Fisher Tiger die from blood loss when he’s always surrounded by his crew? He either must have a rare blood type or the battle he participated in left him surrounded by humans and only humans who wouldn’t give blood. Or his crew was also incapacitated. Either way I would like to see how exactly Fisher Tiger was taken down. That man climned up the RED LINE and attacked Marijeois. By HIMSELF!

    And I hope we see that kid some time in the future storyline.

  109. @super, who would want to give blood to a pedophile?

  110. @kisu, Why do you ask? Do you need a transfusion? 🙂

  111. kan10: Zing!

    Super: i have a feeling Kizaru will be the one to kill Tiger. He’s a vice admiral now, so maybe taking down Tiger is how he gets his promotion. The tenryubito would love him for it, getting him into their good books, and it would explain why later he was the one who was sent when luffy punched the fatass (and, i have a feeling he will show up in more plot events about the WG elites and tenryubitos.) And yeah, i like the kid if he/she (im just gonna go with she in the future, because appearance aside, she uses feminine pronouns) doesnt die, then id love to see where she is. Former slave, has the sun pirate mark, possibly was their when tiger died, id love to see her show up again as a member of Dragons revolution or something.

    As for tiger, maybe the battle seperates him from his crew, and they cant reach him in time? it would make more sense then something like “he has a special blood type that only humans can give him!”

  112. @Kan10, I like my girls with boobs 😉

  113. Part 2 of Databook Green is out!

    it covers Buggy and Jango/fullbody’s side stories. I gotta say these stories need to be animated. They are a lot of fun to read all at once. Instead of filler, after the anime starts the 2 year jump they should animate all the cover stories! id love to see Eneru’s and CP9’s.

  114. These Navy soldiers are… rather emotional..

  115. Also;

    Did i mention that One Piece is better then Naruto or Bleach?

    kisu: is that bad? i think its good that Oda shows that as a majority, the marines aren’t all extremists like Akainu,. The enlisted soldiers are just people like you or me. Besides, its One Piece, everyone’s emotional (except the villains)

  116. @Takashid, in Bleach and Naruto’s defense, they’re more popular in the West than in Japan and One Piece will probably never catch on much over here. As for the Navy, I dunno, them acting so goofy seems a tad silly. I always thought of them as humans (Oda bothers to give each of them a unique face instead of a Stormtrooper or Samurai Helmet), but they’re soldiers aren’t they? I just expect them to be a bit more professional y’know

  117. kisu; well it was early One Piece days. The story was a lot lighter and softer back then. I’m sure you’d know that if you actually read the series from the start instead of reading the wiki :P. Plus, only Fullbody was an elite from Marine HQ and he wasn’t blubbering, his men were most likely just average guys from East Blue. I do agree it seems goofy, especially after reading the war, but i thought it was funny and kinda sweet.

    And in One Piece’s defense, 4 kids really put a heroic, incredible, unstoppable, IDIOTIC amount of effort into ruining the show for the West. I mean, you cant really compare One Piece’s popularity in the West to Naruto and Bleach, because One Piece was sabotaged harder then any show has ever been.

    Actually, One Piece IS starting to regain popularity here in the West. The Whitebeard War has been in Shonen jump here for the last year or so, and i know if i was a kid, One Piece would be my favorite thing to read just for that. Also, they have released 30 volumes to catch up with the manga in Japan, so now kids can read the whole series, something only done for Naruto before. I dont believe it can ever reach Naruto or Bleach levels, since the One Piece anime is absolutely horrible about pacing, but the manga is definitely getting more popular.

  118. @Takashid, ah yes 4kids. I’m glad they’re bankrupt and I’m glad the owners of Yu-Gi-Oh are suing them. Now they can stop ruining my favorite current anime (Yu-Gi-Oh 5D’s), well, the dub is current. The series ended in Japan last month and was replaced by Yu-Gi-Oh ZeXal T_T

    And if I was a kid I would be playing Xbox 360, not reading comics 😉

    P.S. Ocean did the same thing to DBZ that 4kids did to One Piece back in the 90s but with all the manly violence of DBZ it was still stupidly popular.

    Nappa and Vegeta arrive on Earth. Nappa blows up city with thousands of people onscreen. Nappa says:

    “It was a Sunday so no one was here”

    lol edits.

  119. -goes to check for new chapters- “no chapters this week due to Golden Week” -collapses to the ground, shaking fist at the heavens- “DAMN YOU GOLDEN WEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKK!!!


    kisu: ah yes Yu-gi-oh. i havent watched 5D’s, for me the only good yu-gi-oh series is the original. besides, the “D”stands for “Dont watch it” right 😛


    Spoiler: in the finale it’s CARD GAMES ON FLYING MOTORCYCLES!

  121. kisu: IN 3D!!!!

  122. be grateful

  123. So Arlong is a much cooler Sasuke. I’m okay with this.

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    Kisu: please, you know Sasuke will be “redeemed” somehow by the end. Arlong could never be redeemed.

  125. @Takashid, for the sake of realism, I prefer to think Sasuke will die as the psycho killer he is.

  126. Kisu: yeah and the Pain arc proved that kishi has no balls when it comes to letting the characters he likes die. Face it, the best you (and I) can hope for is that Sasuke dies while/after turning good, in some kind of sacrifice.

  127. “yeah and the Pain arc”

    Those words alone made you win. Everything after was just icing on the cake.

  128. So, let’s see if I have this straight. Tiger did not climb the Red Line. He was a slave for a significant period of time. During this time the Fishman District went into disarray. I am confused though, was Tiger was able to do real damage, or did he and a bunch slaves quietly escape? What I mean is, where has disinformation been spread? Did someone say Tiger climbed up and attacked Maroijes, (spelling?) just to excuse the large amounts of slaves that escaped? Or did Tiger really cause a ruckus? I recall flashbacks showing him decked out with swords and guns, seemingly just rampaging. And also, isn’t it strange how now fishmen believe that tiger was refused a transfusion, when in fact Tiger is the one that refused? I wonder how that got started (Arlong, I’m guessing.) I mean, Hachi or Jimbei could have set Hodi straight, but why didn’t they?

  129. ksn: Tiger was gone for “a long voyage” apparently that whole voyage was just him being enslaved. Seems like it was several years. The story about humans refusing him blood probably grew out of the fact that tiger ordered them all not to reveal his past as a slave and what had happened to them. So, they were vague about how he died when they got back, and the story slowly was exaggerated and changed into what it is now. As for climbing the red line; he definatly attacked the city, thats true, the question is wether or not he climbed up, or just broke out and started rampaging. According to one of the translaters at arlong park, Tigers talk with Neptune was mistranslated, and that he tells neptune that he is going to go free the slaves. So, most likely he escaped alone, then went back to free the other slaves.

    Just a random thought, but does anyone else think koala’s neck is too thin? Normally i dont notice, but when it focuses on just her head/face then it looks weird.

  130. So then is this
    all mistranslated? I think I am noticing lines and fading that might suggest time skips, but this is already a flashback, so that is kind of confusing.
    How about this: were all the slaves freed before or after Tiger returned home for the first time?

  131. kan: those last two pages with Neptune are mistranslated. its a flashback to tiger talking with Neptune BEFORE he attacks Mariejos, and telling him that he is going to go free them.

    the one with jinbei talking to luffy just says that tiger attacked Mariejos, which he did… after he escaped from slavery and came back.

    as for this: the top two parts of the page are about the beginning of the fishman district and what everyone did after Tiger left on adventures (and then got caught and enslaved). the bottom part cuts back to after he has attacked Mariejos and freed the slaves.

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    Aladdin is:
    it was only one chapter ago. former slave, merman pirate.

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    I mean, Al kept on being a pirate anyway.

  139. i think Jinbei was reffering to people who used to be slaves when he said that, and Aladdinused to be a slave. i got the impression that he was just talking about all the former slaves, but who knows? mangastream tends to have translation problems, maybe it was just translated badly.

  140. Eh, this time I ain’t trolling. I really do hate Otohime. She comes off as the idealist… sad.

  141. kisu: all right, ill bite. whats wrong with idealists?

  142. >:)

    Successful troll is successful. Nah I’m kidding.

    Personally, I hate idealists. They talk the talk, even though what they’re saying is usually impractical. You don’t get rid of centuries of discrimination and hate just by making people sign a piece of paper, especially when the people themselves don’t want anything to do with humans. Dude, you ever played Fabled 3? You should try it. I love how it gives idealists a slap in the face in the end.

  143. @Kisu

    Pein was an idealist as well. 😛

    But I have a saying that I use quite often. And that is that I’d rather be a proactive idealist than an impotent realist. Even if you never succeed, it is still better to try and fail than to simply never try at all.

    And when you look back at how far we have come in our own world, you will notice that history is filled with a multitude of realists who were proven wrong as well.

  144. kisu: your misunderstanding Otohime. she doesnt believe she can get rid of the racism that exists on both sides. She wants to take a step forward and make the future better. she’ not looking for some instant change, i don’t believe she ever says that. Certainly its impossible to convince everyone, but if no one tries to change things then it will only get worse. Theirs not really much to argue here, because this seems more like your own opinion on whether the glass is half full or half empty, and i cant convince you to change soemthing like that with an internet debate. I’ll just leave you with a quote i really like that i think fits this:

    “Cynicism masquerades as wisdom, but it is the farthest thing from it. Because cynics don’t learn anything. Because cynicism is a self-imposed blindness, a rejection of the world because we are afraid it will hurt us or disappoint us.”
    —Stephen Colbert

    Kan: No, Pein started out as an idealist and then got broken and twisted into a Nihilist badass. So, you know, just kisu’s type.

  145. Ah a quote from The Rev. Sir Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, D.F.A. eh Takashid? I don’t like the queen because her character comes off as annoying to me. If she truly wants to change things, then she should force the inhabitants to sign. If it truly will make their lives better with humans, then in time they would realize they made the right move. What I see here is an idealist that loves her people, but doesn’t realize pretty words wont change the world. There’s a quote I like quite a bit:

    “Whether it be better to be loved than feared or feared than loved? It may be answered that one should wish to be both, but, because it is difficult to unite them in one person, is much safer to be feared than loved, when, of the two, either must be dispensed with…”

    — Niccolo Machiavelli

    Otohime is the kind of Queen that is loved but would run her kingdom into the ground. This is something many writers don’t get, that is, most royals are hated, but their countries stay above water (no pun intended) because the decisions that make them not liked is what protects their kingdom and its people. lol I mean, she’s going to try to rescue a goddammed Tenryuubito. Just how dumb can you be?

    She isn’t strong.

    And I don’t always like nihilists (Grimmjow is my second favorite character in Bleach while I hate Ulquiorra with every fiber of my being, Kisame and Zabuza are my second and third favorite characters in Naruto yet I dont like Itachi at all, Vegeta is my favorite DBZ character) 😛

  146. eh, I just hate royals in stories that dont seem to know anything about running a kingdom. Perhaps my hatred isnt for Otohime, but more for what she represents, which is the misrepresentation of royals in media.

    It’s whatevs. If you aren’t powerful chances are Kisu wont like you 🙂

    Edit: Except Buggy. He always manages to make me laugh. He’s definitely in my top 5 favorite OP characters.

  147. So…what did you think of Vivi and her father? Or Wapol? Or Gan Fall? Or Neptune? I think we don’t know enough about the Queen and King of FI to make a proper call yet.
    Side note: I have trouble enjoying Tenryuubito (TB) all that much as villains. It’s hard for me to take the TB seriously when they all act so spoiled and I don’t even know how they got that way, why they are allowed to act that way or how they can even afford to. Sure, they’re annoying, and it’s fun to see them get beaten up, but I just don’t think they’re fleshed out at all. At least not yet.

  148. @Kan, everything slashed out I didn’t really mean. Anyway, I was indifferent to Vivi and her father. The whole Alabasta Arc I was rooting for Crocodile 😀

    Wapol was a fat and greedy bastard. I wanted him to die horribly for what he did to his people (yes, I do have some humanity).

  149. Kisu: “She isn’t strong.”
    …lol did i ever even mention strength in my post? i never said she was “strong”, i said that she is trying to make a better future. As i said, i don’t believe i can change your opinion, but i take issue with the idea that she should be a tyrant. Besides the fact that the whole “its for the greater good, so its okay to oppress people” idea is fucking bullshit, forcing the people to move would solve nothing, because the problem isn’t where they are living. They are getting on fine where they are now. The problem is the relationship between the two races. You can’t force people to change their minds when it comes to race. Forcing people to obey you will turn them against you, and, more importantly it won’t change minds in the long run.

    P.S Besides, Fishman island is not solely Otohime’s to “run into the ground”. You seem to have completely forgotten about the other ruler Neptune, who seems to have been doing a pretty good job keeping his country running so far.

  150. @Takashid, “everything slashed out I didn’t really mean”

    But like I said, if you aren’t terribly powerful and go around crying, chances are Kisu will hate you. Gohan is powerful even though he was a crybaby, so I liked him 🙂

  151. kisu: Gohan was actually my favorite DBZ character until the Buu saga. When he went SS2 on Cell it was amazing.
    about the crossed out stuff: well i figured thats why it was crossed out. but the whole “be a tyrant” thing caught my eye and provoked me to rant. this is why i normally avoid troll bait, even if this time you werent trolling XD.

    P.S how can you hate Ulquiorra, may favorite character in Bleach!? now im hoping he comes back even more, just to spite you 😛

  152. Grimmjow deserves to come back more >_>

    Gohan was a major letdown though. Vegeta and Future Trunks are the badasses of DBZ. Future Trunks’ only negative is he’s a goddamned Bishounen.

    So how about that One Piece?


    I hate this Tenryuubito. If I was there, I would have shot him and liked it. 😈 I’m with Kisu on this one. 😉 If only the Sea Kings had ate him alive.

    By the way, does Shirahoshi have Haki? She knocked out the Tenryuubito only with a scream. Or maybe he fainted because of the Sea Kings.

    I was starting to think Otohime is being a bit too naive, but after reading the last page, I understood that what she did paid off. That paper must be really important if it’s Fishman Island’s “light of hope”.

  154. Dragon: im with you on that. i wish they had killed him, the little fucker deserved it. but still, that doesn’t mean i think Otohime was wrong. Otohime wasn’t objecting their hatred and desire for revenge, but that that hate be passed on to the next generation. i was actually happy with this chapter because i and many others have been hoping for awhile to see some proof that the tenryubito are not all 100% bastard evil. Though this Tenryubto was an asshole, and deserved death, The fact the Otohime was actually successful in calming the tenryubito seems to indicate that not all of them are as dumb/monstrous as the ones we have met so far.

    Im more interested in Shirahoshi now. what was that power? How awesome is it that she can control the biggest monsters we have ever seen? when she cried it was like a sonic wave going off. Its impossible to tell if she Haki knocked out the Tenryuibito or if he just fainted at the sight of the Sea Kings.

    Next chapter will be the last of the flashback i think. Can’t wait to see what will happen next!

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    Cool chapter though 🙂

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    Cyborg franky: i like the idea of Shirahoshi joining too, for several reasons. One being that we really need another female on the crew! i mean come on, thats obvious. but this power sounds interesting, and she has had a good amount of interaction with luffy. im still not sure though. the potential is there, but she needs to be developed more. As she is now the crying thing will get old fast, and most importantly for a strawhat, she will need a resolve to fight and not always be afraid. luffy is helping her there. In any case, it just depends on what Oda does with the characters after the flashback. The princess could become a new strawhat, but she could also be Vivi 2.0

    P.S kisu, maybe you could lay off bashing Otohime this chapter? i found this chapter very touching, and id rather not come back here and find a comment saying “LOL WHAT A WEAK BITCH, WHY DIDNT SHE DODGE IT?” or something like that.

  163. @taka: Yeah, but I think that couldn’t be developed, but if it was Hodi he could tell Shirahoshi and make her cry or something and she could summon Sea Kings, so it would actually be useful to the plot.
    Also, I wouldn’t like Shirahoshi joining the crew because she can’t fight and all the Strawhats must be able to fight. She’d just be a burden.
    By the way, did you watch the finale of Madoka?

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    This was a pretty long chapter, it even had some funny parts.

    On a side note: I want this watch!

  165. Dragon: summoning animals can be a fighting skill. and her size could be used to attack as well. like i said, it depends on how she develops as the arc continues. Could be that with luffys help she will grow a spine and help fight to save her father and her kingdom.

    did i watch the finale of Madoka?
    i fucking died over the finale of Madoka dude! 😛 my spirit still lingers on to blog more and post on WRA, but i died loving that finale a long time ago. my last words were something like this: HOMURAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

    but seriously it was amazing. i have never seen a more amazing female character in any series then Homura, and Madoka Magica is truely something special. just wow. i have rewatched the series many, many times, and show it to all my friends. (without warning them of course 😛 i just tell them its a good show and watch them go ??? for the first two episodes. Then we get to ep3 and… kukukuku) It was the perfect ending for the show, but i wont say much about it to avoid spoiling people on this site.

  166. It all just seems so perfect for Shirahoshi to join the crew! They have this thing now that can make her over 30 so she can walk on land and she has this power which has been called the strongest power in the world. It does seem to be quite a big deal to be honest. Remember people have to enter the grand line from the beginning because of sea kings. They arent to be messed around with. whats more she now has some serious tragedy in her flashback, an essential for a crew member and also wants to see the world. It could be stretched to a dream somewhere along the way. Vivi never really had those two things. I love the idea of another girl being in the crew and for a very long time i was campaining for a female from this island so it wouldnt be right if i changed my mind now but really i dont see the story going any other way. Her personality is interesting enough and i can see her dynamics with the crew being funny. well i guess i am just hoping for all that anyway.
    So to the story itself, i am thinking more towards Van der Dekken than Hodi just because it seems too convenient that he was simply there. Then again, Hodi doing it makes more sense…

  167. cyborgfranky: rather then shirahoshi growing old enough to split her legs, a better power would be to shrink to a human size. I dont really think shirahoshi needs to be aged up to join. And i still dont think she could join yet. she needs to grow more first, so it depends on what happens now in the present with luffy. I would like her to join, but first she needs to get tougher, or at least learn to fight.

  168. @taka I think begining toughness is not required for joining the crew. Just look at Ussop. Most of his growing up happened after he joined the crew, at least in my opinion. The same case can be made for Nami, and, to a similar degree, Chopper.

  169. @Taka

    I loved the finale too. It was a good ending, but not everything ended well (for example, Sayaka dying and Madoka being trapped in that dimension for eternity) fortunately, because it would have been a clichè ending if that had happened.

    I absolutely LOVE Homura. She’s a true friend and she never gave up trying to save Madoka. Also, if Madoka is the Goddess of Hope, then she’s the God of War (yes, she pwns Kratos) and this video proves why.
    Oh and was it just me or was she about to become a witch in that last scene? Her wings were distorted like a barrier and she could hear Madoka’s voice as if she was close to her…

    I also told my friends to watch it and they watched 8 episodes of it and they say they find it incredibly intriguing and awesome. Wait till they get to the last 3 episodes… 🙂

    By the way, I heard there’s a Madoka Cafè in Japan! You can eat Charlotte’s head as payback for what she did to Mami and you can chop up Kyubey like Homura did! 😀

  170. kan: true, but at the very least she has to get tougher emotionally. if she does become a strawhat she can’t be crying ever single time a battle happens. i dont mind if she did her growing (fighting skills) after joining, because Ussop had some great growth that only happened really once he fought luffy in the CP9 arc. So as long as she shows us in the rest if this arc that she can stand up to enemies without breaking into tears every time, then i could believe she may join the crew.

    Dragon: careful with those spoilers. lets not ruin it ofr any of the others here on WRA who may get interested in watching.

    that last scene is really ??? entirely, but even if she is close to the end, thanks to madoka, she wont become witch, she will just disappear and join madoka along with all the other magical girls. Her hearing Madoka’s voice isnt that strange, because Madoka basically became a Goddess of Hope in the new universe. She told Homura that “from now on i’ll always be everywhere”. so i think its more like madoka is always with her, and Homura heard her then because she has a special connection with Madoka, more then any other magical girl.

  171. @Taka

    I’m so glad you like Madoka as much as I do, because I thought I was the only one and I was kinda embarrassed. 😀

    By the way, there’s a huge storm in the city where I live tonight (really HUGE) and I’m joking with my friends that it’s heralding the arrival of Walpurgis Night… O_O I swear I saw Homura in my backyard shooting a rocket launcher… XD

  172. Dragon: Lots of people like Madoka, all the blogs i check seemed to agree that it was an awesome show. heres a few good ones:

    as for the storm… well listen for crazy laughter. if you dont hear any, i think you shall be fine. And of course if this show has taught you anything, its not to believe someone if they show up offering you a wish right? especially if that person is a weird fox/cat thing?

  173. I wouldn’t be surprised if Shirahoshi knows some unique mermaid version of fishman karate or something like that. Her brothers and dad are the best warriors in the country that the army has and she was locked in the castle for 10 years so she probably didnt have anything better to do.

    Also i just noticed that Ivankov never did tell us what Crocodiles secret weakness was…

  174. the next part of Databook Green is out on Mangastream!

    this portion covers Hachi’s cover ark, and shows how he met Kaimie and got his Takoyaki business started. Interesting to see that even back then Oda showed that Macro and Hachi were old friends, from when they were on Tigers ship together. of course now they are not so friendly.

  175. @cyborg Popular theory holds that Croc’s secrect is that he was once a she. I think that is too obvious for Oda, but we will see.

  176. hmm doesn’t seem like a weakness though, just something he wouldn’t want anyone to know about, which is no different to Whitebeard having beaten him and he told everyone that himself. I dunno, i am just expecting something that can seriously stop him fighting all together…Maybe not though. As you say, Oda is impossible to figure out…

  177. Real quick side note: I decided to power through the 12 episodes of Madoka, after reading about it on this board as well. A lot of people recommended it, so I decided to bite and see what all the fuss was about. Right now I am not going to go into a detailed review, mainly because I don’t want to spoil the plot twists for anyone. Still there could be spoilers, so maybe don’t read if you want to see the series without preconceptions.
    In short: I feel the series peeked at episode 10, and then proceeded to jump the shark, pause, have a great final battle scene, and then continue to jump the shark. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t bad. In fact it was good; the animation was nice, the music was exceptional and the witches were very imaginative. It just didn’t rock my world, and I have not changed my opinion on the magical girl genre because of it. Maybe my lack of ever spending any real time (or even being interested) in the genre is the culprit for me not being moved by the series.
    Also I suspect I would have enjoyed it more if there was more of a concrete villain/antagonist. Kyubei just didn’t do it for me. I realize this is personal, but I rarely like Nihilist villains, which is what I feel he was. I also, for some reason, hate it when *SPOILER* a villain ends up being a space alien. *SPOILER* It’s a personal thing, I just never liked it. It’s like I know too much for him to remain completely mysterious, but not enough to get a good feel for him. Frankly, he kind of ruined the series for me. I could go into more detail about that, but I told myself I would try to keep this brief.

  178. @kan10

    I agree with you on the villain part, but I didn’t exactly consider Kyuubey as a villain. He was *SPOILER* saving the universe at the relatively small cost of some teenage girls, right?
    The real villain was Walpurgis Night who caused Homura’s time travelling and Madoka’s godlike power. I was hoping they had developed her more, but no, she was only a plot device. I would have liked it if she was able to communicate with people, like another witch, Izabel (the arc du triomphe witch), and she and Madoka would have spoken a bit. I would also have wanted to know which magical girl created her, why was she so powerful and why she fell into despair.

    By the way, there’s something that’s unclear to me about Madoka.
    *SPOILER* She became a goddess and she’s immortal, but is purifying corrupt Soul Gems the only thing she’s able to do or can she do other things? For example, if Homura is losing against some abnormally strong demons, could she fire an arrow at them and pwn them, or could she power up Homura with some magic or heal her? These are two normal things that magical girls can do and she should logically be able to do them, unless her godhood restricted her to do only what her wish said.

  179. Chapther is out.

  180. -No chapter next week-

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! -insert darth vader here!!-

    sigh, still it was a good chapter. lots of people were saying that Hody must have done the shooting of the queen last chapter, and i was glad to learn that wasnt it. Hody semed genuinely upset and even sad about the queens death. The end of the flashback was nice, and im mch more interested in what will happen with the Princes now. Shirahoshi seems to be getting along well with the other crew members which is a + towards joining, but im still not gonna say it will happen for sure yet. Oda is impossible to predict after all. Now the battle begins next chapter, and i have to say im really looking forward to it! before the flashback i was barely interested in any of these characters from FI, now i find them much more cool and cant wait to see what happens with the royal family and Hody and his crew.

  181. Gah!!
    This flashback was beginning to be more than a little annoying…
    He’s stretched this out so far as to make it seem like he was taking advice from Oda.

    Seems like Luffy was just as bored by it as I was though lol =P

  182. @Dragon Don’t forget, *SPOILER* Walpurgis would not exist if not for witches (which is what I am guessing it is, an amalgamation of undefeated witches, I base this off of the silhouettes that it uses to attack, which I think look like dead magic girls) witches would not exist if not for magic girls, and magic girls would not exist if not for Kyubei (or Kyubei and girls willing to make a contract due at least in part to withheld information.) Kyubei has responsibility in this, at least in part.
    I would have been happier if some character had at least challenged him a bit. Why take everything he says as truth? Aliens can’t lie or make mistakes? Really?

    Also, sorry to be “that guy,” but Homura proved that firearms and explosives were effective against witches, so why didn’t she try and bring in the military? Yeah I know it would have been a long shot, and opened a can of worms, but unless the ordinance has to be delivered by a magic girl in order to be effective, I’d like to think a small-yield nuke would do some damage to Walpurgis, as well as diminish the need for magic girls. But now I may be over thinking an anime.

    ON TOPIC: I am not satisfied with Otohime’s killer, I think there is more behind this than we know right now.

  183. @kan10

    I also think *SPOILER* that Walpurgis’s familiars are the spirits of dead magical girls, but I don’t think that means Walpurgis is an amalgamation of witches. I only think that she’s so powerful that she attracts souls. Look at her witch card: Why would she love ONLY dramas if she was an amalgamation of witches? She would have all the characteristics of the witches that form her.
    Either way, I wish she had been developed more. By the way, I love her crazy laughter. XD

    About Homura bringing in the military, who says she didn’t try to do it in other timelines? The timeline the anime is set in is not timeline 5 like episode 10 leads us to believe because there are some minor differences and Homura says she saw “countless” magical girls die. For more info, search for things on the wiki.
    Seeing Homura taking out enough heavy artiller to annihilate a small country, I wondered what weapons she was using. Turns out she used anti-tank and anti-battleship missiles. (scroll a bit down) As you said, only a small nuke is stronger than those, but I don’t think the army would have wanted to use that against something they didn’t believe existed until a magical girl told them about it.

    Also, please answer that second paragraph in my previous post! 🙂

    @One Piece: Great chapter. Seeing everyone crying at Otohime’s funeral saddened me… and I don’t think that human was the killer. I think Hodi framed him.


    Who said Homura would ask for help/permission to use the nuke? 
    I fall more into the camp that Madoka did not become a goddess but continued to grow in both hope and despair until she negated her own existence through a rewriting of the laws that forced magic girls to become witches. I do not think she “exists” anymore, and therefore cannot physically help anyone. But, I could be wrong. My interest in the series quickly resumed its waning after episode 10. It’s a personal thing: most series I like that claim to be set in the real world can’t be more than a little supernatural or very limited in its supernatural scope. I prefer an entirely made up place and setting, like in One Piece. Put another way, I face-palmed when I saw Joan d’Arc, (spelling?) a girl in the Holocaust and another in the war-torn middle East all somehow being magic girls. Maybe it was supposed to be touching. It wasn’t for me. Like I said: the series jumped the shark, at least for me.
    An aside: It would have been poetic if Madoka wished for Kyubei’s race to, both present, past and future, become the most emotional race in existence, while still retaining the knowledge of harvesting Grief seeds, etc. I wonder if they would have sacrificed themselves for the greater good? I mean, didn’t Kyubei argue the ends justify the means?

  185. A few things to consider: Otohime was surrounded by soldiers, yet the shooter was still able to get close enough to shoot her. Sure, there was a fire, but I think a human waltzing amongst a crowd exclusively of merfolk would be noticed. I don’t notice FI soldiers using guns, at least not often. Maybe I am wrong, I’ll check later. Hordy used a gun to “shoot” the pirate. I am not convinced Hordy shot the pirate, given his head wound and the condition of his body. Still, Hordy had a firearm and was close to the Queen, and was the one to “capture” the “criminal.” Finding the suspect right over a bluff that lets you make a dramatic proclamation to a crowd of emotional merfolk? That seems really convenient. I see only rage in Hordy’s eyes, remember that he has been privy, as a soldier, to a lot of information that I feel would anger him. He seemed very much focused during what he did. His use of the words “facts” and “reality” with no hint of emotion seems altogether too calculating. Also, he repeated “human” not “pirate.” We all know what Hordy does to human pirates, now don’t we?

  186. Hmm.. I have one doubt though, how come hodi(his gang) asks people to stomp on otohime’s effigy after the show of anger in this chapter, thats one of my main reasons for suspicion on Hodi. One other reason is, if a human pirate did kill Otohime this would be quite a pointless killing for the human.

    From what I guess, Hodi has been on tiger’s side and hated Otohime’s plans. But it is possible that the human killed Otohime, and Hodi’s hatred for humans overcame his hatred for Otohime and he showed his anger after her killing.. (I know I am arguing for both sides.. lol)

  187. It seems Hodi/Hordy’s cocaine pills allowed him to deck out Zoro.

  188. I thought Zoro nearly drowned last we saw, and that allowed his capture.

  189. If Hordy doesn’t leave fishmen who sympathise with humans alive then it makes perfect sense for him to have killed the queen. Especially if he was planning his coup since back then.

    @kan: i was under the impression Zoro was being rescued by Neptunes army the last we saw but your comment made me realise he was being taken by Hordys guys so thanks for that.

    @everyone: Did anyone notice shirahoshis sea king ability is a type of haki? sorry if you did already but if you look here.
    The way the tenryubito passes out is the way people always pass out when hit with colour of the conqueror. And Rayleigh said Haki was broadly split into the three groups implying there are specifications too. (On a side note, i still think Zoro’s asura is a type of haki too) This makes me think the princess has more battle potential if it is true but i do understand that the Noble could have just fainted because he was afraid. The bubbles in the mouth make me think otherwise but its all speculation on my part anyway…
    Oh just to show, heres Coby passing out next to Shanks.
    He’s in that middle pannel on the left, with the foamy stuff in his mouth…

  190. DAMN, it’s been way too long since I last posted whatsoever, but I’m here everyday reading what people say and hoping to see a new breakdown sooner, rather than later. It’s been over 3 months since there was one and it’s a damn shame. they were awesome to read. But on the other hand, I love reading everyone’s theories and inputs, as well as people sharing new manga out there.
    @ kan10: I was thinking the exact same thing as you as soon as i read the chapter. There is no friggin way he could have just been there and somehow been in a perfect location to proclaim that to the people of FI. That’s some, (sorry in advance for the pun), fishy ass BS. He’s obviously using that as a way to fuel the anger of the fishmen and give himself reason to target humans as he wants.
    But somehow, he’s gonna spill the truth and I hope that Shirahoshi & Neptune hear it. Luffy will probs be the one who makes him say it. I’m surprised Jinbei never suspected that.
    And what the heck darn heck happened to Zoro? I hope he’s not injured or not able to fight. That would suck.

  191. Anyone up to be an OP breakdown substitute? xD

    I really miss ’em. Been a while since I last posted as well. Too bad there’s no chapter next week 😦

  192. I saw the latest anime episode. Dragon’s voice sounds off to me.
    You know, I do find it strange that Ace only ever used his King Haki once in his life, that we know of. I wonder if even White-stache even knew he had it.

  193. When you eat the Mera-Mera Fruit, I don’t think you’d even bother with mastering Haki.

  194. Yes exactly. Logia attacks don’t really lend themselves to haki use. Even though all the admirals have at least got use of colour of araments they never used it apart from against whitebeards quake going towards the plaza…

  195. My gist was more questioning that Ace had never been in another dire situation where someone dear to him was going to die and forced a burst of KH. It’s not like he has had a lack of strong opponents in his life.
    But now that you bring up CoA, that would have been pretty useful during the war, especially at the end. The admirals had it, as did Marco, etc.

  196. One Piece 628 is out!

    This page is very interesting…
    It shows us everyone’s new abilities:
    Luffy’s Haki mastery, Usopp’s new plant bullets, Robin creating copies of herself, Nami creating cloud bubbles (or bubble clouds?) and Chopper’s new Rumble Balls.
    Franky, Sanji and Zoro just seem to have powered up their previous abilities.
    By the way, I laughed at the panel with Zoro because I thought “So… nudity makes you stronger on this planet.” Does anyone know where that’s from?

    Chapter is out.

  198. Not a bad chapter, but not very exciting. hopefully the Jinbei/luffy fight doesnt get serious. they need their strength for saving the island.

  199. How do I say this…

    In my most humble opinion, compared to all of his other story arcs the Fishman Island Arc has so far been the most disappointing arc Oda has ever put pen to. Aside from a few points along he way this arc almost seems like they took filler material intended for the Anime and instead used it for the manga.

    The major villains of the arc are unimpressive to say the least.

    Van Der Decken IX’s Obsession with princess Shirahosi at least seems more reasonable now that we know about her abilities, but he still seems more like a villain that could have only been a threat to the Straw Hats before the time skip, and even then not much of a threat.

    Hody Jones however is just pathetic. He is nothing more than a racist thug with roid rage issues who will more than likely burn out before long the way he keeps downing those energy steroids. His character to me seems flat and almost “Characterless” as the only reasons we have been given as to why he’s doing what he’s doing are 1: He hates humans (which really hasn’t been explained), and 2: Fisher Tigers death. Neither of which really explain the extremity of his actions.

    Can Caribou even be considered a villain in this arc? He seems more like a cheap plot device to me as the only thing he has done so far is to turn Fishman Island against the Straw Hats.

    The story Progression of this arc started off fairly decently but dropped off about the time they reached fishman island. The flashback in particular could have been handled in 3-5 chapters rather than the 7 it was padded out to be.

    That being said Oda has his work cut out for him to turn this around, and I have faith that he is capable of doing just that, I’ll just need to start seeing it before I actually believe it.

  200. I’m not sure that a villain that is able to threaten them on a one-to-one basis is the key to a good arc. Oda has done this before, remember Foxy? There were quite a few back-story details that required explanation before this concerning FI; exposition was inevitable. Just think of Hodi as a continuation of Arlong, and a means of some closure. Or not, I do think this arc is a bit of a chance for the SH to showcase how they have grown, love it or hate it.

  201. @kan10 – I understand that Hody is an extention of Arlong, what I don’t understand is just how radical the difference is between them. Here is what I mean.

    Arlong hated humans because humans betrayed Fisher tiger, a man who was not only his hero, but also his friend and Nakama. Even so he wasn’t so consumed by his hatred as to kill all humans on sight.

    Hody Jones: Hates Humans to the point where he would betray his own people by murdering Queen Otehime, join forces with Van Der Decken IX to overthrow the rightful king of Fishman Island, even so far as to murder any fishman that had any sympathy for humans.

    So I have to ask myself, why is the difference in the level of their hatred so great? Especially when Arlong suffered a much more personal blow when they killed his friend and hero Fisher TIger? You would think that would make Arlong the one with the greater amount of hatred. But seeing as that’s not the case I have to wonder what is it that makes it so personal to Hody? And why couldn’t they have at least hinted at it during the seven chapters of exposition?

    I’ll hold my judgment of the character Hody Jones for now, at least until we know more about what makes the man tick, that is if we ever do

  202. Ya’ know, I suspect that Hodi killed the queen, but that has not actually been revealed yet. 🙂
    Also, I think Oda is trying to push this idea of one generation following another’s example. Hodi adored Arlong, saw his particular hatred as a good thing and probably also followed his exploits long after Tiger died. He also saw Arlong, eventually, as a failure. What is he doing differently? He is not even really using humans, (except for cannon fodder) as Arlong did as a source for cash. Hachi also probably put a bad taste in his mouth for merfolk that are fond of humans, leading to his willingness to kill his own kind, whereas Arlong would not. Hell, Arlong had a personal relationship with Tiger, who was as idealist, in many ways, as the Queen. Tiger probably rubbed off on Arlong, but not on Hodi.
    When considering Hodi as he is now, maybe re-read the flashback and look at all the times he is present to some crucial information (the royal family, Jinbei becoming a warlord, etc.) I feel this is relevant to his character.
    Also, Lucci and Chopper mentioned that Luffy’s gears were comparable to doping and were damaging to his life expectancy. Hodi is not the only one getting an artificial boost; his version is actually more efficient and convenient, albeit less versatile. Though, we have yet to see him suffer side-effects.

  203. @ Kan10- The key word there is ‘comparable’. Luffy gained most of his strength through training and hard work, where as Hody seems to have gained most, if not all, from popping pills. Even without the Gears Luffy is a formidable fighter. But it was proven that without the pills, even underwater Hody Jones (a fishman) was no match for Roronora Zolo. Whether that says more about Hody or Zolo is still to be seen.

    As to the crucial information that was revealed to Hody, It’s like saying someone learns that his role models aren’t the brutal bloody human butchers he thought they were so it’s somehow their fault? Hody comes off to me a spoiled bully that no one has ever really stood up to, who has mistaken pills for power, who really needs a nice reality check in the form of a serious smack down.

    Like I said though, I’ll hold out judgement on Hody Jones till we learn more about him. But I for one will not be holding my breath waiting for some shocking revelation, mostly because I don’t really see it coming.

    Here’s your Que Oda, Prove me wrong =P

  204. To jump in on the back end of the conversation, i wouldn’t say it’s the worst big arc that oda has done. Thriller Bark was pretty lame in my opinion and that didnt even have many good fights to redeem it. When all other mangas at the moment seem to be boring me with their stories One Piece still has me interested, even if it’s not up to the usual standard.
    This arc was always going to have villans that didnt effect the world as a whole but only this island and they were always going to be used to show the crews new abilities. In that sense i think they are doing fine. What’s the point of making a really deep and sickening character like Lucci or Crocodile only to have them fall to Luffy in a really quick battle, which it will have to be otherwise the crew still won’t be ready for the new world.

  205. New chapter is out and awesome!
    No idea what Robin did but it was really kool 😛
    Brooke is awesome.
    I just hope Luffy and co. get moving allready next chapter. there wasting precious time.
    i wont spoil too much tho.

    And here is a link to the chapter.
    I get the feeling Luffy is holding back more than Jinbei.

  207. yeh doesnt seem like Luffy is going anywhere near full power, thats why Jinbei is ridiculing his training i guess.
    I dont think Luffy wants to go full against Jinbei tho 😛

    What did you all think of the latest anime episode? I think it highly hints at Sabo being alive.
    Also for the chapter, I can’t beleive I did not think of Brook using astral projection/ soul scouting. It would make him even more useful if he was able to posses someone, maybe of a weaker will.
    I was expecting something more related to his music, so I wonder if the other crew members have also branched out, like Robin’s clone. A flood of kage-bunnshin no jutsu came to mind when I realized what happened with her.

  209. You know what blows my mind?
    One Piece is generally considered to troll its readers far less than Naruto or Bleach, while also being colorful, reasonably intelligent and well written; a story where you can see both comedy and tragedy in a single chapter. It has manga sales that trounce its competition (‘course that’s in Japan, so that may be irrelevant to this forum,) and little to none of its success is undeserved.
    Yet this thread dedicated to discussing it is kinda’ dead. It’s a bloody ghost-town. And at the same time there are raging flame-war debates in the Naruto and Bleach threads that often boil down to whether or not the series in question is falling apart faster than Rosie O’Donnell’s self restraint at a Krispy Kreme shop.
    To summarize: I am starved for discussion on my favorite manga.

  210. Chapter is out.

  211. meh this chapter was kewl i really didn’t like it that much cus it had this many side characters it got me a bit confused over who were the bad guys and who the good guys were. I guess ill just reread the chapter and take some more time for it.


    One Piece 631 is out!!

    By the way, when I first watched One Piece, I thought it was called Nepec because of the logo. 😛

  213. Huh…
    I did not see that Hody morph coming. Who made these pills, again? Was it Vegapunk?

  214. Gah….

    I think Oda has gotten lazy this story arc. At least Hody Jones is the only one currently with the Pill-kai powers. My only consolation is that he’s popped so many of those energy sterioids that his life can probably be counted in days if not hours (or at least it should).

  215. i think I’ve come up with a theory on how dragon’s power works… I think that he imbues the wind with his haki of armaments, like some people imbue their weapons with it. So the wind is subject to his willpower. I wonder if he has a devil’s fruit on top of that.

  216. @Omar: hmm i like the idea but don’t forget he controlled rain and lightning too so it’s more than likely a devil’s fruit that controls weather…

    @chapter: was i the only one who thought it was awesome when hordy had his transformation? now he’s a proper match for new Luffy rather than just some guy who can be beat by Zoro in one move. When I think about it there wasnt many ways for the characters in this arc to be that powerful, since the ‘cap’ of fishman strength is Jimbe and they can’t just power up by eating df’s like humans. To be honest i think its another good group of villans that Oda has made, the pill popping just adds to it for me =)

  217. I’m gonna throw this idea out there: Dragon has no DF. Under that cloak he has a weapon that has “eaten” a DF, a logia or paramecia DF that at least controls wind. I can accept that Luffy was just lucky enough to be saved by lighting that one time. I feel we’ve only seen Dragon associated with wind, not weather in general. I don’t think he is the OP equivalent to X-Men’s Storm.

  218. I like the weapon idea, mainly because we haven’t seen a confirmed non-zoan fruit being eaten by a weapon so I wonder whether it would be alive and what not. Still I would have to disagree about it only controlling the wind. Firstly I think the lightning strike is just way too lucky but then also because of these.
    Firstly the pressure changed unnaturally as noted by Nami, creating a storm cloud rather than just blowing one to the island. Secondly the rain stopped their ship being destroyed. It’s enough for me to think that Dragon has powers just like Storm.

    Consider this: we only see one of his hands and his body is not demonstrating phasing into a “storm element” like other logias do with theirs. Further, if Dragon did save Sabo, then he would have had to have been able to swim, assuming he was alone at that time. Even further, don’t changes in air pressure come about due to wind? I’m not a meteorologist, so I am not sure, but I am still sticking to my guns that Dragon coaxed the thunderstorm into existence and it just happened to save Luffy from Buggy. I will maintain this until I see better evidence that Dragon can control lighting, which would be knocking on Enel’s door, if you ask me.

  220. But hey… maybe you are right. Look at what I found.

    If you stop at 0:20, you can see Dragon before “he” met Ivanakov!
    Further sightings!

  221. Actually you may be right about the pressure thing. Though I always thought it was the change that caused the wind, not the wind that caused the change. If he can change the pressure it would make me think he is controlling the weather itself but anyway moving on. I think if it is just a wind fruit then it is probably logia but I have always assumed it would be paramecia, so if you think of something similar to Whitebeard it could well be controlled just by the hands.
    Anyway, it’s true I don’t have any proof and we will probably have to wait about 7 years knowing Oda and his torture techniques but we will find out one day =)

  222. Chapter’s out.

    Awesome chapter.

    The princes are badasses. They were pwning the New Fishman Pirates before they took the steroids, as stated by the people. That’s three vs six.
    I hate it when bad guys don’t fight fairly. I hope they get killed by Luffy.

    By the way, Shirahoshi’s an idiot for falling in that trap and if she knew, why didn’t she tell her father? It’s her word against Hodi’s and she’s a princess so they would have believed her.

    @Tenrai: Are you still reading One Piece?
    I remember that you said you were catching up a few months ago. Did you stop reading?

  223. eww gross. I thought Mr 9 and Miss Monday were killed by Mr 5 but here they are making creepy children in the town full of tombstones.
    Chapter was so so. The ‘climax’ was a little lame. Half the size of fishman island? hmm. Well it won’t end up being anything exciting anyway. Luffy will probably just smash it probably with the help of Zoro much like they did to Aqua Laguna way back.
    Madam Shirley being Arlongs brother was something I didn’t even consider. At all.

    @Dragon: Shirahoshi showed stupidity on so many levels in this chapter lol.

  224. Omg! This is going to be so awesome!! Oda is a real genius
    When Luffy will have destroyed Fishman Island, his badassness factor will rise immensely, i mean what rookie can say that he has destroyed a whole island. Plus the inhabitants will have to move over the surface and so both races will be kind of pushed into living together
    God, just imagine how feared the Strawhats will be. After all, noone will think of it as a good deed

  225. meh honestly these last chapters were really lame the whole transformation and cheat pills really arent Oda’s style. But i guess its hard to get a enemy that is a good line up against luffy. Since he can destroy px’ with one blow now thats pretty bad ass. but allright ill just take it as it goes. Atleast i hope something awesome is gonna happen. Something we really dont see coming.

    Why is it noteworthy that fishmen can use weapons?
    Called it, called it, called it; totally called that. Didn’t figure the pirate set the fire, but still, called it.
    Didn’t see Shira knowing about it already, though; or the Shirley thing. And really, an entire chapter without the SH? Again? Not even a single panel?

  227. Hachi has been using weapons since ages ago though Kan?

  228. That is my point. Why did Hody point that out, as if it were special? It might just be a translation thing.

  229. oh sorry i read your post wrong. yeah it’s probably supposed to be something like ‘fishmen with weapons’ is my guess

  230. I read the three latest chapters at once…this arc feels like it’s been going on for too long considering the Strawhats could’ve oneshot Hodi and his crew

  231. @kan10 i think the translation is closer to “fishman capable of bearing arms” which doesnt mean that literally they can hold weapons, but rather that they are capable of using them…so like in real life, back in the day, people would try to gather all of the people able to bear arms for battle…. its an expression

  232. These:

    That is all.

  233. That is totaly how I remember those scenes.

    Yep yep.

    Nothing odd here at all.

  234. I also seem to remember the Lord of the Coast having spikey orange hair and a power ranger outfit on when it bit off Shan- err I mean Tsukishima’s arm.

  235. So did anyone else see the latest anime episode? I thought it was pretty funny.

  236. So no chapter this week, unless it gets leaked early.
    What to do, what to do…

    Hey I know. Not to get too far off toopic, but does anyone here play Team Fortress 2? I got it when it became free to play, then spent 5 bucks in the store to upgrade to a premium membership. My three top classes are: Medic, Engie and Demo.
    I am really impressed by the games balance, though I feel it would be better if I had a more powerful rig to play it on. Stuttering makes playing classes like Sniper or even Spy near impossible.

  237. The final panel with Shirahoshi and the straw hats decides it! She is the last crew member!

  238. @CyborgFranky: Jinbei also appears in the final panel!!! ¬¬….

  239. Nooo! I didn’t notice him at all! I must have blocked him out with my desires for Shirahoshi to be a straw hat

    Zoro’s smiling. Somebody’s gonna get-a-hurt real bad.

  241. @ drigruan HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, love the Russell Peters quote. And yeah, looks like the New Fishman Pirates are gonna get jacked up, REAL BAD.
    As for who’s joining the crew, it could be either Jinbei or SHirahoshi, but i’m leaning more towards Shirahoshi because of how much she has to learn and how much is being shown and explained about her during this story arc. It would be pointless to build her up and here abilities, only to just leave her to remain on the Island, (or what’s left of it once the prophecy of Luffy destroying it happens).

    Anyways, we’ll all see in good time 😀 😀 😀

  242. Shirahoshi can’t be the last crew member, I mean honestly they’re heading into the RED LINE. What they don’t need right now is someone with absolutely zero combat training and experience. My guess is they will pick up their last crew member somewhere in the Red Line.

    Now who else thinks the Pill-kais that Hody has been munching like MnMs from the beginning of this arc are going to be of any help to him what so ever? Doesn’t look like it to me. That kind of means that their basically pointless, at least in my humble opinion. This story would have been much better had Hodi-boy just been this bad ass from the beginning rather than it be some pill-kai power up, and really that would have been just as easy to write into the story. It would have been acceptable even to have an already kick arse Hodi Jones using energy steroids to boost his power when needed, At least then it would have been a bad guy variant of gear second to some extent. /rant

    Other than that this chapter has been one of the best since the start of the Fishman Island arc. I can only hope that it keeps getting better from here on out. =]

  243. i agree on this beeing one of the best chapters since the beginnning of this arc.
    I feel like the pills are a big cheat, on the other hand it would ve been kinda weird if Hodi had been this strong from the start since that would make him a huge thread and his name would ve been more known throughout the world.
    I still hope shirahoshi will join the crew she has a kool personallity will never betray her nakama, shes been said to be able to communicate with sea kings and stuff, all in all she will be a great addition to the crew.

    I hope were going to see what is happening at everywhere else,
    blackbeard, the marines, the supernova’s, especially bonney

  244. Honestly, I cant see shirahoshi becoming a crew member. What use would she be to the crew? Like at all? The sea kings that she can sometimes summon? As we’ve pretty much seen over the course of one piece, they haven’t exactly been all that powerful, especially when you have such powerhouses on the team like luffy and zoro or when your up against opponents like blackbeard or someone. She’d also be restricted to only summoning the sea kings when they were out at sea. That would be kind of a useless power when your on the middle of an island with no water around you at all. Her size would also be kind of detrimental and cumbersome while exploring said island, dontcha think? And finally, she’s a princess. She’s royalty, and going off with the straw hats probably isn’t the smartest move for someone in her position.

    That being said, I wouldnt want Jinbei on the crew either. Not that I can’t see it happening; he’s big, powerful, experienced, and he would be a great help to the Straw Hats. But that’s exactly the problem with him. I feel that someone like him should have his own crew of pirates, or should be staying back on FI in order to help rebuild or provide stability, not go off with the Straw Hats on adventures. A weak argument I know, but I just don’t see him on the crew.

    My vote goes for a new crew member being found later on after this arc. This current arc I think is just to help showcase how badass the team has become over the last two years, and thats it

  245. @gangly: Well sea kings are exactly what stop people going into the grand line all they want. Even a vice admiral said he coudlnt do any damage to the outside of one and had to resort to getting eaten and then cutting his way out. They are a pretty big deal.
    But you are right that they aren’t much use on land, at all. Not to mention Shirahoshi is huge and has a fin instead of legs. But if she is going to join the crew then that thing to make her older is definately being used. I don’t think it’s too farfetched to have something to make her smaller as well, given that something can make her older. But now I am just making things up for my preferances so maybe you should ignore that.
    Either way, I don’t see another nakama coming if it doesn’t come now personally.

    @Drigruan: I bet Zoro spent the whole of his two years getting his ass kicked by Mihawk just waiting for the next arc when he gets to cut someone else up instead!

  246. I however am able to bet that shirahoshi will become one of the Strawhats. Her ability will be incredibly useful, she would allow the Sunny to move freely on the sea, just like the marines. The Strawhats would be the only pirates capable of that. This power should belong to the pirate king

  247. Just remember that the last princess who didn’t have a living mother, and whose kingdom was in immediate peril, and whose father was saved from near death by Luffy, and had significant amounts of flashback story given about her, didn’t join the crew in the end.
    Something else has to change before I see her joining. Maybe that special age-advancment-plot-device-McGuffin-thing Decken never got a hold of (or did he?)

  248. Also the latest anime episode is pretty funny.
    “Good Smell! Frrrrrravor!!!”

  249. new chapter is out guys and its awesoooome~!

    not all that much happends but i still think this chapter was awesome!

  250. Strange that the greatest mistake Hody would make would be claiming that he would be Pirate King, while in the presence of Luffy. It’s like he said the secret word while at PeesWee’s PAINHOUSE.

  251. why is this blog so dead… so sad

  252. Tell me about it…

  253. Whoa now! Don’t be so melodramatic, the blog is only dead-ish. And “dead-ish” is all the rave nowadays. Zombies, the living dead, Edo Tensei! In this state the blog is at its most popular and we shouldn’t change a thing about it. Dead but sorta kinda alive is the way to go~

    Oh, and the chapter was freaking awesome! 😀

    How could anyone not like Luffy knocking out 50,000 fodder enemies with a stare? Remember, these people are fodder compared to the real elites of the world like Zoro stated. It’s not like Luffy is OMGOSH DA STROGEST EVA NOW!!!11111

    I wonder if Hody will pop some more pills. He seemed kinda bored that he was kicked into the outskirts, but he definitely felt that hit. I’m just really excited we’ll see the SH’s battle again!

  254. Come back to us Super.

    We all miss you.

    We all love you(r breakdowns.)

    Even Kisu.

    Okay, maybe not him.

    What’s five months among friends?

  255. I’m back but I’m not ready to jump straight into breakdowns or anything. I’ll be commenting for awhile and thinking of ideas. Right now I just want to hear the feedback from the community and their thoughts on this arc so far. Hmmm….maybe I’ll do a post on that.

  256. How about we have a poll on who is going to be the last Strawhat? With options like Shirahoshi, Jimbei, Caribou, or just someone else?
    We can still have plenty of debates with a manga like One piece
    For example: Is there a chance that Sabo might still be alive? That could make for an awesome plot twist in the future.
    If we just keep on commenting this section may pull an Itachi on this comatous state like Super said it.

  257. A new poll is definitely going up. One Piece just needs a new post period because this one has become unbelieably old and cluttered. And contrary to popular belief the One Piece section is always apart of the living dead. A new post won’t fix that but it will sure make it neater~

  258. Oh hey Super, welcome back =)

    Hmm, so here are some questions to hopefully spark some conversation.

    With the three open seats the Shichibukai have, who do we think is going to fill them? (Buggy has got to be one)

    What is the secret to Bonney and the government? And her attachment to Whitebeard?
    Giving Akainu chills is no mean feat

    Did X Drake get owned by Kaidou?

    Oh and who exactly is the new Fleet Admiral? Does that mean a vice has also been promoted?

  259. Oh Franky how I missed ya!

    First off, I’d put money down on Akainu being the New Fleet Admiral. Sengoku only recommended Aokiji but it’s not his say. Akainu is far more suited for the job anyway and with his success in the war I wouldn’t be surprised if he got the job.

    As for Bonney, she must be the daughter of someone really important or the holder of some very important information or secret. She was definitely involved with the Marines at one point but some way or another got involved with the pirates. One thing to note about her is that she was the only Supernova to cry and she basically showed the most sympathy when Whitebeard died.

    Lol, X Drake may have gotten owned by Kaidou but probably just for being so foolhardy. Then Kaidou took X Drake in or got him a leg up in the New World because he liked his spirit.

    I know Buggy was offered the Shichibukai position. That bat that delievered his message was mighty suspicious. Jimbei also got a message delivered by a bat when he was offered the Shichibukai position.

  260. Oh how exciting! Someone is taking up my offer of conversation at last, and its super no less. Everyone else should join in too >_>

    I totally see it being Akainu but you know something is telling me that that pan-fleet admiral isn’t that big a fan of the absolute justice by the way he handled Garp and Sengoku’s resignations. Now its just a hunch so no flaming please but I think he would have honoured Sengoku’s wish and gone with Aokiji. That being said the swap of Marinford and G1’s locations to either side of the red line seems like much more of a akainu or even Kizaru thing to do than Aokiji.

    I personally think Bonney is a tenryubito. It seems too weird that they are all assholes and if you were surrounded by them all the time but hated everything they did i think that would warrent running away. But i really can’t figure out the Whitebeard thing. She cried when he died and said ‘its all his fault’ towards blackbeard as well. The simple answer is something like her being from an island saved by his influance at first glance but well she is from South Blue so i dont know if he would have an island out there…Hmm…

    Oh thats an awesome idea! I would actually love it if X Drake and his crew became part of the Kaido crew. Well since not one of his crew members has actually been shown in any detail whatsoever they are non important people in my eyes. His being Kaidous underling would mean Chopper and him could have an awesome Zone fight while Luffy messed up the Yonkou =)

    Yep, one is deffinately Buggy. Its the perfect way for him and his crew to show up again since Oda has openly stated Buggy is his favourite character and the clown does have a habbit of showing up again and again. I wonder if there will be two new pirates (as in new to the story not new in the one piece world) or maybe someone we heard about before. It just came to me that some supernovas could well have accepted. Seems like the kind of thing Gang Bege would take up for his own benefit.

    Sorry, i ended up writing a lot….

  261. 1) Akainu. Can’t really seeing it being anyone else although in a way Aokiji. Akainu strikes me as a more ‘hands on’ guy, who always wants to be in the thick of things, and dispense his ‘justice’ that way by beating the crap out of every pirate he sees. If he became fleet admiral, he’d probably have to deal with more politics and whatnot, and would lose a certain amount of freedom to move around where he wished. So I could see Aokiji.
    As a side note to this. I think the new admiral to take whoever moves up to be fleet admiral, will be Magellan. Now, admittedly, he does have some err… personal problems that might hamper him as a admiral, but ability and skill wise? The guy is an absolute beast, and few people could withstand him going all out in a battle.

    2) The Shichibukai. Obviously Buggy has got to be a front runner here. The only other people who could possibly fit this role would have to be the supernovas. That or its going to be characters we haven’t heard from before. My moneys gonna be on Basil Hawkins to be one of those people. The Shichibukai strike me as very powerful individuals who either have no crew, or have little to no regard for their crew and Hawkins seems to fit that bill perfectly. My next guess would then be either Urogue or Scratchmen Appo. Urogue and Scratchmen Appo were both seemingly having difficulties adjusting to the New World, and they may be forced to ally themselves with the marines and become Shichibukai. I’d also say Capone Bege, save for the fact that he and his crew got sucked up into that thingy merjiggy, and I’m gonna say that he’s a zombie the next time we see him 😛

    3) Bonney. From the little I’ve seen of her, she seems to be an interesting character (as well as very cute lol). I honestly don’t know what to think of her (other than being very cute), and just hope we get to see more of her soon.

    4) X-Drake. Yes. Yes he did get owned.

  262. Wow. I should really go over my writing the next time I write something that long. My bad on the spelling errors

  263. I have also considered that maybe Bonney was related to the CD. It doesn’t have to be a daughter thing, she might have been a slave, that theme has been recurring a lot lately. Maybe a favorite slave of a really colicky CD, who wants her back?
    But I think the idea of her being a full blooded CD is absolutely delicious. I don’t think the CD can be a real threat if they all can’t see beyond their noses’ ends.
    There was that one CD that had the presence of mind to give up the Sun fishmen, respecting the price of what getting Jimbei was. We need to know more about them. Right now they are just jerks with no real threat that the WG doesn’t give them. I want there to be more than that.

  264. My god! The new chapter is out and i am well and truly needing some cuddle time after the outrageous number of fan-gasms i just had. Zoro’s tornado! The new machines! Brook’s awesome music! But most of all Sanji learning Geppo! Honestly, since the new skills started being revealed Luffy’s haki has obviously stolen the show whenever it showed up but with the blue walk first and now a sky walk too, i am a bigger Sanji fan than ever, and i was always a huge one to begin with. The stupid nosebleed near death almost seems like a faint dream i once had. Truly, truly an awesome chapter! Something weekly jump seems to have lacked of late…

  265. Oh also, Jimbei having a bounty higher than Luffy kinda puts him outa the running to be a crew member me thinks…

  266. @Cyborg Franky
    I wouldn’t count Jinbei out of the running for the next crew member just yet. Remember Robin had a higher bounty then Luffy (which was only 30 million) during her introduction during the alabasta arc. This was because then, just like now, theworld government is unaware of the true extent of Luffy’s true abilities, for examply his mastery of the three colors. Once the SH’s go out on a more public adventure with a new crewmate, potentially Jinbei, Luffy’s bounty will skyrocket.
    Also, to answer your previous questions:
    Akainu is definitely the next fleet admiral. Aokoji would never move the Marine HQ to the New World. He’s too lazy. Kizaru seems like he might be past his peak right now. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still strong as hell, its just i can imagine him losing power soon. He’ll probably be the first admiral to be defeated. Akainu is the only right choice the series. He’s young, strong and has a fanatical devotion to his cause. Exactly who the people running the World Government would want to keep the next golden age of piracy from happening.
    I think X drake is now a part of Kaidous crew or is at least an ally. He’s probably what Ace was to Whitebeard. You know, the guy that tried to take the big dog’s head but ended up being his most loyal follower
    Sorry but I have no idea what Jewel is. I can only assume she has some juicy info on the tennrybuto (sorry for the misspelling).

    So to wrap this up, Sanji and Zoro were freakin awesome this chapter. Especially Sanji who even made me laugh.
    And thats all I go to say about that…

  267. Whoa, an Animorphs fan! Hi Ellimist XD

  268. Sanji made this entire chapter worthwhile to me. The way he learned Sky Walk was just to perfect. I was also surprised by Wapol, his new digs fit him well.

  269. WRA!!!


  270. It upsets me too Kan10. Should we think of something to talk about? Like whether mermaids poop?

  271. I miss the good ol’ days when there were epic One Piece breakdowns for every chapter. Thanks to those breakdowns I would find things I missed in my own read thru every chapter.

    Mermaids can totally poop!

  272. I thought zoro was more epic than sanji… i feel like I already had guessed sanji would learn to do that… but zoro is a monster…

    Also.. I know that its almost blasphemous to suggest this to the WRA blog because we all know how awesome super’s breakdowns are… but I kind of prefer having crappy breakdowns every week than having none at all. I know it’s super’s baby, and he doesn’t want to give the job to anyone else (or can’t find anyone to do it), but come on, are you telling me that we can’t find something interesting to discuss in the most widely sold manga in japan. Come on WRA.. I used to come on here like at least 3-4 times a week… now like once every 2-3 weeks

  273. So whos up for doing the job?

  274. No way guys Super will be back! we have to believe in him, and hope he has a vivrecard that will lead him to the one piece breakdowns, though its probably burned up a lot by now as they near the end of their life…

    @omar: it seems i was the only one who didnt see the air walk coming. Loads of people have been talking about how it was obvious since the blue walk and now that i think about it it was but i was totally surprised. I think its mega awesome, way cooler than a hell seeking tornado…perhaps

  275. don’t get me wrong… the chapter was AMAZING, for many reasons… and even though I predicted that sanji would be able to do it, I think oda’s way of showing how he learned it was HILARIOUS… i want to see what chopper can do, and franky (brook was awesome).

  276. Well as far as im concerned we have seen the cool stuff Robin can do now. She isnt really a battle type in my eyes anyway considering she either wins strait away or cant do much. Im not too interested in the weather ball that nami has and the only thing i want to see franky do is some kizaru beams. Really I want Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Brook and Chopper having the one on ones since i cant predict the extent of their skills at all and because Brook is a bad ass we havnt yet been able to see in a real fight. Same goes to Chopper in a fight that he didnt go rage mode. Usopp can square off against Van der Dekken or whatever =p

  277. Don’t believe in me. O_O

    There will be a breakdown after this week’s chapter but really I would have done one last week but….ok, I have no excuse. But dammit there will be a breakdown this week!!!! ><

  278. Yay! n.n

    Looking forward to it Super

  279. @Super

    Don’t beleive in yourself!
    Beleive in the we that beleive in you!!
    Yours is a breakdown that will pierce the Heavens!!!

  280. It’ll be as epic as the time Luffy beat Crocodile through the bedrock

  281. Whoa now, let’s lower our expectations down to, “It will probably be crap” and let’s work from there. >_>

  282. Dont worry kan10…I got the Gurren Lagann reference xD

  283. It’s totaly topical!

  284. New chapter is out. I propose we all wait for the breakdown before we say anything =)

  285. Agreed 🙂

  286. *gasp*

    OMFG!!! Super”s back?! Finally!! I can finally read a real live Super-written OP breakdown that hasn’t been gathering dust and join in in the latest chapter discussions. Whenever I can, that is.

    Fine, we’ll wait..Not too long, I hope because the last 2 chaps were really.. Kyaaaaa!!! *faints*

  287. I’ll just put this here.

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