Bleach 437 – Zangetsu’s a Woman!

Hi out there, its me Kisu, have you seen Progression, the plot?

*sees plot*

Oh come on in.

*gets obligatory fanservice out of the way*

Ahem, this is gonna be short. After my resounding defeat by Pickles and Superdude on the Sliding Scale of Perverts, I give up.

Here’s the song, its never wrong. It makes me want to take your thong, when I post I’m on a bong way too high to have written this SOOOOONG!!!

Hello and welcome to Kisu’s breakdown of Bleach chapter 437. I don’t have a lot to work with this week, nor do I have any stunning revelations to make…well unless you count Zangetsu actually being a woman, but that’s neither here nor there right now πŸ™‚

A god brought down to his knees by a "mere human". A 100-year-old plan shattered before indifferent, distant eyes. A dr- screw it. No amount of pretty words will ever make this scene okay or even make it make sense.

So basically all that happened this chapter was Ichigo figuring out how his power works, or more accurately, how his power doesn’t work. Then there was some creepy little cliffhanger at the end, but we’ll get to that later.

There is so much wrong with this page. Being the nice guy that I am, I highlighted them for you πŸ˜‰

First of all, it looks like Ichigo’s new power is indeed a Swastika. What Kubo, didn’t “manji” sound cool enough for you ? Wait, never mind. “Swastika” is apparently actually closer to the original Sanskrit word, I guess it’s “more correct” in a way. Still kinda irks me though, as it will also irk the English dub if it’s still around long enough to get to this arc. Anyway, after I got past the initial shock of seeing “swastika break”, I noticed Ichigo said “Zangetsu’s flange”, which made me think of the word “minge”, which in turn made me search “flange” on urbandictionary. The results weren’t pretty. Then after getting over that shock, I realized he was most likely talking about Zangetsu’s guard.

Useless shuriken is useless.

Anyway, Ichigo tries to figure out how his power works through trial and error, but mostly error. I have to admit, I liked this touch. After what Riruka said I thought simply activating Fullbring would grant you instant knowledge of how to use it. Fullbring is like a video game. You get it and don’t read the manual, but learn through trial and error. Basically, you learn what works and what doesn’t. It was great seeing Ichigo fail because the things he tried are exactly what any normal person would.

If I had that Swatstishuriken the first thing I’d do is throw it because I wouldn’t want to get in too close but kill it from a distance. After that failed, I’d realize that I had to be holding it for it to have the “spirit blades”. The next thing would be to try to cut it like I first thought, but close range this time. After that failed I would get fed up and try go back to what used to work and try to use a Getsuga with it since it looks like Zangetsu’s guard. To sum up, the process of learning how to use his new power is very believable.

Enough of my ramblings. Ginjou makes notice of how Ichigo changed the moment he saw he had a chance. At first Ichigo was frantically running around without direction, just trying to survive, but the moment he found a way to win all of his actions became concentrated on winning. Every move became important. He wonders if this is instinct or experience. It’s kind of obvious its experience. After all of his battles Ichigo should be able to dodge and while coming up with a plan.

Ichigo remembers how he felt when he used Getsuga Tensho and this causes the badge to use its power. This is because after each battle Ichigo touched his Substitute Badge, and it retained the memories of all of his battles, that is the soul of the badge retained the memories. Ichigo then says the badge will help him regain his Shinigami powers. But how?

Hehe its funny because he looks like a serial rapist.

Next we head to Orihime, who is visiting Chad’s apartment (get your minds out of the gutter). She sees that the stuff she leaves for him always disappears so she figures Chad must be okay. Then some weird guy shows up and asks if she’s okay with dying. Sadly, this is not the same person that took out Uryu.

Kisu’s Thoughts:

1. My theory on the badge’s power is its simply imitating Zangetsu. “The badge remembers your abilities”, so this probably means the badge is essentially using “Getsuga Tensho”, but it looks different because the badge wasn’t originally part of Ichigo’s soul. I’d also wager it has a different effect, with the only similarity being how to initiate the attack.

2. The soul of the badge “remembers” his battles. That means memories can be imprinted on souls right? The idea I think, is that by using Fullbring, Ichigo can make his soul “remember” his powers, or some such thing.

We just figured out the plo-ot. We just figured out the plo-ot. We just figured out the plo-ot. Because we’re really short. ._.


Well that’s it. Now its time for so long, but we’ll sing just one more song. You know with me and you and some humor too, we can enjoy Bleach like its something fresh and new. Spot the reference(s)? πŸ˜‰

Long story short, I liked this chapter.


~ by kisuzachi on February 17, 2011.

19 Responses to “Bleach 437 – Zangetsu’s a Woman!”

  1. Breakdown’s out

  2. 1st πŸ˜€

  3. Second. *eats all the Bleach fans.* @____@

  4. @Tenrai, wow you’re gonna go hungry here. Bleach has no fans X_X

    …except me. BUT I GIVE INDIGESTION!

  5. lol how much fan stupidity is this title going to cause. at this point i cant help hoping orihime actually dies. btw kisu,
    …why would you trust urban dictionary with… anything!?

    P.S. DEicide kicked ass! Aizen sucks! -runs-

  6. *shoots Takashid in the leg*

    I forgive you because its very clear you made a mistake. Its Deicide sucks, and Aizen kicked ass

    *gives him creepy Unohana smile*

    Btw, it seems you missed the part of the breakdown where I said the Swastika isn’t what we think and that “flange” means Zangetsu’s guard. Partypooper

  7. Nice Breakdown Kisu

    I watched the Bleach Episode this week, I skipped the past like 10 or so, but I really enjoyed where Aizen is talking to Mr Hat and Clogs, there is something their about future plot bout the soul king, never says him/her always says “it”

    Aizen: How can you obey “it”
    Hat+Clogs: You saw “it”

    that made me want to watch bleach for a bit more, or at least try follow the story a bit more.. I also liked how Aizen was trying to break the seal around him, that was Awesome. Reminded me why I liked him in the first place.. not a butterfly anymore whoop whoop…

    @ the Manga – Why is this dragging out so much, the weapon “yay woohoo im not really impressed most of the time I thought he gonna go Quincy with that thing which is kinda how it works now? Orohime won’t die you silly goose takashid have you not been following the Bleach plot order… “Train” “*insert female name here* get abducted” “Train some more” “Fight a lot” “Train some more” “Fight more” “Save *Female character*” “Fight Boss” “Loose Powers” “Train to Regain powers” “Train” “*insert female name here* get abducted” “Train some more” “Fight a lot” “Train some more” “Fight more” “Save *Female character*” “Fight Boss” “Loose Powers” “Train to Regain powers””Train” “*insert female name here* get abducted” “Train some more” “Fight a lot” “Train some more” “Fight more” “Save *Female character*” “Fight Boss” “Loose Powers” “Train to Regain powers””Train” “*insert female name here* get abducted” “Train some more” “Fight a lot” “Train some more” “Fight more” “Save *Female character*” “Fight Boss” “Loose Powers” “Train to Regain powers”

    Thats about it @_@

  8. what was that hidden message on one of the bleach pages?

  9. -runs back to the comments-

    bullet to the leg? this is nothing kisu! you cannot stop me from speaking the truth, for i have


    P.S Deicide was awesome!
    also, “Its Deicide sucks, and Aizend kicked ass”
    i dont know who this Aizend guy is, but Aizen sure got what he deserved huh? πŸ˜›
    oh shit! -runs from Unohana-

  10. @Chairman Kaga, you can ignore the message. It was just the translators messing with someone, but if you’re curious it was “Kara-san sucks balls”.

    @Takashid, Aizend? Who is this “Aizend” of which you speak? I see no “Aizend”

    *whistles while walking away

  11. *Channel Excalibur for a quick moment* BWAAAAKKKKAAAAA!!!! *stops his Excalibur impersation with an “I met Excalibur Face.”*
    THEY BOTH SUCK (Aizen and Deicide!!!!!! BECAUSE OUT OF ALL THE BOOB-LOVING GIN DIED AND HALLIBEL. Yes, Gin loves giant Knockers the people he attacked didn’t have any (Rukia, Hinamori and Hiyori). DAMMIT TO HELL KUBOOO. WHY GIN IS IT BECAUSE HE LOVES BUXOM BABES?!?! WHAT SO WRONG FOR LOVING MELONS?!?!
    *coughs twice and clears throat* Now, that I’ve stop chewing the scenery. The reference: is Blue’s Clues. That’s one EarWORM I TILL THIS DAY CAN’T GET OUT MY F@#&IN SKULL, OH THE HUMANITY!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. @Kanton, congratulations. You just figure out Kisu’s clues.

  13. @Kanton: Gin isn’t dead. If he is then I stand corrected but last time I checked he just left.

    @Kisu: LMAO! I loved the Flange reference but like Takashid I too understood it was a guard. As for the swatsika thing…*sigh*…I guess I’ll resign and admit it isn’t funny after a day… Still…it’s funny if you ignore that and think Ichigo is a Nazi with a woman’s privates for a guard.

    @Chapter: I’m still wondering why Ginjou took the badge in the first place and when he returned it to Ichigo.

  14. @Superdude, oh that wasn’t Ichigo’s badge. It must’ve been from the other Shinigami he mentioned a few chapters ago (the one that the other Fullbringers gave up their powers to)

  15. @kisu: hahaha.. so that’s what it is..haha.. thanks.. πŸ˜‰

  16. Oh snap, I didn’t even notice. Ok so he never took the badge from Ichigo and has another Substitute Shinigami’s badge, or he’s a former Substitute Shinigami himself.

    If it’s the former where’s the Substitute Shinigami and why is he letting some Fullbringer run around with his badge? If it’s the latter…just what the hell are his motives!?

  17. Super: …Tune in next time for the answers to all these questions and more! Goodnight folks! πŸ˜›


  19. what a dull chapter

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