Soul Eater 83 – Velcome to Soviet Rushia!

Happy Vallentines!! Hope you all have that Special Someone in your life ^_^

Awe All Pein here again for your next installment of MADNESS!!!! We all need that little bit of insanity, that crazy miniacle laugh that we just cannot stop, watching a ridicules clips on youtube for hours on end, coming to wra and trying to keep a clean mind while reading a Pickles post. All these things keep our lives balanced and complete like a good breakfast. Its just sometimes hard to find a balance, if that is lost you may end up being a Super Teen extraordinaire, runs around in underwear….


Ve vill beginning ourrrr chapterrr in Soviet Rushia. Vere der is a Malinki probleme Vere ze Madness doz not invect you, you invect ze madness 😉

I must say I was a bit confused the first time I read this chapter, maybe its cause I’m tired, maybe its cause it was Monday morning or maybe its cause Chrona is a crazy thing @_@ with no idea of her/his power now, Red Blood Black Blood whats up with that? O_O… Meh I think Oku trying to reference that they in Russia a bit too much there, though it is interesting how Chrona has improved in what is relevantly a short period of time. Maybe the red blood mean Chrona is a female and its that time of the month, that would explain the way she was so insane @__@

its "Red" Party Time

We also learn more about the new Meister and Death Scythe, apparently they have the same anti – Demon Hunting wavelength as Soul, but I was confused how they fight since it seems the Meister fights mostly alone with a similar style to Black Star but not as potent and his weapon just accelerates him or is used like a cannon, the Death Scythe was actually pretty useless which is disappointing. The only thing that I find interesting is Crona resistance to the anti – Demon Wavelength which is basically what makes Maka and Soul such a good combo. It would seem this was to show how Crona has been able to improve from both her/his previous two battles, first against Maka and Soul and then when they battled Black Star, though it is also evident that both of them became more powerful. This in a sense has created more doubt to which is stronger…

It is again brought to our attention the connection between Soul and Crona, the way the Black Blood seems to link them is an interesting fact but also not really something new as yet, just intensity seems to be up. I like how Chrona seems to be now embarrassing the insanity, its no longer this unsure little girl/boy. its a fully powered villain, I just hope speech-insanity doesn’t convert “it” back to normal. The final attack of Crona seems to have shown that “it” is now one of the top “next” Generation to beat, the Kishin’s influence seems to be permanently stamped in “its” character…

I must say when I saw this panel with the little demon seeming to make his come back I started to get excited, its one of the reasons I like Soul, his insanity.

Bloody Lance, I was not highly impressed with but the “Mad Blood” is definitely something to look out for, its just a shame that it seems the Death Scythe and a highly skilled Meister where beaten, I had predicted that Chrona would have more trouble with an experienced pair but its evident its not the same “thing” that fought Black Star. It was disappointing that even at full power the anti demon wave length was ineffective, though we up to now do not know the true results of the battle, or the effect the battle had on Chrona.

So When your most powerful pair are taken over by insanity “balls” and you have these two giant balls, you call a few children, (perv over some) and a man who cannot go near any sort of madness without falling prey… seems like a good idea @_@ or is it just me?

In Soviet Russia, You find the Perverts @_@

I was looking forward to seeing Maka and Soul in action again it felt like quite a long time since I actually seen them in a fight, but unfortunately we seem to only see Kim and her magical hands, which makes all the men feel better and fall inlove, and that was pretty much all we learn’t in this chapter.

Now this is team work 😉

This page got my heart racing, the possibility of Soul slipping into insanity completely was just the sort of appetizer I needed to say this was an awesome Chapter! I would love to see the little red devil in action again and Soul in his Suite 😉 The ending is what made this chapter for me. I cannot wait for next issue, I think its gonna be Soul turning to the black blood, all I wanna know is was this Medusa’s plan from the start or did the pieces just fall into place.

If Manga is your Special Someone 😉

Hope You enjoyed the breakdown and not just the last picture 😛


~ by pein0avenue on February 16, 2011.

7 Responses to “Soul Eater 83 – Velcome to Soviet Rushia!”

  1. Holy crap, I didn’t even realize a new Soul Eater had come out. I’ll read the chapter later today when I have free time and comment later. I’m loving that poster btw. @_@

  2. Second!

    I didn’t like this chapter. It was a little slow and Chrona shouldn’t have been able to defeat the Death Scythe and his meister.

  3. i dont mind chrona beating the death scythe, but i feel like this chapter was a bit slower then usual. i liked Mad Blood a lot, chrona’s face was the creepiest ive ever seen him, and the form looked kickass. looks like soul is getting fucked up, so next chapter should be fun.

  4. “So When your most powerful pair are taken over by insanity “balls” and you have these two giant balls, you call a few children, (perv over some) and a man who cannot go near any sort of madness without falling prey… seems like a good idea @_@ or is it just me?”

    Seriously, why isnt marie with them? she keeps stein in check, and turns whoever wields her into The Flash, they should have sent her.

  5. yeah and she is the least effected by insanity, I don’t think this plan was well thought out, what the hell is Stein gonna do against Chrona, he will become evil/insane before a punch is thrown and be more of a problem then Soul may be

    I can’t wait for soul… think gonna me biting my nails like the red devil 😛

  6. Wait, so Crona’s a guy!? Jeez, I’ve thought (he?) was a girl since the diverging anime.

    As for the chapter I thought it was pretty great. I loved the battle between Crona and the Russian pair. Croana has definitely improved. Her insanity is so strong it overcomes an anti-demon wavelength. I think it’s her combining the instability of the insanity with the power of the black blood. 2 forces of evil to overcome good.

    The only thing that’s disturbing me about Soul Eater is the speedy progress of all these kids. They’re already defeating Death Scythes! The hell? XD

    And great breakdown Pein! I’m predicting Soul is being possessed instead of going crazy.

    Edit: Soul Eater Not! is out and there’s plenty of laughs.

  7. Super: Crona’s gender is unknown. Okubo has inentionally never used male or female pronouns to describe crona, leaving us all to guess. Crona could be a girl or boy, we have no way of knowing.

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