Naruto Shippuuden 197 – 198 Double Breakdown: Let me tell you a story of friendship…

Darkness, isolation, anger… despair…

These feelings begin to flood your senses as you walk slowly down the dusty streets of your village. As you take a moment to look up from your shuffling feet, you see nothing but the dreadful gaze of countless eyes piercing at you from every directing, cutting into your heart with their cold and hateful glares. You feel your heart constricting painfully in your chest, twisting sharply like a ragged blade, and your breath becomes strained and heavy. You want to cry, you want to shout, you want to scream and make the world disappear, but your voice feels powerless, as if nothing more than an anguished whisper cradling at the back of your throat.

You squeeze the tears back from your watering eyes, you don’t want them to see how much you’re hurting deep inside. Your gaze falls to the ground again, avoiding the pain of seeing those who look back at you with so much discontent, and you carry on walking alone. It feels like forever, as if an eternity is passing as you continue onwards. Only the cruel whispers of those around you make you aware of your painful reality as they slowly strip your soul bare one fragile piece at a time.

And then suddenly, it’s quiet. You’re home… you’re alone… and you finally let the tears fall at last. You can never remember how long you cry, all you can do is hold onto the fleeting comfort it provides.

"Why is it so easy to smile, when you're dying deep down inside? Why is it so hard to cry, when all you want is for someone in the world to see your pain? Can anyone hear your whispered scream? Or are you simply a shadow, left unnoticed, waiting for a ray of hope..."

Seasons pass as summer turns to the cold and unforgiving grasp of winter, but the feelings inside your heart remain forever unchanged. Every night, you return to the same darkness that always waits for you and every night you lie in bed alone, with only your thoughts and dreams to provide you with any form of comfort. There’s no-one to hug you, or hold you closely in their warm and caring arms. There’s no-one to tell you that they love you, or to praise you and say how proud they are to have you as their son.

You feel bitter and you feel cheated. You wonder why you are different, why you are hated. All you want is for someone to see you, but all you ever find in the eyes staring back at you is malice and loathing. You start to lose hope, you feel like you’re drowning in the darkness of your own sorrow and despair. The air is being choked out from your burning lungs, but just when you think all is lost, something happens and your life suddenly changes.

Our dreams remind us of our greatest hopes, while our nightmares remind us of our greatest fears. It is only in our waking moments that we can choose which ones come true...

You meet someone. He’s just like you. He knows what it feels like to be alone.

You find yourself smiling for the first time, a real smile. You finally feel like you aren’t so alone anymore, like there’s someone walking in the darkness beside you. But you’re afraid, you don’t know how open up. You worry about how he will react if you talk to him, or how others will see you. You don’t want to feel the glares weighing down on your shoulders anymore, so you keep your feelings hidden deep down inside and pretend as though you don’t care. As time passes, you slowly learn to open up, to trust yourself, and your heart begins to feel warmer. You find yourself laughing more often and your shoulders don’t feel as heavy anymore.

Is this… happiness? You begin to wonder if it is.

You go home at night, only this time, the tears are no longer there. You finally feel like someone can see you for who you are. You want to make sure that you are someone worth noticing, so you keep trying harder, you keep striving to become stronger. You feel excited and for the first time in your life, you’re not afraid anymore.

You have a friend…

Our lives are incomplete, without the love of others to bring joy into our hearts.

The world becomes lighter, you have hope, you have something worth fighting for. You don’t notice the glares of those around you as you walk down the foreboding streets. You can finally look at the world with your head raised proudly. You can see the sun shining, it warms your soul.

But, just as things feel like they are finally lifting up, a heavy blow is mercilessly inflicted on your soul. Your friend betrays you, he hurts you in a way you could never imagine possible. You see him walking away, falling into darkness and it feels like your heart is being crushed into tiny pieces. All the fear, all the pain, all the anger, it all comes rushing back inside. It overflows through your entire being, and you begin to feel yourself being suffocated. Darkness begins to close around your vision, overshadowing the light.

Your tears begin to fall again. Your heart aches. You want to die.

Reaching out to save his friend, his resolve is met only with cruelty and darkness. A shattered heart, a broken soul, crimson marks the body of one who sacrifices himself to save those he cares for.

You wake up in darkness and agony, only to feel an empty despair gripping your heart. You feel alone again and you know your friend is no longer there. You cover your eyes with your hands and squeeze them tightly, cradling your tears. You failed to fulfill your promise. Regret is all that is left.

Even then, despite the pain, your memories save you from the shadow that claims your soul. Memories of laughter and of the smiles you shared with your friend, your brother. Memories of the good feelings you had when you felt like you weren’t alone anymore. You hold onto them, and squeeze them closely to your heart. You don’t want to let go, you want to save your friend from the darkness.

You don’t care what others say, or how they feel because you know, deep down inside, that letting go is like giving up hope. Letting go, is like dying. So you keep holding on, you keep looking for hope, so that one day you will be able to smile again, with your friend smiling beside you.

You wipe the tears away and bare the burden of your pain alone, you will not allow others to carry it with you. You won’t let go of them until you find the light again…

One day, we will walk in the light again. One day, we'll have a reason to smile.

Hey everyone, I know this may be a bit strange for a breakdown, but I know there are a lot of you out there who probably still ask themselves why Naruto would go so far to try and save Sasuke all the time, even though Sasuke only ever seems to cause harm to both him and Sakura, and seeing as how this new double episode seems to touch heavily on that theme, I thought I would try and address it in a way that was more closely tied to the emotions involved.

You see, at face value, friendship may seem like quite a simple concept to understand. A friend – to most people – is someone who you simply get along with well, or someone you have fun around and who helps you when you are in need. Friends are people who simply come and go in our lives and the depth of that relation is often shallow at best.

But the truth is, real friendship belies feelings that are far more profound than that. I believe a true friend is someone you are able to care deeply for, someone you share a strong connection with, who almost feels like they are a part of you in a way. At least, that is what I hope it is, because it’s something I’ve always felt to be right to me. And in the end, I believe that a friend who has had a positive impact in your life, is one that is hard to let go of, even if things turn out for the worst.

To understand that idea, all you have to do is put yourself in the same situation and imagine how it must feel. That is what I had hoped to help everyone achieve by writing the above and I hope, in some way, it worked.

A friend stands by you, no matter what. Even if you aren't there, standing with him at the time...

When someone becomes a beacon of light in your life, when they save you from feelings of loneliness and grief, you can’t help but feel close to them, to feel connected to them in some way. In other cases, all it takes are those feelings of desperation associated with loneliness or isolation, to drive us into forming friendships or relations with people who may not even see us the way we want them to, or who may even be harmful to us either physically or psychologically, a consequence I am very familiar with myself.

In the end, all I can say is that the emotions involved in those kinds of situations, even the most abusive kinds, are far more complex than people seem to realize. Everyone seems to brush it off as something that is simple, when in reality, those ideas couldn’t be further from the truth.

The way Naruto continued to defend Sasuke, even when it meant going as far as allowing others to physically harm him to do so, speaks highly of just how deep that connection must feel for him and its something that isn’t hard to find in real life, if you just look properly.

He continues onwards, holding onto hope...

You get all kinds of people in this world. People who know how to love, or people who only wish to be loved by others. People who are strong and proud, and those who feel lonely and afraid.

At the end of the day, we are all responsible for our own choices, and the effects those choices have on those around us. The only question is, what kind of friend are you to those who are close to you? How far would you go to protect others, even if it meant getting hurt yourself?

Even despite the hardships and the pain, Naruto still stays true to his promise. His resolve inspires others to have faith in him.

Well, that’s all from me this week. I hope you all enjoyed the breakdown, although I do apologize for the very narrowed focus this time around.

Here are last week’s caption contest winners.

3rd) Prawlkage: HUG ME SASUKE! NOW!

2nd) Pein0Avenue: I have wrapped the scripts of all the Fillers… and you thought Explosive Tags where scary.

Kantonkage: The fillers have gotten so bad even the villains want to kill themselves.

Due to the serious nature of this particular breakdown, I won’t be including any caption contest this week. Instead, I am hoping to see some insightful thoughts about the topic of this week’s breakdown.

In the meantime, here is next week’s preview.

See you all in the comments!

~ by Tenrai Senshi on February 15, 2011.

42 Responses to “Naruto Shippuuden 197 – 198 Double Breakdown: Let me tell you a story of friendship…”

  1. First … Great breakdown … wipe away tears.

  2. second

  3. Tenrai you are very poetic. when i first saw this scene all i ould think was “really Naruto? are you that gay for Sasuke?” i mean i understand the idea of defending your friends, but letting her beat him up “in place of Sasuke” or whatever seemed really Dumb and sad. But after reading this, i can look at it differently. I still think that some future events are just pathetic or bad writing, such as( on the off chance that someone here actually hasn’t read the manga, SPOILER ALERT) Naruto’s incredibly intelligent plan of dying with Sasuke. Besides the fact that kishi seems to be aiming for gay romeo and juliet (and before anyone flames me, i will say that i have zero problems with homosexuality. i have family members who are gay, and dont treat them any different.) its just stupid. Naruto promised Jirayia and Nagato he would find world peace. He promised Tsunade he would become a great Hokage. He cant do any of that if he’s dead. i know he also promised sakura he would bring back Sasuke, but i think a promise to your Mentor/grandfather figure and to a leader of a country, who believed you enough to kill himself for you, is just a little more important! anyway, great breakdown Tenrai. i dont think youll be able to justify some of the future stuff, but i did find this breakdown a little moving.

  4. Sorry Tenrai, but not even you’re writing can de-stupidize this moment. I wont even bother going into details on why naruto is an absolute idiot when it comes to Sasuke. For me, the Dethroning Moment of Suck in Naruto’s life was when he hyperventilated because no one wanted to hug Sasuke and say “I love you” to him. Sasuke even came out and told Naruto he doesn’t like him and he should give up on changing him. Sasuke even told him he was going to kill everyone in Konoha, men, women and children. Naruto cannot look past his self-centered need to “save” Sasuke (if he can’t he wont feel fit to be Hokage so its entirely selfish) even when the lives of the very villagers he wants to rule is on the line. I’m gonna stop there.

    Damn it, I said I wouldn’t go into detail.

  5. @Kisu

    As I said, people don’t actually understand the psychology involved in these situations. If you can’t see it, it’s because you’ve never been stuck in it.

    That doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen though.

    Look at abuse cases, where husbands abuse their wives. The victim often adopts the psychology that she is the one to blame for the situation and feels that she needs to work harder to fix it and make her husband happy. She thinks she still loves him and that he loves her, even despite the physical and emotional damage being inflicted. The relationship doesn’t even need to involve love. Even with friendship, sometimes people hold on to others because they don’t see any other way out and they don’t want to feel alone.

    Naruto feels responsible for Sasuke, which is why he wanted to save him. But if you recall, after the Kage summit arc, even he saw how far gone Sasuke was, so he changed his goal. He chose to deal with Sasuke himself even if it cost both of them their lives, so it’s not like he simply chose to let Sasuke continue to harm others as you have suggested. You seem to have forgotten that little fact with your comment.

    But, to be honest, I actually don’t want to debate this with you and that is all I am going to say on the matter right now. If you refuse to look at the situation with a real understanding of how people can and often do react in these situations, then I am simply going to be arguing with someone who only chooses to see one side of the bigger picture.

    It’s things like that, which get me worked up sometimes. You know how I get in these debates… So please, let’s leave it at that.

  6. @Takashid

    Thanks for your comment. As for justifying future events, all I can really do is give my own view on them, but its your own perception that will determine whether or not something feels right or wrong to you. We all have our own sense of morality, after all. Just look how Kisu and I clash all the time. <__<

    I personally still don't believe that dying is Naruto's actual goal, because the conversation with his peers afterwards suggests that Naruto was still hiding something.

    But only time will tell, I guess. Let’s hope Kishi pulls through.

  7. Awesome Breakdown Tenrai!!! I like the opening it seems to put light in a sense on the upcoming arc, its been a long time since Sasuke and Naruto actually fought each other/seen each other and even further back since Sasuke was actually on Naruto’s team etc so its easy to forget sometimes…

    I said I care about my friend but as my life goes I learn’t to cut away people that would hurt u in the long run and although it means I don’t have many friends, it does mean the ones I keep are true genuine friends.

    @ Kisu – I think if Naruto is blinded by the fact that there is an understanding with Sasuke. but also Sasuke is Naruto’s greatest failure, he feels if he cannot save one friend how could he save the entire village,(which he has against Pein) if he just gave up would that make him more of a man? In the end like Orochimaru was for the 3rd Hokage/Jiriya, Sasuke is for Naruto, he feels either he makes things right by his own hands, not send others to clean up his mess, and who else would be strong enough to take on Sasuke, of the Konoha 11? who would you like to Sacrifice of your friends? Naruto doesn’t want anyone else to get involved because he A) wants to fix things himself,B) Make sure only he is hurt…

  8. I fully understand the fact as to why Naruto wouldn’t say anything about Sasuke and got beaten up for him… I would probably do the same for my cousin BUT referring to future event SPOILER ALERT!! I wouldn’t die for Sasuke… The last time Naruto saw how low Sasuke sunk… REALLY THERE IS NO HOPE THE THE FUCKER!He attacked all the kages… he “KILLED” the 6th hokage… that right there is a federal serious crime itself… there is no “bring sasuke back and live a normal life” anymore… I don’t see why no one tells Naruto that.. WHY DIDNT ANYONE TELL NARUTO “Even if you bring him back he would probably be facing death, or life prison” No one thought of that? Now if Naruto brought Sasuke back BEFORE he attacked Killer Bee and the Kages then Yeah I understand you trying to save him from Madara… but now it is too damn late! I don’t get that much… like i said I don’t blame him for this scene in the episode about getting beaten up but damn dude Sasuke’s chance at “happy life” is over…There is no hope for Naruto and like Sasuke said “you want to become hokage shouldn’t you be training?” LIKE SERIOUSLY! Naruto’s excuse “How can I be hokage if i can’t save one friend?” WHAT THE FUCK! Dude you saved Gaara and he became the 5th kazekage… you saved Tsunade and convinced her to come back to the leaf… You unknowingly saved the world from Pein by convincing Jiraiya to not give up in the midst of death to send that note on the frogs back… You brought all the Konoha citizens back to life by NOT killing Nagato but Saving Nagato to do the right thing… Naruto needs to be told all this and that the only way to save Sasuke from himself is to kill him… THAT is what a Kage needs to know… THAT is what Gaara learned and what Naruto has to learn…

  9. @greyfox2012

    *Spoilers for non-manga readers*

    I think people are forgetting the other reason that Naruto decided to take this burden on himself. Remember, he is trying to end the cycle of hatred, to prevent the birth of another Pein, or people like him who only know hatred and who use it to destroy and create more hatred.

    That is why he said that only he can bear the burden of Sasuke’s hatred. He’s doing it to end the cycle, not just to die. He believes that if he faces Sasuke alone, then he will be able to put an end to that hatred once and for all, so that no-one else has to bear that burden and no-one else has to die for it. He is doing it for the good of everyone, not just for his own sake or for the sake of saving sasuke, which, if you ask me, makes him more Kage like than anything. Most Kage die for their villages and for their people. They put the lives of those around them before their own and yet, when Naruto does the same, we ridicule his choices and call him childish?

    That seems a bit odd to me.

    Let’s also not forget that Naruto never actually said that he ‘wanted’ to die. He just said what he ‘felt’ would happen if he and Sasuke fought, and then said that if they did fight again, they would both end up dying. I think he foresaw that conclusion not as a choice, but as a gut instinct knowing how strong they both had become and it was something he only felt after they had exchanged blows. That means it is highly unlikely that it was a premeditated thought. I think people took that further than it was meant and assumed he was just trying to be suicidal or something, when there is no evidence to support that.

    Even after talking with his peers after that clash with Sasuke, Naruto actually said he wouldn’t defend Sasuke anymore. He just didn’t want anyone else to fight him and that was the message he was trying to get accross to everyone and chances are, he was doing it to protect them. Is protecting your friends that bad now? Maybe he just knew Sasuke would be too much for them and maybe he knew he was the only one who could handle it.

  10. I must say, its been quite a while since Ive read anything as deep as this level of writing. It is like reading poetry.

    Yet, now i see the situation in a completely different light. Friendship.

    Alot of people thought naruto taking the punches for his friend sasuske was foolish. But i am pretty sure, that after reading this breakdown, they will have a change of heart.

  11. @Tenrai. Damn. That makes so much sense. So Naruto is an abuse victim lol. You made my day with that comment. In fact its so funny that not even the manga whose name shall not be spoken can ruin my day now 😀 haha

    Oh I saw this on Tv tropes, it really puts things into perspective.

    “In Naruto, after Sasuke has took a willing leap off of the Moral Event Horizon and is justifiably a wanted man because of it, Naruto objects to the people treating Sasuke like a criminal and wants everyone to forgive Sasuke because he is his “best friend”. Naruto though has no problems with people who commit crimes similar to Sasuke being wanted criminals, however Sasuke is different because he promised Sakura he was going to bring him back to Konoha. Sakura on the other hand has recognized the fact that Sasuke is beyond saving and tries (and fails) to kill him. Sasuke also does not consider Naruto as his friend and has tried to kill him every time they meet but fails either because he is tired or due to someone rushing in to save Naruto. Naruto is later on questioned by Kiba on why he didn’t kill Sasuke who wanted to kill both Sakura and Kakashi but was out of chakra and half-blind. Naruto lies straight to Kiba’s face and says it’s because Sasuke could have killed him, who was at full strength at the event. What makes this worse is that Sasuke of all people questions Naruto’s obsessions with him.”

    Take from that what you will… haha

    @Marksman, not die-hard Sasuke hater like me ;).

  12. Its spelled “SasugaGay”, with a capital G.

  13. Thank you Marsman. You are one of my favorite Fudgeheads (its my new name for SasuGay haters, its likely to change at any time).

  14. I thought is was spelled Ass->uke

  15. @Kisu

    I just using an example to show there is more to human emotion than you seem to consider.

    I also said I don’t feel like debating the issue. You will see what you want to in the situation and I will see it my way as well. I’m not here to justify anything to anyone, so that’s the end of it.

  16. @Tenrai, I’m not debating the issue, I just genuinely thought it funny is all :/

    Now lets get back to something we can all agree on, the Raikage’s badassitude (that should totally be a word)

  17. You mean the same Raikage who shamefully lost an arm to Sasuke in battle when he could have easily avoided it?

    Lol. Seems when it comes to Sasuke, people just become suicidal. It must be emo no jutsu. 😛

  18. @Tenrai, karate chopping your own burning arm off is just ludicrously…cool. In the dub of Naruto, Raikage NEEEEEEEDS to be voiced by Samuel L. Jackson, no one else can pull it off 😛

  19. @ Kisu – Well its like we have Pein/Raikage walking into a village and instead of letting the strongest Ninja fight him, you let people like Kiba, Tenten, Ino etc fight him even as a team they couldn’t beat Pein or the Raikage, but Naruto just might be able to take them on, but these people are coming in for the Kill and they a major threat… why did the 3rd Hokage not just send Ninja to attack Orochimaru all the time? Could it be that the ninja he would send would be either captured or dead. Same with Itachi in a sense, at first Sasuke was spared because of Tsunade but now he is too powerful to take down by just some random ninja… As u know he has Plot no jutsu and the only thing that can beat that is Naruto’s Hero’s plot no jutsu…

    Would you really want to see, Kiba vs Sasuke, TenTen vs Sasuke, Ino vs Sasuke, or maybe better Shino vs Sasuke, shikamaru vs Sasuke, Neji vs Sasuke, Hinata vs Sasuke, we seen Sakura fail, Naruto is the only one powerful enough

    Why did Naruto no go after Sasuke, did you not remember what happened to him after that? he was foaming at the mouth he would of started a battle already poisoned, and u may not know this exerting yourself while poisoned can be deadly too 😛

    Plus Madara was there with a Zetsu, and your Awesome Kakashi who’s name you would not alter in the end instead of Attacking Madara, all madara does is say, it wont work and Kakashi like “yes he wouldn’t lie,” WTF was that!!! That was one of the biggest FAILS in Naruto history I mean, it wasn’t even a speech no jutsu is was a bluf no jutsu and Kakashi fell head first into it. Yet he is awesome? hahaha ironic, Pein was beaten by a book O_o and a confession of love. I think should lay of Naruto a bit 😛

    I agree one hundred percent Badassitude should be a word and in the dictionary next to it should be a picture of the Raikage 😛

  20. @ Kisu – SH$T and Sasuke lost his Snake summons, but Imagine Kabuto vs the Raikage, Snake on a plane all over again 😉

  21. @Kisu

    Karate chopping your own burning arm off may seem cool, but getting it burnt in the first place while you’re trying to slap a kid around is just sad.

    I won’t even mention how another teenager had to save him and his leg from a similar fate. Oh wait, I just did. <___<

  22. *looks at Tenrai disapprovingly*

    You sir have just earned the ire of the Raikage. I wish you luck on being alive 😀

    @Pain XD that was funny lmao! I can just picture it now:

    “I am sick and tired of these motherf*cking snakes in this motherf*cking manga!”

    Fun fact: “Smackdown” was recently added to the English language and is now a real word. It was first invented by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in his pro wrestling years in the late 90s. If he can get a word in the dictionary, then “Badassitude” needs to get there. 😀

  23. @Kisu

    Ag. I was just messing with you. I actually think the Raikage is a cool character, bit I was dissappointed with how he lost his cool and almost got himself killed for it.

    Still, I guess I can understand why. People do crazy things for the memories of those they care for, isn’t that right? Mmhm…

    As for Raikage’s english Dub, as cool as Samuel L Jackson is, I always pictured Raikage with a deeper voice than that. I just can’t see Mr Jackson filling that role because his voice isn’t that deep. Lol.

  24. Yeah but where are the English dubbed episodes now for Naruto anyways?

    @ Tenrai – yeah gotta be cocky like Samuel but badass too like the guy from Blade 😉

  25. Great breakdown Tenrai! You’re a really deep person and you would be a great writer.

    I understand what Naruto is doing and how important Sasuke is to him, but I think that letting himself die with Sasuke will not end the cycle of revenge. I’ll explain why: if Sasuke dies, no one will attack Naruto for revenge. Sasuke has severed the bonds with anyone who cared for him, like Karin and Sakura. Madara wouldn’t even care because Sasuke is only a tool for him.
    On the other hand, if Naruto dies, the whole Leaf Village will want revenge, so they will attack Madara (assuming Sasuke died with Naruto) because he was responsible. Lots of people will die in the battle and the cycle will continue.

    I think Naruto should do what is best. Prevent the deaths of many innocent people by killing Sasuke or crippling him severely. That may seem cruel, but Sasuke has fallen too low and he will continue killing people. Naruto shouldn’t have killed Sasuke before he found out the truth because he was still an anti-hero back then and he was redeemable. However, his heart is in pitch-black darkness now and it can’t be brought back to the light.

  26. @ Dragon – If Naruto dies and Sasuke dies it will have to end there, what will pi$$ me off is the old people of Konoha responsible for the Genocide of all the Uchiha would be let to live while the Hero of Konoha (Naruto) would have to die covering their mess… I understand that violence has to end and the circle of hate too blah blah blah but I also think Justice must prevail and Sasuke must pay for his and so much those old power hungry councilors that ordered the murder of women and children… and Not Naruto!

    In the end if Pein hadn’t done what he did, no one would truly understand the way the Rain Village suffered, think about it Konoha had lived happy trying to gain more power over the Rain Village, maybe its wrong methods but Justice must prevail in the end and even those who are seen in Konoha as good must pay for their actions too. In the end Sasuke is Evil but the systematic murder and planning of the Uchiha Clan in a sense is more evil, Sasuke has never killed a child, the worst he has done is attack Karin and Sakura the latter of which had planned to kill him, he has killed either people attacking him or ninja he had been given a mission to attack etc, he was forced to go to the Kage Summit by Madara who made him change paths from Konoha to the summit…

    You cannot even say all the Uchiha where evil, people like Obito? Would of been murdered and why? It annoys me so much when people say “Sasuke is too evil now” when some of the Hero’s and people on the “good” side had done so much worse to attain their goals, basically if Madara succeeds in his plan there will be Peace, but not free will peace. How is that different from Killing of anyone that would oppose u?

    Sorry for rant I am just in a bad mood today 😛

  27. My opinion is to shoot Sasuke he harms someone innocent.

  28. Also I think is that Sasuke has suffered more than Nagato without a doubt. Sasuke has his parents killed by the one he admired. Nagato’s parents were just fodder killed and he even killed the killers.
    Nagato will never get any sympathy from me.

    tsuchikage was cool in the new episode…

  30. @pein0avenue

    I didn’t say anything about all the Uchihas being evil. I didn’t even mention them. And I didn’t say anything about the Uchiha massacre or the elders. I only spoke about Sasuke.

    You’re right about the Elders. They have to pay, but if Sasuke killed them then would he be any better?

    As Tenrai said in a debate with Kisu a while back, is killing one person more morally correct than killing a group of people?
    Anyway, I also think the Elders are more evil than Sasuke because they treated human beings like trash which they could destroy when they want without any consequences.

    I know Sasuke didn’t kill any children, but he will when he destroys Konoha, even though they’re innocent, so shouldn’t Naruto prevent that?

    By the way, Pein-Nagato killed lots of children and babies just because they had ties to Hanzo. Does the great pain he felt justify his actions?
    Mind you, I like Nagato and I’m sorry for him, but his actions make him more evil than Sasuke. Unlike the emo though, he redeemed himself by resurrecting all of Konoha at the cost of his life, even though he still hated them because he regretted his actions.

    I hope Sasuke will redeem himself (maybe in a different way) and I think he still can, but he can’t come back to Konoha because of what he did to the Kages. Three of the five villages would start a war against Konoha and that would bring more death and despair.

  31. Naruto-kun, you are doing the right thing…

    “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.”(John 15:13)

  32. @ Dragon – Sorry I meant it more by the statement the entire village would want revenge for Naruto’s death, I guess I got side tracked by the fact that the irony of it is the village’s leaders have more blood on their hands then Sasuke himself, I meant it more a general and I know I did say @ you at first, sorry wasn’t directed just at you, it was more at the idea of Sasuke being too far gone when I think he may have a saving moment eventually…

  33. @pein

    No problem. 😀
    It just confused me a little because I didn’t mention them.

    Anyway, like I said in my previous post, I too think Sasuke can be redeemed, but he can’t come back to the village because of what he has done.

    By the way, the only people I hope Sasuke will kill are the elders. 😈 They don’t even regret what they did!

  34. @dragon and Pein well if Nagato whose done Worse can be redeemed, Sasuke does have a chance after all.

  35. @Tenrai, I’m just hoping he doesn’t get one of those overused, recycled voice actors. Samuel could definitely pull of the Raikage, just watch the anime Afro Samurai and see how well he pulls off the role 😀

    @pein, what would you have had the elders do? They were looking out for the majority of the people. It was a tough choice and a tough blow to the village’s power, but it had to be done. When negotiations fail, what’s the next step?

    @Kanton, ok so Sasuke had the people he loved taken from him. That’s great and all, but every time Nagato bonded with someone he lost them. What’s worse than that? It’s like the universe is telling you to be alone. Then Yahiko, someone who was like a brother to him, died by his hands. It was like Sasuke killing Itachi, except Nagato had no control over what was going on.

    @Dragon, I agree and disagree with you. Naruto needs to kill Sasuke and live on to complete the mission given to him by Minato, Jiraiya, and Pain. I disagree on Nagato being more evil. He was killing for a noble cause, while Sasuke is just killing to fill an emptiness inside. That kid needs to get laid more than Kaiba does.

  36. @kisu Yahiko killed himself, he obviously ran into the kunai. As did Itachi kill himself becasue their idiots.
    Personally, I can’t stop myself from seeing Sasuke and Nagato in the same light.

  37. @kisu: Naruto does not necessarily need to kill sasuke and live on. His character can still be redeemed. I hope you are not forgetting the portion of himself, Itachi implanted in Naruto. I am predicting that Sasuke will see Itachi again, and Itachi will talk him out of the path of revenge.

  38. Wow, this is the most comments I have seen on the Anime breakdown in a long time. I guess that is what happens when you finally get out of fillers.

    *Notices that the anime breakdown has over twice as many comments as the Manga Breakdown.*


  39. @Marksman, yeah but Sasuke turning (again) will just make his character one big idiot. If he dies crazy at least he’ll die fighting for what he believes in. Now go read the new chapter

    *cracks whip*


  40. @ Kisu – So someone that stands in your way dies, they murdered the Uchiha by a theory that they where responsible for the Nine Tails attack, I don’t think negotiations actually happened though, I think they took Itachi’s stories/reports as proof. If you planning to take over SECRETLY would you sit down and chat to your enemy and if your enemy asked you too then you would know that your SECRET plan had failed… Basically what you saying is Madara asked the 5 nations to hand over the last two bijuu and they said no, so what he is doing is right by starting a war… and the Uchiha should of just continued living as second rate humans segregated to a portion of the Village and under constant watch with no seats of authority given to them? context will play a big role… I think the first step is give over some power an integrate slowly, segregation will never work. My country in real life has shown that. The problem I have is this aspect of Greater Good, Those old bags didn’t just think of the Village, why keep it a secret? even now when they all dead its still a secret? because they know letting the people know will make the people begin to doubt their leadership. Usually if you keep something a secret you know its was wrong to do. Its Greater Good for me so not the Greater good, Fighting in the Rain Village, selfishly using another land to try protect its own. I mean really !!!

    The Hyuuga become to strong do they deserve to die? or the Nara etc, If a clan becomes powerful and wants to be more then just servants shouldn’t they have a chance to try gain that power in some ways? In Konoha its basically a dictator ship and similar to the Communist Parties of Eastern Europe its a one party state, with little variation and no chance for the other powerful proud clans to be given some reign, When Konoha was founded it was between the Uchiha and Senju yet we do not see the Uchiha in any government office they where given the job of military police but when it came down to it, it really had no power at all.

    The Senju/Leaders used the uchiha to keep the other clans in line and then when the Uchiha became too strong they where murdered, not just the leaders, not just a few people here and there, they where killed without cause and like the leaders of Konoha has done, they didn’t even have to get their hands dirty, they forced a kid/teen to do it.

  41. @ Kisu – Sasuke turning again ?? Good Guy – Ran away from Village = Bad Guy. turn to a Bader Guy, To a Emo Bad Guy, Obsessed bad guy 😛

    He hasn’t been good for a long time @_@

  42. As for who is more evil between Sasuke and Nagato…

    That’s actually a hard one. I would say they are about even, with Sasuke perhaps a bit more evil with regards to intentions. As Kisu said, Sasuke is willing to kill just as much as Nagato was, only Sasuke is doing it purely for revenge. He doesn’t even pretend to have ulterior motives and he seems more than willing to kill thousands of innocents, regardless of whether they had anything to do with the death of the Uchiha or not. He just wants the world to suffer, and that is a very selfish desire.

    It doesn’t make Nagato much better though, because his actions were also largely based on revenge, and he ended up killing children and even infants for the sake of satiating that need, but Nagato did manage to partly redeem himself by giving life back to some of those he had taken it away from.

    As far as I am concerned, I am willing to accept Sasuke redeeming himself if he doesn’t end up fulfilling his intentions, because so far he hasn’t actually killed any real innocents, but if he does begin slaughtering people and destroying villages, I am afraid there’s not turning back in my eyes.

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