Bleach Chapter 436 – Indifference Has Arrived

*feels a disturbance in the force*

*hangs up on girlfriend*

Yes readers, read at your own peril, pass the shut covers where predictable things happen that the world has seen many times before.

In Kubo’s Ble-e-each manga, lives the most boring protagonist you’ve ever seeen. But he does have his good qualities like saving his friends by whatever means. There is gloom and doom while expectations go boom. In KUBO’S LAB- err… I mean In KUBO’S MANGAAAAA.

Spot the reference? 😉 Here’s this week’s AMV.

Hello and welcome to Kisu’s Breakdown of Bleach Chapter 436. Yeah, this is gonna be pretty short, so expect a lot of incoherent babbling and lots and lots of padding from your favorite perverted writer…okay your second favorite perverted writer (damn you Pickles)…okay your third favorite perverted writer (damn you Super). Wow, WRA sure has a lot of perverted writers >_>

A fallen hunter protected by his prey. The pride of a King extinguished, the pride of a warrior burns brighter.

This chapter was further exposition and lacked any funnies. We did learn something important though. After 397 chapters we finally get an explanation of how Chad’s power works, or rather, how it activates. But more on that later.

I'm cumming for your ranks Pickles and Super. 😡

The chapter continues from where last week’s left off, with Ichigo running away from a giant pig (that sounds pretty silly when taken out of context and read aloud). Anyway, Giriko explains his Fullbring. It’s called “Time Tells No Lies”. His Fullbring automatically incinerates whatever it is applied to if the correct circumstances aren’t met within a certain time. Once again, I question it’s usefulness in battle. Well, unless he makes up impossible-to-meet circumstances and gives an impossibly small amount of time to his target, but then as Aizen said, all things ca be nullifies if you have enough Reiatsu. I don’t see this move killing any opponent worth something.

This time ability is the second one in Bleach, and it pails in comparison to Baraggan’s “Time Dilation Field” and “Respira“. Also, if Giriko’s time powers were used on Baraggan it would really have zero effect because once Respira comes out the time will be accelerated, the power would try to incinerate Barragan, but Respira would age it out of existence.

Anyway, Chad tells Ichigo that the only way to draw the power out of his Substitute Shinigami badge is to remember the point he felt the most pride being a Shinigami. For Ichigo, its all the times he protected those close to him. His badge then forms a manji similar to the one that is Zangetsu’s guard.

Heil mein strawberry Fuhrer!

Chad’s Powers:

Okay, here’s what we know:

1. He activated it because he had pride in his Mestizo heritage, pride given to him by his grandfather. Because of that, the first time his power activated it transformed his right arm because his grandfather gave him the Mexican Coin in his right hand and told him it should be used to protect.

2. His power feels “at home” in Hueco Mundo and it feels more like a Hollow’s power, which makes sense since he gained his powers from a parent being attacked by a Hollow.

3. We know that Chad’s power doesn’t come solely from the use of Reiatsu, but his very life energy. Is this also the case for other Fullbringers?

4. We know that the medium for Chad’s power is his skin, so theoretically, he should be able to put on a full-body armor eventually. Chad’s powers (aesthetically) have always seemed similar to the protagonist of s-CRY-ed, Kazuma. Kazuma could change the form of his right arm using what they call “Alter”. His arm’s first form looked like this, the second like this, and finally in his third form his entire body becomes covered in armor. This is a Shonen manga so Chad will have to get stronger and full-body armor seems like the logical next step.

Kisu’s Thoughts:

The chapter was so average that its okay.


~ by kisuzachi on February 10, 2011.

32 Responses to “Bleach Chapter 436 – Indifference Has Arrived”

  1. X_X It’s out

  2. sick fast kisu first?

  3. 2nd I have Edo Tensei now… I mean Respira… imagine having both O_O

    Nice one Kisu, though I think Bleach is running out of idea for abilities

    Swart stika O_O

  4. it seems the more bleach goes down the bigger ichigo’s Swastika gets.

  5. Great breakdown Kisu. Very insightful and straight to the point. The chapter was dull as hell though but I admit my heart jumped a bit when those powers started bursting out of that Shinigami Badge. Ichigo regaining his powers so easily is better than running around a doll house for 2 chapters.

    I voted you in the poll because I can’t keep up with you young perverts nowadays.

    Oh, and the reference is from Dexter’s Laboratory. ;D

  6. @Super, dangit. Maybe that one was a bit too easy. I’m going for a REALLY obscure one next week 😉

  7. Woo hoo! My profile pic made it to a breakdown! Kazuma FTW!

    Now to become a WRA author and teach you all the limitless, shameless depths of perversion that only the mighty PRAWL knows! Muwhwhahahahahahaaaaaa!

    *chokes on phlegm while muwhahaha-ing, then dies*

  8. *respawns*

    Now to start working on breakdowns for manga like Vinland Saga, The Breaker, and Holyland. (recommended by Prawl, great storylines, but not overly pervy)

  9. I actually thought this was a good chapter, we get more info on how chad is a fullbringer, ichigo is finally getting powers, and i liked the time ability, though it isnt that impressive so far. all it really is is a way to burn people up. when ypu get down to it its not much of a “time” ability, just rules and restrictions that may cause death. hoping there is more to it though. i expect something will happen to force the fullbringers into combat, and i think butler guys eyepatch is connected to his power, or the eye under it. It was nice to see rukia again, even if it was a flashback. …Kisu i recognized that dex’s lab reference easily. you should try referencing something less american i think. nice breakdown, lets hope bleach continues picking up.

  10. I am tired of this fullbringer crap, I mean we have

    – Quincy
    – Shinigami
    – Visords
    – Hollows
    – Arrancar
    – Fullbringers
    – What ever the things on Orihime head is

    Its like he run out of Ideas for the above so just randomly invents new things, I mean even the Bount Arc was almost exactly the same thing? Each person had a specific sort of ability to control something… I think Bleach is becoming overly extended and I wanted more of the old, like something more about Quincy or a revolution in Hollow World, Squad 0 of the soul Society, the Soul King etc, why do we waste our time watching this new group when the Visords where just introduced and in the end where useless anyway? The Captains where better in the war..

    There was so much possibilities but basically all of Bleach till Now has been pointless. Yes Bleach need a reboot basically get rid of Aizen, he was too big for Bleach, but the more I am reading, the more angry I get with the idea. Fullbringer can be a super Hax, I mean the time guy can say kill 1000 people within 2min or if someone is going against him say, kill your team mate within 3min and then go from there.

    Girls Doll Hows meh, Chads ability, super Meh… Wow u proud of your arms now u become a super hero… So Orihime’s hair things can he her Fullbringer??? Quincy can be a variation since they proud of their bow?

    Where is everyone else of Bleach!! So Ichigo has a massive shuriken shaped like the Nazi Party Flag but will he be able to see spirit’s like Chad, how is he using it if he doesn’t have Reitsu!!! What the F is going on !!?

    *Brain Explodes*

  11. That Dexter’s Lab reference made me ROFL! That was epic kisu! xD

  12. Of all the symbols in the world to incorporate into your main character, really Kubo… Although I guess I should try to understand it was use long before Nazi Germany in the eastern world.

  13. @devourerofmemes, well it isn’t a swastika. Kanton and I are just kidding about that. It’s actually a manji, similar to the one on the Hyugas’ foreheads. A swastika yes, but to the Japanese its a meditation symbol or whatever. It means “good luck” or “peace”.

    @pein, I feel your pain. I think all of those will be reintroduced later on, its just that the story is still in its starting phase. Besides, the Quincies get new powers every arc. And Chad’s powers have FINALLY been explained 😀

    @takashid, glad you liked the chapter bro 😉

    @PRAWL, I only used that pic cuz it was the best one I could find with Ultimate Shell Bullet. It’s not because I like you 😉

    *pats Prawl on the head*

  14. @kisu LOL that was just to funny the Hyuuga seal I’m sealing your Byakugan for Good Luck LOL
    @Devourer: Also it’s the Ban in Bankai.
    @pein though they never worked then again most of the main characters attack never work besides the first time.
    Ichigo: Getsuga tensho = FAIL ever since his fight with Renji
    Renji: his only victory goes to yffordt something even then it was because he caught him off guard.
    Rukia: her only victories were espada #9 and D-roy everything before and after it was just FAIL
    Orihime: Due to her lack of Killer intent:
    Chad: Has had a few victories but ALL OF HIS LOSSES have him getting one-shotted = FAIL
    Ishida: has a better record than most but since his fight with Cirucci and that was it.= FAIL

  15. @Kanton, “good luck with your dead-end life now” is what it means on a Hyuga 😉

  16. haha, yeah I’m aware of the eastern meaning, however it still makes me think “Nazi” every time I see it unfortunately. I’ve watched too many world war II films to stop that association from popping into my minds eye. If anything that shows its good he uses it so I can re-associate the eastern meaning 😉

  17. @devourer “its good he uses it so I can re-associate” lol I was expecting you to finish that statement with “the Nazis with Tite Kubo”.haha

  18. @pein Dude… They cleary said in one of the chapters that Ichio still had a little trace of Reitsu… that dude with the big cross sword was explaining why Ichigo was there and how tehy can get his powers back because Ichigo still had a little trace of Reitsu because he sensed soemthing i can’t recall but yah… That answers that question… and to me these chapters seem more better than the Naruto chapters at this point… Kishimoto is just pullin all kinds of shit out his ass. Red shit, blue shit, green shit O.o… I mean where the HELL did all these characters come from??? IDK!!! I hate reading about wars in books alot of the time and its no better reading about a war in the manga right now… its like a Manga filler right now…

  19. @ greyfox2012 – Yeah but when Ichigo used that Final Attack of his they said it would eliminate all his Reitsu then out of nowhere he has a small trace, how is the answer “because he sensed soemthing” and up until this point with hollows, vizords, Aizen transforming into a butterfree, arrancar, shinigami, etc we only hear about these people now and they basically have the same as the Bount arc? WTF its like the main villain of Bount fused with Shinji. “More better” then Naruto @_@ Naruto has been epic cause the story has at least moved forward at a pace, I still can skip like 3 chapters read kisu’s breakdown and still know exactly whats going on, not the general idea the whole story actually @_@

    Bleach to me is more filler, they have removed the main antagonist, Why does Ichigo want his powers back? besides for the sack of having them, there is no threat, nothing to worry about and that wat makes it filler, the characters, besides chad, are all new introduced and we have no connection to them at all… I hope they all die in a ball of Fire…

  20. Wow. An actual debate in the Bleach comments. How long has it been since the last one O_O

    *kicks back and enjoys it*

  21. *GASPS* someone actually defended Bleach and said that Naruto sucked wow I’ve haven’t seen that except from a pure Bleach-tard and Anti-Naruto Fan.

  22. @Kanton, hey I’m a Bleach-tard and partially Anti-Naruto ever since Pain died and Naruto had a panic attack over Sasugay 😀

  23. @kisu but you don’t considering EVERYTHING that Kubo does is tied down to some symbolism or bash Naruto chapter saying they just sucked because they do. Just you show some possible logic in your the Draco in Leather pants.

  24. @Kanton, Im gonna find some symbolism in the whole Deicide Arc now. You asked for it.

    “With the Deicide Arc Kubo was making a commentary on the nature of human change and growth. Aizen chooses to evolve from without, as though trying to fill some endless void; his subsequent transformations toe the line between narm and nightmare. Which is strange, because we know Kubo can draw some creepy-awesome stuff. Now look at Ichigo. Through thoroughly accepting his own soul, right down to his hollow side, he gains a power able to strike Aizen down in one shot. His evolution from within happens to be one of the coolest looking things in the manga.

    It’s almost like the difference between white and black. Aizen’s weird-ass forms nevertheless inspire wracking fear and pressure in everyone he comes across. Ichigo, on the other hand, seems to lack power entirely, and nobody seems at all freaked out by him until he starts casually wrecking the shit of the Big Bad himself. Not even Aizen could comprehend his unique flavor of strength.”

    There you go. Now time for Naruto. Last week’s chapter sucked


  25. @ Kisu – Wow @_@ that was so ridicules it almost made sense O_O

    Even if that is the case, the style in which it was shown was wrong. In the sense that this was the most important arc of Bleach to date. I mean we built up a Villain for how many arcs and then the final battle was like poof, it was such a short fight 😦 We deserved more, the attack was kinda cool but too short too O_O

    Similar to Naruto the weapons introduced where pretty cool in the sense they used mythology from the real world again but the portayal of it was wrong.

  26. @Pein, yeah screw it. It sucked. There is just no logical explanation for why someone as ungodly powerful as Aizen could lose to someone like Ichigo. Watching it in the anime just now only made my head hurt trying to think up some kind of explanation. This episode was pleasing to the eye but was torture for the brain. Then again it isn’t the anime’s fault, they have to go with whatever Kubo gives ’em :-/

  27. @kisu that’s no what I meant some people try to make seems like the latest chapters are tying down to the number 3. Or that Aizen has Seraphim appearance with Lucifer like goals.

  28. @Kanton, I got what you meant, I was just teasing for the lulz 😛

  29. ok its a swastika :/

  30. LMAO!!! XD

  31. sigh… the swastika is not an evil symbol, the Nazi’s just perverted it. and to get technical, its actually shaped reverse to a normal swastika.

  32. Ja, but the world knows what it’s most associated with and it’s pretty hilarious when the word “SWATSIKA” appears right next to Ichigo.

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