Naruto 526 Breakdown: Bubblition contest inclusive.

It's hidden because you think he's just stroking his beard.

I’d ask you to guess who’s back, but I’m 99% sure this picture just gave it away.

To be honest, I’m no less busy than I usually find myself these days, but I wouldn’t like to keep you good folk hanging. You know what they say: five hours and you need to see a doctor. Still, I’ll have to be quick about this as I find is becoming habit for me, which I don’t like at all since verbal content directly proportional to the inverse once removed from deficiency of effort indicates a lackluster  performance, but is inevitable.

Did I just confuse you? Blame motherf*cking Plato’s Republic.

Why don’t I just begin with my thoughts on the chapter.

Black☆Star just wanted a bigger stage.

Huh? For some reason there, I thought I was doing a Bleach breakdown. Everyone knows from the point this war started, the epic train has only railed uphill, at least the way I see it anyway.

I like how it has been very fast-paced so far as opposed to rushed or sluggish. The excitement and suspense  level are maintained when we get to see what’s going on all these different parts of the field at one time, and it keeps us readers on our tippy toes waiting for one comes next for Division 1 or 2 and so on and forth. Speaking of which, I’m also enjoying the action from the sub characters, and I don’t just mean the fighting, but the general focus they’re being given, which we don’t exactly know Kishi for. He’s like the evil stepmom and Darui is Cindarella. Naruto and Sasuke are the two sisters, of course. And their favorite game is two girls, one slipper, no Pepto Bismol.

What I also really like is when Kishi draws things like this and makes my job that much easier.

Thanks, Kishi.

526 was a lot more of the same, the way I see it, which, also in my opinion, is fantastic. Bring more of the same please.

Interestingly enough now, I am really excited to see what’s going on with Naruto and Sasuke and the parts they are going to play in this war. At the point they step in, the epicness will probably reach its peak. It’s safe to assume that that will be more toward the end of the war, though, at which point will be the grand culmination. But, anyway, that’s just a thought.

The impossible has happened. And the Ninja World lets out a collective 'WTF?"

I think it’s also cool how Kishi takes the time to focus on individual stories like Kabuto’s and Hizashi’s who seems to have retained his personality, along with Dan, possibly for the emotional battle as Kabuto pointed out himself. But it’s speculatory as to how that may work as it hasn’t done much damage at the moment.

It looks like there’s a lot of rapage to be done next chapter by Team Darui and especially Darui himself. I’m not sure what he’s capable of, but I’m sure there’s a reason he was made division commander.


I’m also not sure, at this rate, if any major characters are going to die this time. It hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing, but there have been no significant casualties for Shinobi either. Maybe with her absence over the past few chapters, Sakura has died tripping over a twig. Blind hope? Or maybe Kakashi will go for good this time. He’s not looking too good across the torso. But a special announcement to Shinobi from me: what I do know is if the bad guy has you all tied up and asks you for any lasts words, they better not be “f*ck” and “you.” Because if you say f*ck you, that’s ho’s gonna kill you. What you should say is “I give good head.” “I have three million dollars in my bank account, you ain’t gonna get it.” “I am your daughter.” You say something that makes them not kill you, because “f*ck you” is gonna get your ass sliced.

This has been a public service announcement.


Insert possible caption here.

Think sci-fi. Have fun.

Prospekt, how could I forget?



~ by Captain Pickles on February 6, 2011.

56 Responses to “Naruto 526 Breakdown: Bubblition contest inclusive.”

  1. BUBBLE 1: One potato.
    BUBBLE 2: Two potato.
    BUBBLE 3: Shut up.


  2. Sorry for double post, but first by the way. And good breakdown.

  3. @Pickles I knew it was you cuz you’re the only guy I know that uses the word “inclusive”. Aaaaanyway, great job Drummer dude (I swear one day I’ll figure out where your name comes from). Nice touch with the Tenten thing. If Ino does anything this war then years and years worth of laughs and memes will get flushed down the toilet T_T

  4. I LMFAO’d at Tenten doing something. Excellent breakdown!

    Oh and that’s not to say that yours wasn’t, Tenrai. Just haven’t been on enough to say as much.

  5. I was laughing with that Tenten thing. Nice breakdown Pickles.

    But seeing as how we have this topic of Tenten – and subsequently, the topic of useless shinobi as a whole – now out in the open, I might as well take this time to say something that has been on my mind for quite a while now. To be honest, I actually think that Kiba is another one of the Konoha rookies who is putting on a very bad show and has been for quite some time now. I think he falls right in there with the Sakura’s, Ino’s and Tenten’s of the shinobi world as one of the most underdeveloped characters both strength wise – and character wise – in this manga.

    What does everyone else think? Tenten vs Kiba? Lol. Sorry to say it guys, but he has been a bit underwhelming, which is sad because he could be a really cool character. Chouji lists higher than him on the coolness factor though, mostly thanks to his battle during the Sasuke retrieval arc. I would even say Sakura is more useful, simply because she performed well enough against Sasori.


    Thank you and it is good to see you actively commenting again. We should have a debate some time. @__@

  6. @Tenrai, everyone knows Kiba sucks. That really isn’t news to anyone, its just that Ino and Tenten suck harder lol

  7. @kisu nah kiba is even more useless Tenten never appeared but when Kiba does appear Naruto winds up farting in his face.

  8. @Kanton, Kiba’s nose alone makes him worth three Tentens lol hahaha

  9. @kisu Perhaps you’re just saying because he shared the same voice actor/Seiyuu as Aizen and Szayel.

  10. @Kanton, WHAT!? How can Kiba share the same VA with….UGH!

  11. @Kanton

    Wow… Talk about a fatality. Rofl!


    I guess that changes perceptions a bit? Lol. It’s just really funny. 😛

  12. Nice Breakdown that tenten bit made me laugh, good breakdown 🙂 i too have been hoping for more casualties.

  13. BUBBLE #1: Oh… my God! SHINOBI PORN-SEER 3 (PS3) IS AWESOME!!!

    BUBBLE #2 It is Awesome! Oh.. ahh… ahhh… AHHHHHH!!!



  14. Spoilers are out!!!

    Samui is back. *starts staring at her* @_@

  15. Great breakdown Pickles!

    I’m still waiting for Kakashi’s rampage.

  16. Hahahaha, Tenten did something. 🙂
    In all honesty though, after seeing the previous spoilers where it stated she was losing (I know, Shocker!!) I was surprised to see her actually defeat a few White Zetsu’s.
    It must be her time of the month.

    “Spoilers are out!!!

    Samui is back. *starts staring at her* @_@”

    *Joins 最强 Dragon, points and drools heavily*

  17. Chapter is out!

  18. That was a good chapter.

    I can really see Naruto and Bee fighting Ginkaku and Kingaku. Firstly, because of Bee’s love of words as a wrapper and secondly, because of Naruto’s favorite catchphrase “dattebayo”. Lol.

    I wonder if these treasures of the sage have any other significance other than their individual properties. And what is the last weapon that we have yet to see?

    In any case, I see Darui losing this battle. Either that or he will retreat for now. I just don’t see how he can take on two brothers who were able to ambush the second Raikage and Hokage while almost killing Tobirama in the process. It seems like a tall order for one person to accomplish without back-up.

    Now, we just need to see Kakashi’s rampage… I wonder why it has been put on hold. O_o

  19. Good Chapter

    just a lot to be taken in, but I am glad there was more focus on this one, I really hope they show the rampage and soon

  20. It was an okay chapter. It just didn’t do it for me. This week of mangas was just okay.

  21. AWesome Video if u liked Jiriya watch it O_O

  22. You gotta be kidding me. The brothers got swallowed up by the Kyubi and then were puked up? That’s how they grew whiskers and were marked by his chakra? They got swallowed by the Kyubi for 2 weeks!? I swear Kishi is making this up as he goes along. Out of all the explanations that’s the best he came up with and the worst part is it makes absolutely no sense how someone can be swallowed by the most powerful Bijuu (excluding the Jubi) for 2 whole weeks and survive. I’m not going to even bother with an explanation on what they ate and drank. Kishi won’t provide it.

    And there’s this…

    I’m especially liking Kakashi’s rampage. He must be rampaging off panel or something so we can come back to a group of enemies lying around Kakashi’s feet and every ninja in the alliance going, “OMFG Kakashi that was AMAZING!!!” While we’re left to wonder just what in the world the guy we’ve been waiting for to put in a serious fight did. Bravo Kishi, that was one disappointing chapter.

    And is it to harsh to say I don’t care about these characters? No. I want to see the Konha ninja that have been left to collect dust fight some serious opponents, not these random ninja…that are losing badly.

  23. @Superdude, lmao I thought I was the only one that saw that dubious little panel. Good to know you’re still the master 😉

    I gotta partly agree with you. I really don’t care about anyone there except Darui. Then there was the very random introduction of Samui’s brother. The moment he showed up I knew he’d be just fodder and 10 pages or so later I’m proven right.

    I think we’ll go back to Kakashi and see him fighting. All of this is happening at the same time. Perhaps what we’re seeing now is happening at the same time Kakashi was fighting Zabuza. Maybe, maybe not. But I HIGHLY doubt Kishi would disappoint us like that.

  24. I didn’t like the chapter that much.

    First: how the heck did Kinkaku (or Ginkaku) absorb Samui into the gourd? She didn’t say anything! Next chapter, we’ll find out what everyone said was actually false and something new will come up and we’ll just have to believe it. -_-

    Second: I know this is kind of stupid, but seeing that the Second Raikage was also black made me think about the fact we haven’t seen any black ninja coming from any village other than the cloud village (correct me if I’m wrong). Was the Rikudo Sennin a racist and he forced all the black people into a single village? (serious question)
    Anyway, even though I’m not black, I like the multiethnicity of the Cloud Village.

    By the way, Samui said Kin and Gin have only four of the five treasures. I wonder who has the fifth?
    On second thought, considering the five treasures in “Journey to the West” were the Amber Purifying Pot, the Seven Star Sword, the Banana Palm Fan, the Golden Canopy Rope and the Crimson Gourd, the only one Kin and Gin don’t have is the pot which I think might be where the Third Raikage sealed the Eight Tails many years ago.

  25. @Supertrek

    Now now, take big, deep breaths. *Gives Super some sedatives.* O_O

    Firstly, you are accepting a vague myth as a solid explanation for how Ginkaku and Kingaku got their powers. But even Tsunade herself said that she found that myth hard to believe and, if you recall, it wouldn’t be the first time the exploits of shinobi have been exaggerated so much, if that is indeed the case.

    One examples is the fact that Kakashi’s Chidori gained the nickname “Raikiri” because he apparently cut a lightning bolt in half with it. Whether he actually did is doubtful, but that didn’t stop it from becoming widely accepted by everyone.

    If you ask me, I think Kishi purposely threw in that doubt there with Tsunade’s words, just to leave the whole matter more of a mystery. I am not entirely satisfied with that myself, but maybe we’ll learn more from the brother’s themselves in time.

    As for the rampage, I am also hoping we don’t just arrive to see the aftermath and not the rampage itself, so I agree with you in that regard. I know two other Kakashi fans (*cough*AhsanandMarks*cough*) that may just spontaniously explode if that actually happened. However, even despite that, I think it may be best to wait and see what happens before we assume the worst.

    This chapter wasn’t bad, but what I really personally enjoyed about it was seeing these two Gin-Kin brothers in action, moreso than anything else. I just found them and their abilities and weapons interesting, but that’s just me.


    Well, I am sure that by now, Kishi has already recieved enough death threats from enraged Kakashi fans (*cough*AhsanandMarks*cough*), to know better than to do something like that. I think we all know that when it comes to Naruto, Kakashi fans are the most dangerous kind. O__O

  26. Good idea Tenrai.

    *takes a deep breath*


    Much better. I’m not accepting the vague myth. I’m saying this vague myth, which sounds last minute and not too well thought out, is a dumb explanation and not in the least bit believable. It shows that maybe he’s too lazy to even come up with a real explanation so instead he made up something on the fly. That was a very good example of Kakashi developing his Raikiri by cutting a lighting bolt in half with the technique, but that’s a lot more believable then being swallowed up by a chakra monster for 2 weeks and being puked up so now you have the Bijuu’s chakra YAAY! Lol, it’s absurd! I won’t even make a big deal about it. It’s just a dumb explanation plain and simple.

    And the worse part is I believe Kishi’s going to leave it at that. People care at least a little about how these two brothers were marred by the Kyubi’s chakra and grew whiskers like the main chracter of the manga. After all, the Kyubi and Naruto are pretty big deals in the series. You and I even shot a few theories out there on how the 2 brother’s powers came to be. No one is throwing out theories on how Kakashi really developed his Raikiri. Why? Because it sounds good and was accepted at the get go no matter how long ago it was. The Gin and Kin Brothers got the short end of the stick.

    My biggest problem with the chapter is not the explanation though. I just pointed it out first to get it over with and it was the most ludicrous. It’s the fact that I don’t care about these characters currently fighting. It’d be fine if they got a few panels but a whole chapter dedicated to them? Meh…

  27. @supertrek89

    Perhaps. But I guess I still want to wait and see if something more comes up about what actually happened from the brother’s themselves. As you say, Kishi may just leave it as it is, in which case I will share your dissappointment, but I remain hopeful.

    Maybe I am just trying to be hopelessly optimistic. T___T

    But you know how I feel. I just want Naruto and Bee to come back into the fray. Perhaps go back to see how the training is comeing along? The worst part is… we have to wait a whole week before we know what happens next and I have a feeling that it will just focus on this same battle again. X__X

  28. I think it’s really cool how Naruto has dark rings around his eyes just like Gaara now, even though they’re not as big. 😀

  29. @ Super – I understand that you frustrated with this myth created around the brothers but remember its a legend, I mean look at “Kakashi of the Thousand Jutsu” do you think he knows exactly 1000 jutsu? Its stories passed on from generation to generation, like Minito too his story in a sense has been exaggerated because he was a shinobi of legend etc. His Yellow Flash God Technique, was a sort of summoning jutsu. I think you should take it for what it is a story created to teach little children a lesson about betrayal etc. Like most stories told to children today even are and they not meant to be deep characters for Naruto, yes the Kyuubi is important but I really don’t wanna have a backstory for every single one of the summons of Kabuto, since most will or can have backgrounds, we just need to know that they fabled warriors that are extremely powerful, but will loose eventually. Like each swordsmen, would you like a background on them too?? Each former host and hokage, yes light stories or legends but a whole back ground on them? If we get that then this will get like Bleach the war will drag out for years and I will loose interest.

    The story of eating the Brothers and then puking them out after two week, it could of been 2 min exaggerated, and we seen the Kyuubi’s body can be a more solid form then first expected. Ninja are supposed to be able to survive on the bare minimal during wars etc.

    Naruto creating a little man inside his mind of his body to fight a Giant Fox in his body seems a bit more ridicules to me, yeah and Sasuke can join him there now and then…

    If it is revealed it can only be by them or by Naruto/Kyuubi if he joins this fight (which I doubt)

    @ Kisu – I think you right this is before Kakashi started his rampage. but then u gotta look at the retreating lines etc, they where shown just before the rampage not retreating yet so that would suggest this is a current time line and not a back flash….

    @ Dragon – I doubt the legendary Ninja was a racist, since the villages where formed way after him by ninja clans coming together or one powerful ruler uniting them. So I just think those clans and people where grouped together by their own choice not segregation and it would seem the Raikage’s was from one particular clan.

  30. Bubble 1:
    but that could never work…

    Bubble 2:
    You better listen to me!

    Bubble 3:
    I have a brick on my head!

    Always listen to the man with a brick on his head

  31. @Pein: I don’t think anyone here wants to know the entire background of the Gin and Kin brothers. All I wanted to know is how the two brothers attained some of the Kyuubi’s chakra and grew the whiskers like Naruto. You see that single page that was used to explain that myth? That’s all that is needed. Getting backgrounds on the Kages and 7 Swordsmen would be somewhat unneccesary. We knew long beforehand that there were previous Kages and Swordsmen of the Mist. Those Kekkei Genkei ninja even appeared beforehand in that movie. These 2 brothers though? Completely out of the blue and the only thing we can attatch to their names is living inside the Kyubi for 2 weeks and being puked out with that special chakra and whisker growth. And I find it hard to believe that a ninja can survive for 2 weeks on nothing while living inside the digestional tract of a chakra beast…

    You see, the problem is not that there is a legend. We’re all pretty sure this story is beyond exaggerated. The problem is that the legend is the only thing we know about these 2 “super strong” ninja that appeared out of nowhere to us and have the Kyubi’s chakra. This being the only thing we know about them, it sounding so ludicrous, and them undoubtedly about to lose makes me think Kishi won’t even bother to give a real explanation…if that wasn’t the real explanation.

    As for Kakashi’s 1,000 jutsus yes I do think he has them. Its never been proven otherwise. Orochimaru’s pursuit to know every jutsu in the world, or at least as much as possible, shows that it’s possible to attain so many. Minato’s Hiraishin was never exaggerated I think.

    And as for Naruto creating a little man in his head and battling the Kyubi inside his body, lol, I don’t think that will become crazy legend. It’s not like he created the little man. Minato just left some chakra over in his son. Most people know the Bijuu is sealed inside Naruto so an inner battle doesn’t sound crazy at all.

    Overall I’m not frustrated with this myth. Ok, maybe I am. It’s a dumb explanation for them recieving their powers and a bit lazy but again, hardly the downfall of the chapter. All I needed to see was an explaination how they really got their powers and maybe a few panels of them fighting since they’re fighting people I don’t really care about (for the most part). If they needed a whole chapter of fighting they could at least have fought a few Konoha ninja and that would have been a lot more of an interesting batte for me. I would have been a lot more invested into the fight.

  32. ok… i’m with supertrek on this one. I really didn’t enjoyed reading this chapter at all (this comes from a guy that thought that the edolas arc was amusing). It felt really wierd reading trough the pages because there was no smooth transition between them. Everything felt rushed.

    I seriously couldn’t care less about the myth of how the ‘kaku brothers got their power but come on! Give us a better explanation! Even some guys here at WRA came up with better ideas…. How could they survive for 2 weeks in a giant fox stomach. What about the gastric acid? (If he has a stomach, he eats stuff and if he eats stuff he needs somethig to break them down) I would’ve expected that from a magic school bus episode, but not from naruto.

  33. Perhaps their chakra and the demon-foxes chakra kept them alive because they were able to harness it in such a way as to protect them?

  34. I’m officially pissed off at Kishi! 😡

    Very pissed off!!!

    Why did he make Samui look like such a tool… Was it because he had to compensate for Tenten actually hitting something?..

    *Walks away sobbing*

  35. @baron, at least Konan did something my friend T^T

  36. @red blame her incompetent brother.

  37. I agree with red. But Samui’s going to come back. Big things don’t disappear that easily 😉

  38. “at least Konan did something my friend”

    But she’s dead too…

    *Falls into a deeper depression.*

    “blame her incompetent brother.”

    He was only partly to blame. He wasn’t the reason Samui got sucked up without saying ‘cool’. That’s totally Kishi’s fault!

    “Big things don’t disappear that easily”

    Sob, sob,.. I hope you’re right… sniff.

  39. @Redbaron.

    Lol. You know, I find it funny how everyone complains that there aren’t enough casualties on the alliance side of the war, that don’t involve nameless shinobi that no-one knows.

    Everyone wanted to see well known characters dying, but when a known character does seemingly die, it upsets people? O_o

    So maybe it’s not such a good thing after all?

    No matter who ends up dying, there is bound to be someone who will be upset about it. Because someone will be a big fan of that character. Maybe that’s why Kishi is reluctant to kill off his characters with meaningless deaths just on a whim. Just a thought for everyone.

    In any case, I doubt Samui is dead though, because we didn’t have any flashbacks for her. That’s always a good sign that a character is most likely still alive. X___x

  40. @Tenrai, I think he’s upset because of her cruddy performance before dying. Its not like she got to go out as epically as Kisame or Konan. In fact, she went out almost as bad as Nawaki running into an explosive tag lol

  41. @Kisu

    If that is the case… Then yeah. I can’t argue with that. Lol.

  42. “I think he’s upset because of her cruddy performance before dying. Its not like she got to go out as epically as Kisame or Konan. In fact, she went out almost as bad as Nawaki running into an explosive tag lol”

    Exactly. Kishi made her look almost as useless as Tenten. She’s a freaking Jonin! No way in Yomi she’s as bad as Tenten!!

    Kishi must repent and the only way to redeem himself is to have Kakashi defeat the brothers with the most badass taijutsu ever created!
    A jutsu some say Chuck Norris uses as a last resort because of it´s immense destructive power and the risk of tearing a hole in the space/time continuum!!
    Yes, you’ve guessed it, the Sennen Goroshi!!!

    Die Gold and Silver Brothers, Die!!!!

  43. @redbaron INO DAMMIT INO!!!!!! Get your facts straight, Tenten NEVER appears and she only fought once compared to Ino who does NOTHING.

  44. *pats Kanton on the head and gives him a cookie*
    *smokes a pipe and puts on a neckerchief*
    *looks into the camera*

    They both suck.


  45. Ino vs Tenten = a Draw cause nothing happens O_O

  46. Ino vs Tenten *Battle discretion cut*, Ino is now a pincushion.

  47. Let’s see how each battle would go if Ino fought some her fellow peers.

    Ino vs Kiba = Ino loses because Kiba has no brain and therefor no mind to swap with. Ino has no other battle talent whatsoever, so victory is hopeless.

    Ino vs Sakura = Sakura wins by shaving all her hair off, and while Ino is doing the same to prove she is also a real ninja, Sakura uses falcon punch to finish the job and then cries for no reason.

    Ino vs Chouji = Chouji mistakes Ino for another similarly pronounced and famous anti-indigestion product, and consumes Ino to help deal with his latest BBQ binge.

    Ino vs Naruto = Ino tries to use mind swap and becomes a vegetable after meeting the Kyuubi.

    Ino vs Hinata = Hinata uses “Ultimate Love Profession no Jutsu” to pwn Ino for all the times she and Sakura used to beat up Naruto. Never mess with a stalker… never…

    Ino vs Shino = Shino wins. Bugs, nuff said.

    Ino vs Shikamaru = The only hope Ino has here, is if Shikamaru simply finds the act of fighting with her too troublesome and resigns just to avoid having to put up with her whining.

    Seriously, if I see Ino do anything useful in this war that doesn’t involve using an eagle to scout the location of the enemy, I may just go into a coma.

  48. Ino vs Sasuke: Sasuke would even need to use an Asspull
    Ino vs Rock Lee: I can’t recognize her her face looks like ground beef.
    Ino vs Neji: finger poke of doom
    Hell Ino vs Konohamaru: Rasengan
    @tenrai Hinata vs Ino would end up with Hinata Blazing fists of Love and courage.
    Also Ino vs Naruto she would instead mind switch with a clone.

  49. “Sakura uses falcon punch to finish the job and then cries for no reason.”

    Damn you Ten you had me ROTFLMAOing by this point

  50. Ino vs Tenten: Tenten grabs her scroll to summon her weapons. Ino switches minds with her. Done.

    Face it. Tenten is so slow she couldn’t even dodge the mind switch trick if she tried and by the time she summons her weapons Ino will have already executed the mind switch trick.
    How on earth Tenten was able to do something in 526 is just as big a mystery as Samui getting sucked up by the gourd without saying ‘cool’. Kishi was probably in one of his wacky moods and thought; “I know, I’ll let Tenten actually hit something to spice things up a bit and have Samui disappear for no apparent reason.”, just like when he randomly gives Sasuke new cheats.

    “They both suck.”

    I went on the internet the other day and found pictures confirming you’re claim. It’s nice to know they do but I don’t see what that has to do with this debate though… >__>

  51. Bubblition;

    Bubble 1; Would you shut up?! I’m trying to masturbate up here!!

    Bubble 2; What did he say?

    Bubble 3; He says he wants some good old-fashioned cola.

    Caption: Let me guess, to blow up the truck and clear the way?

  52. @Redbaron since when was TenTen slow, her sensei is GAI for crying out loud. Ino use mind switch Tenten jumps in the air dodge then turns Ino into a hedgehog.

  53. bubblition
    everyones tryin this topic but i think i can do it better

    bubble 1 (from right): holy sh*t this it too good to be true

    bubble 2: is this what it actually feels like?

    bubble 3: hey guys its my turn

    caption: PORN: its the same sh*t even 500 yrs from now just a little more high tech

  54. @baron, are my Double Entendres really that obvious nowadays? lol 😦

  55. A human being might have been fooled. Me and my filthy mind on the other hand… 😉

  56. *pats redbaron on the head and gives him a prono magazine*
    *puts on neckerchief*
    *smokes pipe*

    Its refreshing knowing I’m not the only one

    *winks at camera with a creepy smile*

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