YOSH!!! One Piece Chapter 613 IS OUT! One Piece 612 Breakdown And 611 Overview! Sexual Assault And Drug Addicts FTW!?

Read One Piece Chapter 613 Below-


-One Piece Chapter 611 Summary Below-

YOSH!!! Welcome WRA to the One Piece 612 Breakdown and 611 Overview! Now when I say “overview” I just mean a short laid-back summary. Beware though, there will be math involved but don’t be intimidated. Lol, really it’s easy as hell. First though let’s do something we haven’t in a long while. How about a One Piece AMV and BOPP!?

This week’s AMV by TheMauo23. This video has really blown up since it was posted last week. You can see why if you watch it because it’s awesome! This week’s Badass One Piece Pic by Dylancg. Yeah…you’re welcome. ;D

Alright, on with the show!


I don't know about you guys but I have no idea what this chapters going to be about...

Chapter 611 was mostly an introductory chapter for the captain of the New Fishmen Pirates, Hodi Jones. If the alluding title of the chapter, ‘Hodi Jones’, didn’t prepare you for this then I guess you got a bit of a surprise!

Restraint? Nami? Nani?

Before we get to the New Fishman Pirates though I would just like to mention the refreshing bit of humor we got with Nami’s appearance. After the personally stale ‘Sanji And His Bloody Nose’ joke Nami being…Nami and lifting the store for all its worth opened up a slightly dusty box of refreshingly new laughs. Offering Nami anything she wants for free with no concern is like offering Luffy all the meat he wants or Zoro all the booze he wants and not expecting your butchery or cellar to be wiped clean of all goods. XD

We know who wore the pants in that relationship.

King Neptune (who looks by unanimous opinion like an impossible child of Santa Claus and King Triton) is introduced to us in this chapter hailing from Ryuuguu Palace on a personal visit to the Straw Hat Pirates. Don’t they just get all the luck? Royalty is attracted to them like iron to a magnet. Princess Vivi, King Nefertari Cobra, (Former) King Wapol, Empress Boa Hancock, princes of the Ryuuguu Kingdom Fukaboshi, Ryuuboshi, and Manboshi, and I have a very reliable source that in the future one of the Straw Hats will bounce into Princess Shirahoshi… Hell, the Straw Hats have even had a running in with the Tenryuubito! How’s that for royalty? The luck of some people…>_>

King Neptune invites them up to the Ryuuguu Palace. *GASP*

Ok, now we get to the main focus of this chapter and so comes the math, but before math let’s talk design. I’m always a bit put off or more accurately “surprised” by Oda’s designs of new characters. I definitely like Icaro’s and Zeo’s (cool names) designs but Dorun looks too weak and feeble and Dosun looks like a dumb brute.  As for Hodi Jones himself, lol, what a girly looking face, but it’s kinda scary in its own way. As time moves forward I find I just get used to the designs and I suspect it won’t be different this time. The fact is if the characters have well developed personalities I find I catch on to their designs even better and Oda’s characters usually always shine. Now remember, it’s not about how cool the person looks but how cool the person is. And that’s your lesson of the day. ^_-

Lol, come on! I wonder if anyone got the reference. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQTXawaAKNA

Let’s do math! Hodi Jones says Fishman are 10x as strong as humans. A fact we learned a few hundred chapters ago from Zoro’s buddy Johnny. Remember Douriki? It’s a numerical measure of a individual’s fighting strength. The typical armed guardsmen’s strength is 10 Douriki and if a Fishman is naturally 10x stronger than that then we can say the typical Fishman has a Douriki of 100. Now compare that to Luffy’s old opponent Lucci with a Douriki of 4000. That would effectively make Lucci 400x times stronger than a human. How accurate is Douriki though and is it really a reliable source when its been used in the manga for only 1 instance? I think it’s accurate enough to show Hodi Jones may need those pills if he’s to be a serious opponent for Luffy. Of course we don’t know Hodi Jones’s real strength. Just because Fishmen are 10x stronger than a human doesn’t mean they’re ONLY 10x stronger than a human. Just look at Jimbei.

Not so sweet and innocent anymore is it?

Those evil pills double your strength every time you take them so let’s just say Hodi Jones is only 10x stronger than a human, so he has 100 Douriki. He takes 1 pill and he’s now at 200, a 2nd pill puts him at 400, a 3rd at 800, a 4th at 1600, a 5th at 3200, and a 6th pill well over 4000 (6,200 to be exact). Yes, that pales Lucci’s 4000 Douriki quite nicely don’t you think? Now is our pill popping antagonist a match for Luffy when he takes regular handfuls of these pills just to show off? Maybe he’ll overdose.

Oh, and last but not least there’s a few theories around regarding those “Energy Steroids”. Theory 1 is Luffy will gobble these pills mistaking them for candy and destroy Fishman Island. I’m not for the ‘Roid Rage’ theory. It just sounds dumb after Luffy was able to take in 100 shadows at Thriller Bark and keep his sanity and control. Plus, he’ll be chipping away at his life dramatically (again) by taking too many pills, and just so the prophecy of him destroying Fishman Island can come true? I don’t think it’s worth it. I want a good reason if it happens not, ‘Oh silly Luffy and his Roid Rage.’. The 2nd theory  is that “candy” factory set up in Fishman Island with Big Mama’s sign on it may actually be a factory producing the “Energy Steroid”. Pirates aren’t above the drug trade I guess.

-One Piece 612 Breakdown Below-

I meant for the summary to be shorter than that but I guess I got carried away.

Awww~ but there's so many more to choose from...=(

As from the comments section you know how I feel about the beginning of this chapter, slow but necessary. A flashback showing how Caribou escaped and some extra information on him kidnapping a few mermaids which the Straw Hats will most likely take the blame for. Caribou’s confirmed he’s a logia user with the Numa-Numa Fruit.  If you all thought of a chubby white kid pumping his arms in the air and lip-syncing in front of a grainy webcam entertaining millions around the world…well…you weren’t alone. 😉

Lo’ and behold the new bounty posters! Now you see- Aw dammit, only Luffy’s bounty went up as far as we can see. ~_~

A few chapters back Fukaboshi said he wanted to get in contact with the Straw Hats because Jimbei left them a message. Now Fukaboshi says he wanted to get in contact with the Straw Hats because they were “indebted” to them for saving his sister’s pet shark. Oda could have just held back this information (the pet shark reason) on purpose to hide the rescued shark’s identity until chapter 612 or…the princes only decided to pass Jimbei’s message on to the Straw Hats after they saved that pet shark and felt they were “indebted” to them. I bring this up because if it’s the latter how do the princes really feel about humans and pirates if they won’t help out humans friendly with Jimbei unless they felt they had to?


Ho ho ho back to King Neptune! In the previous chapter he only makes a short appearance and that’s the end of that. This chapter we learn a few things about him like he’s pretty down to earth. Damn cool if you ask me~ Lol, I mean he just allows people to call him whatever they think and takes no offense. When he’s wrong or does something foolhardy he allows his minister to yell at him and is shamefaced. The ruler of the Ryuuguu Kingdom! XD Oh yes, there was a lot of great laughs in this chapter from the crew’s frank name calling, to Pappug’s reactions, and I especially liked how they played the guessing game on the guy who King Neptune found and is now drinking the banquet hall dry. It’s obviously Zori.

This is what I like to call 'Luffy Logic'.

I don’t know if too much emphasis is being put on this part of the chapter but we get a really interesting development concerning the Treasure Tree Adam this chapter. The tree providing light and air to Fishman Island MAY be that tree and its location the Sabaody Archipelago. An indestructible and huge tree that will survive through anything. The tree providing light and air to Fishman Island is obviously unique though and one of a kind while Franky said there are a “few” trees like the Treasure Tree Adam. I don’t know about you all but I found this pretty funny for an explanation, “Scholars have made up some kind of logic to it, but it’s really a holy, mysterious tree…” LMAO!!! You got to love that explanation for its vagueness. Hey I can understand, no one wants to hear all the scientific terminology explaining how this massive tree transfers air and light from the surface to the ocean floor, so for now…let’s just go with the mysterious and holy tree. Truly Luffy would approve.

I’m going to skip ahead and just jump to Ryuuguu Palace~ OMG it’s amazing!!! O_O I’ve mentioned before the amount of art and detail Oda has been cramming into Fishman Island and you can see for yourself every chapter, but the Ryuuguu Palace I think takes the cake thus far. By far.


Oh boy, oh boy indeed. But I do wanna know...

In the palace we’re introduced to the Minister’s of the Right and Left. I don’t know but aren’t the ministers in a king’s court usually corrupt and evil? Cliché I know but meh… They’re an undeveloped duo as of right now so no point in going for wild assumptions. They pass on a message from Prince Fukaboshi to King Neptune probably concerning Madam Shirley’s prediction.

Luffy goes off looking for food and finds him a set of trampolines instead. Yipee~ I hope Van Der Decken is into big women. Like…huge women~

That’s ends this week’s…last week’s breakdown! New chapter out in 3-4 days! *_* Until then here’s something in place of a demotivational poster. In the spirit of Caribou and hot girls! Comment, predict, and enjoy! 😀

~ by supertrek89 on January 31, 2011.

43 Responses to “YOSH!!! One Piece Chapter 613 IS OUT! One Piece 612 Breakdown And 611 Overview! Sexual Assault And Drug Addicts FTW!?”

  1. FIRST!!!

    Great breakdown Super! Good to see the awesomeness is back.

  2. That princess’ height puts Whitebeard’s to shame. Speaking of Whitebeard, he seems stronger in the manga than in the anime. In the manga he did one awesome thing after another, but in the anime he did one cool thing then stood around for a while catching his breath before doing something else ~_~

    I want Hodi to die from a drug overdose. I’m being morbidly serious with this. One thing I notice with manga is no once cares that their life spans are being shaved off, it would bring a sense of impending doom (for Luffy, whose life span has been raped by the Vigor Hormones) if Hodi took some pills and then just keel over

  3. @Kisu: Watch episode 484 and I bet you’ll have a different outlook on Whitebeard than before. If you’ve already seen it then just remember Akainu’s face when Whitebeard gets behind him. That moment…priceless. If any episode up until now has done Whitebeard’s strength justice for the anime it’s 484. Everything is awesome. I haven’t seen the latest yet (485) but I plan on soon. Whitebeard won’t be with us much longer.

  4. So, Hordy Jones’ power level is easily over 9000? Eh…

    If Luffy eventually fights Jones, I’m hoping that he’ll find a way to win beyond simply being stronger. No matter how many pills Jones takes, Luffy will still be more skilled and have more special attacks. He also has an entire crew, so there’s no reason to face a massive threat alone.

    The anime has been ruining a lot of good moments for a while now.

  5. I teared up at the AMV. It was awesome and sad 😥

    Awesome breakdowns! The anime did a great job with the past few episodes

  6. Here are the One Piece spoilers. No peeking. Temptation is a test of virtue.


  7. O.o no spoilers needed the chapter is out!

    Kool chapter, zoro’s entrance was awesome to say the least =D
    luffy is hillarious as usual ^^

  8. So early! O_O Thanks Fear! An excting chapter and a new cover story after how long now!? I hope it covers past characters close to the SH’s before they left on adventure. Like Usopp’s old crew and Nami’s town.

    Well I’m confused about why Van Der Decken is in half a bubble since he’s a Fishman. If he has a DF ability the water should still be draining his strength because half his body is outside the bubble. Even the glove doesn’t manage to cover up his wrist.


    So I assume the strength draining effects of water works differently on a DF user who is a Fishman. After all water is a Fishman’s niche. I don’t think the glove was meant to block water so much as to make sure he didn’t have physical contact with Hodi Jones. Maybe something to do with his curse. Now, he may not even have a DF. It’d be impratical for a Fishman to have one since they’re always underwater. It may just be some gifted curse like Shirley’s ability to tell the future. Hell, that may be a DF power. xD

    Usopp and Brook were impressive to say the least. USOPP was standing up to a whole palace of guards without a shake or shiver! And of course Zoro was cool. Everytime he takes out his swords you know something’s about to go down.

    I’m looking forward to see how that Decken and Jones allaince turns out and definitely an explanantion on Decken’s powers. Oh, lol, and Luffy was hilarious and simple minded as always. Food and then exploration.

  9. i think that one of the coolest things is the fact that the strawhats will be fighting two captains… i wonder if sanji or zoro will get dibs on van der decken or mayb sanji will fight caribou instead?? cool stuff

  10. Oh yeah, now things are heating up! bad guy alliance, Caribou running around attacking people and the strawhats falsely accused! cant wait to see what will happen next! btw, im starting to get crewmember vibes from the princess, when she started talking about the outside world i felt like that was starting to sound like “dream” talk, if you know what i mean. Glad to see Brooke still has his sword, and every chapter should have more MANSOPP, and zoro entrances. As for deckens power, since it was called target-target, im going to bet its a devil fruit. Most likely if a “son of the sea” fishman or mermaid eats a fruit, they can still swim, but only at the level of a human or something like that. Hence why Decken would have a bubble around his ship, because he wont drown, but he cant swim well. Him not touching Hodi seems to indicate he has to touch someone before he can target them. Glad we are starting a new cover arc, that should be interesting. All in all, this was one of the best chapters in awhle. the previous ones werent bad, but now it feels like Oda is done world-building/character introductions and ready to turn up the heat with plot and fighting.

  11. Anyone get the feeling that since luffy has been predicted to destroy the kingdom, and the two villains say they plan to destroy it at the end of the chapter, that luffy will get framed again? or maybe a self fulfilling prophecy; they destroy the kingdom, but everyone believes its luffy, not them. lol while im throwing out predictions, here is another one: Madam shirly is a mole for the villains, and made up the luffy prophecy to draw attention away from Hodi and Van.

  12. @takashid

    I agree with that last comment… i think it is very possible that madame shirley is a mole… also i hadnt thought of the prospect of the mermaid princess being a crew member, but i have a feeling that if she were to be the new nakama, boa would flip a shit….. and Usopp is insanely cool

  13. @Takashid, or maybe he destroys Fishman Island, but not how they expect. It could mean he destroys it figuratively instead of literally. Visions are dubious like that.

  14. Or.. he destroys it… to save the lives of the fishmen… or something along those lines… like… hodi and van der decken take over, and luffy destroys it to free the fishman from bondage… something like that

  15. see this is what i love most about One Piece. its unpredictable, unlike many other series. with Bleach, them moment ichigo lost his powers, we knew that wasnt going to stick, and a few chapters later it happens, hes on the way to getting them back. With One Piece we have no idea what will happen. i still like my idea of luffy getting framed again though, Caribou has already done it with the mermaids(another prediction: Caribou will join Hodi and Decken) and i could see it happening, with luffy in the wrong place at the wrong time ind of thing. btw, looking at Hodi’s crew, anyomne else get the feeling the Zoro,s opponent will be Zeo? he seems the quitest and looks badass.

  16. new chapter is out!

  17. kool chapter funny things. although i dont know wether i like it that the straw hats start behaving like actual pirates….
    Chopper is kool.
    Anyone think theres any chance that the see forest is “all blue” or maybe that its near all blue i hope so that would mean some of the things the crewmembers are looking for are beeing found.

  18. triple post!
    I think tho that luffy isnt gonna smash up fishman island, hes atleast gonna try to save it or sumthin >.>

  19. an OK chapter

  20. Man, i loved this chapter! it was funny to see that the straw hats just beat everyone without a scratch, even Neptune! lol its cool to see them acting like real pirates, even if they suck at it. Getting yelled at by their own hostages was great XD. Jinbei telling luffy not to fight Hodi adds more credit to the idea of Hodi being a threat, though i wonder why Jinbei is at the forest and not the city itself? Van der Decken can even fire people with his ability! that was a surprise, and pretty clever too. Chooper has a new form as well, thats interesting. Luffy… wth man. that poor giant shark, its going to be aching for a loooong while.

  21. Whoa wait a minute, just checked the cover, did luffys bartender friend from home have a baby!? Makino, i think her name was? she is carrying a kid and the town seems to be celebrating… who’s the father?

  22. Triple post, but i have to say i just about died laughing when Nami wen over and was all like “wheres the treasury”. LMAO Nami not helping XD

  23. I dont think Hodi is much of a threat or sumthing to Luffy. I just think Jimbei is related to hodi in some sort of way or maybe he wants to kill hodi hisself.
    Anyways Jimbei just isnt the guy to say Luffy shouldnt fight people cause there to strong for him

  24. Oh wow, just saw the latest episode of the anime. very epic, as a blackbeard fan i loved this episode. does anyone know what the name is for the music that plays at the end of the episode when blackbeard announces that this is now his age? i heard it in a previous episode, but i really want to find that tune, its epic.

  25. theres an new episode out allready? or do u mean last weeks episode?
    episode 486 or 487? if its 487 send me a link O.o i wanna see it xD

  26. kisu, why did u think this episode was just OK… i thought it was epic… i mean, its really starting to pick up. Do you want one piece to turn into bleach or naruto and just be everyone fighting epicly Always…. This is the time for oda to develop what separates one piece from naruto and bleach… a plot.

  27. fear: i was talking about 486. i hadn’t gotten around to watching it yet, and i just watched it last night. it was pretty epic. they did blackbeard taking whitebeards fruit very well, and i loved the end with blackbeards speech about it being his age now.

  28. @omar, nothing really happened plotwise. It just felt average. Last week’s chapter was exciting, this week’s not so much. 😦

    …and lets hope One Piece never turns into Bleach 😉

  29. Kisu’s right about not much happening plot wise. There was a lot of arguing between the Straw Hats about what to do (though it was pretty funny) and in the end the only real development was the surprise attack on the princess and the princess leaving her room. I suppose another development was Chopper’s new ‘point’ but another ‘point’ was obvious. We all knew the SH’s improved over the 2 years but it being a Kung Fu Point was a good surprise. I’m not liking Chopper’s new look though.

    If everything’s protected by layers and layers of bubbles I wonder how anything Van Decker throws gets in the palace. Also, I wonder why Jimbei doesn’t want Luffy to fight Hodi.

    As for the cover. YES! Exactly what I wanted to see. Updates on the crew’s past acquaintances. Old island friends etc… And yes Takashid, it does look like Makino had a baby! Who’s the father. I’m throwing my bet in for Shanks because…well…I can’t think of anyone else.

  30. shanks seems like the biggest possibility,(and one day that kid will grow up worshiping the awesome pirate captain Luffy, who will eventually give him his hat. thus do we come full circle lol) as for the chapter, more happened then just that super, we found out jinbei’s message, which makes luffys trip with the princess more interesting and adds more buildup to the confrontation with Hodi.

  31. the anime is pretty awesome right now!!

  32. soooooo, new breakdown?

  33. Definitely doing a breakdown this week.

  34. you can get started then super xD

    its out!

  35. awesome chapter imo!
    it had everything in it some of luffy some of hodi and van der decken and their plans and some funny moments with both zori and sanji and chopper 😛
    ofcourse its still a upset for the coming chapters but this is going to be a kool arc ^^
    Jimbei finally!

  36. Jinbei and Hachi!!!
    i like that the new fishman pirates had respect for hachi before he stood up for the humans. Nice to see hachi get some respect. so the hyozou guy is a mercenary! interesting that he seems to be on Deckens level as a powerful outside force. Deckens power getting an explanation was good to get out of the way before the fighting starts, and interesting to here some backstory on Arlong and the pirates at FI. Decken’s even creepier now that he says he has never washed his hand after touching shirahoshi 😦

    Man, the arc’s really heating up now. Hodi and Decken are about to attack, the human pirates may open the gate for them, and luffy and the princess wont be around while this happens, so the rest of the crew should get time to shine. my only complaint so far is WHERE ARE FRANKY AND ROBIN!? seriously oda i want to see more of franky new weapons, and more robin is NEVER a bad thing. hopefully they will show up and help sanji and chooper fight Coribou, who should run into them soon.

  37. OMG Dadan LMAO. anyone else notice that her and all her group are wearing STRAW HATS XD

  38. So Decekn does have a DF!? Jimbei is back along with Hachi and I think we’re about to delve into a story involving the queen. Good chapter though I wish Luffy would do something besides ride Megallo.

  39. I wonder when we’ll see Hacchi NOT swimming in a pool of his own blood xD

  40. HA! I knew Hodi wasn’t very strong. If they hold Arlong in that high regard chances are they’re not exactly up to the level we became accustomed to in the war arc. Aaaaaanyway, I’m betting Hodi’s probably Jinbei’s illegitimate offspring.

    Ps. Sucks to be Hachi.

  41. Kisu: maybe he Hodi’s base level isnt too strong, but with the ES its a ehole different story…

  42. @Takashid, exactly what I said when he attacked those pirates with his mouth

  43. “whole different story” is what i meant to say. damn typos…

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