Naruto Chapter 524 – 525 Breakdown. The awesomeness, has only just begun…

You know, when you sit down and think about it for a while, you suddenly start to realize just how unfair life can be. Sometimes you sit down on the toilet for a much needed session of bowel relief, only to realize, mid-drop, that there’s no toilet paper left anywhere in sight. Or what about those times that your big toe found itself crashing inexplicably, yet again, into the leg of your dining room table, even though the blasted wooden structure is clearly big enough – and adequately visible enough – to avoid without any problems.

Ever run into a glass sliding door only to knock the living daylights out of yourself? Don’t worry, lots of people have lost many brain cells for that very reason, and most of them grow up to become politicians.

But even despite all the injustices the world challenges us with on a daily basis, I still have hope for a better tomorrow. One day, we will create a new world, a free world… a just world. A world where we poop rainbows instead of last night’s dinner and where chickens can cross the road without having their motives questioned. Until then, we will simply have to rely on our good old faithful manga to get us through each day one step at a time.

Terrible life? Let me help you get over it.

For the Kakashi fans out there, chapter 524 was definitely a treat with regards to the performance of their favorite silver-haired jounin. It’s been a long time since we have seen him go all out in any battle and he definitely didn’t disappoint us this time around.

I have to admit, in some ways, I believe Kakashi has been misrepresented in the manga as a whole. He is always referred to as a shinobi of great renown, one who is revered all around the world for his strength, his genius and his mastery of over a thousand jutsu and yet, even despite that, in the battles we have seen with him so far that legendary status never did seem to shine through quite as much as one would hope.

You could tell Kakashi was above your average jounin in terms of skill, but we all were still left wanting more. Now, we’ve suddenly seen a new side to Kakashi that we haven’t witnessed before and I think a lot of it has to do with his deep respect for both Haku and Zabuza, an emotion which has been dragged painfully through the mud by Kabuto’s tasteless use of Edo-tensei.

Poor Haku, he really got the short end of the stick from both sides. Now he has to change his name to Hack-u. <_<

I think chapter 524 held a lot of emotion in just about every panel that it contained and although many of you may have found the flashbacks intermittently spread throughout a bit tedious to read, I personally felt they added a lot of depth to the battle as a whole.

It gave us a more chilling sense of the growing turbulence that must have gripped Kakashi’s heart as he painstakingly drove one attack after another into the bodies of those he held such a deep and profound respect for. The way he and a younger Naruto both secretly admitted their feelings of like towards the pair who had once been their enemies, speaks clearly of the growth such a relation allowed them to experience both as shinobi and as human beings. You could say that this scene reminded me of Zabuza’s last dread-filled charge against Gato and his men after seeing Haku’s body being brutally mistreated, only this time, it’s Kakashi’s wrath that has been incurred by the mistreatment of their souls. The results, will no doubt be just as devastating to behold.

Frozen tears flow gently down from eyes tightly squeezed shut, to weep for a moment of fleeting love lost, and for a moment of waking darkness to follow.

Unfortunately, it seems like we have to wait a bit before we get to see Kakashi’s inevitable rampage, because our following chapter 525, was sadly absent of any continued advancement in that regard.

Instead, we switch to an equally intriguing scene that involves the second Tsuchikage summoning an additional force of dead Kage to his aid, including the second Mizukage, the third Raikage and the fourth Kazekage – who also happens to be none other than Gaara’s father. What makes this prospect even more exciting is that we are moving towards an inevitable clash between Gaara and the very man who once made his life a living misery.

Gaara’s father definitely looks like he could use a hug or two, because his face seems to be permanently marred with a constant scowl, but even despite that, his expression was somewhat trumped by his son’s own angered glare, which portrayed a face we haven’t seen since he was first introduced in part one on Naruto where he was far more psychopathic in nature. Will we perhaps get a glimpse of the old Gaara we once knew before, or will he be able to overcome his anger and move on from that pain?

The only thing separating me from kicking your butt, is an instant transmission.

Other than that, we also got a glimpse of some other renowned (and subsequently dead) shinobi as they also arrive into the fray of war, including an intriguing pair of shinobi known as the Kin-Gin Brothers, who both bear whisker marks much like Naruto’s, who have also apparently been tinged by the Kyuubi’s chakra. Add a new bloodline trait called a bloodline expansion as the icing on top of the cake and you have all the makings of what will no doubt be a series of epic battles to come.

Of course, there is the added mystery of what Black Zetsu may have planned for the Feudal Lords, but to be honest, that subject seems largely overshadowed by everything else that is happening right now.

If these two chapters do anything right, they definitely succeed in wetting our appetites in preparation from the main course that is to come, and although some might say that weakens their individual value overall, I believe they both have just the right amount of balance between intrigue, excitement and informational value to get us ready for the next big leap.

I can’t wait.

So, we have an ogre, a vampire, a mummy and a... douchebag ?

Note: Most of the shinobi listed above are those we have either never seen in battle before, or those who still have a sense of mystery with regards to their strength or power (such as Naruto or Sasuke, who have both awakened new powers). Gaara’s overall strength, on the other hand, is also a mystery because of the loss of his Bijuu, which is why he made the list as well.

Well, that’s it from me this week. I hope you enjoyed the breakdown and the chapters. Captain Pickles will likely pick up the manga breakdowns form next week again.

Here is last weeks debate winner, with an overwhelming number of votes, it’s Konan!

Am I the angel of death? Only for you...

Sorry guys, but there won’t be another official debate this week, because I really can’t think of any good match-ups right now. I’ll probably think of one further down the line and end up kicking myself, but then, we can always just start our own debate anyway.

See you all in the comments!

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  1. Thanks for another awesome breakdown Tenrai. The poll question is VERY hard.. I can’t make my choice just yet.

  2. Awesome breakdown Tenrai.

    I voted Dan, even though he might not be THAT strong because he’s the only important shinobi we don’t know anything about. No one ever said anything about his abilities, unlike lots of people do with Kages and other people.

  3. second

  4. Rofl!!!

    Kantonkage has his position stolen by Dragon yet again, it’s just too much. *Wipes tears from eyes.* πŸ˜€

  5. I’ve got two in a row now if u count the 195 anime breakdown πŸ˜›

  6. *Jumps and lands on Tenrai’s face* You’ve forgotten the former Jinchuuriki and Hanzo. Who cares about Sasuke EMS (Emo Mangekyo Sharingan)? Also it’s the third Raikage not the second. *Plant a few explosive tags on Tenrai’s Face and Kicks him out of a random window*

  7. How about Sasori and Kiba vs. Deidara and Shino?


  8. @Ten, I haven’t read your breakdown yet, but I see you called him the Second Raikage, he’s actually the Third. A is the Fourth.

  9. I’m a bit late to the party but awesome breakdown Tenrai! There’s something a bit different about this one but it’s an especially good kind of different.

    BTW…I don’t know if anybody told you buuuuut I think the summoned Raikage is the Tres Raikage. Ignore all the above posts if any, I was the first to point it out.

    I think Kakashi fans won’t be satisfied until he really goes all out. He just got mad and restrained Haku and Zabuza but we haven’t seen anything yet. That battle I still think forced the emotion unnecessarily on the reader. The bloody tears bit was soap opera-ish and the flashbacks to remind you of everything that happened between the two felt kinda needless. I won’t speak for everyone but I can’t possibly have forgotten one of the best arcs of the series. Of course people could have forgotten and the flashbacks could have been a nice and emotional reiteration for them but for me it just bogged down the ending to the fight. I liked the unseen before flahsback between Naruto and Kakashi though. Unseen before flahsbacks like that before a character’s death, whether they have to do with the dying character or not, are best.

    Chapter 525 was done right on every level. I may have my complaints regarding Edo Tensei’s seemingly infinite and cheap limit of use but whatever…whatever makes the war more interesting. I’m really looking forward to these battle which is the main point. Making possible these battles is what Edo Tensei’s here for and it’s succeeding exceptionally. I’m glad Kishi is reviving characters we haven’t seen before rather than just his entire old cast of characters.

  10. Tra la la la la…. I’m just happy seeing ninjas do what they’re supposed to – kick ass! B-E-A-utiful!!!
    @tenrai : Isn’t that the Third Raikage you’re referring to as the Second? Its alright if one mixes it up, there are a LOTTA ninjas in this war :/

  11. @everyone

    Thanks for pointing out my mistake. I’ve gone back and fixed it now so all is good. ^ ^

    In addition to that, I have made some changes to the poll. It now allows up to three choices per voter, so for those struggling to decide who to pick, it should make it a bit easier now. I also added the previous Jinchuuriki to the list, as well as Hanzou, as Kanton suggested (rather forcefully, mind you).

    *Catches onto Kanton’s leg as he gets flung out the window and drags him down with me.*

    It’s a good thing that was a shadow clone. <_<

    *Watches from a distance as Kanton get's blown up with shadow clone.*

  12. @ten: πŸ™‚ i forgot to add – Awesome breakdown, as always.

  13. Nice Breakdown… I find it funny no Kakashi fans are like, how the hell did Zabuza’s sword just skim Kakashi since well Kakashi didn’t really move backwards and the momentum of the Chidori would push him towards Zabuza’s blade, and then with a large cut to his stomach “now with this wound I will be able to fight stronger” and im angry because I had to kill my enemy, but all this time his alliance has been dieing quite brutally?? Do u really think that makes sense, he is in a war should of been fighting full power from the start.

    Chapter – 525 – WAS EPIC!! The Panel where Gaara’s dad saw his son’s eye and the part where Gaara is like “Previous Kage’s and Dad!!” Kakazu coming out the water with the Zetsu, the Brothers not to sure about… To think so much happened and yet so much was wasted on War plans… and Tsunade telling the Raikage that he can Suck up to her when the war is over… There was so much, that by the time the Fuedal lords came into the picture my mind was thinking out every situation, every battle that could happen. It was Legendary, hope Kishi can keep it up

    Who I am looking forward to seeing –
    Hanzou – Gaara’s Farther – Itachi (come on no Itachi? whats up with that, him vs Naruto or him vs Sasuke would be AWESOME !!! )

  14. @ holydemonandy – I had a similar Idea πŸ˜€ it would be awesome to debate a team cause there are a lot more variables in there. Only problem with a lot of Debates is Fan No Jutsu sometimes overwhelms. Like Nagato vs Minito or anyone vs Kakashi, Kakashi wins… So maybe a Sasuke vs Sakura (who u hate more πŸ˜‰ )

    @ Dragon – *High 5*

    @ Breakdown – I enjoying the color breakdown πŸ˜€ the images are awesome πŸ˜€

    Pein ^:_:^ *Above life and death wins all debates O_O *


    I like Gaara’s emotional dilema… I mean Tsunade may have to Fight Dan the Rock Kage may have to fight his master, the Hyuuga fighting brothers, but Gaara gets the A-hole that treated him so crap for all those years and well he has to kick his @$$ least we know it won’t be difficult O_O

  16. @Pein: Holy crap I forgot all about Itachi and Nagato and the rest of them! Good grief the Kages better step on the battlefield eventually when Kabuchimaru brings those people into play. Kakashi can go all out all he wants and the Chunin and Jonin youngsters can shoot power rainbows out their asses, but an immortal Itachi and Nagato would wipe the floor with them.

  17. Nagato and Itachi are the most dangerous but Nagato doesn’t have his crab walker with him.
    *Cuts off hand of Tenrai’s shadow clone and fires a Rpg at Tenrai.*
    Not good enough.
    * Watches as Tenrai gets hit with Rpg and explodes*

  18. @supertrek89

    That’s when you will need Naruto and Bee to come back into the equation…

    Immortal Nagato poses the biggest potential threat though, especially if he has still retained all of his power. His current body, however, may cause him some problems.


    ‘Tis a mere flesh wound. If you really want to battle me in a meaningful way, then try and beat me in a debate. Until then, everything else is just child’s play. πŸ˜›

  19. “Immortal Nagato poses the biggest potential threat though ”


    you seriously think immortal nagato could beat immortal itachi . one tsukyomni is all that is needed to bring the “god” to it’s knees. =)

    Awesome breakdown btw ten πŸ˜€ great job on the color images

  20. Ahsan is challenging me to a debate. I cannot refuse. @__@

    Firstly, it has already been confirmed that the Rinnegan is the most powerful eye type of all the three great doujutsu. The MS may give Itachi power over the body and the mind, but the Rinnegan gives its user power over creation.

    Which includes the creation of small planets.

    In addition to that, we can’t even be sure if visual genjutsu would even work on Nagato. The Rinnegan holds the power of both the Sharingan bloodline and the Senju bloodline, so it wouldn’t surprise me if it could resist the effects of powers born from its own. As far as I am concerned, it trumps both sides that branch off from it.

    Oh, and thank you for the comment, but those colour images are not of my making. I just found them, but I can’t take credit for something I didn’t create. Besides, I wouldn’t be able to do that many in such a short space of time. Thanks anyway. ^ ^

  21. Good job Tenrai! I’d cut off my leg and give it to you as a reward for a job well done, but I’m kinda using it right now O_O

    As for the poll, I only voted once, and its for Naruto. I’m not too interested in seeing anyone else in action this war, except for A, Nagato and Itachi.

    Gaara’s father…was he evil? I think not. In the end, he was just another man looking out for his people. He sacrificed his son, his own flesh and blood, so he can make life better for his people, the people that put him in power, the people that looked to him for peace and security. If Gaara can’t understand that his father did what he did for Sunagaure, then he doesn’t deserve to be Kage and truly has learned nothing from Naruto. Harsh, but true.

    @Ahsan, oh no you didn’t. Resurrected Nagato is all 7 Paths concentrated into one body, meaning he can just absorb the Susanoo Sword. Tsukuyomi tortures the victim, but Nagato is a zombie, so no mind to torture. Plus he has the Rinnegan, that beats Tsukuyomi the same way Sasuke forced himself out of Tsukuyomi with a cruddy 3-tomoed Sharingan.

  22. *Alertness Blink*
    @kisu Well he can’t use his legs from he was seen being carried by Kakuzu in previous chapter. Now Unless somebody piggy back the guy he’s not going anywhere making him a lesser threat than itachi.
    Also The yondaime Kazekage is an asshole for look at how he treated Gaara sending assassins after him. Not to mention he sacrifice his own wife in the process
    Now compare him to A who tried to have people kidnapped under his reign for there special abilities. Look at how he had his Jinchuuriki treated. There no excuse for that.

  23. @kanton, the Fourth Kazekage did what he thought was necessary to protect his village. Once Gaara was becoming a loose cannon he tried to eliminate him to prevent Gaara from killing innocent villagers. The man sacrificed everything for his people; his wife AND son, something that Minato couldn’t do and now the whole Ninja World is paying for it. The Fourth Kazekage doesn’t seem like the type of guy you’d invite to your birthday party, but so far he’s just a guy that was looking out for the greater good of his people. That’s the excuse.

    Btw, I don’t see how not being able to stand is a disadvantage when Pain can fly. πŸ˜‰

  24. nice breakdown, loving the chapters thus far. As for gaara’s old man, i don’t consider him evil. Much in a way he is like Danzo in that he was about the greater good. Yes he sacrificed his wife, and tried to kill his son, but that was 1) to make the village stronger 2) when he realized he failed he tried to make up for his mistake. He serves as the contrast to gaara and naruto’s ideals, but that doens’t make him evil, nor even an asshole. He is a man who was chosen to lead a the main source of military strength for his entire nation, and therefore his responsibilities are much different than that of a civilian, even most other ninja. Madara making the bloody mist village was evil. Gaara’s old man seems like a boromir-eque character to me.

  25. @Kisu

    Gaara didn’t just become a loose cannon at a whim, he was just a child who was alone and desperate for attention, who didn’t understand his situation.

    He was forced to live with someone else and not his own father and siblings and he was never really shown love other than the false love from his uncle.

    Perhaps if the Kazekage treated him more as his son rather than just a weapon, and taught him about the importance of his role protecting his village, he could have been more like Bee and perhaps even had some pride in himself. Instead, his father tried to assassinate his 7 year old son, when the kid was just alone, desperate and confused. It doesn’t help that he was also fed false stories about his powers as well. He was told it was his mother’s will that protected him, he wasn’t even taught properly. How do you expect that he would be able to control himself if he wasn’t even taught what he was?

    It was only after his uncle broke his spirit and tried to kill him himself, that Gaara actually became a loose cannon. Nothing you say makes any real sense when you think about it.

    The fourth Kazekage not evil? His actions and behavior say otherwise. There is a difference between sacraficing for the good of the village and simply killing meaninglessly. Naruto was the one who taught Gaara the importance of using his strength to protect his village. His father failed in that task abysmally.

  26. I’m sure we’ll have to sit through a few chapters of the old man explaining to Gaara what happened, and it might be somewhere along the lines that he was ordered to by the council and the daimyo of his country to have another child in order to imbue it with the shukaku (i mean to most people son of kage+ tailed beast=mega nin) and he did not know that the process of putting the shukaku in gaara would kill his wife. Thus Gaara is a child he never wanted and the symbol of his nations choice to kill his wife. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a half decent guy to tenari and kankuro but we never see them around their dad so that kind of weakens that argument.

    But then gaara will start talking to him (and yes there will be crying, lots o crying) and eventually his old man realizes that gaara has turned out to be a fine shinobi and human being who follows in his mothers footsteps and willingly protects the village even though they did nothing but hurt him as a child, and bye-bye daddy kage (kabuto is having a tough time controlling so many nins and couldn’t enforce his will over the kage before he was released from edo tensei).

  27. @ Nagato vs Itachi as greatest threats – We seen where Kakazu, on the battlefield, so unless Nagato is just laying around somewhere Kabuto has a plan for him is and Naguto’s machine was still there and so was Outer Path if u recall after he died.. Plus Deva Path is still functioning and Konan also has the receptor so her body may be able to be used.

    Madara said that Rinnegan had an even more powerful Genjutsu that would actually kill the opponent, and I mean its above Life and Death, all Pein would have to do is suck out Itachi’s soul and bam this is all done… Sasoona would be tough but I still believe Nagato would be far too powerful… Plus if Pein can transfer his mind into two bodies he could use the other 6 Paths to revive him. I would like to see a Reborn 6 Paths of Pein…

    @ the 4th Kazekage – I the way Naruto and Gaara are so similar, the Kazekage and Minito will be too.. The thing is if Alec is right I may enjoy the story if it was more of an elders desicion and he couldn’t stop it, similar to the 3rd in the Uchiha Genocide, but Minito gave his own life too, to create Naruto, where only Gaara’s Mother died with Gaara and Gaara’s was more planed Naruto was a rash decision that was made for the good of the village… @ Tenrai – Neither was Naruto, he was never told about what his powers where from either, not even who his father was, not even false love was given to him, if not for Iruka, it would of been the same pain and he may of ended up just like Gaara… Would Minito be seen as a bad guy just like the 4th Kazekage?

    I don’t like him though, to make it clear I think he is an evil character not just for creating Gaara but also being part of the plan to destroy Konoha with Orochimaru and it was that, which led to his eventual death…

    what I am wondering was if his abilities are the same as Gaara’s or not? or if the Sand shield came from his mothers blood line and it was the Shikaku that automatically protected him, kinda like the 8 Tails with Bee working together.

  28. @Alec

    Sorry, but as I said in my previous comment, we are talking about a little kid here who didn’t know what he was or even the purpose behind his powers and instead of explaining it to him to give him a chance to even feel pride in his role as someone who will protect his village, he is just expected to figure it out himself, even though he was lied to and the truth was hidden from him?

    Then his father tries to kill him without hesitation without even trying to make an effort to be a part of his son’s life first to help him understand his role and we just brush it off as a good deed? I am sorry, but that doesn’t make sense to me. The Fourth Kazekage killed his wife and condemned his son to a life of missery and instead of at least trying to help his son grow up to be a respectable man, he just neglects him instead and hopes he will become a handy weapon all on his own.

    Even if Gaara’s father isn’t evil in the purest sense of the word, you can’t defend his actions and justify them as being good, because they were wrong. Gaara has now grown up and he is protecting his village regardless of that, but he did that because he was taught the right way to do it after seeing Naruto’s will to protect those he cares for. If Gaara’s father had taught him the same lessons from the start, Gaara may have never had any problems in the first place.

    If he was forced though, that is another story altogether, and I would need to see the whole story before I could say how I felt about that. X__X

  29. @ Tenrai the reason Gaara was a loose Cannon was that he couldn’t control the beast inside him and I think the Seal was not strong enough to keep it controlled, the Shikaku’s dark influence made him start attacking villagers and children. That was how he was unstable, if Naruto’s Seal was weaker and the Dark Kyuubi chakra could of had the same effect, imagine he was a young boy no one loving him everyone turning their backs to him, would that be fair on Naruto, I mean he should of been treated as a hero and instead was spit in the face, just treated like nothing, he may have turned out just like Gaara and it would of been the Village and Minito’s faults. I am glad though how it turned out and at least he was protected but he was still a child and should of been given more, in that sense him and Gaara are the same but Naruto didn’t have as much “Dark” influence as Gaara.

  30. @Pein

    If Minato was still alive, do you think he would have neglected his son and tried to kill him? No, he wouldn’t have and that is the difference between him and Gaara’s father. Both may have sealed Bijuu into their children for similar reasons, but Minato wanted the village to treat Naruto as a hero and not an outcast and I am sure if he was alive he would have loved Naruto and made sure he knew it and he would have taught him the importance of his role and why he made the choice to seal the Kyuubi into him, just like he did in their conversation during the Pein arc.

    Gaara’s father didn’t even try. He just expected things to happen on their own and when they didn’t, he tried to kill his son as if he had no love for him at all.

  31. Spoilers are out.

    And it looks like Darui is one pissed of black man.

  32. Sorry I meant pissed off. my bad.

  33. Alec’s right about Danzo not being evil. He was just a doucebag with good intentions and twisted methods. He honestly believed that the philosophy passed down the current line of Hokages was detrimental for the village, and he made some good points.

    But he was a better hypocrite than a caring leader for the village. When the village was being attacked by Pein and being laid to waste he held back his forces on purpose so Pein could do as much damage to the village and hopefully kill Tsunade. All so he could become the Hokage. I believe Danzu’s philosophy was ‘The ends justifies the means’.

    This is probably Gaara’s father’s philosophy too. No matter about his son as long as the village is safe and the people protected he’s fulfilling his role as Kazekage and doing what’s best, what he thinks is best. Just as was Danzou’s mindset. This does not make the 4th Kazekage evil. Just a douchebag because like Danzou he screwed others over to get what he wants. His methods were also too heavy handed. Instead of love he tried force but hey, everyone’s not a loving kinda guy.

    @Tenrai: Even Naruto and Killer Bee coming on the field can’t counteract all of Kabuchimaru’s forces sufficiently. At least I hope not because that’d be just stupid. Kabuchimaru has immortal Jinchuuriki’s on his side. Add that with Itachi and Nagato and we’ll need to see the Shinobi Alliance utilize their Kages for a fair fight. I don’t want to see Naruto arriving on the battlefield and just dominating everyone. I’m hoping to see more of his friends getting some decents fights in.

    Speaking of the Kages has anyone seen the Mizukage around lately?

  34. @supertrek89

    Yep, douchebag was what I said in the breakdown with ragards to Gaara’s father. <_<

    As for Naruto dominating everyone, to be honest I just want to see him dominate the Gin-Kin brothers for now. ^ ^

    But I agree with you in reaspect that the war shouldn't feel too cheap or one-sided. It will be nice to see the alliance having to eventually fall back onto the aid of the five Kage to keep things at least somewhat bearable and sometimes desperate situations help keep the tension and excitement levels up. To me, it is actually an innevitable turn of events that will eventually come to pass, because we can already see things shifting out of favor for the alliance. As it is, Gaara and the Tsuchikage look like they are about to jump into the fray and Tsunade seems to be considering it as well.

    I am actually quite eager to see Tsunade in action, when she isn't shaking in fear from blood or using up all her chakra to save a village. I want to see her go all out so we can see how strong the last of the three Sannin really is.

  35. @Tenrai, I love morality debates. So lemme get down to it.

    Minato, he sucks as a father. Instead of staying around and raising Naruto, he decided he should die because Kushina would’ve been a better parent. THAT’S THE REASON HE GAVE. If he stayed around I don’t see him being a loving father like you so believe, I see him being distant and indifferent to Naruto.

    If Minato sacrificed Kushina like she ASKED then many lives could’ve been saved, but he couldn’t put the people he swore to protect above his own feelings like a ninja would. The Fourth Kazekage sacrificed his wife and son to ensure the safety of hundreds of children, hundreds of wives, hundreds of elderly, hundreds of guys. etc.

    Jinchurikis are weapons. Would you hug a nuclear missile and tell it you love it? As far as the Naruniverse is concerned, that’s all they are. Gaara was a malfunctioning nuke, he even attacked kids because they wouldn’t play with him (I cant be bothered to search for the links now lol). Everyone in the village was afraid of him.

    Remember Konoha also treated Naruto the exact same way Suna treated Gaara (they lied to him as well and feared and hated him just as much), the only difference was Narto eventually found Iruka.

    @Pein, the dude wasn’t evil because he attacked Konoha. His Village was loosing support from the Land of Wind’s Feudal Lord (the people would starve, there’d be poverty, a lot of jobless ninja etc.), so he joined forces with Otogakure to attack Konoha and show him that Suna is still powerful. He was just a guy looking out for his village and got killed by Orochimaru (and Kimimaro if you go by the anime) because of it. Remember Konoha aren’t exactly the good guys either *points at Land of Rain*

    @Super, maybe she’s with the Feudal Lords. Boy that would really throw a wrench into Black Zetsu’s plans AMIRITE!? lol

  36. @kisuzachi

    I love how you change it into a debate about Minato now. I already know how you feel about him so I am not going to try and argue that point. Let’s leave it at that shall we?

    In fact, even I can say that despite his good intentions, Minato’s actions may not have been what I would have regarded as the wisest. I still dissagree with your point about killing Kushina, because the Kyuubi may have come back to life after some time, which means it would have then been up for grabs for anyone, including Madara, but then, that’s just my opinion.

    However, your argument does support my opinion of Gaara’s father. I am sure even you can see that he could have definitely handled that situation better for the sake of not only his son, but for everyone.

  37. @kisu If everybody did sacrifice themselves for the masses. Why didn’t Nagato’s parents throw him into the Konoha Shinobi then and escape? Also are the Ame citizens selfish for hoarding they’re own food for their family instead on the orphaned Nagato?

  38. @Kanton, the Konoha Shinobi weren’t exactly after Nagato now were they? πŸ˜‰ And no, the people aren’t selfish for hoarding their food, they’re looking out for their families (ie more people). Besides, what value do war orphans have? I mean, surely there were thousands more like them. God I sound heartless

    @Ten, I only used Minato to show just how similar he and the Fourth Kazekage were.

  39. @kisu to tell the truth Minato living means that Naruto wouldn’t be a jinchuuriki in the first place making this comparison moot. Also the glaring differences are that Minato WOULD NOT send Assassins after Naruto and he didn’t have Kushina killed in the process.

  40. @Kanton, nah the Kyubi would return, he could capture it again and then seal it in Naruto (he’s the only Uzumaki in Konoha so he’s a perfect choice)

  41. Spoiler Alert;

    “γƒ†γƒ³γƒ†γƒ³γ‚‚θ² γ‘γ˜γ¨γ‚―γƒŠγ‚€γ‚’ζŠ•γ’γ‚‹
    Tenten is startinag to lose and throws a kunai.”

    Tenten and starting to lose… What a shock to see those words in one sentence… >__>

  42. @kisu why would he do that when it’s right in front of him. There is also a chance that Madara could get it too making it Moot.
    @Redbaron This is Kishi after all. All you have to do is *insert female name* and lose will surely follow.

  43. “Spoiler Alert;

    β€œγƒ†γƒ³γƒ†γƒ³γ‚‚θ² γ‘γ˜γ¨γ‚―γƒŠγ‚€γ‚’ζŠ•γ’γ‚‹
    Tenten is startinag to lose and throws a kunai.””

    OMG, Tenten losing!? I can’t believe it!

    It’s out and it looks like you were right Kisu about Mei absence.

  45. Doesn’t look like she losing to me.

  46. LOL…the Raikage’s Black Panther technique? Really? Oh Kishi…

  47. @metachi

    It’s no different from calling a technique the “Afternoon Tiger”. Lol. I imagine it is quite hard to come up with all these different names and ideas in such a short number of chapters and we can expect a lot more to pop up now with how many people are involved in this war.

    *Uses evening hamster on Kisu.* That’s for being difficult. <_<

    As for the chapter, it was good, but not quite as good as the last few have been. I think the focus was shifting a bit too much in this chapter from one place to another and although that has been the case for the past few chapters, it was still easy to follow before because it wasn't shifting quite as often and each scene had a bit more focus. I am glad to see the Gin-Kin brothers are about to go into battle though, because I want to see what they can do.

    What I am confused about is why the Third Raikage would pass on his storm-element techniques to Darui and not his two sons. I thought these unique elements were supposed to be traits that could only be passed on through a bloodline and not simply taught, so I imagine this storm element is basically just a normal lightning element but with a twist to make it more powerful. However, it does remind me of the contrast between Amatarasu (Black flames) vs normal Katon techniques. Does anyone think this black lightning is related to Amatarasu in some way?

    One thing I am disappointed about is the fact that we haven't been shown any progress on Kakashi and company. I hope we don't go back to them only to see the aftermath of his rampage and not the rampage itself.

    And what about Naruto and Sasuke? T___T

  48. @ Kisu – Well yes I understand that the 4th Kazekage would feel that way towards the leaf (and I never said the leaf where innocent) but look at it this way, what was Konoha doing wrong, their services where just cheaper then the Sand, is that enough to try a full scale invasion and have many ninja killed? or try become more competitive. If a shop down the road sell things for cheaper then me do I go and burn the shop down? Although I think Konoha aren’t good, in this situation they had done nothing wrong…

    – Minito could of but then that may have given Madara the chance to get the 9 Tails back under control… No “Nukes” left in Konoha means they are weaker and likely to be attacked again… I that if Minito lived he would of been able to stop the Uchiha Massacre, Itachi would of stayed in Konoha, Sasuke too. I think he made a judgement call knowing he couldn’t win in a fight with Madara and instead of living and waiting to be beaten later he thought of a plan (Given the Knowledge he had) and used it to help Naruto become the “Hero” not weapon of Konoha…

    β€œRisking your life and doing something that could rob you of your life are exact opposites.” – L

    Minito didn’t take his own life for no reason, he had a plan in mind, there was a real threat to Konoha, not political but a threat by Madara Uchiha, and that is the big difference

  49. @ Tenrai – I think the Storm Release/whatever else is transferred via the Tattoo, maybe the Tattoo is a Sealing thing that allows the mixture of that specific Kekkei Genkai and why he didn’t pass it onto his sons, maybe they had not been close to him the time of his death or maybe it cannot be passed on like that, I heard someone say that Darui is like Kumo’s Kakashi and I think its true once we read more into it. I also think they where part of the same tribe. I mean really if the 4th Raikage has Storm Release he is insanely strong…

    One thing I learnt with this Chapter is Black is Awesome… Black Zetsu : ” I am the Land”
    Black Lightning… there’s a metallica reference there somewhere O_O

    Well I think though Bee and Naruto gonna Kick @$$ I think they will focus mainly on Sasuke and Madara. Sasuke will have a battle to show some of his powers, so will Naruto and then they will fight each other…

    Does any Bleach readers starting to feel this is sorta like Bleaches war? I mean main character missing somewhere training? I mean I remember the amount of chapters we went without seeing Ichigo and now it seems the same thing is happening O_O

  50. I also thought Black Flames, Black lightning i think next will be Black Water, Black Earth, Black Wind @_@

  51. every one wra πŸ˜‰

  52. *uses the almighty Substitution Jutsu to get out of Tenrai’s Hamster*

    @Pein, that video brought back some dark memories… I hated that show. It was just too weird X_X

    Once again Sasuke steals a character’s thunder. Black lightning’s been used before :/

    I hate you so much right now Sasuke.

  53. @Metachi: The Raikage’s BLACK PANTHER technique!?! LMFAO!!! XD You can’t get any more stereotypical than that! Oh Kishi…you are soooo hilarious. I just can’t tell if you’re doing it on purpose or not. ~_~

    @Pein: Hmmm…the Bleach war had Ichigo on the way. He wasn’t training or anything. In fact he was fighting Ulquiorra and then Yammy, but he did get that hollow upgrade which he never used against Aizen. Naruto is training after his new powerup so he should be better prepared for the war than Ichigo was. It can’t be that much of a training though if it happens in less than a day so I suspect he won’t have near enough control over his new cloak as he’d want.

    @Chapter: I think the war is escalating quite nicely and the chapter shows even more of Naruto’s friends fighting. Even TenTen is doing something and I think I saw Hinata in there somewhere. I don’t know, can’t trust my eyes and I don’t want to get my hopes up. >_>

  54. Why do manga artists think war ends in a day? A war on this scale should last for at least a year in the story’s timescale. The Bleach war was going on for 2 years our time and barely a day in the story and the One Piece war ended in a few hours. :/

    @Super, Hinata was with Neji. They were even talking. Its fun seeing Kishi contradict himself though

    Naruto: Neji destiny doesn’t exist. You control your own future

    Toad Sage: Its Naruto’s destiny to change the world.


  55. @ Super – Hinata @_@ that can’t be true I think maybe been taking something, I thought I saw something but then I realized its impossible and when I thought I saw TenTen actually doing some damage on the Zetsu I threw out the drink I was drinking <_<

    Yeah and in Bleach when Ichigo did train he beat Aizen in one move so yeah that would suck in Naruto lol. I just want Kishi to have some Naruto or Sasuke just to wet the appetite every now and then

    @ Kishi – comes down to scale… if u have 10 people doing something at a time what happens, it gets done faster cause they working, in reality at the same time, thing is unless kishi says there are only one battle happening at a time then the war will go quickly, since while he shows one the other is happening… u think Kakashi waiting for Kishi screen time to go on a rampage? nope he is currently fighting off screen and Kishi will have to back track to show the fight or Bleach it like with Yammy. (I pray this doesn't happen πŸ˜› )

    in war, since Blitz was created, what takes long? when one side defends a position/city etc and seige tactic comes into play at first the battle is fast by either side and only latter will it become a defend and move situation, strongholds etc

    because the armies are so divided and not one hug unified force the battles are fast. Remember back in the olden days it would take short time for a battle, i.e greek and roman times

  56. @tenrai, just because I’m saying he’s not evil, doesn’t mean I’m saying he’s good, he has a set of codes and responsibilities that he had to live up to we never would have to, I’m saying he did what he thought was best by his village, and possibly was even forced to by this same village and the daimyo of his nation, so to characterize him as evil is misleading. Orochimaru creating a village then destroying his nin as pawns to further his own goals are evil, madara attempting to enslave the world so they would know the true might of the uchiha is evil. Kazekage treating his son like crap because he hosted the beast that killed his wife, and began to pose a threat to the villagers is just bad parenting with horrible circumstances, not evil. I’m sure kishi will try to put gaara’s daddy in a better light, which he’s done with quite a few characters. Tsunade, Itachi, Danzou, Zabuza, Kisame, Pein, and even Gaara are all examples of characters who we were introduced to as antagonists and were even people we weren’t supposed to like and came off as either douches or evil people but then we came to appreciate once their circumstances were explained and their personalities and motivations explored.

  57. @alec but your wrong about the Kazekage wanting vengenace for he had his wife killed in order to seal Shukaku in Gaara.
    P.s. I STILL don’t like Pein or Danzo nor do I apperciate their circumstances.

  58. @pein Ichigo did not beat Aizen. Urahara did.
    @Alec You forget that he had his wife killed when he could have just sealed after Gaara was born and then he tries to killed because he goes out of control. It’s his fault to begin with.

  59. @Alec

    So trying to kill your own children is just bad regarded as bad parenting now? Sorry, but I just don’t see it that way.

    I might have accepted your points if Gaara’s father had tried a bit harder to find other solutions first before resorting to assassination, but from what we can see, that never happened. If you look back at Gaara as a child, you’ll see that he wasn’t actually the threat to his village that his father or anyonje else made him out to be. He was a good kid who was kind and thoughtful. He just wanted to be accepted by others, but he never willingly went out of his way to attack or hurt anyone. He just couldn’t control his power.

    Instead of trying to help him control his powers or even explaining what they were in the first place, his father tries to simply kill him instead, even going as far as enlisting his uncle to do the job. A parent who considers killing his own child before trying to help them first, is someone who has something messed up in their minds. If that isn’t evil, I don’t know what is.

    Now, for anyone who tries to argue that he was simply doing what he felt was right for his village, all I can say is that Gaara never actually killed anyone in his village outside of the people who tried to actually assassinate him, so why was he so quickly dismissed as a threat? It’s not like he was posing any significan’t threat yet, he was simply percieved as one due to a shallow misconception that he was a weapon they should control, rather than simply being seen as a child who didn’t know better.

    I am willing to accept the off chance that Gaara’s father was forced to kill his son by the council, or there may be other ways Kishi might try to put his actions in a better light, but if that is the case, he would have to do a pretty good job of explaining it before I am sattisfied. In any case, sorry about the long post and please don’t take my opinion personally. I just have my reasons for feeling the way I do about this subject matter, that’s all.

  60. @Tenrai, really I mean no offense by this, but you could not lead. Sometimes sacrifices have to be made. Tough choices that we would not want to make. The fact is, Gaara’s dad did what he did for his people. Would you have preferred it if he sacrificed an innocent villager’s wife and placed the Shukaku in her child? He sacrificed his own seed and wife for his Village. It was a selfless act.

  61. @Kisu

    Yes, sometimes sacrafices are needed, but needless sacrafices only do more harm than good. If a leader simply continues to sacrafice without ever trying to make the most out of those sacrafices, then is he not simply destroying his own people? Then why make that sacrafice, if you aren’t even going to try and make the most of it? That is called tyrany, not good leadership.

    Tell me Kisu, what good would it have done the Sand village if they killed their only Jinchuuriki and lost their Bijuu in the process, without even trying to help him control his power first? They would have put their village even more at risk doing something that dense. That doesn’t sound like good leadership to me, it sounds stupid. Sacrafices should be a choice we are all allowed to make, it shouldn’t be forced on us, because that only leads to resentment and hatred and it ends up backfiring. Look at Bee, he understood why the Hachibi was going to be sealed into him and what it was for, and because of it, he grew up proud of his role and he made the most of it. Same situation, different results. Why? Because Kumo’s leaders seem to have handled it far better than Suna’s and because of it, both their Jinchuuriki grew up to become beacons of light for their respective villages.

    As for the Kazekage, I would really like to see this good leadership you speak of. You say I wouldn’t make a good leader, but to be honest, the debate isn’t about me and your points give me no indication of how the Fourth Kazekage was a good leader at all. He just looks like an even bigger failure now.

  62. @ Kanton – No Aizen just decided to stop winning πŸ˜›

    @ Alec/Kisu – So you sacrifice your mother and your child to become the Shikaku and defender of the Village and instead of playing a role in this child’s life we see him ignoring him and when this child becomes a threat no one went to even try help him, its like giving a 9 year old a fully loaded gun and say here this is yours, he in his negligence hurts someone and then you say kill the child ? I mean I don’t know what sort of world u guys grew up in but I feel that is the fault of the people that gave him the weapon and didn’t teach him the dangers or how to use it.

    and like Tenrai said they where willing to throw away their greatest weapon? Why not instead isolate Gaara with the Kage and have them train and gain control of the Shikaku?

    If you where told tomorrow by your leader that they must kill you for better crops and so the people could eat would you be happy to give your life? What if its your father? Would u be happy to die because everyone believes that this is what needs to be done to feed the crops?

    When the likely solution should be better irrigation, planning, planting of the seeds etc. Why is death the first option in this situation? When better planning for Gaara’s childhood, training etc would of meant he be better utilized…

    I think the people that made Gaara the host where scared that if he found out the truth he would turn on them and they would loose their positions of power and they Selfishly created a monster to kill everyone else instead of facing up for their own crimes..

    Sorry for long post

  63. @ Tenrai – I think Gaara did kill someone though, he killed that drunk guy ?

  64. @Pein That’s true
    He was killed because Gaara could sense the fear and hatred in the guys eyes also it doesn’t help that little Bitch refused his act of kindness. Also if the fourth did you see the look he gave Gaara. The fourth Kazekage can hardly be considered a father. A bad father would be Hiashi, for the way he treated Hinata at first.

  65. @pein Gaara was pampered and protected by his father until he started attacking villagers.

    @Tenrai, I’m sorry but I’ll get to ur comment later. I’m finishing up Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. Get this, I started yesterday and I’m already at episode 52 (I didn’t sleep O_O). Well, see ya’ll later

  66. @Tenrai, as promised, here I am.

    “needless sacrafices only do more harm than good. If a leader simply continues to sacrafice without ever trying to make the most out of those sacrafices, then is he not simply destroying his own people?”

    He chose his own son so he wouldn’t have to sacrifice his people. Its a leader’s job to bear the suffering of his people. Trust me, if he had taken one of the civilians’ children everyone would say he’s a complete monster but he gave up his son and wife for his people. Also, ensuring his people’s survival in a world where 5 other villages have living nukes doesn’t make his sacrifice “needless”.

    “Then why make that sacrafice, if you aren’t even going to try and make the most of it? ”

    He did try to make the most of it. Gaara was pampered and protected until he started hurting the villagers. That’s when his old man put his foot down. Or would you prefer if Gaara went on hurting the villagers because they didn’t want to play with him? In our world we have a name for people like that, psychos and we don’t treat them any better than Gaara’s father treated him.

    “Tell me Kisu, what good would it have done the Sand village if they killed their only Jinchuuriki and lost their Bijuu in the process, without even trying to help him control his power first? ”

    It would screw over their village in the long run, but it would make the people feel safe without a deranged madchild running around. But the screwing over part only comes into play if the other villages were to find out and I doubt they could considering Suna is in the middle of a vast desert.

    “Look at Bee, he understood why the Hachibi was going to be sealed into him and what it was for, and because of it, he grew up proud of his role and he made the most of it.”

    Kumo is the exception to the rule. From what we’ve seen every village but Kumo treats their Jinchuriki like manure, even the great and righteous Konoha. And like I said before, its not like the Kazekage didn’t try to reach Gaara, he pampered and protected him for most of his early life until he started going crazy.

    “As for the Kazekage, I would really like to see this good leadership you speak of. You say I wouldn’t make a good leader, but to be honest, the debate isn’t about me and your points give me no indication of how the Fourth Kazekage was a good leader at all”

    A good leader puts his people before his needs. Everything the Kazekae did was for his people and Orochimaru knew that and manipulated that aspect of him and killed him.

    @Pein “its like giving a 9 year old a fully loaded gun and say here this is yours”

    No it isn’t. Who’d give a 9 year old a gun? Its more akin to giving a baby a nuke, and that’s just stupid.I mean, who’d do that?…Oh wait, every major village in Naruto >_>

  67. @Kisu

    Show me please, how Gaara was pampered and protected. You talk about him as if he was psychotic when he was just alone and confused about his situation. Clearly you are considering your argument on the perception of Gaara as a weapon, and not as a child. His character as it is now shows he would have been fine if he had just been taught the right lessons from the start, which he obviously wasn’t, but he is clearly not psychotic if you consider his deeper nature.

    He was simply not taught about what he was or what was expected of him. Instead, he was just expected to cope under false pretenses without guidance. It isn’t abnormal for someone that age to lash out or become withdrawn because of circumstances like that.

    As for all villages treating their Jinchuuriki like dirt, that much is true and I won’t dissagree, but then we are’t talking about the villages or the people within them, are we? We are talking about their leaders. Bee was taught about his role and despite the way he was treated, he grew up wiser and more ready for those hardships. Even though he knew he was hated, he also understood the value of his power and how many he could protect with it.

    Gaara, after his battle with Naruto, adopted that same attitude and began to see himself as a protector and not just as a weapon. He adopted the same attitude that Bee had from the start and he yearned to become a good leader, even though he knew those around him would still hate him until he had proven himself. Now he has such a strong influence, that even the other Kage have been moved by his will, including the stubborn Tsuchikage, and his people follow him without doubt. That shows his true strength as a leader.

    Naruto went through the same process. He started out an outcast and he became hateful towards the villagers who treated him that way, but he began to learn the right lessons from Iruka and then eevntually Jiraiya, about breaking that cycle. Now, he too, has also chosen to protect what he sees as important. All three have become beacons of light for their respective villages.

    Please note that in all these above examples, the right guidance was all that was needed to improve the situation. AKA, the right leadership. What you are suggesting is that the Kazekage was making the right decisions all along, when in reality, his decisions only made matters worse, and we have proof of that not only in Gaara’s past as a child, but also his new life as the Kazekage of his village, a status he was only able to attain once his father’s influence was gone. Only once his father was out of the equation did Suna begin to really propser again. Only after the Fourth Kazekage was gone did Suna’s alliance with Konoha strengthen even more, while its own military might grew as well. And it was all thanks to the kid you claimed was just a psychopath or a loose cannon.

    The Fourth Kazekage was not able to achieve this end because he never even tried. He didn’t try to teach Gaara about responsibility, he didn’t try to teach Gaara about his power and he failed at doing what was right for his village. I could go on further about how he evetually aligned himself with a traitorous shinobi and in turn, got himself killed while threatening the very fabric his village was built on to the point where it could have been destroyed, but I think I have made my point.

    Last, but not least, I have to say that a leader also has to be wise about the choices they make and clearly, the Fourth Kazekage did not apply wisdom to any of his choices. If you think he was so selfless, why didn’t he try to teach Gaara himself? And if he really thought Gaara was a threat, why didn’t he just kill Gaara himself? Better yet, why didn’t he just seal the Shukaku into himself and try to control it in the first place? Wouldn’t that have been the most selfless thing to do?

    Why try to start a war with a country that is aligned to you? Why risk the prosperity of your village and the safety of its people for the selfish desire to conquer your neighbours? That was the real nature of the Kazekage and it was his desire for power – first through the sacrafice of his son and then through his will to conquer Konoha – that was his eventual undoing.

    Sorry, but that’s how I see it. You can say what you like about the Fourth Kazekage having the traits of a truly good leader, but everything I see as a result of his actions speaks against that.

  68. @Kisu

    And yes, I am very stubborn. Just like you. <_<

    *Notices how our comments are getting longer and longer.* Seriously, I think that last comment of mine was longer than my breakdown. X__X

  69. @Tenrai, #@$$ this %#$@! It seems I’m being censored. Hmm in that case, GOSH DARN IT TO HECK! Why did your reply have to be so long? T_T I’ll get to it later ok buddy?

  70. …which here means: “I got nothing. But I may have something later.”

  71. *pops some popcorn in his mouth*

  72. @tenrai About the invasion of Konoha. The reason they invaded was the fact that the Old Wind Daimyo reduced Suna’s funds and he outsourced Jobs to Konoha. That’s why he wanted to invade Konoha. Also I bet that the Daimyo was replaced for his incompetence.

  73. *holds a large paper carton underneath super’s mouth as the popcorn he is popping inside his mouth spills out*

    *wishes there was some way to convert his saliva into salted butter*

    *feeds the popcorn to Kanton until he can figure out a solution*

  74. “Show me please, how Gaara was pampered and protected” In a better tanslation he says: β€œGiven life by the death of my mother, I was brought into being and nurtured as the salvation of the village. I was the Kazekage’s child. My father taught me the innermost secrets of the shinobi. He pampered and protected me and led me to myself. For a time, I thought that was love. And that was when everything started.”

    “You talk about him as if he was psychotic when he was just alone and confused about his situation.”

    Well he kinda was. His loneliness made him crazy. Have you forgotten that he attacked children because they didn’t want to play with him?

    “Instead, he was just expected to cope under false pretenses without guidance”

    He had Yashamaru (he didn’t know Yashamaru hated him) and his father personally trained him. Sounds like guidance to me.

    “We are talking about their leaders”

    I don’t see the problem. He knew he was special and was being trained by the Kazekage. He knew his behavior disgraced his father but still kept at it. Bee behaved himself because of his love for his older brother.

    “Now he has such a strong influence, that even the other Kage have been moved by his will, including the stubborn Tsuchikage, and his people follow him without doubt. That shows his true strength as a leader.”

    Actually, it shows bad and cliched writing. Decades of hatred and animosity can’t be swept under the rug by simple speeches. But lets leave that for another debate.

    “but he began to learn the right lessons from Iruka”

    Gaara was learning the right lessons from Yashamaru but he still attacked children.

    “Only after the Fourth Kazekage was gone did Suna’s alliance with Konoha strengthen even more, while its own military might grew as well.”

    So you wanted the Fourth to make Suna look weak by going out for help. It could’ve very easily backfired. If Gaara tried that with Iwagakure or Kumogakure his village would’ve been destroyed. In a situation where war is rampant (the Fourth lived through the 3rd Ninja War), why would you show your weakness to your enemies? The only reason Gaara could risk something like that is because he had never experienced war.

    “I could go on further about how he evetually aligned himself with a traitorous shinobi and in turn, got himself killed while threatening the very fabric his village was built on to the point where it could have been destroyed, ”

    Exactly my point. Hew took a gamble and screwed for it. Gaara took a gamble and got lucky.

    “Last, but not least, I have to say that a leader also has to be wise about the choices they make and clearly, the Fourth Kazekage did not apply wisdom to any of his choices.”

    Ok, now this is just unwarranted. He managed to keep Suna alive despite constant budget cuts to the village and kept its shinobi forces strong.

    “Why try to start a war with a country that is aligned to you? Why risk the prosperity of your village and the safety of its people for the selfish desire to conquer your neighbours? ”

    That’s wrong. He didn’t want to conquer Konoha. He wanted to prove to the Wind’s Feudal Lord that the Village was still strong. It wasn’t selfish, he did it for his people. That was their reasoning remember?

    To add, the Kazekage was killed before the chunin Exams even started.

    “Better yet, why didn’t he just seal the Shukaku into himself and try to control it in the first place?”

    Because the seal Chiyo used required a sacrifice. As the Kazekage, he clearly couldn’t sacrifice himself (unlike another 4th Kage we know), and who’d be better to give the Shukaku than his own son?

    Tenrai, I think we won’t agree so lets end this debate. When Kishi inevitable draws the Kazekage’s sob story one of us will be proved right and the other gets blown up by Kanton >_>

  75. *takes popcorn bag from Dark and drinks grape soda* Hmm wish this was cheese popcorn.
    @kisu justified on the both 4th’s case. The Kazekage was elected to stop the potential wars since their third was killed by Sasori but still due to his inferior seal tech he had his wife killed. Minato on the other hand could sacrifice plus it was a last resort it’s better to sacrifice yourself instead of forcing someone else. On the plus side the third was alive.

  76. @Kisu.

    Alright Kisu. I was about to counter your points again, until I saw your last closing line. I guess we probably won’t agree on the Kazekage situation in the end, but I agree that we should wait to see what backstory Kishi will innevitably give him before we bother continuing this debate.

    As I said earlier, there is a chance that we may learn more about him to suggest that his hand was forced, or he wasn’t as much of a jerk as he came across in part one of Naruto, but it will have to be a pretty good explanation before I swallow it. I guess only time will tell.

    At least we cam say one thing. This debate kept us busy if nothing else.

    *Steals everyone’s popcorn.* How dare you take advantage of our battle for your entertainment!!!!

  77. *tenrai takes the popcorn but since there is no more popcorn I grab a cheesecake out the fridge and start eating that instead* Battles sometimes makes me hungry.

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