Bleach 433 – Not Failtastic. Bleach 434 – Actually Pretty Good.

Panel Waste, Lots of Battles, and Aizen’s Face.

These were the ingredients chosen to create the most memetastic series. But Tite Kubo accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction, Chemical Fail.


Thus The Clothes Detergent was born! Using Kubo’s super money-making powers, Detergent got its name changed to Bleach and has dedicated its run to trolling lives and all its customers.

*clears throat*

Here’s you’re AMV you grubby little bastar-… I mean my dearest, beloved readers *eyes twitch repeatedly*

Ahem, welcome to Kisu’s first breakdown of the year. Due to unforeseen circumstances (and mostly laziness) its going to be a Double Breakdown. We kick things off with:

Chapter 433

Oh Gawd! Ripping off Sailor Moon? Just how much lower can Bleach go? Idk, but I would love to see how low Rangiku could go πŸ˜‰

First off, let me start by saying 433, while having some faults, was still a good chapter. You see, I’ve been reading some older chapters, the ones I never read because I started Bleach via the anime, and currently all that’s happening feels reminiscent of the initial chapters. Other than seeing a pantyshot of Orihime in the early chapters, they also made me remember a few concepts that were cast out the window and stuff that just doesn’t make sense (like Rukia saying they attack Hollows from behind so as not to see their faces, yet everyone just casually mows them down now, or Rukia at full power having a hard time with an average Hollow just because she’s protecting the Kurosakis when she’s capable of one-shotting an Arrancar), but anyway, my point is ever since the timeskip these chapters have the same feel as the beginning chapters.

This may be a chance to reboot the series. Although Aizen-sama was cooler than Vanilla Ice and more memetastic than Prince Vegeta, he was a blight in the series.Β  Half the stuff the guy did didn’t make sense because of his addiction to overly complex plans, and since he was one of Kubo’s two favorite characters, Kubo made every character look bad just to make Aizen look good. Now that he’s gone, this is Kubo’s chance to return Bleach to the way it was before the Fake Karakua Town Arc. This has convinced me to make a Bleach-related New Year’s Resolution, “I, Kisuzachi, solemnly swear not to make fun of Bleach’s plot until this Arc is over… or until 2012, whichever comes first.” With that being said, let’s move on to the actual chapter.

Kisu making fun of Bleach's panel work, but not its plot? Check.

We learn a few interesting things this chapter, and that’s always a good thing. There’s something I missed last Breakdown, so let me get it out of the way now. Pantheism, is the view that the universe and God are identical. So if I’m understanding this correctly, it means Kubo wasn’t just bullshi**ing us. Souls exist in everything. Anyway, this chapter is called “The Six Fullbringers”, however we don’t know the names of two of them yet (there’s Chad, Ginjou, Riruka, and Kutsuzawa). Ginjou explains that Hollows have holes in them because that’s the place their hearts once were. This automatically raises my eyebrows because; 1. Hollows eat humans, then other Hollows because the void in their hearts becomes too much to bear. 2. What about Hollows in the anime with multiple Hollow Holes (well I suppose this isn’t Kubo’s fault)? 3. Arrancar have holes all over the place, I’m sure Nnoitra’s heart wasn’t originally in his left eye socket, but then again, this random placement of the Hollow Hole could be a direct result of Shinigamification.

He also says the removed heart becomes their mask. This explains why each Hollow has some unique ability, unique masks and why some are simply stronger or weaker than others. When it comes to the Espada, I’m not sure how their masks coincide with their Aspects of Death however. Harribel is a Shark that protects and cares about her Nakama? Sharks are solitary animals that would even kill and eat their young. Wolves are social animals, so I don’t see how wolves coincide with Starrk’s Aspect of Death. Well, unless their Aspects of Death are the opposite of their masks, but then some Espada still wouldn’t fit. But, lets move on.

Indeed. A thousand Ships were launched that day.

So anyway, Ginjou says Fullbringers are born when a pregnant lady gets attacked by a Hollow and survives. I’d say the residual Reiatsu from the attack probably causes this. He goes on to say how they intend to return his powers. A Shinigami-Human Hybrid, the opposite of a Hollow-Human Hybrid, can absorb the powers of Fullbringers and make them become normal humans again. Ginjou intends to restore Ichigo’s powers, then pass on the members of Xcutions’ powers to Ichigo. He says that some of their members already passed on their power to a Human-Shinigami already, which means Ginjou probably got that Substitute badge from that Hybrid. I’m going to go out on a limb and say its that guy that attacked Uryu.

This raises a question about Orihime. Is she a Fullbringer? I’m going to have to say no. Earlier, it was revealed that 1 in 10000 humans possess Reiatsu, so her abilities were probably fully-realized by the Hogyouku. Here’s why I don’t think Orihime is a Fullbringer:

1. She isn’t super fast or super strong. Full Bringers can manipulate the spirits in the environment to boost their speed and strength.

2. Her power seems more akin to a Shinigami’s zanpakuto. Just like a Zanpakuto, her powers are spirits with personalities born from her own soul and they have a sealed state. Ginjou never said that the Fullbringers’ familiars, if you will, were born from their soul, he said they bond with them, which means they were pre-existing before they met their Fullbringer partners.

We then get to the funniest thing in Bleach in a long while.

If Ginjou launched a thousand ships, Riruka just launched a (Insert Really High Number Here)

Riruka blathers and blathers until she sees Ichigo. Apparently he’s a hottie. O_O

Now, onward to Chapter 434.

O_O''' *gulp*

*goes to mangastream*

Yeah, after 2 weeks Bleach 434 is out. Two weeks…this chapter has to be good! There won’t be any blank backgrounds either. Yes, I know I’m going to be disappointed, but you gotta be optimistic when tackling something you’re losing faith in ;). Yosh (I’m borrowing this Superdude).

The chapter starts with Karin and Yuzu. Yuzu is watching Don Kanonji’s show, “Journey to bust Ghosts on Hallowed Ground”, then Karin tells her its her bedtime (I always thought Yuzu was the “mom” of the Kurosaki household), but Yuzu says it would be her bedtime as well, then Karin says she has stuff to do. Basically, they’re both up because they want to see Ichigo return home before taking a snooze. Ichigo shows up while they’re arguing and then tells them to go to bed.

Limeyman is so cool πŸ˜‰

The next day Ginjou calls Ichigo to Xcution’s hideout. They have a little exchange, and once again Ginjou wins. So Ichigo gets to the point and says he came because he thought the were going to put him through training of some sort. Riruka kicks in the door and walks in with a dollhouse, shouts at Ichigo (I guess she can’t see his face right now ;)), and then the funniest thin in a Bleach chapter in a long while happens. One of Xcution’s members, Yukio, tells her to stop kicking doors open because he’s tired of seeing (how does he see anything with his hair like that?) her panties (somewhere Jiraiya smiles in approval). Riruka tries (and fails) at making a comeback with a long rant, but gets pwned again because Yukio was too busy playing a video game to even hear a word she says (I like this kid already). Then just as Riruka is about to fail again, another of Xcution’s members, Jackie, covers her mouth and tells her to explain the dollhouse to Ichigo. Riruka yells at Ichigo to come, but tells him to stop halfway (that would sound so wrong if taken out of context) for fear of getting another eyegasm.

Aww how cute. Ichigo is finally Genre Savy πŸ™‚

She tells him he’ll be training inside the dollhouse. Her Fullbring ability is to send people to or remove people from her dollhouse as long as she thinks its cute or awesome… so basically its useless in a battle. She then flicks a heart at him and the dollhouse pulls him inside. Ichigo wakes up horrified at what he sees before him…

A man in a bear suit! Almost as terrifying as a Room with a Moose O_O

… no it wasn’t pedobear, but wouldn’t that have been such a dark turn? He wonders aloud what is that giant teddy bear thing. Riruka says he has to defeat it, but it’ll be easy because it’s weak… well if he had Fullbring powers it would.Well basically, this training is for Ichigo to force out his Fullbring powers.

Ichigo’s mother was not attacked while Ichigo was in her womb, so I’m going to assume that he can access Fullbring because he was once a Hollow-Human hybrid as well. The other Vizards can’t use Fullbring because they have no human in them, so there goes that idea.

Kisu’s Thoughts

433 and 434 were good chapters. I thoroughly enjoyed them from start to finish.

~ by kisuzachi on January 26, 2011.

22 Responses to “Bleach 433 – Not Failtastic. Bleach 434 – Actually Pretty Good.”

  1. its out πŸ˜‰

  2. FIRST!!!

  3. @kisu I disagree because according to Tatsuki she was on Black belt level despite not having any experience and she can jump in the anime. Also she never fights so you really can’t determine her fighting skill. Well It looks like you won’t be snarking at bleach for a while considering Kubo’s track record.

  4. @Kanton, yeah but I can be a blackbelt (if I wasnt lazy, fit, dedicated, not girly and less dashing) too. I imagine Fullbringers being as strong as Chad was before he got his “Armored Arms”. Orihime’s speed isn’t on the level of Hirenkyaku, Shunpo or Sonido, more like on the level of regular people y’know

  5. @kisu if she had enough Killer intent she could kill anyone. Neither was Chad at first.

  6. @Kanton, not if they’re sufficiently stronger than her. She couldn’t reject a fraction of Ulquiorra’s Segund Etapa Reiatsu. She DEFINITELY could’nt reject a Captain-level opponent in that case.

  7. Yosh (I’m borrowing this Superdude).

    Stealing traits from other people breakdowns now are we? πŸ˜›

    Truly now you are a real Bleach fan kisu XD

    P.S forgot to put an exclamation point at the end, like super does. you know, he always says it, usually when he is really excited about the new chapter….oh.

    P.S.S Yu-Gi-Oh abridged FTW!!!

  8. “Truly now you are a real Bleach fan kisu XD”

    Good one Takashid. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to make pokemon references πŸ˜‰

  9. @kisu but she could deflect an attack from him. By the way, Ulquoirra is captain class. Chad couldn’t do anything against Nnoitra either.

  10. You didn’t capitalize the “Yosh”. ;D

    Good breakdown Kisu and thank goodness you remember past chapters of Bleach because I sure don’t. Well…I also started with the anime and never read the past chapters but I don’t see the point now. Great point about the multiple holes in some hollows. I want to see Kubo explain that, like some humans had multiple hearts or something. -_-

    That game kid reminds me a lot of WOnderweiss and did you notice Ichigo has been gone for 2 days!? What the hell was he doing? Lol, and Kon makes his reappearance. >_>

    Overall it was a good chapter. I had a few chuckles and Ichigo’s training is finally underway. I don’t know how fighting a bear will bring his Shinigami powers back though…

  11. Kisu’s Thoughts

    433 and 434 were good chapters. I thoroughly enjoyed them from start to finish.

    OMFG WTF O_O Looks like the time has come to slay you kisu @_@

  12. @Ahsan, in that case it’s a good thing I’m the one using Kyouka Suigetsu now πŸ™‚

  13. i think our standards for what makes a good chapter have rapidly declined when it comes to bleach. Yes its a good chapter… when u compare it to the utter Shite we’ve been reading lately

  14. Kyouka What? Sorry i cant hear you over the sounds of you yelling in pain in my Tsukyomni , it’s a good thing i took itachi’s eyes eh ? πŸ˜‰

  15. @Ahsan, since when were you under the impression that you weren’t hearing your own screams of anguish? (You’ve been trolled by Kyouka ;))

    @omar, hm, I really liked these past 2 chapters y’know. and not by Bleach standards, but by average standards. This defines Kubo’s style, and I can appreciate that now.

    And will you guys stop making fun of bleach already!? You’re seriously tempting me to join in the fun T_T

  16. *jumps out of No where and use Matenro and bends light and uses Reflector to create a powerful illusion on Ahsan and Kisu*

  17. I know this is Bleach folks but I’m sure we can discuss something and not go into a frenzy of needless battle with no substance.

    Like…where the hell has Chad been sleeping and why does he smell? Is the only foreign guy in Kubo’s Japan homeless and living on the street!? Does Chad plan on giving up his awesome powers to Ichigo so he can grow even stronger on top of regaining his Shinigami powers!? Where the hell is Chad now!? More importantly…what does Kubo have against Chad!? XD

  18. @ The Chapter being Good – I read the last two chapters but I can’t say good was the word to describe it, more like, nothing else on and I am bored at work lets see what going on in Tite’s universe… Meh could aptly describe it, but maybe someday they will get better and I hoping for that… The new kid playing games reminds me of Justin Law (Soul Eater). He could be a cool character but I am also meh about him…

    Prediction of what will happen: They will help Ichigo regain his powers but won’t give their powers to him but instead try and take his powers or use it. “Why does the Aizen looking dude have a substitute badge? If he helped him then why keep the badge? makes no sense. (but this is Bleach) Maybe not the whole Organization will be evil but most will definitely be. Obvious plot may follow…

    @ Super – Kubo hates Mexicans cause they swam and took his job X_X Sterotypes πŸ˜› but I am not sure why he seems to get the short end of the stick, kinda like Uryu getting his arms broken off every now and then its becoming like Lego O_O…

    Over All Kisu I think Bleach may regain some respect but unless the plot begins to move at a faster rate I will keep sitting back saying meh, there is no excitement being generated anymore well not for me cause I know even though things are happening nothing new will happen next month!!


  20. Panic At The Dollhouse.


    And Riruka just explained her powers all over again adding only you could use your Fullbringer powers on something that was close to you (not talking physically). And the rest of the chapter was Ichigo running around, but him realizing the whole training was stupid and complaining about it was funny because it’s so true.

  21. @Super, what’re you saying!? That chapter was funny and enjoyabl….IT FRIKKING SUC- *gets tasered* – I mean, its great T_T.

    @Everyone, the Breakdown will be out in a few hours. I can’t do it now because I’m currently a bit drunk on wine. -_-

  22. I called the badge back at the 432 breakdown!

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