Naruto Shippuuden 195 Breakdown: Shikamaru shows us his brains, Chouji eats a lot and Ino…. becomes a pig? O_o

Greetings everyone and welcome to yet another weekly Naruto anime breakdown. Unfortunately, it seems we are still trapped in the never-ending cycle of fillers that seems to have consumed our very beings of late and for the time-being, it doesn’t look like they are going to let up just yet.

I have heard from the grapevine that they will likely be coming to a close at the end of this month, but we all know how grapevines can twist the truth, especially if they have been fermenting for too long. <_<

So, for now, we will simply trudge through the forest of thorns, hoping every once in a while to come across a blossom, which have fortunately appeared more often this time around than most. The only question is, does our latest offering live up to our expectations, or are these fillers just about empty of substance?

Pacman Ino. She will definitely eat you. *Waka waka waka waka...* X__x

To answer my above question simply, I would say this episode falls somewhere in between both the good and the bad we have seen so far with regards to these fillers. It was reasonably enjoyable and there isn’t much I could say that would count significantly against it, but it was also missing that special flair that made some of the other episodes a real blast.

In this particular instance, we have yet another flashback episode focusing, this time around, on team 10, or more specifically, one Nara Shikamaru.

There are two humans hiding somewhere in this image. Let's see if we can try to find them. @__@

The idea was interesting enough – a battle of wit and intelligence between our young genius Nara and an antagonistic bandit mastermind – but one could say that it is a scenario we have seen one too many times before.

It wouldn’t be the first time our favorite lazy genin has taken the spotlight with his tactical genius, and I believe that is what ultimately plays against the credibility of this episode as a whole. I would have preferred to see the focus shift onto someone who hasn’t seen as much attention, such as Chouji, or perhaps even Ino, but it seems we have no such luck this time around.

OMG! It's Sylvester Stallone!!! O__O

Despite those gripes, just about everything else in this episode was mostly consistent – from the animation, to the sound – although the pace itself felt a little bit slow throughout the entire twenty or so minutes that passed, and the plot, although interesting, simply never fleshed itself out as much as it could have. Ultimately, a lot was left to be desired and I finished this episode feeling like it could have been better than it was.

Even despite that, it’s worth giving a go and some of you may even enjoy it a lot more than I did. As far as fillers go, it gets an “A”, but as far as any real anime goes, it is still floating just above par.

No matter how many times you multiply by zero, you will still get zero...

*Gets beaten up by Naruto clones, fangirls and Kantonkage for his cruel joke.* T__T

Well, I guess that’s all from me this week then. I hope you enjoyed the breakdown and the episode. Here are last week’s caption contest winners.

4th) Kantonkage: Well, the saying did go “There a thin line between love and War,” but this is ridiculous!

3rd) MissMandi: Mmmmm cherry chapstick.

2nd) Prawlkage: Ka-GAY-bunshin-no-jutsu!

And the winner is…


Come on now guys, if you keep letting Prawlkage dominate the caption contests every week like this, we’ll never see the end to his reign of terror. Oh and btw, the winner for caption contest 192, which everyone (Kanton and Prawl) has been asking me about, is Prawlkage!

*Accepts cheesecake bribe while no-one is looking.* <_<

*Cough.* And now, here is this week’s screen! ^ ^

*Insert caption here.*

And last, but not least, here is the preview for the next episode.

You guys watch that while I catch a plane to some unknown destination, in an effort to avoid the angry mobs that will no doubt want to tear apart my soul. <_<

See you all in the comments! ^ ^

~ by Tenrai Senshi on January 24, 2011.

26 Responses to “Naruto Shippuuden 195 Breakdown: Shikamaru shows us his brains, Chouji eats a lot and Ino…. becomes a pig? O_o”

  1. Thanks for the breakdown. I agree the fillers remain to be of pretty high quality, especially learning what Ino did at the end of the episode was pretty nice imho as it was pretty obvious but still I missed it at first.

  2. 2nd

  3. 3rd

  4. Nice Breakdown Tenrai ^_^

    I never watch these but still nice to know which episodes I am sad for missing or greatful 😛 Well yeah battle of wits would be cool but that is a Death Note thing not really naruto… You would think there was enough fillers from Part 1 and they would at least have part two fillers instead

    lol Filler Arcs


    “The solution to bad fillers”

  5. Wow, it’s so quiet in here…

    *Hears crickets chirp.* O__O

  6. Another crappy filler but a good breakdown. The enemy tactician was just dumb. Take in a ninja hostage, leave his hands and feet untied, and place him right next to the hostage he came to rescue. We have a genius ladies and gentlemen.

  7. Yeah that baffles me too, but there’s hundreds of situations like that. What also seems stupid to me is that no enemy is ever properly finished off. I mean in a battle of life and death, if you manage to work the opponent to the ground, why wouldn’t you make sure he never gets up again? (iirc, this usually happens to the hero of this series :P) – but what usually happens is talk + more talk + more talk and the battle can be totally turned after that.


    *Gives Tenrai his cheesecake, shakes hands, gets hand eaten*


    *Has Konan rain exploding tags down on all bloggers, laughs at exploited rain village slave-orphans who made tags non-stop around the clock*

  9. CAPTION: RAMBO 5 – The Revenge-ening – First Blood the second!

  10. CAPTION: I may not be able to start fire with these, but my abs are EXPLOSIVE!


  12. caption: Didn’t you know explosive tags are quite snug down there.

  13. Prawlkage, u must be able to work out a caption with what seems to be an enourmous toolset on this villain, right? 😛

  14. Caption 1:

    Prepare to eat my tax returns!!!!

    Caption 2:

    Group hug!!!!

    Caption 3:

    Explosive fasion. The phase never lasts… <_<

  15. Caption: The fillers has gotten so bad even the villains want to kill themselves.

    exploding tags: because noone significant kas ever been killed by a kunai…

  17. Caption: Fear not, for I shall survive. After all, when have exploding tags ever killed anyone on this show? <_<

  18. @Tenrai: Tsunade’s brother Nawaki died just like that. He ran straight into an exploding tag.
    It’s sad but funny because in the anime it showed him running and then something exploded. We then find out that random explosion killed him.

  19. @Dragon

    It wasn’t an exploding tag!!! It was because he ate too many beans the previous night!!!

    *Grumbles under his breath about Dragon ruining his moment.* T__T

  20. Also Yashamaru died via explosive tags too.

  21. in this series of super-powered ninja, the explosive tags have a really good track record thus far.

  22. Hey guys. Unfortunately, my Naruto anime breakdown will be a bit late, because I was working on the manga breakdown for this past week instead.

    However, seeing as though there isn’t any anime release this week, it gives me the chance to do last week’s breakdown by Friday, while still giving everyone time to comment on it, etc, before the next episode comes out.

    And the best news? Well, the fillers are officially over!!! YAY!!! ^ ^

  23. Caption:
    Cause Blowing yourself usually works…

    I have wrapped the scripts of all the Fillers… and you thought Explosive Tags where scary.

  24. Well, I’ve got some good news guys. Episodes 197 and 198 are out now, and they are both continuations of the manga storyline, which means we are officially out of fillers!

    I’ll have the double breakdown up by Monday latest. In the meantime, enjoy the episodes. ^ ^

  25. Hey guys. Sorry to inform you, but the anime breakdown will be a bit late. My internet is being iffy and uploading my screens seems to be a no-go at the moment.

    I’ll try finish it up tomorrow. I hope everyone is doing well.

  26. lol anime

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