Naruto Shippuuden 194 Breakdown: Tenrai has a breakdown?

*Slowly walks into breakdown writing room and looks around carefully.* @__@

Ah… no-ones here. This means I can sneak away without doing anything. *Begins to walk out of room when masked men suddenly grab him and drag him into the center of the room, before forcing him into a small chair in front of a small desk, and then handing him a keyboard.*

Masked man 1: Now now Tenrai, you didn’t think you could get out of writing your breakdown that easily, did you?

Tenrai: T__T

Masked man 2?: *Sits on Tenrai’s lap* Now now, there’s no need for such a long face. If you write your breakdown quickly, I’ll make it worth your while. >_>

*Tenrai notices that masked man 2 has a very feminine voice.*

Tenrai: Captain Pickles, is that you? O_o

*Before he can get an answer, both figures run out of the room, laughing maniacally.*

Okay, I guess I’ll just start with my breakdown then. <_<

Sakura finally activates the Haruno clan's most feared and deadly doujutsu. The FANGIRSTAREGAN!!!!! @__@

Greetings everyone, and welcome to another weekly anime breakdown. I’m your host, Tenrai Senshi, who is currently locked in a basement with creepy dark walls.

*Notices someone peeking through the door.* <_<

Very creepy… *Cough*

Unfortunately, due to a lack of time and an abundance of fatigue, this breakdown will be a bit shorter than what I normally put out, but I will try to make it enjoyable regardless. To begin, this week we have yet another filler episode featuring a flashback into the past lives of our favorite heroes, only this time, Team 7 is pursuing a lost treasure belonging to a feudal lord’s daughter, which they have to retrieve from its captors to return to its rightful place. In a botched attempt to do things on their own, Naruto and Sasuke inadvertently fall into a bit of a sticky situation, which involves each one having an arm bonded firmly to the others’, resulting in a humorous situation that forces both of them to rely on one another in order to rescue their third teammate, the consistently useless damsel in distress, Sakura.

It's like when poop hits the ceiling fan...

Now, let’s just forget all about the treasure, the plot, or just about every other small detail for that matter, because there’s only one thing you need to worry about here, and that is how insanely enjoyable and funny this episode is. Even if that’s the only reason the anime team decided to make an episode with these two stuck together, it’s good enough for me, because the results are more than worth the effort of watching.

From the action to the comedy and even the animation, this episode is just filled with win after win, although there were some moments when the animation took on a more abstract and obscured stylization, which may not be to everyone’s liking. However, whether you liked it or not, this scene was fairly brief and, as such, would hardly affect the overall impact of this episode as a whole.

Let's just pretend they were performing mid-air mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and forget any of this ever happened. T__T

*Hears heavy breathing coming from the doorway.* O_o

Alright, so I will admit, some scenes in this episode may not be for everyone, but if you can’t laugh at them, it just means you were taking them too seriously.

As for the action buffs, as I hinted at earlier, you have a lot to look forward to in this episode. With both their hands and, consequently, their arms stuck together, Naruto and Sasuke have to resort to a unique and interesting fighting style that makes use of both of their bodies and each other *cough* for effective attack combos that not only look cool, but are also really funny at times.

In the end, it all comes together into another success for this filler arc, which is doing a lot to prove to us that fillers can be fun after all.

Naruto and Sasuke, taking their relationship to the next level? O_o

Well, that’s all from me this week. I hope you enjoyed the breakdown.

Here are last week’s caption contest winners.

5th) Drigruan: “Whaddya mean I got the wrong show?? This ain’t Ichigo?”

4th)  Kantonkage: Yes I’m pleased to tell you that there will be more fillers… Hey is that a bazooka you’re pointing at me.

3rd) Prawlkage: Yes Naruto, he DID posses your mattress! No, “That” wasn’t a bed-spring you felt.

2nd) Kantonkage: NO! I was so close to accomplishing my number one fantasy.

Prawlkage: Who ya gonna call? GHOST NINJA!

*Door to the room suddenly bursts open and two masked men jump inside.*

Masked man 2: I’ve come to give yo my reward. ^ ^

Masked man 1: O_o

Tenrai: X__X

*Mandi suddenly bursts into the room.* Mandi: That’s it! Who the hell’s trying to lay their hands on my meat? >_<

*Mandi beats up perpetrators and then drags Tenrai out of the room by his collar.*

Tenrai: Save me!!!! T__T

*Quickly posts next week’s screen before disappearing into the darkness.*

*Insert caption here.*

Due to “technical difficulties”, Tenrai will not be able to continue the rest of this breakdown. Therefore, his automated automator will post the preview for next week’s episode.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

See you all in the comments.


~ by Tenrai Senshi on January 17, 2011.

12 Responses to “Naruto Shippuuden 194 Breakdown: Tenrai has a breakdown?”

  1. FIRST!!! HEY WHAT ABOUT the winner of 192

  2. *watches as my hired assassins failed* Oh well as at least I know Mandi will take good care of him *laughs maniacally* MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
    Caption: Damn who put the Yaoi Fangirl in charge.

  3. SPIDERMAN!!! Lol, the sexual tension between Nauto and Sasuke was palpable in the episode and you’re right Tenrai, this was a very enjoyable episode.

    The action scenes and animation was great. The animation didn’t get all crazy like a certain episode and it managed to be awkwardly funny without making me laugh at the animation. Another filler coming right up.

    Caption: Gaaaaaaaaaaay

    Not very creative I know but the truth is a simple thing. 😉

    *whistles and walks away*

  4. To tell the truth I forgot why I hired those assassins in the first place.
    Caption: Well, the saying did go “There a thin line between love and War.” but this is ridiculous!


  6. CAPTION: Ka-GAY-bunshin-no-jutsu!

  7. *Agrees with Kantonkage* Yeah! who won the caption contest from 192?

    *bribes Tenrai with a cheesecake*

  8. Caption: Naruto “Note to Self fire my agent for not telling this was in the script.”
    Caption: Naruto “I would like to kiss a girl for once.”

  9. Caption Naruto: mmmmm cherry chapstick

  10. Nice Breakdown Tenrai

    I am annoyed by these fillers they really a waste of time, I mean why not some grown up fillers of Naruto or at least not this, I why is everything done from Part 1 !!! There is so much to do or that could be done, even some mission in grown up without Naruto in it anything @_@

  11. YAYYYY!!! My first inclusion in the top 5 captions! Thanks Tenrai! And great breakdown…

  12. @ Tenrai: Great breakdown Tenrai! I loved the little skits with the masked men lol 😀

    I haven’t watched the episode yet, since i’m a bit disconcerted about the million and one fillers but if it is enjoyable as it appears from this breakdown, I’m going to watch it now! Anything with sasuke suffering humiliation (like the cat episode) is definitely worth the watch 😀

    @ pein0avenue: I’m sick of fillers too but somehow i just got fed up of wishing that they start animating stuff we want to see. There is so much potential that they are ignoring. This is the same reason I had started reading the manga rather than watching the anime alone – i just got fed up of the endless fillers. Right now I haven’t watched an episode since 190; I just read the breakdowns lol. I watch them when i’m extremely bored, but this seems to be worth it 😀

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