YOSH!!! One Piece Chapter 611 is OUT!!! It’s Never Too Late Except In This Case. Something To Remember 2010 By With A Top 10 One Piece Moments List And A Touch Of Chapter 610! Hola~

-Read Chapter 611 Below-


Welcome WRA…to my time machine!

Do step in carefully and be sure not to touch anything you might not understand. We wouldn’t want to go back too far now and this thing wasn’t cheap…to steal. <_< Yes, we’re going back…back to the…past! But after that, we’re going back…back to the future! I always wanted to say that. So close your eyes and remember 2010 because here’s my Top 10 One Piece Moments of 2010! I’m taking requests to go back and change embarrassing moments in High School after the post but it’ll cost you. Who says you can’t abuse the timeline for personal gain and profit? Now squeeze your asses in here and let’s ride! 1.21 gigawats!

Note: This is my personal Top 10 List. By no means is anything on here official and by and all the list may not fit your tastes. As long as you understand this is my own taking away from 2010 and does not represent anyone but myself. Let’s do it! 😀

But first here’s a funny picture for you. Does it have One Piece related stuff in it? Yes, now read! It’s hilarious.

__________________NUMBER 10: Shanks Ends The War!_______________

A sudden and dramatic ending to a bloody war from our one-armed red headed Yonkou. After confronting Kaidou Shanks made it just in time to save Coby and end the war before anymore lives were lost. Just threatening to enter the war and beat down any side that kept on fighting was enough to convince both sides they had enough. You don’t want Shanks targeting you. He’ll send Blanka after you! This is also the first time Shanks and Luffy have been together in a looong while. Too bad Luffy was unconscious but he’ll be able to fulfill the promise later.

______________NUMBER 9: Ace Is Free And The Brother’s Kick Ass!____________

Ace is finally frrrreeeeee!!! 2010 begun smack dab in the middle of the war and you know what they were still trying to do? Free Ace! That was the whole point of the war. Get Ace! For months now we’ve been waiting for that moment, that moment when Luffy’s shaking hands would reach those cuffs and set his brother free. Whether you were a believer that Ace was going to die or a fan of him living, there was one inevitable conclusion everyone agreed on. Luffy would reach his brother. When Luffy finally got Ace out of those cuffs it was a joyous time made all the more enjoyable when they started kicking Marine ass together. Side by side it was a skilled collaboration of pwnage, a harmony the brothers honed together after years of fighting back to back…to back. It’s a duo we’ll never see together again but it was worth what we saw.

_________________NUMBER 8: Kuma Still Has Heart!_____________________

Kuma’s a cyborg!? O_O Well, if you didn’t know that before I don’t know what’s wrong with you. ~_~ The real secrets revealed were the all too obvious ones of him helping the SH’s escape and working with the Revolutionary Army. Ah, then again there was something else. Anyone who reads my breakdowns knows I was always complaining about  Oda not showing us what happened with Shakky, Duval, and the Thousand Sunny when Kuma showed up at the Sabaody Archipelago. Finally, it was revealed and to my surprise the cyborg who was in complete control of the World Government and even attacked his former nakamas at the war protected the Thousand Sunny from attack! For 2 whole years! Now that was quite a nice revelation and Kuma solidifies himself in my book as one of my favorite Shichibukai.

_______________NUMBER 7: Luffy Puts 2 Years Of Training To Good Use!________________

What’s there to say? Luffy owns with Haki after 2 years of training with one of the best, Silvers Rayleigh. We were all  anxious to see the crew’s new powers after the time skip, some more than others. I wanted to see Usopp’s the most. Now donned MANSOPP!!! But Luffy did wonderful with his Haki and seeing as he’s the main character and he took out an entire group of people without batting an eye he takes #7.

______________________NUMBER 6: Sabo Enters the Story!__________________

Who the hell is Sabo? Lol, well that’s what we were all asking ourselves after Ace mentioned him in his dying breath. Was it a huge surprise when Sabo was introduced as Luffy’s 3rd brother? Hell yeah it was! But hey, he quickly grew on me and after learning more about him it’s obvious he impacted both Ace and Luffy’s futures dramatically. He was like the one of the main inspirations for their dreams. To be freer than anyone else. The flashback wasn’t always exciting and engaging but it managed to slide Sabo perfectly into our protagonist’s life without feeling like an awkward last minute addition. We’ll see you later Sabo…>_>

__________________NUMBER 5: The Straw Hat Reunion!_________________

FINALLY!!! All you need to know is this. One Piece just isn’t the same without the Straw Hat Pirates together. It’s an old feeling that feels just right when the crew is together. Working together, fighting together, laughing together, and even dying together. This moment was years in the making.

__________NUMBER 4: Fishman Island! One Step Closer To The New World!_________

Can I say “FINALLY!” again? Oh, too late. Ever since we heard about Fishman Island back in East Blue we knew the crew was going to get there…eventually. I mean, it’s also the entrance for pirates to get to the New World so they had to go there. It was just a matter of time… And that time has arrived! It’s beautiful! T_T Of course it looks even better on the inside as do the inhabitants. Just ask Sanji, he thinks he found All Blue. xD If seeing the crew back together was a long time coming this even tops that. Welcome to Fishman Island!

__________________NUMBER 3: Akainu?_____________________

Akainu? He’s not a moment! Yeah, but Akainu is Akainu and while I hate him I recognize his greatness and huge role to the plot. I might even be bold enough to say he made 2010 for a lot of people whether that be bad or good. Akainu has so many moments I just gave up on picking one out and made him the whole moment. His inclusion in the storyline is noteworthy in itself because he was the last admiral to be introduced and what followed was pure havoc! He’s responsible for taking half of Whitebeard’s  face off, sinking Moby Dick, turning Whitebeard’s own allies on him, permanently scarring Luffy, and of course killing Ace. After the war he goes off and chases down Blackbeard’s whole crew down and they’re running scared! O_O Akainu is an evil beast and a perfect, and I mean perfect addition to the Marine forces. He’s smart, twisted, ruthless, determined, and strong as hell. Thank you Akainu for making thing even more exciting, you evil bastard.

_________________NUMBER 2: The Death Of Edward Newgate!______________

By far one of the most epic moments of 2010 is Whitebeard’s death scene. Any man that dies standing with his pride unmarred is a hero in my book. Reading through the list of inflictions caused to his body you’d really think Whitebeard was a monster. That’s what they call him, but he’s not. He’s all too human with an unsurpassed love for family. The reason why he spent his life was to gather a family and the reason why he risked it was to save a member of his family. When Whitebeard died the news was worldwide and instantaneous. People cheered and people cried, but no matter how you felt about it there was no denying the impact. He helped shape the current generation and it’s well known. R.I.P. Whitebeard.

____________________NUMBER 1: The Death Of Portgas (Gol) D. Ace______________

Of course it had to be Ace’s death. If Whitebeard had the most epic death Ace by far had the most emotional impact on the readers. I’ve never cried when reading One Piece but you should know I teared up when reading that chapter. Many more cried and some cheered but whatever the reaction the moment is unforgettable. 20 years from now when you think of One Piece and 2010 you’ll remember that was the year Ace died. In this war and after we learned more about Ace than we’ve ever known before. With his flashbacks and in the actual flashback we begun to understand more behind Ace’s motives, dreams, and ghosts. A wild and lost soul who questioned his own existence, a question born from the unconditional hate. Luffy and Sabo were his reasons for living and in the end he died with no regrets. He died with a smile on his like a true D. He died knowing with full faith that his brother was going to reach his dream. And for that, he takes the #1 spot.

That’s it folks, there’s my personal top 10 list! Of course, I may have forgotten some moments or you all may have some others in mind which I didn’t find suitable enough to make it on the list. Feel free to make your own lists where you switch up the order in my list or add and subtract from it and put in moments of your own. Tell us why and share your thoughts. While we’re in 2010 might as well live it! For my Top 10 list here’s a poll where you can judge my…judgement. ;D


Honorable Mentions:

Luffy Declares he’s going to become Pirate King. Yeah, he’s done it before but look a little deeper and you’ll see Oda was doing a throw back to chapter 1 which makes this declaration all the more special and reminiscent. Luffy one shots an enemy and throws his hands up in the air to declare he’s going to become the Pirate King! That’s our Luffy. =)

Roger owned the Straw Hat too!? Good Lord, that thing should be done in by now. xD This may have come as obvious to others but not to me and it caught me completely off guard. The Straw Hat is like the trust and belief of the previous generation on to the newer one. Roger to Shanks and of course Shanks to Luffy.

I know this isn’t on a lot of people’s minds but when I saw Sengoku use his DF and turn into a giant buddha I couldn’t help but get excited. For the entire series before then Sengoku had done nothing but put up with Garp’s crap and get pissed off at pirates. For the most part he was chilling behind some desk at Marine HQ and feeding his goat secret documents. We “heard” about how strong and awesome he was but we never got to see him in action until the execution  platform. Admittedly, although it was his time to shine (literally he glowed) he kinda more than failed, but hey it was a cool transformation and here’s hoping to see more of it in 2011.

Top 2010 WTF Moment:

From Databook Green: Sanji’s original name was to be Naruto but there was another manga about to be serialized in JUMP with the main character’s name as “Naruto” so Oda changed Naruto’s name to…Sanji. 😀 Yeah, WTF! XD Coming in second was Blackbeard steals Whitebeard’s power and mangaes it because he has an atypical body? Yeah…that’s the best explanation so far though it’s obvious it has more to do with his DF. In 3rd was yes…Franky’s transformation which BTW I have grown accustomed to now. 😛

-Short One Piece Chapter 610 Breakdown-

Well, I wasn’t too big a fan of this chapter and it feels like Oda is trying to cram in too much scenery and roundabout dialog at once. The drawing and Fishman Island is beautiful, kudos to Oda for the magnificent artwork but I feel it’s more eye candy than substance in these chapters. Sure, there’s a lot of talking but it feels like it’s going nowhere. Sanji is holding the whole story back with his nosebleeds which keeps delaying any progression the crew can make on the island because they have to stop and take care of him. The nosebleed joke is getting stale pretty quickly since its been done so repeatedly in the most recent chapters.

I like the fact that Luffy is shown to have a resistance to strong poisons. They met up with Brook again. It was revealed there’s a fortune teller on the island who gave a surprising fortune at the very end of the chapter, and Big Mama (one of the Yonkou) is revealed to have protection over Fishman Island after Whitebeard’s death. Van Der Decken, the captain of the Flying Dutchman, is a wanted criminal and stalker. That rest of the chapter was routine. As for the prophecy it looks like Van Der Decken has a Straw Hat in that wanted poster of his. Though, she did specifically say, “human” and “Straw Hat Luffy”. Who knows, prophecies are usually misinterpreted and vague which lead to unforeseen circumstances and outcomes. Maybe Luffy really will do it and have good reason. Maybe they run out of meat.

Thanks for reading and have a good weekend! I’m off on a retreat to the mountains and won’t be back until Monday. Comment, predict, and enjoy! 😀


~ by supertrek89 on January 15, 2011.

27 Responses to “YOSH!!! One Piece Chapter 611 is OUT!!! It’s Never Too Late Except In This Case. Something To Remember 2010 By With A Top 10 One Piece Moments List And A Touch Of Chapter 610! Hola~”

  1. first? great to see ur back for a bit super :p
    now to reaading this

  2. lolz yeh a short 610 breakdown indeed however,
    awesome list! although for me blackbeard stealing whitebeards fruit should have been in the list instead of kuma but thats just a small thing.
    I feel the same on these last few chapters the nosebleed was fun the first time ok the second but now its not funny anymore.
    and that especially after a few weeks of breaks.
    anyways i hope next chapter will have more into it 😛

  3. Second!

    I mostly agree with your top ten moments and I also thought that Oda could have put some things in this chapter in the next one. The cliffhanger was awesome, though. 😀

  4. Luckily I’m still subscribed to this RSS. Good to see you back in action, Supertrek.

    610 was a complete exposition chapter, with no time for any linear story telling. In the end, the plot advances only as much as in a typical chapter of Bleach.

    Given Vander Decken’s hat, he is the prime candidate for being the real culprit responsible for the prophecy. He also looks quite human in 607 despite how impossible that may seem. This is Oda we’re talking about, though, so who knows what might happen. It could just be a red herring to make us all that much more surprised when Luffy really does destroy the island.

  5. I pretty much agree with your list and the pics on Kubo, Oda, and Kishi were too hilarious!!!! XD

    610 felt crammed with info. I had to read it twice to soak in everything. Its getting interesting but Im hoping to see Robin, nami, and Franky next chapter.

    Also cant wait to see FI animated 😀

    Oh and today Ace dies in the anime 😦

  6. the moment i felt was missing was luffy’s realization that he’s weak… that moment was soooo frickin sad… it basically completely turns luffy’s character around

  7. @Fear: Glad to see I’m not the only one who feels the nose bleeds are a bit jaded. It’s time for Oda to move on with that joke and bring it back at a much later date which will be funny because we will mostly have forgotten about it or thought it wasn’t a problem anymore.

    @@Dragon: “I perfectly agree with your top ten moments Super and everything you say, ever.”

    Thanks Dragon, you’re the best. <__>

    @Gunslinger: You’re right, Van Der Decken could pass for human now that I really look at it. That gives more credibility to the Van Der Decken and the Straw Hat theory, but truth be told it’d be awesome if Oda made Luffy destroy Fishman Island. That’d automatically put him at odds with Big Mom who’s in charge of protecting that island and what’s more fascinating than to have a Yonkou as Luffy’s enemy?

    @Pumpkinbread: Glad you enjoyed the comic. ;D

    I just saw the episode. If anyone else, even if you don’t watch the anime, wants to see it here’s a link.


    It’s a great episode and the extra content adds on to the whole experience. I teared up again.

    @Omar: Ahhhh~ You’re absolutely right there. It was a great moment but I don’t think it breaks into the Top 10, personally. I should have done an honorable mention for it though.

    @Everyone: Here’s something to contemplate. In chapter 521 Boa said Tiger Lily took the Fishmen he freed out to sea and formed the Sun Pirates.


    In chapter 609 Hammond revealed Tiger Lily died after the battle because he was refused a blood transfusion by humans.


    So here’s a question. Is this a contradiction that Oda will have to remedy in the future or is it a matter of how you read it? Hammond does not say Tiger died right after the battle but it sure makes it sound like it.

    Glad to be back, good ol’ WRA. ^_-

  8. @super
    cnet128‘s translation:

    Hammond: That man, who risked his life to free all slaves, regardless of race…… // …was gravely injured in the bloody battle that followed! With a little blood, his life could easily have been saved, but it was not to be! // For the heartless humans refused to share their blood… and so he perished!!!!

    As for the nosebleeding, it has bothered me since the start. Nose bleeds are supposed to be just a visual trope representing arousal. Even having other characters acknowledge them is breaking the fourth wall to some extent. Like the giant sweatdrops, they’re not really supposed to be there. I suppose some mangaka might forget this and treat it like a real phenomenon, which could be part of what Oda’s getting at.

    Suddenly treating cartoonish blood sprays as if they were real and then making them a major plot point..? Yeah, I’m pretty sure Oda knows exactly how wrong that is.

    Speaking of which, you notice the silhouetted shape that the final blood spray made?

  9. @Super: When the ell fishman refers to “that bloody fight” we dont really know which fight he’s talking about.

    Fisher Tiger released all of those captured slaves but it doesnt say anywhere that he fought anyone to do it.

    The eel men must be referring to a specific battle afterwards.

  10. Nice to have you back super! i like your top ten list, it really reminds me how much happened in One Piece last year. from Ace dying to Fishman island, that’s a lot of plot development! not like Bleach…
    The only thing i dont like about your list, is that you didnt mention Blackbeard getting two fruits and proclaiming the start of his age. I know you dont like Blackbeard, but even if you don’t like his character, you gotta see how important that was. it changes everything, makes BB a unknown power, breaks the “one fruit per person rule”, and of course, it required whitebeard dying to accomplish it, which was a big deal all by itself. I just think that if your going to mention Akainu and his effect on the manga, you have to mention BB, who has been built up since the Bellamy arc and he and his crew are the only people other then Akainu who actually killed a person in One Piece! its not really a big deal that you choose not to put him in the list, it just seems odd that you didnt mention it at all.

  11. @Gunslinger: Yeah, the shape is hard to miss so hopefully everyone noticed it.

    @Tiger Lily Discussion: It’s heavily implied Hammond was referring to the fight over at Mariejois while or soon after Tiger was freeing the slaves, but I could be wrong. I don’t think so though. When you storm the Government’s HQ all by yourself you’re bound to get into a bloody mess.

    Cnet’s translation: “…was gravely injured in the bloody battle that followed!”

    “That followed” implies that the battle was immediately after or occurring during the time Tiger freed the slaves. I’m playing Devil’s Advocate here. ;D

    @Takashid: Nah, I didn’t miss that part. Check the ‘Extras’ section under 2010’s ‘WTF Moments’. I gave it a little mention because I couldn’t find it in myself to put it on the list. It still nags me that Blackbeard was able to do this and with no explanation besides he has an atypical body. Sure, it was a groundbreaking moment and it’ll be explained later and it’s obvious his DF has something to do with it, but as far as 2010 is concerned it’s more of a groundbreaking WTF Moment for me.

    WTF Moments aren’t necessarily bad. They can also be moments that caught me off guard, are absurdly funny, or anything that still baffles me to this day.

    As for Blackbeard himself being on the list I do admit he’s played an extremely important role in the manga but as far as villains go and Akainu takes the cake.

  12. @Super: Hopefully Oda explains what happened with Fisher Tiger later on. I mean One Piece barely has plot holes and it would suck if this was one of them 😦

    I’ve gotta disagree on Akainu being a villain though. He’s cunning, ruthless, and merciless but he is a Marine who gets the job done and has his own views and ideals on justice. His view on Absolute Justice may sound twisted but it is the most effective way of dealing with pirates and enemies of the government.

    As a marine admiral he tracks down and disposes of pirates as that is his job. Pirates are the “villains” in the world. Just cus we loved Ace doesnt exempt him from the fact that he’s the son of Roger and was a notorious pirate.

    But thats the great thing about One Piece. There are good guys and bad guys on both sides of the line making it a very “gray area” series. Just look at how vast the personalities of the Shichibukai are!

    It’s one thing which i find very intriguing about this series. 🙂

  13. One Piece is out!!!


    Ah, thank goodness Oda decided to not concentrate on Sanji this chapter and brought in some fresh humor with Nami! It didn’t catch me off guard that she was the one haggling for a lower price but it did catch me off guard when the crew took everything! XD I didn’t think Usopp and Luffy cared about clothes that much or maybe Nami told them to take what they can carry which happened to clean out the entire store.

    King Neptune looks like a cool dude and I bet Jimbei left the message with not only the princes but of course with the king. Neptune looks like a mix between Santa Claus and King Triton from the little mermaid. No joke. The fact that were introduced to the king before the Mermaid Princess must mean Oda is saving her for a special appearance, or it’s just the fact that Oda is building the suspense on her appearance because we’ve heard about her the longest. Honestly I thought the Mermaid Princess ruled the island until recently.

    Now for Hodi Jones. Don’t do drugs.

  14. Hodi doesn’t seem strong. Its just the drugs that are talking. I’d say he’s probably weaker or as weak as Arlong. God, it’d be really funny if when he and Luffy are about to fight he just falls over and dies from a drug overdose.

  15. kisu;no Hodi has got to be stronger then arlong, hes a great white shark! the drugs are obviously something that will make him a serious threat to luffy, if he takes enough of them. The King Neptune doesnt look half bad, probably he’ll be a badass once things get bad. and hey look, karma! i knew thatshark they saved from the kraken would come back eventually!

  16. Hodi Jones looks kinda gayish don’t you think???

  17. hodi jones looks like the shark version of Shiryuu of the Rain

  18. the anime was awesome today

  19. I’m waiting until chapter 611 comes out because it’s already Monday and there’s no point in doing a breakdown now.

  20. http://mangastream.com/read/one_piece/68833748/1

    Chapter is out… pretty awesome

  21. pretty good indeed Neptune is awesome, it was funny and it wasnt as slow as the last chapter we get to know what fruit the guy who was locked has and its a pretty good one if im to judge it 😛

    I actually hoped this would be a double chapter seeing as how many pages this chapter had ah well just gotta another week again 😛

  22. Kickass chapter! i almost died laughing when i realized what he had been jumping on 🙂

    Only Luffy XD

    Caribou was disgusting. By which i mean he will make a good villain! since he has been around our badass SH crew for awhile, i almost forgot what a psycho murderer he is. espically when you see that those are the same mermaids that were playing with Sanji, Sanji vs Caribou anyone?

    … but you know that even after this chapter there are still people that think Caribou could end up joining the crew? Ugh…

    if we get any new crew members this arc (which im starting to doubt), my bet is on the princess. we need another hot chick, her design is obviously ment to look more human compared to the other fish people, she has been froeshadowed since way back in Thriller bark, and if she has a hidden badass side to her she would be perfect! lol im only half serious, but if it happens, then she can fight San Jan wolf when we have SH vs BB.

  23. I no longer think Caribou is cool. If he had killed those mermaids he’d be awesome, but he’s planning on selling them into slavery… thats just weak, oh and its wrong too

  24. The first part of the chapter was a bit slow with the flashback but at least we got to see how Caribou escaped (the barrel) and that he took some mermaids with him. Now the SH’s look like they’re about to take the blame.

    Now, remember this banquet is leading up to Jimbei’s message. The prince Fukobashi said he was looking for Luffy because Jimbei left the Straw Hat Pirates a message.


    The Straw Hats think King Neptune (who is hilariously awesome btw) is taking them up to the palace because they found Princess Shirahoshi’s pet shark. I don’t think Luffy will be in trouble for infiltrating the princess’s room and bouncing on her boobs because they in fact did help her out. xD What’s really important though is where Jimbei went off to and what message he left behind.

    Overall, a very enjoyable chapter indeed except for the Caribou part which wasn’t that strong of a start.

    @Kisu: Yeah, selling a few mermaids into slavery for the rest of their lives is such a paltry move. Since when did Caribou become such a humanitarian!? What’s he going to do next? Torture? What a boy scout. ;D

  25. @Super, yeah Caribou is such a tree-huggin’ hippie….wait.. that was sarcasm wasn’t it? -_-

  26. Good chapter this week. I’m really interested to see how things are gonna turn out. But I’m starting to see a repeat of what happened in Water 7. The Neptunian Army are kinda like the Gallee-La Company as they are strong, are the highly respected protectors of their home and are seem to be genuinely good guys. The New Fishman Pirates remind me of the Franky Family as they seem like the bad guys but really are just looking out for their own through violent means, which is understandable because humans have treated Fishmen pretty horribly. The Strawhats are gonna be blamed for something they didn’t do etc.

    But I’m a bit dissapointed in the Fishman Pirates, as many of you noticed Jones just looks like a fat Arlong. I’m betting they’re stronger then Arlong’s gang but a lot weaker then the Strawhats. If the SH and NFP fight the NFP are gonna have to rely A LOT on those evil drugs.

  27. about the prophecy- Luffy destroying island,
    so how is he going to escape? maybe Kraken will hide them in mouth?

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