Naruto Manga 523 Breakdown: It looks like things will be changing here for a while. <_<

Greetings WRA. It’s Tenrai Senshi here with this weeks Naruto manga breakdown.

Now, I know most of you are expecting Captain Pickles to do the breakdown – as he usually does ever so splendidly – but we have had to make a few temporary changes for the time being to cater to some of the currently neglected breakdowns. As a result, I will be doing the Naruto Manga breakdowns until further notice.

Hopefully, I will be able to live up to everyone’s expectations, but I suppose there is only one way to find out.

On with the breakdown!

Take us you your nearest sushi bar. @__@

Ah yes, what an epic chapter we had this past week. With the reintroduction of the previous generation of The Hidden Mist’s famed Seven Swordsmen, I think expectations were running high for all of us with regards to just how epic this battle should be, especially considering the skilled contestants involved on both sides. For the most part, I think it’s safe to say that Kishi is delivering splendidly so far, which is definitely a relief.

Of course, we’re still in the early stages of what might be a fairly long confrontation and, as is expected in Naruto, the best place to start is to learn a bit more about the nuances of each of these renowned swordsman themselves, from their names, to the functions of their unique weapons. To this end, we are aided by the distant narration of none other than Suigetsu, who knows as much about his idols as one could hope and who decides to take the time to explain each of their characteristics to Juugo (or indirectly, us).

I think it was a clever move by Kishi to use this crossover method to give us a bit more insight as to just what exactly each of the Swordsman could do, but at times, it did seem to break the pace of this chapter as a whole, while detracting the focus somewhat from the battle itself. However, in saying that, I also think it was ultimately necessary in the end.

It's every author's worst nightmare. Fan mail...

Other than that small gripe, one cannot complain about the quality of the action in this chapter. The mere presence of The Seven Swordsmen of the Mist on the battlefield, creates an ominous feel that is visually tangible and you could almost sense the cold and foreboding atmosphere they must have emanated simply from their cool composure, as well as the dread-filled eyes of their unwilling prey.

The way they simply stood there, unflinching, as a hail of death and destruction advanced to meet them head on, was as intimidating as it was simply awe-inspiring and there have been few other instances predating this in the manga where I could say that anyone has looked cooler than Zabuza did in this chapter.

What really caught my interest though, which is a subject matter I had pondered about after the end of last week’s chapter, was the fact that Kishi did, in fact, reference a character from a filler arc from part one of the Naruto anime, with regards to one of the Seven Swordsman’s weapon sets.

If only "The Force Unleashed 2" was half as cool as this... T__T

Now, anyone who has watched all of the fillers that followed after the canonical end of part one of Naruto, will know that there was a particular arc that featured one of the Seven Swordsman of the Mist, known then as Raiga.

Raiga, in the anime, also wielded a sword (it is technically one sword, that detaches into two separate ones) that look identical to the boltsword that Ringo is currently using in this chapter and it was also imbued with lightning as well. I was actually glad that this reference was made, because it would have been odd if the anime was completely neglected by the manga in terms of its ideas and story progression, even if it isn’t strictly canon. This example just goes to show that Kishi does pay attention after all and it also saves us from a lot of confusion.

For anyone who may not watch the anime at all, or who simply missed that episode and who are curious about Raiga, here’s a video showing a battle from the anime which will give you all a good idea of what the boltsword can do and how they work. It’s also pretty funny too.

I think it’s safe to say that each of the swords were saw in this chapter were as interesting as they were deadly, from Zabuza’s self regenerating decapitation sword, two what could only be described as an over-sized sowing needle used by the swordsman known as Kushimaru Kuriarare.

The only question is, which Swordsman do you think was the coolest of them all?

Seven renowned warriors veiled in a shadow of dread. United on the battlefield, they embody the will of death itself, while bringing true fear to whoever would dare whisper their names.

All-in-all, I would say we have a lot to look forward to in the chapters to come. Let’s just hope this battle lives up to our expectations and that Kishi continues to deliver these epic chapters.

He's all wet now. O_o

I hope you all enjoyed the breakdown, even though it was a bit on the short side, but before I leave you to the comments section, I decided to include a battle debate this week, just to set things off.

I thought of including two of the Swordsmen of the Mist, but I felt it would be better to see them in action a bit more before everyone tried to guess who was better or what they could do, so instead, I will save that topic for later. In the meantime, we have another interesting match-up that is sure to be a tough choice for anyone to decide between.

When an artist meets paper, a dormant world suddenly explodes with life, bursting from the seams of the imagination, both beautiful and terrible...

Remember guys, comments count more than votes, so make sure you have your say as to who you think would win.

That’s all from me this week. See you in the comments.


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  1. Firrrrrrrsttttt! welcome back, Tenrai!

  2. Second!

    I think Ringo Starr is the coolest because he/she was looking bad@$$ while killing people with a smile. 😈 Only swordsman to show a bit of emotion. 🙂

    I voted Konan in the debate and I’ll say why after more people comment.

  3. EPIC!!!

  4. I say Kushimaru he/she exhibit total badass complete with Nightmare fuel.

  5. Great job Tenrai, and definitely an enjoyable chapter. My only concern is Kishi’s unusually shoddy drawing which slips in to his recent chapters every now and then.

    Besides that lots of action and I liked the strategy and thought being put into the war. The 7 swordsmen are great additions to the battlefield but it makes me wonder how many more surprises Kabuchimaru has in store for us. Does his Edo Tensei know no bounds?

    And of course much apologies to everyone for my absence.

  6. @super YOU’RE ALIVE just beware of the Blood-Thirsty Mob that awaits you.

  7. Blood-thirsty? *_* Are you telling me mere Sprite won’t quench their thirst? I only have so much blood but tons of Sprite. I’m afraid I’ll have to compensate to keep my life.


    I voted for Zabuza – First true villain ninja of the series!!! (forget about Isuzu, or whatever his name was, that tricked Naruto into stealing the scroll)

    Epic chapter indeed! I hope Kishi spends a few weeks with the 7 swordsmen, and doesn’t just decide to have Gaara “Giant sand coffin” everyone.

  9. *joins killing mob just for fun, and sprite*

    *notices Super grinning, and swinging a sack full of sprite cans*

    Prawl: Hey you’re not gonna hit me with tha….


  10. @Prawlkage

    It’s Mizuki. Isuzu is a make of cars. Next thing you know, Kishi’s going to name one of his villains Toyota. ROFL!

    *Takes all the sprite from Super and runsaway.* <_<

  11. Nice breakdown. One question, as you guys seem to have a lot better memory than me when it comes to older episodes/volumes: the sword Raiga wields in this clip seems to be different from another strong sword from a filler arc I recall. I have practically no idea where in the timeline this arc happened, but I do remember Sasuke’s chidori creating a first crack in the sword, enabling Naruto to later defeat this opponent. Could this have been another sword from one of the 7 swordsmen of the mist?

    Regarding this weeks battle: my belief is that Deidara might be able to defeat Konan. It would be a long battle since both characters are shown to be able to stay in high air, Deidera by means of his clay bird, Konan using paper wings, allowing both to dodge many attacks. They also fight from a rather long distance, so I’ve based my decision on the fact that Deidara’s clay appears to be more explosive than paper tags.

  12. @zzattack

    I do recall the sword you are talking about. It was used in part one just before the Sasuke retrieval arc, but it was not a sword that belonged to any of the seven swordsman.

    If I recall correctly, it was actually a sword stolen from Konoha, that belonged to the second Hokage at one point. I just can’t remember the name though. Lol.

    I hope that helps.

  13. @zzattack no it the same sword, the one you’re talking about is Tobirama’s (Second Hokage) sword the Thunder God Sword that some random filler villain had Ibiki’s little brother steal.

  14. @Tenrai, kantonkage: yes that’s exactly the sword I meant, thanks.

  15. Nice Breakdown Tenrai !!! ^_^

    I don’t remember the names yet, and I wont make the time to remember them, but the Mask dude and Zabuza are my top two ^_^

    I always thought Suigetsu said him and his brother failed to join the 7 Swordmen of the mist or that they failed their goals? but his Brother seems to have it down… He was the biggest badass of all O_O

    Though I like where this is going, the 7 Swordsmen and all I still feel like Kishi is stalling for something, Sasori and Deidara died in two chapters and this seems to be endless, also while all this is going on are the Kekkei Genkai people just chilling, they should all be attacking Kakashi at once or something cause in the end the Swordsmen seem to be handling the rest easily..

    @ Debate – hmmm Konan or Deidara… I would say Deidara at first but if Konan had field advantage and was in that huge ocean I would give it to her, or a draw.


  16. Good breakdown. I knew that the fillers weren’t all a bunch of hogwash.

    As to the debate, Konan would win hands down. There’s just no way for Deidara to win. Konan can create a shield out of paper, and if she can create a whole fucking tsunami of paper, there’s little doubt she can also harden it or something. Besides, she can turn her body into paper so she’s lightning quick. Deidara would have a hard time keeping up with that, so the only thing he really has that could affect her are air landmines or else his main C4 bomb.

    Sasori would have a better chance of hitting Konan, but even Sasori would have a difficult if not impossible time of it.

  17. Sorry for double post, but if Deidara can’t even take on Itachi, but Itachi and Konan can take on Madara, you have to wonder how powerful Deidara really is.

  18. @holydemonandy

    “Sorry for double post, but if Deidara can’t even take on Itachi, but Itachi and Konan can take on Madara, you have to wonder how powerful Deidara really is.”

    Mate if you knew that i was coming after you in a few days and that i had this weakness and this power wont you be ready to kill me once i get there ? before i kill you eh ? that’s the case with konan because of the madara fight she has been overhyped. diedra however pwned sasugay without much prior knowledge about his techs = ) diedra takes this one = )

  19. AHSAN!!!! You’re back!!! O__O

    *Eats Ahsan.*

    Anyway, I did another colour image and I wanted to know what you guys thought.

    As for the debate, Ahsan, I HEREBY CHALLENGE YOU!!! *Points finger at Ahsan.* Don’t pull it. <_<

    I know as the breakdown author (and therefor, the instigator of the debate) that I shouldn't really get involved, but I just can't help it. I honestly believe Konan would win this battle against Itachi.

    Reason no 1: Because she is awesome.

    Reason no 2: Her techs really give her the advantage in a long term battle against Deidara. Deidara has a limited amount of clay, while Konan can seemingly make as much paper as she wants whenever she wants, which is shown by the fact that she was able to create an entire ocean filled with a few billion explosive tags. I know she prepared that tech, but even still, it's a lot of tags to create in the reasonably short space of time she had to prepare them for Madara.

    She is also just as maneuverable as Deidara (if not more so) because she can divide herself into hundreds of pieces of paper and scatter into the winds, sailing through the air with ease. Deidara wouldn't know where to attack, a problem made even more deadly if Konan created paper clones as well, which Deidara wouldn't be able to distinguish from the original. Add that to the fact that he really can't afford to waste his clay in hitting dud targets and you have a lot going against him. @__@

  20. @Prawl: I’d never hit you with my Spirte. It’d damage the goods.

    @Tenrai: Not just a few billion. 600 billion exploding tags! With that number of exploding tags I have a feeling she had a more than a few homeless Hidden Rain children working in some underground facility on a 24 hour work schedule, and nothing to eat but origami.

    Besides that though unless she has those unfortunate kids on tabs I don’t think she can get that jutsu to work for her again. I’d give it to Deidara if he could pull off the C4 and get out of the blast radius. Even if Konan scattered herself in thousands of pieces of paper the microscopic bombs would get anything in the vicinity.

    Now, if Konan pulls off that rainbow attack! Oh~ Deidara’s in for a treat. I don’t know what she was about to do but it’s sure to put a hurt on anyone who gets in the way of the Bridge of Hope.

    Where’d all my Sprite go?

    @Chapter: Does it disturb no one else that one of the 7 swordmen uses a hammer and an axe? Not very swordly of him.

  21. But what if Konan can use more chakra to scatter her paper into littler bits?

  22. Then use her for an art project. She should be much easier to handle in little bits. Elmers glue might be her weakness.

    Nah, most likely she’d win even unless Diedara would go all suicidy.

  23. Konan can probably replace parts of her body (A.K.A. regenerate) by using paper?

  24. Kisu’s back! I enjoyed that breakdown Ten. Glad to see Raiga’s swords make it to canon, they were cool, Raiga wasn’t lol. However, the standout swords this chapter were Kushimaru’s and Zabuza’s. I guess Zabuza sword really can’t be beat

  25. @prawl It was me disguised as Super that smacked you with a bag root beer. I knew that bag of root beer would be good for something.

  26. hi


  27. ….Hi Spill O_o

  28. spill7 is back!

  29. So guys, I’ve been thinking (Yes, it does happen from time-to-time) and I’ve come up with a bit of a theory (again).

    You see, I’ve always wondered just what it is that Tobi/Madara really has planned for Sasuke and why he is trying to power him up so much. Is it to use him as a pawn, to take over his body, etc?

    And then, this thought hit me. What if Madara is trying to recreate the same circumstances that allowed him to get the Rinnegan in the first place? Think about it, first Sasuke gets the MS, just like Madara did back in the day, then, he eventually takes his brother’s eyes to attain the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, once again, just like Madara did. Now, we also know that Madara has been planning to have Sasuke fight Naruto all along as well and I also wondered why he wanted that so badly, but then I thought of Madara’s battle with the first.

    It was that battle, that allowed Madara to awaken the Rinnegan in the first place and now Sasuke is following those same footsteps almost move for move – in a near identical order of events – and he will eventually reach the same destination – a battle with someone who holds the blood of the sage’s youngest son. I believe that Madara is trying to awaken the Rinnegan in Sasuke, perhaps to then use Sasuke’s body as a vessel or sacrifice to house his spirit or make his own body complete again.

    Perhaps merely having the cells of the first isn’t enough. Maybe it was something in the battle itself that triggered the creation of the Rinnegan, because if it was just a case of taking the cells of Hashirama, Madara could have achieved that goal many different ways that didn’t involve risking himself in battle.

    And I don’t think that Madara was only manipulating Sasuke’s path either. When I think back, there were so many times that Madara could have captured Naruto already by now. It wouldn’t have been to hard, and yet he didn’t do it. Why not? Why make his own life more difficult, by giving Naruto the chance to become too powerful? Maybe he was biding his time, knowing that he needed Naruto for his plans to work. He may have even been testing Naruto by sending the Akatsuki after him, forcing him to become stronger for the day when that his fated battle with Sasuke would arrive. It is possible that he needed Naruto and Sasuke both to be at their strongest, in order to create a success out of an partially succesful, yet ultimately flawed experiment, he tried with the first many years before.

    Anyway, that was just an idea. I may just be crazy, but let me know what you all think. ^ ^

  30. @tenrai sounds like an interesting theory just as long as he doesn’t reveal that he been planning the entire thing every since he almost killed him

    I have a question. Do you guys think that Kabuto reminds you of Medusa right now?

  31. @Tenrai

    Great theory! That would explain why Madara is almost allowing Sasuke and Naruto to become stronger than him because if it’s not for a good reason, he sure is cocky.


    He reminds me of Medusa too. Especially the cloak. 😉

    They also like experimenting on people and they both have fetishes. Kabuto with Sasuke and Medusa with feet, Demon Gods (Kishin) and Stein. O_O

  32. @ Tenrai,

    That could be the case but that’s IF the Rinnegan was really Madara’s instead of Nagato’s. I know Madara said the eyes were his to begin with but he also said he didn’t attack Konoha. I’m leaning more to the “He’s lying through his gums (doubt he has teeth).” side. But then again, whenever Madara speaks I say; “Pics or it didn’t happen.”. ^__^

  33. @Tenrai: Great theory and I know we talked about this already on MSN but a thought popped into my head. It makes me wonder what Madara would want with Sasuke’s Rinnengan (if he develops them) when Madara has a perfectly working set of Rinnengan available from Nagato’s corpse.

    Sasuke developing a Rinnengan is a little off to my liking. The EMS is powerful enough already and he wouldn’t much a Uchiha without…the Sharingan. The Uchiha’s most notable feature would be lost from him and I can’t imagine Sasuke without it, unless he goes blind or something. Instead he’d have the most powerful eye technique (personal opinion aside).

  34. ROFLMAO!!!!!! HAHAHAHA!!! Check this out guys lol

  35. @Redbaron

    It is true that Madara/Tobi could be lying about the Rinnegan being his, but I am not sure why he would waste his time making up stories for someone he was just about to kill (I.e. Konan).

    The only way I could justify that is by saying he was trying to unnerve her, but even still, I just don’t see why he would bother if he was confident in his own victory.

    Either way, it stands to reason that anything is possible.

  36. @kisu: That….was the DEUTSCH opening?!?? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…… man, I had tears in my eyes, haven’t laughed that hard in ages xD

  37. Spoilers are out.

    Looks like a cool chapter, but I don’t get exactly how Haku was defeated since he should have regenerated and continued attacking the shinobi.

  38. it’s out

  39. Kakashi on a rampage? OH F*%$ he’s angry! This should be reeeaaalll good!

  40. O___________________________________________________________O

    Kakashi, serious?! GOING ON A RAMPAGE!!!

    *summons ahsan from Tenrai’s stomach*

    FINALLY WE HAVE SOMETHING?!!!!! *shakes ahsan* FINALLY!!

    And kakashi has just attained one of the seven swords. I wonder if he will keep it. <_<

    In any case, awesome breakdown Tenrai. And awesome color images. They look as though kishi colored them himself.

  41. *breathes heavily*
    *jizzes all over pants seeing Kakashi and zabuza go at it*
    *dies from awesome overdose at Kakashi holding Zabuza’s sword*


  42. *becomes rational*

    Why did Haku stay down instead of instantly being revived?

  43. These pages finally make sense

    It wasn’t just Kakashi going super Ninja on Zabuza, it was the feeling of loss that was screwing Zabuza-san.

  44. I think the fight would have been more enjoyable if it weren’t for all the flashbacking. It felt forced like Kishi was trying to cram the emotions down our throats with scenes we’ve seen before. We didn’t forget but I did appreiate the newly revealed scene of Naruto admitting his liking of his two enemies, and Kakashi too.

    Great chapter and with Kakashi getting mad FINALLY we’ll see something more from him!? More than a chidori and sharingan expo? 1000 techniques, use em’! And Gaara is gearing up for battle too and it looks like the current Tsuchikage’s son (assuming) is about to get involved with the 2nd Tsuchikage.

  45. hi again..

    i love when kakashi’s declaration towards himself of copying 1000 jutsus like he will showcase them for us, but in reality he only uses like 4 of them.. would love kishi to draw us the other 996 jutsus.. but that wont happen.. its just going to be electric arm.. and the rest are all zabuza’s.. and now he has his sword.. which looks like it grew all the way back.. also loved when he tells sai, that he knows he was danzo’s bitch and to stop hiding the emotions.. haha!! fucking sai.. i wish someone would tell him that shopping in the kids section for tops isnt cute when you are a ninja..

    @ kisu- i feel Haku didnt get up instantly or at all was because his purpose to protect Zabuza and be a tool for him finally happened as he was holding Kakashi and was cut down thus serving that purpose.. so perhaps his soul has finally met its resting place…


    its become the dragon ball z theory of a few seconds being drawn out unto 23 chapters…

    or as it was stated in the chapter previously.. Kakashi had Shikamaru’s family all follow his lead and to use the Shadow Binding Technique to hold down any of the Edo Tensei’d zombies as soon as Kakashi’s shadow was touching theirs and thus they were unable to move as they were bing held down by their shadow, also Kakashi had Shika’s dad lower the power of the shadow that held him down but still held him but gave him enough to move around as the entire area was in that shadow bind as the entire Shika Klan were doing their small chakra trick..

    hey good to see you guys.


  46. hi again again..

    here is a question.. isnt being a ninja, equal to being able to be unseen, thus making this new tsuchikage having invisibility power really kinda defeating the purpose of being a ninja if he is just standing there invisible.. ?? i mean its cool-ish but not really.. but gaara’s sand will cover him with a sand layer.. also.. after the flashbacks, when kakashi is talking to naruto, i thought when i clicked to the next page i would be seeing a new naruto standing there since kakashi was talking to him, like he just would appear..

    this chapter when i got to the end made me look at the apge count as it didnt show much even though it showed a lot.. in all honesty i would of liked more flashback than seeing random “filler” ninjas getting cut down by random jutsus.. if that makes sense.. like the 1 panel of neji [or his cousin] getting a ..well i guess it was rape since zetsu yelled !!


  47. @spill

    Yeah, I think people forgot that the Nara backing up Kakashi was binding his targets with his shadow the moment Kakashi’s came into contact with them (which obviously happened the moment Kakashi’s chidori connected with Haku).

    That is why Haku couldn’t just get up.

    Either way, it was a great chapter, but I think what made it feel epic was more the anticipation of what it is leading up to moreso than anything else. It was a nice build up for what should be a lot of epicness to come.

  48. “but I think what made it feel epic was more the anticipation of what it is leading up to moreso than anything else.”

    I agree. This chapter only mirrored the fight between Kakashi and Zabuza when Zabuza was still alive. Although great to read, it was something we’ve read before. The next chapter will be something new. Gaara vs. Mü and Kakashi vs. the remaining swordsmen of the mist sounds very promising to say the least. The only thing we’ve learned from this chapter is that Neji can do a Chidori Naga… uh, the Gentle Fist Full Body blow now.

  49. @Spill, the Rock Ninjas in Kakashi Gaiden also had the jutsu to become invisible.

  50. hi hi hi…

    i hope when the last few Zabuza Zombie chapters will be animated with that cartoony style when Naruto fought Pain.. would be kinda special for a missed character.. he is my 2nd fav character, Hidan being #1, i hope he gets put together by Kakuzu Zombie.. he needs to have Jashin cast revenge on Shikamaru’s deers..

    @kisu.. i totally forget about kakashi gaiden because of the obito presence.. but is rock where tsuchikage is from? those rock ninjas look kinda ultra weak compared to kage level ninjas.. i really dont consider gaara that much of anything since he lost the bijuu..

    speaking of.. i miss seeing that raccoon and the giant frogs.. will jirayia ever make a come back? kakashi talking to himself still bothers me.. he was never the character to scream self ego trips.. thats neji’s job..

    also for some reason i posted a pic above.. but the link got attached to my name..
    click it.. if you dare..

    also where is itachi all this time? kabuto looked sad.. he had a sad snake too..

    so will suigetsu fight kakashi for the sword or will his brother capture the sword from kakashi and then he will have to fight his brother?

    the story at this point as many tangents it has, still is kinda linear.. there is only so many posssible storylines.. well that would make sense at this point.. also the panel of kakashi smirking or smiling under tha mask.. was one of the first times i seen a face paneled out specifically on it.. so i wonder if we will see his true face.. i still see a time skip.. and still many chapters after it.. so not like an ending.. whats up with the fillers..
    is that what 2011 is for.. like every anime is doing it too..



  51. OMFG O_O kakashi is pissed off @_@ and that zabuza sword style was just awesomeness incarnate , god i wish kishi had done it in color :/ still an awesome chapter though 😀

  52. i take that back , this page is even awesom-er :S

  53. @spill

    “kakashi talking to himself still bothers me.. he was never the character to scream self ego trips.. thats neji’s job..”

    actually i dont think its “ego-tips” LOL though i do believe even for a lazy and laidback guy like kakashi there comes a time when he must fight … it may not even occur when his life is in danger :S simply put he is just MEGA PISSED OFF 😀

  54. hi hi ahsan!!

    kakashi can be mega pissed but to proclaim 1000 stolen or copied jutsus… he better use every single one of them, or for future knowledge for kishi, he shouldnt constantly say things about main characters that they never do.. i only counted about 14 jutsus that kakashi showcased to us and most of them were from zabuza.. either bring it or dont cry wolf Kakashi!!! because at this point in the story you are just that masked kid who claims 1000 but shows 14..


  55. @ Spill – I think Kakashi has show quite a few jutsu in the series, remember Taijutsu is also jutsu etc, but if he had to display his 1000 techniques it would take 50 Chapters of 20 Pages to show 1 Jutsu per page, and its obvious 1000 isn’t a real number its just one made up, I mean he has learned, Kyumi and Rasengan etc. I think Kishi shows us Kakashi’s abilities by showing how quickly he can learn and master a technique no matter how difficult or its level, (as show against Zabuza 1st time) Though he has learned a lot of techniques he won’t have to use all of them at once, I think it just A) A nickname and B) in a battle he could use any jutsu to counter his opponent.

    He was a Jonin from a young age and had already mastered a lot since he could manipulate 2/3 different Natural chakra’s (which is required for Jonin)


  57. Its out!

  58. hi hi!!

    outside of the panels that contained the strategy of war, it was one of the best chapters in a really long time..

    but im kinda confused towards the final page.. it states that Zabuza is set to make a return… now is this just coloured art of that original work? or is it what is for next weeks chapter?

    i wonder when we will see the Bijuus..

    it was cool to finally see Kakuzo Zombie, makes me wonder when we shall see Pain Zombie.. Dan, Neji’s dad, Asuma are nothing special to me. they are just memories to those they are about to fight..

    the 3rd Raikage’s line about wishing to fight the 3 other kages reminded me too much of Goku’s DBZ style to always want to enjoy fighting..

    will the 3rd Raikage go against his 2 sons? will this be a start to maybe bring Naruto back into the story?

    was it a typo or a mistake in translation when Gaara’s dad tell the other kages who he is, then in the war room it is said the 2nd Mizukage, 2nd Tsuchikage and 2nd Kazekage… i ferget now which he was, is he the 4th or the 2nd??

    im so tired i cant think straight.. i been battling a severe case of bronchitis for the last week and im going to the hospital tomorrow.. ugh.. i have some simptoms of pnemonia which is fatal.. and i need to get healthy again.. i am in rather hardcore pain in my lungs.. sorry to drop that here.. just needed support.



  59. That was a great chapter. So much epic stuff about to happen and I am really looking forward to Gaara’s innevitable reunion with his father.

    Also, this chapter confirms where Naruto’s whisker marks come from. It is quite clear now that they are in fact, a result of the influence of the nine-tail’s chakra.

    The two shinobi that were summoned who had been “tinged” by the nine-tails chakra both had the exact same marks.

    I wonder though, how they were marked with the nine-tails chakra. They couldn’t have been Jinchuuriki, because there have only been two before Naruto, which included his mother and the First’s wife, so they must have been influenced by it through other means.

    In any case, it would be cool if Naruto fought both of them. Even someone who has been tinged by the Kyuubi’s chakra is still second best to someone who holds the power of the fox itself. It would be an epic battle and a good excuse to get Naruto back into the story.

  60. hi..

    so it says that the 2nd Tsuchikage killed the 2nd Mizukage and vice versa.. where in the timeline of Mizukage’s does Madara take control and become the Mizukage himself? and which Mizukage created the 7 swordsman? also wasnt one of the Mizukages a jinchuriki that Madara captured and taken the Bijuu?

    since most of the history outside of Sand and Leaf hasnt been showcased i have now so many questions as their characters are now just popping out left and right.

    anyone have any feedback to this?


  61. @spill

    The third Mizukage was controlled by Madara and that was the same Mizukage who was the Jinchuuriki for the Sanbi.

    You can find the part that shows that, right when Kisame dies.

  62. @ spill – the 4th Muzikage was the Jinchuriki, (The Three Tailed Beast) and was one of the revived by Kabuto,, he was being controlled by the Madara… I think the 7 Swordsmen where around for a long time, but it was the 4th Muzikage which basically created the “Blood Mist Village”

    I think that is the point, the Leaf/Sand Ninja can only be so much great ninja summonable, these new summons are in a sense Cannon Fodder they powerful but their story isn’t really important. Kage’s we are seeing how they relate but not all will be emotionally important, maybe their will be short flashbacks.

    Think of it this way, either Kishi makes up new characters or he over powers the ones that have already been defeated, or weaken his current ninja etc. So I am glad the new ones are introduced…

  63. hi 1010 thanks..

    ill have to dig out that chapter now and re-read it. in all this battle, we still have yet to see any genjutsu so far, which i feel is strange as that was a main plot in most of the early part of the story 10 years ago.. with the appearance of Kakuzo, i wonder when we shall see Itachi, or will he be brought once Sasuke makes an appearance.. iask because originally Kabuto only summoned those 6 coffins… and now we have seen like 60 summons.. if not more.. what bothers me is now i dont really care who was in that final coffin that got madara so scared as most of those summoned werent even shown originally and every new introduction is like an easter egg but i think when that final coffin is shown, it might be too late as there is just too much or too many ninjas that im not sure how Kabuto or even Orochimaru had access to getting DNA of.. and with all these new characters out of nowhere like those 2 cloud ninja bros with the nine-tails chakra infused in them.. im wondering just how powerful Naruto is now become?

    i hope Naruto makes an appearance into the war sooner than later..


  64. Ameyuri Ringo Kirigakure “Famous”
    Asuma Sarutobi Konohagakure “Famous”
    Chiyo Sunagakure “Famous”
    Chūkichi Kirigakure “Famous”
    Dan Konohagakure “Famous”
    Deidara Iwagakure Akatsuki
    Fourth Kazekage Sunagakure Kage
    Fū Takigakure Jinchūriki
    Fuguki Suikazan Kirigakure “Famous”
    Gari Iwagakure “Famous”
    Haku Kirigakure “Famous”
    Han Iwagakure Jinchūriki
    Hanzō Amegakure “Famous”
    Hizashi Hyūga Konohagakure “Famous”
    Itachi Uchiha Konohagakure Akatsuki
    Jinin Akebino Kirigakure “Famous”
    Jinpachi Munashi Kirigakure “Famous”
    Kakuzu Takigakure Akatsuki
    Kimimaro Otogakure “Famous”
    Kushimaru Kuriarare Kirigakure “Famous”
    Mangetsu Hōzuki Kirigakure “Famous”
    Mū Iwagakure Kage
    Nagato Amegakure Akatsuki
    Pakura Sunagakure “Famous”
    Rōshi Iwagakure Jinchūriki
    Sasori Sunagakure Akatsuki
    Shin Konohagakure “Famous”
    Torune Konohagakure Demonstration for Madara
    Third Raikage Kumogakure Kage
    Unknown Kumo Ninja Kumogakure “Famous”
    Unknown Unknown Blackmailing Madara
    Utakata Kirigakure Jinchūriki
    Yagura Kirigakure Jinchūriki/Kage
    Yugito Nii Kumogakure Jinchūriki
    Zabuza Momochi Kirigakure “Famous”

    Kabuto Summons So Far O_O

  65. @pein..

    im not sure where you copy pasted your list from or if you wrote it yourself, but next time look it over before you post, because there were some ninja whom were summoned in this very last chapter that you seemed to have missed.. also this “Famous” thing you end each one with.. who is judging their fame? you? it seems one sided.. i personally dont see fame from most of them on that time you make a list, try to keep that personal opinion aside and just list it..


  66. @Spill

    Whether it was simply opinion or not, Pein is entiteld to post his own opinion if he wants to just as you are allowed to post yours. If he feels that some of those shinobi are famous, does it really matter that much even if it is just his own point of view?

    I am sure you wouldn’t want others to tell you to leave your opinion out of your own comments. Perhaps others would want the same courtesy. Just a thought.

    In any case, it isn’t really an issue worth fretting over.

  67. @ Spill – I did miss some of the current ones summoned, i.e the brothers, that was an over site sorry but the fact that I said “Famous” is not just an opinion the words where used by Kabuto during the summoning process and what description would you give to a ninja like Kakashi? He ain’t a Kage/Akatsuki etc yet he is feared by many, and as u have seen some of these ninja are well known in their lands rival nations… It is the best word to describe a big group of Ninja that well isn’t Kage/Akatsuki and they are from many villages not just one.

    Sorry if you find what I said a problem but its more just for lack of a better option I used it and well Kabuto had used that word to describe many of them.

  68. @Tenrai, this is my theory on how the Kin-Gin bros got the fox’s chakra. Remember that good filler with that Sora kid? He got the fox’s chakra from his father collecting the residual chakra left after the Kyubi got sealed. So what if these two men were given the Kyubi’s chakra when Kushina was momentarily kidnapped by the cloud?

  69. @Kisu: Good filler!? That filler was terrible. A Pseudo-Jinchuriki if I remember correctly, but I was thinking the same thing along the lines of those brothers (Kin and Gin) having gone through the same process as Sora. The thing is Sora didn’t have any whiskers though he was tinged with the fox’s chakra.

    That was a great chapter. I’m loving the strategy implementation in the war. The Edo Tensei spam is grating though.

  70. @supertrek89

    “The thing is Sora didn’t have any whiskers though he was tinged with the fox’s chakra.”

    Actually, I thought about it a bit further than that, and I realised that the other previous Jinchuuriki for the nine-tails didn’t have whiskers either.

    Only Naruto and these other two Kumo nins whose chakra is apaprently tinged by the Kyuubi’s.

    Now, the one noteable difference with Naruto to the previous Jinchuuriki is that he was affected by the Nine-tail’s chakra from the moment he was concieved, while his predecessors only had them sealed within them at a later stage in their lives, long after birth. I believe the wiskers are a result of the Kyuubi’s chakra flowing into Naruto while he was developing in the womb, moreso than they are simply because of having the Kyuubi sealed inside your body, because it affected his physical growth from the start.

    In a sense, you could say that it is a physical trait of the Kyuubi itself that manifests when its chakra becomes a part of an individual in a more direct way. Now, that doesn’t explain why these two Kumo nins have whiskers as well, but we can’t ignore the likelyhood that they are a physical representation of the Kyuubi’s power in some way. Either that, or it is simply pure coincidence that they have the same marks. X__x

    As for Sora, well, he is a filler character and we have already seen past examples of how non-cannonical elements tend to sway a bit too far from Kishi’s own ideas (Such as Kakashi using an Ice-element attack in the first Naruto movie, even though in the series, he stated how him doing so would be impossible eve with the Sharingan). So I wouldn’t base too much on that.


    There is a good chance that Kushina being kidnapped and these two Kumo-nins having being tainted by the Kyuubi’s chakra, are related events. Perhaps they managed to get a hold of some of the Kyuubi’s chakra while they had her in their possession.

  71. @Tenrai: Yeah, that’s what I was saying when I said,

    “The thing is Sora didn’t have any whiskers though he was tinged with the fox’s chakra.”

    It shows the way Sora was affected by the 9 Tail’s chakra couldn’t be the same as how the Kin and Gin duo were affected, for they have whiskers and Sora didn’t. Plus as you said, it was filler. The only thing that the filler character Sora may have in common with Gin and Kin is some tainted effect by the 9 Tail’s chakra. Without either of them being Jinchuurikis as Sora wasn’t either.

    That leaves the brothers to presumably have been affected by the 9 Tails while they were in the womb. I say presumably because Kishi can fly with any reason he finds suitable.

    Lol, that reminds me. Remember my crazy theory about Mito’s child also having whiskers and that child winding up to be Madara? XD

    Since Naruto came out of the womb with whiskers on before the 9 Tails was implanted in him.

  72. HEY! Compared to the Sanbi filler, the Sora filler was gold crapped out by a Dragon after eating it and washing it down with Awesome sauce >_>

  73. hey guys, it’s been some time since my last post but this latest chapter got me really pump’ed.
    @ Super, I think the Mito child theory is great seeing as we know nothing about Hashirama and Mito’s child.
    That kid or kids could have been kidnapped by Kumo since they were born and thus resulting in there affiliation with kuomgakure.
    It’s a bit of a long shot but who knows.

    @Spill, sorry about the pulmonary problems, I’ve been through the same shit about 1 year back and the best treatment I got was Aerosols (don’t know about the translation) but the thing is the procedure cleans your lungs like a new born, but the down side is you you’ll be sneezing and blowing your nose a LOT.

    Now back to this chapter, I was surprised how much info kishi cramped into it as opposed to bleach’s last issue.
    The kages were great even if the 2nd mizukage looked like a Las Vegas magician or a Scooby Doo villain.
    Especially the 2nd and 3rd Tsuchikages, beeing able to fuse 3 elements was a great discovery and a pretty powerful skill at that.

    As for the next few chapters I’m looking forward to seeing what the 4th kazegake and Dan can really do, and also I think that Naruto will incorporate sage mode into his training as a means to override the fact that the fox cannon rassengan is to heavy.
    That will be cool to see but as far as I can see is the only way he can make the heavy rassengan and still keep the sage mode into the picture.

    Well that’s about it for now.

  74. Oh and by the way Awesome breakdown Tenrai, great work.

  75. @1010

    you seem to always mis understand my words, when i told pein to hold his opinion, i meant towards the part of the “famous” part as it felt like he was adding this pre-set identity towards what each character was.

    i really dont know what to tell you 1010, you make it like i have some sort of hostility here, when i do not. you put these ideas out there like im trying to shake the stability here. and that is the farthest from anything i am coming from.

    you need to really see that.


  76. @Spill, but that was the reason Kabuto himself gave why he summoned some of them. He summoned Kages, Former Akatsuki members, Former Jinchuriki, and other ninja who made names for themselves (ie famous)

  77. hello..

    yes i understood when pein explained it above the first time. i thought it was just his own view. no need to constantly rehash the same answer over and over. i get it.


  78. @Spill

    I never put any ideas out there. I just said what I felt with regards to your words as they were spoken.

    You told Pein to leave his opinion out of it and I simply said that he is entitled to use his opinion as a basis for his comments, and that anyone else woiuld want the same courtesy, that’s all.

    I never said that you were trying to shake up the stability nor was I trying to be hostile towards you. You’re accusing me of misreading your comment when you yourself seem to take mine further than it was meant as well.

    As I said, it wasn’t something worth fretting over.

  79. why is it starting to look so unfair now O.o kakashi gets to fight only the 7 swordsman and gara gets to fight the kage’s :S they should switch places 😀

  80. lol konan is winning big time in the poll , something that i cannot comprehend . :S

  81. @Ahsan

    Lol. Actually, Gaara’s forces are going to retreat and join up with some of the other divisions for now, so it will be a joint battle with the Kage and the Zetsu’s. The battles each character will have will be more selective then, so don’t expect Gaara to take on more than one kage. His spot is reserved for his father.

    So if you would prefer him to swap places with Kakashi just to watch Kakashi retreat from battle, that’s fine. Lol. 😛

    Let’s see how his rampage goes. It’s too bad we didn’t see it in this chapter, because I was looking forward to that as well. Let’s hope it doesn’t cut back to him only to show the aftermath of the battle. X___x

  82. @Ahsan: I agree, Konan should lose! Here’s why:
    – she is FEMALE, females are weak
    – most of the voters probably based their vote solely on the fact that she seemed to have cornered Madara for a minute, while in fact she got destroyed even though she had all the time in the world to prepare for the battle
    – clay bombs are effing awesome

  83. @zzattack & Ashan

    Let’s debate then, shall we… @__@

    1: Konan and Deidara can both make use of explosives and long range fighting. However, I believe Konan is more maneuverable than Deidara is and there’s the fact that she can split herself into hundreds or even thousands of pieces of paper and scatter all over the place, making it even harder to target her.

    It also means she can attack from potentially any direction.

    2: Deidara has limited clay in any given battle, while Konan is apparently able to produce large ammounts of paper over a reasonably short space of time. This is proven by the fact that she was able to create an entire ocean of the stuff, containing 1000 000 000 000 explosive tags (yes that is a lot of zeroes) within the window of a few days. This means in a more drawn out battle, Konan will have an advantage.

    3: Deidara will just lose his cool and blow himself up to end the battle, only to later discover – after being revived by edo tensei and then being subsequently beaten by a group of regular Jounin/Chunin – that he wasted his technique on a paper clone. <___<

    4: Konan is cooler. @___@

  84. 1-Konan might be some pieces of paper but diedra is no slouch :S he literally made a fool out of sasugay and his “ultimate sharingan” almost through out the battle .besides when we talk about S rank ninja’s it is assumed they are going to attack from every direction right 😀

    2-Yes she might be able to do that while sitting at home chillin’ but in a battle field i doubt she would be sitting around making explosive tags while diedra c4’s her

    3- Loosing his cool eh ? i doubt that . the fact that he wont be fighting a “cocky Uchiha” especially sasugay :S

    4- as zzattack said “he is FEMALE, females are weak” i am yet to find a female who could beat the crap out of even a wretched guy like me :S

  85. @Ahsan it’s possible to turn Deidara into a paper coffin of DOOM!!
    Or she stuff his mouths with paper.
    So did Konan instead it was Madara forcing him to use his trump card.

  86. @Ahsan

    “1-Konan might be some pieces of paper but diedra is no slouch :S he literally made a fool out of sasugay and his “ultimate sharingan” almost through out the battle .besides when we talk about S rank ninja’s it is assumed they are going to attack from every direction right”

    You say Deidara is no slouch, but just a few chapters ago, he was defeated by a group of teenage shinobi along with Sasori and I doubt half of those ninja were as powerful as Sasuke. That seems pretty slouchy too me and the only one who was made a fool of, was Deidara. If you ask me, Deidara fought harder against Sasuke because he had the Sharingan. Even then, he still only brought the battle to a tie.

    “2-Yes she might be able to do that while sitting at home chillin’ but in a battle field i doubt she would be sitting around making explosive tags while diedra c4′s her”

    She made a few hundred billion explosive tags within the window of a few days. that proves that the rate she can create paper is very high. I doubt she needs to sit still to do it either and we have seen her produce it on the move in battle and even transform herself into it.

    “4- as zzattack said “he is FEMALE, females are weak” i am yet to find a female who could beat the crap out of even a wretched guy like me :S”

    I have evidence to prove otherwise. Sasuke is also female, and that doesn’t seem to cause him/her/it any problems for him now does it? Or would you deny that prospect Ahsan? 😛

    *Is deviously playing off Ahsan hatred for Sasuke. Runs away from Sasuke fangirls.*

    Besides, Konan took out more tha enough Shinobi during the attack on Konoha, and that was only using her paper clones. She is hardly a pushover.

  87. Deidara vs Konan…Konan wins. Blowing up something with as little surface area and as light as paper just wont work.

  88. I’m not sure about the battle, Tenrai’s made some good points. My final argument is that personally I just like Deidara better! Haha, I should leave the debating up to you guys, I’m no good, though I’ve enjoyed reading you guys debate.

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