Soul Eater 81 – Death the Kid!!! vs Ash Katchem/Noah ^_^

Awe All Pein here!! I believe Soul Eater Deserves a Good Breakdown from a Good Writer, but until a Good Writer is found, I will be doing the breakdowns. ^_^

*Lets madness take over *

Kid… Nuff said, I mean he destroyed in this chapter, Although I liked Noah about 3 Chapters back, in the last two he destroyed his Character and became more of a chapter from his own book, (Greed) and more like Ash Katchem then a truly great Villian, I was however a bit let down by the pace of this battle, it was just too fast, I thought we would get at least 2 more Chapters from this Arc but it seems Oku wants to move on quickly.

Noah's True Goal: He wants to touch everything!!! <_<

Now besides Noah going completely nuts in this Chapter, I was disappointed at how his Villain was given no back story, his introduction as a mystery was pretty cool but I thought at least by death some of why he is driven to collect things would be revealed, maybe as a kid he watched too much Pokemon and Pikachu told him to put his finger in a plug, maybe it relevant I don’t know

That was the biggest problem I had with this chapter… He was a really good villain, if you think of most Villains follow a very Pink and the Brain system! Try to take over the world etc etc and at first Noah didn’t seem to just want to do that, instead he just wanted to collect and research and have everything, it was a slight variation but in these genre’s its a like Chalk and Cheese, but he has been shown now to be no different from any basic villain.

Noah R.I.P

No, Maka, its cause you a Women, u won't understand anything except how to make a sandwich @_@

I like seeing Kids development, he now seems ready to take on the bad guys and not become useless at the slightest flaw… Like when Maka defeated that 800 Year old Spider Witch, Noah seems to be Kids moment of glory and it shows how he is trying to step out of his fathers shadow, while at the same time using it.

O_O That is the only part I was truly confused about… But it is interesting seeing how the stronger Kid becomes and activates his lines there is an adverse effect on Death, he seems to become weaker, almost as if Kid can only really become as powerful as his dad, by his dad giving over or loosing his powers to Kid.


The attack to finally defeat Noah was pretty epic, though I think Oku had been watching a few movies while illustrating this, the similarity is just too close for me… I like how Liz and Patty seem to link with Kid Mechanically, it matches the personality, they work together almost like a machine.

Am I the only one that sees the similarities O_O

Though I may be going insane, I also thought of the cover of the first Star War Movie… No not the phantom menace the one at the beginning O_O

The rest was basically a feast of a beast getting his @$$ whipped good, Seem Soul Eater also taking on a very Naruto approach with its “Next Generation”

I don’t believe Noah is alive either, since they showed inside the book even the index knew he was dead and he seemed to accept his fate, which is odd O_O how come he embraced death instead of running from it, that at least gave him a sense of dieing with honor or dieing completely insane. You be the judge of that…

/Noah Legacy will live on though Gopher did survive and get away with Brew, I see him joining with Medusa but alone he doesn’t seem like much of a threat.

That what my happy face looks like 😉

We end this Chapter with Justin and what seems like the army of Clowns and he has found the Kishin, The next chapter or so is supposed to be released the 12/01/2011 but I have also read of another manga monthly spin off being released called Soul Eater Not! which seems redundant and odd but will keep an eye out…

Thanks for Reading hope didn’t bore u too much 😀

Pein out 😀 –

Justin just came...... to meet the Kishin O_o


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8 Responses to “Soul Eater 81 – Death the Kid!!! vs Ash Katchem/Noah ^_^”

  1. First!!!

    Thanks for doing a Soul Eater breakdown, Pein. 😀

  2. YEA!!!!!!

  3. Awesome breakdown. I really liked Noah too. Wow and Tezca got killed so fast which was awesome and sad at the same time. He was my fav death scythe. 😦

    This was definitely Kid’s moment of glory and he finally connected two of the bands which was awesome.

    Cant wait for the coming chapters

  4. Yeah but I think next chapter gonna be an informative building one, since the battle chapters are over now, I would like to see them move in on Medusa soon though. before the Kishin, and learn more about Deaths Past

  5. Thanks for doing this breakdown Pein and sorry for not replying to your email for so long. I’ve been away…>_> Great job. ^^

    Both Tezca and Noah I think were killed off too easily and too fast. For the most part I don’t think Noha is dead but I didn’t think Tezca was dead either but now I’m having second thoughts about that. While I like Soul Eater a lot I do have a problem with the kids becoming stronger than the adults all of a sudden. The adults were always looked up to as uber elite and badass. Then they’re taken out so easily without even putting up a fight and the kids rescue the day. The kids who just came from their own personal trials and battles. The power ups just seem completely out of left field to me. I actually want to see more from the adults now.

    Besides that it was a good chapter.

  6. Super’s alive!!!! Did Pickles trap you in his basement for half a year? 😀 Welcome back.

    Soul Eater 82 is out!!!

  7. I don’t…remember…o_o

    Now that was an awesome chapter! Looks like Pein was right about something being odd regarding Kid gaining more shinigami power. Maka’s dead seems worried about something. I knew Tezca was still alive! He has those mirror abilities! Even Noah’s back! Can’t wait to see Justin vs. Tezca and Crona vs. random Russian Death Skythe.

    Also looking forward to that Soul Eater spinoff chapter.

  8. That was an excellent chapter. Thank gudness Okubo pulled it off in the end. Noah and Tezca are still alive which is a relief XD

    Cant wait for more. 😀

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