Tournament Cancellation T_T

Hello folks, i return again for another post about the tournament, although as you can proberly guess from the name of this post it will no longer be going ahead. Why? Well basically despite about 6 people saying they were interested and were going to get involved with the tournament, no one added me on my Xbox, and you all had a little extra time to add me aswell since i gave you a week but it turned into two (due to some personal issues that kept me from having the motivation to do this post, but i wont get into that).

So its only a short post im afraid, although i dont see how i could stretch me just saying the tournament is cancelled into a full blown post, but ohwell.

Bye folks and sorry to those who were interested in doing the tournament


~ by Captain Awesome on January 11, 2011.

3 Responses to “Tournament Cancellation T_T”

  1. That Sucks, Well I’ll get back to Super Mario and Pokemon Red 😛

  2. Was an awesome idea and if I had the funds and the time I would of enjoyed being part of a tournament @_@ I get competitive though O_O

  3. haha competitiveness is good, although it was for fun, its still good, could of helped ya win, since people like me would of been doing it for fun ^_^ i was thinking about future possibilities for tournaments, this was the best i had though @_@

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