Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Tournament… OF AWESOMENESS!

YOSH! as you should hopefully remember sometime in October i announced a tournament for ultimate ninja storm 2 on the Xbox 360, i also mention that i want you folks to be adding my gamertag and sending me a message who you are on this site and telling me you wanna get involved in the tournament (unless your name obviously fits with your name on here: e.g. Amaterasu777). I am however disapointed that only one person actually added me 😦 MY GAMERTAG IS: OMFG its Dean incase you missed it on my other posts.

Right then as i said in the first post we need 8 people (including myself), currently there is me and amarerasu, so only 6 more are need, however the more the merrier! πŸ™‚ So then on the night i will be inviting you all to one XBL party where we can all discuss whatever and be socialable, this helps me organise whose match is when and who they are against.


Not many rules are needed for the tournament, the only rules im having are:

  • Its going to be a 1v1 match (no support characters, unless everybody wants me to include them).
  • You must use the same character throughout the tournament. Most of you will of anyway since you proberly familiarized yourselves with that character.
  • NO CHEATING! im not sure how you would cheat, we are doing this for fun and it ruins the fun if one person chooses to cheat.
  • Nobody is allowed to use the same character as another person. This prevents people from all going to the best characters (e.g. Minato, Sage Mode Naruto etc.)

* Rule Alterations: Support Characters will be included, adds a little bit of tactical thinking in my opinion (the right support + main character can help loads).

Lars is use-able. Only because i dont think hes all that good πŸ˜› however, Diedara is banned since i dislike Diedara spammers >_< (ive had some bad experiences the past few days online involving the character).*

Thats it then folks, in a weeks time, i will confirm the date for the tournament, unless we dont get enough people for it, so if you havnt already added my gamertag, do so now!


~ by Captain Awesome on December 29, 2010.

6 Responses to “Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Tournament… OF AWESOMENESS!”

  1. Did you just- No, you didn’t…did you just BAN MY LARS!? You, sir, are FIRED.

  2. Second!


  3. Taka Sasuke, Lars, Minato, Itachi, & Kakashi. Those are my absolute best, I dislike using Sage Naruto. I’m sure the winner of the tournament will have used one of these 5 characters to win (Sage Naruto instead of Lars, since he’s banned).

  4. right 7, not sure yet, and 4 say they’re getting involved, yet ive still only had one person add me on the xbox, come on folks! one day left untill i cancel it.

  5. I would join if it was a PS3 tournament, seeing as how that is the console I bought it for, but seeing as how it isn’t, I will have to unfortunately leave this one out.

    Funny enough, despite all the “cool” characters in the roster that most people would consider to be the best, I think I would do just fine with Hinata as my lead character, while Neji and Pein act as back-ups. The ultimate defensive combo that is almost impossible to defeat. @__@

    I also think Chiyo is overpower and Gaara has been nerfed in a major way since the first game. Lol. *Runs away.*

  6. i know what you mean, personally i’d go for Lee, however if not Lee then Taka Sasuke, the 2 characters i seem to do well with, i good combination with Taka Sasuke is Pain + Diedara/ Kakuzu, works pretty well, where as with Lee i usually go for Pain/ Neji + SM Naruto/ Kakashi/ Killer Bee,

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