Naruto 520-522 Triple Breakdown (This is happening way to often): The war that had balls. Senshi and Kisuzachi think they can make a longer title than me…well I’ll have them know that they have a better chance of taking that no-real-competition to a moon turned cheddar cheese where dogs walk men and a being named Beiber has at least the vaguest hint of talent. Or in other words, Soviet Russia. Demotivational posters inclusive.

Need I really remind anybody who the king of mindless, incoherent blabber is?

Didn’t think so. 😀

It's not for Sakura either...

Compliments of the season to you all!

‘Tis the time to get drunk and take your clothes off at any random point in time. Or be sober and take your clothes off at any random point in time.

You know, it’s also the time for cheerful, benevolent giving. But being the ever so kind person I am, I don’t want anything from you…except everything you have…and what’s left after that too… 😀

Hey, hasn't this pose been used already, Kishi?

Well, whatever the case, we know sperm manga as the gift that keeps on giving…well, mostly. And although there’s been no breakdown for more weeks than I’d not feel incompetent counting, I really, really hope, you can find the space somewhere in your loving hearts to f…etch me a sandwich, bitch!  Haha! Haha! That’s a errr..yea, that’s a joke…sorry…>_>…Pickles made a funny…<_<…

Back on the topic of semen—I mean manga—I’m throughly enjoying the direction things have been following these past few weeks. The war is really kicking into high gear with the action now heating up and the additional (much needed) information on what and who pouring in. Meanwhile, our main character seems to be getting some action of his own. And it involves black balls.


And you better let him lick that lollipop!

Chapter 520 was more on the info side, where we got to know more about Naruto’s new Rasengan SPIN off (Pickles made another funny) and the backbone of Edo Tensei, the new ultra-spam slut jutsu of the series. That much could be judged from the title alone.

That's not blood...


Then came the giant Kishi bitch slap. Not only is Edo Tensei super powerful and super unstoppable, it’s also SUPER FREAKEH! Oh, and it has no harmful side effects, which means super hax. It’s like prostitute minus the STD.

What this means is that Shinobi is going to have to bring more than its A-game to the table. What Kabuto has created are mindless, immortal (super powerful) creatures that don’t feel pain and follow orders to the letter with no negative fallout. It’s every psycho warlords dream. Except Kabuto isn’t a psycho warlord. Psycho gaylord, sure, but that’s another story, which begs, once again, the question of his true objective.

And that, finally, is touched on in the next chapter, 521.


521 mainly featured the two forces once again clashing, except this time on a much broader stage with Division 2 commander, Shrek, and his daughter, Fionita, opening up the battle ground—literally—setting the stage for what would be a gigantic butt mashing. But I get the feeling it’s going to turn sour for Shinobi when the Zetsus are just too much to handle. It’ll be like that Powerpuff Girls episode with the evil alien broccoli, where the only way to beat em was to eat ’em was to eat ’em. And so the girls saved the day by learning to eat their vegetables! Yaaaay!! What?! Don’t judge me!

Also in this chapter is the return of the first villain of the Naruto series, looking more badass than ever before, I might add.

With triplets...


And he and his posse are what form the bulk of the next chapter, which was just orgasmatron. But that’s all after Kabuto makes his first ever two-eyes appearance, feeling all Brad Pitt with himself. Apparently, he is after the truth behind the Sage of the Six Paths. Well it all makes sense: his chasing after Yamato for his Shodaime cells, given its relationship with the Sage, and his interest in Sasuke too (never minding the more…intimate aspects.) It also would mean Madara wasn’t totally bullshiting through his teeth to Konan as per usual.

Still, the way it was casually brushed up in passing makes me believe there’s more to this objective than Kishi is letting on.

Mmmhm! Preach, brother!

As I said, 522 was total orgasmatron…well at least the last double page. It wasn’t much in the way of actual plot advancement or anything. Some of the usual sap here and there, followed by a painful dose of reality in the action that came after, which was great, and I’m sure will get better!

With the targets impossible to kill and the stakes as high as ever, Kakashi and the Shinobi force better pull something gigantic out their ass or they’re toast.

Try beans.

Hmm, I think I already did a wife joke.

Prospekt, how could I forget?













~ by Captain Pickles on December 29, 2010.

35 Responses to “Naruto 520-522 Triple Breakdown (This is happening way to often): The war that had balls. Senshi and Kisuzachi think they can make a longer title than me…well I’ll have them know that they have a better chance of taking that no-real-competition to a moon turned cheddar cheese where dogs walk men and a being named Beiber has at least the vaguest hint of talent. Or in other words, Soviet Russia. Demotivational posters inclusive.”

  1. First. 😀 Awesome post dude.

  2. Second… now to read =)

  3. third! and man im back!

  4. fourth!

  5. Fifth!! 522 was awesome!!! Things are not looking good for kakashi and company. A mindless zabuza and haku (who wont hold back) that girl who mummifies people, then that guy who can blow you up with one punch, as if it couldnt get worse, we have the seven swordmen of the mist…

    Now to read breakdown 😀

  6. @1angel it could be worse one word Hokage.

  7. Happy New Year everyone!

    Just curious if this Edo Tensei is so powerful then why didn’t Orochimaru use that when attacking the Konoha?

    If Kabuto absorbs too much of Orochimaru curse marks, does this mean that Orochimaru is getting strong for Kabuto to suppress. Hence, Orochimaru might be back?

  8. @ Breakdown: GREAT JOB!!! Very funny as always and I love the demotivational poster about the wife: never gets old! Keep up the great work!

    @tigerpalm: I think orochimaru couldn’t use that on konoha because kabuto took that jutsu, worked out the kinks and improved it. I think in this last chapter or the one before they were saying how kabuto was a genius and improved greatly on what orochimaru couldnt do. I would find you the links to support, but i’m feeling awfully lazy right now with it being so hot here. Maybe someone would come along and give references or i’ll come back later and post the links.

    @kantonkage: You won’t believe I was just thinking today how the battle would get worse if the 3rd kazekage of Suna was brought back to fight too. Remember how in the fight with sasori, chiyo and sakura he had all those moves with Iron Sand. If one great kage from each f the villages was brought back, all I could say is – Whoopass lol

    @everyone: Okay, now I’d like to post a question to you great minds out there. Kabuto is really kicking up some dust in this war. Do you think if he had joined the allied forces rather than madara’s side he would have been able to defeat madara?

  9. @1angel2heart: Well i think that if the war would’ve only been between madara and the allied forces(regardless of kabuchimaru), the allied forces would’ve open a mall filled with cans of whup ass on madara. Without kabuchimaru no one would’ve detected that anko and her squad was near the hideout, without the summons the ambush squad would’ve probably go all ninja and shitz on some of the white zetsus or they even could’ve released poor old yamato, and white zetsu (if i remember correctly) isn’t that much of a fighter. So even though madara had the numerical advantage i really just can’t see him winning without kabuchimaru.

    also, happy new year y’all. Hope you guys had a great 2010…

  10. happy new year WRA!

    Also, I come bearing gifts. Shippuden OVa, Sage Naruto vs Sasugay. Sadly, I see many problems with it in terms of the abilities…

  11. @supafreak17 & kisuzachi: Best wishes for the new year to you!

    @supafreak17: You know, that is exactly what i’ve been thinking: it’s like, what exactly was madara attempting to do in order to win this war? Kabuto is the only one so far who has been showing outstanding perception and planning in this war. So far, all we see is madara have a whole lot of white zetsus and sasuke as his trump card (not to mention his SHARINNEGAN eyes lol) It sorta pisses me off that madara is using kabuto so much yet i’m not really seeing what he’s offering up in return. Because although he promised him sasuke, we all know madara isnt giving him up. Plus madara will most likely cut kabuto down as soon as he advances far enough into the war. No evil warlord likes a powerful potential foe. No wonder he asked about edo tensei’s weakness, because he sees that kabuto poses a threat with that jutsu. Kabuto thinks he’s going to get what he wants from madara (sage of six paths info etc.) but i doubt it. Madara isn’t one to let his guard down so easily. I’m truly interested in seeing the direction of this story 🙂

  12. Awesome breakdown C.P.! I love the demotivational posters. 😀

    @1angel2heart: I too think Madara would have got pwned if Kabuto hadn’t joined him.
    And he didn’t even want to accept his offer! Kabuto forced him to and now he’s making him win the war! XD

  13. “‘Tis the time to get drunk and take your clothes off at any random point in time.”

    Huh?!? That’s what I do the entire year…

  14. Any spoilers floating about? Will there be manga this week?

  15. @arpotu: there are some spoilers floating around but i don’t read spoilers so imma let the googleing to you =). I’ve done a little research and no one seems to be 100% sure when shonen mangas will come out, some say there will be manga this week but i also found this

    “Naruto Chapter 523 Spoiler Notifications Manga Chapter Wont Be Out Until Second Week Of January 12 January Is The Next Schedules Release For All Weekly Shonen Jump So Brace Your Selves Fellow Naruto Fans The Wait Is Long Sasuke Ha Haa Haa Haa Haa Haa Ha Madara Sweating Madara Sasuke You Look A Little Nervous Madara Ka Ka Kabuto Has Summoned Itachi From The Deaad With Madara Weary Of Kabutos Plans And Fearful Of Sasukes New Eyes He Comes Up With A New Plan “

  16. thx for the info supa 🙂

  17. I’m back!!!!


    Hi everyone. I hope you all had a great new year’s eve!!! And happy new year again!!!

    I was sad when I came back and saw no new manga, not even Fairy Tail, and I almost keeled over and died when I read how long I had to wait for the next releases. A whole week? I mean, that’s like suicide. T__T

    Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well.



  19. I love it how quiet and peaceful everything is around here… no but seriously, where’s everybody?

  20. @supafreak17

    I wish I knew… -_____-

  21. @ Tenrai Senshi & Supafreak17: They are probably depressed about the lack of manga updates this week 😛 I think I’ll go watch some crappy naruto shippudden fillers (I can’t believe the fillers are still going on…)

  22. i’m here >_> lol but seriously ? i login after 3 weeks and there is only 1 chapter to read? WTF

  23. So you guys i was thinking, in order to cast Izganzi, and uchiha must poses both Uchiha and Senju powers, SOOO shouldn’t the Senju have some ability…like uchiha, if they poses senju and Uchiha powers…obviously not eye techniques but maybe…wood element like the First, he could have imagined the forms the would would take then bring life to them something similar to izganzi??? My reason for bringing this up is, maybe Itachi knew something along these lines and that’s why he have naruto some of his power, because naruto now has the senju and uchiha powers within him. What do you think?

  24. @dricedt that’s cool idea of yours :), I can’t imagine what that jutsu possibly can do if not almost everything…
    3 days till new chapter :/

  25. @ Dricedt – Maybe Edo Tensei was first developed, like Inzagi, to bring life back, the opposite of the wood element which creates life this jutsu is ment to restore it. but like inzagi the risks and costs are too high…

    @ if Kabuto wasn’t there Madara would suffer, well he is a major trump card but Madara had a plan from the beginning to wage war, he offered it not knowing which side Kabuto would choose, and it was Kabuto that focused to the Ninja/Konoha to Madara’s base, I think Madara is hanging back on purpose to store his energy for when the war turns… Like the USA in WW1 and WW2… Cause lets face it Plot no Jutsu is gonna win in the end @_@ and Madara must be the greater vilian, I would of thought of a shift but the fact that Kishi reveals so much of Kabuto shows he is not the main antagonist

  26. @pwnman no it’s a week

  27. Spoilers are out.

  28. Its out

  29. WOAH talk about Deja vu

  30. New chapter is legit!! all the seven swordsmen are badasses.
    @kanton- yeah haha i saw that comin as soon as kakashi got behind him though

  31. WOOHOOOO! Finally out.
    @dish: Agree with ya, the swordsmen are serious badasses.

  32. I bet Pickles will do something disgusting and very perverted with this image…


  33. @ dragon – Pickles will make something perverted even if its was as inocent as a Butterfly landing on a flower O_O

    @ Swordsmen – Yeah they definitly badass, I like that Zabuza sword also has an ability at least. but it would be cool if once fully restored it begins to absorb the blood and become sharper hard and etc

    Who you guys think gonna die from the known SA members? Cause we know this Kakashi gonna be a water clone or something

  34. Do u think Suigetsu brother sword is Chojiro’s ?

  35. @pein No it was said he could wield them all.

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