Bleach 432 – A Reasonably Good Attempt At Trying To Make An Entertaining Chapter By Our Favorite Troll Of A Mangaka, Tite Kubo. This Is Also Kisu’s Attempt At Breaking Tenrai’s Record For Longest Post Title. I Have This One In The Bag

Damn I wasn’t expecting any mangas to be released until 2011. Well I have a little time on my hands so I’ll give you guys a very short Breakdown this time around.


This chapter answered a lot of questions in my opinion.

1. I always wondered how Chad gaining an upgrade to his arm could’ve compensated for the speed difference between him and Gantenbainne, but this chapter made it clear. It wasn’t so much as the arm raised his speed, it was more like he gained more “dominance” over his environment, similar to a Quincy. Based on the info Ginjou gave, Chad must’ve used the high concentration of Spiritons in Hueco Mundo to help him speed up his movements, similar to a Quincy’s Hirenkyaku, so in a sense, these people are really just Quincies that don’t use arrows.

2. Humans can change the forms of tools they have a “bond” with. Chad originally changed the arm his grandfather gave him the Mexican coin in. Quincy have crosses they use to manifest their spirit bows. The Seele Schneider is also only a tool they manipulate to form a buzzsaw. Then there’s Orihime and her hair clips which she can transform into little pixie thingies. Ginjou changed a pendant into a BFS (Big F*cking Sword) this chapter and it looked freaking badass.

*brain explodes from an overdose of awesome*

3.  Apparently all things have souls, no matter how puny, even inanimate objects. I admit at first I was like “WTF?”, but then when the explanation was over it all started to make sense. This is how Soul Society repaired Karakura Town after Grimmjow’s Fraccion, Edrad Liones, and Ikkaku destroyed a small section of it. If spiritons weren’t involved I’d imagine it would be much harder for the Shinigami to repair it.


*recovers from initial explosion only to explode again*

Plot Advancement: Ichigo learns about souls and meets Riruka.

Now I know what you may be thinking. “Why the hell is this so short and seems so rushed?” Well Kisu has an answer. I got very special help recently

Also of note: Kubo said Bleach will be going for at least 10 more years. Anyhoo, I hope you guys had fun on Christmas (hopefully not as much as I did, I’m still paying for it! T_T)


~ by kisuzachi on December 26, 2010.

22 Responses to “Bleach 432 – A Reasonably Good Attempt At Trying To Make An Entertaining Chapter By Our Favorite Troll Of A Mangaka, Tite Kubo. This Is Also Kisu’s Attempt At Breaking Tenrai’s Record For Longest Post Title. I Have This One In The Bag”

  1. First Just because

  2. Second!

    Pfft, I deliberately let Kanton get first place because it’s my Christmas present…
    No way I could have came second without me wanting it, you’re all in the palm of my hand. (what Aizen said) XD

    Catching up on unexpected manga releases just before my Goa trip? Icing on vacation-cake xD
    And that BFS seriously is B & F >_<

  4. Funny artwork and proof that everybody has the same face.

  5. I just want to call that Ichigo is going to use his Substitute Shinigami Badge as his tool that changes forms because of his bond with it.

  6. @devourer of memes After it’s go through his chest right.

  7. the necklace his dad gave him before the rescue rukia arc (or maybe it was the huenco mundo arc)

  8. it’s out

  9. best chapter of the arc so far but thats not saying much. :/

  10. I actually liked this chapter…alot. The world is ending soon so pack up your bags and go have fun.

    Great breakdown Kisu and many fine points made. I’m thinking Orihime pulls the souls out of her hairpin and uses them for her powers. Now what was that Aizen about the Hougyoku giving them powers? ~_~ Of course the Hougyoku could have just helped them realize the power and brought forth their latent abilities.

  11. Just recently download the Hell OST. At least one thing Bleach will always excel at and that OST. Oh, wait that has nothing to do with Kubo.

  12. Hey guys, I thought I’d be a lot busier these few days. Hmph. I’ll do a Double Breakdown, I mean its not like these chapters have enough content for individual Breakdowns. AMARIGHT!? 😀

  13. Yes.

    Even if I liked this past chapter can’t deny there was nothing substantial in it. Next chapter combined with this week’s coming up chapter should count for 3/4 of a regular shounen manga chapter. xD

  14. Well, Kubo tweeted he’s sick. that probably means no chapter this week. Too bad, I already completed the first half of the double breakdown *sigh

  15. Tite’s sick…dunno whether to be happy or sad :/

  16. Sick in the Head

  17. wats more shocking is Kisu follows Tites Tweets O_O

  18. “wats more shocking is Kisu follows Tites Tweets O_O”

    Since when were you under the impression that Kubo’s tweets weren’t following me? 😉

  19. Hey Kanton, where’d you find the sales information on the mangas again? I need to prove to someone One Piece sells more than bleach + Naruto and right now its kinda my word against his >_>

  20. @Kisu here you go

  21. thanks Kanton. You’re life saver… I cant believe I just called a homicidal maniac a life saver O_O

  22. it’s out
    Ooh look a giant toy pig RIP THE STUFFING out of it.

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