Naruto Shippuuden 191 Breakdown: Is this love at first sight? Or does this relationship hold more than meets the eye?

Hey everyone.

Lately, I’ve been noticing how quiet the anime breakdown comment’s section has been lately and I am guessing that it has something to do with the fact that we are in fillers and there isn’t much that can be discussed with regards to those, so in an effort to make the breakdown more interesting and, hopefully, more discussable, I am going to go a bit on the deeper side here again, like I have many times in the past.

I normally don’t go through these lengths for filler episodes, mostly because they don’t elicit such an effort due to their own lack of actual depth, but this particular filler has offered me an interesting theme to work with that might just do the trick.

So, let us begin with a nice, healthy dose of “reality”.

A woman's solution for a guy who spends too much time on the toilet... X__X

In this particular episode, we have an interesting, albeit somewhat unexplored story about a young woman name Hanare, who is a spy that has been sent to infiltrate Konoha in an effort to learn some of its secrets, which would later be used to the political advantage of the Hidden Lock country.

Unfortunately for this kunoichi, or so it seems, she was captured before she even managed to infiltrate the village gates, after which she was subsequently taken in for interrogation with none other than Imino Ibiki, our resident expert when it comes to honesty. Although the theme of torture and interrogation is only a marginal part of the episode itself, it does bring about an uncomfortable sense of reality into this filler as a whole, a feeling that ended up leaving a somewhat bitter taste in my mouth.

Causing others pain is something that doesn’t sit too well with me. The question is, what could be considered morally acceptable as far as protecting one’s own safety is concerned?

Sometimes, in an effort to protect our own livelihoods, we willingly cause the suffering of others. But is the loss of our own humanity worth more than our safety, or are some of us simply content to become animals, in order to protect the innocence and happiness of the ones we love?

Now, I am sure this is quite a debatable subject in and of itself, but let’s put our cards on the table to begin with and see what we have here.

On the one hand, this kunoichi is a potential threat to Konoha and any information she had ascertained might compromise its safety, as well as the safety of all those who reside in it. Extracting that information and deducing what she knows, could alleviate that problem and reduce the risk. On the other hand, torturing someone is a very inhumane practice that exists on a level of practical barbarism, so the act in itself constitutes a very emotional response that tests one’s level of morality and acceptance.

What really stunned me though, was seeing how the Third Hokage, who by face value has always come across as a gentle and caring old man, talked about the procedure as if it was a perfectly normal and acceptable practice. It made me realize that, at the end of the day, even the outward frailty and gentleness exuded by his age only belies what he truly is deep down inside. A firm leader and a deadly shinobi, who is trained to deal with even the most morally ambiguous situations with a resolute mind and a hardened heart.

Suddenly, Konoha just feels that much darker than it did before. What I really want to know, however, is what everyone else thinks about this subject matter.

So, Kakashi, I'll do the good cop and you'll do the bad cop, right? <_<

Despite the seemingly dark theme of this episode, it eventually lifts up quite a bit as things move along. After Inoichi uncovers memory of Kakashi as a child in Hanare’s mind through his own interrogation, it is eventually decided that Kakashi should spend some time with her, in an effort to learn more about her mission and where she is from.

From here on out, things take a sudden turn to a far lighter end of the spectrum as we see this odd couple wondering through Konoha, on what practically seems to be little more than a personal date between two admirers. This observation doesn’t go unnoticed by Kakashi’s own three student gennin and the results are enough to bring a smile to one’s face as the three youngsters spy on their sensei in order to learn more of this sudden, new-found relationship.

There's only one person who doesn't seem too happy about this picture...

I have to say, I quite enjoyed this part of the episode. The strange antics of a younger team 7 as they followed Kakashi around the village, much like children would spy on a parent or older sibling, definitely bought about a few acknowledging smiles and chuckles from me.

Even Sasuke seemed to be in the spirit of things, a factor that reminds me fondly of a similar situation in the past, where these three tried to uncover the face hidden underneath Kakashi’s mask. Even Kakashi seemed to be quite enamored by his feminine charge and it definitely goes a long way in striking up the question as to whether he really did feel anything towards Hanare after all. It almost feels like something akin to a “Romeo and Juliet” type scenario, where potential love is sadly restrained by the unforgiving pull of two separate and, ultimately, distant worlds that refuse to coexist peacefully.

The end of such a relationship, although not quite as tragic as its similar counterpart, is also a solemn one that leaves me questioning whether love can truly transcend all boundaries, or if one must ultimately draw the line at some point.

Remember kids. Be like Kakashi and practice safe kissing. ^ ^

I can honestly say that in the end, this was definitely a good episode that is worth watching and definitely one of the better fillers of this arc. I guess that means another score for the anime team, although I wish they would keep this up on a more consistent basis. However, in the end, I guess any good filler is a blessing for all of us, so I will just be grateful for now.

That’s all form me this week as far as this episode is concerned. I hope you all enjoyed it. Here is the winners of last weeks caption contest.

5th) Iamnotreallyhere: Red rover, Shinobi style =P

4th) Dragon: Secret Ninja Technique: Killer Flatulence!!! *pulls fingers and legs at the same time*

3rd) Holydemonandy: Look ma, I’m a pattern! (This one really made me laugh for some reason. Maybe I am just weird. <_<)

2nd) Prawlkage: Filler-bunshin-no-jutsu! For when you want to save the “good shadow clones” for those special occasions.

Prawlkage: Shinobi chain-link fence – As good as a real chainlink fence, and yet… not!

Well, it looks like Prawlkage dominated with two great captions, but to be honest, all of them were so good, it was hard placing them. Well done to everyone. ^ ^

Here is this week’s screen.

*Insert caption here.*

Hahaha! The way Sasuke looks in the background makes me laugh and Sakura looks like a cat jumping out of the bush!!! Meeeeooowww!!! ROFL!!! *Dries tears from eyes.*

Okay, I’m weird, but good luck anyway. <_<

Last but not least, here is the preview for our next episode.

See you all in the comments! ^ ^


~ by Tenrai Senshi on December 20, 2010.

27 Responses to “Naruto Shippuuden 191 Breakdown: Is this love at first sight? Or does this relationship hold more than meets the eye?”

  1. FIRST! DOMINANCE OBTAINED! *Holds a cheesecake just out of Tenrai’s reach*

    Prawl: Heh heh heh… you WILL tell me where the nine tails is hiding! *dangles cheesecake in front*

    Tenrai: BASTARD! I’ll tell you everything you want to know!

    *Prawl lets his guard down, and is devoured by Tenrai, along with the cheesecake*

    Tenrai: Now Prawl will know the TRUE MEANING of torture – as he is digested in my stomach for the next 1000 years! MUWHAHAHAHA!

    -to be continued-

  2. Second!!!

    *goes into Tenrai’s stomach to save prawl, but decides to save cheesecake instead* 😈

  3. The cheesecake is happy where he is. T___T

  4. hot damn, Tenrai those images actually make me wanna watch this episode. BRB, Imma watch it now!

  5. Caption: No, the squirrel evicted Sasuke for no paying his rent and he’s kicking us out.
    Now where did my cheesecake go. *searchs for cheesecake ans see empty plate* -_- Who stole my cheesecake? *takes out a flamethrower from hammerspace and torches the place.

  6. Okay, that episode was good. Time to read your breakdown

  7. You breakdown was equally as epic. Its too bad Hanare is a filler character because she’d fit right in.

    Anyway, the whole “torture dark-Konoha” thing was the point of the manga having Pain. He was what the dark side of Konoha created. Ths episode did a good job in showing that underneath the bravado, Konoha is still a NINJA village that is still looking out for ITS best interests.

    I’m a tad enthusiastic about Neji’s Gaiden though. Hopefully it’ll actually be good.

    Btw, does it bother anyone that this filler had such beautiful artwork and animation, yet the Pain arc and a lot of canon episodes, suffer from such fan-level animation and artwork? Because it sure as hell bothers me

  8. @kisu True Hinata’s confession could have better and that *does an exaclibur face* what came after it speaks for itself

  9. @kisu

    Thank you. And yes, it is odd that these fillers seem to have much better animation than the Pein arc did. I believe the anime team got a kick up their bums for the poor job they did their, so they have returned to a better animation style.

    The difference is actually staggering and the animation is much better now. No more choppy movements and still frames. At this rate, we will at least be able to look forward to Naruto vs Kyuubi. Lol.

  10. Besides the fact that it is inhumane, torture as a means to extract information from someone is unreliable, most notably because a person will say whatever the hell they can to make the pain stop. A skilled interrogator does not need to resort to such measures.

  11. @Tenrai, I read the Pain Arc got the junior team because all the good ones were doing the 4th shippuden Movie. But the good team will be gone again to do the 5th Movie, a re-do of the Pain Arc

  12. *Escapes Tenrai’s stomach, for the 54th time! *

    @ Torture – It isn’t a good means of obtaining information, Senator John McCain here in the U.S. was a P.O.W. during vietnam, and he was tortured – in his recounting of this, he stated that they “worked me over pretty good, and when I finally gave in and could take no more, I gave them the starting line up of (some football team, Prawl forgot which one”

    To further prove torture is useless:

    *Grabs Darks… begins torturing him*

    Prawl: Tell me the colonel’s secret recipe! Or this pain will never stop!

    Darkavatar: I don’t know it, please stop playing these Justin Beiber songs

    *Prawl was thankful that his Hogyokyou Sharingan protects him from pop music jutsu*

    10 HOURS LATER!!!


    *gives Prawl, a useless, but tasty recipe for chicken and biscuits*

  13. CAPTION: The Uchiha entourage MAY NOT climb the Senju Tree


  15. Caption: Hey I didn’t know ninja grew on tree.

  16. Caption: Sakura “Get out so I can rape Sasuke in peace.”

  17. Well, at least he spared me from Miley Cyrus songs.

  18. true torture isn’t a effective method allow me to demostrate example: *Abducts Prawl and forces him to watch Nick Jr. in HD 1080p for two days straight with special googles and headphones*
    Prawl: ……
    *grabs Prawl by his shoulders and shakes him vigourously*
    Me: ANSWER ME!!!!
    Prawl: ……
    *removes helmet and sees that Prawl’s eyes are glazed over. he get pushed and he falls over dead.*
    Me: *eye twitches* Maybe that was too much.
    *Straps a bomb Prawl’s face and kicks his corpse into Tenrai who then devours the carrion and explodes a few seconds later*

  19. *Respawns*

    Prawl: Kanton! Thank you! You’ve freed us all from the wrath of Tenrai! None shall be devoured again! As a reward, I’ll tell you where Kubo is…

    *Prawl points to Kantonkage, all other bloggers*

    Kanton: (in thought) Damned long-winded Prawl, STFU and tell me already!

    Prawl: Kubo…. is… (coughs up blood) …In ALL OF US!!!

    *Mini-Kubo’s burst out of all bloggers and become Aizen*

  20. *Respawns again, uses Edo-Tensai to resurrect all bloggers*

    Prawl: Now we can all kill each other forever… we’re immortal, as long as you don’t find peace and happiness or something.

    *sees a cute puppy*

    Prawl: AWWWW… wait! OH SHI…..

    *explodes, never to return… for at least a few hours*

  21. Dammit I should have known there was something weird about that cheesecake especially when it was delivered here for free.

  22. @torture – i agree with darks and prawl. A country needs skilled interrogators to obtain information from suspects and protect its citizens. Torture… not so much. The method is unreliable, and inhumane.

  23. I am glad to see such humane responses with regards to the subject of torture as a means of interrogation.

    It gives me hope for the world. *Sniff*

    Now…. Where’s my cheesecake? @__@

  24. CAPTION: Sakura: DAT ASS.

  25. Torture is good. Well…in a sense. When someone walks in and sees all the torture devices, their imaginations usually take over and they willingly divulge all information to avoid such pain. If seeing the devices don’t work, then that person is either a masochist, immune to torture or innocent. Actually going through with the torturing is just dumb and counter-productive.

    Aaaaaanyway, the Neji Gaiden was somewhat enjoyable. To be honest, I never really got how what Naruto told Neji freed this caged bird. His father only died because he knew he’d never bee free otherwise, which is what Neji originally thought. Neji’s character has been destroyed since he beat Kidomaru.

  26. Well guys, unfortunately (or fortunately for me) I will be going to Mozambique for a small holiday. I will be there for a few days and in that time, I will have no internet, no phone signal and no contact with the greater part of the world.

    So, I just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year and I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas. I will be back in a week, but Mandi will cover for the latest breakdown in the interim. I will be leaving early in the morning tomorrow…

    I hate goodbyes, even if only temporary. *Sniff* T___T


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