Bleach 431 – The Awesomeness Took The Closest Train To Mars and We Are Likely Never To See It Again. (Did I Possibly Break Pickles’ Record For Longest Breakdown Title With This Gibberish?)

After reading Bleach my face reached so far into my hands it wasn’t even funny. The sole enjoyment in this chapter came from me loling over Tite keeping the tension so high, wasting panel space in the process, with nothing happening. The plot barely moved. In fact did it move at all? Last chapter it was established that Ichigo will be meeting up with Xcution, this chapter that happened but for less than 5 pages. It’s a good thing I ddin’t get my hopes up, in fact I’m so glad I didn’t that I would be yelling “Suerte!” if I were Yammy.

Here’s this week’s AMV

Okay, I have nothing on this guy...goddammit!

This is gonna be a short one people. This week we really don’t learn much. Ichigo calls Xcution and gets an unnecessarily long and complex list of what to do to get to Mr. Kuugo. Well, considering this guy is shady as well, it may be very necessary. Based on how the disembodied voice spoke of Mr. Kuugo, it can be surmised that he is the leader of this organization. Does anyone but me see the parallels with Shinji and the Vizard recruiting Ichigo? First they show up and seem like antagonists, shakes up Ichigo’s life a little, he has problems trusting them for a very small amount of time, and then they help him get new powers.

You know it, I know it, but I don't think Kubo realizes this yet.

Apparently its a new day and Orihime is asking Ichigo about Chad, who’s been MIA since the timeskip. Since Ichigo and Chad are the closest of all his friends, why does he not know how Chad is. Chad only fights because of Ichigo for crying out loud. Anyway, Orihime asks if he wants to go visit Chad, but our boy Ichigo is a bit busy with some…business >_> <_<. She visits Chad herself but he apparently isn’t home so she leaves him some bread (should’ve gotten him some tacos or burritos >_>) .

Wait wait WAIT! Some big guy is asking a teenage boy to meet him at an abandoned building alone at night? Hmm, there's nothing wrong with this scene at all 🙂

Ichigo has a flashback to him and Ginjou appointing a place to meet. So 7:57 pm arrives and Ichigo and Ginjou meet face-to-face once again. They have a little exchange here, but what piqued my interest was Ichigo saying Ginjou is the only one he could rely on. Even if Urahara is a tad…okay, very shady, he’s still the man that has been helping you since the beginning of the story. Even Urahara turns out to be an antagonist, Ichigo’s trust in him shouldn’t have been shaken so easily, especially after he proved immune to Aizen’s mind-f*cks. Anyway, they go into the building and here we have Xcution’s headquarters.

Anther thing to note here is Ginjou saying one of their members is quite wealthy. This either means Xcution is a group of spiritually-gifted Humans, like I theorized, or just some Shinigami wearing Gigais. For the sake of originality, I’m going with the former. Ichigo also notes Ginjou isn’t a regular human for him to know so much about him and his father. Humans with Spiritual abilities is what we want (just like a certain manga some say Bleach is a ripoff of, Yuyu Hakusho)! The chapter closes with Ginjou saying he wishes to see Ichigo’s Shinigami abilities.

Kisu Thoughts:

This was a bad chapter. It wasn’t horribad, it did move the plot forward a bit, just not enough.

Bleach Battle:

This is another new feature to Kisu’s Breakdowns, weekly battles between characters. Mine will be a tad different than Pickles’ and Super’s however. They have mangas with consistent power levels to work with, while my manga’s characters have powers as the plot demands. What’s so different? I’ll be setting conditions, that’s what.

This week is Ulquiorra vs Uryu, but with a twist. The Battle takes place in the desert of Hueco Mundo (not inside Las Noches). Ulquiorra will be in Segunda Etapa form from the beginning and Uryu will be in Quinct Letzt Stil (Quincy Final Form) with no time limit. Also, the debate will always hold more weight than the polls.

~ by kisuzachi on December 15, 2010.

18 Responses to “Bleach 431 – The Awesomeness Took The Closest Train To Mars and We Are Likely Never To See It Again. (Did I Possibly Break Pickles’ Record For Longest Breakdown Title With This Gibberish?)”

  1. My money’s on Uryu

  2. FIRST!!!!

  3. noooooooo! I was about to be first. And defiantly uqliourra, because hes sexy

  4. How bout some Gin pics Kisu?

  5. @Kanton, what is this Gin thing of which you speak -_^

    I’m surprised no one has pointed out how much I stacked this fight in Uryu’s favor lmao!

    @hellsshinigami, Szayel is sexier, just saying…no homo >_>

  6. @kisu Ya know there one thing that’s been bothering me and that is the identity of that pink hair guy I keep seeing repeatedly.

  7. The only way Ishida could redeem himself in this manga would be IF he could beat ulquiorra.
    Ishida needs to spend more time with Kensei, and Kenpachi to “man up” a bit.
    EXAMPLE: Ulquiorra rips off Ishida’s arm (no one saw that coming again), only this time, Ishida steals his severed limb back, beats ulquiorra with it, then stuffs it up Ulquiorra’s ass! For added amusement: while his severed arm is in Ulqui’s asshole, he forms his quincy bow, and blasts a few arrows up/out of Ulquiorra.
    REALITY: Ishida quickly bleeds out from the loss of an arm, and the severed arteries that would be resultant of such an injury.

  8. “and Uryu will be in Quinct Letzt Stil (Quincy Final Form) with no time limit.”

    …the whole point of it being the final form is that there is a time limit. a long one sure, because his form lasted till he was walking away from the fight, but still. as for who would win i would have to say, Who Cares!? this would be epic to watch. however, since Ulquiorra has nuke on a stick, plus regeneration, i think this one would either be a tie (they both critically damage each other) or Ulquiorra wins but is heavily injured. However, if Kubo is writing this fight then Uryu wins with another thinly veiled desu ex machina. cause we all know about good guys and Bleach…

  9. @Kisu not as sexy as afro-san

  10. @Takashid, that’s exactly the point. I put special conditions in these battles to make them even, otherwise it’d be impossible with Bleach’s weird power levels :P. Seriously though, this would be epic. I’m just waiting for the debate to really start

    @hellsshinigami, now you’re just trolling because no one is as sexy as Omaeda! 😀

  11. Let me kick this debate off.

    The battle is in Hueco Mundo’s desert where there’s lots of Reishi in the air. Quincy fight by gathering these particles and shooting them in arrow form, this means Uryu’s arrows are more powerful in Hueco Mundo than they are in Soul Society and the Human World.

    Hirenkyaku works by using the reishi in the air to enhance speed, so once again Uryu gets a boost in Hueco Mundo. Also when he fought Ulquiorra unlike Ichigo he could keep up with him. Now when he uses Quincy Letzt Stil he gains complete dominance over Reishi, which means he can augment his Hirenkyaku and move faster than he ever could in normal form. (Hirenkyaku’s mechanics) (Reishi dominance) (augmented speed)

    Next up is raw power. With one hit while holding back Uryu destroyed a Captain’s Bankai and blew a huge hole in that Captain’s body. Now Uryu can spam arrows, like his technique Licht Regen. Imagine thousands of arrows with that kind of power hitting Ulquiorra. His internal organs would be in worse shape than when Hollow Ichigo Cero’d him.

    Now let’s move on to the improvements Uryu’s made since then. He now has Seele Schneider, which breaks down Reiatsu and absorbs i t for Uryu. In the anime it broke down Senbonzakura Kageyoshi and absorbed it, and in the manga it broke down Cirucci’s Reiatsu weapon and absorbed it as well. He also said while he uses it his own Reiatsu get’s a boost. It acts like a buzzsaw and not like a sword, keep that in mind.

    Uryu should take this with difficulty.

  12. Here’s some Bleach Jump Festa stuff

  13. I think my title is longer than yours Kisu. <_<


  14. …so no debate?

    @Tenrai, I’ll one up you next time 😉

  15. @kisu it’s Bleach where the power lvl are so screw up and ishida will automatically lose.

  16. Bleach 432 is out!

  17. Why do I get the feeling Chad attacked Ishida?

  18. u might be right lol.
    anyways i dont like were the manga is going this was another crappy chapter imo

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