Rate this Weeks Manga 7/12/10

HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Yes i am actually alive and apologise for not giving you your weekly dose of rating fun, but i had a abit of spare time so i thought i would come bring you my opinions on the recent manga chapters.

I will start with bleach and its current filler like arc.

Although i like things up to know due to it feeling like the beginning of the manga i have to say its not feeling like bleach anymore, infact while reading it i sometimes forget im reading bleach untill one of the charaters mentions shinigamis or reiatsu. Focusing on this chapter itself i have to say i really enjoyed it, a fair bit of plot progression and no wasted panels πŸ˜€ Also i rather liked the ending to the chapter and how it felt like Ichigo was being hired as a contract killer/ bounty hunter, or that could just be my messed up imagination.

I will give Bleach 8 out of 10


Moving onto One Piece now and i cant say much actually, im still kind of speechless from all the crew’s return and how awesome they all are πŸ˜›

Chapter 607 was just like any typical One Piece chapter: Awesomeness.

It had everything everyone wants in a manga series, action, comedy, plot progression, no waste of panels and that final panel thats so awesome it has the reader saying OH HELL YES! … or is that just me…

One Piece gets 8.5 out of 10 for me because i cannot decide between giving it an 8 or 9.

And finally we come to Naruto and we’re still at war … well its expected really, would be pretty lame if the war was already over.

There wasnt much progression in the form of the war this chapter however there was alot concerning Kabuto’s technique. It also seems as though we will see if Haku and Zabuza will have much influence in this war or if they were put into this for fan service. Also not much progression regarding naruto’s new technique but my theory is he will learn his new technique, learn of Yamato’s capture, zoom in save him, then learn of the war and so on, although like most of my theories its highly unlikely to happen πŸ˜›

Naruto 520 gets 8.5 out of 10 because just like One Piece i couldnt decide between 8 and 9

So thats if for my post, sorry for my lack of posting in the past few months, im going to try and get more regular with my posts from now on πŸ˜› no promises though.

Also dont forget about my little tournament, yes thats still happening, seven people said they were interested, so thats the least amount of people we need, however only one person actually added me on the xbox and sent me the message, so a reminder to you, the date is going to be confirmed at a later date, all i need you folks to do is add me on the xbox with a message saying its for the tounrament (Gamertag: OMFG its Dean).

Thanks for reading, see you next time πŸ˜€

~ by Captain Awesome on December 14, 2010.

5 Responses to “Rate this Weeks Manga 7/12/10”

  1. FirsT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Bleach: 8
    OP: 7
    Naruto: 9

  3. Turd… Uhhh I mean THIRD!

  4. Kisu you ranked Bleach higher then One Piece!?

  5. Fifth!

    Bleach: 7

    One Piece: 8

    Naruto: 8

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