Bleach 430 – The Awesomeness Has Returned

*wakes up from midday nap*

*reads Bleach*

Awesooooome! Repeat after me The Miz-style. “AWESOME!” Finally Bleach has stopped being a total douche bully and decided to spare our asses from the impact of its shoes. In other words it didn’t kick our asses this week. Anyhoo, no more rhymes for you. Now prepare, I’m about to tell my tragic tale so the squeamish beware, last week I was trapped in a dare, which forced me to rhyme until it was officially my 18th year. I Christmastized it just so I don’t have to do another Christmas themed one later.

Since I didn’t give you an Amv last week, this week you get four!

*gets a phone call*

Wait, I’m being told that four no longer comes after one. When did the numerical system change on me? Was my brain in a Bleach-induced coma that long? BAH! Well here are your TWO Amvs (these are my two favorite Bleach ones).

So there you go. A Szayelerrific AMV and a Ichigrimmtastic one!

I put the chapter number where I thought you'd be looking. I'm a devious bastard, yes I know.

This chapter was packed with lols and some story progression. I saw no wasted panels, there was no filler and the pacing wouldn’t lose a race to a slug this week. Overall this chapter was a good one, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Now let’s get to it shall we?

Ichigo's still got nothing on me, right?...RIGHT!?

The chapter starts at Orihime’s room where she’s thinking about her “encounter” with Ichigo in his room last week ;). So she’s basically thinking about how she only wanted to stop by and say “Hi” for a minute only to end up in Ichigo’s room having hot se- I mean having hot bread talk with him. Yep, Ichigo gave her a long piece of bread to take home. Anyway her very insightful thoughts get interrupted by the worst ring tone in history. She picks it up and sees its Uryu calling her.

Apparently I was right about Yuzu last week. She want's some of that wincest.

Then we head back to the Kurosaki house to see Karin ask Yuzu where’s Ichigo, to which Yuzu says “Upstairs”. So Karin and Yuzu are doing what girls do when they’re alone. No, not plan how to take over the world and cut off all men’s lower horn (Futurama FTEW). They’re talking about how perverted boys are- well, Karin is talking about that and Yuzu seems to be thinking about how much she wants strawberries in her mouth :P. Karin calls her out on it and says Ichigo isn’t into that sorta thing. Yuzu then does the quickest Shunpo seen in this manga so far and runs away screaming she wasn’t thinking that, yeah right ;). Now Kisu’s twisted mind says her thoughts on Ichigo actually make sense based on what we’ve seen:

1. She showed Ichigo her new uniform before anyone else.

2. She showed Ichigo her test score before anyone else, seeking his approval above all else.

3. This kid needs therapy. 🙂

Anyway, Karin sees Ichigo heading out and tries to stop him but he was probably so lost in thought he didn’t hear her. He dashes to the hospital Uryu is at because he got a phone call as well. He’s surprised to see Orihime there and asks where where Chad was. Apparently we haven’t seen him yet because he’s busy with his new job.  So Uryu starts being a total douche (but he does it right unlike a certain Uchiha) when Ryuken shows up and shuts him up epically. Isshin owns with fits, Ryuken owns with words XD! Ryuken tells them he was the one that called them there, probably to be there for Uryu.

So, much talking aside, Ichigo and Orihime are about to leave when Ryuken tells him he’ll take her home in his car. After Ichigo leaves Ryuken then tells Orihime why he wanted Ichigo gone. He tells her that whoever attacked Uryu was neither Hollow nor Shinigami, but was human, a human with abilities like Chad and herself. Uryu is also a human with spiritual abilities, so Ryuken deduces that whoever came after him is likely to target she and Chad next.

Isn't it obvious Chad is next?

We then go back to Ichigo. Feeling powerless he finally decides to call the number on the card Ginjou Kuugo gave him. Apparently  the receptionist has been expecting him O_O. Tune in next week

Kisu’s Thoughts:

1. The movement enhancer Uryu’s attacker used must be something similar to Chad’s speed boost. It couldn’t have been Hirenkyaku or Uryu would’ve promptly noticed that. Chad’s speed isn’t Sonido or anything named, it just showed up with his power boost and he used the speed to completely overwhelm Gantenbainne (the Privaron Espada with the red Afro).

2. What could’ve caused a human to get these powers? The explanation that Sado and Orihime got their powers from Ichigo’s leaking Reiatsu has been retconned to the Hogyouku giving them powers because they wished they could help our favorite strawberry. Last time I checked Aizen has the Hogyouku and he’s in Avici right now. The only explanation is Urahara exposed them to the Hogyouku in the 90+ years between his banishment and Aizen pulling the Hogyouku out of Rukia. Whatever, I’m just hoping that Kubo doesn’t make someone invent another Hogyouku.

3. Congratulations Anime. You reached episode 300! That’s even more than DBZ!


~ by kisuzachi on December 9, 2010.

20 Responses to “Bleach 430 – The Awesomeness Has Returned”

  1. It’s ouuuuuut!

  2. Seriously, THIS:

    theres even a contact number!

  3. @Takashid, WTF!?

  4. Second!!!

    When Ryuken said: “I’ll bring her back home Ichigo”, I told him “Naughty Uryu… She’s not 18 yet, you pedo! …Unlike Kisuzachi!”.

    And so…. he’s hunting you Kisu. XD
    You’d better run… O_O

  5. I still say it reminds me of the Bount arc sort of.

  6. Kisu: don’t you see? its the number ichigo just called. Ginjou isn’t suspicious, he’s just trying to get ichigo to join his business! 😛
    after seeing ichigo tke down that bag thief he knew ichigo would be a valuable asset. This is my new personal cannon because it’s so LOLzy

    lol the webpage even says “welcome to Xcution”

  7. I…I think I have a man crush on Szayel O_O

    @Takashid, that xcution site made my day rofl!

  8. kisu: truly it is the truth of the latest arc, and the truth must be told to all Bleach fans 😛

  9. Great breakdown, though i have to disagree on not finding any wasted panels, i found plenty. But im just biased bastard like that.

    It finally feels like the story is picking up to what it once was. Though so far it have felt like filler. It wouldnt suprise me if when this become anime that the anime only fans confuse this for filler. I sure would.

    I didnt think much of it at first, but you seem to be right about the incest part. So many implications >.>
    On the other hand i did see the kinda pedophilic moment between Ryuken and Inoue >_>

    Are we actually going to see Sado any time soon? Whats the deal Kubo? Got something planned about him that requires built up suspence?

    I do think im seeing where the story is going. In previous chaps its been mentioned that Inoue and Uryu have felt something strange and almost reiatsu like around Ichigo. My guess is that Ichigo somehow have started to develop these new strange powers that these Xcution guys got, and they want him into the group. Basically the Vizard deal all over again.

    Oh and lol at the Xcution website

  10. @roku, maybe Sado works at a strip club. That would explain why we haven’t seen him yet, those people are very busy O_O

    also, Ryuken is too cool for pedophilia. He can get it from any woman, he’s cool like that. Szayel and Aizen as well 😀

  11. @kisu you’ve forgotten to mention Gin.

  12. @Kanton, nah Gin’s Slasher smile would scare them away…well unless you consider fangirls as human… or even women >_>

  13. @kisu same for Szayel and Aizen. who would just kill them with their feminism with their pink hair and butterfly wings.

  14. also because they would either be vaporized by being close to Aizen and Szayel would just use them as lab frogs.

  15. hey guys I’ve only started watching the anime and reading the manga about 10 days ago and I just finished them both, so you could say I’m up to date.

    I had a questions in regard to what happened to ichigo after he used the final getsuga.
    If his shinigami powers are gone as a result of the technique what happened to the hollow powers, did they vanish because hollow ichigo fused with tensa zangetsu thus ending both there existence?

  16. @Eugen, the Hollow and Zangetsu share the same spirit body, so when Zangetsu died so did the Hollow

  17. @kisu and Eugen this is bleach no one actually dies they’re just hiding somewhere.

  18. it’s out

  19. well that was boring. just what we needed more characters! and trying to get ichigo’s powers back? who’d a thought it?

  20. @takashid Yea, who would of? Clearly not anyone who reads Bleach.

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