Kabuto Summons

Awe All Pein here, and while we all ponder the outcomes of the current war being fought in Naruto. I thought a theory post would be well placed about here about the current participants of the war… Since I have no interest in the good guys, I thought maybe to focus on the Bad Guys and more specifically Kabuto’s Summons in the war, quite a few…

Asuma Sarutobi Konohagakure

Asuma is a Jonin class ninja and we have already seen he has a Nature Affiliation of Wind which apparently is also quite Rare, but we have seen that “talk-no-jutsu” or seeing something you wished u had before, can release Edo Tensei… So Asuma has one huge weakness… A drooling Baby O_O Shikamaru vs Asuma could be on the cards but in the end most Naruto Fans would think once he has seen his Child and seen his Team rising to the challenge and becoming great shinobi, his purpose will be forfilled and he will, well he will move on.

Most Likely Battle: Shikamaru/Chouji

Threat Level: 5/10

Asuma Sarutobi

Chiyo    Suna   Famous

The old lady that with the help of Sakura took out the Master Puppeteer Sasori but it has now been revealed that well Sasori is weak as a puppet and when he was reborn he lost most of his power, since a lot of it was in his puppets? She seemed to die happily but I think her biggest regret would be Sasori and the damages he cause but if she hears from Kankuro how Sasori soul has passed on I believe she could also move on pretty easily. I was hoping for more from her though, but maybe Kabuto will give her more time to prepare and become a challenge but I don’t think she will be a huge threat when unleashed in battle

Most Likely Battle: Kankuro/Sakura

Threat Level: 4/10


Chukichi Kiri Famous

Not much is known of this ninja only that he is a sensor type ninja, he has also shown his hate for Akatsuki. So his weakness is yet unknown. He is also the last “active” member of the Surprise Attack and Diversion Squad, with Deidara taken prisoner.  “Chūkuchi resembles an unnamed Kirigakure shinobi who was abducted by Hiruko for use with his Chimera Technique during the events of Naruto Shippūden 3: Inheritors of the Will of Fire. Hiruko integrated part of the shinobi’s remains with his own body to steal one of four Kekkei Genkai abilities: either Storm Release, Dark Release, Steel Release, or Swift Release.”

Most Likely Battle: Ambush Squad

Threat Level: Unknown (7/10)

Dan – Konoha – Famous

Dan, not much is known about him besides that he was once Tsunades lover and Shizune’s Uncle, he is a famous ninja which is shown when Asuma recognizes him and would seem quiet intelligent too since he had figured out that they had been under Edo Tensei. His possible strength would be fighting the 5th Hokage and gaining the mental advantage, this would suggest that he would keep his personality during this battle. The thing/regret still binding him to earth is now not known, he had died in war and may have many regrets with not having seen loved ones. Though his talk no jutsu weakness is difficult to fully know.

Most Likely Battle: Tsunade/Shizune

Threat Level: 6/10


Deidara – Iwagakure – Akatsuki

Deidara is currently being held by Kankuro and his weakness to electric type jutsu is well known. His only ambition is to create beautiful art in the form of explosion, defeating an Uchiha is also high up on his list but I do not believe he will loose to talk-no-jutsu but instead be sealed away. What I do hope to see however is him fight the Third Tsuchikage. It will be a repeat of a current theme where Student battles Sensei. Though if freed Deidara could be a major threat at the moment he is not.

Most Likely Battle: Old man Kage

Threat Level: 0/10 if freed 9/10


Fourth Kazekage – Suna – Kage

Gaara’s farther. He was the main cause of Gaara’s suffering as a child and Gaara had not been given a chance to face him. Unlike Minito’s sacrifice to give Naruto the Kyuubi, Gaara  was used as a tool by his farther. This is one of the battles I most look forward to or at least hope happens. Gaara vs the 4th Kazekage. I think we will see how well Gaara has been able to deal with “hate” and “revenge” once he faces the man responsible. He will be a strong opnonent he succeeded the 3rd Kazekage and was followed by Gaara, two of the most powerful Sand Shinobi to ever live. I doubt he will be a push over. Regrets/Things tying him to earth, I don’t believe he will truly regret what he did to Gaara, he may want revenge on Orochimaru for betraying him but this is again unknown.

Most Likely Battle: Gaara/ Sand Sibling

Threat Level: 7/10

4th Kazekage

Fu – TakigakureJinchūriki

One of the few Ninja Summoned not from the “5 Great” Villages, the ex-7 Tails host. Little is know about her but most Jinchūriki are powerful because of their Tailed Beast and she has lost her strongest ability but too little is known about he to give a fair comment.

Most likely battle: Unknown

Threat Level: Unknown


Haku/Zabuza – Missing nin/Kirigakure – Famous

This one I am not too sure about, I believe it is more a fan’s treat that Kishi included him. I know he was strong during the Land of Waves arc but at that point Sasuke and Naruto where pretty weak (compared to now) and I do not see his advantage in battle against Naruto and them for the mental impact. Since Kakashi killed him. I look forward to seeing the Ice Jutsu again and maybe if combined well with Zabuza can make quite the team but Kabuto’s reason for resurrecting him is a bit flawed, in my opinion. Regrets/Things to cling to on earth, also unknown since he and Zabuza should of died pretty peacefully.

Most Likely Battle: Team Battle with Kakashi Squad

Threat Level: 2/10 Haku, 4/10 Zabuza, Combined 6/10


Han – Iwagakurejinchūriki

The 5 Tail Host, He is also for the most part an unknown, though it has been stated by Akatsuki that he hated humanity for how he was treated by his village, being ignored and seemingly hate, much like Naruto and Gaara. Not much else is known about him although unlike most Shinobi he is heavy armored. I see it almost like he used the armor to isolate himself more and more, but that is just my first impression. His major regret may be he wanted deep down to be accepted or maybe to just kill everyone. In the end not enough is known to give a fair reasoning, but like most of the other hosts it is assumed most of his power came from the Tailed Beast itself.

Most Likely Battle: Any main Stone Ninja

Threat Level: Unknown


Hanzō of the Salamander – Amegakure – Famous

Former leader of Amegakure and infamous as Hanzo of the Salamander, he is most well known in the series for his giving the Legendary Sanin their nicknames and that he was at some point defeated by Pein/Naguto, his personality was that of an all powerful dictator and would be seen as a great threat to the SA if we look at his previous battle between the Sanin. His regret may be simple as not having enough power or revenge on Naguto/Pein. I really look forward to seeing him in action.

Most Likely Battle: Tsunade? /

Threat Level: 7/10


Hizashi Hyūga – Konoha – Famous

This one must be just for his emotional impact, he is only a branch member of the Hyuuga clan and unlike Neji I do not believe he has become a “genius” but when I thought of this more, I realized he may not be as worthless as just an emotional impact. A- He knows all the Hyuuga’s secrets being the Twin brother of the head household, he in that too serves as an emotional hurdle for the most powerful Hyuuga, if he is put up against his brother. Though he could be released if he see’s Neji has followed his dream and become like the Head Family, taking away the divide they once had. The way I see it is he will fight Hiashi Hyūga (Twin Brother) and then Neji. The latter releasing him of his binds.

Most Likely Battle: Older Brother / Neji

Threat Level: 5/10

Hizashi Hyuuga

Itachi Uchiha – Konoha – Akatsuki

Probably one of the most popular characters in Naruto, many people debate the state in which his eyes will be. I personally believe he will still have his Sharingan and MS abilities. He will be a powerful opponent, and I believe his greatest regret would be Sasuke’s path after his death, many people are hoping for a Sasuke vs Itachi rematch, that would cause mental damage for Sasuke, it could be the turning point of Sasuke’s path to revenge. He is one of the most anticipated summons to see in battle. I would like to see his Sasunoo again and him in battle will be epic.

Most Likely Battle: Sasuke / Naruto

Threat Level: With Eyes 9/10 Without 5/10

Uchiha Itachi

Kakazu – Takigakure – Akatsuki

One of the Zombie Brothers. I am unsure of his current state and it is also up for much debate. If he has his hearts or if he will have to collect them still, he is not the most powerful but could still cause trouble in any battle. I believe he may be key if they ever free Hidan, since he could put him together again. The reunion of the “Zombie  Brothers” could be a powerful combo, but then again all the summons are Zombies now 😛 His regret may be as simple as acknoledgement, after being treated so poorly after failing to kill the 1st Hokage. or just lots of money O_O

Most Likely Battle: Kakashi?

Threat Level: 5/10


Kimimaro – Otogakure – Famous

One of Orochimaru’s most powerful servants and Sound 4 member, we have seen he has his Cursed Seal and now that he is not injured could be a powerful fighter, however I see him in the same light as Haku, he is more a fan’s return but I don’t mind seeing him in action again, though I am not sure who his opponent will be… Maybe Lee to show his growth over the skip and to show how powerful he truly was if the disease hadn’t affected him. I am not sure what he will regret most, probably his failed mission for Orochimaru.

Most Likely: Unknown. Minor important Character

Threat Level: 4/10


Naguto – Amegakure – Akatsuki

He has also been a topic of debate since it was revealed the Rinnegan had been given to him after his birth by Madara and since we are unaware fully if he will regain it, it is hard to say what his abilities will be.

If he regains it: He will be able to reactivate the 6 Paths of Pein one of my favorite Techniques and he will return to his “god” like statues… Deva Path’s body may still be able to be used and Konan has similar nuts and bolts 😉 I have also heard the theory he will be able to concentrate all that power into his one body, since now his body is indestructible, this makes him in my opinion the most powerful summon of Kabuto… and no its not cause I am a huge Naguto/Pein Fan @_@

Without the eyes: He is still an Uzumaki and could just by that be pretty powerful but we are not sure exactly how his abilities without the Rinnegan will be

Regret: Not attaining Peace.

Most Likely Battle: Naruto, Sasuke, Bee? One of the Kage’s

Threat Level: 10/10 with eyes. 4/10 without


Rōshi – Iwagakurejinchūriki

Host of the Four-Tailed Monkey, he was captured by Kisame but it was stated that Kisame had the type advantage and was one of the best Akatsuki members trained to capture tailed beast, he has lava release and many believe that he is directly related to Old man Kage, it is mentioned that he was a greater loss to the village then Han had been, but it is unknown if he will keep his lava release without the tailed beast.

Most Likely Battle: unknown

Threat: 5/10


The Third Raikage – Kumo – Kage

A very powerful fighter, if A and Bee are anything to go by, it was his duty as the third raikage to continually seal the 8 Tailed Beast when ever it escaped which shows his incredible fighting power but not much else is known about him but because of his power he is a high level threat. Regrets, not sure, maybe the state he left the village in, or him sealing Bee with the 8 Tails. Too little is known to give a fair judgment

Most Likely Battle: Bee Raikage

Threat Level: 8/10

Third Raikage

Their are 3 Unknown Shinobi that where brought back to life, 1 from Iwa, 1 from Kumo and 1 from Suna. A lot is unknown about these ninja but like Chukichi they all seem to resemble characters from the Naruto Shippūden 3: Inheritors of the Will of Fire movie which may mean that they each possess a powerful Kekkei Genkai , either Storm Release, Dark Release, Steel Release, or Swift Release.

Threat level of all: Unknown

Unknown Kage

We don’t even know which Villages this Kage is from, my guess would be Iwagakure since all the other Villages have a former Kage Resurrected already except Konoha which all the Kage’s are known. 4th Kazekage, 3rd Raikage and 4th Mizukage have been resurrected.He is Kage level and will be a powerful fighter, but not much else is known about this kage.

Threat Level: Unknown

Utakata Kirigakure – jinchūriki

Beside him being the host of the Six-Tailed Slug everything till this point we have seen has been in Filler arcs so if Kishi stays true to that or not would make it quite interesting. Again too little is “truly” known on this host to give fair comment but it is also assumed like most of the hosts that they are now weaker to have lost the tailed beasts powers

Threat Level: Unknown


Yagura – Kirigakure – Kage/jinchūriki

One of the few known jinchūriki to become Kage, others being Gaara… but not much else is known, he had been the Muzikage when the village was called Village of the Bloody Mist, though we also know he was being controlled by Madara during this time. He must of been a powerful Shinobi to gain the respect of his people and rise to the top position in his Village, but it is unknown how powerful he would be without his Tailed Beast

Most Likely Battle: Current Muzikage

Threat Level: unknown

Yugito Nii – Kumogakure – jinchūriki

The host of the 2 Tailed Cat, we seen her power to control her tailed beast but not much else is known about her abilities.

Threat Level: Unknown


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13 Responses to “Kabuto Summons”

  1. This is a good breakdown. Thanks for the info.

  2. Cool analysis pein!


  3. Third.

    Nice post Pein. Now, let’s have a debate. @__@

    I don’t know what the debate will be about, but you can’t have a post like this without at least some sort of debate. <_<

  4. @ Tenrai – unless everyone agrees with me… and all admit that I am right and the greatest ^_^ then no need for debate 😛

  5. but in the spirit of WAR we need to have a bit of a war somewhere O_o

  6. I shall start KAKUZU and KIMIMARO threats so be higher and the fourth Kazekage should be lower since he was just off by Orochimaru.

  7. Good breakdown but there won’t be a reunion of the Zombie Twins – Hidan is in a place where he can never escape. Plus, he is STILL alive, according to Kishi. Can’t happen with live bodies – and there is no DNA to my knowledge from Hidan.

    I’d love to see Gaara up against his father. The 4th Kazekage was a lot of the reason for Gaara’s pain. For Gaara, this would be the ultimate release from that pain. Never mind that Naruto’s influence will help him along the way. However, I also wonder about Temari or Kankuro…?

  8. I can definitely sense Asuma being to rest in peace knowing that Shikamaru will take care of his child aka “king”.
    The biggest problems would besides the unknown/Jinchuuriki would be Hanzo, Kimimaro, Kakuzu, Deidara and Itachi being defeated via the resting in peace method.

  9. I actually think Haku and Kimimaru are being underestimated a bit. Let’s take a look at what we know about them and consider how much of a threat they really are.

    Firstly Haku. During the Wave Country arc, Haku fought Sasuke and Naruto both, but we all know he wasn’t really putting effort into that fight. He was clearly and purposefully holding back because of his soft heart and I think it may have made him seem weaker than he actually was.

    The truth is, even Zabuza admitted that Haku was more powerful than him and that, as Zabuza put it, even the most skilled jounin fell before him. That means Haku is at least above jounin level. Now that he is being controlled by Edo tensei, he won’t really be able to hold back anymore, because he is no longer in control. That means that we may get a better idea of how strong he actually was.

    As for Kimimaru, let’s not forget that this guy was Orochimaru’s first choice for a body even before Sasuke. Let’s also not forget that he was on his deathbed at the time of the Sasuke retrieval arc and wasn’t even supposed to be able to move physically. He was crippled, essentially speaking and was only able to move out of sheer willpower alone.

    The fact that he matched Gaara in battle with that massive handicap and almost beat him, is a testament to how strong he was. The fact that he was dying at the time also means I doubt we even saw any real accurate measure of his true strength. Now we will get an opportunity to see just how powerful he is without the restraints of death tugging at his heels.

    I also feel Hanzou is higher on the threat level. He is one of the few people to best the legendary Sannin and although that was while he was younger, I would say he is in the very least as strong as Jiraiya was in his prime.

    Anyway, that’s my opinion. Either way, it will be interesting.

  10. i agree with tenrai, hanzou should be higher. I dare say that kabuto will actually be saving nagato and itachi to fight madara if the need be. I don’t see them appearing anytime soon on the front lines

  11. Zabuza, Haku, Kakuzu and Kimimaro are being underestimated.

  12. You are highly underestimating Hanzo. He’s a guy who fought (AND DEFEATED) the three sannin when they were near their prime. He’s AT LEAST a 9/10. Of course, he’s weaker than Pain, but that’s not the point.

    Also, the eye techniques work.

  13. i also agree with tenrai, Hanzou did after all beat the three sannin, in their prime and all at once. On the subject of Han, perhaps his armour is because he is a samurai and could maybe lead him to fighting Mifune. Or thats what i think anyway, although its a possibilty i think its unlikly

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