Bleach 299 – Lets get the popcorn Ready ^_^

Awe Pein here again for another Bleach anime breakdown… and this week its 299.

Open up. Enter the Gates of Hell... Sounds like a Metallica Song O_O and Album Cover

*what about 298/?, u may ask?*…. well its a long and intreging story of adventure and grandure, I struggled through the pains of this episode and I realized its not worth it… I am telling u, that is 30 minutes of my life I will never get back and I sacrificed it to see if there was at least on thing I would say its worth watching but no… write it off… its gone… like Atlantis, the Holy Grail, my sanity, 18 minutes of Watergate tape and Waldo. Trying to find these things will just cause insanity like Bleach would normally provoke… So we now count 297, 299… 298 never happened



I have good news @_@ I got one of those old consols that play the old 8Bit Game Cartridges with games like Super Mario, Ice Climber, Duck Hunt, Battle City, Circus Charlie… So yeah, I wanna get back to that as soon as possible… and well this Episode, like the current theme in Bleach, not much happens… but I must say I was a little disappointed 😦 I expected more of the anime team but then again I also understand that maybe they didn’t have all the time in the world.

Twisted... Sweet start to any anime πŸ˜‰

The Hell Arc Special Chapter actually made it better, the thing with the anime the pacing was all wrong and it added basically nothing… but in the anime the dramatic pauses where well just ignored and it took away some of the effect of the battle… but I may be getting ahead of myself, like Beating the Dragon and the Mushroom tells u that you been in the wrong Castle… anyways…

First things First, the Episode over all was boring, I am gonna be honest there not much that gave me a moment of OHHHH AAHHHH, it was more like the bread you have on your table before the main meal, its tasty but nothing compared to the main meal coming your way, or even pudding… mmm pudding…

*Day Dreams about pudding for a while…* *cough*

Anyways, like I was saying, the episode didn’t hold much in progress of story but will work well as a spring board for the movie like the Hell Chapter was ment to be… I for one am very excited but I am glad that this will just be a movie and the plot won’t be ruined by Tite-No-Bankai, he has to have a Beginning–Middle–Conclusion, which in Bleach doesn’t exsist… The animation was Sub par by Bleaches very High Standards of Animation, but until Szayel part it was mostly action and a little talk which is nice, but can also get boring but where this episode lacked its usual high quality, sound and animation, it does make us start thinking, wondering what lies ahead for Ichigo… Firstly.

Shreikers return, though he was trouble for old Ichigo, that was before even Shikai so he shouldn’t be that strong, but somehow he has evolved in a weird way it is mentioned that he doesn’t have a Reitsu like a Hollow or Shinigami, which makes me think of Ichigo’s current state, (manga) could this be a clue to what will happen to Ichigo? if so he could become way more powerful if u just look at the jump that Shrieker has made… plus the Espada in Hell? How will they be effected could they evolve too?

Once the Battle is won, Shrieker returns to Hell and later killed there, but what interests me then is how do people die in Hell? He was killed but already dead twice, (I know this been a topic of debate lately) but this episode has given proof that one can infact die if killed… This though also makes me wonder when is this movie fitting in with the rest of the Story, since Szayel is dead but Ichigo seems to have his powers and Soul Society are still in order… but it could just be a random thing like most movies do they don’t actually make sense in any timeline…

Also it is Clear from the meetings that Ichigo will not be allowed into Hell but Soul Society have an emergancy way into hell, and like most things if you can get in, you can probably get out.

O_O I think I may be rambling, its too much time near that crazy pink hair dude, Kisu…. I blame you <_<


The end of the episode I watch about 3-4 times, just enjoy seeing the Espada again… I thought the end was awesome but, in the end like I said before the animation was way too rushed and it felt like one of those Flash animations u find on youtube, its awesome to watch if you enjoy watching bad guys fight to the death…

New Bad Guy... I wonder if he will have Emokai

Though the Episode wasn’t great I am still looking forward to the MOVIE its gonna be legendary I think.

I went to the movies over the weekend, watched some Romantic Comedy… <_<

I didn’t cry… there was salt in my eyes… anyways I went and as I was sitting there before the lights where dimmed and people started whispering, that what is a movie without Trailers before hand? Fine Granted usually you don’t see Trailers to the movie you are watching now, but this is what this episodes and arcs are. Trailers… and if looked like that its not half good…

Send Kisu to Hell, Spend some time with ur hero πŸ˜‰

I couldn’t stop Laugh at this… @_@


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3 Responses to “Bleach 299 – Lets get the popcorn Ready ^_^”

  1. First

    Ginjou’s secret is revealed. kubo is a master of foreshadowing, mentioning indigo’s job so often in these first few chapters after the skip.
    ladies and gentlemen, i give you:

    its all so clear now, ginjou is trying to get ichigo to join his business. he’s heard about ichigo moving from job to job, and when he saw ichigo’s physical skills beating down the bag thief, he knew he had to get him to join the business. Bleach makes so much sense now,see kisu! πŸ˜›

    hell movie πŸ˜‰

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