Naruto 518 & 519 Double Breakdown: Akatsuki gets sodomized. I said what what in the butt! I said what what in the butt! Demotivational poster inclusive. This has to be my shortest title in the past five months…

Wanna hear a funny story?

I’m still alive. 😀

Naughty naughty Byakugan user...*shakes head disappointedly*

As I type this my fingers may spontaneously crack and shatter into itty bitty bloody pieces. It’s just that fracking cold in this fracking country! BROOKLYN RAGE!!! But you know what the blazing chill and sparkly snowdrops mean…

Jiraiya-senseiiiiiiiii!!!!!!! ;_________;

I’d wish you compliments of the season, but I’m beginning to adopt Tralfamadorian philosophy. That means if you’re gonna have a shitty Christmas you’re gonna have a shitty Christmas.

And now that I’ve substantially jolted your spirits why don’t we get this show wayunder.


That right there was just about the gist of the one chapter: Team Rocket getting butt sexed. If I still had a shred of innocence left in my rotten soul, I’d probably feel at least a little awkward saying that. Alas, the chastity escapes me, kind of like how it escaped Deidara and co. as Omoi turned them into fried chicken. Of course Kankuro and Sai helped too, which all cumulated into what it is I loved so much about 518.

Kishi finally decides to pay heed to the incessant crying of the fanverse and allow them auxiliary characters some time in the sun. And it seems the past few months have been good on ’em too. It’s one of the few explanations I could think of to settle that one gnawing qualm: how it was almost too easy for them. The other? Zombies enjoy taking it in the a…ttic! Errr, yea, that’s right. The attic…>_>


I like the way Kankuro took charge and led his team to victory. The level of teamwork also made it seem as if they’d all been partners for at least longer than a handful of hours. Perhaps, even, their opponent’s sub-par performance can be owed an overload on Kabuto, controlling so many (very strong) shinobi at a time. Think of it as Sasori’s Red Secret Technique: Hyakki no Sōen. The fewer the amount of functional puppets at his disposal, the more concentration he could afford on each, which amounted to more power. And, of course, the same concept carries vice versa.

Still, nothing taken away from Shinobi’s expert performance back there. And if you didn’t like it, well that’s too bad. Because now Sai is coming for you…in the attic…

Look at that volume on his lipstick! *is jealous*

The following chapter then completely shifted the focus. At first, it begins with Kankuro practicing what he no doubt learned from Gaara, who takes it after Naruto, who is Jesus. None can resist the golden tongue of death! …Except maybe Sasuke…but he’s just emo like that.

But anyway, following Kabuto and Madara’s short mind wars comes the core of the chapter.

Way to take a step in the right direction, Kabuto...

Seems he can't really knock the habit...

Not like anyone really needed it but I think what we have here is yet further testament to the badassery that is The Fourth Hokage. It’s honestly almost as if he could see the future. And, of course just one glance at the Kyuubi’s vomit was enough to develop a whole jutsu off of its base, which he passes on in hopes of the very thing that happens in this chapter.

I think it sucks how the battle of the fox and the boy still isn’t totally settled. In short I think all of the implications of Naruto’s Saiyan mode just plain blow. No shadow clones? F*ck that shit! All the same, it’s pretty cool how Naruto still has the capacity to turn full into the Kyuubi even though he hardly will ever, especially seeing as he seems to be able to access most of its powers in Saiyan mode anyway. And one of them in particular…

The famous Pokemon rip-off fails yet again...

The Bijuu Bomb. Or at least that’s what it’s called. A massive concentration of energy, which, when released, effectuates a most deadly wave of unadulterated destruction. Could it be that jutsu? Given its background and history (did I just said the same thing twice?) it could very well be. The problem, however, is death.

But Naruto remember. If it’s chakra we’re afraid will dry cold, think back to the past: Sage Mode!

Hey, I can say these things.

Prospekt, how could I forget?



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  1. FIRST!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey, I noticed recently that Sakura’s trust in Grandma Chiyo was a lot like the younger generation putting their trust in the guidance of the older generation, while still allowing the younger generation every single ounce of their free will (the time when Sakura got out of a tough spot by making the poisonous gas disperse.) Etc. etc. etc.

  3. I say Sasori lost because he was a puppetmaster with no puppets. Its a testament to his skill that he was able to make due with bodies instead of his puppets. Deidara lost because he was pretty careless and was holding the Idiot Ball.

  4. 4th I see the future now ^_^

  5. Fifth!!!

  6. @ Chapters – Not really my favorite but not too bad either, we getting to See Akatsuki get their @$$ kicked for a 2nd time whoop whoop… but its early days in the war so lets wait and see maybe the forces will even out again soon since now the SA have the advantage, it could build up for something Epic from Pein, Itachi etc…. Imagine it, Naguto reclaims his Pein body… and uses Shinra Tensei on a large battlefield and Itachi with Susanoo. That would be an epic battle and carnage O_O


  7. I think Itachi’s missing his eyes now.

  8. @ Nandy – but that would mean so would Naguto O_O that would suck T__T then if its gonna be like that whats the point…

  9. according to logic, itachi should have his sharingan eyes while nagato shouldn’t have the rinegan.

    “The sacrifice’s body is used as a vessel for the soul of whoever is being revived, with dirt and ash encasing them to resemble the original body of the person being resurrected.”

    itachi’s eyes have always been the same…they’re part of his true soul, his true essence, his original body. so he’s going to have the sharingan.
    nagato’s eyes on the other hand were transplanted…they’re not part of his original body. deidara was brought back but he didn’t have his mecchanical eye:

    if ao was brought back, he wouldn’t have the byakugan eye. in the same way, nagato shouldn’t have the rinnegan.

  10. @truepain, I disagree about Nagato’s eyes being transplanted. If they were they would constantly be active and do you think Jiraiya wouldn’t have realized this after being with the kids for so long. I think Madara meant he set up the circumstances surrounding Nagato’s first activation of the Rinnegan. Besides, we see him activate it for the first time on his own when he killed the two Konoha stormtroopers

  11. @ Truepain – yeah, but we don’t know the difference between Biological modifications and mechanical modifications. Sasori’s puppet form and Deidara’s eye thing should be able to show us all Mechanical modifications do not carry over to the after life… that is yet to be known by the manga. I believe that Diedara’s hands and chest mouth thing can be a sign of that, since I don’t believe he was born with them but instead he “modified” himself to have them.

  12. @pein0avenue, Deidara’s mouth hands are a Iwagakure Kinjutsu, like Kakuzu’s Earth Grudge Fear is a Takigakure Kinjutsu. also, Kimimaro came back wit his Curse Seal despite not being born with it.

  13. @ kisu – so you saying that ninjutsu preformed to alter ones body has been proven to last through Edo Tensei??

  14. @pein, I don’t know. I’m just throwing random facts out there 😛

  15. @Pein well when they were Edo Tensei’d some of them has their accessories they remove before they died such as Zabuza’s trademark bandages and Chiyo headband.

  16. Brooklyn raageee!

  17. bad ass Killer Bee!! funny.. 😀

  18. Hey so what ever happened to the Akatsuki rings? Forgotten Plot element lol…

    ..screw you Kishi and ur Uchiha fetish

  19. There was always something that bothered me and that was Gai fighting style espically the his eight gates Morning Peacock and Daytime Tiger. I was wondering if anyone thought that it was based on the 4 symbols and the final one would be Midnight Dragon.

  20. Wow been a minute. Glad to see WRA still up and running.

  21. @ Debate about whether Nagato will still have the RInnegan.

    Now, I am not entirely sure about all the nuances that make up Edo Tensei, but I can look at some of the straightforward clues given to guess whether or not Nagato still has the Rinnegan after being resurrected.

    If you look carefully at his current form as he has been resurrected, you will notice that he still has white hair and a body that looks just as frail as it was at the moment he died. If we go by what some people are suggesting, and assume that the person’s soul determines the form of their resurrected body, then surely Nagato should still have red hair and a more… physically complete body that doesn’t just look like skin and bones.

    The fact that he still has white hair, suggests that he has been resurrected with his body as it was just before he died, or at the moment of his death, because having white hair is no more a natural part of him than the Rinnegan was. If this is the case, then it is also likely that he still has the Rinnegan as well, as it was a part of his body at the time of his death.

    Most of the other summoned bodies also have the same appearance they did within accordance to their current age before Death. Chiyo is still an old Lady, Asuma still has the same looks, etc. So that also further suggests that those brought back, are brought back as they were just before they died.

    The only odd one out is Sasori, because he was a puppet at the time of his death and yet he came back with a normal body. In that particular case, it could be reasoned that a mechanical body that isn’t alive cannot be resurrected, so Edo Tensei used Sasori’s body as it was the last time it was last whole and complete.

    That’s the best I can come up with right now, in that regard.

  22. *Opens up the 8 celestial gates and uses “Evening Hamster” on Kantonkage.*


  23. *search for a random poo on the ground steps on it then activates 8 gates and uses Dynamic poo stick explosion kick on Tenrai*

  24. *watches Tenrai and Kanton die from opening the 8 Gates*


    I guess you forgot about that part… XD 0_0

  25. “So that also further suggests that those brought back, are brought back as they were just before they died.”

    Does this statement supports the fact when Orochimaru brought back Shodai and Nidaime?

    I am seriously considering that Kabuto resurrected the list of people to show to Madara that he has the upon hand. In fact, Kabuto is just setting up things to fail. Let’s take the previous fight in consideration. Kabuto said that he got the hung of things but in fact his three Edo Tensei failed. Of course, he could have to recall them back the same way he did when Deidara was fighting Tsuchikage. Kabuto is more a snake than he even was before so what he is up to is anyone’s guess. It will be interesting to see how the other Edo Tensei pan out.

  26. If this is not allowed, delete this:

    SPOILER – confirmed:

    For the discussion of Edo Tensei, this will add fuel to the fire.

  27. Here’s hoping Zabuza and Haku get to move on!

  28. @tigerpalm

    “Does this statement supports the fact when Orochimaru brought back Shodai and Nidaime?”

    Actually, if you consider the clues given, it does. If we look at the evidence, we can assume that the First Hokage died at a reasonably young age, considering the fact that his brother succeeded him at a fairly young age as well and not as an old man (which would have instead been the case if his older brother had a longer reign). So the first’s appearance as he was when summoned by Orochimaru, would tie in with that.

    In addition to that, we also know that the second appointed Hiruzen Sarutobi as the third Hokage before entering a dangerous battle with Rock ninja and it is likely that he died in that battle. At the time, he also looked the same as he did when he was resurrected by Orochimaru.

  29. *Kicks Tenrai out the window in a conveniently open sewer for his error* The Nindaime face the 20 elite Kumo Shinobi known as the Kinkaku Force.

  30. @kantonkage

    Yeah, yeah. Details. <_<

    I don't have perfect memory. *Eats Kantonkage.*

  31. me either because I forgot the name of squad. *fire a heat seeking missiles at Tenrai*

  32. Newer Chapter of Rock Lee’s Springtime of Youth! Tenten is even useless at matchmaking *sigh

  33. @kisu But of course it’s a double negative since it’s Sakura of course. Who unless you’re a duckbutt revenge obsessed guy who pulls stuff out of his ass you have no luck with whatsoever.

  34. it’s out

  35. What Madara did to Fuu and Torune was just brutal :/

    I guess its now been confirmed that the Rinnegan is Nagato’s 🙂

    But really Kishi? You didn’t need to have them killed in front of us. That was just… wrong

  36. @kisu but no cares about them I kinda liked it. *insert Slasher Smile*

  37. Well, now there should not be anymore questions as to how Edo Tensei works…. ha ha ha ha (I know that’s not likely – I mean, this IS WRA). One thing: what’s the catch with Edo Tensei? Sure sounds like Kabuto isn’t telling the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth so help him, Kishi…This is one unbelievable, badass jutsu.

    I also find it interesting that Shodai through Yondaime Hokage can’t be resurrected. You can sure sense Madara’s disappointment in that realization, can’t you?

    Can’t you just feel the love between Madara and Kabuto….? NOT!

    The best line out of this chapter:

    **Madara breaks Torune’s neck and tosses his corpse**

    Kabuto: “That was harsh…”

    I find it rather hilarious that Kabuto calls Madara breaking someone’s neck nonchalantly “harsh” when he is sacrificing numerous bodies to perform this badass jutsu.

    Ok, takers on who Gaara meets up with. Is it dear old Kazekage Dad, Chiyo or…???

  38. Sorry for the spam but who had the “bright” idea of Rock Lee’s Summer of Youth? Oh come on! >.<

  39. @Tsunade, who had the idea you ask? The guy that would be getting his wallet stuffed that’s who! lol

    I think Kabuto saying harsh is just Kishi showing how serious Madara is. For someone like Kabuto to think that was harsh. Hell even I am disturbed by that

  40. @Tenrai:

    This chapter should answer your assertions as to what happens to the dojutsu in Edo Tensei. Itachi has his Sharingan and Nagato has his Rinnegan…

  41. @kisu: You expected Madara to be all flowers and gumdrops? Of course he’s cruel, evil and, well, a killer and should be able to kill someone with no remorse at the blink of an eye – Rinnegan or Sharingan.

    It’s what makes him a great villain…

  42. @Tsunade, yeah that’s kinda weird. I usually don’t have a problem with people dying in this manga, hell I love when that happens, but seeing Madara actually break the dude’s neck was just… different. Its not like he used some weird jutsu, he did something we normal humans can do and killed someone… lol man I’m getting soft :(. I’m slowly moving from indifferent towards him to hating him, that means Kishi is doing a good job, as opposed to Aizen who is just too awesome to hate lol!

  43. There’s gotta be a catch.Kishi’s going to create a deus ex machina. Like Madara said,” Its too good to be true.”

  44. @Tsunade’s Twin

    Yeah, I noticed. And it’s a good thing too, because they just wouldn’t be the same without it.

    I have a feeling that Itachi will either fight Naruto or will perhaps even have a confrontation with Sasuke for some reason. I say that because those are the only two people who I can think of that would be able to help him “move on”.

    Naruto could do it by assuring Itachi that he would be able to save Sasuke and Sasuke, by obviously forgiving Itachi or something like that. I think Naruto is more likely to face him though, because there is still that unsettled issue about the power he gave Naruto and we have already seen a battle between Sasuke and Itachi.

    On the flipside, I actually think Tsunade is the most likely person to face Nagato. Lol.


    Madara is quite brutal, most definitely, but I think that was already established when he tried to kill a baby with explosive tags. He seems to have no emotion at all when it comes to killing people regardless of their age or status and I doubt he would even blink about killing children or defenceless civilians. That is what makes him the most dangerous kind of villain.

    I also think, it makes him a pretty good villain in a sense. After all, a villain is someone you should love to hate. He has definitely come a long way in that regard.

    This game of chess between Madara and Kabuto is also similar to the subtle battle between L and Kira in Death Note. Both are so close to one another and both can see the danger the other poses, but neither can risk an open confrontation. In the end, both of them have to outwit one another.

    I actually think we have two very good main villains right now and I like the direction the manga is going. On the plus, it looks like we’ll see a team of Gai and Kakashi in action again soon, which should be awesome.

  45. Oh, on another note, I am not sure if this caught anyone out but the latest chapter does NOT end on page 19, even though the ending logo is at the bottom of the page, as well as the ending caption that hints at what comes next.

    If you go to the next page, it actually shows Haku encasing himself and Zabuza in ice and we also have a final word from Kabuto about Edo Tensei. I am just saying this in case some people were fooled into thinking it ended on page 19 (like I almost was) and closed it before going to the next page.

    The order actually seems to be a bit odd and I wonder if the scanslators uploaded it incorrectly. If you reverse page 19 and 20, it actually flows better in a sense. Maybe that’s just me though.

  46. I think sage mode is goin to come into play with narutos new jutsu, nullifying the physical toll it takes on naruto as well and his problems holding it b/c its too heavy.

  47. @Tenrai, i like reading your thoughts. But before this chapter I never really saw Madara as a good villain, with his generic motives and all. But this chapter pushed him over the edge for me. Breaking a guys neck just for an experiments is just wrong.

    Good news is Nagato’s Rinnegan was really Nagato’s Rinnegan. Otherwise he wouldn’t have been brought back with it because transplants don’t alter your DNA. That also explains why Kimimaro still has his Cursed Seal. The Cursed Seals alter the user’s DNA by transforming them. That’s why guys like Sasori came back in their original bodies, because his alterations were mechanical rather than biological.

    Anyhoo, where did Kabuto find Kakuzu’s DNA? I thought Konoha had him, and any piece of him that was left on the battlefield is utterly useless since Rasenshuriken killed the cells. Maybe Kabuto picked up the blood Kakuzu lost when Kakashi hit him with the first Raikiri. He may have found Sasori’s blood from when he got stabbed through his heart by his “Mother” and “Father” puppets

  48. @ 土龍 drigruan,

    It IS to good to be true. I think Kabuto is lying when he said the technique doesn’t pose a threat to the user. First of all. If it was than what’s stopping Kabuto from killing Madara, Zetsu and taking over the world on his own. But second and much more important, telling Madara the complete ins and outs of the Edo Tensei would be like signing his own death. After Kabuto has served his purpose with Edo Tensei, Madara will try to kill him. If Madara knows Edo Tensei’s weakness, Kabuto will die.

    But all in all it’s good to finally have some clarity on Edo Tensei.

  49. @kisu: I have a theory as to how Kakuzu’s DNA was obtained.

    Remember that Kabuto had been lurking around Konoha during the failed mission of the Team of 8. There was also the one where Anko, Sai and Yamato had managed to track down Kabuto – hard to tell if that was around Konoha or the Land of Fire but…Kabuto has had the ability to “slither” around Konoha to get what he needs.

    In addition, there must have been some DNA in the area where the fight took place. A stretch, I know.

    @redbaron: I don’t think that Kabuto is necessarily lying to Madara. Remember that Kabuto initially panicked when Madara wouldn’t “play ball” when he explained why he needed Anko to remain alive (lower right frame).

    As far as what Naruto is going to do, he’d better not come up with “it’s like looking left and right at the same time.” That option won’t work here as it will kill him. Second, how can he employ both Sage Mode and Tailed Beast Mode at the same time? The viable option would have to be that Naruto somehow makes contact with the Kyuubi, who won’t be a happy camper. There has to be some negotiation with that beast. I’m sure Naruto will figure it all out as he typically does – nothing is impossible with Naruto. However, his typical methods for allowing him to master jutsu can’t be used.

  50. Does everyone think that Nagato retains the Rinnegan with Edo Tensei?

    Here’s I got from this chapter.
    *Edo Tensei summons retain original abilities…
    *so it’s still NOT clear if Nagato still retains his Rinnegan
    *the sage of the six paths would retain his Rinnegan
    *just like Itachi would retain his
    *Kabuto couldn’t find Shisui’s corpse or Jiraya’s corpse
    *Jiraya’s DNA could be on Pain’s weapons
    *Shisui’s DNA could be in Danzo’s right eye
    *Even though Pein was pictured, he’s not the sage of the six paths
    *We don’t know who’s DNA is in Madara’s Rinnegan eye

    I’m pretty sure the original theory of Madara implanting Nagato’s eyes for safe keeping is solid. Otherwise Nagato’s parents would have had to hand down the technique somehow – genetically.

  51. @Gavin, not necessarily. Jiraiya said the Rinnegan shows up once in many generations, or something akin to that. Then he went on to say Nagato is the Sage’s Reincarnation, then Madara said Nagato is the 3rd Rikudo. All evidence points to them being Nagato’s Rinnegan. When he said he gave Nagato his Rinnegan it could mean anything basically, well anything but the literal sense because we SAW Nagato activate it for the first time. When someone implants an eye that eye is active all the time so its ludicrous to believe Jiraiya didn’t notice on of his students had the Rinnegan just because his hair always covered his face :/

  52. @kisuzachi: Hmm… You’re absolutely right. So Nagato would retain his eyes in Edo Tensei. I guess I don’t understand why anyone thought this chapter confirmed that then…

    And we still don’t know what Madara meant when he said he gave him the Rinnegan. But, I guess it’s not a detail that has to be known.

    Has anyone thought of who could have been in the coffin Madara was surprised about way back when?

  53. Kisu – “Anyhoo, where did Kabuto find Kakuzu’s DNA? I thought Konoha had him, and any piece of him that was left on the battlefield is utterly useless since Rasenshuriken killed the cells. Maybe Kabuto picked up the blood Kakuzu lost when Kakashi hit him with the first Raikiri. He may have found Sasori’s blood from when he got stabbed through his heart by his “Mother” and “Father” puppets”

    @Kisu – Kabuto used to work under Sasori for the Akatsuki, he could have obtained DNA from all the Akatsuki then. Also he just needs DNA, it doesn’t have to be blood. It could be some strands of hair or something.

  54. @Amaterasu

    You’re right! Kabuto could have used some of Kakuzu’s hair…
    The threads when he is in Thread mode look a lot like his hair and I doubt he didn’t lose any of those. Kabuto could have collected them after the battle.

  55. I think that the summoned corpse’s Dna can be obtain while he/she is still alive maybe.

  56. The coffin probably held within its hallowed, undesecrated tombs (until now,) Madara’s brother. Which would explain his OSHIT HOW DID YOU GET THAT? reaction.

  57. So unless i’m not really prating about kabuto is telling madara that it’s possible he can summon Jiraiya and shisui? Blimey….

  58. Actually, when you think about it, it isn’t really surprising that Kabuto managed to find the DNA of so many individuals.

    Orochimaru was all for experimenting with the DNA of powerful individuals and trying to give birth to the most powerful body he coul get his hands on. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had samples of just about every powerful bloodline or warrior that he could find. Yamato is already an example of that pursuit and I am sure Orochimaru had much more up his sleave as well. Kabuto already had access to so much genetic raw materials. Any others he needed he would have just had to hunt for himself.

    I’m sure it isn’t to hard to come up with a theory for how he acquired each body’s DNA, within accordance to those he has resurected so far.


    I actually don’t think the Rinnegan was initially Nagato’s, seeing as how Nagato was an Uzumaki and thus was born with the traits of the younger of the Sage’s two sons. I do, however, agree with your theory that any alterations to a person’s DNA may alter the body that is resurected by Edo Tensei, especially if that DNA was aquired after it had been altered. We know that Madara claims to have given Nagato his rinnegan, but we don’t know exactly how. I don’t think this was a simple case of an eye transplant though, although that was most likely a part of it.

    It may have also involved giving Nagato some of his own Uchiha power (The combination of the Uzumaki’s Yang and the Uchiha Yin may give birth to the Rinnegam, which is a combination of both powers) which may have in turn, permanently altered his DNA makeup. It’s the same process Madara likely used to give himself the Rinnegan as well, by combining Hashirama Senju’s power with his own. I just don’t see why Madara would lie about them being his eyes in the first place, because there is nothing to be gained from making such a claim, strategically speaking.

    @Edo Tensei’s weakness debate

    I actually don’t see any weakness as far as Edo Tensei is concerned that would affect the user, however, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its downsides. After all, having to use a living sacrifice, is a pretty big downside as it is, if you ask me. That does, however, beg the question as to why the Second Hokage would conceptualise the jutsu in the first place, especially knowing the costs involved with using it. Why would anyone with a shred of humanity even think of using human sacrifices for power?

    Such a dark jutsu isn’t very befitting of a Hokage. Perhaps it was, in fact, the Second who declared it a Kinjutsu after learning its steep price. That would make more sense.

  59. @Tenrai, I doubt its that easy to create a Rinnegan. If it were, why wouldnt Madara simply capture a Senju and have a kid with her? Its like saying if Sasuke hooks up with Tsunade their kid’s gonna have a Rinnegan. Jiraiya’s explanation of Nagato being the Sage’s reincarnation makes more sense (since the Rinnegan literally means “Samsara Eye” and Samara is what we know as “The Reincarnation Cycle”). Its not unfathomable that the Sage used the Rinnegan for this end since it can manipulate souls. Anyhoo, that’s Kisu’s 2 cents :/

  60. @kisuzachi

    Lol. My guess is as good as yours, so I take no value out of what you believe is true. You may very well be correct as well, because it shouldn’t be too easy to create something like that in my opinion as well. As I said, I am not entirely sure how Madara gave Nagato the Rinnegan, if he did, so all I can do is theorize.

    However, in saying that, I also know that it is likely that you prefer the idea that Nagato was born with his Rinnegan, because it feels cheap knowing that someone might have just “given” it to him. If that is the case, I understand how you feel. Maybe the entire story will eventually come out and all our minds can be put at rest, but until then, I guess we’re just gonna keep guessing.

  61. Chapter 3 of my fanfic is now up, for anyone who is interested. If you haven’t read any of it yet, you can give it a try with chapter 1 here…

  62. “I also know that it is likely that you prefer the idea that Nagato was born with his Rinnegan, because it feels cheap knowing that someone might have just “given” it to him.”

    😡 You read me like a book. lol

    Sakura is a guy it seems 😀

  63. Wait a minute… did Kabuto use Impure World Resurrection on himself, using Orochimaru’s DNA?

  64. Does anyone remember this?

    So Uchihas have the Uzumaki clan’s trademark ability too. God I hate those Uchihas.

  65. @kisuzachi

    If you are talking about their strong chakra, all I can say is that there is a difference between having strong chakra, and having a lot of it.

    Chakra is actually the combination of spiritual energy and physical vitality or stamina. The Uzumaki are renowned for their vitality and stamina, while the Uchiha are strong in spiritual energy, so both have a main ingredient that contributes to their potentially strong chakras, however, the vitality and stamina of the Uzumaki normally means that they will have more of it, or would be able to use it for longer without tiring, that is the main difference.

  66. @Tenrai, no I mean the fact that Uchihas can live unusually long lives too. Look at Madara, he’s nowhere near as old-looking as Mito. Those dagnabbit Uchihas. They’re poisoning this manga I tells ya!

  67. @kisu It’s FAR TOO LATE to say that.

  68. @Kisu

    Lol. Madara is the only Uchiha who has lived an unusually long life and that could be because he is using an immortality jutsu similar to Orochimaru’s or due to a number of other possibilities.

    It may even be his creation of the rinnegan that has given him the power to extend his own life, after all, the rinnegan is said to have powers that extend beyond life and death. Other than that, there is no evidence to show that the Uchiha live lives that are any longer than normal.

  69. “Other than that, there is no evidence to show that the Uchiha live lives that are any longer than normal.”

    Madara’s an Uchiha…he has strong chakra like most Uchihas… but he’s just smarter. Basically if the Uchihas weren’t battle-loving a-holes they’d all be as old as Madara. God I hate this clan and the Sharingan. If you told me 4 years ago that this manga would boil down to who has a better pair of eyes I would’ve called you mad and laughed at you O_O

  70. Wait, what? I thought it was obvious that madara’s still alive because he “stole the abilities” of hashirama senju and is using his regenerative cell’s capabilities to occupy a basically non-corruptible body. That’s how he keeps getting new limbs after battles n such. His chakra, eyes (and other people’s eyes), and conscience live on but his main body is no longer purely “his”. Which would explain madara’s and itachi’s comments about him only being a “shell” of his former self.
    So no, I don’t think the other uchihas would be as old as madara

  71. Jeepers, Creepers, where’d you get those eyes?

  72. @Kisu

    And Kakuzu has also lived longer than most of everyone and so would have Orochimaru had he not been killed/sealed. Hidan is also on the list of immortals, and even Sasori was able to stop his own aging by becoming a puppet.

    Living for a long time, does not necessarily need to have anything to do with your bloodline at all. The Uzumaki were gifted naturally with long life through their blood, but that does not mean others cannot acquire the same results through unnatural means. I doubt Madara being immortal has anything to do with him being an Uchiha at all. He just cheated, that’s all, and that’s something we have seen in many non-uchiha as well as I have listed above.

    There’s no way to prove any other Uchiha has lived, or ever could live, as long as Madara without using some other means to sustain their life. Even Sasuke didn’t believe Itachi the first time he said Madara is still alive and even said that he should have died by now. He is an Uchiha himself, so he would probably know better than most.

    Of course, there is one last factor that you are not considering and that is the possibility that Tobi isn’t even really Madara. When Tobi said that how long the Uchiha have survived is a testament to their strength, he was referring to their clan and lineage as a whole, not to an individual lifespan of each Uchiha.

  73. @Tenrai, I get all that, but its what he says on that page that’s troubling. “Even among the Uchiha my chakras were exceptionally strong. The fact that I’ve managed to survive this long can be taken as proof of that”. Basically he’s attributing his long life to his “strong” chakra.

    The Uzumaki’s trademark natural ability is longevity due to their chakra, and Madara says his chakra has kept him alive. This means any Uchiha born with sufficiently large reserves can live as long as Madara without their body being as old and frail as Mito’s. This is exactly why I hate these Uchihas. They can do freaking anything! I can’t wait until Madara uses Edo Tensei on all the Sharingans he’s caught to revive the entire Uchiha clan by sacrificing a couple Zetsus, so we can see them being brutally killed. God I hate those Uchihas.

    @Kanton, my hatred of the Uchihas started ever since Danzo put in a Sharingan (when we saw he had one). Ever since then I’ve been calling them a plot tumor. The Uchihas were like a B-story, second to Naruto’s own story but they gradually rose and rose until they’re now the focus. Damn them

  74. @Kisu Personally I always HATED the Sharingan Uchiha has always been stealing spotlight that why I always HATED Assuke. Despite being a glass jaw in part 1 now that I think about it he was always pulling stuff of his ass back then too. Now why can’t all the Uchiha catch that unnamed disease that killed Itachi. Only and ONLY Obito was the Uchiha that I actually like from the beginning.

  75. @kisu Remember Madara stole some of the senju dna from the First hokage, this is how he’s able to use izganzi, because he now posses’ BOTh lines of the uchiha and senju, so this is what probably giving madara the ability to live longer.

  76. I hate that genetics has become such a huge focus in Naruto. The increasing complexity of the plot is taking away from the enjoyment of the series and is a trademark of a writer who hasn’t really thought out the plot in enough detail.

  77. @kisu another thing so what that he had those ROOT members killed big deal no one cares about them. He did attempt to kill a newborn. It’s weird coming from you when, you’re the guy who LOVES Aizen and Szayel, the two guy who would and done the exact same thing in a heartbeat.

  78. @Kanton, yeah but Szayel and Aizen would’ve made it entertaining, Madara just snapped the guys neck while talking to someone else, thats just creepy. Anywa, I started hating the Uchihas ever since Sasuke survived against Haku when he was supposed to die. My hatred just grew with the sharingan keep popping up.

    @Darks, you’re still among the living! *glomps*

  79. @kisu True considering that Madara isn’t affiably Evil.
    @dark you’re still alive *pulls out a Streamer gun from hammerspace and fires* BANZAI!!!

  80. @ Dark – BOSS! You’re alive! *kills boss, ressurects Darks as DarkZombitar*

    I think we are going to see a few things happen thanks to “predictability-no-jutsu”

    1. Naruto has trouble holding his heavy chakra balls.. ENTER SAGE MODE + Golden showers = SUPER SAI.. uhm… nevermind the name… it’ll be awesome though. Plus having the natural energy draw from sage mode will feed give the kyuubi something to feed on, and not syphon away Naruto’s chakra. Another possibility: Hashirama was the only ninja in the whole shinobiverse to have wood… err… natural wood? (the others using wood simply borrowed Hashi’s ‘cells’) Naruto will come up with some unique doomsday jutsu – Rasenshuriken mixed with water element (namikaze) mixed with Uzimake/Senju life giving powers… you give it a name!

    2. Sasuke’s gonna take off the bandages (manga rule: the removing of clothing, or bandages usually increases power) and when he takes those off, INSTANT KUBO-TROLL… or “Hogyouku Sharingan” If you prefer.

    3. Kakashi’s gonna die… again. I have nothing to back this up, just that Kishi hates kakashi(where’s Ahsan for backup on this?)

    4. THE RETURN OF JIRAIYA! – Y’all trippin’ …mufucka ain’t dead, at no ocean bottom… He’s gonna come back with a Guts/Berserk mecha arm, and get revenge on Edo-tensai Pein!

    5. Tsunade will have sex with her dead lover… Necro-no-jutsu! Kabutochimaru will watch.

    *orders a Deep strike squad of Blood Raven terminators to protect Darks from Kantonkage, then vanishes*

  81. No need, Prawl. I learned THIS from Undead Nightmare. *pulls out Blunderbuss and annihilates kanton*

  82. *summons Midnight from the Orcaion Seis and defeats the Deep Strike Squad of Blood Ravens Terminators just because*

  83. @kisuzachi

    If you wanted me to just agree with you and say that I also hate the Uchiha, why didn’t you just say so in the first place? Lol! But then, what else can you expect from a clan with a doujutsu that is famous for its ability to copy everyone else? 😛

    Now imagine if Sasuke suddenly started using the Rasengan after copying how it works from Naruto. That would just be the cherry on top of the Uchiha Ice-cream.

    Seriously though, I still don’t think Madara’s words are 100% accurate. I also think him stealing senju powers had a part in his long life. I don’t think he is simply living longer because of his chakra, as much as he might like to boast that is the case. In saying that, though,I wouldn’t be surprised if Sasuke pulled an immortality potion out of his bum though. He would have hidden it next to that hawk summoning contract he signed out of the blue.

  84. “Now imagine if Sasuke suddenly started using the Rasengan after copying how it works from Naruto.”


  85. Oh, on another note.


    *Eats the birthday cake and everyone else.* @__@

  86. *jumps through the window only to see Tenrai eating people Again.* I see you quit your diet.
    @Kisu and Tenrai well that damn Wesley so far hasn’t copied Kage Bunshin yet.

  87. I think Sasuke should try to copy sage mode after he sees it. Would be fun to see his surprise as he started turning to stone.

  88. it’s out

  89. one word Epic!!!!!

  90. Just finished reading the chapter and it was amazing. I’m sorry I doubted you Kishi, you’re the man. It was freaking great seeing Haku and Zabuza again :’). This is the first fictitious work that EVER brought a tear to my eye, but I couldn’t help it seeing my 2nd favorite ninja again. It’s great that Haku and Zabuza got confirmation on what a great ninja Naruto turned into, especially for Haku. Dammit I’m getting soft, but I couldn’t hold back that tear T^T

    On another note, its now confirmed that those ninja really are from Shippuden Movie 3. I just wonder how that movie fits into canon.

  91. Before anyone asks, the Demon thingy behind Zabuza IS NOT a part of EdoTensei. Its Zabuza’s “symbol” of sorts. It shows up when he does something badass. Kabuto removing their personalities just means that Zabuza is now in full kill mode, which is why the demon symbol is there.

    (u can see it at 1:10-1:13)

    (u can see it here at 1:53-1:58)

  92. *stumbles in drunkenly with witty comments on new chapter, realizes it is now a full day after his birthday and over 20 hours since this drinking escapade began. Remembers there’s a final tomorrow and dashes off without saying a word*

  93. lol the stuff on Konan’s 600 billion exploding tags are mind-blowing…pun intended

  94. This was my meager contribution to that conversation.

    I’ve made an algorithm you guys can toy with. Pretty simple.
    E = TPM * P
    E = 600,000,000,000 or the final amount of tags.
    TPM = I like to think Konan can make 20 tags a minute.
    Which is: (20 * m)
    P = the amount of clones Konan has to help her.
    These are all just guesses. But if you assume that she already has the paper at her disposal to make paper clones, she has enough paper to make 6,000,000,000 clones if every clone is made with 100 papers. This leaves:
    100 = 20 * m
    So Konan could do it all in 5 minutes with that many clones.
    So in order to make this a little more manageable, I calculated this algorithm vs. the minutes between episodes. (I took the amount of chapters between now and when Konan left for home and multiplied it by the amount of minutes in a week.)
    And in 60 weeks (just over a year), she would have to have a little less than a million clones running at 12 hours a day to make 600 billion tags. Every clone would take one of the papers on their body and make it an exploding tag. Also, since there would be a million clones, each body could potentially have up to 600,000 pieces. But I’m sure she would keep the amount of paper per body lower than that. Probably more like 1000 pieces per body.

    I realize now that she probably couldn’t control that many clones at once. I think I was assuming that based on how many papers she was controlling in the manga. If she could move almost all of the paper at once, she could control millions of clones. No matter how you slice it – 600billion is far fetched.

  95. @Gavin, it sounded like a cool number so Kishi rolled with it lol. Authors really don’t get scale.

  96. I just realized that Kishi doesn’t loves Sasuke as much as we thought for Zabuza and Haku ignored his existence.

  97. @kanton, they never really acknowledged him in the first place. Besides, Zabuza didn’t even remember Naruto’s name let alone Sasugay’s. Kishi’s too busy thinking of ways to make Sasugay overpowered right now to be bothered with making characters mention him

  98. @ Exploding tag discussion – Mangakas draw comics… I doubt that they hold master’s degrees in math, physics, etc. (‘Cept for Kubo… damned genius TROLL)

    As for one of the fun facts on the TV tropes page – I would love to see the Entire French bibliotechue National blow up four times over… as well as most of France… take that owner’s of the company I work for! MUWHAHAHAAA

  99. @ Alec & Captain Pickles: Happy belated birthday!! And good luck on your finals alec 😛

    @ Madara and his long life discussion: You know, I’m wondering if what madara meant when he said: “strong chakra kept him alive” is that if it wasnt for his techniques (that require strong chakra) that enabled him to aquire those abilites to extend his life. So that it’s not necessarily having the strong chakra that kept him alive, but what it has enabled him to do to extend his longevity e.g. steal abilities to extend his life. Just a thought 🙂

  100. 5th Naruto Movie trailer:

  101. @kisu: Didn’t we already endure the Pain arc? 😉

    And, admins, please delete my “to be moderated” postings. Gahhhh! I forgot I had changed back to my real name for another blog I’ve got.

  102. YAY!!!! Naruto in Sage Mode!!!!!

    I wonder how long we will have to wait for this movie to come out. We are still waiting for the fourth one, after all. <_<

  103. soooo… no manga this week?

  104. @supafreak, no manga ’til 2011

  105. W… T… F… ='(

  106. I guess that explains why everything was so quite around here. I actually thought somebody had died or something =S

  107. @supafreak, yeah. Darn those mangaka for having lives of their own!!

  108. WTH? The blog ate my comment!!! T__T

    Anyway, I’ll just paste it again… <_<

    "No manga until 2011…?


    *Has mental, physical, emotional and spiritual breakdown.*

    Now I have to wait until the whole of NEXT YEAR before I can read manga again. *Cries silently.* T___T"

  109. Oh, and I hope everyone has a great Christmas Eve with the people they love.

    *Remembers the time I used to stay awake eager to open Christmas presents hoping for lego toys. Lol.*

    Ahhh…. memories. We were all little once… *Sniff*

  110. @Tenrai

    At least Fairy Tail isn’t on break this week. 😛

    Naruto, One Piece and Bleach are on break because they had a double issue last week(even though there was only one chapter). Fairy Tail had that two weeks ago.

    You do read Fairy Tail, right? Or maybe you don’t like it enough to count it… 😦
    If so… *summons Kanton, takes out bazooka and prepares to shoot* 😈

  111. @Dragon

    Of course I read Fairy Tail and right now it is awesomeness!!! Speaking of which, it hasn’t seen a breakdown in a while. Perhaps I should see to that somehow…


    And when Kisu said no manga, I thought Fairy Tail was included in that generalization. *Eats the Bazooka, Dragon and Kantonkage.*

  112. *burst out of tenrai’s chest like well a chestburster*
    @no manga this week that’s only JUMP and since Fairy Tail is apart of Weekly Shonen it doesn’t necessarily count. On that note Kisu hasn’t recognized the awesomeness that is FAIRY TAIL!!!

  113. *uses Dragon Roar in Tenrai’s mouth*

    *he barfs me out with the millions of people he ate*

    *sees a huge monster with one eye and ten tails*
    Is it just me or is that thing the Juubi? O_O

  114. The Naruto spoiler is out. It’s getting really epic now.

    With this and the fact that One Piece and Bleach are already out, I guess this means that they were wrong about there being no manga this week, although they are a bit late.

    I was wondering why I didn’t see any messages at the end of the manga themselves about there being any break.

  115. The new Naruto chapter is out.

    In one word…. EPIC!!!!!!

  116. F&$& YEAH! the new chapter is out! I seriously checked WRA every 2 hours just wishing that someone had some good news about naruto. Thanks tenrai.. now to read the chapter =D

  117. =0…

  118. Well guys, I will be away for a week, for a holiday in Mozambique (hey, that rhymes. O_O), so I just wanted to wish you all a happy new year and I hope you all had a great Christmas.

    I will be back before you know it, devouring helpless bloggers as I always do, but in the meantime, I hope you all stay safe and enjoy your manga and anime, because I will have none while I am there. <_<

    I hope you all enjoy!!! *Eats everyone.* T__T

  119. @Tenrai Senshi: Happy new year to you too! I hope you enjoy Mozambique!!

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