Bleach 429 – Kisu Breaks it Down, Prepare to Frown.

Renji and Ichigo show us the true meaning of Christmas. "One up your friends and family" that's the lesson we must keep with us 😉

Since the Breakdown has only just been done (December 2nd), one may have been wondering if Kisu was either dead or on the run. Neither I say but the weight of Bleach’s foolishness weighed over a ton, so I was abstaining from it, like a nun. No that does not mean I “did” the manga, it just means I’m kickass like Ulquiorra’s Lanza (del Relampago). No not the lower Lanza get your minds out of the gutter, I swear your minds disgust me almost as much as butter. (It’s gross)

So we finally see Ginjou in all his splendor, he is indeed more mysterious-looking in full color. But I also cannot deny, that right here he looks really f*cking high.

Hello one all, gather ’round as I stand tall and deliver this breakdown while I bang my head against the wall, because this chapter will either make you bawl or LAWL, depending on whether Bleach disgusts you or enthralls. Was this chapter epic, lame or just fine? Well you’ll have to read this Breakdown of mine. If you haven’t noticed by now then you’re Wonderweiss or blind, yes everything is in not-so-sublime rhyme, so this may be the worst Breakdown of all time. Now WRA form a single line, and lets us march to the shine of the Breakdown of Bleach chapter 429.

Do not take this for a joke, for the King of Trolls is none other than Gary Motherf*cking Oak. When you feel proud for accomplishing something, his accomplishment eats yours like a freaking Chinese dumpling 😥

The initial pages are plugs for the Bleach movie, yes Kubo sneaks in plugs rather the opposite of smoothly, in fact I dare say it was uncouthly, but if I were in his position I’d be a heel of a lot more greedy. Anyway, the chapter begins with Ichigo and Ginjou talking not too lengthily, but the main thing is Ichigo still thinks he’s a tad too shifty, but he gives Ichigo a gift, shiny. We then cut to a later time with Ichigo and Yuzu, she shows him her test results, a 95 so they go “Yahoo!” He tells her to show their father as he would be most thrilled, but then he asks her where Isshin while being really chilled. Yuzu replies she doesnt know, which was Ichigo’s cue to go. But then they realize there’re more panels to be killed, so Yuzu reopens her mouth to let words be spilled. Ichigo asks what’s wrong, she says “Nah nothing” in more time than it would take to finish a game of Mahjong.

Ichigo goes to his room and ponders where the old man might be, and thinks of how easily he could find Isshin with his Shinigami powers with glee. Then it hits him in the face like poo flung by a monkey, he still misses his Shinigami powers like a lock might miss a key. Orihime knocks him up (lol) because she is selling bread, then she goes into his room and sits by his bed. Ichigo tells her he can’t possibly eat that much, which is a perfect time to continue the plot, but Kubo is in no rush (bastard). Ichigo asks her why she looks so tense, she replies she never thought he’d let her into his room (because he has no sense). Ichigo says it isn’t the first time she’s been there so its no big deal as you might guess, however many fangrils will now draw pictures with the two having hot, passionate -yes… Let’s continue, because such discussions currently aren’t on the menu. 😉

Vanilla lollipop? That's nowhere near as good as cherry pop 😉

She then asks Ichigo if anything is amiss, she asks if he feels like he’s being stalked by anyone- screw this. They yap and yap and yap, while more Ichihime fans fap and fap and fap. Ichigo goes to give her a manga he borrowed, but we cut to Uryu outside, was Orihime being followed? Nope, they were both going to check on him but she arrived first so Uryu stops and thinks, perhaps Orihime could get him to talk, its not like he’s bright as a Shinx. But then he realizes this is Ichigo and it might be best to back him in a corner, but suddenly he sees someone walking who seems to have a spine disorder. The person either Shunpos, Sonidos or Hirenkyakus away, Uryu quickly gives chase to this intriguing new prey. Then due to Uryu’s observations we see the man is using none of the three speed techniques I presumed, but then he abruptly turns and knocks out Uryu, I assume. Just another new bad guy taking out Uryu (as usual) to prove himself and get his threat level fed, but I am not impressed as Uryu has lost a lot of cred.

Yes this humor is strange and disgusting, but that's what Yuzu gets for being so kind and trusting. >:)

We go back to Ichigo’s room to see him still contemplating his father’s location, but shouldn’t a 17 year old be thinking more about their graduation or what they’ll be doing on their summer vacation? Oh whatever, Kubo doesn’t know any better. He reaches into his bag and pulls out something Ginjou had given, but he hears a sound that was very close, shh listen. We then go back to Uryu to see that he’s lost a limb, but who cares since Orihime’s limb-healing powers are total win. Then its revealed that the thing Ichigo received was a card, and not good kind that goes with a Millenium Puzzle shard.

Well that’s bleach this week with finally some action, oh the anticipation. Really, there is none for me, because Uryu has a very minor injury. I’ll kick back and let time tell, if this will be good or if it will go to hell. I knew the Breakdown would be fail so don’t let your frustrations shout, since I did tell you what it was all about. Now excuse me as my way I go about, to once again become a drunken, hostile lout. Til next time, Kisu out.

Ps. Kisu is smiling


~ by kisuzachi on December 3, 2010.

17 Responses to “Bleach 429 – Kisu Breaks it Down, Prepare to Frown.”

  1. The Breakdown is finished indeed, everyone come and read

  2. New guy looks interesting, unlike Ginjo, he actually did something other then talk.

    i didnt think that the pannels with yuzu were wasted, they showed how ichigo has gone back to lying to people he thinks are helpless and need to be protected, like yuzu,… and five minutes later Orihime. its annoying actually. as for ishida, he didnt actually lose his arm, if you look close its there, just under his body at a weird angle. broken maybe?

    so anyway, 10$ the new guy is another of Ginjou’s subordinates.

  3. wow you rock kisu = )

  4. 3RD!!!

  5. Fourth!^!

  6. Regardless whether he lost his arm on not he still obviously got curbed stomped.

  7. hot damn! I made all of that rhyme, who’s the man? 😉

    @Ahsan, if your just knowing I rock then I would be very shocked

    @Takashid, perhaps he still has his arm, but if he lost it Bleach has made dismemberment pretty narm.

    @Everyone, IT IS TIME! Everyone must comment in rhyme!

    *wanders off to prepare for Birthday*

  8. wait, that last line wasn’t a rhyme…

  9. Pretty “meh” chap but it feels like its finally picking up
    Except a pointless rant about Kubo wasting space i really got nothing more to say

  10. Hey I know hat happen Chad
    Kubo had him deported isn’t that sad.

  11. the time has come… KISU IS FINALLY 18!

    nowI can stop with all that rhyming crap. Dumb dare me and my friends made. I could only speak in rhyme for Bleach-related stuff.

  12. hahaha,

    Happy Birthday Kisu… Finally Legal… <_<

    Hope u had a good Birthday ^_^

    so you had a BEE Bleach bet 😉

    @ Chapter – I like how it seem Kubo is stalling every chapter and we all know after what happened in Aizen Troll mode the series will never feel real without him, everything else is filler to me… The new bad guy? or just one other person beating up Ishida..
    I was really hoping he would start becoming stronger and be the rival to Ichigo as he should be…

  13. wow really? Happy Birthday!

  14. @kisu Happy birthday you now can legally destroy everybody lungs.

    Ginjou’s secret is revealed. kubo is a master of foreshadowing, mentioning indigo’s job so often in these first few chapters after the skip.
    ladies and gentlemen, i give you:

    its all so clear now, ginjou is trying to get ichigo to join his business. he’s heard about ichigo moving from job to job, and when he saw ichigo’s physical skills beating down the bag thief, he knew he had to get him to join the business. Bleach makes so much sense now,see kisu! 😛

  16. Welcome to OUR Execution 2!!!


    The beginning is lame. Orihime’s dumb. 😛

  17. Is it just me or does this remind you of the Bount Arc?

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