Naruto Shippuuden 187-188 Breakdown: Double trouble for this writer.

Hello everyone, and welcome to another weekly Naruto anime breakdown.

Unfortunately for me (and perhaps, fortunately for everyone else), this past week treated us to a double episode that takes us back into a look at Naruto’s training with Jiraiya, which in itself is a pleasant notion for any Jiraiya fans out there as it is. The downside to this, of course, is that it also meant more work for writing the breakdown, which is why it is a bit late.

I hope you all forgive me.

In any case, considering last weeks reasonable success with regards to filler episodes, expectations with this latest showing were somewhat higher for me. The only question is, can this double episode up the ante, or or will it simply sink back into oblivion along with so many other sub-par fillers that have come to past?

Ah yes, you can clearly see the sun shining out of his backside. @__@

To start things off, we are taken back to an all too familiar scene with Naruto waiting in hospital after his defeat at the hands of Sasuke, being counseled by none other than the legendary sannin, and his future sensei, Jiraiya. Realizing that Naruto is dead-set on his path to retrieve his now lost friend, Jiraiya decides to teach the boy how to break out of the subtle arts of genjutsu in order to better prepare him for a battle against a Sharingan user, who is most likely to make use of such an attack.

It’s a very pleasant opening for what can easily be considered a decent episode overall, and it exudes a sense of nostalgia that seems to ooze from every moment that passes. These familiar scenes that were only given a momentary pause for thought in previous flashbacks, are now being more completely fleshed out, and what better theme to give attention to than that of the relationship between Jiraiya and Naruto and their mostly secretive training?

Screens like this are just too epic to pass up and the quality of these moments is definitely worth taking the time to admire.

Fortunately, with moments like these, this double episode goes a long way in earning itself a great deal of likability, despite its many flaws, and believe me, there are quite a few.

I was also quite pleased with the pace and the content of the first episode of this double filler especially, as it showed Naruto training with Jiraiya and an overly perverted and questionably sexually orientated toad, Gamariki. Unfortunately, however, I can’t say I was quite as happy with the second episode that followed.

Jiraiya always was a big fan of Hip-hop. ^ ^

Get it? Hip-hop?!?!

Bwwahahaha!!! *Goes into histerical laughter only to be pwned by WRA for his lame joke.*


*Recovers using Senzu bean.*

In any case, moving along, things head a little bit south after Naruto completes the first step of his new training regime, after which he and Jiraiya head off to another region famous for its strange magnetic fields which create areas where illusions similar to genjutsu are common.

Their hope is to test Naruto’s ability to break genjutsu, which seemed like an interesting enough topic for me because I wanted to see how our hero fared in that regard or what kind of nightmares he might face, but instead, the episode takes an alarming ninety-degree turn down what could only be described as a dark and dirty alley.

In their search for their destination, our duo comes across an isolated village, guarded by a young boy named Tanishi, which has apparently come under the oppression of a group of hidden rain shinobi who have since taken it over. From here, things become a bit stale as the primary focus shifts away from Naruto’s genjutsu training, only to fall instead on another recycled theme we have all seen too many times in the past.

You know an anime is about to go iffy when the tenticles come out. X__X

That’s right, we all know it far too well. This is just another case of Naruto bumping into yet another character who lacks the courage to stand up for himself and the ones he loves. Tanishi is very much like Inari in a sense, and he exudes pretty much the same sense of hopelessness with his rather grim outlook on his situation, albeit in a somewhat less melodramatic manner. In addition to that, much like Inari, his father also died trying to protect his people from the oppressive force that had come to claim their livelihoods, which further complicates his inner conflict in a similar manner.

Can anyone say “been there, done that”? *Sees audience nodding.*

Indeed, that is pretty much the big letdown here. Instead of focusing on a theme that held a great deal of interest, the anime team decided to tread on familiar grounds and that is one of the only real gripes I have actually with this filler. The other issue I had was how feeble they made Jiraiya seem in the heat of battle (although it was more lukewarm than hot), although that could be written off to the fact that he chose to let Naruto fight this battle instead of getting too involved himself.

Luckily, a short cameo from Minato at the end, washed away some of the bitterness that was left foaming in my mouth.

*Hears all the Minato fangirls and Captain Pickles squeal with delight.*

At the end of the day, this is a perfect example of an episode that shows a lot of promise, only to let us down with what could have otherwise been avoidable repetition. The first of the two episodes has a lot of charm and is sure to please many, but just don’t expect the same treat from its brother to follow.

In any case, that’s all from me this week. I hope you all enjoyed the episode and the breakdown. Here is last week’s caption contest winner.


Heh! For once, Kantonkage has actually come first in something! *Runs away laughing only to be hit by a heat-seeking missile.* T__T

That’s it, I am demoting you to second place, because I can. <_<

Here’s this weeks screen. ^ ^

*Insert caption here.*

Yep, you just know I had to use this one. Hopefully you all have fun with your entries this week, provided the comments section doesn’t become a battleground again.

That’s unlikely, but we can all dream right? In any case, here is the preview for the next episode.

See you in the comments. ^ ^


~ by Tenrai Senshi on November 30, 2010.

22 Responses to “Naruto Shippuuden 187-188 Breakdown: Double trouble for this writer.”

  1. Hmm, I should really start watching these fillers. Anywho, I enjoyed your breakdown, Senshi. Since I haven’t seen the episode, I suppose I can’t add anything else.

    Oh yeah… FIRST!!! >_____>

    Anyways, here’s my caption.

    CAPTION: Naruto (Off screen): “What happened to you guys?!
    Sakura: “Jiraiya has turned into Orochimaru; that’s what happened…”

  2. Nice avatar Fluffy. It’s really cool, in a creepy disturbing kind of way.

  3. CAPTION: CREEPIEST Naruto sex fantasy EVER!

  4. Oh, and Second?


    *Flies to Japan to beat up filler writers. Notices they outnumber him 70 to 1*


    *summons Frogsuke and Frogskura*

    Get them my pretties! Now die vile writers! Die by the hand of your own creations!

    *Prawl explodes with randomness, and inner violence, never to bee seen until the next time he logged on*

  5. Thanks, it’s of Hei from Darker than Black. :3

  6. Caption: I knew they weren’t human I JUST KNEW IT.

  7. Awesome Breakdown

    That first picture made me ROFL…

  8. Great breakdown Tenrai!

    *notices it’s snowing*

    *gets snow and blasts kanton with a barrage of snowballs*

    That’s what you get when you’re third!

    Oh, I’m fifth!! 😀 XD

  9. Pretty good breakdown Tenrai, thank you. 😀

  10. *summons Snowplow and runs down dragon*

  11. *summons three-headed rinnegan dog with santa claus hat and pwns kanton*

  12. *Sees the dog put fist into my palm* Ice make: Fishnet and Ice Make: Ice Wall and for the finish *jumps into the air* Ice Make Hammer *and flatten Dragon and his little 3-headed puppy* MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  13. shinra tensei! *kanton and dragon die*

  14. Didnt think anyone was actually watching these god forsaken fillers :S

    Theres so much anime out there….you could substitute the Naruto anime for another anime at least until the fillers are over :/

    Thats wut im doin. Just finished Tengen Toppa Gurren Laggan and started Code Geass

  15. @pumpkinbread21

    Lol. The thing is, for better or for worse, an anime is still an anime whether it is in fillers or not and as an anime breakdown writer, I can’t just shirk my responsibilities simply because I don’t like a particular episode or fillers.

    People will want to hear when an episode is bad, just as much as they will want to hear whether it is good. Think of it as something akin to writing a review for a movie. A critic still has to write about the bad movies they see, even if they hate them, as much as a pain it might be. Lol. And you never know, sometimes even in fillers, you may come across a gem that is truly worth watching. The 7-tails filler arc was actually quite good and most people liked it, but no-one would have known that if we all just turned a blind eye and never gave it a chance.

    @Everyone else

    Nice to see you all still destroying one another so enthusiastically. Lol. Some things will never change and maybe that’s a good thing.

  16. *teams up with Kanton and kills truepain with an Etherion Dragon Roar*

  17. *Throws Magicarp at Kanton/Dragon/TruePain <_< by the way its Pein ;)*

    Magicarp uses Splash…


  18. Caption:

    Luckily Sasuke and Sakura had no dignity to loose @_@

  19. Well done Pein.


    *Pets wolfy-kun* @__@

    Just remember guys. When Kantonkage maims, slices or throttles you into oblivion, it's really just his way of saying how much he loves you. If he uses Menacing Balls…. well then maybe he just loves you too much. ^ ^

  20. *Bites Tenrai*

    lol I think that means Kanton is in Love with u O_O he like, likes u O_O

  21. -_- Wtf

  22. Lol. Kantonkage is speechless? Now that’s something you won’t see every day. 😛

    Anyway, I saw the preview for the next episode and…. THERE’S STILL MORE FILLERS!!!!!

    *Takes deep breath.*


    *Passes out from lack of oxygen.*

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