Bleach 295-297 – Size Matters when u stalking most your life….

Awe Pein here, again ^:_:^ Hope all been well! Everyone starting to get into festive spirit? its just under a month till Xmas 😀 and To all my American peeps, Happy Thankgiving, I am sure you all feel Thankful for knowing me *hears silence* and at least Summer is coming for the South!! Sweet, dude I need a tan I am more pale and kinda starting to look like the pilsberry man… Anyways I thought the past few Episodes where… Meh at best, really but to make it better the Anime has gotten close to the manga again and we all know what that means O_O Rushed animation and well the dread of Fillers :O

Its a Trap O_O

The titles of this one is

It’s All A Trap…Engineered Bonds!

I mean if this isn’t Kubo telling us that he about to troll the crap out of us I think nothing will, this Episode was well so boring I skipped through most of it, (as u can see I am very proffessional 😉 ) but besides Aizen being Aizen and Ichigo getting punked out. It was an Ichigo’s greatest hits, this was the first clue for filler arcs arrival, but I thought maybe it would hold out a little bit more, We got to the end of the episode and Flashbacks still continued, I wanna see one day when Bleach has a Flashback of having flashback while having another flashback… I don’t expect any less from Bleach anymore… Animation Quality also started suffering now, with certain scenes being brilliant but at best I think they rushed these and over used the old animations of previous episodes. Meh

There still fan girls in Bleach... but I hear Kisu Faint @_@

So 296 continued with the flashbacks and well Finally the truth is revealed, Ichigo is Half Human and Half (Shinigami) cause of his dad? not always sure about that cause in the manga it was a big F up and the arrival of Isshin does suggest the later, I didn’t enjoy this episode at all, the flashbacks where more entertaining, but it did stay pretty true to the manga which is kinda sad that it still so boring… Here the Animators seem to become sloppy or just too rushed, I don’t remember one point where I was like “wow Isshin looks bad@$$, his design was just not right to me for some reason… and same with Ichigo, his design was just not as crisp and as neat as I have become acustome to. Plus the part I was so looking forward to, i.e Isshin giving Aizen the finger of doom was well kinda lame,I expected more flair or just more entertaining, it seemed like nothing. WTF first thing to actually hit Aizen properly and its like meh.

This is what I wanted to do to the Animations team O_O

297 was a lot better, probably the best of the three, but not great, its bad when the mediocre episodes actually start to look good, I was so tired of Flash backs (then again this one had it too) that just seeing Gin and Ichigo have a real battle was quiet entertaining and what to many Bleach Fans at the time was disappointing was Gin’s Bankai, but this episode really did put perspective of the power of his Bankai and the size of it, what we thought was Kubo wasting space (we didn’t think it, he was wasting space) was trying to give us the idea of how big gin actually is, I mean his length is so long but still in a sense it seems small, guess its cause of the width of it, but like Ichigo has shown, it not always size but how u use it… but then Gin says his pride it not the size but instead the speed saying his is the fastest in all Soul Society, which finally makes Ichigo realize he cannot have Gin get a direct aim at him or else he will be in trouble cause of the shear speed Gin Extends….. O_O I kinda feel weird… hopefully everyone knows we talking about a sword fight @_@

long and strong enough to cut buildings in half, even if no one knew they would probably assume Gin 😛

Sword Play... Does Length and Speed really Count or is it wat u do with what u got O_O

The animation did improve a lot for this episode which I am grateful for, Gin vs Ichigo was an under rated battle in my opinion and I liked how the pace of this episode kept me from falling asleep 🙂 but the usual flaws had been seen, in that I a lot of the battle seemed to be the animators playing continues loops, almost like the Flinstones used to, where they would drive for miles and the background repeats O_O it saves time and money I guess, and it lengthens the episode better… The Isshin vs Aizen, like in the Manga is too short to really give fair comment… Thing I enjoyed most was the arrival of Kisuke, that gave suspence and I was excited to see the next episode, I even went to the part where you see highlights of next episodes, and it felt like being rick rolled…. Fillers Began 298 O_O

Sweet ^_^

Peace out peeps.

Things to be greatful for in Bleach…. ummmm…. hmmmm…..ahhhhhhh…. I got nothing. We will always have Soul Society Arc?


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12 Responses to “Bleach 295-297 – Size Matters when u stalking most your life….”


    Great breakdown pein!

  2. Excellent Pein. You wont be disappointed by episode 299…ITS THE HELL CHAPTER

    I like the Arrancar Arc most (from Grimmjow’s Invasion-Tousen being killed)

  3. @ Kisu – Yeah that was a good arc, but I only liked it for Cifer, and some of the Espada, but anything into the Fake Kankuro Town and Aizen Trolling arcs where the worst follow ups

  4. @pein, i like all the Espada except Aaroniero and Zommari O_O. Why? Because all the Espada but those two basically tell you they’re assholes instead of trying to hide it. That’s why I dont like a lot of the Captains. Some of them are d*cks but they act all righteous and stuff lolol

  5. shame, wats obsession and gluttony done to u 😛 but yeah they both annoyed me too… I thought Gluttony would have been better if he didn’t look so disturbing O_O and the other guy just too little Character… other one I didn’t like was Yammy, besides them the other 7 weren’t bad… what I think Kubo must do is give his characters that common sort of theme, i.e the Espada was death, I think that way it keeps his mind focused on personality etc, where as now its always all over the place.

  6. well of course 297 was better it had Gin of course on of the greatest shingami besides Unohana, Kisuke, Yoruichi, Kenpachi.

  7. @Kanton, uhm, you forgot Aizen and Kaname

  8. Aizen and Kaname aren’t shinigami in my eyes

  9. @Kanton, ah yes, they’re something far superior, my bad 😀

  10. @kisu if you like giant bugs that is 😀

  11. lol yeah, Tosen evolved into a Giant Fly and Aizen evolved into a Butterfly…


    couldn’t stop laughing hahahah

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