Bleach 428 – I’m a Monkey’s Uncle

*puts on spandex with a chicken image on the front, a tie and a red cape*

Yes my readers, after weeks and weeks of getting beat up by Bleach, today, I, Kisuzachi will bring bleach to justice.

*puts on mask*

From this moment forward I will be known as Cockma-…no…The Hen Ti-…no that’s not gonna work either… I’ve got it! Wait, no that’s just stupid.

*takes off costume*

Oh well, time to get my ass kicked again by Bleach…yay. Here’s this week’s AMV

Last week I said Bleach was Shonen and not Seinen... I'm not so sure anymore T_T

This chapter didn’t suffer from too much panel wasting and didn’t have filler, but the story was still crawling. Ichigo, and us I mght add, still know nothing more than we did last week, except for Shinobu Aizen’s real name. Lots of color pages this week, they look cool. Anyway, without further ado, lets get it over with…yay.

The chapter starts with Ichigo and Shinobu Aizen talking about what they were last week. When Shinobu presses another of Ichigo’s giant red buttons, Unagiya interrupts and says they’ll take the photo and Shinobu should leave. Being the fine old chap he is, Shinobu says his goodbyes and walks out after telling Ichigo to head over to Urahara’s.

Just what bleach needs, MORE characters....yay. -_-

Shinobu walks out and sees two of his comrades, and they have a little conversation. The girl says he isn’t charming enough, but the old DeadpanSnarker says that Shinobu was charming enough to make them tag along with him, so Riruka tells him (Giriko) to shut up. Then suddenly Shinobu walks past both of them. Did he do Shunpo or was it Hirenkyaku? He tells them to be quiet because they can be heard from inside.

...If? You're way too late Jinta

Jinta, Tessai and Ururu are doing what they usually do, that is, cheap slapstick unfunny comedy. To be honest, when Tessai said Lady Karin I was like “Whose Karin? Another new character this chapter? Damn.”, but it turned out to just be the Karin I’m supposed to know but never really cared about her character. Sorry Kubo, but she just isn’t likable. Yuzu is way better, at least I can remember her name >_>

Yes Kisuke, Kubo has perfected it to an art form

So we head into Urahara’s room(?) I presume to see him with a hot cosplayer… oh its just Karin. Anyway, she takes some ghost stuff and asks Urahara if he wants money this time but he tells her he’s indebted to her brother so its on the house. He tells her she shouldn’t hesitate to ask for his help either. What surprises me here is that Karin knows Ichigo was a Shinigami, then again, she could always see ghosts as well. She says it doesn’t matter if Ichigo lost his powers or not, he was protecting everyone before he got them anyway and this time its her chance to protect him. She then leaves.

Around the corner is Ichigo, wondering why his sister was at Urahara’s (I always knew something was wrong with that Urahara guy). Shinobu shows up again and asks Ichigo what he knows about Urahara. Ichigo loses his cool for some reason and screams out that Urahara helped them (or was about to say that), but then Shinobu asks if he really thinks he knows anything about Urahara. He tells Ichigo to be careful and reveals his name, Kuugo Ginjou.

Anyhoo, I promise next week I’ll give you a better Breakdown.

Bleach Imaginary Chapter

First of all, THANK YOU KUBO! The return of the Octava Espada. Secondly, SCREW YOU KUBO! YOU JUST TROLLED SZAYEL! I’ve never felt such a strange mixture of ecstasy and disgust. But since its gonna show up in the anime next week, its Pein0avenue’s territory. Seriously though, why not troll Zommari? He got the least development so now one would give a crap if he got beat. Well, it seems the Espadas went to hell despite that gate not showing up. Oh whatever.



~ by kisuzachi on November 25, 2010.

44 Responses to “Bleach 428 – I’m a Monkey’s Uncle”

  1. Hey, its out. Breakdown is sub-par but I need teh sleeps so see you all later!

  2. First!

  3. Second again -.-

  4. Third! The Amv wasn’t great but you get bonus points for posting one with Disturbed. Do the new people remind anyone else of Perona and Bradley?

  5. @Ama: I noticed the resemblance with Bradley too! I said so when I posted the link to the chapter in the last breakdown, but my comment’s still in moderation…

    “Btw, the guy in the back looks a lot like Wrath (Bradley) from Fullmetal Alchemist…”

    Anyway, now that you say it, the girl does look like Perona! The hair, the clothes and the wierd levitating… O_O

  6. O.o urahara is selling pokeballs where is bleach going,…

  7. Bleach Hell Arc Special!!!

  8. @kisu right before Ichigo got hit with Heroic Bsod AKA before being given a no-holds-barred beatdown by Yammy seen here.

  9. @Dragon, that chapter was epic! I’m at a loss for words.

  10. Even though Szayel got pwned? 😛

    Lol, seriously I think The chapter was great too, even though I’m not going to watch the movie.

  11. @Dragon, look at its mini-Breakdown lol. I hate this new villain. He needs to get beat by a real bad guy, like Aizen-sama. He needs to get Aizen’d for messing up Szayel’s hair!

  12. Poor Szayel. GAH!

  13. *Deadpan voice* oh no szayel get pwned. Anyway will Gin or Unohana be in the movie.

  14. *shoots Kanton in the leg*

    Szayel says hi

  15. *Cuts Kisu leg off and in the same deadpaned tone* don’t care because that was my automail leg .

  16. goddammit! When will I learn that Kanton’s freaking unbeatable? *sews leg back on* That’s impossible you say? Screw Biology I have pink hair

  17. @ Breakdown – Yeah…. Selling weird things to children while having two work for u as child labor and u have a Big Hairy dude to keep em in line @_@ Sounds suspicious enough to call Child line on his @$$, I was hoping u would give more understand as to why there are new characters and who the hell they are cause when I was reading all I could think was, great new characters to develop and then …. nothing …., but I guess u know as little as I do in that respect…

    @ Chapter – Better then the last few and I am seeing Kubo trying to build a Aizen Free Bleach but in doing so he is removing the meaning of Bleach 😛 It seems more like a filler then anything… The Characters etc all seem Filler ish or I can’t take them seriously enough but I am interested to see what happens from here, I feel its getting there in the best way a filler can.

    @ The Hell Special – THAT was AWESOME!!! Szayel and the test tube dude, I think this should be a good movie, and I like that we some sort of development from Espada, I haven’t actually read Bleach like this in a long time 😀 It was exciting the Character he introduced seemed like a real person and I was interested in how the story develops, I wasn’t sure about the movie but now I have to watch it, please let it be like this 😀

  18. @ Kisu – Lay off the Acid and Yu-Gi-0 abridged…

    * Puts Kanton in box with cuddly toys and flowers and rainbows and glitter*

  19. “Lay off the Acid and Yu-Gi-0 abridged”

    Are you implying that I am not a model citizen and someone for children all over the world to look up to? 😛 I’m a nice guy which is why I didn’t decide to talk about the Hell chapter much. Its coming out animated next week, you get the honor of breaking it down (and partly because I was lazy).

    Oh I can tell you why there are new characters,m that one’s easy. Kubo said whenever he gets stuck he creates new characters to get the creative juices flowing. As for who they are, he hasn’t told us yet.

    The Hell chapter was awesome! But Szayel was behaving out of character. Hee doesn’t become raving mad out of the blue like that, the guy’s a thinker not a fighter. And if he wanted to overpower those guys he should’ve used Cero Oscuras (can only be used in an Espada’s Released form) and not Gran Rey Cero. Another thing, if he released why didn’t he use his Resurrecion’s abilities (ink clones, Gabriel, Rebirth and organ crush?). Kubo dumbed him down just to show this new guy is strong (I want this new guy to fight Aizen so he can see what a real villain is while getting trolled)

    Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s the show Powerpuff Girls that needs to be watched

  20. @ Kisu – Are u imply children should look up to u…. I think 1 Kisu on this planet is already more then enough 😛
    Thanks, I will enjoy doing that breakdown, if it story is like this one… @ szayel – he also doesn’t like to loose and his calm calculated has been shown to be mostly when he is in his lab or nearby to minipulat things to his liking… He did transform and yeah Kubo didn’t really have time to have him seem strong, and I think the fact that he wanted to finish it quickly was out of character, and that why he lost… Aizen should come but then we know it will be the Aizen show, or Aizen will loose or he will loose interest and leave. etc

    That why we have half @$$ed characters in Bleach…

  21. Great breakdown
    This chapter just felt like a loop. It started with Ginjou acting smug with Ichigo and it ended with Ginjou acting smug with Ichigo.

    Like Kizu said, Kubo truly have perfected the art of creating tension for the most mediocre things. I was almost laughing with how goddamn dramatic the reveal of Ginjou’s name was.

    The Hell Special: If i discard the waste of space thats typical for Kubo. It was okay. I never cared really for the Espada so i didnt really feel anything about that. It felt kinda stupid when they basically revealed the plot of the movie: Get Ichigo to Hell, make him go Uberhollowichigo and use his powers to open the gates of Hell.

  22. goddammit roku, you just ruined the plot for me 😛

    @Pein, if everyone was like me the world would be a better place…becuz there’d be no one left 😛

  23. *snarks my way out of the glitter rainbow*
    @Kisu his aspect of death after all is well MADNESS.
    *kicks Pein into the disney channel*

  24. @Kanton, damn you, that actually made sense. I’ll think of a comeback sooner or later though :/.

    I just noticed Grimmjow’s mask fragment is missing. Is this a drawing error (it would be a huge f*ck up on Kubo’s part though) or something significant?

  25. @ *Gets kick out of disney channel for being to mentally unstable to work there… Dam hypocrites X_X*

    @ Kanton, hahahah nice with the Szayel I didn’t think of that..

    @ Kisu – hahaha its Kubo Fing up again O_O but what this shows is, Grimmerjow is dead @.@ and Cifer aint coming back 😦

  26. Will someone please tell Kubo to stop stealing FullMetal Alchemist characters!

    *looks above to Kutsuzawa* Looks an awful lot like Fuhrer Bradley!
    *Looks back a few chapters to one o’ Aizen’s god modes* Looks an awful lot like Greed in carbon mode!

    *Looks at Shinobu* HEY! It’s Aizen’s lil’ boy! How ya doin lad! Looks like Aizen’s rape of Matsumoto paid off after all huh?

  27. @ Prawl – Kubo doesn’t copy… he would of thought of them first if he thought of it…

  28. This is the first time the Bleach anime has done a worse job than the manga. This episode was boring. They ruined the Szayel-aaroniero part as well.

  29. It was ok when dbz did it but here is just utterly ridiculous Even IF YOU DIE YOUR NOT DEAD So imprisoning Aizen WAS the best option.

  30. @Kanton, its really vague what happens to Shinigami when they die as well. Some sources say they get reincarnated as humans while some say their bodies turn to spiritons. GAH KUBO!

  31. @Kisu if neither you or I can fathom it who can.

  32. @Kanton, a wizard could O_O

  33. Wow, it’s amazing how an entire comments section can be filled almost single handed by only four people. @__@

    *Eats all the Bleach readers.*

    *Notices that Kantonkage is second here as well an laughs.*

  34. Much like bleach characters, I cannot die, even when dead, eaten, and partially digested by Tenrai!

    *Turns into Spiriton particles, and blasts his way outta Tenrai’s stomach*

    @ Kisu, Kanton – I’m kinida pissed off by the fact that nobody EVER dies in Bleach, (unless they are filler, or storm-troopers)

    That said, I think it’s great to see Szayel again (Fuck you ‘Ardon-rearo)

    Just to see if I fathom this:
    1. You’re alive, then die. you become a hollow or a shinigami.
    2. You “live” as a hollow or shinigami, then die.
    3. You “die” only to go to hell, or someting, but not really be dead.
    3a. You “die” only to become some butterfly or Fruity Spiriton particles.

    I also think this follows DBZ logic to an extent.

    *Throws kunai at Goku, Goku dies*

    Prawl: Hehehe! yer dead, and that’s the end!

  35. *Grabs Tenrai before he can eat me and hits him with A MEGATON PUNCH*
    @kisu IT’S MADNESS I TELL YOU!!!!!

  36. Hmm Bleach the manga where you can die then die again then die another time and still be alive.

  37. *Yells To tenrai* IT BECAUSE WE (Me, Kisu, Pein and the fourth guy{who ever that is}) are its loyal Snark Knights of the Square Table.

  38. And since no one is here I will post some more to tell you the truth I can’t take Aizen seriously anymore since Fairy Tail.

  39. @ Tenrai we are the few loyal supporters O_O Bleach Die Hards in a sense… or the Bleach A team… We can’t die O_O we can only be bored to death <_
    I am alive
    I die, either I become a Hollow or a wondering spirit..
    Become a Hollow…
    Chows wondering Souls to become stronger…
    -> Hollow Begins trying to evolve. (like pokemon)
    -> Hollows chow each other (hollow disappears)
    – Soul Reaper Appears
    -> Cleanses Wondering Souls and Rampaging Hollows.
    Wondering Souls -> Soul Society
    Hollow (Good) -> Soul Society
    Hollow (Bad) -> Hell
    Wondering Souls (Bad) -> Hell

    In Soul Society – People with Shinigami abilities age (but slowly) and people without stay there forever, with Shinigami abilities they join the Seterei and train…
    Eventualy a soul reaper dies and ….

    In Hell Spirits keep their bodies like in Soul Society… Probably the ones with spiritual pressure age and advance in strength while others just rote away.

    If u are destroyed in Hell you become…

    My Theory is since the Soul Society etc is all about Balance i.e Quincy Genocide… I think that all that are destroyed in Soul Society are reborn as Humans like the Indian Believe reincarnation, and all died in Hell will become something less then human.

  40. Bleach 429 is out!

  41. this starts to feel more and more like a filler within the actual manga i just cant seem to take this serious but meh whatever.
    Kewl chapter i wish the people in bleach were just a bit more straighforwarded that would speed up things quite a bit. >.>

  42. <_< the guy that attacked Ichigo is the reborn Cifer ^_^

  43. I mean Ishida O_O

  44. Ishida’s thoughts on this chapter “Damn I lost my arm again at least I won’t die.”

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