Naruto 515-517 “Breakdown”: Stack up on your military rations and genocidal maniacs, it’s time for some motherfracking war, baby!! Demotivational poster inclusive. I wouldn’t even call this a breakdown if I were me. Oh, I AM me.

Guess where I’VE been!

An exotic tropical island, you say?

YES! You’re absolutely righto! But here’s some advice from me to you. If you’re going to spend a week in Bermuda, don’t do it on a training camp trip, because all those pretty, clear waters and stunning vistas will do is make the pain from swimming 5 miles each practice twice a day just a little bit less agonizing. That is, of course, if you’re not too sore to actually get your eyelids to let loose.

I thought I’d made arrangements to have the breakdown done by someone else, but apparently my email requesting for a substitute was sent to the wrong address.

Way to go, Captain Dyslexic.


I understand it’s a triple breakdown, but this is going to be so short. It’s because I get incredibly pressed (for time) these days. In fact, I barely feel comfortable calling it a breakdown.

Oh, I’ll also have you know I bust a couple billion nerves on the last breakdown…you know, trying to keep it squeaky clean and all. The doctor says such a prodigious defection from true personality may result in a seizure of human metabolic functions. In other words, if I don’t show you this video in honor of the new movie just released…I’ll die.

The doctor also advised me to to embrace the nasteh within. Nothing, not Disney, not Oprah, not even Pokemon…nothing can withstand the omnipotent force that is pervertedness. That’s right, I said not even Pokemon…

*listens smugly to the sweet sound of chorused gasping*

Yeah. Feel it, buddy.


Now I went and forgot this is supposed to be about Naruto. Shame on me!

As chapter 515 came along, by its end, I made a discovery: one, I’m assuming, more of myself than anyone or anything else for that matter. By my perception, the first few pages had this gnawing One Piece vibe to them. It’s that sense of eccentric proportions I’m talking about: from Tsuchikage’s ridunculous power to that very cover page above. After those, it didn’t matter if Kishi drew several variations of feces through the reamaining pages, it would still have been epic.

Fortunately, though, it was much better than feces. It was glorious manure. Don’t get me wrong; I mean that in the best manner possible. It basically fertilized the infant roots and stems of this war, and fosters those of excitement, which for me, experienced some exponential growth from the first to last bonus pages.

It’s sad how I read this one a public place, because I was this close to dropping them pants.

Well Naruto, at least you know why he has so much trouble sitting down...

It was as I’d expected afterwards. After the dust had settled from the explosive last chapter, it was easy to guess how everything succeeding would turn out, based on its nature. Since 515 marked the official beginning of the war, you’d know what follows is buildup.

As for 516, while I don’t know who to blame for doing way too much acid on the first page, I wouldn’t fully understand any negative feelings toward the chapter as a whole. It wasn’t fantastic by any means, but it ran smoothly and really set things in motion.

Like I said, it wasn’t fantastic, but you can argue that it could have been.

Gaara: *raises hand at troublemakers*

“This is my pimp hand. And I’m not afraid to slap a bitch.”

Uuuuh, his ding ding dong

Then along came 517, which I fear a lot of people didn’t get the gist of. It was interesting to see how Kishi used Omoi to mirror the feelings of many of the shinobi that comprise the Alliance. Off of face value, you can imagine Omoi was the primary focus, but if you observed a little more closely, you could tell this was a war for the next generation: the young generation that has only known peace. Whether or not they choose to admit it, there will be that anxiety attached to war, and they will have to beat it, just like Omoi did.

So far, I’m liking how Kishi is handling things. Thankfully, he isn’t rushing through things anymore, as far as I see it. I know for a fact that the action is about to begin. And, of course, with that comes the fun. And the best part? Other characters will finally be given their time in the sun.

…At least until the war is over.

Hey, no one ever said it was a guy dog. >_>

I found Akamaru!

What do you know, it is a guy dog…

See you later this week.


Prospekt, how could I forget?



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  1. …And 518 is out.
    Spectacular timing, Pickles…

  2. 518…:

    Ok that chapter was just stupid. This is the same Akatsuki that entire villages fear and they’re taken down by basically just 3 guys. I’m gonna hate myself for saying this, but screw you Kishi. That was beyond dumb. And for souls to go away they have to fulfill their last wish? That’s so Bleach.

    @Pickles, you finally got the lead out. Excellent. Now I’m off to read it. (Bad timing guy)


  3. turd.. i mean third =)

  4. Ooh! Top five! First time ever! Awesome not-a-breakdown by the way…Pickles is BACK!!!

    And Muk…disgusting.

  5. Fifth?

    On page 9 of the new chapter we can clearly see Al Elric’s armor-head being used to contain the explosion.

    Is Kishi saying that the fullmetal alchemist is his “puppet”? a.k.a. bitch?

  6. As for Omoi’s big part in the chapter, I’ll attempt to summarize:

    Omoi: Hey fools, how you find O.J. Simpson on the internet?

    Sasori and Deidara: How?

    Omoi: Simple! *begins waving sword* Just type SLASH, SLASH, BACKSLASH, ESCAPE!

    *Omoi kills Sasori and Deidara, then flees the scene in a white Bronco*

  7. @Pickles: Dude, I can’t believe you used the Gunther music video reference. I was fricken rolling. My girl and I were crying laughing at his videos a few years ago and just showed the one you used to a friend like last week. Have you seen the tooti fruity summer love one? It’s just as bad….I mean, good.
    Thanx bro. Made my day.
    Oh and the latest chapter was good too. Just not sure about kankuro supposedly surpassing sasori just cuz he got all “black” on us. Wait, maybe he DOES win because of that. Nevermind

  8. Well, the chapter wasn’t bad, but it could have been better. I do understand some of the themes coming through though, so I can’t really complain.

    In any case, I have a theory as to why Sai’s brother was able to be free of Edo Tensei

    I believe, the reason Edo Tensei can bind souls into the world of the living, is because there is still something keeping them from crossing over to the other side, something like a regret or an unfilfulled mission.

    Think of Kakashi’s father at the campfire. In a way, even though he was dead, there was still a regret keeping him there. Only after Kakashi said he could forgive him could he actually cross over. So maybe Edo Tensei needs something to keep a soul bound to the earth as well, so it uses a regret, or a wish, or a feeling to bind that soul and keep it trapped. But if that regret is dissolved, or the wish is fulfilled, then that binding then becomes powerless.

    That is perhaps why Sai’s brother, was able to move on, because his wish to see Sai’s picture finally complete and the importance behind the message hidden in that picture, was fulfilled, so he no longer had any regrets. The binding that Edo Tensei trapped him with became powerless and he moved on. Perhaps this also gives others a way to defeat those who have been brought back without needing a sealing tech, but each person will have a different reason for not having been able to pass over yet, like a yearning for revenge or something, so not all of them might be so easy to get rid of.

    In any case, I don’t think this battle is over yet. That other big guy is still on his way back into the battle, so something may still happen.

  9. Nice, breakdown, when u say summarizes took it seriously 😛

    @ Chapter – I am agreeing with Kisu on this one, I don’t understand how they are getting beaten by Akatsuki members who could even conquer countries or eliminate cities quickly, but Diedara now useless cause of electricity, why not blow up the bird ?? or use his speed attacking birds instead of putting it in Sai’s brother. Sasori was the biggest let down in sense of how useless he is now, and now Kankuro is so much better, I guess Sasori doesn’t have his puppets, Kazekage etc… but it just seems cheap, So far only the Abarame died.. I don’t enjoy this chapter I thought the Akatsuki would be in massive battles but this just seems to cheapen the respect Akatsuki had and now they all just made to seem weak



  11. <__>


    Barbra Streisand

  12. @Tenrai, nice theory, but what does that say of Zabuza, Haku and Chiyo. If I recall the three of them died and made peace. Kishi is gonna have to start doing some major asspulls to make any of this make sense. I mean, this feels so…Bleach.

  13. Hello everyone!
    518: great chapter!. The way kishi is selling the action is just as good as i will like: begining with low-medium figth techniques and then ending with the most EPIC-AWESOME technique we have ever seen.

    Nice brakedown by the way.

  14. I agree with Kisu and pein. Deidara and Sasori got pwned like they were weaklings. Especially Sasori, he hid and didn’t do anything except getting killed by Kankuro.
    They’re S-Class Shinobi! -_-

    Anyway, I liked the way Shin disappeared, but I hoped he would have survived for more than one chapter.

    @Tenrai: I don’t think everyone that was resurrected by Edo Tensei has unfinished business.
    Chiyo gave her life to resurrect Gaara and that was her mission: to guide the younger generation, like Asuma said, even though he has a regret, not seeing his son (or daughter).
    All the other resurrected shinobi, in my opinion, have some form of regret, whether to stay with their loved ones or to appease their thirst for blood.

    @kisu: I think Zabuza’s regret might not be treating Haku like he deserved and Haku’s might not being able to stay with Zabuza a bit longer.

  15. yeah, i don’t like the whole soul go by-by thing after achieving “peace”, however i think kishi realized how much of a fuck he was putting the alliance in by letting kabuto resurrect everyone with so much as a flash over at any point in the series. But as far the akatsuki thing being weakend, it makes sense. Sasori would no longer have his puppets, which means he is no where near as complicated of an opponent. However with deidara, his fighting style had already been revealed many times, and i’m pretty sure that the alliance would share info (as to why they would share info on dead people, i don’t know, i’m trying to make up shit for kishi who at this point has already used a few courtesy flushes). Also, these guys would now have the hidan syndrome, except more severe, as they can take any injury and keep going, with abilities like that, strategy becomes a little less relevant, especially if you’re like deidara.

    @pein and tots… i still can’t figure out why once the alliance shinobi were found deidara didn’t just carpet bomb the place, instead of the whole failed ambush thing. There’s a reason why special ops and snipers aren’t taken prisoner, they’re damn good at messing with the enemy in pretty much any situation they’re in, which is how deidara should have treated the ambush squad. Kill them as soon as they’re noticed. But hey, kishis got to show how much the ninja world is changing by allowing these bs situations to occur.

  16. I don’t mind if the Ambush Squad won that happens but wat upset me is the ease at which it is done, I mean it didn’t look too difficult to me… but maybe Kishi is letting Akatsuki die against the lessor Charactors so he can introduce an over powered Sasuke to kill all the Kage’s @_@

  17. @ Alec – Yeah or do what he did against Sasuke and Create all the land mines to destroy the place or move around under foot and act against the prison things, and I am glad he at least thought of the Suicide Bomb, but if he is killed now it would mean no more of that strategy so if I was Kabuto I would withdraw Deidara, maybe not Sasori he not even good at hide and seek anymore, that was SO LAME him just hiding at the top of the mountain and being pulled down like it was nothing… So he can’t break his own chakra strings? I just hope Itachi, Pein get better treatment, and Sai brother needed more sort of screen time, but then again the less time spent on Sai the better.

  18. @pein I agree. It took Chiyo and Sakura about 6 episodes to take down Sasori and even then he still just killed himself. So I really don’t see how its possible for Sasori to just lose like that to Kankuro

    and if Sasori came back in his original body, then why the hell does Kimimaro still have a Curse Mark. Sasori’s human puppets and the curse marks are all modifications, so logically if one modification gets cancelled, the other should as well

  19. @kisu- well i think cause the curse mark is actually oro injecting part of his soul into the person as well as the power-up stuff, because it’s mentioned that eventually the curse mark does take away ones will power when oro orders something. idk… don’t really care

  20. Kankuro beating sasori, so easily? Wow Kishi. I am a bit disappointed the infamous Akutski was defeated so easily. Hope this does not happen to all the members. I do not want to see itachi, or pein defeated so easily.

  21. Wow, what the hell? Don’t you people see that the biggest portion of Sasori’s power was his puppets, which he put heart and soul into building? If he wanted to be more powerful again, he would have to make more puppets, because all of the abilities he had were from his puppets, A.K.A. his ninja tools.

    Basically, Sasori is like a male Tenten, and without puppets, he has basically no power.

    As for Deidara, he’s a ranged fighter, not a close combat fighter. Once he got trapped by Kankuro and was thus unable to move, he was unable to dodge being stabbed by the electric swords.

    It’s not that Akatsuki is weaker, it’s that the others are stronger.

    This also proves how important intelligence on your enemy is, and most likely the reason why Kankuro and the others knew how to deal with them, is because now that the nations are combined, it demonstrates how information is shared, not kept secret.

    The fact that none of you could figure this out is flabbergasting.

  22. Sai completely did it for me in this chapter. I wonder if those creatures were gods of some sort. Not entirely sure.

  23. Tenrai: Good theory, and infact i’m inclined to believe that’s exactly what happened. My only curiosity here is kabuto never really eroded the personality of Sai’s brother. He said when the figting starts, he’ll erode their personalities and convert them into full fighting machines, thereby having full control over them. Seems he’s yet to do that, and Sai’s brother’s incident took advantage of that circumstance. If kabuto realizes this he might just erode their personalities to make them full fighting machines.

  24. @ Holydemonandy – Yeah Sasori I get, fine but in the end he wasn’t always a puppet and not always the best puppets at his disposal, his Chakra threads where so easily broken and why didn’t he just detach from Kankuro Threads? So whats the point in reviving most of them, if this is gonna be the case… Why is Deidara mid to long range fighter? his bombs could hurt him close range, not anymore, so that not an excuse. He could of blown up everyone if he was fighting fast and his bird blows up too, clay clones? I mean anything to make them actually keep some honor, but what we get a bunch of panzies, If Itachi, or Pein, or Kimmi are still so lame all Kishi is doing is trashing their memories 😛

    @ Kisu – I think its still his body in a sense, Sasori’s body died when he destroyed it to make the puppet, if what u had said was true Sasori would of returned as a heart…. which may have been better he could of entered his old body (puppet) and regained control somehow.

    @ Total – I am an anti sai fan though 😦 I wanted him to die first 😛

  25. Also, if you’re wondering why Akatsuki wasn’t all powerful here, just remember that even Kisame and Itachi had to sneak into the village in order to perform their objectives. More often than not they used stealth both to avoid any unnecessary difficulties, and also probably to attract as little attention as possible.

    @Pein: If you have to ask why he couldn’t detach the threads, then you also have to ask why Kankuro couldn’t both detache and re-attache. Furthermore, normally you have to cut chakra with chakra, remember? That’s how the chakra threads were cut in the first place.

    And Deidara being “immortal” is likely the exact reason he was just as reckless as Hidan (as someone else pointed out,) and also the exact reason why he was up front to begin with when from the start he was always a ranged fighter. If you’ll think back, he even fought Gaara from a range, and Sasuke too.

    Akatsuki were supposed to be surreal in strength, but you have to think about it, ninjas can barely take on themselves, let alone multiple ninja at once. It’s not TOO much of a surprise that in this battle they did terribly, especially because Deidara was always meant for both support (his mines) and range. He normally has to prepare before battle. Furthermore, as far as we know or see, Deidara has no exploding clay on him. I don’t remember seeing much if any.

    If anything, I think this either points to Kabuto having little to no intent on stopping the Shinobi forces from reaching Madara, or else it shows how bad he is at tactics. That or it demonstrates how stupid the others are, I’m not quite sure.

  26. Sorry for double comment, but going back to what I was saying about the mines, it just shows that Deidara’s less of an offensive ambush person, and more of a defensive ambush person. A.K.A, when you know someone’s coming, he sets up the ambush.

  27. @ Mandy – yeah maybe I am trying to hold all Akatsuki to Pein’s standards but, if Sasori detached his strings it would be difficult for Kankuro to reattach since its should be harder to aim for and nothing to bind to.. Yeah I agree that maybe Kabuto wanted his members to loose but still my point is for Deidara he could blow up his bird or use speed, he has been shown to fight quickly, i.e Against Sasuke and that was also very Offensive in nature… Itachi and Kisame did sneak in but Itachi was against hurting anyone without reason, but could easily kill the Uchiha clan… So I mean maybe not all Akatsuki was Kage level but most where close at least… but I will accept it could be cercumstance but Deidara and Sasori entered the battle knowing the circumstance anyway O_O

  28. @Pein. Um. Thanks. But I’m not Mandy.


    And true about the Itachi thing. XD And Itachi was more in his prime when he killed the Uchiha clan. I would imagine the Akatsuki were Kage level except for when they act stupidly.

  29. @ Holydemonandy – sorry, ment to say Nandy O_O

  30. The latest chapter had me kinda split
    It was great to see the minor characters shine but the end with Sais brother disappearing felt sorta stupid.

    Im not that mad that Sasori and Deidara got defeated so seamingly easy. A little dissapointed but still it felt like the way they got defeated was logical.

    But they are not out of the game just yet, that ressurected Kiri-nin is still out there and he just might do something to free either of them(like a kunai with explosive notes could be enough to destroy the puppet cages).
    It might not turn out that way, but you never know.

  31. Seems to me there has to be more to kankuro’s black secret technique than sasori’s body, unless sasori’s body holds the secret to kankurou’s black ‘secret’ technique.

    Oh, and one more thing. I reckon the said jutsu that naruto has to complete, THAT JUTSU, is the Shiki Fuujin.

  32. @total impossible Minato implied only a non-jinchuuriki could perform the Shiki fuujin.

  33. @kantonkage: well, could you show me a reference or something? Why would it have to be limited to non-jinchurikis? Except there was a concrete reason, which i don’t remember coming accross, then it all seems illogical as to why it ashould be limited to non-jinchuurikis. I may be wrong though.

  34. seen here

  35. @kantonkage: ok i’ve verified it. Interesting. i wonder why though, why jinchuurikis cannot use the seal. Well i guess time will tell.

  36. Jinchuuriki has two souls sort of and probably it wouldn’t work perhaps.

  37. “Wow, what the hell? Don’t you people see that the biggest portion of Sasori’s power was his puppets, which he put heart and soul into building? If he wanted to be more powerful again, he would have to make more puppets, because all of the abilities he had were from his puppets, A.K.A. his ninja tools.

    Basically, Sasori is like a male Tenten, and without puppets, he has basically no power.

    As for Deidara, he’s a ranged fighter, not a close combat fighter. Once he got trapped by Kankuro and was thus unable to move, he was unable to dodge being stabbed by the electric swords.

    It’s not that Akatsuki is weaker, it’s that the others are stronger.

    This also proves how important intelligence on your enemy is, and most likely the reason why Kankuro and the others knew how to deal with them, is because now that the nations are combined, it demonstrates how information is shared, not kept secret.

    The fact that none of you could figure this out is flabbergasting.”

    The intention here is to use the quote. And, Dandy, you are 1000% correct. I also think that these facts have been sorely missed from the discussion. This isn’t merely about who does Edo Tensei or what it actually does, though it is interesting. The larger picture is to highlight the fight between these two sets of forces – even if one is a Kishi version of “The Grateful Dead.” We get to see minor characters – and new ones – show their very best. Another important point: this is a team that was assembled in a matter of days – and several were from warring nations. The fact that the “Shinobi” ambush squad was able to work together enough to fight in such an amazing battle, is miraculous. Sand and Stone, in particular, were bitter enemies and now they are teammates.

    We saw Omoi when Naruto was trying to find the Raikage and even then he was no pushover. Yes, he’s a worrywart but for me he redeemed himself in this chapter. His moves were pure awesomeness and helped push the Shinobi team to victory. No one has better piss this guy off, as Deidara found out.

    Sai – we see emotion from him, which shows his character’s growth. The fact that we see him even GLARE at someone is amazing – awesome frame, btw. His character has far more depth than it did before and it is one that I like. Deep down, he’s come over to the “I love my teammates” side versus, “It’s the mission, dammit.” His brother’s appearance and disappearance was both touching and moving.

    For those who didn’t think Naruto was in here – he was, in spirit (ha ha). The picture Sai didn’t finish – and then couldn’t remember what he was drawing – was inspired by, none other than, Naruto. Oh and, his final weapon drawing was fantastic – it added to the art debate long held between Sasori and Deidara. Sai gave HIS answer.

    Then there’s Kankuro vs. Sasori. Kankuro’s very eloquent statements at the end were about as amazing as his obviously enhanced abilities. To use the puppet body that Sasori, the soul, used to inhabit against Sasori, was pure genius and the key to defeating Sasori. And, the soul Sasori complimented his disciple’s abilities – if it were me, that would have blown me away. And, that should speak volumes of his abilities.

    In the end, this latest chapter is going to highlight abilities from the minor characters we never knew that they had. Perhaps Tenten will show up (not likely), to redeem herself. Remember we have four other teams to watch, and it will be interesting, for sure.

  38. great one Pickles. About the last chapter, I’me also on Andy and Penny’s side. The youth has badass powers and we better recognize.

    You guys might think these are minor characters but keep in mind this guys are the ambush squad, they were hand picked for this squad due to the skills they have.
    I was impressed by Itan (the iwagakure dude) a lot also by Sai, Omoi an Kankuro, the rest meahh not that much but these 4 were great.
    Also fuck Deidara and Sasori, I have to admit I feel a little sorry for Sasori but for Deidara’s arrogant ass it’s exactly what he deserves.
    As much as we think this is over and done with we know better, Kishis’s bound to do something and give Sasori and Nuke-head another go at the ambush squad.
    One thing that got me confused was, where did the fat guy run off to?? Did that guy just say, fu!k it, and left, what was his deal.

    Anyway great chapter and it actually feels like it’s going in a good way, at least for me.
    I wonder if Asuma, Neji’s dad and Dan are gonna meet with there loved ones, Neji, Asuma’s child and Kurenai and Tsunade??

  39. “Also fuck Deidara and Sasori, I have to admit I feel a little sorry for Sasori but for Deidara’s arrogant ass it’s exactly what he deserves.”

    Just to let you know, if you feel like you should be giving Deidara ONLY what he deserves, then you need to be also giving Sasuke what he deserves, but it seems Naruto doesn’t want to do that because he cares about others.


  40. Oh, and sorry for double post again. D:

    But thanks by the way Penny – much appreciated. 🙂 As well as Eugen. ^,^ Glad to know some people have some sense; although to be honest when I saw you quoting, before I read all of it, I thought you were about to debunk everything I found out and I was, like, D:

    And then I was, like, 😀

  41. Fuck deidara? His unique brand of cockiness definitely inspires the manga..why would anyone want to ‘fuck’ him? he could say or imply rubbish, but when he adds the ‘mmmnn’ honorific you go from displeasure to delight.

  42. Ok. Clearly i’ve seen there’s been some questions about deidara and sasori being had so easily. Are deidara and sasori actually strong after that pathetic showing? Yes, probably even more than before. How?

    If you remember earlier, the emphasis on the ambush squad of both warring sides was underscored very clearly, as it said the one that carries out it’s mission efficiently would give it’s side the edge. I guess the question is- why did kabuto, given all the top notch summons he had, create an ambush squad of only four, with ninjas like deidara and sasori present? Of the four, one is a sensor, and the other a close range fighter, meaning the responsibility of the ambush fell on deidara and sasori because of the wide scope of their attacks. Deidara obviously had the capability to personally weaken the fight power of the teams with his explosives. Sasori also had some wide range and powerful jutsu capable of causing a lot of damage. The thing is, in a war strength does not necessarily win battles, but management, timing, execution, objective and most importantly luck. We’ve seen that in battles in history(King Leonidas’ 300 spartans vs Persian king Xerxes’ 30000 men, Hannibal against the vast Roman Empire, the battle of trafalgar where the British fleets defeated the combined forces of the “french fries”….oh sorry, French and Spanish Naval fleets, e.t.c.)> kankuro’s growth in strength is highlighted, and he not only has the strength but good leadership abilities, intelligence and luck(if they had not encountered deidara and co, they would have caused great destruction to the others…all deidara has to do is self-destruct. Sasori, with his puppeteering would just have to control the enemy and have deidara blow him up. Devastating team work if you asked me.) So yes, it does prove that two or more heads are certainly better than one, as regards info sharing(they passed info amongst themselves that lightening techniques could deactivate deidara’s bomb. Any lack of info would have meant they’ll hear this word i’ve really come to like- “KATSU”). It also goes to show that kabuto does lack leadership, even though he might be strong, and it shows his plan for contingencies are either deplorable as we’ve seen, or he likes the outcome as it means a loss for madara, with further emphasis on his envisaged betrayal to madara. With his wrong judgement call he’s lost Sai’s brother because he did not account for that possibility i.e. he should have taken full control of their wills so they won’t have to feel emotion(I also question his insensitivity to the importance of weakening the alliance by trying hard to take down the tsuchikage when he had the chance. With some of these powerful summons he had a good shot). The point is power and skill alone do not win battles as kabuto fails to realize and even though deidara and sasori were capable of troubling the alliance especially with their new found bodies and terrifying combo, planning and execution were also very necessary, which seemed rushed from kabuto’s angle. So the issue here is not that deidara and sasori were stopped easily…the issue is they were managed poorly, and in war poor, inefficient management leads to casualties. However we still don’t know what the other sensor is capable of. Will he sense the danger and call for back-up thereby rescuing sasori and deidara? Does kankuro’s capture of deidara and sasori mean he’ll have to be present to hold them, implying he takes no further part in the fighting? Will kabuto sense the situation, quit ‘experimenting’ on poor anko and be smarter? I guess these questions would be answered in the upcoming chapters.

  43. TH, when I first saw your post, I was a bit intimidated, having forgotten what it was like to read blocks of text, but it actually wasn’t that much. Just so you know, you might want to put spaces in between chunks next time.

  44. Actually, the reason I think Deidara and Sasori lost, is because, let’s face it, immortality makes you lazy.

    We saw the same thing happen with Hidan. Because he didn’t care about any injuries he sustained, he was hardly cautious in any battle he fought and because of it, he often bore the brunt of many attacks that would kill a normal person.

    He even let his head get chopped of by Asuma. If it wasn’t for Kakuzu being their to plop it back on, he would’t have been able to continue battling. The truth of the matter is that Hidan didn’t actually have that much skill. His only real skill was the ability to not die, but if you ask me, that only made him weaker.
    If he was mortal, he would have lost just about every battle he was in and that alone goes to show how much he allowed himself to become a lazy warrior.

    The same now seems to be the case for Sasori and Deidara. There was just too much pride and both believed they were now undefeatable. Deidara didn’t even try to battle at long range or evade attacks he would normally never allow to reach himn in the first place. Sasori himself placed far too much of his strength into his puppet, so without them, he was already lacking in power. Add to that the fact that he was allowing himself to sink so far, it’s not surprising he was quickly surpassed.

    Remember guys, the new generation is growing up now and surpassing the last. We’ve seen it with Naruto, Sasuke, Shikamaru and even Kabuto surpassing Orochimaru. It isn’t that surprising that Sai and Kankurou would eventually do the same as well. I just find it funny how we always complain that Kishi isn’t advancing the other minor characters enough, but when he does, we complain about that as well. Lol.

  45. @ Deidara and Sasori Sucking @$$ – Yes all valid points, but I mean really it takes 1 Chapter to beat Sasori and Deidara O_O and what I would like to know is… How the hell they know Deidara weakness, oh by the way none of them where there when Sasuke figured it out, only other person around was Tobi and well the rest would of been blown up, where they get this intelligence? its just odd how they just know these things, but how… its like Deidara just popping up knowing all their weaknesses? how? where they get the intel? hahaha maybe wikipedia but besides that I have no idea…

    I am sure this won’t be the last memory of Deidara and Sasori but if it is, I am very dissapointed, it took so long for Sasori to be killed and it took Sasuke plot no jutsu to take out Deidara and now its like 2 Chapters barely and they both been beaten. I will always be disappointed if this is their last memory…

    @ Immortality making u weaker – I agree with Tenrai except for one point, Deidara didn’t really fight like an immortal, remember Hidan made himself get injured a lot of the time as his technique, yes he was lazy too, but what pissed me off is Deidara still struggled cause he didn’t act like he should, if I was deidara i would be less worried about range fighting…

    This is the same guy that took out Gaara, with the one tails, and not even all his clay, I really don’t think u guy would be stoked if it was Gaara and Kankuro being beaten so easily by lessor characters. He was able to do that with a Kage level fighter and we seen Gaara can take out small armies… but now he can barely beat barely Jonin level fighters?

    All I am saying this is not the Deidara we always seen, smart tactical and patient in a sense, now he seemed to be stubborn one strategy and slow… he should of realized the guy using lightning and just blown up the freaking bird… Where the hell is that bird.

  46. sorry for double

    but these are also people that never fought together now they some how the best team.. I mean this isn’t people that should know each other and know good team work, u don’t get team work in like a week.. it was shown they don’t know that much about each other, yet now they better fighting team then the A Team… its just annoying how everything went their way, guys that where literally the best of the best and could take out whole villages now get beaten by a rushed put together team and everyone okay with that, develop the minor characters but lets actually develop them and not just make it seem like the other characters became weaker…

  47. @Pein0Avenue

    Just remember, Sasori and Deidara were both members of hidden leaf villages at some time in the past, before they both joined Akatsuki. This means that their weaknesses and strengths were at least known by someone within each of those respective groups.

    Now that the shinobi alliance has been formed, all the nations are sharing intelligence about Akatsuki.

    How did Omoi know about Deidara’s weakness? It’s simple, the Tsuchikage trained Deidara from the sounds of things, so he probably knew all his strengths and weaknesses. That information was likely shared with the alliance as well, because he knew Deidara had been resurrected by Edo Tensei.

    Kankurou obviously had a lot of info on Sasori and he had probably prepared himself for this battle for a long time. As has been mentioned many times before on this blog in debates and otherwise, intelligence and info on the enemy, is often the deciding factor in a battle and in this case, it most certainly made a huge difference.

    Sasori and Deidara have their own negligence to blame for their defeat. They should have planned for the fact that their enemy might know about their abilities. They were countered effectively because they were predictable. That is what pride does to you, I guess.

  48. @ Tenrai – lol we all know everyone a some point came from the Leaf Village like Naguto but I think Sasori and Deidara bit of a stretch 😛

    and for some reason the Alliance forces are so good at team work they where able to share the messages and calculate the best tachtical plan… what if Itachi was incharge of this squad or Naguto… still yeah, Sasori and Deidara = Epic Fail now and that lame

  49. @Tenrai

    “Sasori and Deidara were both members of hidden leaf villages”

    Wasn’t Sasori from the Sand Village and Deidara from the Stone?

    Anyway, I too think they were cocky, just like Hidan.
    Deidara could have used his most powerful bombs from the start, but he didn’t because he wanted to have fun.
    Sasori couldn’t have done much because he didn’t have puppets, so I think he would have gone pwned anyway. He should have hid better. 😛

  50. There’s another thing we should take in consideration about this young group of shinobi, Kankuro took the time to learn there abilities, strengths and weaknesses and has now proven he’s a great leader.

    Not only that most of the Shinobi in the squad did there job perfectly. I hate that kishi decided to skip this steps, in showing us the development of a team, especially one with so few known characters like the ambush squad, but all in all it shows us what Tenrai said; The younger generation is indeed taking this war serious and they are doing everything they can to keep there loved ones safe and are doing the best they can in battle.

    One more thing I would like to add is this; I wasn’t here for last week’s double breakdown but I wanted to say that I think Kishi i really fu@king up Naruto’s character with the fact that he knew nothing about what was happening when Yamato was kidnapped and Deidara and the Tsuchikage were fighting.

    I know Naruto’s a little slow in the mental department but com’ on, that was just stupid, we all know Naruto grew past those stupidities and now Kishi is drowning him in a sea of retards.
    That’s just not fair especially now when Naruto has obtained the highest power he’ll ever come across.
    Sure he still isn’t a genius, but to figure out that was no earthquake is a nobrainer, yet he didn’t even use sage mode or the new fox cloak to try and detect is something was off during the fighting.
    All Kishi did to make up for this was to put Naruto through his final training with Bee to gain full control of the fox itself or so it seams.

  51. @ pain & Dragon, Tenrai actually meant that Deaidara and Sasori came from Hidden Villages not from Konoha. Sasori was from Suna and Deidara was from Iwa (or Sand And Stone whatever).

    That’s why the first one to say that Deidara had a weakness against lightning was Itan who was from The Stone village.
    He knew the info about Deidara the best.

  52. @ eugen – yeah I know what tenrai ment I was just pulling his leg

  53. @Tenrai, it isnt that the Tsuchikage trained Deidara that he knows his weakness, its because Deidara stole one of Iwagakure’s Kinjutsu, like Kakuzu stole Takigakure’s Earth Grudge Fear. So its like the Tsuchikage simply knows how to counter that particular technique. Deidara’s mouth hands are a kinjutsu and not actually a kekkei genkai.

    I’d also like to add that Sasori and Deidara have the right to be smug, proud a-holes. You dont get much stronger than these two. Besides, if Kishi made them humble then the ambush squad wouldnt have stood a GHOST of a chance (get it, cuz Sasori and Deidara are zombies…tough crowd). lol if Deidara went a 1000 feet into the air and then started dropping C3s that would just be boring lmao

  54. @ everyone

    I was supposed to say “hidden villages” not “hidden leaf villages”.

    That’s what you call an epic fail. T___T

  55. @everyone/chapter – I understand this chapter is supposed to show the new generation surpassing the old one, but not every single shinobi in the new generation is going to or should surpass the best of the old generation. This is what I don’t like about Edo Tensei. It devalues the memories of shinobi past. It’s analogous to say Wayne Gretzky, or Mario Lemieux, or Michael Jordan, or Pele, or Diego Maradonna, or Babe Ruth. These guys have become legends in their sport, and are often proclaimed the best their sport has ever seen. What Kishi is doing right now is like if a young Wayne Gretzky somehow came back and played in today’s NHL and sucked, or if a young Michael Jordan came back to today’s NBA and was mediocre. Or if a young Pele was to play in today’s UEFA leagues and do nothing special. It ruins their legend.

    And that’s why I’ve been struggling to read these past couple chapters. They’re placing somewhat minor characters with average skill on top of some of the greatest shinobi this series has seen. Pein single-handedly destroyed Konoha. If Ten-ten and Ino somehow defeat Nagato then I am quitting this manga.

  56. @urban impossible because their female

  57. Wow it seems that Lee will get a spin-off.

  58. @Kanton and Total:
    I’m pretty late on this, but I thought the whole “non jinchuuriki” limitation to minato’s seal was kinda weird too, until I found a better translation for the chapter. This should clear it up:

  59. @ the war debate
    I think at least 2 more chapters should pass before judgment is placed on the strength/effectiveness of the edo army. I’m sure we all thought it was badass to see them brought into the fray initially. I kinda doubt they’ll make the whole affair a cheap “new guys kill old and dead guys” war. I’m just sayin, be patient.

    But I’m still thinking that making Kakashi the general woulda been a better plot and story. Jiraiya was sharing most of his intel on akatsuki to him, not to mention he’s a supposed genious w/ more battle experience than gaara. And on top of that, how cool would it have been to see Naruto’s reaction to Kakashi’s command over ALL of the land’s shinobi?

    I think the authors missed a good chance to have kakashi bring the arc a kickass militaristic feel, instead of a “lets do this for my friend!” then eat some f*ckin smores feel.

  60. @Pickles: Great job on the breakdown, it was pure ♥ I could stop laughing, especially for the part with the harry potter video and the boy and “akamaru” lolz I love your perverseness 😛

    @Holydemonandy, Tsunades Twin, Eugen and Tenrai senshi: Great job at analyzing the hidden meanings in the latest chapter. To me chapter 518 was just epic, this is exactly what I’ve been waiting to read in naruto for a long time. I know some may think that sasori and deidara got whipped too easily, but I think it was a fair fight. Sasori and deidara got a bit too cocky about their immortality and underestimated the enemy. Also, the ambush squad had awesome coordination in working together. In addition to this, as kishi states many times in the manga, the younger generation is surpassing the older one. It is natural that kankurou would surpass sasori, especially since he had all these years to make sasori’s work his study and improve upon it. And as someone mentioned, sasori was severely handicapped without his puppets. I also think he didnt try his best because he didnt like the fact that someone else was pulling his strings, but that’s just my opinion.

    I also like that in this chapter we actually saw sai show emotion. That, in itself was great. Poor sai. Oh and Omoi was just badass with that sword tech.

    Deidara fell as a victim of his pride. He was cocky in the entire chapter, and even he saw the err of his ways at the end when he said “If i’d known this was coming I would’ve self-destructed” clear indication that he underestimated the foe. I felt sorry for sasori though.

    Now I can’t wait to see what comes next!

  61. @ Angel, you’re so wright, we’ve been waiting for this kids to grow up for a long time now and now that they are some of us are actually mad that they could bring down elite ninja like deidara and sasori.
    The ease to with that happened made me a bit mad at Kishi too, but we need to remember that a while back Naruto mopped up the floor with kakuzu, busting almost three of his hearts in one go.
    Sure the jutsu (Rassen Shuriken) is badass on a whole new level, but keep in mind kakuzu held his own against Kakashi & Choji (and weahh I know Ino was there… but com’on it’s Ino) for some time before Naruto came in and finished the fight in no time.

    We could say the same happened to Hidan, Shikamaru fuc*ed him up all on his own, and that’s saying a lot for a guy who has only 2 maybe three jutsus up his sleeve but makes up in the mental department.

    So if these guys could kill kakuzu and hidan on there own, more or less, why not Deidara and Sasori meet there end at the hands of some of the most elite shinobi from there respective hidden villages as well.
    This aren’t Ino and Tenten we’re talking about. These are well trained shinobi who should have had training just like or even harder then Sai’s, and that’s saying a lot, the dude’s Root after all.

    Sorry for the rant, but when it comes time for the former kages and Itachi and Nagato, then we’ll get to see something really awesome.

  62. it’s out

  63. *SPOILER* –
    So kishi actually killed anko, or is she still up for a “Oh thank gawd she’s still alive” ?

  64. @Eugen: Well said. Definitely agree.

    The chapter gave an interesting take on the Rasengan’s purpose and history. I wonder how much nature chakra manipulation has increased for naruto in “regular” bijuu mode though. I like all the different forms of rasengan we’ve seen over the last year but some other wind jutsu spinoffs would be nice to see too. Or at least seeing him master what Asuma taught him w/ the kunai

  65. What an awesome chapter.

  66. New chapter was pretty cool. I’m actually liking the idea of releasing Edo Tensei by reaching the core of the bound soul’s most heartfelt need and allowing it to feel fulfillment.

    It’s awesome watching Madara and Kabuto’s little chess match unfold, as well.

    Re: rasengan’s history, I guess we now know Kushina must have achieved perfection as a jinchuuriki. Otherwise, how could Minato have figured it out through observation?

  67. So that’s how the Menacing Ball works. Good to know Minato didnt do as much work as people credit him for. Yar har har

    So the official name is BijuDAMA? WTF Kishi? Ur taking this DBZ thing to a whole new level. Any more and you just might become the next Tite Kubo. (In DBZ Goku’s possibly strongest move was the GenkiDAMA)

  68. I am making a prediction/spoiler here so read at your own risk

    Deidara will be dusted when someone points out that since he has an eternal body now that he flys in the very face of his own views of what art is, seeing as now he is as about eternal as the mountains.
    He will then dust but unlike the others his disintegration will be artfully drawn.

  69. So basically, Naruto is about to learn the Kamehameha wave. Lol! (concentrating a ball of energy into the palm of his hands and then releasing it in the direction of whatever he wants to pwn).

    Anyway, I suppose Minato may have originally developed the Rasengan in an effort to help Kushina acquire a means of using a Bijuu’s ultimate technique, seeing as how the fox was obviously not cooperative with her either. However, that theory is still questionable, because we don’t know if Kushina even gained control of the fox’s chakra like Naruto did, or whether she even had access to it in the same manner in the first place, considering how different the nature of her seal seemed to be.

    Overall, I thought it was a great chapter. I was worried that the reason for Sasori’s departure might have seemed cheesy, but Kishi pulled it off well. Sasori finally realized how he could make his art timeless, by passing it on to the next generation. It was always his goal to achieve that perfection and now he found peace in finding the solution. It makes sense, so it doesn’t seem out of place, or contrived.

    As for Naruto’s training, it’s always interesting to see how his new fox chakra state works, so I am happy they focussed on that more, but I also thought it was funny when he turned into that little fox. It bears a striking resemblance to his original fox form in the one-shot Kishi had originally developed for his idea around the Naruto story, which I assume was completely intentional. The way he and Bee (In Hachibi form) just looked at one another in stunned silence, made me laugh.

    Anyway, I suppose this chapter also gave us a very good reason as to why Naruto might (and should) still use Sage Mode. Using his new fox chakra form too often, without giving his own chakra time to regenerate, can kill him, so it should only be used for emergencies, like when he is being overwhelmed in a battle. I actually like that idea, because it means we will still see a nice variety with regards to how Naruto battles, rather than just seeing him focus purely on a single form. In the interim, when he doesn’t need his fox chakra, he can just use Sage Mode as normal, which is already a massive supplement to his power as it is.

    However, I do have one idea as to how Naruto could offset his own chakra loss while using the Kyuubi’s chakra, and that is to learn how to use Sage Mode and the Kyuubi chakra at the same time. Sage mode would supplement his own chakra with natural energy, which is known to even recover ones own stamina at a faster rate, and that means that it would take longer for the Kyuubi to drain his chakra pool. I doubt this will ever happen, because it also means learning how to move while drawing in natural energy at the same time, but it could theoretically work under the right circumstances.

  70. @ Chapter – Well I think that would of been the better ways to stop Sasori though Talk-no-jutsu is not my favorite it kinda made sense and was meaningful.. I like the panel where Sasori goes into that hug mode, where he crosses his arms… Deidara, I am not sure what Kabuto planing to do, maybe bring him back? or just release control… anyways I begin to think what will the other members need to know or see before they fade away and crumble… I still believe Deidara vs Old Man Kage will happen and he will be Sealed away similar to Oro vs the 3rd… I think…

    Itachi would need to see Sasuke either Die or become good…
    Naguto would need to see true peace for his land and maybe seeing the old place they lived all three together again will be nice for him…
    Kakazu, well just throw lots of money at him @_@
    Chiyo see that A) Sasori died happily and B) Gaara being a great leader to the village?
    Hanzo – will probably have to be sealed away?
    Former Kage etc not sure

    If u look at this page
    you see Kabuto says the Ambush and Distraction Phase? maybe the fact that Sasori and Deidara lost will play into Kabuto’s hands since they been distracted and lured into a sense of security…

    Naruto was funny in Fox form but the making himself puke… come on I thought he would be smarter O_O

    Though no Shadow Clones… So maybe he will begin most battle’s in Sage Mode and then transform into his SSJ form only once he has to… I did like how it was slightly weakened so he not just an all powerful being… Madara gonna be joining the Front Lines that should be intense… Wonder when we will See Sasuke new powers in Action…

  71. Ok i think the side effects and risks involved in using the kyuubi’s chakra are quite lame to me…infact it makes less sense. After he goes through all that trouble to win a duel with the kyuubi and take charge of it’s chakra he only incurs risks like ‘the kyuubi absorbing his “naruto chakra” while he’s using the kyuubi’s’. The kyuubi is supposed to be powerless in that sad, little cage and stripped off it’s chakra…why the hell does it still have a bargaining chip? Naruto would have been way better with the kyuubi controlling the transformation then. If he cant do shadow clones and his possibilities in exploring his abilities are limited then i don’t see the point in gaining control of the kyuubi’s chakra, except of course you lot would speak of the tailed beast bomb. So lets put it this way- naruto went through all the trouble to control the kyuubi’s chakra all just to do a hand held tailed beast bomb….and i’m assuming the effect is still more of the same as killerbee forming it in the mouth. What does he lose for controlling his kyuubi chakra? His trademark kage bunshin jutsu and the risk of the kyuubi absorbing his “naruto chakra”, possibly leading to his demise.

    I have to say, i’m not exactly pleased. Kishi was making a good script, until his blackberry juice or better still, Sake, spilled all over the script.

  72. @totalitarianhypnosis

    Actually, I don’t think it is as bad as it seems. While using the fox’s chakra, Naruto has all the advantages of a chakra cloak, if not more so, only without losing control of his own body. If you ask me, that’s still a lot better than simply gaining power, but losing your own will at the same time. At least now he can focus that power properly and control it.

    As for the downsides, the Hachibi said if he used it ‘to often’, he would die. All that means is he has to give a little bit more downtime between each use of his fox chakra. If he rations it properly, he shouldn’t have a problem with that and the vast increase in power is a fair trade if you ask me. What transformation or technique have we ever seen, that doesn’t have a downside to it? It would be a little unbalanced if it was entirely perfect. Besides, Kishi didn’t take away the possibility of Naruto eventually negotiating with the Kyuubi anyway.

    In any case, it also means that Naruto won’t just turn Kyuubi mode in every single battle he goes into, which can be seen as a good thing. It means we’ll still get to see Sage mode, etc.

  73. Oh and one more thing…i do have a lot of incredible respect for the fourth. I think he was a god of his own right. His foresight and long vision were decades beyond his time. He’s literally blazed the trail for the concepts and tenets of this manga. Seeing that learning and passing on the rasengan to naruto would make it easy for him to modify and be creative with the tailed beast bomb was just genius. Sometimes i wonder how it is Naruto is a little stupid. Only person who comes close to the fourth’s foresight is Itachi.

  74. @tenrai: the hachibi emphasized that each time naruto used the foxes power the fox absorbs his chakra. That, my friend, is a very unfair trade regardless of the power. Even more so, it deprives him from using kage bunshins. My curiosity is why the bleeding hell would naruto go through all that trouble to supress the kyuubi’s chakra only to still have what should be a seemingly powerless kyuubi dictate terms to naruto’s use of the same chakra he worked hard to control? Every time the kyuubi absorbs naruto’s chakra he stands the risk of dying. The chakra was supposed to be naruto’s to control- at least that’s what he was promised by killerbee and Geratora. Why the hell is the kyuubi still pulling naruto down when he attempts to control the very chakra he won fair and square?

  75. @Total

    “My curiosity is why the bleeding hell would naruto go through all that trouble to supress the kyuubi’s chakra only to still have what should be a seemingly powerless kyuubi dictate terms to naruto’s use of the same chakra he worked hard to control?”

    Well, I guess we’ll have to see him in action with his new powers, to answer that. Maybe, once we can actually gauge how much of an improvement it actually is to his power, then we can warrant the risk. Until then, we will only be guessing. I also think that Gamatora and Bee had the idea that once the Kyuubi lost, it might negotiate with Naruto, but clearly, the Kyuubi is a bit stubborn. Lol.

  76. Right…so this hand-held tailed beast bomb is “that jutsu” gerotera spoke of….interesting. Controlling the kyuubi’s chakra was necessary to completing this technique. Interesting.

  77. @totalitarianhypnosis

    Actually, we don’t know if it is “that jutsu”. If it was, I am sure Naruto would have understood that he would need to use the Rasengan from the beginning, seeing as how he has heard the reference to “That jutsu” before.

    The way Gamatora said “I am not sure why anyone would have need for that kind of jutsu” makes it sound a bit too profound to simply be an exaggerated, powerful chakra blast.

    We seem to be on a roll. <_<

  78. @tenrai; you again….lol…but it just seems too logical it could be the said jutsu. Perhaps the effect is more devastating when it’s hand-held, perhaps not….but we’ll find out. The gerotera..or gamatora..said that jutsu was to be completed after he gained control of the kyuubi’s chakra, and emphasis has already been placed on naruto learning a ‘new technique’. It seems quite logical not to be that technique and besides the fourth mastered the rasengan and intended it be passed on to naruto all so naruto could master the hand-held tailed bomb. That means the fourth intended naruto gets there all along. hence when gerotera said the fourth left the seal so he could control the kyuubi’s chakra and complete that jutsu, it sounds feasible and logical this might be it. When naruto claimed to have learned a new technique all that turned out to be was the thrown version of the FRS. Since then i’ve learned not to expect too much in naruto.

  79. But yeah, you never know…it still could not be that jutsu.

  80. @total the rasengan isn’t so when you compare it to another manga tech.

  81. I actually like the switcheroo that happens with Naruto and the Kyuubi. Before, I thought they weren’t going to have Naruto have any benefit from taming the Kyuubi, but now he has the incentive to do it. For a long long time I’ve been waiting and predicting that Naruto would have to befriend the Kyuubi. And I think this chapter clinches it. Once Naruto does it – he’ll have tons more power.

  82. Just read the latest chapter – ok, I’m a bit behind here – and I have to say “awesomeness at it’s finest.”

    This entire chapter is about the new generation passing the older one. I find it touching and ironic that Sasori passed down his original “Mother” and “Father” puppets to Kankuro…to be used then passed down to the next. Before, Sasori didn’t give a shit about anyone or anything – just making himself into an immortal puppet but couldn’t – the “bullseye in the center of his chest” ensured that. Deidara – still holding to the “Art is an explosion” mantra goes down to defeat as a result of his arrogance. It is what makes his character but, I will admit, in comparison with his Master, it comes across as a shrill “blast.” Omoi will take him down merely with that blade with lightening chakra running across it. Two down…

    Sai, in closing the book on his past (literally), got his closure and found his true self in the process. His identity was not entirely taken away by Root, which is why Sakura – back in the first mission with Yamato as captain – stated that the book made him keep his identity; his identity as a brother to someone. He now know he truly is; a caring person, capable of emotion and yet a gifted shinobi. It is interesting that Kishi paired two artists versus two artists. I don’t think that was entirely coincidence. It will be interesting to see exactly what the ambush is going to consist of…

    Madara vs. Kabuto: oh, we saw THIS one coming, didn’t we? Anko, unlike Yamato, is being used to show what Kabuto’s real aims are. I agree with Madara on this one – remember, Anko has been chasing Kabuto since the Pain attack on Konoha (the reason why Yamato was late to the party thrown by Pain). Kabuto let Anko follow him to Madara and then took her out when it got dangerous for Kabuto to let her be found by Madara. It is plausible that Yamato is also being used for this purpose though Madara let Yamato be used to shore up Zetsu’s abilities. So, it is possible we may have two shinobi, though being used, who are still very much alive.

    Add to that, Kabuto says he “needs to focus on his technique.” Gee, NOW he wants to focus? Something is rotten in the state of Denmark, IMO. He must be sensing that his ambush is not working out as he had planned or, there is another motive yet to be revealed (other than having Madara go against the joint forces).

    Then, the Jinchuuriki Bomb…I find it interesting that even Bee shuddered a bit when Naruto produced his rasengan and mentioned that he was taught by none other than one of the great Sannin and his father, Yondaime (note he doesn’t mention that he’s also his father…). I also note that although Naruto used “Ero Sennin” he corrected himself and used “Jiraiya Sensei,” the title his parents used for Jiraiya. So, even in his sub-conscious, his parents made an impact.

    Back to Bee – the shudder he gives shows how much both Jiraiya and Yondaime Hokage were revered/feared by other countries. I’m sure that Bee is smart enough to figure out that Yondaime is Naruto’s dad but who knows? The frame of Yondaime – awesome, like the one with Sai in the last chapter. What this training me reminded me of was when Naruto tried to do the clone jutsu and could only come up with dead ones…and when he couldn’t do rasengan because of his lack of chakra control so he used clones instead. Bee’s recognition of the ultimate usage of Rasengan, to emmulate the Jinchuurki Bomb, was amazing – and it is amazing to see how other countries viewed it. I don’t believe it was a coincidence that not only brought these two together but that the Rasengan would cement those ties.

    Naruto’s inability to “negotiate” with the Kyuubi isn’t surprising. Look at how tough it was for him to take the Kyuubi chakra from the animal. As much as Naruto doesn’t wish to hurt his forced renter, it is obvious that, unless a miracle happens, there won’t be as good a relationship as there is between Bee and his “renter.” The rasengan – and its derivatives including FRS, I believe, will be the key to Naruto’s power, Naruto’s maturity as a shinobi and as a human being and proof that the younger generation can clearly benefit from the previous – the same theme that Kankuro started with.

    In the insight department – Itachi definitely counts but then…Yondaime had insight as well as proven when we all saw the truth of the event of Naruto’s birth. He knew that Naruto would not only surpass him but also Jiraiya – and be the future for all shinobi. Jiraiya felt the same.

    I think we all know what’s coming…why would Naruto be working on the Rasengan Bomb if Kishi has no intention of putting him (and Bee) out on the battlefield…?

    This is definitely getting very exciting!

  83. Naruto fox transformation reminds of pilot chapter seen he

  84. The new chapter was great
    Fitting end for Sasori with the whole “next generation” thing that is one of Kishis shticks

    The limitation of the Kyuubi form is good since i remember complaints(not necisarily here) on how he would be overpowered otherwise

    Nice drawback to the minikyuubi form from the Naruto pilot

    It felt kinda annoying that we once again goes back to the Rasengan, since basically every new attack is just a variant of it. But it kinda worked out on the positive side when we found out it basically was its purpose all along.

  85. Naruto ranks number 2

  86. @kanton: What the… OP (32,343,809) dwarfs the next 5 combined!?

    @chapter: Touching episode with Sasori & the Fourth’s godliness…

  87. @Kanton, lol Kubo reaped what he sowed 😀

  88. @kanton: maybe I’m a little behind here but how the hell did OP stomp on Naruto by a 5:1 margin? Bleach surprised me too – in how far low it went.

    @roku: I was having a chat with Total on this and the Kyuubi chakra as he was rather PO’ed on this too. This is what, in short, what I told him. The fox, in Japanese folklore, is considered to be wiley and sneaky – in a negative way. The Kyuubi is the baddest of the bad in terms of tailed beasts. Sure, the other “owners” of tailed beasts have had issues with their “renters” (Shukaku and Gaara for an example) but they were able to somehow bridge any issues that they had. Kyuubi’s nature of being so sly, malcontent and prideful will prevent Naruto from negotiating chakra to be released. There will be no chance – none – because of how nasty the Kyuubi truly is.

    The rasengan, as noted by Bee, was actually a gift from Naruto’s father. Somehow, Yondaime and Jiraiya both had the genius and foresight to know that if Naruto were to someday try to gain control of the Kyuubi chakra, he’d have a difficult time in trying to gain a working relationship with the beast inside of him, unlike Bee who obviously has a good one. (Note that the eight tails is not opposed to helping another Jinchuuriki – he knows the Kyuubi better than anyone – they are “brothers.”) Rasengan was created to remove the communication/negotiation obstacle – something that I don’t think Kakashi even knew about. Just because the rasengan is back doesn’t mean a cop-out. There is symbolism at work here – as there is in Sasori handing over the puppets to Kankuro. The rasengan, as with Sasori’s puppets, were a gift passed from one generation to the next. Now that Naruto understands the real purpose of the rasengan, it has greater meaning – it isn’t just a jutsu anymore.

    Kyuubi’s chakra being taken from him didn’t tame him – not by a longshot. He only took the chakra and left behind a less-than- humble, pissed off fox (he wasn’t exactly happy to see that Yondaime and Kushina were in Naruto’s subconscious to ensure that Naruto would not take an unforseen trip to the Afterlife). For Kyuubi, this vanquishment in “battle” was a matter of his pride being damaged; a matter of honor. How can one negotiate with someone so nasty and so embittered? It ain’t gonna happen.

    I see Tailed Beast Mode: Fuuton Rasenshuriken coming very soon…just think, it will put Pain’s Shinra Tensei (the Almighty Push) to shame.

  89. @Tsunades Twin: I’m surprised you think that Naruto won’t eventually befriend/negotiate with the Kyuubi. I’ll give a bigger argument if you want, but for starters: The whole manga has been about Naruto changing seemingly evil people into people with a capacity for good. Why not the Kyuubi? Especially in the case of Gaara and Pain, but for others as well, Naruto has been a force of nature when it comes to being a peacemaker and changing minds. I don’t know a whole lot of people that aren’t hoping Naruto can eventually ‘get Sasuke back’ and have the old team back together somehow.

    I mean they even foreshadowed it. Bee mentioned that he and his renter used to be at odds like Naruto is with his renter now. They may have mentioned that it might be harder to do with the Kyuubi, but when has Naruto backed down from a harder task?

    I’ll leave you with that. Any thoughts?

  90. Perhaps Naruto will end up earning Kyuubi’s trust because he saves the Kyuubi from being manipulated by Madara.

  91. I agree w/ andy. I think madara’s presence eventually tips the scales in naruto’s favor w/ the kyubi, on top of his already ‘conscience convincing’ nature. I think the fox will end up acknowledging naruto’s strength and character to be similar to the Rikudou sage and decide’s he’s worthy to partner with against madara and sasuke.

    I wonder if it’s an automatic assumption that naruto will be able to throw his new chakra bomb? It doesn’t make sense to deliver it directly since the blast would be so huge, but I wonder if adding wind nature to the original rasengan was what made it able to fly in the first place?

    Also, is there a conspiracy theory that Jiraiya is still alive since Kabuto didn’t resurrect him? Or maybe he’s waiting to see naruto face to face and use it as a tactic?

  92. Rock Lee gets his own manga now lol

  93. man that was too funny.

  94. @Rock Lee’s Springtime of Youth – I don’t know why I expected better… maybe it’s because I always liked Rock Lee and Gai’s characters (not their taste in clothes, but they kick ass)

    Now we get a bobble-head version of the konoha nins, and poor comedy – Though I DO want to go kick someone in the face with “poop-sticker kick” (dogshit on my boot when I kick you, for those that have not read it)

    Maybe the next chapters can be drawn by Kentaro Miura. (Berserk)

    More BLOOD and GORE! XD

  95. @ chapter debate – I think we’re all jumping the gun a bit here. Naruto is a long way off from controlling the kyuubi chakra (at least 2 more chapters lol) he’s getting an understanding of it, ut “control” implies that he is at Killabee’s level. Naruto will get there… we’ve waited 500+ chapters for it, we can wait another 500… well no, we can’t wait!

    Also, it was pretty interesting to see Bee “tremble” at the mention of the 4th Hokage… maybe he’s heard the war stories (or if time permits, maybe he was a kid during those wars like Kakashi was)

  96. @Prawl bee 35 so he was probably 18-20 depends on how long the war is.
    And since this isn’t bleach at least we know we can get are hopes up.

  97. @Kanton, Kishi is becoming a troll as well. He’s been hanging around kubo for too long

  98. @kisu true but when it comes to attacks aka Rasengan vs Getsuga Tenshou akak the Worf Barrage. nuff said

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