Bleach 427 – Much Ado About Nothing

*slowly turns off Nintendo DS*

*goes to mangastream*

Ah crud Bleach is out. No, its not because this chapter sucks or anything, its because I’ve become addicted to Dragon Quest 9 – available at a store near you. Well, that’s the shameless plug for this Breakdown. Tally ho and lets get this Breakdown underwaaaay.

This is something new I thought I’d try out, weekly Bleach AMVs (this is just me adding much needed padding though T_T). This week’s AMV is Szayeleriffic ^_^

Does this remind you of anything? By the way, I saw a HEN wearing a really cool TIE yesterday ~_~

This chapter didn’t have loads and loads of filler like last week’s, but in it place Kubo wasted a lot, and I MEAN A LOT of panel space. But this Shinobu Aizen guy seems pretty interesting so far, and once again, he saved the chapter for me. Why does he want to know stuff about Isshin? What does he know about him that Ichigo doesn’t? And most importantly what’s up with him and ramen? What do you mean that’s not important? Gah! I suppose I’m getting ahead of myself a bit here.

Lampshade Hanging at its very best -_-

The chapter kicks off with Uryu and Orihime chatting with each other, and I have to admit, the bit about Ichigo attracting weird people got me to chuckle. So Orihime says she’s been getting something weird from Ichigo (get your minds out of the gutter people) and asks Uryu if he’s been getting it too… on second thought, let me rephrase this. Orihime’s been getting a weird vibe from Icigo and asks Uryu if he feels it too, but to not concern her he says no. Uryu tells Orihime in the most polite way possible to GTFO and then thinks to himself that he’s been feeling the same thing from Ichigo and it feels like Reiatsu (why wouldn’t Orihime be able to tell that its Reiastu she’s been feeling?).

Assuming its Reiatsu, then its just silly. Lets assume for a moment here that Isshin used the Final Getsuga one day before Ichigo was born, which means it took a minimum of 15 years for him to regain his Shinigami powers, but Ichigo is regaining his already? If this is the case then the Final Getsuga is the cheapest move in manga history. What’s the point of training, or anything like that if you can just fuse with your Zanpakuto, wait a year and a half and then do it again? Please, I hope I’m dead wrong with this.

This is the most blatant example of panel wasting in the chapter...but its so freaking badass it leaves me with this expression O_O

Well we then get to see what’s going on at Unagiya’s shop, and whoppy doo, I was right. Let me refresh your memories on what I said last Breakdown regarding Shinobu Aizen walking into the store, “But knowing Kubo, this really wont amount to anything next chapter. There wonโ€™t be any hostility.” I was right for the most part, that expression on Ichigo’s face last chapter was for the sole purpose of creating a cliffhanger. The first page showing them together this chapter has Ichigo looking more annoyed than than angry like last week. anyway, there’s lots of meaningless dialogue between the two at first, each psyching the other out, and what a surprise, Ichigo loses his cool first. Anyway, Shinobu Aizen asks if Ichigo would mind hearing out his request.

Well you know what I always say "You're hip as long as you're not a hippie" ๐Ÿ™‚

Then we head to the Urahara shop, just in time to see Jinta’s one ball hit some kid near the fac- let me rephrase that- just in time to see Jinta pwn some random kid with a baseball. Tessai shows up and hits him on the head (yeah, you can beat up little kids but you were nowhere to be found when Aizen was trolling), and we get to see Ururu. She tells the kids Jinta’s a jerk, but they should still play with him. Tessai brings him into the shop and then we get another scene change.

Nah. I heard Chad's lawyers finally got him out of this clunker. Apparently Kubo wasn't giving him enough lines.

So Shinobu aizen asks Ichigo if he knows Isshin Kurosaki and that he’s doing a background check on him. Ichigo overreacts and says he’ll answer whatever the guy wants. But Shinobu aizen asks him if he thinks he knows enough about his family to answer. Then we go back to the Urahara Shop to see Karin meeting up with Kisuke. Ok, I wont be too fond of this manga if Karin turns out to become the new focus. this is Shonen, not Seinen (Sailor Moon still haunts my nightmares X_X).

Anyways, it seems that newt week Kubo will be doing a One Shot tie-in to the new Bleach movie, just like Oda did to Strong World. But lets see if Kubo can step up to the challenge. So far, no Bleach movie has ever disappointed me, but this one is being headed by Kubo so we’ll see if he can uphold the Bleach anime’s high standard or maybe even make it better. Either way, any news about Hell will be good since all we know is that that’s where bad souls end up. I’m watching you Kubo O_o


~ by kisuzachi on November 17, 2010.

21 Responses to “Bleach 427 – Much Ado About Nothing”

  1. Breakdown’s out


  3. 2nd

  4. Third!

  5. omfg kisu ur back to ur usual speed with breakdowns xD
    does 4th count?

  6. “Then we go back to the Urahara Shop to see Yuzu meeting up with Kisuke. Ok, I wont be too fond of this manga if Yuzu turns out to become the new focus.”

    Wasn’t Karin, not Yuzu, the one who met up with Urahara?

    Yuzu’s the blond and stupid one, right?

    Karin’s reiatsu was getting stronger since Ichigo’s disappeared, so I guess that’s why Kisuke is interested in her.
    O_O That makes him look like a pedo X_X

  7. “Then we go back to the Urahara Shop to see Yuzu meeting up with Kisuke.”

    ……um, Karin

    seriously where the hell is chad? we have spent four chapters rebuilding everyones characters, but not one hint of awesome chad except for the first chapter after the skip, where he’s mentioned with a job.

    and kisu really? really!? did you just compare the amazing awesomeness that is Strong World to Bleach? the only reason i even want to see the new movie is because Ulquiorra is in it.

  8. @Takashid, see, I even got her name wrong. That’s how little I care about her character XD. Thnx though. AAAAnd I only compare these movies because their mangakas are heavily involved ๐Ÿ˜›

  9. Pretty meh chap and DAYUM youre fast Kisu

    Hopefully the story will start to pick up soon, and maybe we even will see Chad! But its doubtful.

    The movie looks like a pretty typical Bleach movie: The normal shounen formula of a bad guy group who will somehow kick the ass of the cast and then get owned in the end with a seemingly unbeatable boss(or maybe its the Naruto movies im thinking about >.>) and filled with “deep” mumbo jumbo.

    Then again, i could be wrong but thats what it looks like to me when seeing the trailer. Except the return of Ulqiorra its pretty much any shounen movie, EVER!

  10. “DAYUM youre fast Kisu”

    That’s what she said T_T

  11. honestly i didnt even get half the chapter basically because i dont give a f^ck about the side characters and hence have no idea what or who they are :S

    and kisu what are you on , bleach better than op pfft >_>

  12. Kinda of wonders if she gets a zanpakuto what would be the name something-getsu

  13. jinta looks so ridiculous.i couldnt really appreciate that when the chapter came out, but damn… i mean, Ururu is great, but i just want to punch jinta in the face everytime i see that panel, just WTF…

  14. Yeah, well at least we seen Uruhara, Chad, I forgot he was a character ๐Ÿ˜› I mean he hasn’t been seen in how long? I think at least we starting to hear more about Isshin but Yuzu meh I don’t have much interest though in the end I think they gonna end up doing some Father son/daughter Kamehameha ๐Ÿ˜› to finish the series or she dies, I hope she dies not now, she must develop to a character and then die and then make Ichigo go ape shit again and Hollowfy ๐Ÿ˜›

  15. and then Aizen will be released from prison cause he the only one who can stop ichigo in SS and he will kill Ichigo and be the new Hero ๐Ÿ˜›

  16. I just had a revelation. The past 200+ chapters (except the ones starting from the timeskip) all amounted to less than one day in the Bleach world. Weird

  17. Crap, I think my laptop caught a bug.

    Ah, I’d forgotten that you’re unusually fast with the breakdowns. Well, you’re not human so it’s to be expected. ๐Ÿ™‚ Well Sir Kisu, thank you for the breakdown.

    Surprisingly I liked this chapter. I’m getting used to this leisurely pace that Kubo’s setting. Well yes, there’s his trademark panel-wasting fettish but it sort of gives it a more dramatic effect. I mean, just look at the example Kisu pointed out. Doesn’t Shinobu Aizen (lol! I still can’t help chuckling over this name!) look even more ominous? I’m just loving the overall effect.

    Yeah, I realize that what I said might give the impression that I’ve just taken a bong hit or something but I think I’ve developed a system to make my Bleach reading experience a lot more palatable. Expect nothing, take Deep, cleansing breaths and empty the mind of absolutely everything. Oh yeah, that and stay the hell away from spoilers. Worked wonders for me.

    Anyway, this chapter was pretty much a confirmation that this arc is going to be the much anticipated Isshin arc. I do wish that he’d hurry the hell up and tell us what the deal is with Ichigo’s family already but I guess I can live with the all the teasers. Jinta looks..I’m actually stumped. I was sure I had a word saved up about that hair. Ururu on the other hand is quite pretty with her hair let down like that. Karin being a shinigami? Though it’s not definite quite yet, i think I need to search deep down my soul to see, should it ever come to pass, if I’m pleased about it. Ah, Urahara..My heart just skipped a beat. It’s been a while since I last saw that piercing gaze..

    @Kisu- Boys had the DB franchise to worship and go gaga about. Girls had Sailor Moon. That is all.

  18. @orangeorange, Tite did a good job keeping a great deal of tension in almost every page in this chapter, while achieving virtually nothing.

  19. @orangeorange87

    honestly though thats the first time i heard of “sailor moon” and <– this makes me want to puke

  20. *pukes with Ahsan*

    Too girly… X_X

  21. Bleach 428’s out!

    Btw, the guy in the back looks a lot like Wrath (Bradley) from Fullmetal Alchemist…

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