Naruto Shippuuden 185 Breakdown: Tenrai and Mandi, caught in a bad romance…? @__@

*Takes a deep, exaggerated and very loud whiff of the air and then breathes out slowly.*

Ah yes, the smell of contaminated diapers… *cough* and freedom of course. It’s good to finally breathe in the discounted air again, with that all too familiar scent of WRA filling my lungs and irradiating my bloodstream.

I am glad to say that I am finally (and, hopefully, permanently) back onto the Naruto anime breakdowns starting this week and all I can say is, boy, I missed you all. Seeing as how this is my first breakdown since I have come back from my all-too-long time away from the blog, I have decided to take on an assistant observer in the form of Miss Mandi, who will be helping me out to make sure I stay on the straight and narrow (O_o), and so the two of us will be your guides into the heart of this latest filler, for better or for worse.

Isn’t that right, Miss Mandi?

*Mandi slinks over the couch next to my side, puts her hand on my leg and stares deeply into my eyes.*

Tenrai: *Gulps* O_O

Mandi: @_@



Mandi: Your eyes are brown.

*Awkward silence.*

Tenrai: Um… yeah… thanks for noticing? In any case, without further delay, here is your breakdown!!!

Surprises. They come in all shapes and sizes. @__@

Unfortunately, the nature of the episode to which I have returned, is not quite as worthy of fanfare as I had hoped for, but then again, I guess that’s a typical filler episode for you.

This filler in particular hardly lives up to any expectations one might have had for the likes of any form of media entertainment. In fact, I almost fell off my chair when I heard the awful, eardrum wrenching squawk that betrayed the identity of the focus of this episode, which was none other than an overgrown, overly characterized ostrich who has somehow managed to grasp the art of the shinobi way. That and he can also talk.

I mean, firstly, has anyone told these animators that ostriches don’t squawk (or talk)? They just stare at you, with those big eyes, like “O_o” and then… they ATTACK… with thighs that would make any KFC drumstick or Miss USA pageant winner blush in shame.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised though, especially considering the fact that we have ninja toads, ninja cats and ninja hounds who all seem to have an equally sophisticated martial and vocal capacity, but at the end of the day, I just can’t help but think that ninja ducks could have been so much cooler…

Ah yes, you gotta love ducks. They are awesome. @__@

All mindless ramblings aside, if the tempo of this episode alone wasn’t bad enough to make you lose the contents of your breakfast, the plot that ties all of this madness together definitely will, because to be quite honest, it is almost shameful at best. We have an awkward team of misfits thrown together to chase down an ostrich, consisting of non other than Shino, Naruto, Lee and Kotetsu, as well as a group of crazy, spartan-like specimens of wildlife as their opponents and absolutely no reasonable or logical explanation to tie them all together.

All it does is make you wonder if the anime team just decided to draw names out of a hat to see which characters they get to mess around with this time simply because any ounce of creative . Apparently, someone threw a Taijutsu mastering kangaroo in there for good measure as well.

But I really did see Stevie Wonder! I SWEAR!!!! Common man, he's my hero!

At the end of the day, it all feels very contrived and the forced humor and shoddy artwork hardly does this episode any form justice beyond it’s already heartbreaking failure with regards to cohesion. Of course, that’s all just my opinion in the end. Let’s switch over to my assistant, Mandi, to see what she has to say. ^ ^

*Notices Mandi lying comatose in a bed, strapped to a heart-rate monitor.*

Tenrai: Oh… um… I never knew she took it that badly. Mandi, are you there?

Heart-rate monitor: *Beep.*

Tenrai: Does that mean yes? O_o

Heart-rate monitor: *Beep.*

Tenrai: Alright, I’ll just ask you some questions then. One beep means yes and two means no, understand?

Heart-rate monitor: *Beep.*

Tenrai: Alright, firstly, did you enjoy the last episode?

Heart-rate monitor: *Beep. Beep.*

Tenrai: Is that what put you in this state?

Heart-rate monitor: *Beep.*

Tenrai: Did you just swear at me? O_o

*Mandi’s hand flies up and slaps Tenrai square in the face.*

Tenrai: What was that for? T__T

Oh no! Doduo evolved into Dothreesome!!. >_<

At the end of the day, this episode just doesn’t take itself seriously and as such, you shouldn’t take it seriously either. If you are bored and you are just looking for a way to pass some time, you may even find some form of enjoyment from this episode (depending on the severity of your boredom) but beyond that, I would definitely steer well clear of it.

*Mandi suddenly rises out of her bed and floats to her feet like a vampire.*

Woah, how the hell did she do that? O_O

*Mandi then jumps Tenrai, ties him to a chair and gags him.* X__x

Mandi: *In a sultry voice* I’ll take it form here hun.

*Puts on her Lady Gaga beer can wig and starts singing “Bad Romance” into her hairbrush.*

*Tenrai squeals is sheer horror at the site.*

Can you say "WATTAAAHHH!!!"

Heeeeeeeeeeeey everyone! How you doing? Nice to see you……yes I’m making small talk to avoid writing anything about this breakdown. Hey here’s a random fact! Did you know Americans spent $13.2 billion on plastic surgery in 2006!! Holy Shnikey!

*looks at the chair to find Tenrai missing.*

Ruh roh.

*Gets smacked on the nose with a newspaper while Tenrai yells “NO MANDI, BAD GIRL!”*

(But what Tenrai doesn’t know is that that is having the opposite effect that he wants bwahahahaha!)

*Sigh* I guess I should get on with it eh?

And now for todays cheesy flashback bought to you by SDE (Shinobi Die Easily) Life Insurance. Because you never know when your next flashback, will be your last.

Ok, seriously?! This I think can be crowned the worst Naruto filler ever. A ninja ostrich? Are you kidding me?!

Did anyone else think that Lee looked like of like a crackhead in the beginning? I half expected him to start screaming “I NEED A FIX MAN!” And what’s with Izumo freaking out about not being able to go on the mission with Kotetsu…. Are they lovers or what?

Ugh, I can’t even continue to watch this episode….I think… I’m dying… of… stupidity…

/\_/\_/\_/\_/\_ _ _  _ _  /\ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

*Falls to the ground dead.*

Tenrai: Oh no, she’s flat-lining! Wow, I guess this means I have to do CPR on her. <_<

*Tenrai walks up to Mandi and takes a deep breath. However, before he can do anything, Supertrek suddenly bursts into the room and shoves him out of the way.*

Supertrek: Stand back Tenrai! I’ll handle this one. After all, I am professionally trained in mouth-to-mouth… er… resuscitation of course. <_<

Supertrek: *Puckering his lips* Come to daddy… @__@

Tenrai: O__o

Mandi: X__x

*Mandi suddenly wakes up and smacks Super across the room, before running to first base.*

Mandi: Sheesh, my heart may have stopped but I’m not THAT desperate. *Mandi walks out of the room and slams the door behind her.*


This image doesn't even need a caption...

Well, I guess that means this is the end of this breakdown. I hope you all enjoyed it, even though it was more informal than I usually write it. I guess this was just one of those episodes, that was so bad, the only way I could write a breakdown for it was to try and make it as fun and bearable as possible.

Unfortunately, it seems our fillers still aren’t coming to an end just yet, because next week we will have to endure yet another one. Hopefully, it will be better than this one was though.

Here’s the preview regardless.

The animation looks a little bit better, at least, so here’s hoping.

In any case, on the topic of Ninja animals, I decided that instead of having a caption contest this week, I’ll just have a poll and possibly a debate, on what everyone here thinks would be the best ninja animal summoning contract.

So, here it is.

Have fun and I’ll see you all in the comments! ^ ^


~ by Tenrai Senshi on November 16, 2010.

11 Responses to “Naruto Shippuuden 185 Breakdown: Tenrai and Mandi, caught in a bad romance…? @__@”

  1. First.

  2. Welcome back Tenrai. 🙂 It is good to know you’re doing well. ^,^

  3. Sandaime Raikage!

    *shows lightning bolt scar*

    *people faint from awesomeness*

    Awesome breakdown Tenrai and Ms. Gaga(or Mrs. Senshi?)!

  4. fourth!!!!!!!

  5. Fifth!!!!

    Lousy episode! :-q

  6. *eats popcorn and watch the weird soap opera*

  7. 7th or so 😛

    I think the episode was Filler to the tee and thanks for the breakdown 😉 still more interesting then the anime 😛

    but I think if I had any I would use ninja toads (for sage) but I think Bears would be epic too, if i am cold and lonely can summon teddy bear 😉 and if im in a bad mood, grizzly their @$$ 😛

  8. 186 was just stupid. If the flowers have that kind of godly ability why wouldn’t the Shinobi alliance use it against the enemy, scratch that, why wouldn’t each village plant those things around the villages’ outer walls? Why haven’t we ever heard of these flowers before. These fillers are stupid! I only watched this one because I thought it was gonna be one of those emotional episodes but focusing on Lee this time. Screw you Naruto anime team, screw you.

  9. This one was pretty cool. I rather enjoyed it. They played the humor part well. This was mostly a troll-like episode, and I enjoyed it a lot. Thank God. <,<; They focused on quite a few things.

  10. Thank you for the breakdown Tenrai. It’s just the sort of pick-me-up that I needed after going through episodes 183-185.

    See this is the reason why I firmly believe that written work should never make a transition towards visual.Though manga is sort of a cross between the two. Still, it’s like putting your baby up for adoption. You’re never really sure that the foster parents would be the good people they present themselves to be, much like the case of the animation team handling Naruto. Those episodes are just..WOW! The storylines, the animation..WOW! I’m half inclined to believe that they’re doing it on purpose so when the Danzo-Sasuke arc comes people would be too grateful for coming out of a succession of sucky fillers that they’d outright ignore the explosion of SASUKE fever.

  11. Welcome back mandi:D Great job on the breakdown guys it was awesome and I just couldn’t stop laughing 😛 This episode needs no words yes…it was just “oh my”. The only part i liked was the end (not only because it ended lol) when the ostrich ran off and naruto was still chasing after it after all these years lol. I just felt embarrassed for kotetsu and izumo. How in heaven’s name could kotetsu make an ostrich pummel him to within one inch of his life??? Aren’t these guys gate keepers? I really like their characters but these episode soured it for me. It’s a good thing it’s not canon, i still have hope.

    @orangeorange87: You’re right, they want to have people practically begging to see sasuke.

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