Bleach 426 – Awesomeness?

The very symbol of Bleach (don't worry, I'm out of Aizen images >_>)

*looks at last week’s poll*

Hmm, so 97 people know where I live eh? I’m scared now O_O. OOOOh and it looks like 41 people now see the light, KISU IS AWESOMENESS INCARNATE! It also seems that 33 people would like to see me stop writing Bleach Breakdowns. Do you know what that means? IT MEANS ONLY 33 PEOPLE LIKE KISU! I can’t believe only 33 people don’t want Bleach to drive me crazy T_T

*cries until I faint*

* one of the 138 other people uses Revive on me and follows up with a Full Restore*

138 disembodied voices: “Now start writing the breakdown or we’ll give you a Macho Brace!”

Not that! Anything but exercise! T_T

Hello one and all. Welcome to Bleach Breakdown 426. Sadly, not much happened this chapter and the plot developments can be summed up in two sentences at most. In fact, I think I will (ha! you guys didn’t say it had to be a LONG breakdown). Now let me give it a go. Ichgio and Uryu beat up some thugs and then Ichigo’s boss arrives and kidnaps him. She and Ichigo have a little conversation then Shinobu Aizen shows up.

*starts to walk away*

*138 people use Mean Look*

Ok, this was actually pretty creative and really funny XD

Oh crap, now I’m stuck here. I guess I’ll have to do a real Breakdown then :(. If Pickles can straighten his act out, then I can do this breakdown… I hope. Well as I said before, nothing really happened this chapter, but Kubo did something this chapter that I thought he could never ever do again- he made me chuckle instead of frown. Yes this chapter had actual humor (though mostly slapstick) instead of the usual forced crud he tries to give us (Don Kanonji, seriously that guy is more annoying than he is funny >_>). What saved this chapter for me was Shinobu Aizen making an appearance at the end, and my does he look badass.

Ichigo you bastard! You didn't yell surprise! That poor cannon fodder redshirt stormtrooper T_T

The chapter kicks off with Ichigo rushing in to stop Uryu from kicking too much ass (it is Ichigo’s manga after all >_>). Somehow that all leads to both of them beating up the bullies (these guys aren’t bullies, they’re murderers! As if High Schoolers are like that >_>) while arguing with each other. It seems Uryu is now working for Urahara-san and he’s the one that tells Uryu when to give a hand in wiping out the Hollows. Ichigo and him argue because Uryu’s been getting too into his new job.

As we all know, when a Hollow gets killed by a Zanpakuto they get purified and go to Soul Society, but when killed by a Quincy they’re soul is completely destroyed and this screws with the balance of souls. Then there’s the whole threat of Hollows eating Hollows in Hueco Mundo, which leads me to think that this is probably why souls have kids in Soul Society, to replace the souls that are lost from the Reincarnation cycle. Now I wonder what happens to Arrancar when they die, because remember, they’re still Hollows and only Aisslinger Wernarr, Demoura Zodd, Dordoni Alessandro Del Socaccio, Cirucci Sanderwicci, Rudobon, Ulquiorra Cifer, Baraggan Luisenbarn, and Wonderweiss Margela weren’t killed by a Shinigami’s Zanpakuto (the latter three got killed by Shinigami though). I’m sure you know what I’m getting at with this. What if when we go back to Soul Society we see Nnoitra and Harribel running around?

You could have me as a consolation prize, I have pink hair O_O'

Anyway, back to the actual chapter. The bully that beat up Chad, because Chad wouldn’t fight back. He says stuff until he gets beat by Ichigo’s boss, Unagiya. She then ties him up and throws him in a van and drives him to her shop and then binds him to a chair (and a thousand fangirls squealed as they made bondage hentai out of this scene). The funniest thing this chapter was when her son entered the room and she changed from a kidnapper into hot mom (in front of Ichigo I might add, why do women keep being naked in front of this kid X_X) in a few seconds. So the kid leaves, she hits Ichigo, then Shinobu Aizen walks in, badassly. In fact, that moment was so badass I read the chapter three more times just to see it. He walks into the store and says “Want some Ramen”, BADASSSSSSSS. Ichigo gives him a mean look (no, not the move that’s keeping me here) and says its an eel shop (lol, no it isnt Ichigo). But knowing Kubo, this really wont amount to anything next chapter. There won’t be any hostility.

There, is that better you a-holes?

138 people use Hydro Cannon.

Looks like Kisu  is blasting off again!

*uses Dues Ex Machina to survive the fall and laughs maniacally*

Now that I finally finished this Breakdown, it’s PARTY TIIIIIME!!!!!!!! Everybody dance!

In other Bleach-related news: There’s gonna be a special Bleach celebration in Japan this year… click here to read more.


~ by kisuzachi on November 11, 2010.

33 Responses to “Bleach 426 – Awesomeness?”

  1. Teh breakdown ish oooouuuttt

  2. First!

  3. Second

  4. WTF? Bleach has a musical? WTF?

  5. @bleach musical


    Ichigo… singing…

    Hollows… dancing…


    *huddles in corner, traumatized*

  6. Great breakdown Kisu! Glad you’re still going even if it will drive you insane. That’s the price you pay…>_> Lol, but really not everyone can make Bleach readable and that’s what your breakdowns are.

    As for the chapter, you know I don’t want to rag on it. It’s so mediocre there’s just nothing to complain about. I mean do you complain about your mediocre dinner? Nah, you just grumble and eat it. Be appreciative of what you have and wait for next time. When the same mediocre dinner is served over and over again is when you complain because the damn COOK should be able to churn out something good everyone once in a while! *breathes*

    I wish I could like Ichigo but I just really don’t. He’s the most unfunny, drab, boring, no personality protagonist I’ve ever seen. I can’t remember the last time I laughed at him or enjoyed anything he’s done. Orihime made me laugh last chapter when she almost fell out the window. The Aizen look alike/new atagonist made me laugh when he asked Ichigo if he wanted some ramen. What was Ichigo’s response? No thanks, this is an eel shop! WTF!? Dammit, what kind of stupid ending is that!? Is Kubo trying to be unintentionally funny which would not really make unintentional really… Anyway, I’m rambling. That’s what Bleach makes me do. I have nothing interesting to talk about besides that hot new girl that was introduced. Lol, and her kid is funny for calling Ichigo stupid. Best part of the chapter right there.

  7. Good breakdown ^^

    A Bleach musical!? Gaaaaaah, my eyes! My ears! X.X

    Chapter was boring with a few chuckles at some moments. It just feels like a filler. Was the fight with the bullies necessary for the plot? Just a lot of padding.

  8. @bleach musical it so horrible it crashed my Firefox flashes.

  9. lol kisu the minute i saw her say that “kidnap you” line, i figured youd do something with it, just like rukia’s “i will still see you even if you cant see me” line XD

  10. @takashid, dang it, I’m becoming predictable. I need to stop taking those happy pills >_>

  11. Nice breakdown!

    I just realize something on this week’s bleach. It seems like kubo is getting ideas from other manga again.. Unagiya is more like yorozuya..

  12. i had forgotten how useless chad’s character was until i watched that musical clip. btw whoever did that casting for that thing definitely didn’t check to see if they could sing or not… yikes


    Does hotmom’s lil’ bastard remind anyone else of wonderweiss?
    take a look – different hair color, no freckles, but dammit…

  14. …The musical… I finally understand… Tite HATES US ALL! and the damn thing is over 4 years old!
    I only got through the first 20 seconds… thank God my brain hemorraged before completion.

    That was nearly as bad as that time bleach had no plot…

    …DAMN YOU TITE!!!!! You have trolled again!

  15. @prawl I thought that Unagiya reminded me of Kuukaku.

  16. You say Nnoitra amd Harribel weren’t killed by Shinigami swords ? If I remember correctly, Nnoitra was hacked by Zaraki, a shinigami, and Harribel was slashed by Aizen, also a shinigami (unless you don’t wanna count Aizen as a real shinigami).

  17. @nagashi, I think you need to read over that sentence in the breakdown lol

  18. @nagashi and then there’s Ulquiorra and Barraggan who disintegrated

  19. @kisu: saw that play on youtube a couple of years back…heheh

  20. Ah, Bleach..I was actually looking forward to reading these 3 whole chapters and that I’ve wondered the entire time I was without any internet access (or electricity related comforts for that matter) if Kubo would be able to pull his act together and give us something stellar, if not something that would effectively restore my -and lots of others’- faith in the manga. I’ve read all 3 chapters like 4 times already and it still won’t invoke anything other than indifference. I keep telling myself that that Kubo has recently hit the “refresh” button so to speak and that building up to an arc is, and should be, a gradual process and in no way should it be rushed. Still, I just couldn’t care less about Shinobu Aizen (lol Kisu, figures you’d do something like this) or this new girl who has the potential to be the new fanservice gold mine. To call them OKAY chapters would be pretty generous as it is. I blame One Piece for this. That manga has got me completely enamoured with it that these other 2 seems lacklustre in comparison.

    Still,I dunno, maybe it’s because Bleach is part of the Big Three that I still harbored hope that Kubo, and consequently the manga itself, would redeem himself with the new chapters. But as it stands there isn’t anything anybody can do about the direction this manga has taken. Kubo is the master piper afterall and the mane who plays the pipe calls the tune but dammit if said piper doesn’t even know his do-re-mi’s from his a-b-c’s then i daresay we’re in for a treat. *sarcasm very much intended*

    @Kisu You sir have a knack at posting the most bizarre clips. Card games on motorcycles indeed! And now this? A Bleach Musical?..Seriously? A Bleach Musical?..Seriously? A Bleach Musical?..Seriously..A Bleach Musical?..Seriously? *office mate whacks back of head* WHOA! Technical malfunction. Reboot! Reboot! What in God’s name possessed them to make a Bleach musical? Were they high? Surely someone told them not to smoke weed with an empty stomach. And the acting, oh the god awful acting! That’s not theater, that’s.. okay, to borrow an expression from Friends.. “There’s rock-bottom –> 50 feet of Crap –> THAT!” nuff said.

    Ah, I just read the previous breakdown curious about those poll results.

    @Kisu again, You bastard! You were gonna quit on us?! Thank your lucky stars that I wasn’t here when you said that. I’d have dragged yo down a deep, dark basement and submit you tortures well beyond the likes of the infamous Bastille until you agreed to never let such a thought cross your mind again! Nobody’s quitting this manga! All for one, one for all; We’re all in this together; I got your back, you got mine; all other togetherness cliches out there. Kubo can dole out his worst but we won’t budge an inch, won’t we guys? Okay, I really need some motivation to keep reading this with my sanity intact. With the way things are, it’s damn near masochism. But anyway, Kisu, I’m glad the your still doing the breakdowns. like a said a while back, Bleach wouldn’t be nearly as tolerable if it weren’t for them. Ah, forgot to say I’m the artist-formerly-known-as-prince..err.. I meant, elatedpuppy.

    P.S. I’m sorry if this turned out to be a rant rather than a proper critique-esque comment on the chapter.

  21. kanton: seriously though, if any of the espada come back, it has to be Ulquiorra and grimmjow, they were the most important and affected the plot way more then the others.

  22. Did anyone else know there is a possible Cowboy Bebop live action movie coming out? Keanu Reeves is Spike Spiegel. It was set to be released in 2011, but the script had to be reworked because it would have gone over the budget. Is this news “YAY!” or “WTF? Why the hell are they making a live action movie? T_T”

  23. yeah it’s been out there a long time… i don’t think keanu is too terrible of a choice for the role, and it is his project afterall. Yeah it does seem like it would be a challenge in live action afterall considering, especially graphically. I wouldn’t want it to be to clean looking like star trek, yet we are talking about space travel and what not so it would fit the genre in general. But it would ruin the feel the anime had. I’m kinda torn, but i’m not going to tell them not to try doing it.

  24. @orangeorange87, now you’ve made me even more scared O_O’. And yeah, ANYONE involved with ANYTHING Bleach HAS to be high. Hell, I bet even Kubo does it while drawing these chapters, which is why we often don’t have backgrounds. You’re right again with One Piece. That damn manga was making me think about quitting Naruto and Bleach T_T. But Bleach seems MEGA popular in Japan despite how cruddy it is sometim- most of the times. Its one of the only 4 manga to get a musical (seriously, where the hell is DBZ’s musical?), it’s gonna have its own Bleach village for a couple of months, and then there’s all the Bleach plushies, video games, box sets. I think the Japanese see something in Bleach that we can’t *sigh*. Well here’s something you can read until the next release, a One Shot by Akira Toriyama (AND IT IS EPIC…well maybe not epic, but its VERY good)

    (P.s it knocks Kishi’s Bench right out the park…pun intended)

    @Alec, really I’m not too excited whenever Hollywood wants to turn a great animated series into a movie. They usually really bastardize the thing until its unrecognizable. I mean, just look at The Last Airbender or Dragonball Evolution (I still can’t bring myself to finish that movie). But I think Keanu is the right choice, he has that “Spike” look. I’m still not too happy about the proposed Bleach movie though >_>

    its out!
    seem kewl to me i really wonder if this is going to be interesting or just so fucked up questionable that nobody will understand it again.

  26. Chapter 427 was fucking great! And next time there’ll be a tie-in for the fourth movie, Hell Chapter!

  27. Unohana officially cement her place as the most badass character in Bleach for getting Kenpachi to back down despite being a filler.
    @kisu it seems Your favorite pink haired psycho scientist will make an appearance in the next ep

  28. Kanton, I know its awesome isnt it?! Szayel’s back! I had a fangasam when I saw that…no homo..?

  29. @Kisu didn’t really care because I irritated because it needs more Gin but at least it had Unohana and Kenpachi.

  30. just finished reading all the chapters of bleach, and was about to start watching the anime..

    my question is.. are there any filler arcs to watch out for? or does this anime follow the manga more than lets say Naruto.. which has endless filler arcs??

    also just started to read one piece.. i am really liking it.. it is so different compared to naruto or bleach.. so much more fun.

    anyways i hope everyone had a great thanks giving.



    Edit Kisu: Episodes 64-109 (Bount filler, but I recommend this one though, the English version of course), 168-189 (New Captain Amagai Filler), 230-265 (Zanapkuto filler)

  31. Hi Kisu… thanks for the edit.. i thought there would be fillers.. but wasnt sure as the manga chapters and the anime are real close in numbers.. 64-109 seems a like too much filler.. i can say this though.. i didnt really care so much for bleach even though the artwork was really good.. too many characters.. not enough growth for each character..

    also not sure if ichigo is even the main character as others are all around him so much.. with each so much story for themselves.. but it passed my time during naruto filler animes..

    thanks again for the heads up on the filler episodes.


    how about that chapter, nobody commented last page? (Kisu shame on you 😀 )
    they are going to res…

  33. @Pwnman one thing: wrong page
    second thing: the whole Final Getsuga Tenshou was a wallbanger in itself.

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