AMV Corner

Hey guys, sorry I’m late with this. I was doing lots of browsing trying to find the best…took me awhile.

This amv is special to me. There aren’t lots of effects or anything. It’s just simple. But it made me cry. This song helped me through some really rough times. I hope you enjoy it.

Hero by biblegirl4eternity


Itachi’s Last Decision by narutmatsa26


Aizen’s Requiem by UpcomingDread


This AMV is cool because of the song. This guy actually wrote a rap about Bleach….so cool

Taken by Narutomasta26


OK guys, i’ll try to stay up to date with this!

~ by Miranda on November 8, 2010.

15 Responses to “AMV Corner”

  1. First!

  2. >.> <..> <.< ok the coast is clear SECOND!!!!!!

  3. 124th

  4. kool amvs specially liked the second cuz it was a awesome fight 😛
    to bad there isnt any OP amvs there are some awesome ones aswell ^^

  5. the 3rd AMV kicked copious amounts of ass. This goes to show that Bleach CAN be awesome…but it isnt >_>

  6. S.i.x.t.h.

  7. I would really appreciate it if you guys would quit talking about the lack of OP amv’s. I’ve given my reasons for it. So please stop

  8. What about Fairy Tail, Fullmetal Alchemist or Soul Eater?

  9. It’s hard for me to pick out AMV’s for anime I don’t watch. I don’t know the story line so I don’t know if it’s good or not

  10. Soul Eater amvs would be awesome

    Maybe once in a while throw sumthin new in there IDK….if u want that is XD

    or replace Bleach…since noone likes THAT anymore 😛

  11. Ever considered co-conspiring with someone who does know other anime or manga? Work together with them to pick out AMVs? It’s what I did back when I used to post AMVs…. Worked quite well actually.

  12. *Sees Kantonkage shouting second AGAIN.*


    *Stuffs head into a pillow so he can’t see me laughing.*

  13. Well Flex, i’ve said from the beginning if anyone had AMV’s they thought should be included to email them too me. I’ve gotten like two or three emails

  14. i really like the first Naruto amv. the song is very powerful, thanks for posting that one.

  15. @ Mandi

    @_@ <— awesomeness 😀

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