Naruto 513 + 514 Double Breakdown: You might as well forget about clicking this link and go watch Dora the Explorer reruns. Demotivational poster and official debate (last week’s results) included. Oh, I’m sorry, did I say last week?

*walks in with a box of chocolates and a dozen roses*

WRA! I’m so gomenasai! (Translation fail?)

Maybe this will make it up to you. *stretches hand out but “accidentally” trips and swallows chocolates whole*

Hey it’s the thought that counts, right? >_>


There was no way I could do the last breakdown though. While the rest of you were in seated comfortably in your heated bedrooms, I was busy getting inside a hoochie. Whoa, wait a minute, that’s not what I meant! >_>

*reads Zzattack’s comment again and straightens self out* <_<

Ahem. I was on this “camping” trip over the weekend and through to Tuesday. We slept in a forest and had to make “tents” with some of the natural utensils the bountiful earth had to offer. And guess what they called them? You got it: hoochies. That’s right. For four days, I spent my nights inside a prostitute. How was your weekend?

*reads Zzattacks’s comment again*

Oh for Jesus’s sake! This isn’t working. ;___;

I wonder if the Tsuchikage does this with all his subordinates.

It’s come to my attention that I’m a little too dirty. *pauses to wait for gasps* *hears nothing* X__X Well after I finished thinking “Lol, someone ought to see the breakdowns before I actually edit them” I thought I’d go PG-7 now.

As you can see, I am epically failing. But I’d prepared for this by getting a chastity sanity belt that will make me clean…electrically. So far, it’s all just nasty coincidence, though. Promise! I mean it’s not my fault those things are called hoochies. And it’s not my fault the Tsuchikage’s hand is hanging kinkily off of Akatsuchi’s anal region either. That’s Kishi’s fault! It’s like he’s starting to switch orientation all of a sudden. Someone tell him it’s too early for a mid-life crisis. I mean you can only go so far, and then you start drawing penises in the air.

*gets zapped 500 volts* Fine, fine! X__X


Speaking of Kishi’s nasty habits, the past two chapters just reinvigorated my apprehensions concerning his pacing. It’s starting to get to me more now than ever because it’s only just now things are starting to really get moving especially regarding the Fourth Great Ninja War, making it such a delicate time of the series. Don’t be trying to rush through this, Kishi! I’m watching you…you and your work…and your friends…and your wife…and your newborns…>_>

All the same, I’m really digging the angle and direction Kishi is taking in moving the manga forward. Still, it’s lacking that epic feel to it. And the parts which I suppose were meant to feel that way just fell short. Take the final panel of 514, for instance, where Madara reveals his Rinnegan. The execution felt so random; again, mostly because the lot of the rest felt so rushed, and then all of a sudden, BOOM! “I has the Rinnegan, and your mother likes it you big doo-doo head!”

Again, the direction is great, but how you get there is just as important as the destination.

Circumstances have changed, Deidara...

Chapter 513, I actually enjoyed. The progression was very decent, and the technique displayed by Kabuto and his undead goonie in executing their task was actually top-notch. There’s the curious case of Benjamin Button the Tsuchikage’s ability on lots of people’s minds. “Dust” element, it’s called: likely a combination of earth and fire/lightning. It’s also presumably what gives him the ability (to give others the ability) to fly. I don’t fully understand it myself, and I see no extensive explanation in the future near or far.

I’m just happy he doesn’t use some twisted passive speech and a green light saber. I’d have made Bleach my new favorite manga.

FRIENDSHIIIIP!! *twitches*

514 then came along and became the real bone of my contention. I honestly found myself backtracking through pages just to keep up. It was that much all over the place. Yamato’s kidnapping, and possibly Madara’s Rinnegan show-off are what saved it from the pits of darkness.

In the end, we’re not left with very much material in the way of discussion; not much except Yamato.

It's not "her" Halloween costume either.

He’s dead.

There. Discussed.

Bet you wish it was the ex-girlfriend now, huh?

Alright, seriously, before I get into that, allow me one moment to rant about the idiocy that is auxiliary sub-character jonin.


*gets zapped*

So anyway, I don’t mean to be so decisive in declaring Yamato’s expiration. In fact, I always try to keep clear of presumptions like that. We all know how unpredictable these manga can be. I mean if some preteen can survive being sliced in half, Yamato can survive being a prison evil lair b*tch for a couple months. *prepares for zap treatment*


I keep remembering what I said many months ago on a breakdown about Yamato. If Naruto were to somehow achieve control of the Kyuubi, his use to Naruto, and therefore as a character would be moot. Then I believe my exact words had something to do with “name tag,” with “‘Reserved for Filler Use.'”

In addition to that is the fact that by the time he has been used up by Team Universal (Madara, Kabuto, and Bulbasaur) he’d have gathered too much intel on them to not be needed to be disposed of…permanently. *insert evil theme music*

In the end, the way I see it, if Kishi wants more respect for this scenario as a war and if Madara wants more respect for himself as a legitimate bad guy, Yamato’s gotta go.

It is written.

Still on the war, I’m beginning to wonder about Naruto and his exclusion from it. We understand that the scale of this war, as compared to Pein’s invasion, is on a whole other level. And that’s why having Naruto charge into the battlefield like a frisky dingo isn’t much of an option. Still, some part of me keeps gnawing from the inside: Naruto may already be privy of these times. He may already be busy with some Shadow Clone action already.

*gets zapped*

I didn’t even mean it like that! Geez, this f*cking belt is nastier than me. -___-

If, however, he’s still as clueless as my roommate (who is currently reading out the ingredients of Febreeze into his phone and autotuning it) which is way more ostensible, I’m not really seeing how that would make very much practical sense to Naruto’s character. He has exhibited on many instances (especially post-time-skip) that his brain has grown at least a few cubits over the course of time. Apart from that, he himself acknowledges (that everybody else also knows) that he isn’t exactly the brightest of people; yet being chosen to on the research mission? Yea, something smells like fish.

Well, I guess that’s what to be expected from the Leaf’s #1 Unpredictable Ninja. The shit, however, will eventually hit the fan. And then there will be a shit storm. Now I will stop with the shit analogies.

When 99% of your jokesenal is out of bounds, you gotta use what you gotta use...

Again comes the ultimate question of Kabuto’s true agenda. I could have something to do with Yamato; that much is debatable. I wouldn’t mind that. At least it’s a nice transition from Orochimaru’s preferences into something a bit more legal.

At the moment, on the war report, is seems like the baddies have hit the ground running and come out swinging, and are starting to gain advantage over the village alliance.

At the moment, the delivery may be sub-par to say the most, and there’s tons to complain about. But rest assured with the direction things are moving along, the epic will come.

…Annnnyyime now…


Here are le winner’s for the past contest.

3) Madarrancar

Bubble: I think there was one more shark
Caption: Aoba makes a facinating discovery

Just for sheer randomness…

2) Roku92

Bubble nr 1: Um, Naruto… Curing Wankers Cramp does not involve getting Gai naked.
Caption nr 1: It doesnt?

Just for sheer perverted randomness…


Just for sheer EXTRA perverted randomness…

But there are no snakes on the isla— oh…

Congrats to Alec! Lord knows I needed that perversion…

Here’s your week’s material.

Insert possible caption here.

Make it count.


Based on the debating ya’ll did, I think this guy deserves the win.

This is one ginger Southpark won't make fun of.

I’d seen lots of openings on the opposing team (some on Gaara’s team too, but not so much) and they really stuck with me, a few of them.


It looks like that’s all for now.

Well, boys and girls. It’s time to go now!

I love you. You love me. *twitches* We’re a happy family. With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you. *violently twitches* Won’t you say you love me too? *has epilepsy attack*


Oh God, it’s finally over…

*runs off and refills head, mind and psyche with all manner of nastiness once again* Aaaah, refreshment…

*remembers forgot to take off sanity belt*

*gets electrocuted*


One day the sun will come out.



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  1. First.

  2. second!

  3. 3rd. sweeet.

  4. Fourth!.!

  5. after dragon 😉

  6. 6th!



    @ Spoilers – WOW O_O

  9. dude whats Renji doing in the top picture O_O

  10. High Number!

    Ok, Naruto is Gomamon (Digimon Adventure 1)
    Shikamaru is Renji (Bleach)
    Shino is Vash the Stampede (Trigun)
    Kisame is Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon… eww, nightmare fuel)
    Tenten is Hamtaro (Hamaro)
    Sasugay is Jin (Samjrai Champloo)
    Hinata is Sailor Mercury…I think (Sailor Moon)

    I don’t know the rest >_>

  11. oh hectic O_O I didn’t realize that, well I guess its cause Bleach and Naruto only manga/anime I follow

  12. Nice to finallly see the breakdown underway. Good breakdown also.

  13. Caption: the party starts now 😛

  14. @spoilers

    Kabuto exterminated a neighbourhood to revive all those people… O_O

    Anyway, I hope he resurrected Chiyo in her prime, so we can see what she could do when she was young.

    By the way, I see Shikamaru vs Asuma coming up!!! (if the spoilers are true)

  15. The spoilers look promising

    Bubblition 1: Ive heard about it raining cats and dogs. But this is ridiculous!
    Caption: You now its bad weather when it rains bears and armadillos o.O

    Bubblition 2: Okay, i promise to not play with explosives at the zoo ever again.
    Caption: Dynamite and animals dont mix well

    Bubblition 3: See! I told u it was a bad idea to make a flying Noahs arc!
    Caption: Well excuse me for thinking big >.>

  16. Welcome back Captain P … was getting a little withdrawal without your breakdown.

    Bubble: And I’m free, Free falling
    Caption: Tom Petty uses Naruto for his Music Video

  17. for those of you who are wondering, I’m signing in as my alter ego, rather than my real name (Penny). I’m a little slow about figuring out these things…

    Regarding the SPOILERS (skip if you want a surprise)

    I’m stunned by the turn of events. I’m still a little fuzzy on the chain of command though I get that Gaara, as a Kage, is in overall control of the forces.

    So Yamato is the first POW – great (sarcasm intended). I see trouble ahead – and a tensei/manipulation jutsu using Yamato at some point. And, it’s a given he’ll divulge (not willingly) the information Madara seeks. I mean, why not? Asuma and Neji’s dad are resurrected.

    And, Pickles, I disagree. Before I thought Yamato was moot but with him being a POW, he could be still be of use to the storyline. You just nevahhhh know.

    Sasuke? Let him heal. Naruto – would SOMEone tell him what the f*** is going on? Moving that tortoise around is going to be one helluva ride.

    Kabuto – he’s as slimey (sorry for the pun) as they can get. He’s out for the Mokuton jutsu and for the sharingan – or at least a piece of it as part of a bargain with Madara. Never mind, he’s been out for Sasuke since he off’ed Oro. Add Naruto’s powers and…

    By the way, did anyone notice that when Naruto hurt his ankle the wood splint Yamato applied and how he tapped it repeatedly? Now, is it possible it is significant? A power transfer given he knew that he could easily best Yondaime in Thunder God? So, given that, along with Itachi – hmmmmmm. I may be nuts but it is worth considering.

    It’s a given:

    Resurrected Asuma vs. Shikamaru
    Resurrected Hyuga Dad vs. Neji

    And, it goes on. Good God! Kishi should just resurrect all of the dead and have a party! Ame orphans, anyone?

  18. So the war”s about to break out? Interesting turn of events. Kabuto is as deadly as they come. A poison to demobilize the mokuton? Is kabuto really all that? Sasuke is slowly making a move, naruto WIP with his jinchuriki training. Seeing the resources in madara’s disposal(the 100000 zetsus, kisame’s scroll, the capture of yamato to empower the zetsus, the 7 bijuu and the possibility of yamato cracking open) i really wonder how well the alliance would do here. They seem a tad bit trumped here.

  19. @tsunade”s twin: See that’s the thing here. Naruto didn’t even have the fourth”s kunai. Means he’s officially topped the fourth in that regard as a result.I’m eager to see him unleash his jinchuriki powers on a scape-goat just before he meets sasuke. That ‘scape-goat’ will be eternally sorry.

  20. *Breaks generic Multi-Element seal, then goes 69 tails*

    *Forms “Menacing ball… OF TOTAL PERVERSION*


    *everyone in the blog is covered in Prawl’s chakra-perversion-no-jutsu*

    Prawl: FATALITY! PERVERTALITY! Your souls are mine!

  21. @ Tsunade/Penny – Hey! Long time no see! Good to hear from you.
    Lol @ Ame-orphans party. Kono orphans party would be Lee and Tenten have to fight their parents?

    As a thought – the battle between Neji and his father should be short, since Hyashi Hyuuga pointed out that Neji had surpassed him in the Chuunin Exams.

    The Asuma v. Shikamaru fight will simply be the two of them playing shogi, and smoking until one dies (or dies again) from lung cancer


    CAPTION: Meet the next set of anime filler enemies folks!

  23. *Absorbs hentai energy and become a Super Hentai and fires a powerful* HEN-TAIII-HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! *at Prawl*

  24. it’s out

  25. WOW kishi must really wanna get this manga over and done with! The speed of the plot development this chapter was ridiculous!

  26. Awesome breakdown once again. And I don’t see how others could perceive you as a pervert. You’re not…

    You’re a Super pervert!!!! ^__^

    “In addition to that is the fact that by the time he has been used up by Team Universal (Madara, Kabuto, and Bulbasaur)”

    That made me ROFLMAO so hard… Still wiping tears from my eyes… Good stuff. The Wild Nidoking was funny as hell too. ^__^

    Off course I don’t know what a Nidoking is,… or a Bulbasaur for that matter. >__>

    And about the latest chapter…. At last!!! The war is going to begin. Now we’ll see what Naruto and Bee are truly capable off. I just hope Kishi doesn’t fuck it up. With all those big names revived with Edo Tensei people I want to see the capabilities of Hanzo, the dead Jinchuuriki, the previous Kages (does he have all previous Kages or just those three?), Dan and Marv from Home Alone (next to Zabuza).
    There’s just something that I don’t get. Why hasn’t Kabuto Edo Tensei’d Jiraiya? Jiraiya hasn’t been sealed so he should be able to Edo Tensei Jiraiya. Furthermore, why ressurect Zabuza, Haku, Chiyo, Asuma and Dan. They weren’t actually notorious when they were alive. They had skill, yes but they just look like cannon fodder to me. Target practice for the guys with the big guns. Kabuto would have been better off reviving Jiraiya. Someone who could actually hold his own against Kages and Bijuu controlling Jinchuuriki’s. But I guess it doesn’t matter all that much since the dead can only be defeated with a soul sealing/eating jutsu. Anyways, I’m looking forward to 516.

  27. Dammit, Kishi actually did it. He made Naruto’s Fox mode yellow. Super Saiyan Naruto X_X

  28. This chapter made me giddy.

    redbaron, Kabuchimaru resurrected some minor shinobi because of their psychological impact on certain people, rather than for their fighting prowess. He’s really shaping up to be a master strategist. Madara is wise to watch him closely.

    As for Jiraiya, I’m sure Kabuchimaru will resurrect additional forces as need be.

    Did anyone notice Naruto’s awesome, *floating* rasengans on the splash page? This war is going to be epic over 9000!!!!

  29. @redbaron, Ok, u have a point with Dan, Haku and Asuma, but Zabuza was a Swordsman of the Mist and Kimimaro was freaking Kimimaro!

    I guess Madara respects Kisame enough to let him sleep?

  30. *Absorbs Kantonkage’s Super-Hentai-sengan, and becomes the Alucard of Perversion*

    *Summons an unstoppable army of undead perverts, neer-do-wells, shit-pickles, and super-mecha-deathchrist 3000b.c. bitch, and destroys innocence once and for all*

  31. Caption: We’re all gonna DIE!!!!!!

    and get revived by Kabuto!!!!!

  32. a great one pickles figth the PERV POWER!!
    lol on the harry poter joke
    as the new chapter wow that tsuuchikage got mad skills the hole turtle island plus two people so awesome
    its war time so LET IT BEGIN!!!

  33. Yes pervy no caption jutsu strikes!

    something tells me the leaf hokages are unavailable since they should be sitting in death’s tummy right now, which is good. don’t need to see them again, but why is haku there, and not jiraya? And wait, so now the tsuchikage can lift a giant freakin turtle and fly with it?!?! Does he by chance have a sever allergy to red suns and green kryptonite?

    BUBBLE: But that’s the opposite of Kant’s argument of a priori knowledge, therefore it is a duck…
    CAPTION: Obviously i walked in on this situation having missed some important info.

  34. whoever said you were too pervy is a git IMO. I strive to be more like you pickles… you think drinking some of your “pickle juice” would make me more like you!??!!

  35. @_@ the chapter was hectic, I have a headache, the return of those fighter O_O gonna be legendary, but I may understand why he brought out lessor (good) fighters with “sentimental” value, since the Technique does take up Chakra so he is using it wisely. Maybe Jiriya is alive O_O being experimented on somewhere by Kabuto @_@ and the ame Orphans, you have Pein/Naguto and Hanzou why waste time with the lessor ones

  36. @ Breakdown – Really Awesome, couldn’t stop laughing at most of it, hahaha the Love will defeat Deidara hahahahah..

    – Results of Debate – Well done all Gaara supporters, I had to try make it interesting by taking the underdog 😉

    lol I will take a quote from one of my favorite shows… Chuck.. A guy in there is quoted to be the “picasso of creepiness” you my friend would have to be the picasso of Perviness 😉

  37. Hmm seeing how Edo Tensei looks like an unassailable trump card for team madara, what if naruto(enabled by his new found body) or anyone in the alliance could perform edo tensei as well? I mean the alliance seem trumped from all corners, and we know little of their battle strength- they’re outnumbered in foot soldiers, the five kages could easily be matched by the edo tensei summons, and there’s madara with his bloody rinnegan who seems invincible and with the wave of a hand could take out whomever he wanted. The alliance would need to have some overwhelming ace up their sleeve to see this one through.

  38. Sorry for the double post, it’s just I keep wondering why we get to see people like Haku, Hanzou, Hizashi, e.t.c but we don’t get to see people like the fourth, jiraiya, konoha’s previous hokages, e.t.c.

  39. Ahem. Time to start bitching. I’m sick of Hashirama this Uchiha that. Its Senju-Uchiha overkill now. For the past 40 chapters that’s all that’s been going on. We get it, they were strong, now move on already please. Before reading this chapter I was about to quit Naruto because of the Senju-Uchiha orgy Kishi is drawing. I was about to quit Bleach because its gotten too suckish, but this Naruto chapter restored my hope that Bleach may get better. Anyway, is this feeling just me? Hasn’t anyone else gotten annoyed by all this Hashirama stuff?

  40. Wright you are Kisu, overkill is putting it mildly.

    Damn did u see the guy next to Zabuza, it’s Kenpachi Zaraki, seriously who is that guy, apart from the mummy kage that’s the only other guy I don’t know.

    Pickles good job on the breakdown by the way.

    @ Total, well Minato and the previous hokages have been sealed with the reaper death seal, so no coming back for them anymore.

  41. great chapter, even if the manga is moving a bit too fast…

    anyway, i loled at some of the people he brought back.. Dan? are you kidding me? it makes no sense bringing him back, unless of course he’s a very skilled ninja. some of you guys are saying it’s psychological, but what are the chances of tsunade bumping into Dan during the battle? now, since it’s a manga it probably will happen, but it’s stupid on kabuto’s part. he should have brought back the 4th hokage, jiraiya, yahiko, kisame, kakashi’s dad…not Dan!

    anyway, there are a few new people… who’s the guy on the right in the first panel?
    and the kage on the right in the bottom right panel?

  42. the guy on the right in the first panel is Kenpachi Zaraki 😉

  43. @ True – Thing is don’t u think Kabuto and Madara will use there skills and attacking power of their top ninja effectively, I mean they won’t just push them on the front line like Cannon fodder thats not the way the ninja war gonna work, I think those ninja will be used strategically to elliminate the top dogs and find there weaknesses and expose them

  44. @Eugen, I’m glad someone agrees with me :). my money is on its Motoi’s father (without his glasses). Motoi and his dad are the only ones with hair as crazy as that guy’s.

    @truepain, Dan’s a Jonin-level ninja that wanted to be Hokage, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say he was strong. His stat total is 31.5 (equal to Hidan’s…ok bad comparison..Kimimaro’s was 30.5) so he is at least good on paper. But you’re right, there isn’t a good reason to bring back those characters except for Minato (he’s living in the Shinigami)

    The Kage is the 2nd Tsuchikage. Out of the 5 villages, 3 Kages summoned are known, and since Konoha’s Kages are swimming in the Shinigami’s belly, that leaves only Iwagakure. So I assume its the 2nd Tsuchikage (according to a filler the 1st Tsuchikage was a Bee-user)


  45. @pein0avenue: i really hope that the story won’t play out that way…it probably will since the only kage to actually lead a division is gaara…what will the others do, watch!?!? so yeah, you’re probably right, there will be many 1 on 1s…it’ll create more action but it’ll be pretty stupid…

    @kisu: that’s what i thought of too…that’s crazy motoi-style hair…or maybe is it one of vegeta’s relatives? XD

    and yes, i can’t wait for kimimaro and nagato to literally destroy half of the shinobi army!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and p.s.- wtf happened to jugo and suigetsu? haven’t seen them in a while…

  46. sorry for the double post but i take back what i said…it can’t be motoi’s father…just take a look at him

    he kinda looks like the third kazekage…kinda…

  47. The chapter was good and really made me pumped for the future. Theres so much potential awesomeness. Like seeing minor characters have a spot in the sun and seeing the capabilities of all those characters which Kishi denied us before.
    Yet i fear that the possibilities of Kishi screwing up is pretty high.

    I believe Kabuto is holding back Jiraya as a hidden trumph card, most possibly to use against Naruto.

  48. ok wth ?

    itachi/pain/ are alone enough to destroy all of the commanders of the “shinoby” army T_T why does kakashi have to die T_T

  49. @ahsan you’re underestimating the shinobi alliance.

  50. Actually the guy with the spiky hair isn’t Motoi’s father either.
    Look at the clothes Motoi’s dad is wearing here:'s_father
    lightning country all the way.
    But as u can see the clothes the spiky hair guy is wearing are more like konoha outfits, probably anbu blackops.

  51. @ Ahsan – but The alliance have Plot No Jutsu and we all know no one could beat that 😛

    Kakashi will probably die again meh

  52. I re-read the chapter and had to stop near the end because I was laughing too hard. Poor Kiba thinks he’ll become Hokage XD

  53. “Ok, u have a point with Dan, Haku and Asuma, but Zabuza was a Swordsman of the Mist and Kimimaro was freaking Kimimaro!”

    Kimimaro I get. I’d probably Edo Tensei him too if I could rent a crowd as large as Kabutochimaru can. And OK perhaps Zabuza too. But the rest? No.

    As for using Edo Tensei for psychological impact. Ninja’s are trained to fight without emotions. I don’t see how psychological impact would prove more useful than sheer firepower. Just look at the fight between Sarutobi and Orochimaru. It pained Sarutobi to see his former masters be used as puppets but he didn’t let it shake his composure and sealed them away in the Shinigami.
    Perhaps there is a limit to what Edo Tensei can do. Hasirama and Tobirama were stronger alive than they were after Orochimaru had brought them back. Perhaps the summoned can only use the amount of chakra from the sacrifices they inhabit and Kabuto only had a limited amount of powerful shinobi sacrifices and doesn’t want to waste powerful souls on weak sacrifices.

  54. The storyline pattern of our beloved and the other manga that we read

  55. “Did anyone notice Naruto’s awesome, *floating* rasengans on the splash page?”

    Damn. I didn’t notice that! That will be awesome!! Perhaps we’ll even see him twirl several Rasen Shurikens one day…

    *Dreams of Sasu-kebab*

    Oooh sweat dreams…

  56. @Kanton lol that’s so true its freaky

    @Baron, I have to agree with you on the psychological thing. Out of an army of 80,000 ninjas, what are the odds that Dan would meet up with Tsunade, Chiyo with Gaara, Asuma with Shikamaru or Haku with Naruto etc.?
    (also, Assgay is going to be mega-super-duper overpowered when those bandages come off judging by Naruto’s increased power. Expect Assgay to troll us as hard as he did in the Sasuke-a-thon)

  57. Regarding those floating rasengan – what if Naruto learns to hold (and throw) those in the molded kyuubi chakra hands. Can you imagine the destruction naruto could wield by slinging rasengan all over the place? Forget throwing blocks of stone!

  58. @eugen: its very posible the spiked hair guy is from konoha he and dan are wearing the same uniform
    and the zetzus are getting stronger already so posible bye bye for yamato so sad T__T
    and icant wait to see the fox sage training as now we have a fourth source of chakra so so bad the kages wont show since they are in the shinigami but maeby kabuto will revive kushina to impact naruto

  59. @ Kisu – Ninja professional? you seen Tsunade acting with blood and when Oro attacked he mind… You also forgetting the sort of strategy Kabuto will use, u think he gonna send his forces out into the open and attack?? I seriously doubt that he will move the pieces like in Chess to his best advantage. Thats the sort of ninja he is. Take it this way what is the Shinobi alliance top guns.

    The Kages – 5 – Bee and Naruto – 2 – Top Ranked Ninja like Kakashi (quiet a few I am guessing) but what would u do if you Madara and Kabuto? you will use the zetsu to create a distraction to all the lower non important ninja Chunin and Genin, so with them occupied use Kabuto’s summons to attack the Top Ninja and 5 Kage, but to gain the upper hand on these battles they will use powerful ninja that will affect certain opponents… Using Madara amd Sasuke to attack Naruto and Bee, thus eliminating the major threats and without the head the alliance will collapse upon itself slowly but surely

  60. @everyone – the question we all should be asking is, “does my ass look big in this- I mean, where the f*ck did Kabuto get all them sacrifices!?”

  61. @Darks – the many Zetsu’s, all the people Kabuto’s killed over the past couple of years… take ur pick

  62. @darkavatar: Tell me about it…”Does my bum look big in this, does my bum look big in that?” My guess is Kabuto would have to have killed tonnes of people to achieve that. Remember him slithering like the snake he is in kakuzu’s village killing off all those poor earth nins? Yeah, I feel tremendous pity for those poor souls.

  63. @ PainOavenue, in regards to your post about Kabuto and Madara’s fighting startegy.

    Well what you said sounds really on the money.
    1st you use the Zetsus to keep the 80.000 chunin and jonin busy, then use the lower ranking summons, if u can call any of the summons low ranking, maybe asuma and ….. that’s about it; I’ll make a small loop here were I want to point out the fact that Dan, Chyo and Haku are not low ranking ninja. I mean Chyo c’mon, that old bat at her age stood tall against Sasori’s army of puppets and the 3rd kazekage, so the old lady is powerful to say the least. Dan was dreaming of becoming hokage and who’s to say he didn’t have what it takes, and plus the hair color, we all know fucked up hair dues are ment for strong characters, just look at Madara, Goku, Vegeta, Kenpachi, Byakuia, Gaara, Renji, and so on.
    And Haku was only defeated due to the fact that Naruto turned into the 1st stage fox cloak that’s something even kakashi at that stage would have had a hard time overcoming. Plus remember Zabuza himself said Haku was stronger then him and he was still a kid whit a shit more to learn.

    But back to the main point I was trying to make, Kabuto uses this lower level ninjas against the best of the jonins, and the stronger ones, like Nagato, Itachi, jinchurikis and former kages, against the captains of the squads like kakashi, mifune, kurotsuchi’s dad and the kages themselves.
    While Madara and Kabuto and Sasuke take the role of capturing Bee and Naruto.

    That’s at least how I see things going down. Cause no one wants to see a fight between Shikamaru and Itachi for example, it’s a waste of good panel time.

  64. @totalitarian, Kakuzu’s Village was the Waterfall Village, SOO the ninjas Kabuto killed were waterfall nins

    @pein, the Zetsus wont be too strong. Everyone knows that in fiction 1 ninja is a deadly opponent, but a 100 ninjas fall faster than mosquitoes lol. Besides, the fact that the Alliance is outnumbered and outgunned just means Kishi is gonna make the Zetsus weak to even the playing field.

  65. @kisuzachi: Haaaiiii.
    Sonotorida. Aarigato Gozaimasta. Jamata.

  66. @Kisu, in other words, the “Inverse ninja law”. One ninja is badass and elite, but a group of ninjas are useless fodder. (Dr Mcninja ftw)

    This law explains why Naruto always suck when using hundreds of clones

  67. @roku: But therein lies the problem. All plans are falling into place for team madara. Kabuto already captured yamato to empower the zetsus remember? Now, if that succeeds, the 100000 zetsus are already on a whole new level. A slight hope for the alliance would be kabuto reneging on his little ‘contract’ with madara, thereby causing internal instability in the madara camp. Else madara’s got the rinnegan, kabuto the extra-ordinary summons, the 100000 zetsus which outnumber 80000 jonins and chunins by 20000(zetsu, remember, is an S-class nin). Plus they’ve captured yamato. Sasuke remains a pivotal point in this war in that he could decide to stick with madara, or naruto might just win him over.

    I’ve been thinking, and seeing how kabuto escaped with deidara, does it mean those summons have a weakness that kabuto was fearful Oonoki would exploit? Or could it mean he’s saving deidara for the big one? Either way I sense there’s a latent weakness with these summons. Kabuto should have been able to trouble oonoki with more kage-level summons, and possibly even have a crack at getting at least Bee. But he chose to leave with Yamato: Mission incomplete. Makes me wonder.

  68. Hey everyone, great double breakdown. Well worth the wait. Hip-hop is dead until Bee drops his album “Get Tobi or kunai’d tryin”

    The list of Edo Tensei soldiers was not as grand as I thought it was going to be but then I thought back to who has actually died. Really how many more people could Kabuto of brought back to add to the list. Maybe Danzo, Shui Shui, J-man and Orochimaru and that about it. But who knows they may make and entrance later.

    The alliance look screwed when compared to the line Tobi and Kabuto have put out. Not to Mention as certain Emo who now can spam MS till his eyes pop out. But more important we are going to see a part of Naruto I have missed for so long time;teams of ninja in battle. I like the one on one conflicts but there has been way too many for too long.

    I wonder if the Kages are going to act like strategists in the war or go on the front line as reinforcements or even act as bodyguard for Bee and Naruto. They had better get some action of some sort, Raikage at least, otherwise I won’t be amused at all.

    Bonus is that we might see the Gaara vs Sasori after all :).

  69. Big Double post sorry but

    Is it just me or does it seem Kishi is guilty of doping up Tobi. He seems to strong now. He looked pretty invincible before and now its kinda overkill.

    Before he had the ability to:

    See through all jutsu.
    The ability to copy all non-bloodline limit jutsu.
    A time and space jutsu.
    Super powerful genjutsu (Enough to control Kyuubi).
    and in cases of over the top preparation of 6,000,000,000 explosive tags, Inzagi.

    And now he has an upgrade! I can not see who could match him or barely hit him before real recently and now he has the unique path abilities in one body.

    If all the Yakito path ability’s was not enough he can now also:

    Absorb the chakra of jutsu and people.
    Summon what ever he likes minus contracts.
    Mental mind rape people by touching the top of their head + ino clan power but by with comfort of a remote.
    Summon the gezo statue and reap souls.
    Heal up peoples near fatal injuries with stupid looking head
    Oh and the power over LIFE and DEATH!
    (plus other either forgotten or not properly revealed)

    Lets hope Naruto training pays off. lol

    Seriously he said him self he has the 6 path power who can challenge him? Not anyone I know of. Even if Pein was confornted these abilities he would get his ass handed back to him.

    Oh and I do wish that Tobi does not give assgay the spare rinnegan. How many instant power ups does a guy need. Come on, who feels bad for Rock Lee.

    Pre war comment, Kimimaro for the most kills.

  70. this new chapter is refriggindiculous…there are so many crazy strong ninja bout to fight. and the line up kabuto pulled out literally made my jaw drop and my eyes get bigger with every successive panel. This. Will. Be. Epic.

  71. @ Lostpride – I agree, Madara is looking awfully invincible right now… And as I think about it, there really aren’t too many people left to give Naruto a Power-up via training, etc.

    Itachi’s gift is about the only un-revealed trump card at this point.

    Naruto has already learned from the Leaf’s best… Jiraiya, Kakashi, the 4th, his mom (both via hallucination) He’s now learning from the lightning’s *cough* best – even if Killa got beat by sasuke.

    Kabuto might make a grab for power, and summon the real Madara back (I still say it’s Obito). But I don’t think that would end well for Kabuto.

    There’s the possibility of a star wars ending – Sasuke realizes Madara for what he is (maybe Itachi’s gift, is the clarity of sight) and kills him.

  72. @Dish: Yeah but the whole arrangement is just too good to be true. I smell a renege here….i suspect kabuto is about to double cross madara major time. The fact he’s trying so hard to earn madara’s trust should raise needed suspicions, though i guess madara doesn’t really have a choice because of what kabuto has on him. I’m guessing the moment kabuto finds madara’s total secret, it’s game over. Actually he might be the reason madara will fall. Common, someone who would have had a very good shot at capturing naruto, or at least a good attempt since we all know naruto’s stepped up a notch, brought back only yamato when he could have pulled out some powerful summons to not just capture naruto and bee, but weaken the strength of the alliance by at least demobilizing the tsuchikage. Won’t surprise me if kabuto is trying to actually help naruto in the long run, pulling off an itachi.

    Whew, i’ve been awfully active today.

  73. Ok, lets’s start making Kishi’s matchups happen!

    Shikamaru (chouji, And Inowhore) vs. Undead Asuma

    Asuma slices off 63 pounds-o-Chouji, and throws them at Ino, crippling her.
    Shikamaru uses “reasoning-no-jutsu” to stop Asuma (who reveals HE IS SPARTAAAA!). And Shikamaru shows Asuma his son… then Asuma kills himself rather than hurt those he wuvs.

    Tsunade vs. Undead Dan

    Dan: Daaamn baby you look good, I don’t know if I wanna fight ya, or F*ck ya!
    Tsunade: Let’s go!
    -They go off and Tsunade “rides” the life back outta Dan-

    Undead Chiyo V. Sakura

    Chiyo: Die!
    Sakura: O.k.! (dies)

    Undead Kimimoro V. Mecha-Rock Lee bitch!

    Kimimoro: You drunk dude?
    Lee: Uhm.. shit… No.
    *Lee gets stabbed, alot*

    KaKashi vs. Undead Zabuza, Haku and Kenpachi

    Kakashi: Zabuza, you and Haku are fucked, but that other dude looks like he’d keep killin’ me no matter how many times I chidori him!
    Kenpachi: Damn right sissy!

  74. Yeah, that’s right, i wonder how sasuke will feel knowing kabuto brought itachi back as a living corpse. Should be epic.

  75. And the Gaara vs his father
    Gaara’s father “Gaara, I am your..” Gaara:”Sabaku Kyuu”

  76. @ Kisu – We know the Zetsu aren’t gonna be S Rank super saiyan ninja like Naruto, Sasuke etc. but they will serve good for people to keep the alliance lessor members busy, look at it this way, they have 20 000 more so lets put (not the jonin) but chunin and genin against maybe two or three zetsu, that would cause a problem in the fact that Zetsu has vast more battle training and techniques…

    this is not simple clones, these where created with 7 of the 9 bijuu chakra (not all but some) plus the ability of the 1st and now Yammato, I think they will work well against the the lower ranked ninja, and what percent would u say the Ninja have of top rank/middle/lower, I think it far more lower ranked (in the 80 000) then the higher, so we have 100 000 zetsu’s to challenge less than 80 000 lower ranks and then we have the summons, which I believe are many against the higher… Heres what I would do…

    take deidara to the other dimention (madara) bring him out in the middle of the battle (or in the alliance main base) just before he explodes and then BOOM!!! problem solved most are dead… (if I was an evil master mind)

    *does mandark laugh*

  77. Itachi vs Sasuke??? Pls I hope this doesn’t happen it seems the only way but I can’t watch Sasuke kill itachi again with plot no jutsu, but since Kabuto allows his summons to keep personality too maybe Itachi will help Sasuke…. I am interested in the way his EMS looks though… and if Itachi’s eyes are in Sasuke hows that work O_O and Naguto have the Rinnegan…?

  78. @Pein, if I was an evil mastermind I would have captured Naruto from he was 4 then keep him in a cage barely alive until I can extract the Kyubi >_>

    Anyway, we most likely aren’t gonna see the Zetsus fight in detail, but I’m telling you, they are gonna fall like mosquitoes. This defies logic, but in works of fiction its pretty common. Its the Law of Conservation of Ninjutsu (1 ninja is kickass, an army of ninja are mooks). That’s all I meant bud lol

  79. well said in my journey on the internet the world Biggest Bleach/Naruto Hater actually had the audacity to say that Madara would become a bigger Villian Stu than Aizen. Utter Blasphemy I tell you!!! *nukes a random planet*

  80. “(also, Assgay is going to be mega-super-duper overpowered when those bandages come off judging by Naruto’s increased power. Expect Assgay to troll us as hard as he did in the Sasuke-a-thon)”

    You’re probably right…

    *sheds a tear for all mankind*

    “Anyway, we most likely aren’t gonna see the Zetsus fight in detail, but I’m telling you, they are gonna fall like mosquitoes. This defies logic, but in works of fiction its pretty common. Its the Law of Conservation of Ninjutsu (1 ninja is kickass, an army of ninja are mooks). That’s all I meant bud lol.”

    Very true. Kishi is gonna kick himself in the face if it happens like this. An army of 100.000 Zetsu’s would be impossible to defeat considering one Zetsu can use his spore attack to zap chakra from multiple opponents. Making them cannon fodder only contradicts the previous chapters. But I guess in someway it’s a good thing. I don’t think authorities will allow a manga depicting 100.000 studded creepy white guys mass molesting teens…
    This was already crossing the line IMO;

  81. Hmmnn…i’m petrified. These summons…..too ineffable….just too ineffable. I was lost for expressions when i saw them. 3 kages, 5 jinchurikis, 5 akatsuki, hanzou, zabuza, kimimaro, asuma and others….i just don’t know what to say. Mind you, the zetsus already seem empowered, and it seems the ambush tactic the alliance are trying to resort to isn’t gonna work after all, because madara and co are already on the move. Insane….just too insane. The next chapter, or when the fighting begins, is going to be a true test for kishi :-the best and hardest he has probably ever worked. His next chapter really should be titled “MASASHI KISHIMOTO’S ART”.

  82. Oops. I fucked up the layout. My bad.

  83. I see….sorry everyone, i’ve just been thinking. Now from the look of Edo Tensei, it appears to be a jutsu similar to alchemy. The conditions of alchemy are quite simple: equivalent exchange(FMA)….meaning to gain something, one must be willing to part with something of proportionate value, which makes a lot of sense. Apparently, for kabuto to have resurrected these people, he would have killed an equal number of people in return. What makes me curious though is the people kabuto sacrificed to resurrect these amazing nins. Obviously they are not as strong as the invoked nins, so that would have to have a direct effect on their chakra levels and the level of ninjutsu they can perform. I’m saying this because we got to see the hashirama and tobirama performance after they were summoned- pathetic, and a shadow of their former selves. Though when kabuto said he had surpassed oro and tobirama in using edo tensei, i’m yet to see if he meant he found a way to alter that equivalent exchange using some high-grade forbidden medical ninjutsu or some forbidden technique.

    One thing, however, is certain- if those summons don’t have specific individual weaknesses they definitely have a general weakness. I think kabuto might have been trying to protect that against the tsuchikage, meaning he probably intends to use some of these summons against lower than kage level nins like darui, akatsuchi, kurotsuchi and others. It could also mean he didn’t intend for deidara to be introduced into battle soon, implying he’s saving deidara for a specific purpose. Honestly, a logical move for any army official in that position, considering there is a huge war coming up, would be to try weaken the fighting power of the enemy so as to ensure his side had less work. Kabuto had the capacity to do that but didn’t. If he even wanted, he had a good shot at demobilizing the tsuchikage’s team as well as weakening the alliance by capturing yamato and at least bee. But he didn’t. Snakes are known for their wisdom and deceitful tendencies. Orochimaru was a double-crossing shithole, so who says kabuto can’t be a reneging hellhole?

  84. Again i wonder how those sharingans in madara’s lab would come in handy during the war. Also would’ve been a lot of fun to see the full capabilities of Fuu and Aburame Torune during the war.

  85. @pein: I suspect Kabuto is going to use Yamato to foil Madara’s plans. Note that Kabuto said he wouldn’t use Mokuton against *Zetzu*, not Madara. And now that Yamato is part of every Zetzu, well… 100K Mokuton users against Madara might be a problem…

  86. You know. I wonder if this episode brings us any closer to figuring out what body of Kabuto’s made Madara so worried. Did I miss something? Because he revealed a lot of bodies.

  87. something tells me that with yamamoto’s abilities now strengthening zetsu, i have a feeling that Kabuto will tell one of the allies that his the key to zetsu lies in that lotus stalk. And towards the end, someone will manage to destroy it in the middle of a huge battle, and all the zetsu will collapse into nothingness as they won’t have anymore power for whatever reason. Then it will be madara and saskue in the middle of the field against the world, as kabuto has already switched sides and just traded the stalk info for the right to madara’s sharingan. Not to sure how to end it from there, but i think that would be an interesting path to take and the most epic way for kabuto to betray madara.

  88. Does anyone think we’ll see Madara’s “Moons Eye Plan” or has that plot twist been swept under the rug?

  89. @ Kanton:
    Madara is not even on the same plain as Aisen sama. Really what was his original plan when turned up. Act as a retard to achieve what. 7 of 9 bijuu and all but 1 of his members dead. Aisen lured in everyone around into a false sense of security and then betrayed the shinigami taking it most valuable members with him and attaining the gem (forgot its name). All while leaving several captains for dead for his new strong hold of super powerful arrancar. Even on the case of power I have never come across a villian guy own some many people in rapid succession in such destructive manner. One hit kills in blink of eye. Orochimaru was better bad guy than Madara before he was killed for plot reasons (and Kishi’s man love for Sasuke).

    With every chapter that passes it seems to put Orochimaru deeds back the pedal stall it was before he got killed by Sasuke. We all forget how evil Michae… Orochimaru was back in the day. When he used get any camera time you were sure that somebody was going be owned exploited or kidnapped lol. He at least passed that trait on to Kabuto plus the scales.

    @ Kanton,

  90. Oh I wonder if Tobi will give the jinchuriki back their bijuus. He did say that he would use them in the war. If that the case the alliance has got more in reserve than what there showing at face value.

  91. @lost: ooo good thinking! Maybe that means we’ll see the 10-tails in action, if Naruto can absorb the chakra from each, as Madara releases them!!

  92. @lost glad to know someone shares my views

  93. Y’know, I think we should stop blaming Ino, Hinata, Kiba and Choji for being sub-par and blame Kurenai and Asuma. They’re the only Jonin teachers that DIDN’T teach they’re Genin students ANY techniques (Kakashi taught Naruto and Sasuke, Gai taught Lee). Well its not like Asuma and Kurenai are strong anyway >_>

  94. @kisu you forgot to blame the parents too.

  95. To contribute a little to the speculation, I’d like to remind everyone that Kabuto can pick and choose which deadites to summon through Edo Tensei and when. I don’t think he’ll necessarily summon them all and ride into battle. It’s more likely he’ll summon specific people and cancel some summons as the battlefield dictates.

    And, again, I think the occupant of the coffin that scared Madara *is* Madara. Madara is both dead and not dead, so seeing himself in one of Kabuto’s coffins scared the crap out of him.

  96. WARNING: What you are about to read might be stupid…

    I told you guys Kabuto was a snake…

    I liked a theory stated by someone earlier, what if someone else can learn Edo Tensai? Like a supporting cast member of Konoha?
    Here’s my theory: Remember that the 2nd Hokage could do the technique as well. And I think it is stated that all the techniques of Konoha is in a scroll or something. Remember the begininng of the series when that one guy (Iruka Gray Haired friend) told Naruto to grab him the scroll so they could learn the techniques from it. Hopefully you guys remember because this holds crucial to the theory.

    What if Tsunade (The current Hokage and the one who is able to give whom ever the scroll) gave the scroll to Naruto or a supporting cast member like, say, Sai and asked them to learn it? It would be great!! What if he revived the other people to help like say, Oro and Jiraia!!! Wouldn’t it be super freaking mega orgasmic to see them two together as a team!! And what if they also revived the fallen sentimental people like The Konohas WHITE FANG!!!! and the The Two Brothers of the Rikodou Sennin!!! Then it would be even like HELL!!!!

    PS – This is a theory. I have warned you.

  97. @thelaughingwiseman: i tell you what, i like your name just as much as i like your theory. I did come up with that theory. Nins like the white fang, jiraiya, hiruzen, would just be killer….perhaps a trump card for the alliance. My money is on the possibility someone from the alliance knows edo tensei….and seeing how there would be tremendous bodies in the battlefield, a jutsu like edo tensei should fly here and there.

  98. List of Deceased I thought relevant that I didn’t list already in my post above:

    Kabuto’s adoptive father!! (maybe the father was more skilled in medical ninjutsu then his beloved son).
    Some members of the Uzumaki clan (maybe one might be enough to seal away the bad guys that had been resurrected).
    Itachis cousin, Shisui.
    Mito Hashirama.
    The Third Hokages Father Sauske Sarutobi.
    Rin and Obito (obito is pending).
    Sauske’s parents (Flip the script on his ass!!).

  99. @thelaughingwiseman,

    cool theory dude and it definately seems possible but I think its unlikely many of the alliance would be willing to use Edo Tensei simply because it goes against their values or morals to raise the dead and use them to fight. although I can think of some who wouldnt mind using the jutsu..

  100. its official, the Uzumaki clan is now overrated. If they were so strong, why’s there only a few left? lol

  101. @Kisu so are the Uchiha

  102. @kingkhaos: going by your theory the second hokage was a very very bad man…oro style….positive sarcasm intended.

  103. @kingkhaos Thanks. I appreciate it. I don’t think there is morality when it comes to shinobi and war. They are suppose to be efficient killing machines, emotion has no place in the battlefield… or at least that’s what every shinobi (that doesn’t live in Konoha) says…

  104. i really hope you guys are wrong…it would suck if everybody just started edotensei-ing…naruto would become repetitive and boring…what makes the manga good is the growth we see in the characters. we need to see them grow and be able to defeat the bad guys. otherwise all the chapters up till now have been useless.

    oh, one thing: i really hope they explain how edotensei works…kishi needs to explain how it works and stuff…

  105. Hmm…another food for thought(hell, i guess the current trend of chapters offers lots of ‘food for thought’). Now naruto has become a very ‘bad’ boy. First, lets not forget he’s an uzumaki, and the meeting his mama in his subconscious might have made him inherit not just her sealing jutsu prowess and special chakras, but most of the clan’s techniques too. Seeing how he performed this incredible sealing jutsu to seal the kyuubi, a jutsu the kyuubi recounted to be the sage of the six paths’, he might have also acquired a lot of sealing techniques, including a CONTRACT SEAL like the kind used by the fourth to remove the kyuubi from madara’s control.

    It’s very possible nins like Tsunade, naruto, kakashi and the top tier could perform a contract seal. However, i’m thinking the one with the best shot in using that seal would be naruto because of his instantanous speed and strength. Those edo tensei summons could be freed from kabuto’s control, and the tide of the battle might just turn then. Nins with a good conviction just before they passed on like Itachi, nagato, haku, dan, zabuza, asuma, and others might just frown at kabuto and akatsuki. That would be epic.

  106. Been reading these comments with great interest. Great ideas! As I read the chapter – translated for real – I was blown away by the forces, the layout and the uniforms. Forehead protectors were cool – shows unity.

    I still say the Ame Orphans should have been resurrected…

    Ok, this may be too far into outerspace but…what happened to Karin? She had turned her back on Sasuke after he tried to kill her and then divulged intel to Ibiki. Then…nothing. Is it possible she may come back, possibly as a Konoha ally? Then there are the other two – Suigetsu and Juugo. Or, is there any use at all for these three?

    At this point, I don’t know who is the more dangerous: Madara or Kabuto. Yeah, Madara has the Rinnegan but I am not talking strength. It’s the motive…Kabuto has always been secretive about his true motives and that, to me, is far more dangerous than merely re-creating the Jyuubi at this point (that will change, of course).

    I must have missed something with Tsunade and the scroll. Could someone explain?

    @Total: It is clearly apparent that Naruto has bested his father, Yondaime. I think his dad wanted that to happen because he acknowledged in their meeting in Chapter 440 that Madara (as Tobi) was very powerful and knew exactly what Yondaime was doing at the time. Now that we’ve seen the events of the Kyuubi attack, it is clear – Yondaime wants his son to not only use his powers but feels his son is the one that can defeat Madara (of course Kushina thinks so, too but it isn’t heavily emphasized as much). Also, Kakashi acknowledged as much when Naruto first created the FRS (before it became Senpo-based). I keep thinking that at some point, someone is going to reveal the special kunai and give them to Naruto. I can see that merely in touching naruto’s hand, a new seal will form and they will be all his…ideas?

    Ok, maybe it’s just me but it appears that the “deadhead army” is moving forward only because Yamato’s brain has been “picked.” True? Or, are they merely using Yamato as the “male plug” into the Gedo Mazo “female socket” to charge up the Zetsu batteries THEN they will pick his brain? And,no he can’t be dead – it’s like when the bijuu’s chakra were extracted from the Jinchuuriki. He’s gotta be alive to get this accomplished.

    And, of course, they had to make Naruto revert back to childhood to master his new powers. I mean, come on – playing with blocks? Puhhhlease. lol

    I think it is now a given: the leading candidate for the “pawn” role for Gedo Mazo is Sasuke. And, Sasuke thinks he’s only going to kill Naruto…man is HE in for a nasty reality check!

    I can’t wait for the next chapter. We’ll see how Kishi leaves us hanging (my prediction).

  107. I’ve also been wondering. Seeing how the first married mikoto, he must have learned loads of sealing jutsu from mikoto, incluting the contract seal, and that might just have also explained how madara lost to the first. The first must have placed the contract seal on madara, wrestling the kyuubi off madara’s control, demobilizing the kyuubi and then pawning madara. Whew, for a major villian madara has sure been bullied a lot, hasn’t he? First by shodai hokage, then by the fourth. Seeing how Edo tensei is a summon, with the summoner in contract with the summon, a contract seal should just about do the job.

    @tsunade/penny: Hey there, been a while, and i missed ya like crazy. How ya been, we really should catch up, google chat at your convenience?

    Yeah penny, i absolutely concur. Naruto has surpassed the fourth. In fact, naruto is now beyond kage- he’s a living legend. Blimey, the bloke doesn’t even need the fourth’s kunai for his speed…he already has the perfect body, a body that has surpassed all bodies, the body of the rikudou sennin. I wouldn’t be surprised if he could also perform jutsu that require body adaptation…..can’t really think of them now, but i will. The point is with a body like his anything is possible. Personally, i think relying on the fourth’s kunai would be an insult to his growth, and the kind of body he’s acquired- that of the S06Ps. If all indications are anything to go by, considering madara’s narration of the rikudou’s ability to create something out of nothingness(yin) and from his vitality and physical life-force, his ability to breathe life into the created form(yang), naruto might have achieved control over life as well.

    Time for a little theory here….naruto has obtained control of the yang chakra of the kyuubi(which i’m beginning to think was sealed into naruto for this special reason by that intelligent and all seeing fourth) and in the process gained the yang elemental power/body of the rikudou. According to madara, that yang ability of the rikudou, coupled with his vitality/physical life force(which naruto seems to have inherited) granted the sennin the ability to breathe life into the forms he created from nothingness(naruto chapter 510 pg 11 for reference). Anyone remember yamato’s mokouton reacting to the tremendous life force of naruto’s yang powers/new body? The dead wood became alive. That also explains the first’s ability with his mokouton. The source of his kekkei genkai was very unique, because he inherited from the rikudou, just like the second son did, his yang powers and perfect body. Originally, the first could use earth and water, which were just elemental forms….but his ability to “breathe life” into those elemental combinations brought about his mokouton. This was all, of course, as a result of the first being a descendant of the second son of the sennin who inherited the sennin’s body. Now, from apparent indications, naruto has inherited the body of the sage(madara already said he carried the senju will of fire, and the senju are direct descendants of the second son). We know naruto has inherited this ability because he inherited the will of the senju….the will of hashirama. My conclusion, and here’s the atomic bomb. Nagato was referred to as the seventh pain because he could control life and death. This was because he possessed the yin/yang elemental affinity(i.e. the eyes and his body, being an uzumaki). So as a result of his yang affinity, he could breathe life, though not as strongly as the sennin because even he confirmed his power was not up to that of the sennin. Naruto, however, being the child of prophecy and the inheritor of the will of fire, naruto can now GIVE LIFE to non life forms. First, as we already confirmed, was yamato’s mokouton. Second, and this might sound utterly ridiculous but i choose to press on, are those floating rasengans we saw at the cover page of last week’s issue. First, naruto can create a lot of rasengans because of his present incredible chakra control. Second, imagine rasengans given life forms, rasengans brought to life. As silly as that sounds, it makes a lot of sense. Rasengans with control of their own for movement, but responding to naruto’s will. Quite terrifying, and this is just a glimpse of the ninja naruto has become.

    Love leads to peace, long life and prosperity. The second son believed love was the key to peace. He earned a body with a tremendous life force, and the yang elemental ability to give life(obviously to give life you’ll have to be full of it, and the second son had that in a tremendous life force), which is key for peace to prevail. The more people renew their hopes of survival/life, with strong belief/faith in a greater future, the more probability of peace prevailing. The sage realized this, and chose the second son to be his successor. Hashirama inherited this very theology from the second son, and incorporated it into his senju will of fire- living in harmony and peace, and the willingness to lay an existing foundation for the next generation in order to pass on that theology. Naruto inherited this theology very strongly, thereby strongly inheriting the sages will. Not only will naruto be able to give life to his basic jutsu, but also to dead comrades, like nagato did to kakashi and co. Naruto has experienced what i like to call “NINJA EVOLUTION”.

  108. @total Mikoto is sasuke’s mother and Mito was the Shodai’s wife

  109. @kantonkage: aahh…warina. Haii..sonotorida. Aarigato gozaimasu.

  110. Total, I like the idea of living rasengans but I don’t see Naruto giving life to something that will die after being used. The rasengan is, after all, just spiraling chakra. It dissipates after the attack. Naruto would be horrified by that, I think.

  111. @ursamajour: Thanks, but the idea of ‘breathing life’ to rasengans is essentially ’empowering’ them with his incredible life force. That way, they are able to move on their own, but at naruto’s will and discretion. Imagine naruto hurling rasengans at you with a hand seal then they miss their target. He could just redirect them back at you again. Anyway it’s supposed to be theoretical, though a slight plausibility. I wasn’t exactly focusing on the rasengans, though the rasengan is his primary/signature jutsu. It could be kage bushins, thereby making them more durable, it could be people around him, resurrecting dead comrades. I’m just certain he possesses the power to give life.

  112. @Total: Ah, I see. Yeh, I could totally see him doing something like that, though I had imagined it would be more through a sophisticated manipulation of the Kyuubi or Rikudou cloak. Either way, I’m sure we’ll see Naruto moving rasengans around at will.

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    @Total – I check email every 1-2 days in the afternoons PST. You can catch me at that time. Or…FB me. 🙂

    Also, Total: You bring up some excellent points. The “legend” that has been passed on to the younger “leaves” is that the Shodai Hokage was the one that created the forests surrounding Konoha. This would indicate that he not only controlled the wood, which is a dead item,” but could also bring life to that wood – the trees. During the first mission Yamato led with Naruto, he mentions to Sakura of how he is only a mere copy of the original. That would mean that Oro’s experiments were not quite complete but since he got discovered, he couldn’t complete his work. It is now apparent that Oro wanted to create a replication of a shinobi with all of Shodai’s powers – both wood and bringing it to life. Yamato only has part of his abilities (or HAD based on the “position” he is in) – the wood formation. Naruto completed it with the ‘breathing of life’ into the wood as is shown by the reaction of Naruto’s Kyuubi’s chakra to Yamato’s wood jutsu.

    And, Madara wonders exactly what Orochimaru knew about what he was doing? C’mon! He doesn’t get exclusive rights to research something. Besides, he may have completed his knowledge/research after he joined Akatsuki. And, guess who his initial partner was: Yup, Itachi. I’ve always thought that Itachi was the one who was the information “mole” so that Jiraiya could get the bigger picture of Akatsuki’s activities. What’s more, once Kabuto injected himself with the White Snake’s DNA (Orochimaru), like a Kage Bunshin being released, he gained all of the knowledge and experiences of the original. With Kabuto’s background in medical ninjutsu, it would have been a cinch to complete what Oro started. THAT’S especially what makes Kabuto so dangerous – and I believe Madara knows it.

    One thing I’ve been wondering about Naruto’s new seal. What is it supposed to represent? Part of it I “get,” Rikudo Sage. There is the rest of it – the part that looks like pipes with an incomplete link. Does that mean there is a “missing link?” If someone could explain that, would be much appreciated…wondering if it is (gasp!) to be considered complete should Madara and Naruto combine (unthinkable!).

    As far as Gaara being Commanding General, he’s a Kage, Kakashi is not and has made it clear he has no desire to be one. Gaara’s abilities are in mid to longer range combat. Age has no bearing on whether or not he can lead. Tsuchikage has bum hips and now took out his back taking the turtle on the ride of his life. Tsunade’s been beaten up enough – besides, she’s the medical specialist and of course a Kage who has strong tactical abilities. My guess is that Raikage (wouldn’t you know the guy’s name is “A”?) and Mizukage have tactical abilities as well. Besides, someone has to hold down the “fort.” Though, I will admit: seeing a Tsunade rematch against her old nemesis Hanzo the Salamander would be interesting.

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  130. @tsunade’s twin/penny: You bet. I’ll find you, i promise.
    To the topic, and especially to your question, seems like the uncompleted seal means he’s halfway into inheriting the full powers of the sage, and that’s a modest guess. Perhaps if he did inherit the sage’s eyes somehow(let’s not forget itachi’s little gift to him now, shall we?) the seal would be complete, implying he has the body and the eyes.

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    However, the times we have seen her, she has not been completely useless. She even managed to force Kisame to retreat under water after nearly nailing him with an explosive mine. If that was any other lesser shinobi, they probably would not have been able to avoid that kind of attack at the last second.

    The only other times we have seen her battle in the manga, were against Temari and against herself. Temari was a given loss because Tenten was simply facing off against the wrong opponent, but she still showed a lot of skill in that battle, with the way she was able to manipulate hundreds of weapons at once with a great deal of accuracy. The only other time we have seen that degree of control over so many individual objects using chakra strings alone, is with a master puppet user and even among them, that is a feat. Had Tenten been pitted against Ino, Sakura or even some of the other combatants instead of Temari in the exams, she would have easily won.

    Against herself during the Gaara rescue arc… well, that was also typical. Actually, the only person who figured out how to beat themselves was Lee, and it was a somewhat cheesy solution regardless, so that means Neji, Tenten and even Gai fall under the same category in that particular scenario. Gai and Neji aren’t useless because of that, are they? O_o

    Tenten isn’t useless, she just isn’t seen often in the manga, that’s all. Ino, on the other hand, has never done anything in a battle to elicit a significant impact with regards to its outcome. She is a one trick pony and even that one trick isn’t that impressive at all.

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    @tenrai: good points raised. I definitely feel this training has something to do with the kyuubi, which by the way would be hell. However it would seem naruto has sensed and discovered what is going on. I’m only eager to see how he would react to what he’s discovered.

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    Just what kind of war was Madara planning before Kabuchimaru joined forces with him? It was going to be Madara and his white Zetsus vs. the entire Shinobi alliance. Kabuchimaru is providing at least half of the attack force now with Edo Tensei summoning all of these powerful shinobi and doping up the white Zetsus. I think Madara would have been rightfully screwed without Kabuchimaru’s assistance.

    @Tenrai: Yeah, I like your idea of the former enemy nations fighting side by side and building a gradual bond with one another through blood, sweat, and tears rather than the complete 180 that just happened. Gaara’s speech could have been the spark that lit a small flicker of potential friendship but it really should not have caused a great flame of mutual friendship and respect to sweep through the crowd. These nations have been enemies for generations and it’s really something to see them put their differences aside so hastily after one speech.

    @Kisu: LMAO!!! XD Fickle crowd is fickle.

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    The other two are the girl in the back and the Kumo guy to the left:

    If I had pictures of them in the movie I would post them, but I only have the Narutopedia articles:

  146. Actually I’m sitting in my leather chair thinking the severity of the battle, the carnage experienced within the allied forces and the drive to win and rid themselves off akatsuki would strengthen the alliance and create very strong loyalties. I reckon what gaara managed to temporarily instill in the forces was the need to fight for a common cause, and that in order to achieve that they would need to strengthen and unify their resolve. So the loyalty they bear towards themselves is entirely primary, borne of a need to fight for a common cause and achieve common ground. The entire scope of this battle is enough to create fabled heroes, ravenous villians, traitors, advocates, e.t.c….oh, and big enough to expand the degree of loyalties.

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    You’re right Ino (and Sakura too) is useless but Tenten is even more useless. Ino knows one trick, Tenten knows no tricks. Summoning weapons can be done by any random person carrying a scroll. You ask me to name two fights in which Ino won or dealt a decisive blow. You give me one fight where Tenten did that. ^__^
    And fillers don’t count.

    “Are you sure you’re not talking about those “buns”?”

    Yes, I don’t care how she does her hair as long as she keeps her buns in shape. ^__^

    “I agree with Kanton about Tenten. She isn’t actually useless, she has just had little to no page time in the manga.”

    Even Kishi has realized how useless she is. I just wished he’d realized it a little sooner. ^__^

    “However, the times we have seen her, she has not been completely useless. She even managed to force Kisame to retreat under water after nearly nailing him with an explosive mine. If that was any other lesser shinobi, they probably would not have been able to avoid that kind of attack at the last second.”

    Her best moment for sure. She managed to exceed herself there.

    “Had Tenten been pitted against Ino, Sakura or even some of the other combatants instead of Temari in the exams, she would have easily won.”

    She wouldn’t have dodged Ino’s Captain Ginyu trick. She’s probably the slowest of the entire manga. And those chakra strings would only help Ino take over her mind.
    Sakura knows the replacement technique which renders conventional weapon attacks useless.
    As for the other combatants. Perhaps she might have stood a chance against Choji. I don´t see how she could have won against any of the other combatants.

  149. @redbaron is that after she turns Ino to a pincushion.

  150. @redbaron, Kanton and Tenrai, guys, don’t waste your energy debating about Tenten. She’s useless, has nothing remarkable about her and doesn’t even get panel space. Talk about Zabuza’s awesomeness, or that movie 3 actually has some plot significance!

  151. @kisu Nope until you recognize the uselessness that is Ino

  152. @ kanton,


    “until you recognize the uselessness that is Ino”

    Recognized. Tenten is even more useless though. ^__^

  153. @Kanton, just as red says, Ino is useless, but Tenten even more so

  154. @redbaron You guys are Overestimating Ino.

  155. @Kanton, but u overestimate Tenten. Ino has a jutsu that not every single ninja and their mother knows. Anyone can summon weapons and throw them. That’s something they teach Academy students >_>

  156. Ok, I wanna know if NOW, FINALLY Bee is going to clue Naruto in on what’s really happening – Yamato becoming a POW and presumed dead, the war and the fact that he was duped in his “S-rank mission” so he could be hidden. I can’t think of anything else Bee could say. Now, THAT’s going to be an interesting conversation…

    It’s interesting that all of the Edo Tensei summonings seem to know that they are being summoned for a nasty purpose. I loved Zabuza’s comment of “bullshit” and how he won’t fight for anyone who would stoop so low. What this shows is that the Edo Tensei summonings are about as much of a cohesive force as the Shinobi army. Add Madara who absolutely does NOT trust Kabuchimaru to not run off with Sasuke…can we say “chaos in the making?”

    And, I thought that Tsunade’s lover, Dan, was one of the summonings. Whoa! I wonder what that will do for Tsunade…?

    What will be especially bad is that Kabuchimaru is relying upon the emotions on the Shinobi side to split them apart. I think that is especially “low.”

    IMO, Anko’s history…will possibly join Yamato as another AA battery for Zetsu.

    Gaara’s speech: moving, to say the least. The fact that he was a Jinchuuriki really makes Gaara more legitimate in his “rah rah” moment. I noted the faces of the other commanders – pretty cool IMO. The fact that Gaara didn’t name Naruto – but he referred to him – shows the impact that Naruto has already had in this world of shinobi. Unfortunately, he won’t know that – just yet.

    Just like I thought, there are seeds being planted in this chapter for more stuff to come. Another “hanging” chapter.

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    He might even use a sealing technique to break Kabu’s control of them.

    That would be awesomeness.

  159. @Kanton, this technique alone makes Ino more usefu-…less useless than Tenten

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    Oh Sasori was awesome.

    The two shinobi did make up rather fast but whatevs, no one has time for there bitch fights.

  161. i mean pre-timeskip, i agree with kanton… tenten was stronger than both sakura and ino… kisu, you say sakura has replacement… are u kidding… that would only help her retreat… tenten has deadly accuracy and a lot of weapons… shes a weapons expert…. its not like any person can pull out a ton of weapons at once with summons… i’ve never seen anyone else summon weapons like tenten does. Sakura was even more useless pretimeskip. A fight between ino and tenten would also have been easy for tenten because ino’s only attack requires a straight path.she wouldnt have been provoked like with sakura, and she wouldnt have cut her hair off giving her that path… because there would be no meaning to that hair cutting. Now post-timeskip, ino trained under tsunade, and thats that… i mean there’s no way tenten kept up

  162. “kisu, you say sakura has replacement…”

    *slaps omar with a glove Buggs Bunny style* How dare you sir, I said no such thing (BUT REPLACEMENT JUTSU FTEW!)

    Tenten’s as useless as Sakura was at the Team 7 Reunion x 1000 >_>

  163. @ Tsunade’s Twin – I agree that it could be an interesting conversation between Bee and Naruto, but it will probably be more like:

    “Guess what?!? We at war muthafucka! Oh, and Yamato’s dead.”

    The scanlators have been great at attempting to make him rhyme, but he isn’t much of a speech giver.

  164. @ Kisu, Omar, other Tenten haters (myself included)

    You’re all wrong! Tenten is apparently the ultimate genjutsu mistress!
    She has FOOLED EVERYONE IN THE NARUVERSE, -EVEN US- into thinking she is useless! She might even kill madara!

    *Kishimoto whispers to Prawl*
    “No Prawl, she really is useless, except for her ‘flexibility’ and that thing she can do with her tongue.. err.. nevermind!”

  165. @ Arpotu – I think that would be great if Naruto could release Kabuto’s control over his summons.

    We’ve already got a hint of who would side with Naruto… maybe even Zabuza and Haku (Zabuza seemed pretty pissed at Kabuto’s tactics)

  166. I wonder if Bee is actually gonna give Naruto one last lesson… on how to become friends with the 9-tailed fox.

    “Well, mothafocka, you gotta get a stick and a ball, and you throw them all. If the fox comes bax, you won’t have to aks. If the fox runs away, they’ll be hell to pay. Yo.”

  167. @prawl: LOL. Yeah, you’ve got Bee down. Wonder how they are going to make the Yamato news rhyme.

    Regarding the debate on the useless female or strongest (depending on your POV): I don’t care – we’re at war! Once Madara gets his Rinnegan going, everyone (regardless of sex) will be rendered useless…

    A few other things I forgot to mention that I saw before that were hilarious:

    Sasori’s and Deidara’s argument about art – and Sasori threatening to kill Deidara. Deidara’s reply about made me ROFL (we’re ALL dead).

    I never understood why Hanzo had his gas mask/head gear. He has it yet again. Geez, the guy’s dead. What is he trying to protect himself from?

    And, what about Zabuza’s cleaver blade? Suigetsu had it (he kind of broke it in his battle against Bee). You’d think Zabuza would have noticed his favorite cutting utensil was gone…

    WTF was Dan known for except for being Tsunade’s lover? If he was in there for emo impact, what about her younger brother?

    Asuma’s comment “I have a bad feeling about this.” Funny that they had to resort to Star Wars for this classic comment.

    Regardless, I still think the makeup is cool. However, once Kabuchimaru is defeated (and he will be defeated; prediction: Naruto), his “deadhead army” disappears leaving all of those white Zetsu weeds. Anybody got weed killer?

  168. “Tenten’s as useless as Sakura was at the Team 7 Reunion x 1000 >_>”
    -.-‘ really I don’t see it.

  169. Sorry for the spam but I totally forgot something else about last week’s…

    Did anyone see “Super Saiyan” themes when Tsuchikage moved the tortoise?

  170. Tenten wouldn’t miss.
    oh yea *Shinigami Direct Noggin Chops KISU*

  171. “WTF was Dan known for except for being Tsunade’s lover? If he was in there for emo impact, what about her younger brother?”

    Nawaki ran into an explosive tag and died. He’s more useless than Ino AND Tenten >_>

  172. Now I doubt that Tenten would run into explosive tag.

  173. @arpotu: good point raised about naruto freeing kabuto off the controlled summons. I actually brought up the idea of the contract seal being used for this in one of my earlier posts. The fourth used a contract seal to free the kyuubi off madara’s control. It’s very possible naruto(seeing his sealing jutsu prowess already) knows that seal, and it’s possible it could be used in breaking the contract between kabuto and the summons.

  174. @total- where have you seen naruto’s sealing jutsu prowess?

  175. @alec: Quite the sarcastic and jabbing one now, are we? Actually allow me to throw that question right back at ya. Where have you not seen naruto’s sealing jutsu prowess? If you didn’t see that one where he managed to seal the fox with the rikudou’s seal, then it must mean you have a fetish for foxes or kitunes to admit the kyuubi’s trapped in a sad, little cage by naruto’s new seal. My point is if he could perform a seal quite as powerful and we consider he’s an uzumaki, then there’s a huge possibility his sealing jutsu ability has stepped up a notch.

    You’ll have to excuse me, monsieur Alec, but I enjoyed this one a little.

  176. Meant to say *kitsunes and not *kitunes.

  177. @total: not to mention that since his birth, Naruto has had the most complex seal around tattooed to his belly. Every day when looking in the mirror, or contemplating his navel, he’s had it in his eyes and in his mind. When he visualizes himself internally, it most likely includes the seal (what other version of himself has he ever known?).

    He has had years to silently and privately contemplate the most subtle curves and sigils, without even knowing there would be a value to it. He probably sees subsets of his seal in other peoples seals, and ponders them subconsciously. Heck, he might even be able to “read” seals instantly, and hasn’t mentioned it because he assumes everyone else can, too…

    Maybe that’s another gift the 4th gave Naruto – the “most complex sealing encyclopedia of all”, tattooed directly onto his skin.

  178. @arpotu valid points but i’m sure the seal only appears on naruto’s belly when he uses chakra, am i right?

  179. @total-There was absolutely no sarcasm intended. To me seals require great amounts of chakra control and years of practice. In fact kakashi’s seal was considered “advanced” for his age by oro and it did jack crap in the end. Naruto’s new seal to me, is not something he created on his own or even willingly. This has more to do with his father’s seal and the key than naruto’s own abilities. Step back for a second and realize that the fourth planned for naruto to gain control of the fox at some point and left him the key to reinstate his seal. In my mind, this was the fourth’s doing all along and that the seal has taken shape due to naruto’s control of the fox, which means that as soon as he gained control of the fox he completed his father’s seal, which has nothing to do with an individuals sealing ability. And just because he is an uzumaki doesn’t mean jack crap either, for instance, ino’s part of the yamanaka clan doesn’t mean she’s any good with their mind control based jutsu’s.

    @arpotu- just because you stare everyday at the riemann hypothesis doesn’t mean you can solve it, or even use it towards other applications. And we know naruto is no genius, so unless he understands the fundamentals, which from what i’ve seen so far, he doesn’t, he has no idea what it means. Plus his seal is totally different, it requires one to sacrifice their soul, that has absolutely nothing to do with the other seals shown so far in the manga.

    more or less he gained control of the fox, which completed his father’s seal who didn’t have time to do so, essentially meaning naruto has shown no ability with seals of his own, but rather his dad has some pretty god damn good foresight. So I’m taking the same stance i did against ibi with him being part of the senju, as of RIGHT NOW, i say he has no abilities with seals. Of course kishi can be kishi and say he does directly later on in the manga, which ain’t no biggy cause he can do what he wants, but until then, naruto doesn’t have any sealing abilities of his own. So keep your fetishes to yourself next time and don’t get your ovaries in a twist when someone just wants to see where you’re coming from and asks a legitimate question.

  180. Dem’s fightin’ words!!! I will most certainly *not* keep my fetishes to myself. And, as soon as I get ovaries, I’ll twist em how I like to! Yeah… take that…

    And, um, dude, it’s speculation and fun… no reason to dislodge your hamster.. Ebichu, I choose you!

  181. haha, arpotu that wasn’t at you, but more power to ya.

  182. @monsieur alec: Well I’m glad we did sort out the bit of sarcasm…I was almost thinking it was going to become a trend. For etiquette sake, I do apologize if I came off as insufferable. However, I reckon I could at least afford some brutal honesty. When you say things like ‘naruto being an uzumaki doesn’t mean jack’ it makes you come off as a realist judging on what he sees. Fair enough, but there’s also the plausibility of potential. For example when you say Ino being from the yamanaka clan doesn’t guarantee her skill in shintenshi no jutsu is extensive, that could be quite true, but her father is inoichi whose ingenuity in shintenshi is unquestionable, hence leaving the tendency that ino, who is a major support protagonist, could improve. Same applies to naruto. Yes, the fourth invented the mechanism for naruto’s seal, but there’s no way in hell(or the death god’s stomach) the fourth could have envisaged that naruto’s controlled jinchuuriki form would take the shape of the sage’s cloak. There was also no way the fourth would’ve been able to tell that the seal would be the same one the rikudou sage himself used. Now you and I both know naruto new sage cloak means he’s inherited the sennin’s body(hopefully I don’t have to explain). After naruto had inherited the body(yang chakra) he was able to come up with an entirely new seal, one used by the sennin himself and further testament to naruto’s inheritance of the sennin’s body. Of course I agree with you when you say the fourth put those mechanisms in place for naruto to seal the kyuubi after controlling it’s chakra, but I’m adding that naruto was able to step that seal a notch because he had control of the kyuubi’s chakra, obtaining/inheriting the sage’s body(yang chakra). That enabled him to create that potent seal used by the sennin himself. I’m also saying that this, coupled with the fact he is an uzumaki(known for their PROWESS in fuinjutsu) and even the fact his dad and mum were pros in fuinjutsu creates the plausibility he has inherited that. Of course it’s entirely circumstantial in the mean time, but a logical and assertive one. So there’s really no need to get yourself worked up over this.

    Merci, Monsieur Alec.

  183. Kisu agrees with Alec. Naruto has never received any training with seals. Well except for one point. Naruto mastered the Rasengan which take chakra shape (aka control) to its max. Only someone with great chhakra control can use the Rasengan. Case closed, Kisu wins… what exactly do I win again? I need to stop confusing myself -__-

  184. @total- absolutely, i’m not saying he doesn’t have it in him, i’m just saying right now i don’t expect naruto to be using seals in combat anytime soon. And as for the whole seal mechanism, i don’t feel that naruto truly understands what happened and my point is he didn’t do any of it on purpose leading me to believe that, from what has been shown so far, it is more that his subjugating the fox’s chakra and using his dad’s key to reseal the fox that this occurred. It is very impressive seal, there is no denying that, however my point is that whatever naruto’s skill with seals, it is unlikely any time soon we will see it outside this one example. It’s all good dude. And haha, yeah no need to explain that i totally see what kishi’s doing here and it’s pretty awesome, but my inclination leads me to believe that naruto know’s nothing of the six sage and so yeah… this is just going back in to itself…

    @kisu you win… this!!! i think, not to sure

  185. Well I’m ceratinly late with this comment. Nonetheless, thank you for the breakdown Cap’n Pickles. Awesome as per usual and no, don’t tone down the pervy talk so much that you, as Captain Per..err..Pickles, wouldn’t be recognizable. Writers have to have a certain trademark you know.

    Now then..Chapters 313 and 314 were a couple of uninspired chapters imo with almost the last few pages for its saving grace which, I took to mean as sort of a thoughtful bone Kishi tossed to pacify a ravenous mob until he gather his wits about and give us quite a satisfying chapter. True enough, 315 and 316 were great in that we’re shown actual plot advancement in terms of the Allied and Cent..I mean the Allliance and “Madara’s” camp having finished gearing up and heading straight to the war; a war which, if Kishi is up to the challenge, promises to hold quite an impressive array of battles up ahead. It’s a plus that we’ll get to see(if ever) shinobi from the other countries in battle which is a refreshing change from the usual focus on the Konoha warriors.

    I was kinda surprised to find upon my return to find Gaara to be the Commander General which is a considerably esteemed position at such a decisive battle. By no means am I saying that he shouldn’t be nor insinuating that he isn’t capable. I just naturally assumed Raikage, being the head of the alliance, to be the one to lead them into the battle. I’m rather curious as to what prompted the other kages to elect him as the C.G.

    His speech, if anything, just reminded me of the stark contrast between this Gaara and murderous bastard of the past. I do agree though that no amount of flowery words should have nullified the extent of the hostility and mistrust that’s been built up over the decades. I’m more inclined to believe, despite Kishi’s portrayal of the matter in the manga, that in realizing that they’re fighting against something bigger than their hatred, these shinobi set that hatred aside, overlooked for the moment but not actually forgotten. Who knows, maybe later when they’re all fighting for survival and after when the casualties of the war have been accounted for, perhaps an actual understanding between these formerly warring nations can emerge.

    I realize as I typed that last bit that it seems rather fanciful since thus far as exemplified by the Senju-Uchiha truce that no, it doesn’t always work that way. We all know how that went, how it brought about the bloodiest disaster in Konoha-the eventual extermination of an entire clan. In a way, that part reminds me too much about the Treaty of Versailles (which wasn’t so much as a peace treaty rather 20-year armistice) and how it became the spark to light WWII. That being said and the war well on its way, I can’t help but wonder what Kishi’s version of peace is in the Naruto world.

    Ah, Edo Tensei..Personally, I hate that jutsu. Yes, its totally haxorz as people put it since it’s basically the cheat to end all cheats in terms of jutsu, i find it to be totally uninspired. I would like to know though under what circumstances the 2nd Hokage was in to have Created and Used this jutsu. I can hardly credit him for being an unscrupulous man, if the flashbacks from Danzo were anything to go by.

    So basically anyone who’s someone in the manga-someone with baggage I might add- has their own summoned counterparts. Psychological warfare? Alright, if that’s the way Kishi wants to play it, I feel like Kakashi’s being left out (deliberately?). If it’s baggage, this guy’s got it in spades so considering that there’s stll the unresolved fight between him and Kabuto and the fact that he doesn’t have a summoned counterpart raises suspicions as to what Kishi’s got planned for him.

    *Pardon me for this long one. It’s basically a month’s worth of comments. Been holed up on a mountain people.*

  186. Crap..I meant 513,14,15 & 16 not 313,14,15 & 16. Dunno how that happened.

  187. @Monsieur Alec: Whatever makes you happy.

  188. @Monsieur Alec: oh one more thing. What’s interesting here is the way naruto tends to be treated, being the person he is. If it were to be sasuke, everyone would conclude sasuke was skilled in fuinjutsu. If I remember sasuke acquired the mangyekou after fighting itachi, and didn’t necessarily obtain it for himelf directly. So we could also say itachi created the mechanisms for sasuke’s mangyekou. So when sasuke screamed that his arse was hurting thereby making susano’o complete, some people would have reacted by saying it was sasuke’s spirit. Just saying.

  189. Bench sucked. Here’s a better one shot. This is already better than Bleach. Ps. Its made by Akira Toriyama

  190. @total, no one thinks Sasuke is a master at anything… well maybe he’s a master in bed because Kishi REALLY likes this dude. Asspull no jutsu is Assgay’s best friend ^_^

  191. haha actually saskue isn’t any genius with his sharingan. His susano was developed by madara putting him in ever more dangerous situations where his life became threatened at an ever alarming rate, his amaterasu was given to him by itachi. The tsukyomi, the only skill no one’s pushed him in is by far his worst and isn’t even that good for how much damage it does to him. He hasn’t developed anything new, and he didn’t decide that he was going to learn these techniques, they came about from the manipulation of others for their own purposes. On that note he’s pretty darn good with those skills he’s been given but by no means is he a master of the ms. Much like naruto’s pretty damn good using his seal to control his chakra, but i don’t expect him to be making any other seals any time soon.

    I don’t what itachi did to develop them but to me it seemed he learned it all on his own out of his own desire, with little to no influence from others. At this points it’s all semantics really… this better be a good war though. Something tells me tsunade and shikimaru will be okay on seeing the deadies, as well as kakashi, Sakura might have some problems with chiyo at the start but she should do nicely. Naruto’s going to be the pansy with haku, and who know’s maybe this will teach him resolve in that there are some people you can’t win over with love and it will teach him what he really needs to do about saskue.

  192. *i don’t know what itachi…

  193. can someone explain to me why gaara was made commander of the army and not the raikage or the mitsukage? no offense to gaara, but he’s too young…
    and what are the remaining kages gonna do…?

  194. @truepain: well the other kages, given their level of invaluable experience in battle and administration, are playing the role of overseers. They get to oversee the entire outcome of the battle and then decide what the aces would be, more like last resort. Also, apart from managing the whole army, they get to fight when needed- their battle power and experience is irrefutable and indispensable after all.

  195. Yeah, but I don’t see the Raikage being the “sit back and watch” type either.

  196. @true and dark- the reason is that gaara has the ability to fight both one at a time and large groups, and he has arial abilities as well, while the tschuikage is far to old even though he has the same abilities, raikage is missing an arm, and tsunade just got out of a coma. Plus the main target of madara is still bee and naruto. tschukiage, raikage, and tsunade are the most experienced warriors in the army and also have the best abilities to fight madara and are willing to keep bee and naruto in line whereas gaara might have been seen as unable to stand up to the last two jinchuriki’s if they got out of hand. Also he’s calm and calculating and is more likely to work with shiki’s genius who tsunade has recognized as a far greater tactician than any other ninja in the world, however he would gain no respect from the foot soldiers as he is young and only a chunnin. But gaara knows him well and those two, along with mifune and kakashi will work well together as all are quite capable of seeing the bigger picture and certainly have the patience and knowledge to conduct a war.

  197. @Alec, are you implying that Gaara could beat the one-handed Raikage? BLASPHEMY! He’s the god damned Raikage

    @Darks, YAY ur not dead/abducted! ^__^

  198. Ok, hopefully my computer won’t crap out again so my comments aren’t deleted. Grrrrrrr….

    Interesting comments I’m seeing on Naruto and Sasuke – and others. Ok, I could get all “techie” and debate who has the bod and who has the eyes bestowed by Rikudo, but it is clear that Naruto has the bod handed down to him – even the chakra depleted Kyuubi had to acknowledge that one. What’s that’s going to mean, it’s still anyone’s guess. Personally, I think Sasuke’s going to get a painful lesson that power comes at a very high price, especially when it comes to Madara. Sasuke’s powers, although formidable before all of the “transplants,” has now been altered to the point that we truly don’t know what his true powers are. Sure he’s got Susanoo bagged, he’s got Ameratsu, which about killed his vision to begin with. Susanoo was encouraged to develop through the usage of dark chakra (vs Naruto’s light chakra). Ameratsu he got from Itachi honestly. Then, the powers that he gained from Oro – but were removed – were obviously borrowed. Now, he’s got Itachi’s eyes. However, Madara is going to demand payment for the favor. The payment? One sucka for Gedo Mazo – with a few chakra rods added for effect.

    Naruto: sure, he’s had the Kyuubi seal but was he truly aware of this seal when he was younger? Doubtful. This guy through hard work and perseverance and the power of his own chakra (something Yamato commented on), learned ninjutsu of Kage level relatively quickly. Seals? Kuchyose no Jutsu requires a seal that summons the contracted animal through a time space technique. It’s entirely possible that Naruto has some abilities in seals but we just don’t know enough yet. And, his teleportation skills are in the early stages but I don’t doubt for a moment that those will come along quickly. This kid inherited power from two powerhouse ninja: his father, Yondaime Hokage, and his mother, Kushina Uzumaki. There is no reason as to why Naruto can’t master any tech, including seals – even bare essential ones to having him survive.

    What I predict will happen:

    I believe the stage is being set for Naruto to, eventually, make it to the battlefield. It will be Yamato’s loss plus the learning of his fake mission that will infuriate him enough to demand to be let go. This time, I don’t think Bee will be able to stop him. On top of that, he will remember his father, his master and his fellow student’s experiences with hatred and their words that will encourage him to push forward.

    Madara predicted that Sasuke will fight Naruto. The stage is being set for that, definitely. Kabuto will be history before long – thank you, Naruto, who now has the speed to tie up those snakes in knots.

    Gaara’s speech, like I said, was moving and showed just how much Naruto has already influenced key people in the ninja world. Why Gaara in control? Easy, he can relate to many of the troops – and he’s got strong battle skills. ON top of that, he’s a Kage.

  199. @orangeorange, that wasn’t a month’s worth for u. Its more like your weekly comment lol.

  200. I’m not saying he could beat one-armed raikage, but gaara’s abilities have the power to effect an entire battlefield, whereas raikage must take things one at a time, albeit pretty damn quickly. I’m just saying that he is obviously strong enough to handle bee, and is far more useful, in my opinion, against madara than gaara would be. Also gaara is more likely to work along with shikimaru than the raikage would be willing to. And i’m sure the other kage’s and mifune took two seconds to remember the raikage’s temper and realized that it works well in one-v-one, or even as a platoon leader, but it would not work well if that demeanor was put in charge of an entire army.

  201. Speaking of the raikage, the reckless little sissy, that deficiency he suffer resulting from his recklessness might just come back to haunt him in a battle of this magnitude, except someone out there’s telling me he can regenerate a new arm. This time, if he run’s into itachi(and seeing how itachi’s defenses are almost impregnable, plus his protection from being an edo tensei summon) I’m just a tad worried he’ll sacrifice his arse this time. I wonder, how would he sit if that happens? The bloke, against sasuke, had just parted with an arm and was willing to part with a leg as well. This time, against itachi it would be with his genitals and his arse. Then he’ll become a pussy, and no longer the raikage.

  202. @Alec, Truepain & Darks

    The Raikage is the leader of the alliance, which means he is not only at the head of it’s joint forces, but also at the head of the entire operation. If no-one thought he had the capacity to handle that kind of responsibility, then I don’t see why he would have been chosen as the leader of the alliance of the shinobi nations in the first place. In fact, it was most likely the raikage himself who appointed Gaara the position and it wouldn’t surprise me if the reason he chose Gaara, was because he saw how calm, collected and controlled he was during their battle with Sasuke.

    The ability to reason in the panic of a heated battle, is very valuable in war, after all.

    It may also be due to the very fact that Gaara is young and inexperienced in war, that he was actually chosen, because he needs the experience of war that the other already Kage have in order to better his understanding of it, which, in turn, would allow him to contribute more meaningfully to the alliance that he is now a part of. In any case, I think the reasons Gaara was chosen to head the joint shinobi forces, could be numerous, but at the end of the day, it will always be speculation as to why he was chosen above anyone else.

    As for who we will get to see in battle, I don’t think anyone needs to worry, because I believe all the Kage will be involved in a battle of their own somehow. However, that doesn’t mean they will just run into the fray on the battlefield the first chance they get and let loose. We all need to remember that they are Kage at the end of the day and that makes them a very valuable target for the enemy. To kill a snake, all you have to do is cut off its head and if the leaders that control the six Shinobi nations come to harm, then the chain of command will fall into chaos and the enemy will have their victory. I only see the kage going into battle if it is absolutely necessary, not just because they feel like it.

  203. I’ll call this now. Naruto will become the jinchuuriki of the juubi

  204. i too believe that gaara fits the role better then tsunade, onoki and the raikage: the raikage is too hot-headed, onoki is too old and tsunade…well, i don’t see her in gaara’s role…i was expecting her to be the leader of the medical platoon.

    yeah, i agree with alec: gaara was probably chosen because of the fact that he can fight one and one and against a whole group. he can cover huge areas with his sand. but stil, mei could have been in his place…and if one of the other kages had been put in gaara’s place we’d be able to find reasons why he was chosen.

    @tenrai: i don’t agree with you there…why would they choose him because he’s inexperienced? it makes no sense…i mean, if they lose the war the whole world will be under madara’s control!!!

  205. @Truepain

    I had to try think of something, right? <_<

    Alas, it seems it was a theory fail. *Facemountain.* But, at least we get to see Gaara in action again, and that's enough reason for me.

    Now, does anyone think we will ever see Sage mode again? It would be a real shame if Naruto only ever ended up using it in a grand total of two battles. It almost seems a waste in a way, and it would be terrible to see such an important symbol of heritage, which was once Jiraiya's own, just become little more than a memory. Hopefully, we'll see Naruto using it in the coming war.

    Speaking of which, I wonder what the power difference is between Sage mode and the new chakra cloak or if they can be used together.

  206. Gaara was chosen because he’s the most expendable of the Kages. He’s inexperienced, not too many hold him in high regard and he leads the weakest of the 5 Villages (no offense to Gaara, its just the truth). Imagine if Onoki, Raikage or Tsunade got taken out. It would be a major blow. I’d say the 2nd most expendable Kage is Mei (poor Mizukage T_T)

  207. “Do they all possess the ability to spam thousands of weapons at once and hit with deadly accuracy?”

    Does Tenten? ^__^

    She’s never hit anything, let alone “with deadly accuracy”.

    If there’s a scale of power you’d have Chuck Norris on one end and Tenten on the other.

    @ Kisu,

    Actually, I believe Tsunade is the most expendable. Or rather, I see her die first since she’s one of the Sannin and the other two are already dead.
    But you say losing Tsunade would be a major blow… Would it? What does Tsunade bring to the table that couldn’t be brought to the table by someone like Kakashi?.. Besides her “assets” that Pickles will probably point out. ^__^

  208. “If there’s a scale of power you’d have Chuck Norris on one end and Tenten on the other.”


    @Red, I don’t like Tsunade much (she dissed Pain), but she is valuable. She’s a LEGENDARY Sanin and is easily the best Medical Ninja the Alliance has, plus she has at least 30 years of combat experience (she’s 53)

  209. @tenrai… not sure why i was put into that category, considering you just gave my points… i know raikage’s the head, but someone wanted a reason as to why gaara’s there in the field, those are the reasons i could think of, quite frankly raikage’s i’m sure raikage wanted to be out there, but then had some sense talked into him by tsunade and mifune. And last point. war is not a teachable moment, you don’t risk thousands of lives so one young inexperienced kage can level up his leadership attributes.

    @kisu- that makes sense with gaara being the most expendable, but i still prefer him being chosen because of his versatility on the battlefield and willingness to listen to shikimaru. Makes the kage’s seem a little less machavellian i guess.

  210. @redBAron ok you’re correct on he fact Tenten never really did hit anyone.
    “If there’s a scale of power you’d have Chuck Norris on one end and Tenten on the other.”
    Wrong it’s Ino and since no one has mention any of Ino victories (because it’s nonexistence anywhere aka fillers/movies/manga).

  211. @Alec

    You were put there because you were also a part of the discussion, that’s all. X__x


    Tsunade fought in the Third great shinobi war and proved herself on the battlefield time and time again, along with Jiraiya and Orochimaru, so her experience with regards to war and the battlefield as a whole, is invaluable. That and, as Kisu said, she is probably the most experienced and noteworthy medical ninja in the entirety of the shinobi alliance and when you are facing against an opponent who is also using a medical ninja prodigy to enhance his own forces, that kind of knowledge will also be invaluable to help dissect or even counter those measures to a significant degree.

    Now, what is it about the other Kage, that makes them seem more valuable than her with regards to the art of war, that we actually have solid evidence of?


    I agree with you still, because I also think Ino has proven to be the least useful shinobi when it comes to battle. In fact, the only real use she has, is as a medical ninja, so in that regard, perhaps Redbaron sees more use in her.

    However, as you said, at least Tenten has beaten at least one person, even if it was only herself. Lol.

  212. Without a doubt Ino is the most useless character in the manga. She is the only person I have seen go on the battlefield with S class ninjas and attempt to stare them to death.

    Seriously, in the battle against the Zombie Bros all she did in the entire arc was located when they went off route and Shikamaru said that he knew that would happen anyway.

    And her medical jutsu is waaaay below par. All she could do when Asuma was taken out by Hidan’s voodoo was diagnose that he was going to die. NO SHIT SHERLOCK! You wanna cookie! If anyone coughing up blood and is trying to hold the hole in their stomach together, I doubt you don’t need a 2 and a 1/2 timeskip and Tutoring from a Kage to reach that level.

    Lucky for her you can pass the Chunnin exam without winning a fight, lol.

  213. Oh and Ino only acheivement as ninja was a draw. All we can hope to end this humilation is for Ino to join Sasuke Hawk group and for this.

    A bit too harsh???


  214. spoiler

  215. @ Truepain,

    Wow it seem naruto is back. Death, drama and epic battles. Kishi reviving it all it seems. I hope he bring the manga back to vibe it had before. More to see thou.

  216. Naruto’s out

  217. “Ino’s only achievement as a ninja was a draw.”

    In the world of soccer that gives a team a point. Tenten has never won anything. So that’s Ino 1, Tenten 0. ^__^

    About Tsunade, I forgot her medical abilities completely. I see your point Kisu.

    Also, she’s got some great “assets”…

  218. lol good chapter 😛 good to see kishi keeping up with the war , but im worried will he find the right balance of where to give details and where not :S

  219. Since when was beating pre time-skip Sakura an achievement, a headless chicken could beat her. And Draw is not a victory in my book.

  220. Yeah! I finally read the chapter! Can’t wait to see Omoi kicking butt and taking names! I knew he was badass the moment I saw him 100 chapters ago 😀

  221. meh what a crappy chapter it might be just me but really nothing happened but talk about people dying in a war , yeh no shit sherlock.
    i wonder how this fight with Omoi is gonna work it might still turn out good.
    what about yamato when will we get a update on him i wonder.
    In the end its gonna be naruto showing up and ending the war like he did in the pain arc but we allready knew that

  222. @Redbaron

    “Tenten has never won anything.”

    Actually, she defeated her own clone, so that means she has won something. A victory is worth more than a draw.

    But, let’s consider their performance post time-skip and see who has shown more skill in a battle and just for the hell of it, we’ll use examples from battles against s-class ninja.

    Ino vs Kakuzu

    Let’s face it, all Ino did the entire battle, while Kakashi and Shikamaru were putting their lives on the line, was hide and watch. She only stepped in to throw a few shuriken at one point when things were getting desperate and even then, they were so easily avoided it was scary. She then proceeded to get pwned.

    Tenten vs Kisame

    Yes, it is true that she didn’t do much either in this battle as a whole, in fact the only person who really did a lot was Gai, but she was able to perform an effective attack that forced Kisame underwater to avoid it. That counts for more than hiding the entire time.

    But here’s some more info….

    Notice that she has also completed 7 A-ranked and 1 S-ranked mission. <_<


  224. @ Tenrai – lol you just like Ten Ten cause your names similar, but Ino does have her families interrogation skills (not as good but still) and Ten Ten has accuracy but not much else from what I seen, Neji specialist Dojutsu/Taijutsu and Lee Specialist Taijutsu..

  225. Good chapter, not great, but good.

    The first person (I think) to die in this war was Ranka Aburame. *takes off hat* Even though she only appeared in a few chapters…

    I don’t think Anko’s dead. Kabuto might experiment on her or he might give her back to the Kages with some information that could help defeat Madara… He’s planning to sabotage him.

  226. @ Dragon – lol I didn’t even realize someone died I was more concerned with Sai’s brother 😉 that was sweet him messing with his little brothers head… I would like to see Itachi vs Sasuke 😀

    I liked them saying would try use Genjutsu on Kabuto to get him to stop the technique. Sasuke could do the same plus Madara 😉

  227. The chapter was a mix of action and kishi setting foundations to build on the arc further. Although it included warfare the chapter more set the scene than divulge fully in to a complete emersive scene. Naruto manga was never one to give instant gratification.

    Oddly enough, even with the inclusion of S class undead members,they have not been completely overwhelming at the moment (although I cannot see an alliance win). I had the vision of relentless aggressive fighter who used any means to win. They are not in control of their actions so it would stand to reason they can fight fear or psychological limitation. I probably watch one to many resident evil films but these guys seem really cool and calculated.

    Either I believe that the Jonin/Chunnin of the alliance are far more capable than I gave them credit to repel the initial attacks or Akatsuki are not the complete badasses they were when they stepped into the fray. As I think about they all got wiped out by mainly Leaf/Sasuke. Even so the Edo tensei version cannot be killed by tradition methods (Aka kunai to the throat) so however small the gap is in ability now they are invincible. I am not sure if their stamina depletes either because 1st and 2nd spam their jutsu when they were revived.

    It is an opportunity at the very least bring on rhe rise in significance of the Jonins (like Gai-Sensei/Kakashi) because for a while now I have began to think that the ability of some character were on unparrelled. Kidnapping Kages and Jinchurikis, infiltrating village and on occasion wipe them off the face of the earth. These task were carried successfully on the whole. Kishi has worked quite well to show that the failing to protect the jinchurikis was partly due to the secracy of the Akatsuki organisation and division amongst the nations rather than weakness of the villages.

    Even still, Madara looks invincible but he is the main viilian so that is needed. I even wote off Gai sensei in my head as an 8 gates release suicidal draw against Kisame due to Akatsuki dominance.

    It seems that the story will give space to show talents outside the leaf village for a change but deep down we all want to see (eventually) the growth and abilities of the konoha 11 after thee timeskip (yes, it has been that long). It just about findind a middle ground in giving us familiar character which we are fond of and showing the full military capability of both sides.

    There is only one way to atone for doubting Gai Sensei and that is through press ups.

  228. “the growth and abilities of the konoha 11 after thee timeskip”

    SCREW THAT lol! I just wanna see Omoi and Darui kick ass! 😀

  229. One thing we can all agree at least is that if Ino and Tenten faced of as they are now in battle Ino would have use her limited medical jutsu to repair the foot Tenten would of broke off in her ass. Now don’t get me wrong Ino has abilities through her clan that could mess people up. But unfortunately she is a slow, weak, talentless, vunerable hack who has absolutely no offense capabilites or stratigic knowledge in battle. None. The sky would rain projectiles on Ino as she no evasive of defensive capabilities either. As for Tenten, offense is the best defense.

    As for perhaps a useful member of the interragation unit she has show sign of having the aptitude ability to read minds let alone any access to practice using the equipment to do so. I say drag her by her ponytail to the flower stand or use her like sasori did that Nin.

    It even too late to develop her character any further. I think Kishi has to the right thing and……….put her down!

  230. well neji, lee and shino. the rest…. meh

  231. Sorry for the triple post but I have to make this clear I am not in anyway say Tenten is useful charismatic or even likeable. Come on she Neji only fan girl. Lame.

  232. @lostpride, I wanna see Ino, Hinata and Tenten (they’re easily the weakest of the Konoha 11) die in this war. But Kishi doesn’t have the balls to do that, so I’m hoping for them to at least get beat up.

    There are only 3 members of the Konoha 11 (other than Naruto) that I wanna see fighting and that’s Neji, Lee and Shino (those three are the strongest, with the exception of Naruto)

  233. @ Kisu:

    I know what you mean about the death Ino, Hinata and Tenten. The only thing is it that it would make the manga a sausage fest. There is hardly any female Nin as it so they would need some replacements that don’t feel plugged and Im not sure kishi would be able to do that.

    There was a time in the manga when I thought he would make those bold decisions and people survived life death encouters out of luck but after the Konoha Invasion, it was clear he is all bravado. He had a good opportunity to make the life of Ninja hard by leave half the Leaf village to die but he revived EVERYONE. That tagged with Sasuke’s Immortality due to kishi’s sick man love for him is annoying.

    One of the things that I like about when this manga started was the harshness of the life of Ninja. When you fight your life is on the line and losing means your life. You couldn’t put 25c and get two more men you were dead. That’s the end. So the fights had more meaning. One Piece kept that as a fundamental part of the plot and are better for it.

    Like when Kankuro defeated the twins from the sound four. You knew he was not making a second reappearance. And that Kankuro badass in my book. If I knew that he could turn up 20 chapter later it means Kankuro killing him was a wasted effort.

    For the Sake of The Ninja War I like Edo Tensei as Kishi didn’t build up any to fill the void of the enemy forca (although I wish he did) but he needs to kill Kabuto at the end so that it ends the loop hole to death. To be fair I thought at first it would be quite annoying but it isn’t as long Edo Tensei end with Kabuto and soon. I really don’t want to see Asuma dug up like 5 times.

    Oh well everyone has favourites who died in the manga so one last showing for them is bonus but if they can come back once they can again e.g Chiaotzu DBZ’s Ino.

  234. y’know, I just realized that all the akatsuki members now have poor Hidan’s technique (immortality), the only thing that made him unique amongst the Akatsuki. *sigh

  235. Hidan has got voodoo as well but the edo tensei recovers blown up limb and hacked off parts. If Hidan could recover his limbs he might be able to claw his way out of that pit in decade or so.

  236. @kisu Damn you and Draco In leather pants *cough*Pein/Aizen/Szayel*cough and your Ron The Death Eater *cough*most of konohA*cough* concepts. And killing off Hinata would instigate a major RIOT!!!!

  237. @kisu you forgot Chouji too.

  238. Neji, Lee, and Shino? Which one of them took out an Akatsuki?

    Oh, that’s right – Shikamaru… i wanna see *him*, the master tactician, in action 🙂

  239. @arpotu, Shikamaru would lose to Neji, Lee and Shino. If Pain hadn’t called back Hidan and Kakuzu for the extraction all the ninjas at the exchange point would’ve died. I can’t believe uactually count that as a real victory for shikamaru. Anyone can win with enough preparation. A good battle is when two guys didnt know squat about each other’s abilities and fight tooth and nails with eash other (like in DBZ where abilities mean nothing, it all comes down to tactics and power). Besides, Shikamaru won’t be on the front-line (I hope).

    It just occured to me that Sasori can control the bodies of the ninja that die in this war. This means that as the Alliance loses more and more shinobi, Madara’s forces get stronger.

  240. @kisu: Yeah, cause Kakashi never sets up a battlefield before a fight on short notice. And he sucks. Except he does. And he doesn’t 🙂

    With enough foresight, you can change the outcome of a battle.

    He might not be on the front line, but “action” for shikamaru *is* prepping the battlefield before the battle. Only during the heat of battle do the seeds of his preparedness bear fruit.

    Anyway, yeah, this war is shaping up to be pretty cool!

  241. sorry, y’all.. listening to some Mozart tonight, and it’s making me feisty… 😉

  242. LOL! 🙂 Not a month’s worth eh? What, you goading me into making a longer one? Hai, hai, i think I got a bit lazy there. That and the fact that I wasn’t that enthused to begin with.

    Oh for the love of all that’s holy, NOT AGAIN. If debates were comparable to a cross-country marathon, I’d be admiring you for the sheer amount of stamina you have for discussing the merits, or lack thereof, of Ino and Tenten. Hmm..I guess these are just the type of arguments that pop up every so often. I expect we’d be seeing the rebirth of the “who had it worse, Naruto or Sasuke?” dispute in a couple of months when Naruto – even with him mastering the Kyuubi chakra and piling up concrete like legos and going super saiyan on our asses complete with the floating Rasengans – meets Sasuke, ridiculously overpowered and resplendent in his brand new smexy, smoldering eyes (a token of Kishi’s love, utter devotion and fangasmic delight), in an entrance complete with a showering of confetti,and fireworks that would put any New Year’s Day celebration to shame and a big, glaring neon sign with his name. No, not Sasuke but SASUKE!, with an exclamation point. *shudders*

    Ah, the chapter was pretty good. The plot is moving quite nicely. I couldn’t have asked for a better chapter to signify that indeed, IT HAS BEGUN. The Aburame dying (as well as the manner at which his death was executed) was for me, somewhat of a symbolic act to say that this arc will be merciless. People will die and there’ll be no coming back in the form of godly ressurections. I’d like to think that Rinnei Tensei was a “Once-in-a-Lifetime-Limited-Time-Offer” kind of thing and that Kishi wouldn’t use this, or any such similar jutsu, to cheapen what is shaping up to be the most epic arc in the series. I don’t particularly welcome the thought of characters whom I very much like dying in the course of the war but, if it’s done well and executed in a manner that would make for a raw and beautiful impact on the story, then there’d be nothing let but resignation and a well-earned admiration for superb writing skills.

    Now then, as for the other stuff:

    *Omoi’s inner monologues are endlessly entertaining and just too damn cute! I love that Kishi’s giving the secondary characters a chance to shine for a change.

    *I never thought Deidara and Sasori’s teamwork would be that awesome. For all that Akatsuki used to be divided in pairs, we’ve never really seen that much teamwork display between the members save for Hidan and Kakuzu. If Kankuro’s team have any hope in winning they’d better stick with the teamwork strategy rather than having individual fights. However by the looks of things there’s gonna be a Sasori-Kankuro rematch. Though if it were to be a team battle, the Deidara-Sasori tandem would be pretty hard to beat since they’ve been partners for years and is shown that they can be well in sync with each other compared to a team that’s been logically yet hastily thrown together in the advent of war.

    *Sai’s brother. I must really be tired because he looks a lot like Sakura (boobs aren’t that much of an issue since she doesn’t have any to begin with) to me. Again, I’m really skeptical about this particular summon of Kabuto’s. Was this guy that powerful? Is Sai really that important as a character to have a summon devoted to him?

    *Oh yeah, probably dead. Secretly I hope that having been Orochimaru’s pet a long, long time ago, kabuto would spare her if for nothing else than nostalgia’s sake..yep, secretly.

  243. You mean Sassy “Gay Sauce” Uke. Not Sasuke.

    I almost feel bad for picking on Sasuke.


  244. @arpotu, Kakashi never screwed with a battlefield before a fight, that’s just cheating :(. Besides, ANYONE can win with preparation. How do you think Batman beats all those supers in his universe? If everyone “fought” like Shikamaru this manga would be way too boring.

    @orangeorange, I doubt Anko’s dead since she’s Kishi’s favorite Kunoichi-… which really doesn’t say much considering he hates Kunoichi :/. In fact, two of the only four good ones are dead (Chiyo and Konan), leaving only Mei Terumi and Tsunade (well, I dont think she’s all that, but lots of people do so meh)

    You have to also remember that Kabuto respects Naruto and wants to be like Naruto (in his own words), so maybe that’s why he revived Sai’s brother, because Sai is on Naruto’s team. He’s always been targeting Team 7 since the Chunin Exams, though this is the first time he’s actually being antagonistic towards them.

    Glad you see the awesomeness that is Omoi. Does Kumogakure have a fountain that spews awesomeness in its water because like every ninja from Kumogakure so far has been oozing awesome (well, except J, the ninja Hawk killed and left his corpse in their hideout for his teammates to find). He also used Hayate Gekko’s move, or at least, the Cloud version, and it looks kickass. In Kumogakure, they respect Taijutsu and Kenjutsu a lot, so maybe that’s how he fights. This wait is killing me 😦

    Deidara and Sasori’s teamwork is frightening. Imagine Sasori controlling your friend, you go to try to help him, only to get blown up. Sick. Check this out:

  245. @pinky[kisu]

    “Besides, ANYONE can win with preparation. ”

    you ought to think again :S remember how pein pwned choji/his dad and kakashi even though they tampered with the ground 😛

    and of course even if you put sasugay in a black hole he will emerged unscratched 😛

  246. @ Kisu – Well I see Shikamaru as L or Light of death note, he works the systems and abilities to win 😉

    Deidara/Sasori Combo is probably one of the strongest, I would like to see Itachi/Kizame or Konan/Pein 😉

    @ Ahsan – Come on u know Kishi better then that, “of course even if you put sasugay in a black hole he will emerged unscratched” he will come out unscathed more powerful with some new Jutsu he pulled out of his butt 😉

  247. ““Besides, ANYONE can win with preparation. ””

    My mistake lol. I meant, anyone could win with ENOUGH preparation. Imagine if Pain ran into Konoha only to see tons of bombs waiting for him lol? (he’d still survive cuz he’s Pain, but it’d be a bad day for him :P)

    @pein, Itachi/Kisame. I can do that (and its badass)

  248. Great chapter and a good start for the War arc

    It looks like Kishi have finally understood what the fans want: More action for the minor characters and less focus on Naruto and Sasuke.

    Sasori and Deidara is a powerful duo though it could be argued that Sasori has gotten weaker. For first, all his dolls are gone though he may have built new ones or didnt use all in his fight. Still his strongest doll, the 3rd Kazekage was destroyed. And secondly, we dont know if the revived Sasori is in his puppet form that was filled with weapons. So he might have lost some offensive power.
    I do still think Sasori is powerful, dont get that wrong. Its just that he might get into a little more trouble then before if he doesnt stay with Deidara.

    Kisu: Um… I dont have any memory of Karin dying. Last time i saw her she was being interogated by Konoha while demanding stuff like she was Paris Hilton or something.
    Though, yeah Kishi hates Kunoichi.

  249. @roku, damn i got Karin confused with Konan. I had a blond moment

  250. Hahahahaha…..Omoi’s war? Indisputably a good chapter, but seems to me kishi was masturbating while naming the chapter. What on earth did Omoi do apart from a few chicken thoughts, a sword move and a few courageous words just any character could muster? Seemed more like sai’s war to me, given how sai was the first to encounter his former comrade-turned-opponent. Hahahahaha once again.

  251. @totalitarian: it’s not a literal war, it’s an internal war. omoi is insecure about fighting the war:

    only at the end does he find a reason to fight. as you can see, he says “there’s no time to be anxious”

  252. I wonder if sai or Kankorou gonna die.
    On the side note today My BIRTHDAY MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

  253. @Kanton, hope u enjoy ur birthday dude. Congrats on turning 40 😀

  254. Happy Birthday kanton!

  255. @kizu- hahahahaha lmao that was awesome.

    overall i thought this chapter was alright, hopefully we’ll get to see some more detailed fights over the next few chapters

  256. o and happy birthday kanton!!

  257. Happy birthday Kanton.

  258. Happy Birthday Kanton! *gives huge present with Erza inside*
    Open it and there will be a pleasant surprise… 😀

  259. @kanton: yo, happy birthday, and i say live it because it’s not every time you turn forty. Rock out to something heavy and enjoyable and then record that down in ya diary.

    Everybody i think you might wanna try, for those into heavy music, the band Silent Civilian. Way better than trivium.

  260. @Kisu and total 40 seriously!! My mom’s in her forties.
    @dragon THX =D


  262. @ Roku – yet now Sasori is immortal and can literally create a human shield puppet or just a regular puppet out of peoples comrades…. You know what would be SWEET is while all this is happening Pein is taking the bodies to revive his 6 paths, I would probably start crying if there is a scene where Naguto goes into his chair/thing and reactivates his Rinnegan, (I am not sure if that will come back but it is likely, till now we haven’t seen a reason it wouldn’t. If when reviving the 1st and 2nd they had all their blood limits and Deidara has the creepy hands 😉 and Pein’s body was never destroyed 😉 plus maybe Konan Body can be linked? So it would be sweet 😀

    What I don’t understand Deidara can’t die now, unless sealed right? So why not just go boom!!! and blow up the area and then revive and do it again and again

  263. Ok, is it just me or will there be yet another breakdown sometime soon…? Just askin’…

    I was noticing the comments about Omoi’s War. I began to wonder, “WTF” as who cares about this lollypop sucking worrywart. However, I became impressed with that sword tech he’s got. Not one to mess with, I must admit.

    Sasori sure knows how to make a comeback, doesn’t he. This time, he does not have Hiroko to hide behind. It’s ALL him. What’s worse, he thinks nothing of using the injured – or near dead – for his puppets. Deidara, well, he’s as explosive as always – Hmmmm!

    The shock was Sai seeing his “big brother.” We have the first of the Kabuto “divide and conquer” strategy. Kabuto was betting on the emo impact of seeing dead comrades come to life and now we are seeing the first of many. Personally, I see Sai coming through this one just fine, thought he may have a tough time of it for a while. Unfortunately, it won’t be the last time we see an encounter like this.

    I saw a comment about Kabuto wanting to be like Naruto. I find it interesting that for the “loser” Kabuto thought that he was in the beginning, he now “respects” Naruto for sticking by his principles and believing in his own identity. What we have is Kabuto, who has never known a true family or home in his life, latching onto stronger personalities: Sasori in Akatsuki, Orochimaru and now Madara (though I do think there are strong ulterior motives behind this move). He has no allegiance to anyone other than Orochimaru, whom he regarded as the equivalent of a god. He wants retribution for his loss and he’ll go to any lengths to get it. As I’ve said before, Madara isn’t the true dangerous one: Kabuto is as we don’t know what he’s truly after. And, he makes a creepy snake…

    Looks like Shinobi number 2 is history: Anko, whom we haven’t seen in a while, got one helluva snake bite. Gee, that makes two of that initial reconnaisance team trying to track him that are now either incapacitated or history: Yamato, who is still alive so he can strengthen the weeds called Zetsu, and now Anko. Is Sai next? Nah…

  264. @Painavenue: That’s actually crazy. Deidara could afford to self-destruct thereby causing huge damage in the area and then be revived again. Very deadly in this state, i have to imagine. I’m guessing itachi’s sword of totsuka would have worked well against these ridiculous edo tensei summons, but they’ve got itachi in their side.

    @Tsunade’s twin: Yeah, i’m guessing kabuto is going to “experiment” on anko. Poor poor anko. What kabuto is going to do to her with his snake hands(not like anko hasn’t got snake hands, hence the chemistry), the places in anko’s body he’s gonna touch, the things he’ll make anko do. One thing’s for sure. Anko’s gonna be doing a lot of screaming from kabuto’s “experiment”.

  265. @ Total – Well lets see we all know Sasuke has the I pulled this out my @$$ no jutsu, so now with EMS he may have that sword, it would make him pretty much unbeatable, which he already seems to be with Plot no jutsu, but with pulled it out my @$$ no jutsu is now here… So that could be why Kabuto not going for Sasuke direct and also I think that why he revive Itachi, to fight Sasuke, that would be good 😀 or Naguto and Itachi vs Sasuke that would be extremely bad O_O

  266. @totalitarianhypnosis

    I don’t think we need to worry about Anko being taken advantage of, because I think we all know what Kabuto is really interested in. <_<

    *Cough* Sasuke *Cough*


    Now we just need to pit Sasuke against Murphy and see who wins. @__@

  267. @ Tenrai – Sasuke vs Aizen O_O

  268. @pein, Aizen wins. Sasugay is just sleeping with his mangaka (Kishi), Aizen IS his mangaka (Kubo) 😛

  269. @ Kisu – So u saying Sasuke can loose O_O Blasphemy 😛 I think they will just keep fighting each using Plotkai and Plot no jutsu to turn the tables 😛

  270. Uchiha Sasuke Aka The Asspulling href=> Wesley vs Aizen Sousuke aka The Xanathos reincarate :

  271. @total: Anko? Kabuto’s test subject? What does she have that Kabuto doesn’t? Wait,wait, don’t answer that…>.<

    @pein: Yeah, Sasuke has EMS but Kabuto still wants him. Two reasons – his sharingan (among other body parts – ewwwww) and revenge against Oro's loss.

    Is it just me or do the past couple of chapters feel like we're on CNN with War Correspondents galore?

  272. @ Everyone – Here’s a theory (granted it’s a shitty theory)

    Sasuke and Naruto represent the “two sons of Rikkudo sennin”
    They are Yin and Yang…
    So what if…
    When they fight, all their abilities just cancel out. No Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, or Genjutsu… what would we end up with?

    Answer: Sasuke pulling Naruto’s hair, and scratching him, whilst Naruto searches for a large rock, or log to beat Sasuke with.

  273. New one’s out!

  274. how come no one has posted anything in over 3 days now??
    where is everybody??????

  275. @Eugen, ur at the wrong Breakdown. The new one is out already 😛

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