Double the Bleach = Double the Fail! 424 and 425 Breakdown

*desperately crawls out of abductor’s basement*

*triggers a trap and gets sprayed with steak sauce*

I’ve been trapped fro weeks and the best he can do is steak sauce, Kisu wins again!

*walks out the front door only to see 10 huge dogs*

Oh crap.

*runs for my life*

Wait a sec, I have an idea. There’s only one thing horrible enough that can stop 10 hungry dogs from chasing a pink-haired guy covered in steak sauce…..dundundundudun

*throws a Bleach volume at the dogs*

*the dogs spontaneously combust*

The best fight in Bleach history O_O'

Hello one and all, Kisu’s back and presents you with a double serving of fail (also known in some circles as Bleach). I’m gonna do this Breakdown the fair way and give a complete review of both chapters instead of skimming. I’ll tell you why at the end 😉

Bleach 424

Note the eye and thick brow reflected in the blade

Ok, so here we are, after 3 weeks of waiting, we get a full bucket of fail. This chapter felt no better than a filler arc in my opinion. Sure I know it was just meant to set the stage for the coming Arc, but come on, it should’ve been much better. Remember that feeling you got when you first saw Naruto in the black and orange jumpsuit? Remember the feeling you got a few weeks ago when you saw that scar on Luffy’s chest for the first time? That feeling wasn’t present here. It doesn’t even feel like there’s been a timeskip. Tite, you fail again, but lets hope this new “short” arc can redeem your past failures. Well that’s enough bashing, time for the actual chapter.

She's only 13 -_-'

It’s been 17 months since Aizen-sama got trolled (YAY! Now he only has 19,999 years to go T_T) and we start the chapter off with Yuzu waking Ichigo up. But Ichigo didn’t take much notice of her being in her new uniform and asks for the soy sauce. He gets it and a very scary face.  I guess even at my age Ichigo doesn’t get girls (you are a disgrace to all 17 year old boys Ichigo!). Ichigo gets a taste of a woman’s wrath (we men loves us our food) but gets the last hit in when he tells her that her fastener’s open lol. Then we meet up with the other two Kurosakis, Isshin and Karin. Isshin seems the same as he ever was, but Karin is the one with the “Spiritual Awareness” (this phrase sounds so Yuyu Hakusho-ish) now and the one helping ghosts. To be truthful, I was getting angrier and angrier when reading the chapter because I thought Karin would become the new focus of the manga, thank Aizen she isnt, that would be in bad taste.

Yeah, maybe someday Kazuya Mishima will be in a Bleach game...its the same day as Armageddon X_X

So Ichigo is now a High School Senior and it appears Sado and Orihime told everyone ab out all the supernatural stuff. He meets up with Mizuiro and heads off to school. Ichigo greets Keigo with a Neck Breaker and then we meet up with Tatsuki (looks like she took a level in hotness). So Tite makes a tasteless reference to Tekken here (maybe because he wants to design a costume for the next one like Kishi did for Tekken 6?). I wonder what Tekken it was though. Anyway, Ichigo looks at his Substitute Shinigami badge and says since he lost his Reiatsu its only a normal badge now, but its the only proof he was ever a Shinigami. Then Uryu suddenly needs to go to the bathroom (must have been those burritos he had for lunch ^_^), then Ichigo says Uryu deals with the Hollow attacks since Zennosuke is undependable. What’s interesting here is that Uryu now has his left arm, which means Orihime must have worked her magic, which in turn means that probably all of the Gotei 13 have their limbs again (CHEAP!).

We then go to Ichigo and Keigo having a little talk about their future (Kubo ruined their careers with this manga so their dreams of Hollywood have been burned). So when you cut through all the filler in their conversation (like career paths, grades, you knwo, all that unimportant stuff), they get to Rukia not visiting. Ichigo then says he likes the normal life (yeah right, a guy like Ichigo who wants to protect everyone likes being normal? Keep lying to yourself Ichigo, maybe one day you’ll actually believe it). So Keigo, Ichigo and Mizuiro leave school and witness some guy in a hood running with someone’s bag in his arms.

Need I say more?

Ichigo proceeds to quickly pwn the poor schmuck. According to him, his body is at its peak from all the training as a Shinigami. Wait, what? Didn’t all of Ichigo’s training happen when his soul was OUTSIDE his body? Shouldn’t his body be how it was before all this Shinigami stuff? Bah, I’ll go along with it. So Ichigo gives the stolen goods back to the owner and he asks how could he repay him. He suggests that he could by Ichigo some Ramen but Ichigo refuses the offer (a certain blond ninja cries) and tells him to keep it a secret that he beat up the thief. So Ichigo and friends walk away and the guy reveals that he too has a Substitute Shinigami badge. All I have to say about this is:

Can you spot the reference?

Bleach 425

*sees Kanton’s link and goes to read the chapter*

I’m going to try something new here. Instead of reading the chapter then giving my thoughts, this time I’ll be reading the chapter and giving my thoughts as I read. Who knows you may not even be able to tell the difference…. I just know this is going to fail X_X

Yeah Byakuya, even just 3 weeks with Bleach will completely ruin your acting guys have been in it for years X_X

The chapter begins with three familiar silhouettes (Renji, Byakuya and Rukia) waking Ichigo up. This seems to confirm my point above, Ichigo still misses his Shinigami self. He may be hiding/suppressing it on the outside, but he cant on the inside. Anyway, Isshin tries to tackle Ichigo but Ichigo wakes up just in time to kick his window open. Isshin grabs on to the ledge and says what would Ichigo have done if he fell. Ichigo says he’d just go to Soul Society. This is interesting because it isnt the restoration of the total status quo. Ichigo now knows Isshin is a Shinigami so at least a few things changed and will stay changed. Isshin says Ichigo is finally able to say it, which once again supports my theory that he still has lingering feelings for his life as a Shinigami. Ichigo then mentions his weird dreams, and judging by how Isshin stops his forced comedy, this is important.

We then go to Karakura High School just in time to see Ichigo pimping himself- err selling himself- err…I mean giving his talents to the club that respects him most, yes,m that’s what I meant -_-‘.  So the most badass character in the manga (or TMBCM) steps in the room and sees Keigo stalking- errr…watching Ichigo’s negotiations. Keigo asks when did Ichigo become such a money-loving prostit- umm…when did Ichigo start caring so much about money. TMBCM tells him its because Ichigo wants to move out of his house when he graduates (you know, to follow in TMBCM‘s footsteps). Ichigo decides on the Soccer club and leaves.

You think he's playing soccer? No way. He's just modeling for the company that makes the uniforms >_>

We then cut to him in his soccer uniform thingy and we see none other than Tatsuki come to say hi. They have a little insignificant exchange, then we cut to a scene with Ms. Fanservice walking down the hall with some noobs saying how hot she is (meh, I never thought she was hot). She stops and say’s:

No really, WTF? O_O''

..then she falls out the window, grabs on to a shaft and shows her panties (did that sentence sound as dirty as I think it does?). So Whorihime gets bonked on the head for being so ditzy…. on second thought, I won’t comment on what they say because its all just filler nonsense. The only thing of significance I got out of it was Orihime has matured (you can say that again, ORIHIME HAS MATURED). Anyhoo, Tatsuki says she has to go to work and reminds Ichigo he has a job too. He throws the gloves to his teammate and talks to his boss…then he quits his job.

So some guys show up at his school looking for him because he beat up their leader’s son last chapter. Uryu makes a badass entrance and kicks some ass, looking cool while doing it. Then Ichigo goes to try to stop it before more stuff happens, then we see a boot. I’m not gonna go crazy with theories on whose boot this is. I remember acertain chapter a few months ago with the exact same cliffhanger….and it turned out to be Don Kanonji >_>. That concludes Bleach 425.

Kisu’s Thoughts:

These two chapters felt like one long filler. They had their entertaining parts, but it feels so fillerish. How did we get from God Mode Aizen to random bullies that Ichigo could beat up BEFORE his Shinigami training? Perhaps it’ll get better over time? Who knows.

Kisu’s Message:

With Bleach sucking so hard, I’ve decided that this would be my final Breakdown. But then I read some comments and remembered why I write these in the first place, its because of my fellow WRA-ers (this is the one time I’m gonna get sappy so enjoy it). But for those who love Bleach I think its a tad unfair that you read the ramblings of someone hating Bleach more and more every week, so I think you deserve better (when Bleach starts picking up again hopefully I’ll love Bleach like I did before Ichigo facepalmed Aizen, yes I actually still loved Bleach up to that point O_O). Bah, I’ll leave it to a poll to decide.


~ by kisuzachi on November 2, 2010.

30 Responses to “Double the Bleach = Double the Fail! 424 and 425 Breakdown”

  1. Your Breakdown is out!

  2. FIRST!!

  3. In honor of the chapters… SUCK-OND! (or Second)

    Don’t quit Kisu… Who would tell it like it is, if not for you?

    We’d end up with some “Kubo-can-do-no-wrong” fan, and the breakdowns would all be as follows:

    *nerd snort*
    Hellow Bleacherinos… tis I, Ichigos-hollow-hole here for the new chapter breakdown…
    …It was 17 pages of blank, white nothing, and I for one think it was one of Kubo’s best works yet

    *Prawl bursts in like kool-aid man*

    Prawl: SPECIAL BEAM CANNON-CERO!!! You’re next Kubo!

    Kubo: Damn you Lound-eye, I Kirr you goord!

  4. Yo WRA-Bleach forum!

    I quit like 4 chapters ago. Got curious to see the timeskip and got blasted with FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL! Man, people still read this suck-fest that has the balls to call itself a manga? It’s been one hell of a mind f*ck from Kubo-the almighty dickhead- so why ask for more? And there are still people who love it? Really? Didya go bump your heads somewhere or somethin’?

    Yo, Kisuzachi! Heard ’bout you from err..elatedpuppy? (jesus lex! the name, really?) Nice work man! Keep on hatin’! You’ll probably still have a following in her but seeing as I got her hooked on One Piece…

    Yeah, I’ll probably lose both my balls and my manhood when the witch comes down from the mountain from messing with her account. Hahaha! Is it illegal to be using someone else’s account in here?

  5. @kisu he had to go back to beating random bullies cause he lost all his power. Now the chapters werent great by any standards but at least kubo seems to be attempting to create a plot.

  6. Agreed on the Chapters, wasting time, but why do I get the feeling Ichigo’s been put to sleep @_@ (maybe its cause I am put to sleep by these chapters) hahahaha Don Kanonji when I read that I couldn’t stop laughing

  7. The level of pwn in this video pwns my mind. It cannot be comprehended

  8. Great breakdown kisu!
    dont stop your breakdowns!
    it’s the only thing that keeps bleach a little awesome really 😛
    anyways lets just hope bleach comes up with something a bit more awesome, so we can actually have things to discuss

    this link depending on who you are will either cause you to die from laughter or you will need brain bleach.

  10. Goddamn link i thought i the right time too any skip to 4:18

  11. Great breakdown. Please continue with them Kisu, we enjoy to see you suffe… ahem i mean… no one does breakdowns like you. >.>

    424 was just bleh. Am i the only one thinking its weird that Ichigo is sulking about Rukia not visiting when in the previous chapter they said goodbye as in they would never see eachother again. How would he expect her to visit? Oh wait, did Kubo just remember the gigais? lol

    425 was better but still bleh. It reminded me of the early chapters of Bleach(when it was just on the okay level) and felt VERY out of place with the bully fight after the huge anticlimactic battle with Aizen. I did admitedly get a smile from the jokes but that was about it. GET ON WITH IT KUBO!

    Oh well, we will always have the mammaries… i mean memories of when Bleach was good. >_>
    Damn Orihime and her gazongas making me lose focus. I mean seriously, she was ridicilously busty before when she was only 15! And now this!
    And people complain about Namis brah size, geez.

  12. @Kisuzachi

    Since you think the new villain looks like Shinobu Sensui, do you think he’s gay too?

    By the way, where’s Itsuki? >_>

  13. Well it seems its semi-unanimous, KISU IS HERE TO STAY…until he eventually dies of a heart attack when Rangiku shows up again

    @elated(puppy)wannabe, hey dude, sup? Glad I made a believer out of you. Now quickly, strap these bombs to ur chest and blow up the heretics. Aizenism FTW!

    @Dragon, nah I don’t think he looks like Sensui. But I do think this all feels like Sensui’s arc (the Chapter Black Saga). In fact, Bleach’s new arc is a near-exact copy. Let’s see if Kubo introduces 7 humans with crazy powers as well >_>

  14. @aizenists don’t forget to check my link out at 4:18

  15. @Kisuzachi, Duuuude, suicidal killing bonanzas over Bleach, what’s more over this God-wannabe-failure-of-a-villain is a retarded thing to do. I don’t viciously hate Aizen and as much as I hate that lame-ass Ichigo (just die already!),but the part where he got face-palmed – literally- by Ichigo thereby shutting him up was pure awesomeness. Man, he was awesome at the end of SS arc, planning all that sh*t but Kubo killed any likeability in the Deicide chapters where he just won’t shut up. Pfft, and people think his creator’s a troll? Well look at the creation, the alter-ego on paper. Yeah, I’ve seen fan made pics depicting Aizen gloating over Kubo not really being the one in charge. But you know, Ive come to fancy that Aizen is Kubo with severe over-compensating issues. The God complex, the yap-yap-yapping and the butterflies. I feel kinda sorry for him though, what with Kubo foisting the most collossal asspull in mainstream manga history on him. Meh, I’ll just shrug my shoulders, walk away and never look back at this tradgedy. I don’t read Naruto and I can never diss OP (hell yeah!) this looks like the only place I can do some damage so sorry for the troll dude, you’re cool but the manga just don’t cut it.

    Oh yeah, about the YYH and Sensui *snorts* reference, she’s gonna love you for that. Srsly, what’s w/ all the Sensui love? Toguro FTW! Brute force and absolute pwnage! Now if you’ll excuse me, off to troll more on her deviantart and blogspot accounts too.(lexi snores like a foghorn!!haha!)

  16. @elated(puppy)wannabe, I’m actually on the fence about who I like more; Yomi (the guy was a tactical genius), Younger Toguro (overwhelming brute force backed by honor and pride) or Sensui (a really powerful and crazy dude, but crazy in a way you’d never know he was crazy).

    As for Aizen, I like him because of everything you said. That’s just Aizen. Aizen wasn’t in God Mode, God Mode IS Aizen 🙂

  17. Uh, don’t know about anyone else, but I REALLY like the way bleach is now. I mean, it’s like it was in the beginning! Orihime is back to being funny and win, instead of being wishy-washy over Ichigo, Ichigo is back to just kicking ass, only thing I miss is Rukia. The manga doesn’t have to be full of action to be good ^^

  18. “The manga doesn’t have to be full of action to be good ^^”
    I think Aizen vs everyone proves that action alone cant make a manga good lol. For a manga to be good there needs to be plot, and this chapter had way too much filler (unless Ichigo’s boss is gonna give him back his Shinigami powers or course)

  19. You know there was something I never got and that what was the reason Aizen chose Ichigo’s life to hax.

  20. @Kanton, I recommend bleaching your mind and stop questioning stuff. By doing this I’ve been able to retain my sanity despite doing BLEACH breakdowns T_T

  21. @kisu good idea btw did you check my link at 4:18

  22. @Kanton, at 4:18 the girls were just making faces like this one -_-‘
    @4:20-4:51 was a huge letdown which quickly turned into creepy, which quickly turned into a big “lol” moment for me 😀

  23. You know what make this manga fail….WTF IS KON ????

  24. this is a little late but does the Sui-feng(soifon) gives the Yandere vibe here.


    bleach’s out O.o

  26. change the hair and he becomes aizen :S lol

  27. that was actually funny I actually like Unagiya.

  28. Message from Kisu:

    Yeah, don’t hold your breath for this Breakdown. It’ll be out as late as tomorrow >_>

  29. It’s…the beginning of the arc. Kubo is just slowly getting things started…forgive him and keep reading self. Don’t give up on Bleach now. *repeats 5 times*

    Ok, that was…a very mediocre chapter. I found some good in it though. There’s a really hot mom and she kicks ass. Do you want some ramen? Noooooo!!!!

  30. That guy does look like Aizen….

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