Naruto Shippuuden 183- Outbreak: When STD’s attack!

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a great Halloween!

Ok, so what’s the deal with every episode starting in the storyline we are in and drifting into a filler. That’s like promising a fat kid cake then giving them a carrot. Just not fair.

Is it just me or does Tsunade look like the guy from Tales From The Crypt?

Why yes, that was mean. And no, I don’t care πŸ˜€

I love how they have a freaking hazmat suit for TonTon….that’s epic

So Sakura has got the clap….err I mean a mysterious chakra disease. Is that like Ninja Aids?

Remember kids: Aids is no joke, wrap before you poke!

Ok, so let me test my understanding here. Sakura has like this weird virus that presents as the flu but screws with chakra. Β And Naruto is the carrier. So instead of being normal and ordering Naruto to go get a shot they set up a super secret mission and chase him around the village?! Wow. Seems like a waste of time and resources to me. But hey, what do I know? If you wanna waste time, money and have a kid make the entire village look like a bunch of morons, who am I to say anything. Especially when in the end it was an allergic reaction…hmmmm that actually reminds me of an incident with my ex-boyfriend >.<

Anyways, another fail filler. Oh yay. And the preview for next week….more crappy filler!

Now, I have a challenge for you guys. I’d like for each of you to post at least one filler you would want to see, then next week i’ll do a poll.

I’d like to congratulate Tenrai on winning this weeks caption contest!

Now that’s what you call fowl play. <__<

Here’s this weeks contest pic.

To go with our STD theme, here’s your demotivational poster

That’s all for this week. Have a good one guys.


~ by Miranda on November 1, 2010.

36 Responses to “Naruto Shippuuden 183- Outbreak: When STD’s attack!”

  1. First

  2. Second – SHINOBI AIDS! I called it months ago in the demotivational poster challenge!

  3. *spams THIRD*

  4. *spams FOURTH*
    *agrees that prawl can be a total dick*

  5. *spams FI— *

    *spanked by miss mandi, becomes her loveslave once again, then found dead in an alleyway*

  6. Well, now that prawl is dead, I claim second πŸ˜€

  7. Sakura has squaids.

  8. well i’m glad that you can count Prawl.

  9. Fourth, since Miranda doesn’t count. πŸ˜€

  10. Fillers suck…or at least these do. There should be some INTERESTING fillers…like the chuunin exams while Naruto was gone or some insight on the new abilities the “rookie nine” gained over the timeskip…or wtf Kakashi did to gain his mangekyo! BAH!

    Sadly though, these episodes are starting to remind me of the horrible fillers between the Chasing Sasuke Arc and the timeskip 😦

  11. A good filler would be Yahiko and friends on a mission when they were young with Jiraiya. These anime guys are as smart as a doorknob -_-‘

  12. Fillers I would like to see

    – Kakashi’s father’s mission Flashback
    – Back stories on the Tailed Beasts not yet covered even if just how they where captured and why…
    – Pein vs Hanzou, how he took control of the Rain Village.

  13. * I mean by whom not why earlier

  14. I wouldn’t mind seeing a filler on Danzo. Like how he grew to be such a warped, sadistic son of a bitch.

    OR…..Gai Sensei’s childhood.

  15. Anyone else notice zabuza and haku in the episode? With the evacuated villagers.

  16. come on guys, i need some captions and stuff for the poll!!!!

  17. @Miranda, the fillers just suck. They’ve demoralized everyone 😦 T_T

  18. hey, try writing for it >.<

  19. @Miranda, I do the Bleach manga so I feel your pain 😦

  20. So there isn’t gonna be a breakdown for last weeks episode….I haven’t really had the time or inspiration and Tenrai is still busy. We shall have it up for this weeks by monday (Hopefully)

  21. Hahhaha I really liked this breakdown πŸ˜€ Very funny with the STD referances ;P

    I have only now watch this episode because I had to build up the courage to do so lol. The fillers are starting to get to me :/ The episode wasn’t too bad. It was funny at times, but overall it was one big mess that could have been avoided. They could have even told naruto that he was needed at the hokage office and then surprised him lol. But they just had to do it the hard way. Jounin and chunin level ninja couldnt even catch him *sigh* that was just an embarrassment. I know it is said that it is harder to apprehend someone than it is to kill them, but come on! And they wasted all these resources with all those needles they were shooting at him and the ninja they had to hire to apprehend him…

    As for fillers I want to see, I’d like to see the one with kakashi’s dad, one with sasuke and team hawk, sasuke and his time with orochimaru, naruto and jiraiya, and of course some with akatsuki before madara showed himself.

    @ ANYONE: Oh and did anyone notice that sasuke was in this episode but didnt he leave before tsunade become hokage? Oh and does anyone think that the animators are making it look like sakura is starting to fall for naruto?

  22. For a filler I want hyuuga clan for I am tired of seeing an accursed Uchiha all the time!!! *Blows up random planet*

  23. @tangel: no he didn’t…tsunade was the one who assigned shikamaru n company the mission to bring him back.

  24. Now THIS was a good filler (184, I still haven’t seen the Outbreak one.)

    The next filler looks promising too.

    At first 184 just seemed silly and stupid but over time, especially once the real weapons were brought out, it seemed less stupid and just a tad silly and like it could be better, but it was still pretty epic in it’s own way.

  25. @holydemonandy agreed!

  26. still needs Hinata though

  27. @driguran: Thanks for filling me in on the details of the filler πŸ˜€ lol The longer this series go the more i seem to forget little unimportant details that happened ages ago :/

    @holydemonandy: Your comment is making me curious about 184 now! Maybe it won’t be a disappointment ;P

    @katonkage: Yeah, I hope they bring some fillers pertaining to Hinata and the Hyuuga, whenever they have Hinata in an episode, it’s always awesome (to me at least πŸ˜€ )

  28. @1angel that makes two of us!

  29. Wow you guys were right! 184 was great, it didnt even feel like a filler. This is what they should be doing: focusing a bit on the minor characters. I was thinking that maybe they realized that they weren’t focusing much on them, because I see next week is rock lee and shino πŸ˜€ Haha I don’t know why I like the fillers that don’t involve sakura more than the ones that involve her haha

    But anyways, tenten looked really cool!

  30. Naruto 183 seems more like a joke (on sneezing and zombie outbreaks.) and a Naruto Nightmare while he has a fever.

    It also reminds me of a zombie joke the Japanese played on some children while filming it some time ago. I remember seeing the footage on I prefer somewhat serious episodes.

  31. Hey, sorry for double post, but did anyone notice that at 13:23 here:

    You can see either Guren or Haku in the crowd? I’m not sure which. I think anyway. Yuukimaru’s not there.

  32. i saw zabuza, Haku, Gekko two of the guys from the rain team Gaara killed and that other rain team that team 7 fought twice

  33. @holydemonandy

    Lol, I noticed Haku and Zabuza too.

    Look at the trivia on this page:

    The animators probably put them in there as easter eggs, like in an OVA (Konoha Sports Tournament) they showed Minato walking to a bathroom behind Naruto.

  34. “i saw zabuza, Haku, Gekko two of the guys from the rain team Gaara killed and that other rain team that team 7 fought twice”

    This is why I hate these fillers. They should put that kind of Easter egg in OVAs ONLY, and not actual episodes of the series. Besides, they made Zabuza look scrawny ~_~

  35. They could just be ghosts appearing for the hell of it? Well, you could rationalize them off that way. Besides, that episode seemed more like an intentional joke/fanservice than anything.

    Not like 184, that seemed like it was supposed to resemble seriousness.

  36. @holydemon it was a waste of 182-183 was a waste of time expect when Sasuke was poked and clucked like a chicken I rewind it like 15 times.

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