Fairy Tail Breakdown 207,208, and 209. Mest is a creeper, Zeref is alive, and Natsu’s scarf… NOOOOOOO!

Hello my faithful Fairytards!!! I’ve missed you guys so much TT___TT I hope you all behaved during my absence >_> That’s right biznitches–BBG is back! And to show my dedication to you all, I’m staying in on this Halloween night instead of going out and partying like a normal college girl (sorry no slut outfits this year). XD Actually I would be out right now, but who would have guessed, I got ditched by a “friend” and now I’m stuck back in my dorm T___T *ahem* anyway…

Welcome to the FT BREAKDOWNSSSSS! O_o Yes, I said breakdowns, for this week Mashima gave us a very surprising 3 chapter special! I must say that it was full of awesomeness! Each chapter was surprising and brought us new exciting information that I can’t wait to talk about. So let’s get right to it, shall we?

CHAPTER 207-Mest

Charle and Lily are making their way to Tenrou Island because Charle has a bad feeling about the exam, and Lily finds it fishy that Mistogan would have a disciple. Meanwhile, it looks like Mest and Wendy lost to Grey and Loke, who can’t seem to remember that much about Mest (Sketchy strike #1) and join up with the others who passed the first part of the exam.

Kana and Lucy, Levi and Gajeel, and Natsu and Happy all made it through. Looks like Levi and Gajeel were the lucky ones to get the quiet route (even though Gajeel doesn’t think its luck lol!). AWWW Grey thought about Juvia <3~~~~~ cute~~~! However, Juvia and Lisanna fought Erza the “knight who doesn’t know how to hold back” XD and Elfman and Evergreen mysteriously managed to defeat the Demon Mira.

We still love you Erza

The scene switches to Mest and Wendy where we find out some very important information about Tenrou Island. Not only does the island hold the first master of Fairy Tail, but the island holds a very important secret about Fairy Tail as well. Also, Mest says that normally the island is hidden by a barrier and that it cannot be found using any type of magic. But I’ll come back to the barrier later in the breakdown.

Finally at the end of the chapter, Lily questions Mest’s membership, and with all good reason… Did you see that face Mest made? *shivers*



CHAPTER 208-Death Praying

Gotta say, I like Mira with bangs, they look cute @___@

Second part of the exam is to find the grave of the first master, Mavis in a 6 hour time limit. Everyone is getting chased by giant animals, and only Natsu fights back. Seriously, how do expect to become an S-class mage if you just run away from some giant birds, or pig? I wonder if all the animals on the island can talk O_o

Something about Erza blushing while wearing only a bathing suit(?) underneath an apron is both cute and...sexy? XD

When I first read that Elfman and Evergreen were getting married I was like OMGWTF? And then when I read on I face palmed because I should’ve seen that trick coming X_X Poor Mira… I would have a been shocked to hear my brother was getting married too. Sneaky Elfman and Evergreen are sneaky. That picture of a baby between Elfman and Evergreen was just scary, I think I’m going to have nightmares. Lisanna approves of ElfXEver. Ohhhh Juvia, your babies with Grey would be beautiful! ^___^

*shudders and runs away*

BTW can I say how pleased I was, when I first heard that Mira would be fighting someone? I have been wanting to see more of her demon side. I’m hoping she’ll fight later in this arc.

So Fried, Bixlow, and Gildartz went back to the guild : ( I was hoping for more awesome Gildartz moments. Who wouldn’t want to see Gildarts go Super saiyan on some evil guys ass?

What do you know, more mystery behind Mest’s involvement in Fairy Tail. Lisanna never met a Mest is Edolas, plus Mira and Erza can’t recall when he joined? (Sketchy strike #2) Erza and Juvia leave to go look for Wendy and Mest (LOL Juvia just wanted to go support Grey), and Mira and Lisanna are left to hold down the resting place.

OHHH it's official ElfXEver ftw!

So Elfman and Evergreen get chased by a pig, fall down a hole, and encounter a mystery person. The mystery man tells Elfman not to approach him and that he’ll leave, but he has a breakdown and says that the “death praying” is coming. Then a black orb of doom surrounds him and starts to spread, killing everything in its path. Luckily for Elfman and Evergreen, Natsu arrives and saves them from the killer magic. How Natsu knew that the magic wouldn’t affect him is completely unknown. But the magic stops once the mystery man recognizes Natsu, who asks Who are you?

I'm calling it right now. Dude is a dragon slayer.


CHAPTER 209-Black Mage

This chapter starts off right where 208 ended. Happy arrives to find the whole area around the others to be withered away. Natsu tells the mystery man not to get in the way of their exam, to which the man says that Natsu has grown and has been wanting to see him. Typical Natsu–Punch first then ask questions. Mystery man realizes after the punch that Natsu still isn’t able to break him, he doesn’t want to kill anymore people and is sad that Natsu still isn’t capable of beating him. The Mystery man starts to loose it again and warns everyone to run away, which they do. Except for Natsu cause he was just too close in range or too slow, who knows, but the surrounding area dies/withers away again, the mystery man has disappeared, and Natsu is alive and well… wait… no.. NO. HIS SCARF TT______TT DAMN YOU MYSTERY MAN! Natsu’s scarf turned black. Natsu is not pleased. Igneel gave him that. Happy thinks Igneels scarf gave itself to protect Natsu, if that’s the case I wonder if Natsu will be safe from the killer orb of doom, or if it was actually his dragon slayer magic that saved him >_> suspicious.

Someone's gonna get a beatdown later.

Mest senses a disturbance in the force and realizes HE is on the island? (Sketchy strike #3) Ok, Mest is officially on the list of Villains.

Oh a floating boat! @__@ Oh hello Ultear, long time no see! Finally we get some info on the dark guild Grimoire Heart. Leader: Master Hades. We already know Grimoire Heart’s objective is to revive Zeref (remember from the beginning of the Oracion Seis Arc?) We do know that there are keys to remove Zeref’s seal, but for what specific purpose is unknown.

Zeref was a big bad baddy back in the day of the… Egyptians (was he a pharaoh?) he created many demons and threw the world into chaos— And he is just now waking up? Apparently he had been sleeping up until now.

Grimoire Heart sets their sails for Fairy Island, let all hell break loose. (Seriously, shit needs to hit the fan to make up for the Edolas arc… just sayin’)

Say hello to this arcs bad guys. Hello bad guys ^_^

Did I mention the mystery person is Zeref? Nope? Well he is. And now you know.

1) Tenrou’s “barrier”

I’m assuming that during the exam, the barrier is lifted, otherwise how would Charle and Lily find it? (though it did look like Charle had a map) Also, how else could Grimoire Heart locate the island? Unless once Zeref woke up, the single was too strong for his position to not be located. Idk tell me what you think.

2) I’m guessing Fairy Islands big secret is that it is holding Zeref >_> or a some sort of “key” to unlock Zeref’s seal.

3) Is anyone else annoyed that Happy doesn’t have a special power? I mean Panther Lily can grow to a huge panther and has awesome fighting abilities, and Charle can see into the future. HAPPY NEEDS A POWER.

4)I’m gonna say this right now. ZEREF IS A DRAGON SLAYER…. I noticed little dragon teeth, like those of Natsu’s, Gajeel’s, and Wendy’s. And if he is a dragon slayer, I’m betting the black dragon Gildartz fought was his dragon.


Ok that’s it! Hope you all liked the breakdown(s) ^__^ It’s good to be back. I’ll try to do a breakdown here and there if I can, but don’t freak out if I don’t! XD




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74 Responses to “Fairy Tail Breakdown 207,208, and 209. Mest is a creeper, Zeref is alive, and Natsu’s scarf… NOOOOOOO!”

  1. First!!!

    Welcome back BB! We missed you.

    I think Zeref is a Dragon Slayer too and he was trained by the Dark Dragon that almost killed Gildartz.

    O_O Seven evil villains from a Dark Guild? I think I’ve seen that before, but I don’t remember where… XD

  2. Dragon: …Rave Master? lol anyway, i was genuinely surprised at the end there. didn’t expect the mystery guy too be zeref. he didnt seem like the big bad of the series. looking forword to what happens next, although most of the new bad guys look lame.

  3. yay ive missed the Fairy Tail breakdowns 😀 wait a minute! i have unusually sharp fangs…. im a dragon slayer ! 😀 i must use this power for good! Great breakdown BB

  4. By the way, I was right when I said Mest was evil more than a month ago! … If Salamiyo can brag, then why can’t I??? XD

    I think Mest is a spy from Grimoire Heart. He’s on Tenrou Island because he’s looking for Zeref and he’s happy (and kinda afraid) that he found him. http://mangastream.com/read/fairy_tail/52511650/14

    He has a memory manipulation magic. That’s why no one remembers what he did last year.

    Grimoire Heart is looking for the keys to Zeref’s seal. I think one of them (like BB said) is in Mavis Vermilion’s grave. Once all the keys are gathered, Zeref will awaken in the boy’s body and he’ll become evil.

  5. 4th welcome back bb

  6. Good breakdown

    Im not sure about Zeref being a dragonslayer but it is a possibility.

    Rapeface Mest is definatly a spy/agent but it doesnt necesarily mean hes with Grimoire Heart. But that would explain how they would find the island.

    Its once again time for the obligatory shounen bad-guy team to make its entrance. Really curious about their abilities.

    Oh and Elf/Ever FTW! lol

  7. people still read ft O.o

    lol xD

  8. LMFAO, someone (super) removed my sexist comment!!! WOO!!!

  9. LMAO after hearing Ichiya voice I will NEVER be able to take a certain someone seriously ever again. Also I must do something first. *fires a missile at Ahsan*

  10. Fairy Tail huh?

  11. This arc seems to be far more badass than I had expected! 😀 Sweet breakdown ^^

  12. Fairy Tail late this week.
    Well if Hiro is taking a break he does deserve it.



    don’t expect a breakdwon for this chappy, I have to go to bed now aaaaand I’m heading back to school in the morning (plus i have a lot of work to catch up on for going home this weekend T____T) Also may not be one this fri/sat…. ITS MAH BIRTHDAY WEEEEEEKEEEEEEEEEND *runs off to go party* @_____@

  14. Currently following the fairy tail manga…presently in chapter 160. You lots cut me some slack, and i’ll be right there with yall….lol.

  15. @total

    Welcome to Fairy Tail!
    …Well, you’ve already read more than half of the manga, so I should have said that earlier. T_T


    Happy Birthday!!!
    *revives Ace and gives him to BB so she can “have fun” with him* O_O

    You can keep him…
    I only wonder if he’ll still be alive after you’re done with him… X_X

    @Bb Happy Birthday *gives her a Dragon Slayer Lacrima*

  17. Great Breakdown BB!

    Mest has that rape face on!!! Happy birthday and enjoy yourself and all that jazz. Oh, I’m a little late. >_>

  18. It’s out!!!


  19. lolz anyone else catch the heart in the O letter of IRON?

  20. http://mangastream.com/read/fairy_tail/64823105/1
    chapters out! plus a bonus chapter about natsu’s house

  21. Awesome chapter =P
    Can’t wait for the breakdown, well I can wait but would rather not.

  22. Great chapter!

    Gajeel’s Karma Demon Iron God Sword pwned Kawazu and Yomazu! Even though it would have been cool if Levy had fought too… T_T She’s pretty useless.

    If only she could use her Solid Script like Yomazu uses his or like Fried uses his Yami no Ecriture…
    She could write POWER on her body and become stronger, right? Or maybe she could transform like Fried.

  23. @takashid: Why does everyone think the heart means something ? I think that’s just the way she writes her script, like when girls dot their i’s with hearts. I don’t think it’s significantly about Gajeel, but I could definitely be wrong (BUT I’M NOT !)

  24. Oh, & that guy with the Rinnegan and Super Saiyan 3 hair that controls the blackish fire is hella cool … so far anyway. I bet he ends up fighting Natsu .. and overpowers him. And wins. And kills the whole island. And becomes new master of everything. Okay, got carried away.

  25. nagashikage: i didn’t think it was a big deal, i just thought it was funny.
    However, you have to admit that the author has been dropping a lot of hints about those two ending up together, from him showing up and telling her he’ll help with the test and her blushing, to him saving her at he last minute when they first met these two dark guys. there has been lots of hints that there will be romance between those two, so lots of people will take the heart as another hint. also, i dont think she had any hearts in her other letters so its probably not a script style. thats all. the dark guy seems interesting yeah, but these new villains arent very interesting, hope this gets better.

  26. Fairy Tail 213 is out!!!


  27. Awesome chapter!!! 😀

    You’re a great mangaka, Mashima! You fooled everyone into thinking Mest was a Grimoire Heart member and instead he’s a member of the Magic Council! No one expected that…

    By the way, I hope Wendy fights against Azuma. She’s not strong enough to win, but I hope she’ll fight anyway.

  28. @Dragon- He could be saying that to throw Fairy Tail off, cause they may lower their guard so that he can attack. Ya never can tell with a good story.

  29. @iamnotreallyhere wasn’t that the reason he snuck in Fairy Tail the first place minus the attack plus he saved Wendy.

  30. @kantonkage – I think he saved Wendy because she is a dragonslayer and her healing abilities could be useful, which doesn’t mean that he isn’t still a member of Grimoire heart. Who knows maybe he’s both a member of Grimoire Heart and a member of the Mages Council.

  31. Me thinks Mest is Mest up in the head. *Cough*

    *Gets pwned by fellow WRA members for lame joke.* T__T

    Seriously though, he could be telling the truth about being a member of the council who may just have a “power hungry” mentality that is eliciting his attempt to sabotage Fairy Tail. On the other hand, he could be a part of Grimoire Heart, but somehow I doubt that.

    To be completely honest, I am not really interested in him at all. Lol. What I really want to see, is Gildarts in action. Please don’t tell me he left the island for good and will miss this entire war. If he does miss it, I will be soooo angry because that is a waisted opportunity for awesomeness. T__T

    Anyways, sorry for not commenting much on Fairy Tail breakdowns, but I promise to become a part of it a lot more now. It’s a great manga, that I wish more people on WRA read.

    *Eats everyone.*

  32. Anyone else have the feeling that Caprico is actually a stellar spirit, like Loki, who has somehow been banished from the stellar plane? I have a feeling that is definitely the case.

    After all, there are only three stellar spirits we haven’t seen that match the twelve zodiac signs, which are libra, capricorn and pisces and in my opinion, Caprico = Capricorn. Capricorn is also a goat (With a fishes tail sometimes.)

    That also means that it is very likely we might be seeing Lucy getting a new stellar spirit soon. <_<

  33. http://mangastream.com/read/fairy_tail/39215148/1 new chapter

  34. @tenrai It good to see that have seen the light that is FT.

  35. Awesome new chapter! *uses Tower Burst on kanton* 😛

    Wendy got pwned. T_T Why didn’t she use her Roar earlier? Oh well, it wouldn’t have hurt Azuma anyway.

    By the way, Lily is stronger than I thought. He managed to hold his own against Azuma for a bit. *claps*

    Makarov is scary… He’ll kill them all unless Hades is strong enough to delay him or he knows a way to seal his power.

  36. No Fairy Tail this week according to mangastream. T_T

    Seems like we’ll have to wait one more week to see what’s going to happen to Makarov and Natsu. 😦

  37. Fairy Tail 215 is out!


  38. HOLY $#!T!!!!!!!!

  39. When I read the first page, I was thinking “The second Fairy Tail Guild master looks a lot like Hades…” and then I read the last page and I thought WTF???

    Mashima truly is a master at creating unexpected twists in stories.
    He’s way better than a certain mangaka…

    A.K.A. Tite, that troll. 😈

    Take that, people who think Bleach is better than Fairy Tail! *uses Fairy and Grimoire Law at the same time and pwns them*

  40. *Joins Dragon by Firing Jupiter and Aetherion and unleashes Abyss Break and nukes them*

  41. Chapter 216 http://mangastream.com/read/fairy_tail/64212226/1 very nice cover page 😀

  42. HOLY $#!T AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. that was one hell of an awesome chapter!
    damn thats some crazy shit i wonder what makarov is gonna do,
    i just hope he doesnt die >.>

  44. That was a great chapter, but it seems like Makarov was hopelessly overpowered. It seems almost strange to see the current master of Fairy Tail and one of the Ten Great Holy Mages being defeated so easily.

    That either speaks very highly of master Hades’ power, or it is simply a reflection of Makarov’s own failing health. Perhaps a bit of both…

    In any case, I think it was a great way of reintroducing Luxux back into the story. It seems Makarov wanted his grandson to succeed him after all, but now the real question going through my mind is how Luxus’ power compares to his grandfather’s. In fact, would we be able to consider Luxus to be more powerful than Gildartz even? He was able to use Fairy Law, after all, which is the pinacle of Makarov’s power. BUt Gildartz is often referred to as the strongest mage in Fairy Tail.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

  45. @Tenrai

    It also seemed strange to me that Makarov lost so easily. I think he wasn’t fighting seriously.
    He wanted to protect Fairy Tail (that’s why he tried to punch Hades), but he didn’t want to hurt his old master. I think he was holding back the whole time.

    By the way, I don’t think Laxus is stronger than Gildarts or Makarov. He’ll come to Tenrou Island and defeat one of the Seven Kin of Purgatory, but he won’t beat Hades because he’s too strong.

    I hope Wendy heals Makarov and uses her power-up magic to help him fight Hades. After that Makarov will defeat him and he will try to kill everyone using a self-destruction magic.
    Or maybe Makarov will use Jesus no Jutsu. >_>

  46. The first Fairy Tail of 2011 is out!!!


    Wasn’t it supposed to be on break? o_O

  47. @dragon it was unlike the other three it was just one week.
    *reads first page* MY EYES THEY BURN!!!!!!!

  48. @kanton

    I knew that would have happened to me too once I saw the first page, so I went to chapter 216 (mmmm, Lucy…), looked at the cover and then I jumped to chapter 217’s second page. Clever, huh?
    *kanton throws something at me* *wonders what it is and looks at it*
    It’s chapter 217’s cover! OH SHI- *eyes explode and body falls to the floor* X_X

  49. http://mangastream.com/read/fairy_tail/59906726/2 I’m being generous.

  50. @kantonkage: dude you are the best! thanks.

  51. http://mangastream.com/read/fairy_tail/45512099/1 NEW CHAPTER IS OUT

  52. Awesome chapter action wise. I think Marakov’s decision for the guild to run was smart. Natsu getting this random power boost at the end and probably about to win is BS, but whatever. It should hardly be a surprise anymore. I still liked the chapter and I hope for the sake of believability Hiro manages to make some reasonable explanation for Natsu winning besides, “Arrrgghhh I’m angrier than before!” I think Zancrow should win just from looking at how easily he turned back all of Natsu’s blows and laughing while doing it.

  53. @super yea and Hiro constantly lampshades that Natsu’s rage is key to his power but he did remember Gajeel Jellal and Zero required him to eat something fire/Aethreion.

  54. awesome chapter, tho i gotta agree with super.
    i kinda hoped that natsu’s dragon igneel would show up and save the day but i doubt thats gonna happen.
    btw couldnt hades just use grimoire law right now and whoop whole fairy tales ass? 😛

  55. Cool chapter, but I hope Natsu doesn’t completely pwn Zancrow because that would be strange. They should be on par until they have a clash and then Natsu wins.
    Hades is too strong for anyone in the guild except Makarov since I think he was holding back, so Natsu doesn’t stand a chance and it would be stupid if he fought him and beat him.

    Btw, the end of the chapter spoiled what’s going to happen in the next one. Natsu will become a Fire Dragon God Slayer!


    O_O You’re absolutely right about that. Everyone in Fairy Tail would go K.O. Maybe he’s afraid that it might hurt Zeref?

  56. @fearvano and Dragon he has absolute confidence that his guild can defeat Fairy Tail.

  57. @kanton

    His overconfidence will lead to his defeat. >:)
    When all of his “children” have been defeated and Fairy Tail will come to make him pay, he’ll try to use Grimoire Law, but it’ll be too late and he’ll get pwned. 😈

  58. http://kantonkagex.deviantart.com/art/Meldy-confronts-Erza-and-Juvia-194021104 Check out my color page

  59. Nice color page Kanton. ^_-

    New Fairy Tail is out!


    Random power up learned in the middle of battle! What does that remind you of?


    It would have been a much better chapter if Zancrow won that fight. What a cheap victory.

  60. @Super

    That chapter ended rather abruptly and we don’t know whether Zancrow is actually down for the count yet. For all we know, he’ll get up, shrug it of and talk big again, saying how weak Natsu’s attack actually was.

    I have my reservations as well, but I guess you never know.

    Either way, I did enjoy the chapter, but more because of its heart than the actual battle. Makarov’s words and actions in particular, were quite moving. However, if it is the case that Natsu has won this battle, I will be a bit dissappointed, because I think it would have been better for his overall character development if he suffered a major loss.

    Standing up after a fall, takes more strength than simply not falling in the first place.

  61. http://mangastream.com/read/fairy_tail/58243627/1 It’s Out Now

  62. Great chapter.

    I’m happy Natsu didn’t win the battle and continued fighting like he wasn’t hurt. At least Zancrow stopped him.

    Mirajane’s sacrifice was so sad… T_T It almost brought me to man tears. I’m happy Lisanna survived and I hope someone revives Mira.
    By the way, Azuma looked like he felt guilty when he walked away… Maybe he’s not as evil as he looks like?

    Anyway, I hope Zeref attacks Grimoire Heart and I think he’ll be the one to revive Mirajane.

  63. That was quite a good chapter and as you said Dragon, Mirahane’s sacrafice was quite touching. I think the person she was refering to when she said someone would defeat Azuma, is actually Lisanna.


    Mirajaine and Elfman both use tramsformation type magic and from what we can see, Lisanna probably uses the same type of magic. We have also seen that it is a very dangerous type of magic that can cause its user to lose control of themselves to the personality that comes out in their transformed state. I think Lisanna, like Mirajaine, may lose control and pwn Azuma now. Perhaps she can assume a form even more powerful than Mirajaine’s Satan Soul, but hasn’t been able to assume control of it yet.

    In any case, I don’t think Mirajaine would have lost against Azuma if she was at full strength. This chapter definitely seems to suggest as much.

    Now, as for Zeref, he seems to have some form of loyalty towards Fairy Tail for some reason and in particular, some form of connection to Natsu. Perhaps they are brothers? I mean, I know that’s a bit of a far stretch, but Zeref seems to know Natsu on quite an personal level even though Natsu doesn’t seem to remember him at all. He also seems to think Natsu is the only one who can stop him and that suggests some past history between the two or perhaps even some form of shared power. Perhaps he couldn’t take care of Natsu or something, because of his dark magic, so he left him in the care of Igneel?

    Either way, I think he may end up attacking Grimoire Heart and he may end up saving Fairy Tail in the process.

  64. *Gives Tenrai A failure chop* Lisanna’s ability is Animal take over As seen in her fight with Erza-sama

  65. @Kantonkage

    Yes, I saw the transformation, but what I am saying is maybe she can assume a form powerful enough to defeat Azuma.

  66. @Tenrai I sense something well more feral animal.

  67. http://mangastream.com/read/fairy_tail/85264990/1 it’s out

  68. At last. It feels like these chapters are coming out later and later nowadays.

    *Goes to read.*

  69. Bleh. That chapter felt too short. It’s focussing on too many things at once and it didn’t really advance too much in the process.

    It didn’t help that a lot of the pages were taken up by an exessively long monologue.

    Oh well, I guess we will have to wait for next week to see if it picks up again.

  70. http://mangastream.com/read/fairy_tail/78009984/1
    new chapters out

  71. damn that annoying dude, it’s seems that Urtear is trying to molest Zeref.

  72. http://mangastream.com/read/fairy_tail/96341015/1 new chapter

  73. Lucy’s mom was a summoner too and Capricorn isn’t too happy about that.

  74. A great chapter but I think Hiro is holding back. He should just strip Lucy down to her skivvies and go the route of HSDK.

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