Bleach Episode 293 + 294 – Fire and Ice = Aizen’s Awesomness (doesn’t make sense talk to Aizen or Kisu)

Awe All it is I Pein!! I wasn’t planning on doing a breakdown these few weeks but I thought I love you guys so much I would work on it inbetween my studies but since I am busy I decided would rather try do a double breakdown and just make it short and sweet ^_^

Thanks for the results on my previous AMV thought it helpful, I am in the process of trying to obtain better editing software since WMM doesn’t really offer the world. Anyways to the Breakdown ^_^

First things first and last things last. I truly enjoyed this weeks episode of Bleach, it must of been one of my favorite episodes since starting writing the breakdown, the flow, the pase, the music and Aizen well he was pretty much just being Aizen 😛 it was awesome how the anime showed so many people get pwned one by one by Aizen.

At this point I turned of the sound and started playing "another one bites the dust"

Another cool one is on to the next one

The best part is how the music helps move forward the animation and the battles speed was really good… over all there wasn’t much I didn’t like about this episode!! <_<

Kage Bunshin no Jutsu?

which is rare since I love complaining, cause when something goes bad its easier to rag it but now I am stuck trying to complement how Awesome Aizen is, thats like saying why Air is neccessary, Bleach has done a good job to us showing how actually there is no equal to Aizen, but also most of the fighters wheren’t fighting at full strength, I have discussed this previous episode so won’t get too involved in the fact that it seems the longer you been a Captain the less you want to use your Bankai @_@.

The way Aizen is able to defend deflect and move positions and literally leave everyone stunned is pretty epic.. What I didn’t like was his “god mode” activation, fine he is awesome and able to defeat anyone and everyone, but he took a double his by Suifons Bankai, the rules dictates that he should be dead…

Screw the rules I have Plot Kai(ba).... @_@

Screw the rules I have Plot Kai(ba).... @_@

Anyways, we all knew this much from the Manga itself, but I think the anime gives a new perception of Aizen and well everyone else, what is nice is the flow of the episode in contrast to the manga, we get to see Aizen beat down everyone in well 21 minutes @_@. The animation was top notch and well thats all I gotta say about that @_@

I thought its pretty brilliant how Aizen used substitution no jutsu, Kyōka Suigetsu, to get Hitsugaya to kill ( Momo, its pretty sad but hey what can you do. I mean its Aizen should of expected that much 😛 I enjoyed, how Ichigo only now snaps to life tunning everyone WTF they doing all attacking Momo!

They Got him!!!

Haha just kidding its Momo!! (I am actually happier she got hit, useless women)

What makes Aizen powerful is his ability to control sense yes, but this episode has shown he actually manipulates his targets to open themselves up, praying on their weakness’, he created all the “openings” in the other Captains and Visords, by praying on Hitsugaya rash nature. The next scenes when the color changed and Aizen Cut down the remaining Captains was awesome.. (I think I been using awesome too much lately)

A prodigy, Captain Assassin, a pervy captain and a Visord walk into Aizen.... They all fall....

AIZEN'S AWESOMENESS (AA) its a 13 Step Beating!!

<_< you know its true….

Second things Last, to episode 294, Blazing Inferno, Enter the Inferno… Sits back starts playing Johnny Cash – Ring of Fire!!!

This episode was also pretty cool, seeing the top dog of the Captain Squad face off against the Top dog, well in anything… All I wonder though is…

If Yammato would give his life and sacrifice the Captains to kill Aizen then why jump on Wonderwiese, I mean it would be like  a nuke and do what needed to be done…

Where the hell is the Visord that was fighting Wonderweise, did he actually loose… It seems in bleach I keep wanting to look back and say, did I miss something, WTF. It was like that now this, huh?

I thought it was pretty cool though how the old man gave a run kick f%$k slap with just hand to hand.. the music was awesomely placed, but one problem with this episode was it seemed to drag a bit more then the previous… The attacking was all pretty much the same, the dialoge was well Yammato talking to a braindead person, so yeah can’t go for much there either, and Wonderwiese has the most annoying voice, I think by the end I was like please oh please kill him, (I did feel bad for the little special needs Arrancar) but I just wanted it to shut up @_@

Also to be noted, Yammato attacks Aizen at the end by grabbing his leg… but its only Yammato’s arm that cracks… Remember it could be important later @_@

and Ichigo finally does something, not standing around like an idiot anymore

Peace home boys and girl

^:_:^ hope u enjoyed though it is rushed

~ by pein0avenue on October 28, 2010.

5 Responses to “Bleach Episode 293 + 294 – Fire and Ice = Aizen’s Awesomness (doesn’t make sense talk to Aizen or Kisu)”

  1. First!…

  2. Segunda Espada!!

    Great breakdown Pein! ^_^

    *uses Respira on Aizen’s @$$*

    Now you die, b*tch. Thank me because I saved you from the fate of being pwned by Ichigo.

    *wakes up from dream*

    T_T Aizen’s in Avici (Hell) now… but he’ll be back. O_O

  3. yea my favorite espada is Kensei, and they never frickin showed him really fighting… i thought he was gonna kick wonderweiss’ ass… instead we don’t know what happened to him…

  4. hi everyone,
    I probably post this in wrong place…

    Did you saw the 4th bleach movie? if so, can you support me with some links? the last anime episode was so cool-I can’t stand to wait
    longer since movie arrived yesterday but not in my country….

  5. @pwnman, the movie wont find its way to the internet until probably late next year :/

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